Highland College 5: Fun and Games For All

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This did not actually happen. The people in the stories are probably nothing like this. Fantasy is legal.


“Wonder who that is,” Ashley thought as she retrieved her cellphone.

Got you a job. Well paying. All night long. You game? – Bobby

About time. I haven’t had work in way too long. At usual place & when? – Ash

Tonight @ sleazy Cummer Inn on Pechuca Ave. Be there @ 8 – Bobby

How much? I’m $150 light for rent. Due in 2 days. – Ash

$200. I’ll confirm. Have fun – Bobby

I always do – Ash

For the past month, Ashley’s job as campus prostitute had dried up. Her ‘pimp’ Bobby, who happened to be her best friend’s boyfriend, couldn’t explain why so the gorgeous brunette had resorted to giving blowjobs between classes. It wasn’t glamorous work but she was good at it and really needed the money since her scholarship didn’t cover food or rent.

“I should go home and get ready,” Ashley thought to herself as she gathered up her books and prepared to leave the library.

* * *

“Kristen, you’re late,” Mr. Cohen told the sexy sophomore as she entered her biology lab.

“Sorry sir. Bus was running behind,” Kristen apologized.

“Don’t let it happen again or I’m marking you down as absent. Now partner up with Tyler,” the professor told her.

“Fuck,” Kristen whispered under her breath.

She hated Tyler with a passion. Although he was very easy on the eyes and had muscles bulging on top of muscles, the guy was a jerk. He constantly was hitting on her and couldn’t take the hint that she wasn’t interested.

“Hey sexy,” Tyler greeted.

“My name’s Kristen. Not sexy or baby or sweet-ass,” Kristen told him. “Now let’s just do the lab so we can get the hell out of here.”

“Someone isn’t get laid,” Tyler replied.

“Fuck off. You know nothing about my sex life,” Kristen snapped.

“But I sooooo do know about you and that jerk. Bobby isn’t fucking you, not nearly enough or to the satisfaction you need,” Tyler replied.

“Just shut up okay,” Kristen told him.

“Let me guess. Maybe you get laid once, at most twice a week. That sound about right? You feel guilty masturbating since it’s Bobby’s pussy to please so you are horny all the time. Then, once he does push his thin cock in you, he makes love to you. You’re 20-years-old! You don’t want slow, soft sex. You want him to spank your ass and fuck the shit out of you,” Tyler explained.

“Umm…you…well…” Kristen stuttered.

“And you could beg that douche to do all kinds of nasty things to you and he still wouldn’t. He respects you too much. So you’re in a fuck-less relationship for potentially the rest of your life,” Tyler finished.

“Seriously just do your work and don’t talk to me,” Kristen muttered in defeat.

The pair didn’t speak much the rest of the lab period. Kristen wore a sore look on her face the whole time as they got their work done and packed their stuff up at the end of the class.

“Listen. If you want someone to really fuck you, you know where I live. Come by tonight,” Tyler told her.

“I won’t ever let you touch me,” Kristen replied.

“Just asked your lovely boyfriend to give it to you rough tonight. Once he rejects you, we’ll see what you do,” Tyler said before the auburn-haired girl stormed out of the lab.

* * *

“I can’t wait to get inside and have your sexy ass all too myself,” Taylor told her lover Hayden as they ran up the dorm stairs.

“I’m already wet just thinking of your legs wrapped around my head,” Hayden replied.

“Finally,” Taylor huffed as they finally made it too their floor.

“Hurry up with that key or I’ll start out here,” Hayden demanded.

After working her keys out from her bag, Taylor fumbled with them until she found the right one and slotted it in the hole. No sooner had the lock been turned, Hayden whipped open the door and dragged the unbalanced girl along with her.

“Kiss me,” Hayden begged.

Each girl wrapped their arms around the other and forcefully collided their lips against one another. They wasted no time opening their mouths and taking turns letting the other’s tongue enter their mouths.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything ladies,” Scarlett announced from the foot of their bed.

“Holy shit,” Taylor gasped in shock.

“You scared the crap out of us,” Hayden added as the pair regained their breathe.

“Mind if you talk for a bit,” Scarlett asked as she pushed closer to the edge of the bed to accommodate them.

“Sure…” Hayden answered. “What can we do for you?”


“Enter,” Scarlett called out.

“Hello Ms. Johansson. I brought the bags up for you,” a workman said before lifting luggage into Hayden & Taylor’s room.

“Thank you Steven. I’ll be sure to pass along to your supervisor your fantastic work rate,” Scarlett told him.

“Thank you ma’am. I’ll be off then,” Steven said as he left the room.

“So are you our new roomie,” Taylor asked.

“Funny. I’m not but…” Scarlett answered before Hayden cut her off.

“Please Scarlett don’t give us a roommate. We’d really appreciate the privacy,” Hayden begged.

“Sorry Hayden but there are no other rooms available and you have a 4 person room with only the two of you,” Scarlett informed. “It’s a miracle I could swing that you two had it this long.”

“Who’s coming then,” Taylor questioned with a pout.

“Our newest recruit for the volleyball team. Her name is Emma Watson and she’s from England. She’s just filling out some paperwork then she’ll be right over,” Scarlett answered.

“This is bullshit,” Hayden huffed.

“I know the two of you would have loved having your own room, but if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know,” Scarlett told the angry blonde before bending down and kissing her on the lips.

“I…wow…Taylor…me…are a couple though,” Hayden stuttered, awed by the seductively kiss.

Scarlett stood back up and brought the taller blonde for a long, lingering kiss. Taylor had no resistance and let the busty administrator probe her mouth with her tongue before Scarlett broke the kiss.

“I’d love to join in with a couple. I stay late Wednesday’s night so visit my office some time,” Scarlett told them before leaving the room.

Scarlett smiled to herself as she made her way out of the door, swaying her curvy hips the whole time for the benefit of the young couple. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw the two blondes hypnotized by her round ass before closing the door behind her.

* * *

“Kristen? You home,” Bobby shouted as he entered their shared basement apartment.

“In the bedroom,” her voice replied.

Bobby took off his shoes at the door and rested his bag down in the living room before making his way to the bedroom to see his beautiful girlfriend. As he pushed open the door, he was completely shocked by the sight in front of him.

“Like what you see bog boy,” Kristen asked.

The auburn-haired girl was laying on their bed in only a sexy nightie that stood in stark contrast to her pale skin. The garment barely covered her ass, so it did wonders to show off her long, smooth legs. The room was completely dark with the exception of 2 dozen candles spread around.

“You look amazing,” Bobby gasped.

The stunned boy walked over and climbed onto the bed to join his girlfriend. The two engaged in a long and passionate kiss filled with lots of tongue action. Kristen’s hands shot down to his belt and unbuckled it immediately before doing the same with his pants.

“I want you to fuck me hard tonight,” Kristen whispered in his ear.

“I always do,” Bobby replied.

“No I mean hard. Rough. Pull my hair, choke me, whip my ass until you give me welts. I want it fucking hard tonight,” Kristen explained.

“I can’t do that baby. I love you too much for that shit,” Bobby replied.

“Fine. Fuck my ass then,” Kristen told him boldly.

“I can’t. You’re my girlfriend and maybe the future mother of my children. I won’t stick it in your ass,” Bobby retorted.

“So my best friend Ashley is deserving of rough sex but I’m not,” Kristen questioned.

“It’s a compliment honey,” Bobby tried to assure her.

“You know what. This was a bad idea,” Kristen conceded.

“Happy you see it my way. Now let’s make love,” Bobby said as he sought her lips with his own.

“I need some air. I’m going to go to Ashley’s tonight,” Kristen told him as she gathered up some clothing. Finding only a short dress, she through it on and stormed out the door.

“What the hell just happened,” Bobby wondered.

* * *

Kristen couldn’t believe where she was. Despite reflecting on the situation the whole way, she still was in disbelief about it. Making a fist and raising her arm, the sexy auburn-haired girl was about to knock but her massive guilt wouldn’t allow her.

“Probably for the best,” she thought to herself as she prepared to walk away and chalk the whole incident up to a slight lap in judgment.

However, before she lowered her arm back to her side, her petite body and sex-fuel subconscious betrayed her. She felt her knuckles knock on the wooden door a split second before hearing the sound with her ears for confirmation.

Too afraid to run, the confused girl simply stood on the spot and waited for the consequence of her actions. With any luck fate would intervene and no one would be home. As much as that would simplify thing, there was still a part of her that wanted to get what she came here for, even if the scumbag had manipulated her. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, but had only been a handful of seconds in reality, the door swung open.

“What are you doing here,” Tyler asked with a smirk.

“You know what I’m doing here,” Kristen replied with a mixture of shame and horniness.

“I always hated guessing games so why don’t you make it very clear why you’re at my doorstep,” Tyler told her, degrading her even more.

“You asshole. You know what, I don’t know why I’m at your place. I should just leave,” Kristen said.

Just as the reddish brown-haired girl turned to leave, Tyler grabbed her arm with one of his strong hands and pulled her towards him. Her thin body crashed against his powerful chest before she felt her mouth invaded by his forceful tongue. Kristen didn’t know whether to fight the brute off or give into her carnal side and return the kiss. She decided by wrapping her arms around his head to pull him in tighter and play with his tongue with her own.

“I want you to fuck me,” Kristen whispered in his ear.

The large man couldn’t help but smirk. He taunted her yesterday and now here was the girl that was in the most committed relationship on campus asking him to fuck her brains out. He grabbed her under her ass and lifted her up so that he could carry her into his vacant room.

As soon as she was hoisted into his arm, Kristen wrapped her legs around his thick waist and allowed him to slam her back into the nearest wall. The horny teenager felt Tyler go up her dress until his fingers clawed away her silk panties and one of his sausage-sized fingers push into her wet pussy

“You’re already dripping,” Tyler told the pale beauty.

“You make me so hot,” Kristen replied. “You feel so good inside me.”

“Why don’t you put that mouth to use so that I can get something even bigger in you,” Tyler said while letting her go so she slid down the wall.

Kristen was able to unhook her long legs and get them underneath her before crashing to the floor. With her resting on her knees ready to suck his cock, Tyler quickly pulled down his pants and watched as his already hard pole slapped the eager girl in the face.

“It’s not gonna bite. Well it might if you don’t start sucking soon,” Tyler told her after a few minutes of having the dark-haired girl stroke him.

“Mmmmm,” Kristen moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

“Oh yeah suck that cock bitch,” Tyler groaned.

“You like how I suck,” Kristen asked with cockiness in her voice.

“Put your hands down and put them behind your back,” Tyler instructed.

Kristen did as she was told and continued to suck his rod without the use of her hands. She felt Tyler grab the sides of her face and lean forward until the back of her head was resting firmly against the wall.

“Relax your throat,” he warned while slowly pushing his cock further into her mouth.

Kristen handled the first 4 inches without problem until the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. Kristen did her best to loosen up since she knew the horny guy wasn’t going to relent until she had all 8 inches between her lips.

“Ugggcccchh,” Kristen coughed as her gag reflex nearly kicked in fully.

Tyler heard her cough and pulled out of her mouth and watched as thick strand of spit still connected his dick with her lips. He let her catch her breath before making her take him back in her mouth.

Kristen was determined to do better this time but she still started to cough up spit with two inches still outside her mouth. It took a few more tries but eventually the sexy co-ed was able to take all 8 inches into her throat.

“Now I can face fuck you finally,” Tyler told her with glee.

Kristen had never had to deep-throat Bobby’s cock, much less have him roughly plow into her mouth. Then again, if she wanted her regular, vanilla sex then she would be at home with him instead of in Tyler’s room.

“Can hardly wait,” Kristen said.

With her head held in place by the wall and stabilized by his strong hands, Kristen took in his entire pole until his pubes were touching her nose. Tyler would then pull out and repeat the action again but only this time at a faster tempo.

“You’ve got skill, I’ll say that much,” Tyler told the girl as she continued to blow him.

“You haven’t seen anything yet! Wait until you get me on my back,” Kristen said before placing his cock back into her mouth.

“Get up here then,” Tyler demanded while lifting her up.

Going under her short dress, the muscular man grabbed her panties and tore them down her creamy legs. Tyler raised one of her legs into the air before lining up his spit-covered cock with her drenched pussy.

“Put it in me,” Kristen begged.

“Beg for it,” Tyler replied, dragging his bulbous head along her folds.

“Please Tyler, slam your huge dick into my tiny pussy,” Kristen pleaded.

“Gladly,” Tyler said as he stuffed his thick member into her pink hole.

“Oohhhh,” Kristen groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

While her boyfriend would always ease himself into her folds at a slow and constant rate, Tyler on the other hand roughly crammed himself into her with little regard for her. Kristen would have been upset but she was here to be treated like any girl a guy would pick up from a bar.

“Yeah that feel good slut,” Tyler grunted in her ear.

“So good,” Kristen replied as the powerful man forcefully fucked her up against the wall.

“Suck on my fingers,” Tyler told her.

Thinking it was an odd request, Kristen took his two digits into her mouth and pretended to give them a blowjob just like she would have if they were a dick. After a minute or so, Tyler pulled them out and returned the hand back down to her ass to help steady her while he pumped her brutally.

“Whoa! What are you doing,” Kristen shouted as she felt one of the fingers circling her rosebud.

“You came here and told me I can do whatever I want to you. You can leave now and slink back to your boyfriend and have boring sex again with him or you can shut your fucking mouth and enjoy,” Tyler replied, leaving her to decided the ultimatum.

“Well it hurt,” Kristen asked meekly.

“You’ll probably end up liking it. Most girls do but they think they’re sluts if they admit it to anyone,” Tyler answered while resuming to fuck her while standing up.

Kristen again felt one of his thick fingers slip into her creak and follow it along until it contacted her tightest of holes. Closing her eyes and biting slightly on her bottom lip, she waited for the horny man to put enough pressure to enter her anus, which he gladly did.

“Ughh,” Kristen grunted.

“It’ll feel weird at first but don’t fight it,” Tyler told her while pushing his finger into the first knuckle, followed swiftly by the second knuckle.

Kristen agreed that it felt very unusual but it helped that he continued to smash her pussy at the same time as probing her ass. After a few minutes of having him finger her virgin asshole, the reddish-brown haired girl had to admit she liked the feeling of having her backdoor stretched.

“Ooohhh Tyler,” Kristen moaned while trying to push down on the cock and finger that were fucking both of her holes.

“Told you. All sluts love having their ass played with,” Tyler gloated.

“I’ll let you fuck this slut’s ass if you get me to cum hard,” Kristen told him while staring him dead in the eye.

With the regard of taking her anal cherry, Tyler lifted the pale girl before throwing her down on the bed. He quickly placed her on her knees and left her to rest on only her face and shoulders so that her hands were free to massage her own clit.

Kristen didn’t often get fucked doggy-style but the angle his cock was plowing into her had her quite hot. She was already close to her orgasm and she was getting closer with every thrust as she simultaneously rubbed her sensitive clitoris. As close as she was, Kristen still felt like something was missing before she could cum.

“Oh shit, I’m close,” Kristen screamed as Tyler re-inserted one of his fingers back into her anus.

“If one finger has you close then a second will push you over the edge,” Tyler reasoned as he slowly worked a second finger inside.

Kristen didn’t like the fact that he had to slow his thrusting to add in a second finger into her tightest hole. She was glad though that only after a few minutes her butthole was easily accommodating his two digits and that the Tyler was already back up to his original pace.

“Ugghhh, ohhhh,” Kristen moaned as she came all over Tyler’s rod.

“Now for some fun,” Tyler commented while flipping the near unconscious girl over onto her back.

Hoisting her legs up onto his shoulders, the brute grabbed the base of his cock and placed the tip at her rear entrance. Still relaxed from her orgasm, Kristen’s asshole opened to accommodate his tool, which was only slightly bigger than the fingers he was using earlier.

“Urrrggghhh,” Kristen grunted in pain as Tyler took her anal virginity.

“You need to not think about the cock slowly drilling into your ass. Here, suck on these,” Tyler said as he offered her the two fingers he used to finger her rear.

“Okay,” Kristen replied.

The dark haired girl was thinking of where the fingers had been previously. Instead, she just gaped her lips and explored every nock and cranny of the digits he had given her. Even once she realized where they had been she didn’t care, in fact Kristen was actually savoring the taste of her own bowels.

“You like having a big dick in your tight ass,” Tyler asked with a hard spank to her pale butt cheek.

“It’s good yeah,” Kristen answered, surprising herself at how quick she responded.

“I knew you’d be a total anal slut. Tell me what you want me to do baby,” Tyler said, smacking her reddening cheek again.

“Keep pushing that hard cock in my slutty asshole,” Kristen begged as she rocked her hips to shove his eager cock deeper into her rectum.

“I’m gonna make you cum again,” Tyler told the blissful girl. “Rub that clit again for me.”

True to his word, it didn’t take long until Kristen was on the verge of a second orgasm of the night. Both the ass pounding and stimulating her clit had the pale beauty moaning loudly.

“I’m gonna cum again soon,” Kristen moaned through gritted teeth.

“Cum for me baby,” Tyler tells her as he jams two fingers into her already used pussy.

Kristen exploded with the introduction into her folds and coated Tyler’s fingers with a considerable amount of her own cum. Never missing an opportunity to disgrace the horny co-ed, Tyler brought his fingers up to her mouth again and made her lick them clean.

“Mmm. Both my holes taste good,” Kristen said with a wink while continuing to suck his digits clean.

“My turn to cum,” Tyler warned as his thrusting became shallow and wild.

“How do you want me,” Kristen asked before dropping to her knees once the big man pulled out of her asshole.

“Suck on my nuts so I can cum all over your face,” Tyler demanded.

Just as she had been doing all night, Kristen did as she told her and took his full sack into her mouth. As the exhausted girl used her tongue and lips to eagerly play with his balls, Tyler gave a few quick strokes until he felt the cum start to flow up his shaft.

“Awww,” Kristen cooed once she felt his warm fluid start to ooze out onto her pretty face.

Tyler stepped back so that he could shoot the rest of his load with more force onto the girl, coating the rest of her face. After several streams had landed on Kristen, Tyler smirked as he enjoyed the look of her with cum splattered on her forehead, nose, cheeks and lips.

“How did it feel to be really fucked for a change,” Tyler asked the girl.

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” Kristen answered.

“Now clean up and do your walk of shame, just like every one night stand has to do,” Tyler told her while starting to get dressed.

* * *


“Come in,” Hayden called out, still with a bit of anger in her tone.

“’ello,” the athletic looking blonde said as she opened the dorm door.

“Hi. Emma right,” Taylor asked.

“Right. I’m sorry that I’m intruding on your room but I really appreciate it,” Emma apologized.

“It’s okay,” Taylor replied. “I’m Taylor Swift and this is Hayden Panettiere.”

“Well nice to meet you,” Emma greeted as she gave them a quick hug. “You guys are on the team too?”

“I’m starting front setter and Taylor is the best hitter in the nation,” Hayden answered.

“Cool. Anyway I’m going to grab some stuff and go for a shower. I have a date tonight with a friend that’s going here. He offered to show me around and I haven’t seen him since prep school in England,” Emma told them.

“Okay. We have evening class so won’t be in here after your shower,” Taylor answered before Emma dug through her bag and left for the co-ed washroom.

“I hate her,” Hayden pouted.

“Then why were you checking her out,” Taylor asked her partner.

“What…I wasn’t,” Hayden replied, caught red handed.

“I’m not mad. I did too. She adorable and has a killer body. The boys will love her, especially if she’s slutty,” Taylor said.

“I guess we’ll know if she’s loose if she brings her date home or doesn’t come home tonight,” Hayden added.

* * *

“So Vanessa should be here soon then we can go out,” Nina said to Megan and Olivia.

“Where is she?” Olivia asked who looked fantastic in a short blue dress that showed off her amazing legs and tanned skin.

“Her boyfriend called her up and they went to grab a coffee,” Nina answered.

“Vanessa! What happened,” Megan asked as a teary-eyed Vanessa came through the door and slammed it shut.

“He broke up with me,” Vanessa said almost in disbelief.

“What? Really? Why,” Olivia asked as all three girls rushed over and comforted the distraught sophomore.

“He said he wanted to see other people,” Vanessa managed to explain before more tears streaked down her cheeks.

“What an asshole. I’m going to go over and give him a piece of my mind. I always knew he’d break your heart,” Nina screamed, full of rage.

“No Nina, please don’t,” Vanessa asked.

“Give him hell Nina. We’ll take care of her,” Megan said.

* * *

“Get in here baby and fuck me,” Emma begged.

After finding the right key, the sexy Brit unlocked the door, turned the knob and opened it up. It was black inside but she could make out the faint outline of her two roommates who were cuddling together on the two twin mattresses they pushed together. Too horny to care, Emma grabbed a hold of her date and dragged him inside with her, kissing him all the while.

“What about your roommate,” Sam asked her before returning his tongue back into her mouth.

“They’re sleeping. Besides, they’re probably enjoy the show,” Emma replied as they slowly made their way towards her bed.

“Whoa,” Sam said once the back of his knees hit the edge of the mattress, causing him to collapse onto the bed.

“Shhhh,” Emma told him.

With lust in her eyes, Emma slowly sunk to her knees in front of the eager boy. Sam couldn’t help but have his cock harden as the Brit worked on removing his jeans. It didn’t take her to loosen his pants before he propped himself off the bed to allow them to be dragged down his legs.

“I like what I found,” Emma whispered as she grabbed his stiff 7-inch member. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Suck it babe, but be quiet,” Sam quietly instructed the gorgeous dirty blonde.

With a wicked grin on her face, Emma glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Sam couldn’t help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny boy was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

“Remember to keep it done,” Emma playfully warned him.

“I will, I will. Just keep going,” Sam pleaded.

“Alright stud,” Emma replied as she started to lick at his nutsack before slowly coursing her way up his shaft until finding the tip and getting her plump lips wrapped back around it.

Meanwhile, as Emma continued to go down on her one-night stand, Taylor Swift was awake and listening intently to the action. Since her bed was less than 10 feet from where Emma was working her magic, she could hear all the sounds. The leggy blonde couldn’t help but be turned on by hearing the wet sloshing nose as her roommate blew her man, or hear the mystery man’s moans in response.

“Why are you awake sweetie,” Hayden asked her lover.

“Shhh,” Taylor told her. “Emma brought a guy home.”

“Seriously? Did I sleep through it,” Hayden quietly whispered.

“No they’re just getting started,” Taylor replied.

“Wanna watch or is that weird,” Hayden proposed to her lover.

“Thank God. I thought it was weird that I wanted to so hell yes I wanna watch,” Taylor replied excitedly.

By the time they turned their attention back to the couple, Emma had his balls in her mouth. With her free hand, Emma was still stroking his spit-covered cock, much to the delight of the handsome man.

“I prefer to deep-throat when I’m sucking a guy off,” Taylor commented to Hayden.

“That’s ‘cause you’re able to,” Hayden said with jealousy. “I get by on energy and slobbering all over him.”

The two girls watched on as the guy Emma brought home started to take off the athletic girl’s clothing. Using his long arms, Sam reached down and yanked down Emma’s skirt over her shapely ass, her firm cheeks only separated by the thin satin material of the blonde’s thong.

“Nice ass,” Hayden remarked.

“She’s got nothing on you,” Taylor told her while giving her lover a strong squeeze on her ass.

“Thanks hun but shhhh,” Hayden replied.

While the girls were talking, Emma had followed Sam’s lead and slipped the tiny thong out of her ass and down her legs. Left completely bottomless, Emma continued to give the college man a sloppy yet near silent blowjob. She currently had his cock against the back of her mouth before slowly dragging her lips along the shaft until she was left sucking on just the crown.

“Help me get this shirt off,” Sam told her as he was pulling up at the hem of her shirt.

Emma was so focused on blowing his dick that she quickly lifted the cotton shirt off her hot body before immediately going back down on him. Not complaining about receiving little help, Sam unbuckled her bra and pulled it off her to reveal her firm breasts with small pink nipples.

“What a body,” Hayden admired.

“Uh-huh,” Taylor agreed while sliding a hand down between her thighs.

“Alright I really need to fuck you know,” Sam told her, not being able to be sucked for any longer without cumming.

Emma got to her feet and showed off her amazing body for the horny college man. Her perky tits bounced while springing off the floor before she crawled onto her bed and rested her head on the pillows with legs spread.

“You’re not going to make me start without you as you stare, are you,” Emma joked while she took two fingers and rubbed them through her clit.

The comment snapped Sam out of his glance and made him jump into action. With his eyes set on her pussy, which was bare except for a shortly trimmed thin strip of hair. Getting onto the bed, he moved between her legs and extended his tongue to replace her fingers.

Back on the other side of the room, Taylor had moved on from just rubbing her slit to slowly pumping two fingers into her wet pussy. She hoped Hayden didn’t realize she was getting off watching their new sexy roommate, but little did she know that the short blonde was also turned on by the show and playing with her nipples through her shirt.

“Enough teasing. I need your cock in me,” Emma snapped.

Rolling over, Emma got onto her stomach before propping up her athletic body onto her hands and knees. Giving him a minute to stare at her tight ass, Emma started to wiggle her hips to entice him to jump into action.

“Such a sweet ass,” Sam admired before putting a hand on each cheek, separating them before licking along her crack from her pink folds and over her tightly constricted asshole.

“Whhoooaaa,” Emma grunted, having her asshole licked for the first time in her life. Back in England a guy would never have the courage to do something like that. Already she knew she would love the United States.

Sam made a mental note that the Brit might be into anal sex, but his more pressing need was stretching out her tight pussy. Standing back up to take off the rest of his clothes, the man sunk back down on the bed and buried his face in her folds to make sure she was good and wet.

“Mmmmhhhh….ohhh,” Emma moaned in appreciation.

Sam continued to stick his tongue as deep into her pussy to explore her inner walls for the next minutes, squeezing her firm ass all the while. Slapping her ass to let her know he was done tongue fucking her, Sam stood tall on his knees and positioned his tip against her slick entrance.

“Fuck her hard,” Taylor encouraged from across the room.

Sam needed no advice on how to treat such a sexy girl in the sack. He made sure to push her legs further apart to make her pussy wider and easier to take his substantial girth. Using one hand to guide his cock and the other to hold her hips and push her back, Sam popped his head into the tight foreigner and slowly started to work more of his shaft into her moist hole.

“Ohhh God,” Emma mumbled into her pillow.

Once her hole had stretched to accommodate his thick member, Emma looked back over her shoulder and gave her man a sexy smile. Sam took her gesture the way she intended and stopped holding back. Replacing his slow, gentle strokes with now harder, faster trusts, Sam was pounding the Brit’s small pussy.

“I love the sound of a man’s waist smacking a woman’s ass,” Hayden groaned.

Both women were now pumping fingers into their pussies, trying to not let the other know they were doing so. Hayden was able to perch one leg up and run her hand down her flat stomach since Taylor was behind her, but the taller blonde had a harder route to go to finger herself. Using her longer arms, Taylor reached behind her in order to pump three fingers into her dripping slit. The added bonus was her palm was grinding against her butthole, increasing the pleasure she was giving herself.

“I think I’m going to like our new roommate,” Taylor’s husky voice whispered into her lover’s ear.

“I know, me too. I can’t wait to see her all wet in the shower,” Hayden quietly answered.

“That lucky bastard. Not only is he fucking her, he gets to massage her tits while he does it,” Taylor gawked from 10 feet away.

“So lucky,” Hayden replied as she closed her eyes and re-doubled her efforts.

“Oh yeah! Keep fucking my tight pussy,” Emma encouraged.

Sam had no intention of stopping. He’d rather chaff his cock and have it hurt for a week rather than stopping pounding her tiny hole. He had sacrificed some power by moving his hands from her waist onto her perky tits, but he was loving playing with her small erect nipples between his thumb and pointer finger.

“You’re close to cumming, aren’t you,” Sam asked her after noticing the blonde had buried her face into the pillows and moaned with greater frequency.

“So fucking close,” Emma grunted into the pillows while using her hands on the headboard to push back harder into his lap.

Trying to make the girl cum as hard as possible, Sam mustered up all the energy he had left and slammed his cock into her with great ferocity. With his cock gliding into her pussy at such speed, his balls kept swinging up and smacking her clit, giving the Brit the triple sensation of her pussy, nipples and now clit being attack.

“Mmmmm…mmmmm….Oh yes…oh yess…..OOHHH GOD! I’m going to cum right now,” Emma screamed into her pillow.

Emma’s sexy body immediately started to shake as an intense orgasm rocked her. It was probably the biggest and most powerful cum of her life as her juices gushed all over Sam’s cock, which was still buried in her.

“And we have a screamer,” Taylor whispered.

“I can related,” Hayden replied.

“Ugh..mmm,” Taylor accidently moaned out loud.

Hayden had heard that noise enough to know that her lover was getting off right now. Now aware to it, she could feel the tall blonde’s rocking movements and the husky breathing patterns. Hayden would normally be upset if her girlfriend was masturbating to another girl, but because she was doing the same thing, Hayden just felt less guilty.

Turning their eyes back to the action across the room, they watched on as Sam wrapped his arms around her petite frame and rolled them. Sam was now sitting at the edge of the bed with Emma on his lap with his pole still buried deep in her snatch.

“Whoa,” Emma screamed after the quick movement.

“I’d love a ride,” Sam smirked.

“Cumming does feel better when someone does it for you,” Emma replied.

With her legs between his so her pussy was squeezed tightly, the lithe blonde worked herself up and done his shaft. Sam could only lay back and try his best to delay cumming as long as possible while watching on as Emma’s little ass bounced on his lap.

“This is so fucking hot,” Hayden whispered, now using both hands to stimulate her clit and cram into her tight pussy.

“Unnhhhh,” Taylor agreed, bordering on the edge of her own orgasm.

“Look at her firm tits bouncing so much. She must really be riding him hard,” Hayden observed.

Sam decided to try to get Emma to cum before he finished. Sitting back up, the muscular co-ed reached his arm around her rounded hips so that he could use his fingers to rub her folds.

“Oh shit…oh fuck…yes, yes, yes,” Emma encouraged in response to Sam’s efforts.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Sam warned. “Are you on the pill?”

“Yeah I am. Cum with me baby. Fill me up,” Emma told him.

“I’ll cum with you too,” Taylor thought to herself as she edged closer and closer to her own orgasm.

With her pointer and middle finger already buried deep in her pussy, Taylor used her thumb to search for her tightest of holes. Once found, the slide in the unlubricated digit into her butthole and triggered her own orgasm. She had to bite into the pillow to disguise her screams, but her body was still unable to prevent trembling against Hayden’s bare back.

“I’m cumming too sweetie,” Hayden silently assured her partner as her floodgates opened and she covered her three fingers in her juices.

Meanwhile, as Taylor and Hayden discretely removed their hands from their own crotches and started to suck them dry, the action was coming to its conclusion on the other side of the room. Emma was engorged on Sam’s shaft balls deep and rocking her hips in & out as he continued to stimulate her exposed clitoris.

“Mmmmmm……shitttttt…..cum with me baby,” Emma moaned out without regard for anyone else in the room.

“Ugghhhhhhh,” Sam grunted as he emptied his load into her hot wet cum just as her own juices came gushing onto his erect rod.

Panting and covered in a layer of sweat that made her body glisten, Emma stood up so that Sam’s boner fell out of her hole and wobbled on her exhausted legs. The lucky guy watched as the tired blonde threw herself onto the bed and seemed to fall asleep instantly.

“That was great but I’ve got class early. I’ll call you some time Emily…or Emmy. Whatever,” Sam said before throwing on his clothes and leaving the room.

“Well that’s the easiest way to get rid of a guy after sex,” Emma said aloud. “I should go clean up before bed.”

Emma looked for an oversized t-shirt, threw it over her body to make sure it draped down over her ass and went to the co-ed washroom and grabbed a quick shower. Returning to the room for some much-deserved sleep, the sexy Brit walked over to Hayden and Taylor and gave them each a kiss on the forehead.

“Hope I didn’t wake you. Sleep tight beauties,” Emma whispered softly to them before climbing into her own bed and falling asleep almost instantly.

* * *

“You guys didn’t have to stay in with me tonight just because I wasn’t in the mood to go out,” Vanessa told her two friends.

“We’d rather be here for you sweetie,” Megan told her as she kissed her on the forehead.

“Besides, it’s not like we aren’t getting on drink on in here,” Olivia said.

That statement was very true. The girls had always finished three bottle of white wine and were pretty drunk. Although the usual tonic for break-ups was ice cream, Megan and Olivia felt like their teammate needed something stronger.

“I thought he was such a nice guy but he turned out to be a jerk,” Vanessa slurred.

“Fuck him,” Megan told her.

“I had a bunch of boyfriends in a row who screwed me over so it turned me to women and I haven’t looked back since,” Olivia admitted.

“Women can be good. I had me first lesbo fling before Christmas at the team party and I have to admit it was really good,” Megan added.

“Nina and I hooked-up at the party,” Vanessa confessed.

“And,” both girls said in unison.

“She was amazing. Knew how to hit each of my buttons and probably gave me the best orgasms of my life,” Vanessa stated.

“I always thought she’d be a good lay,” Megan said.

“And I’ve always imagined how good you’d be,” Olivia said to Vanessa as she tucked some loose strands of Vanessa’s hair behind her ear.

“You’re making me blush Olivia,” Vanessa admitted.

“I’ll do more than make you blush,” Megan told the dark-haired girl as she bent forward and kissed her on the lips.

“I think we should take this to the bedroom,” Olivia told them.

All three of the ladies got up from the coach and walked hand-in-hand to Vanessa’s bedroom, which had a large queen-sized bed in it. Olivia and Megan smiled towards each other as they entered the small but cozy room. Vanessa still didn’t know what to think of what was happening, all she knew was that she was tired of having a broken heart and that her two friends seemed pretty certain that a threesome with them was the perfect remedy.

“Lift up your arms sweetie,” Olivia Wilde instructed.

Vanessa was lost in her own little world that she wasn’t aware until that moment that her two teammates were undressing her. Megan was busy working on her pants and doing a very good job of them, as she had undid them and slid the denim down her tanned legs. With only a black thong covering her lower body, Olivia pulled off her tanktop and exposed her matching bra as well.

However, those pieces of clothing didn’t last too much long either. Vanessa wasn’t sure who did what, but all she knew was that her thong was peeled away from between her plump cheeks and were now wrapped around her ankles. She also realized her bra was removed as the cool night air caused her pink nipples to get hard as soon as the lace material was pulled away from her chest and thrown to the ground.

Vanessa wanted to feel hatred for Zane, for all boys in general, but that was nearly impossible at the moment. The only thoughts floating through her head now were of how good she was feeling. Wrapping an arm around each of their heads, the recently dumped girl pulled her two teammates closer to her body. Each one had one of her nipples in their mouth, doing a combination of licking, sucking and gently biting. Vanessa didn’t care what exactly they were doing, all she cared about was the pleasure she was getting from them.

“Oh Megan! Oh Olivia,” she screamed.

Megan was pleased that she was able to take her friend’s mind off of her jerk of an ex-boyfriend. She hated seeing someone she cared about in pain and was determined to bring them happiness. Luckily for Vanessa and the rest of Megan’s friends, the girl was a bit of a slut and knew that sex was one of the best ways to cheer people up. While still playing with Vanessa’s nipple with her lips, Megan slid her hand along her flat stomach. Her hand continued travelling south over her shaven skin above her sex until reaching her target.

“Look what I found,” Megan said as her fingers rubbed through her friend’s folds.

“Mmm,” she moaned as Megan continued to explore her wet pussy.

Olivia looked down and watched as Megan dipped two slender fingers into Vanessa’s pussy and disappeared. Now knowing the cause of her teammate’s increased moaning, Olivia didn’t want them to think she was slacking off. The tall brunette slowly sunk to her knees, leaving a trail of kisses down the tanned girl’s body. Now face level with Vanessa’s hip, she moved over so that she was directly in front of her teammate.

“Oh bloody hell,” Vanessa screamed as a something powerful flicked her clit while fingers were simultaneously being pushed into her hole.

Olivia had used her lips to make a tight seal around the girl’s folds above where Megan was thrusting in her digits. Extending her tongue, she used the strong muscle to continuous flick out at the tiny nub to send waves of pleasure up every nerve in the smaller girl’s body.

“You like it when she uses her tongue,” Megan whispered into Vanessa’s ear.

“Yes. It feels…so good,” she groaned.

“Think you can handle her pussy by yourself,” Megan asked Olivia.

“The more the better,” she replied before getting her tongue back to stimulating Vanessa

Megan removed her fingers from Vanessa’s pussy and heard the girl’s audible groan of displeasure. Her tone changed immediately as Olivia filled the void with her tongue as she had slid down through her folds and planted it directly into the gaping hole. Vanessa couldn’t help but forget about what Megan was doing as her fellow teammate lapped up inside her pussy, massaging her sensitive inner walls.

Megan had no intention of taking a step back and merely watch her two fellow lesbians have oral sex. In a move similar to what Olivia had done minutes previous, the dark-haired girl lowered herself to the ground to eventually settle on her knees while both licking and kissing her way down the younger girl’s tight body. However, Megan went the opposite direction that Olivia had gone so that now her lips were placing gentle kisses along her hips as she traveled towards Vanessa’s back end.

Vanessa was so engrossed in the treatment her twat was receiving from Olivia that she was barely registering Megan’s kisses on her skin, let alone the direction she was headed. Unaware to the horny girl’s plans, Vanessa lifted her leg and placed it onto Olivia’s shoulder to give the older co-ed a better position to work from. She instantly found that her tongue was pushing into her further, reaching new places within her tight canal.

Meanwhile at Vanessa’s other end, Megan had wheeled into position and was kneeling directly behind her fellow volleyball teammate. Placing her hands on Vanessa’s meaty cheeks, Megan gave them a hard squeeze, feeling them squish slightly between her fingers. While maintaining a firm grip, the dark haired girl pulled the cheeks apart to expose the objective of her affection. Her butthole was tightly clench so that resembled a rosebud, giving Megan the impression that her friend was a relative novice when it came to sex involving the ass. Moving in closer, Megan slowly brought her face closer to Vanessa’s ass until her lips were hovering just beside the girl’s hole then went for it.

“Oh my God Megan,” Vanessa shrieked in surprise.

Vanessa had tried anal sex only two or three times in her life so was still extremely sensitive with anything making contact with her butt. Looking over her shoulder, Vanessa looked down and observed the taller co-ed with her face buried in her ass cheeks and felt as Megan’s tongue licked the rim of her tightest of holes. Even though the sensation felt foreign, she had to admit that she liked it. It also didn’t hurt that Olivia was continuing to lap deep in her pussy and causing her to forget any of the odd feeling at her back end.

“Looks like someone enjoys being the center of attention,” Olivia laughed.

“Stop talking…don’t stop,” the recently dumped girl said.

Showing her teammates that she was serious, Vanessa reached a hand in front of her and the other behind her. Clutching each of the girl’s heads in her hand, Vanessa pushed them closer to her so that their tongues would probe deeper into her. This was no problem for Olivia, whose face was now covered in Vanessa’s juices as her face was rubbed on her wet folds. Megan’s face was also getting squished, but it was being pressed into Vanessa’s plump ass so the dark haired girl didn’t mind whatsoever.

“You are going…to make me cum…so soon,” Vanessa panted.

“Good babydoll,” Olivia said before putting her tongue back to work.

“You deserve it,” Megan finished.

Megan knew she had short time to work before Vanessa had her long awaited orgasm and stopped her fun. The horny co-ed was determined to get her tongue into her teammate’s asshole, not just circle the rim as she had been doing. The problem was that Vanessa was so tight that wiggling her wet tongue inside of her was proving to big an obstacle to overcome.

“I just have to loosen the girl up,” she thought to herself.

Megan moved her face slightly downwards so that her tongue was now poking and prodding at the girl’s endmost part of her pussy, which was still being pummeled by Olivia’s relentless attention. As both girls focused on licking their friend to an amazing orgasm, Megan quickly sucked on her finger than traced her tip around Vanessa’s anal opening. Making sure that some of her spit transferred onto the rosebud, the dark haired girl applied pressure and eventually succeeded in penetrating her butt.

“Whoa,” Vanessa shrieked.

She didn’t find that the anal intrusion was painful, nor would she classify the feeling as pleasurable, but having a finger in her ass was defiantly an unusual experience that she would want to try again. Deeper and deeper Megan pushed the slender digit into her backside until finally she couldn’t go any further. She’d pushed the 3-inch finger inside her friend’s anus and was now slowly pumping it in and out of her tightest of holes to try and loosen her up. Megan couldn’t help but appreciate how much of a vice her butthole was and now understood why so many guys wanted to fuck her in the ass.

“Aww…why’d you stop with the finger,” Vanessa asked as she felt Megan’s digit slowly exit her anus. “I was just getting use to…oh yeah! Shove that tongue in my ass!”

Megan had accomplished her goal of finally penetrating her friend’s tight backside with her tongue. Her anus was well maintained and didn’t even have the faintest hint of a gross taste, much to her pleasure. Lapping inside, her tongue wiggled and licked at any space she could within the small canal, focusing her attention on her rectal walls. Olivia was doing the same thing with her tongue, just her job was made easier that Vanessa’s pussy was considerably more wielding than her asshole. But it wasn’t until Olivia’s finger started to feverishly rub her clitoris when the triple stimulation proved too much for poor Vanessa’s body.

“Oh God,” Vanessa screamed as her long sought after orgasm hit her hard. “I’m cumming!”

Olivia couldn’t wait to receive her just reward for being one of the driving factors for making the heartbroken girl achieve her orgasm. Resting her tongue inside her pussy still, she waited for a moment after Vanessa’s scream before she felt her juices start to flow out of her. The honey-flavored liquid immediately coated her tongue and she was more than willing to bring it into her mouth and swallow it down. Olivia’s only compliant was that there wasn’t more of Vanessa’s juices to take in.

“So have you forgotten about that silly boy,” Megan asked, still with the taste of ass in her mouth.

“Don’t even remember his name,” Vanessa commented before collapsing on the soft bed.

“We’ll make sure that sticks,” Olivia told her. “Ready for round two?”

* * *


Ashley wasn’t exactly sure who was going to answer the door. She thought maybe Bobby would be there since this wasn’t there normal location and because he’d always been there at all her jobs. But then again, he was vague on the phone by just texting her the address, time and room number so she wasn’t sure he’d be there.

“Come in,” a woman’s voice replied. By her tone, the girl must have smoked two packs a day for 10 years.

Having a weird feeling, Ashley shrugged it off and entered into the small hotel room. The room was divided into two sections, a front living room where she come in from the door and a bedroom off to the side. Stepping further inside, Ashley’s heart sunk when the last person she wanted to see was laying on the bed.

“Hey Ash,” Taylor said with a mischievous grin on her face.

“What are you doing here psycho,” Ashley questioned.

“I knew you were the prostitute on school. I just knew it,” Taylor announced.

“Well done. You figured out my secret. Good for you. Now I’m out of here and you can rot in hell,” Ashley told her.

“Not so fast there buttercup. I was serious when I text you about paying for your services,” Taylor said.

“What do you mean? Bobby sent me the text, not you,” Ashley said.

“Not quite. After a month of questioning people and finding out you were the campus slut, I choke off your costumers by fucking them myself for free. This killed your business and made you desperate for some cash. Then today, Bobby finally left his cell phone behind when he went to take a piss and I messaged you. And here we are,” Taylor informed the confused brunette.

“You’re fucking nuts,” Ashley told her.

“And you’re going to find out how crazy I really am. I haven’t forgotten about Halloween and tonight is my revenge,” Taylor smirked.

“And why would I stick around and be your sex puppet,” Ashley asked her psychotic teammate.

“You said it yourself babe, you need cash,” Taylor answered, knowing she had her between a rock and a hard place. “Our guests should be here in a minute.”

Ashley knew she had no choice but to stay and be part of whatever sick revenge plot Taylor had in store for her. At this point, she was only hoping that the blonde’s bark was a lot worse then her bite.

“So who’s coming,” Ashley asked.

“Yo Taylor! You in here,” a man’s voice screamed from the doorway.

“Perfect timing,” Taylor said to Ashley before answering the man. “In the bedroom.”

“Oh hot damn. You are fine,” one of the other guys said in regards to Ashley.

“Ashley, meet Donovan, Michael and Kevin. You’ll recognize them from the football team. Guys, this is Ashley. She’s one of my teammates and loves getting fucked by three hung guys at one time,” Taylor introduced.

“You haven’t disappointed in the least,” a guy said to the blonde.

“Why don’t you show us what we’re working with,” another guy said to Ashley.

“Great idea Kevin. Hope up on this chair Greene,” Taylor ordered her teammate.

“I don’t need this degradation. I’m out of here,” Ashley yelled as she started to walk out.

“Leave and this $200 stays with me. Hope you enjoy living on the street bitch,” Taylor told her.

Ashley thought about the consequences of both staying and leaving. Taylor had her fucked, pure and simply. Knowing that they’d even after tonight so she wouldn’t have to worry about the blonde again, Ashley walked back into the bedroom.

“Where did you want me,” Ashley asked in a defeated tone.

“The chair on your knees. Boys why don’t you come in and make yourself comfortable,” Taylor told her guests.

With Ashley propped up on the chair so her ass was sticking up, the lanky blonde pulled down her tight shorts to reveal her perfectly rounded ass. Running her hands over it in admiration, Taylor was soon bending down and kissing her checks.

“Amazing ass Greene. I’ve always loved staring at it in the shower,” Taylor admitted as she stood back up.

“You would, lesbo whore,” Ashley replied to the girl blackmailing her.

“Alright boys, she’s all yours,” Taylor declared, tired of the brunette’s rotten attitude.

Taylor pulled her off the chair with strength that Ashley didn’t know the leggy girl had before being roughly thrown to the large bed. As if sharks who had just smelt blood, the three football players pounced onto the mattress right after, already surrounding the brunette.

“Let’s see these titties,” one of the men said as he started to undo the knot that her buttoned up shirt had at the front.

Donovan, if Ashley remembered which man was which, made short work of the knot before ripping the shirt off her shoulders and onto the floor. She felt one of the other guys, maybe Michael, lift her legs into the air and try to tear off her boots, but after seeing her shirt taken off he gave up.

“Hands and knees,” the third guy, Kevin told her sternly.

Ashley had her chance to walk out and leave with getting pain and since she didn’t walk, she was willing for whatever the men threw at her. With that mindset in place, Ashley rolled over onto her stomach before getting into the position the tallest of the trio demanded.

“Get those shorts off her once and for all,” Donovan told his teammate.

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when Michael pulled down her shorts and revealed her sweet ass again. The brunette took pressure off her knees so that the man could yank them down her long legs and off her body before immediately getting back onto all fours.

“Looks like such a tight pussy,” Michael admired while licking his lips from behind the athletic beauty.

“Got something to keep that mouth of yours occupied,” Kevin told her, waving his dick in her face.

“What a surprise man. I got one too,” Donovan said with his cock in his hand.

As Ashley opened her mouth and took the first shaft into her mouth, she felt Michael’s probing finger exit her pussy but only to be replaced by the tip of his cock. Being gracious and easing his thick 9-inch member into her tight hole, the football player fucked her slowly for a minute before really pounding her strong.

“The harder you plow into her, the deeper she takes their cocks,” Taylor told Michael.

“Yeah bro. You’re making our dicks go down her throat,” Kevin added.

“I’m nothing if not a team player,” Michael replied as he pulled out of her folds completely before slamming into her balls-deep.

“Ungghhh,” Ashley groaned around one of the cocks in her mouth as the head rammed against the back of her pallet before entering her throat.

“Share her man,” Donovan demanded.

Kevin listened and pulled his rod from her mouth. Just as Ashley was catching her breath from the rough throat-fucking, she felt another cock glide along her lips and touch the back of her gullet then pass into her throat after the next powerful thrust from behind.

“Her throat just hugs your cock,” Donovan said as he held the brunette’s in place so her nose was pressed deep into his greasy pubic hair.

“Yo, let me have some sloppy seconds,” Kevin said to Michael who had already worked up a sweat pounding her wet hole.

“Yeah whatever. I could use a break,” Michael agreed.

After a few more sharp thrusts, Michael granted his teammates request and pulled out of the sexy volleyball player. Stepping aside, Kevin didn’t wait for an instant before plugging the vacancy and guiding his 8-inch cock into her pussy. After taking a few strokes to find his rhythm, Kevin was now powerfully hammering into her hot folds, much to her delight even if she wouldn’t admit it.

“Let me taste her pussy,” Taylor shouted to Michael before he joined Donovan at Ashley’s face.

“With pleasure blondie,” Michael replied, walking over to the girl who had coordinated the whole situation.

Michael stood in front of the chair Taylor was sitting on and pushed his pole into her accepting mouth. The man dared not be as aggressive with her as he had been with Ashley out of appreciation for including him in the private party. He watched as the skinny freshman slowly took him inch by inch into her mouth until her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock.

“Damn she is delicious,” Taylor concluded after sucking every hint of her teammate’s essence off the man’s dick.

“Should I go join back in,” Michael asked.

“Not yet. I want to make sure I didn’t leave any behind,” Taylor told him.

Still holding his cock in her hand, Taylor took him back into her mouth and sucked with urgency. After a few more minutes of sucking, followed by long licks over his entire shaft, the skinny blonde allowed the eager man to return to the orgy going on a few feet away.

“She’s still so tight even after you destroyed her,” Kevin told Michael, who had just climbed back onto the mattress to have Ashley deep-throat him again.

“Surprising for the campus whore,” Taylor commented from her seat.

“You’ve been at her awhile now, my turn Kev,” Donovan insisted.

“Fine but I wanted another go after,” Kevin replied as he pulled out of her pussy with an audible pop.

“I feel like a fresh hole. You up for that girl,” Donovan asked her while rubbing her rosebud with the tip of his penis.

“Say no and you might as well leave the room right now,” Taylor threatened.

“Get that cock in my asshole,” Ashley replied.

“That’s what I was hoping to hear,” Donovan gloated.

Ashley felt his hands grab her around her waist before he rolled her over onto her back. Kneeling between her out-stretched legs, the football player lifted her ankle and placed it on his shoulder to give him better access to her holes. Grabbing his cock in her holes to gather some of her juices, Donovan traveled an inch lower than her pink hole until his tip was pressed at her rear entrance.

“Ready baby,” Donovan asked.

“Just fucking do it already,” Ashley shouted before biting her lip and expecting him to ram it in without care.

To her surprise the football player slowly inched his cock into the tightest hole and tried to make it as painless as possible. Even though it might have disgusted her on a normal day, the fact he kept spitting down at his dick added extra lube to help glide it into her rectum.

“Damn that’s nice,” Donovan commented as his teammates watched on.

“Ummmppph,” Ashley moaned lightly.

“Did you hear that? The slut likes it up the ass,” Michael exclaimed.

“Yup, she’s soaking wet,” Kevin confirmed as he buried two fingers into her vacant pussy.

“You are one dirty, dirty hot girl,” Michael shouted.

“Well let’s see how you like it when I pick up the pace,” Donovan told the now embarrassed girl.

Just as his friend started to fuck the sexy brunette harder, Kevin took advantage of her open mouth and slide his dick between her lips. Ashley didn’t hesitate to start sucking on his pole as her asshole was plowed into by the horny football player.

Meanwhile, Taylor had reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Throwing both legs over each of the arm rests, the tall blonde started to rub her slit in response to the sexy show in front of her. As much as she hated Ashley with a passion for what happened on Halloween, she’d of had to been blind not to notice the girl was a ten out of ten.

“Remember to share boys,” Taylor moaned.

“I’m never sharing this ass. She’s all mine,” Donovan retorted.

“These are your friends big boy. Plus she’s a huge slut and you’ll get another turn,” Taylor tried to convince him.

“Fine, but I want her to blow me right away,” Donovan bargained.

“Deal! I’m up,” Michael jumped.

Donovan pulled out of her asshole reluctantly and stepped out of the way. Michael didn’t take up his spot, but instead sat at the edge of the bed.

“Ride my dick in your pretty little asshole bitch,” Michael demanded.

The other guys let her get to her feet and walk over to the horny man before she turned her back to him and guided his swollen tool into her loosen hole. Even though it had just been pounded relentlessly for 10 minutes, her backdoor was still extremely tense and took some effort to get all the way down his shaft.

“What an anal slut. Whoever can make her cum with a dick in her ass will get another free round with this whore some other time,” Taylor offered.

“Mission accepted,” Michael replied as he shoved sharply upwards.

“UGGGHHHH,” Ashley grunted in pain in response to his sudden thrust.

“The only way for her to get use to it is to keep giving it to her hard man,” Donovan encouraged his friend.

“I’m all over that,” Michael replied as he continued to pummel her ass.

“Oh fuck……oh my God,” Ashley screamed as she bounced on the eager co-eds lap. What started out as pain had now mixed into both soreness and little bits of pleasure.

What also helped take Ashley’s mind off the burning sensation in her tightest of orifices was trying to suck off the guy that was now standing on the mattress. She realized it had to be Donovan because of the funky taste of his cock, her right away realizing that the flavor was straight from her own colon.

“How do you like the taste sweetie,” Taylor asked. “You’re guzzling that cock so far down your throat I guess you must love it.”

“Is it okay with you Taylor if you make your girl air-tight,” Kevin asked.

“Okay with me? It’ll make me so hot I’ll cum extra hard,” Taylor answered while plunging two of her long, slender fingers into her pussy.

Ashley was no stranger to sex but even with all of her experience she had never heard that term. She couldn’t tell where the third guy went so she just focused on the tasks at hand, namely blowing Donovan’s ass-coated cock and riding Michael’s shaft lodged firmly in her backdoor.

“You watching,” Kevin asked Taylor, making sure she was in a good position to watch the main event of the evening.

“I’m already dripping wet just thinking about,” Taylor replied.

Taylor had slipped in a third finger into her well-lubed pussy as she watched Kevin step between Ashley’s stretched out legs. The muscular man took a second to admire her cleanly shaven pussy before pushing little on her chest until her back was against Michael’s body.

“Revenge is a bitch,” Taylor shouted as Kevin slide his cock into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Ashley screamed but the dick occupying her tongue and most of her oral cavity dampened the noise.

Ashley thought the rough ass fucking she received earlier was the most painful sexual experience until that moment. With a thick cock in each of her holes and both men intent on hammering her brains out, the brunette seriously thought she was about to rip in half.

“Ugghhh,” Taylor moaned. “It pummeling her hard boys.”

As much as Ashley wanted to fight the feeling, she couldn’t help but start to get off on the double penetration. Although it still hurt like hell and she was being degraded by 3 Neanderthals and one psychotic bitch, there was a definite element of pleasure. She didn’t know if it was from the physical part of being plugged with over 25 inches of cock all at the same time or if it was a larger mental component, all she knew was she wanted it to last longer.

“Fuck Taylor I can’t hold out much longer,” Donovan warned after another 10 minutes of face-fucking the sexy brunette.

“Yeah me neither,” Michael added while gritting his teeth to attempt to hold out longer.

“Okay I want everyone to cum on her pretty face,” Taylor demanded as she continued to pump her fingers into her small pussy.

Kevin was the first to step back and pull out of the girl’s pink hole, followed by Donovan. As he pulled his shaft from her mouth, thick strands of her saliva still coated his membrane before dropping down onto her firm tits. Without Kevin pressing her down, Ashley pushed off of Michael and got onto her knees in front of the bed.

“Look this way baby,” Donovan told her.

Ashley had turned to him in time to catch the first jet of cum on her right cheek. He must have been saving up for a few days as his dick continued to let fly stream after stream until over half her face was covered.

“Out of the way,” Kevin warned as he replaced Donovan and unloaded his goo onto the volleyball player.

Even though his aim was off at first, he was still able to aim the third and fourth blast onto her nose, lips and chin after the first few strands landed in her long hair and top of the forehead.

“My turn, face me Ash,” Michael said.

Unable to open her eyes, Ashley used his sound to determine where he was. Spinning on her knees, the brunette moved her body and waited for the last of the group to finish coating her face. Just as Taylor wanted, he shot his load all over her face until there wasn’t a patch of skin that wasn’t glossed with a smear of cum.

“I’m almost done,” Taylor announced. “Get over here slave and finish me off.”

Resigned to her fate, Ashley crawled over to the chair her ‘master’ was sitting at and nearly bumped her head off the leg. Using her hands to guide her to Taylor’s pussy, Ashley stuck out her tongue and plunged it into her wet hot hole.

“Nothing better than some girl-on-girl action to finish off the night,” Michael said to his buddies, much to their approval.

“Oh yes…keep licking that pussy…yes, yes, yes….OH GOD YES,” Taylor screamed as she wrapped her long legs around Ashley’s head as she came all over her tongue.

“I hate your guts but you taste sweet,” Ashley said as she finished licking up her nemesis’ juices.

“You got all that cum from your face on my pussy,” Taylor noticed. “Lick it off.”

Ashley did as her master told her and licked every drop of jizz that was transferred onto Taylor from her face. Swallowing cum was one of the perks of her job as a prostitiute so the brunette was more than willing to do so. She even scooped the rest of the goo off her face and into her mouth afterwards just for good measure.

“Alright you earned a shower. Go before I change my mind,” Taylor told the exhausted girl.

“Thanks so much Taylor. You’re even now,” Donovan told her.

“Good. Now get out of here before the next group arrives,” Taylor replied.

* * *

“Nina? What are you doing here?” Zane asked after opening his door and finding the sexy sophomore.

“I’m here to rip you a new asshole. How dare you break Vanessa’s heart,” Nina screamed.

Zane was surprised by the sudden outburst but given the fact that he cheated on Nina’s best friend, it wasn’t a completely shocking situation. Eve though the brunette continued to scream and cuss him out, he couldn’t help but notice how hot she was. Her olive skin was flawless, she was skinny yet still curvy in all the right spots and had an absolutely gorgeous face.

“I had that coming. I was stupid,” Zane admitted.

“Oh. Well yeah you were,” Nina said, surprised by how quickly he owned up to his error. She was expecting to get the door slammed in her face or for him to shout back so she was unprepared for him to treat the situation as a nice guy.

“Why don’t you come inside? You can keep yelling at me but at least the neighbors won’t call the cops,” Zane offered. He had decided that as a psychology major, he might be able to spin her hatred into another powerful emotion.

“I doubt the school would be happy with me for getting arrested but just know I don’t intend to stop yelling until you know what a dirtbag you are,” Nina warned.

“Deal,” Zane accepted. “Can I take your coat?”

“What a gentleman,” Nina couldn’t help but think as she let him take her leather jacket off her shoulders.

“So where were you? I think the last thing you called me was a scum bag,” Zane said.

“Dirtbag actually but that works too,” Nina corrected.

“Was that a joke?” Zane asked while flashing his smile.

“Yeah I guess it was,” Nina laughed, forgetting for a moment why she was here. “But seriously you are such …”

“Can I get you a drink at all? I have water, milk or iced tea unless you want something a little harder,” Zane offered.

“Um sure. That’d be nice. What are you having?” Nina asked.

“Probably a rum and coke but you seem more like a vodka lady,” Zane guessed.

“I sure am. How’d you know,” Nina asked.

“Seems like all beautiful women like vodka,” Zane told her.

“Oh thanks,” Nina blushed. “But if you think you can smooth talk your way out of this then you have another thing coming.”

“I would never dream of it. So vodka and cranberry?” Zane asked.

“Yeah that’d be great,” Nina replied.

As Zane turned his back to make their drinks, Nina could only think about how attracted she was to him. After all, he was tall, lean and handsome plus he seemed to be into her. Her first sign was when he checked her out and judging by his face, he liked how her ass looked in the skinny jeans and her cleavage in her low cut shirt.

“Here you go,” Zane said, having returned with her pink-tinted drink.

“Thanks. You didn’t have to do get me a drink though,” Nina said, raising her glass.

“Well after being such an asshole, as you so elegantly put it, the least I can do is get you something to drink. Cheers,” Zane said.

“Cheers,” Nina replied. “I guess I was a little angry back there eh.”

“Just a bit,” Zane joked. “And can you be any more Canadian? Saying eh makes me laugh so much.”

“Shut up,” Nina laughed as she playful slapped his shoulder. “I can’t help it. Nothing I’ve done has helped.”

“This might seem a little extreme but I’ve learnt it in my advanced psyche classes. So how badly do you want to drop the accent,” Zane asked.

“I get made fun of pretty badly so I’ll willing to try anything,” Nina pleaded.

“The linguistic system is networked with the women’s sex drive so in order to drop your accent, you need to have sex with someone from a different language, or at least dialect in your case,” Zane lied.

“No way, that can’t be true,” Nina gasped. “Really?”

“I know it sounds unbelievable but its how those actors who need to learn an accent for a new role do it,” Zane continued to lie.

“Actresses do come off as sluts, even the well-respected ones,” Nina agreed.

“So you should have as much sex with non-Canadians as you can,” Zane concluded.

“Good point. But I have a lot of sex already,” Nina said. “Wow, that made me seem like a whore.”

“But that’s with women. Although you get an orgasm there, it’s a completely different orgasm, biologically speaking, when you have sex with men,” Zane explained.

“Oh,” Nina replied.

“Can I ask you a question,” Zane said.

“Um, sure,” Nina answered, putting her empty glass down on the table.

“Did you ever wonder why a gorgeous girl like Vanessa, who had a wild streak in her was able to settle down with me,” Zane asked.

“Well you seem like a really nice guy and you are attractive,” Nina blurted out with thinking.

“Well thank you, but the last few years here at school, Vanessa had sex with lots of guys like me and wouldn’t give them the time of day afterwards,” Zane continued.

“That’s true. She did fuck around a lot,” Nina agreed. “So what made you so special?”

“Wait, I shouldn’t share all my secrets,” Zane stopped himself.

“No please! How’d you do it,” Nina begged.

“I can’t I’m sorry. This was a mistake,” Zane teased.

“I’ll do anything to here,” Nina bargained.

“We can trade I suppose,” Zane reasoned.

“Deal. I’m not sure what that means but deal,” Nina said.

“Here’s the reason,” Zane said as he stood out and took out his cock. Even while soft it was an impressive 6 inches.

“Holy crap! How long does it get?”

“Over a foot long,” Zane answered with pride.

“That’s bigger than my forearm,” Nina remarked.

Nina felt some guilt as she was staring at her best friend’s ex-boyfriend with his cock dangling in his hand. What made her feel even guiltier was that she wanted his thick slab of meat in her mouth that second. If it was any other guy she would be on her knees blowing him but she couldn’t do that Vanessa.

Sensing that he was close to finishing the deal, Zane knew he needed to put on a last push now or risk losing his chance with the sexy brunette.

“I know Vanessa hates me right now and as an extension, you have to hate me too, but the reason we broke up was because I had feelings for one of her friends. One of her close friends,” Zane lied while sitting next to Nina with his pants still around his knees.

“And what friend was that,” Nina asked with her eyes still looked on his dick.

“Isn’t it clear,” Zane said as he leaned in kissed her on her lips.

Knowing he had her, Zane opened his mouth and pushed his tongue onto her lips until the brunette allowed him in and played with him with her own tongue. The dark-haired beauty was every bit the good kisser that he assumed she would be.

Not wanting to let her change her mind, Zane didn’t want to waste a second. He dragged his hands down her neck before continuing down to her medium-sized tits. The fact that she didn’t stop him from feeling her up made him reach down to the hem of her shirt and drag it upwards.

Nina was so horny that she pushed the fact that Zane recently broke up with Vanessa out of her head. Instead, she reached her arms up so that the blonde-haired guy could remove her top followed quickly by her bra.

“Beautiful,” Zane whispered out loud after breaking their kiss to get a look at the co-ed while topless. The fact that her nipples were already rock hard confirmed how horny she was for him.

“Thanks,” Nina blushed. “May I?”

“By all means,” Zane answered as the brunette grabbed his hardening cock and got her knees in front of him.

Nina immediately stroked his cock until it reached it full 13 inches, making the girl nearly drool. Placing the tip in her skilled mouth, Nina bobbed her head along his shaft while always taking a bit more into her mouth.

“Oh damn you’re good,” Zane complimented while holding her long hair above her head.

“Glad you think so,” Nina replied before returning his long cock to her lips.

Nina kept changing her technique every few minutes so that Zane couldn’t ever get to adjusted to what she was doing. If trying to deep throat his massive rod, she took him completely out of her mouth so she could run her tongue over the length of the shaft.

“That feels so good,” Zane moaned as the brunette continued to give him an expert blowjob.

The brunette went back to the tip and swirled her tongue around the crown to draw even more groans from the good-looking man. Using her tongue to lick back down to the base, she took his sack into her mouth and allowed her tongue to play with each nut.

“Alright I need to fuck you so bad right now,” Zane stated.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Nina said with a wide smile.

The pair got to their feet and exchanged another tongue-filled kiss before fumbling with the rest of their clothes. Nina didn’t have much left to take off but still had to take down her skin tight jeans to reveal her long, smooth legs.

“On your back,” Zane told the nude girl.

Nina laid down on the couch so her head was propped up on the armrest with her knees bent and legs open. Zane went down on her to get a taste and he was glad he did since her pussy tasted so delicious and sweet.

“Ooohhh,” Nina moaned while running her hands through his short hair.

Zane didn’t plan on giving her oral for very long but once he was down there and running his tongue along her folds and in her pink fold, stopping was the furthest thing from his mind. Determined to make her cum, the man dragged a finger the length of her slit until arriving at her opening.

“Fuck me,” Nina moaned as she bucked her hips in an attempt to cram his digit into her pussy.

Zane smiled and dipped his finger into her until it couldn’t go any further. He could hear a muffled moan of pleasure from Nina, who had grabbed one of the pillows and threw it over her face. Wondering how loud he could get her, Zane used his tongue to flick at her exposed clit. Sure enough, it was the loudest muffled groan he’d ever heard before, exciting him for when he gets to fuck her without the pillow.

“I wanna taste your sweet cum baby,” Zane told her while pumping two fingers into her tight opening.

“No wonder Vanessa was heartbroken since he eats pussy this well,” Nina thought to herself before more pleasure clouded the rest of her brain.

Sensing she was on the verge of her orgasm, Zane pulled his fingers out from banging her tight pussy and replaced it with his eager tongue. He didn’t want to miss licking up all her cum since it was probably going to be quite delicious. It only took another minute before the brunette was squeezing his head hard between her inner thighs and arching her back.

“Mmmmmppp,” Nina moaned into the pillow for a final time before experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm.

With Nina in post-orgasm bliss, Zane crawled up from between her thighs and lined up the tip of his cock with her opening. With minimal force since she was so wet from just cumming, the eager man easily slid into her pink hole.

“Oh shit you feel good,” Zane groaned as he worked his shaft into her.

Nina was completely relaxed so Zane was easily able to get balls deep in her pussy without any resistance. By the time Nina even realized that the boy was actually humping her, she had wrapped her legs around his back to help drive him deeper into her.

“You’re so damn big,” Nina moaned from beneath Zane.

As Zane continued to pound his hard cock into her, Nina squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso. His thick member was stretching her tiny hole but it still felt amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

“Ungghhh,” Zane groaned before covering Nina’s mouth with his own. He slid his tongue into her mouth and the brunette eagerly returned his kiss with great passion.

As Zane plunged his entire length into Nina’s pussy, the sexy co-ed was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the couch. Her hole was gripping and massaging his throbbing tool, which was taking Zane closer and closer to his own orgasm.

“You’re way too tight,” Zane told the exhausted girl. “Need to cum soon.”

Zane prepared for his orgasm by gripping Nina’s hips and holding them tightly so that he could thrust into her with all the strength he could muster. The increased pace was too much for the lucky guy to handle and he knew he was past the point of no return.

“Shit. Have to cum right now. Where do you want it,” Zane asked.

“You’ve got a condom on right,” Nina asked while still being rocked hard by his powerful thrusts.

“Of course,” Zane lied to her again for the umpteenth time that night.

“Okay then cum in me,” Nina told him.

“Prepared to be filled up bitch,” Zane thought to himself.

After a few more wild jabs into the sexy brunette, Zane felt his dick start to twitch within her pussy. With one final drive, he buried himself in her fully and blasted his load deep within her womb. Delirious from her earlier orgasm, Nina must not have felt her inner walls be pasted with his powerfully potent seed.

“That was intense,” Nina gasped while running her hand though her sweat-laced hair.

“No kidding babe,” Zane agreed as he pulled out of her pussy and pretended to take off an imaginary condom.

“Well I should probably head back now. Megan and Olivia are consoling Vanessa and they’ll be wondering why it’s taken me so long to bitch you out,” Nina laughed.

“So then we should keep what happened between me and you,” Zane asked as they both gathered up their clothing.

“Yeah! Please do or she’ll kill me. Actually I think any girl would kill me. I kinda broke the biggest unwritten rule here tonight,” Nina admitted while doing up her bra and putting her shirt back on.

“Do you mind if I keep these,” Zane asked, holding up her black thong. “Think of it as a bribe for my silence.”

“Whatever keeps that mouth shut,” Nina replied.

“If you ever want to do this again, my door is always open,” Zane told her as she made her way for the door.

“I’ll keep that in mind but this was a mistake. A big mistake and hopefully nobody finds out,” Nina admitted.

“Offer still stands. Goodnight,” Zane said.

Nina left the dorm room as the guilt over the last 45 minutes flooded into her system. She couldn’t believe what a shitty friend she was. Hopefully Zane kept his mouth shut and nobody found out.

“Where is everyone?” Nina asked as she came in the door.

“Bedroom,” she heard someone yell.

“Hey guys, sorry it took so long…wow!” Nina started to explain before being shock at the three naked women in bed.

“Too bad you stormed out so early. You missed some good consoling. How much did you yell at him?” Olivia asked.

“Did you make him cry?” Megan asked.

“Sorry it’s hard to think of answers with all of you guys naked,” Nina replied while blushing. In reality, Nina was grateful that her three gorgeous friends were naked as it gave her an excuse as to why she hesitated in answering their question.

“What’s that big wet spot on the front of your jeans,” Vanessa asked with tears still in her eyes.

Nina looked down and sure enough there was a big wet stain at her crotch. Running quickly over the possible explanations, she started thinking back to when her and Zane were about to have sex.

“That lying asshole,” Nina swore to herself, realizing that Zane tried to knock her up. “Looks like I missed some fun though.”

“I was still pretty upset when you left but Olivia and Megan thought that sex would get the sadness off my mind,” Vanessa answered.

“She may have been brokenhearted, but the girl still knows her way around a pussy,” Olivia commented.

“Plus its hard to dwell on a break-up when you’re screaming out in your own orgasm,” Megan added.

“You girls really are great friends for helping,” Vanessa told them.

Nina felt like the biggest asshole in the world at the current moment. All she knew was that she had to make sure her actions tonight never made it to the light of day or else not only would Vanessa never speak to her again, so too would the rest of the team.

* * *

“Mr. Keane will see you now,” the secretary said.

“Thanks,” the tall brunette woman replied.

Erica Durance had only heard about the job of being the new head coach of the Highland College women’s volleyball team a few days ago. Her agent had asked if she’d like her name thrown in the ring. She replied why not since she was currently only an assistant coach at the Kansas university and living paycheck to paycheck.

The next she received a call from her good friend Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett say her resume and immediately put her on the shortlist and called Erica to tell her the good news. Erica made sure to tell her current employer that she was interviewing for a head-coaching job and caught a flight to Los Angeles the next day.

She was normally a self-confident person but the fact that Scarlett had briefed her on Mr. Keane was a big help. She knew how to work him and what may be required in order to get the gig. What was also giving her a mental boost was that Scarlett told her that the 2 other prospective coaches had flamed out in their interviews.

“And last but certainly not least, Ms. Durance,” Paul Keane, the athletic director of Highland College, said once the attractive 30-year-old entered his office.

“It’s great to finally meet you Mr. Keane,” Erica replied as she confidently sauntered over to shake his hand, being sure to walk as sexy as she could.

Paul knew right away that he liked this candidate considerably more than the previous ones. Erica was dressed in a tight skirt business suit that did wonders in showing off her large tits and long, shapely legs.

“So you’re resume says you’ve worked the last 2 years under Paul Terry at one of our main rivals,” Mr. Keane asked.

“That’s true. He’s been great to learn under but I feel that now is the time to take that experience and become a head coach. Mr. Terry felt so too as he wrote a glowing recommendation for me,” Erica pointed out.

“I’ve read it yes,” Paul replied. “Ms. Johansson has also talked rather highly of you. I assume you too know each other?”

“We’re good friends, but she is a professional and wouldn’t have recommended me if she felt I wasn’t great for this job,” Erica defended.

“What has Scarlett told you about me,” Paul asked as he got more comfortable in his chair.

“All good things,” Erica replied. Judging by the way the conversation had taken a more relaxed feel and since he couldn’t look away from her massive cleavage, Erica knew what was happening.

“Has she told you that she and I work very closely together at times,” Paul asked with a smug look on his face.

“She’s gone into great detail,” Erica answered as she leaned forward and did her best to talk in a sensual tone. “And I’ve been…envious of her working relationship in that regard.”

“Perfect answer Ms. Durance,” Paul replied as his smile grew three times in size.

“So should I come around this big desk and suck your cock now,” Erica asked. She figured at this stage it would be best to be straight-forward and take her chances that he was a man that used his authority for sex.

“That’s the attitude needed to succeed at this school,” Mr. Keane told her.

By the time Erica got out of her chair and walked to his side, the horny 50-year-old already had his pants around his ankle. Without skipping a beat, the attractive brunette got down on her knees, grabbed his flaccid tool in her hand and stroked it until he was hard.

Erica was glad Scarlett warned her about the athletic director’s preference for mixing business and sex. She wasn’t normally the type of girl to sleep her way to the top, but truth was that this job was too good to pass up.

“Hope your ready for an amazing blow,” Erica warned before wrapping her lips around his pole.

Paul liked that the brunette was confident and showed no hesitation. He couldn’t help but think she’d be perfect for the job despite her relative inexperience because of those traits. It also didn’t hurt her chances that she was gorgeous, easily manipulated into sex and was currently giving him an amazing blowjob.

“Oh fuck you’re good at sucking cock,” Paul groaned.

Erica continued to bob her head energetically along her potential boss’s cock, coating every inch with her spit. Her good friend Scarlett had given her the heads up that the Athletic Director used his power for sex and she was more then willing to comply if it meant getting the coaching job.

“So about my chances getting this gig,” Erica asked.

“They’re getting better every second your lips are wrapped around my pole while you keep fingering yourself,” Mr. Keane instructed.

“Message received,” Erica replied before using her tongue to lick the length of his cock.

Paul moaned as the stunning women sucked on the top half of his member while using her hand to slowly stroke off the remaining inches that weren’t making it into her mouth. He held her long hair to keep it out of her face while she blew him, but it also allowed him to push down on her head to get the brunette to take more into her eager mouth.

“I need to get inside you now,” Mr. Keane told the perspective coach.

As Mr. Keane finished removing his pants, Erica got up from the floor and took a seat on the desk. Without bothering to take off her skirt, the gorgeous brunette opened her legs and allowed the older man to step between them. Paul soon found out that she didn’t wear any panties to the interview as he dragged his saliva-coated cock towards her freshly waxed pussy.

She looked down and watched as the older man lined up his slick tool with her folds before applying pressure and pushing into her. They both moaned as his thick cock expanded her hole while she clasped tightly and smoothly around his hardened shaft.

Erica threw off her jacket and quickly unbuttoned her top before that two was left in a heap on the office floor. Her bra was soon to follow so that now her large, perfectly rounded tits were on full display.

“Truly magnificent tits,” Paul told the moaning brunette.

With her boobs free, Paul was motivated to get the rest of his cock into her tight snatch so he could start really fucking her hard to make them bounce. With each time he pushed into her, Paul would inch more of his cock into her until the base of his member was engulfed by her damp hole.

“Ohhh! You’re so big,” Erica screamed as the added thickness of the base of his dick made her pussy spread even wider.

Now that the future coach was fully prepared, Paul increased the force and tempo of his thrusting so that he was drilling into her hard. Erica encouraged the horny guy by wrapping her long, smooth legs around his powerful waist to help him plow into her. Unable to take his eyes from her beautiful tits as the bounced almost against her face, the Athletic Director showed no signs of stopping for a long time.

Going full speed for 5 minutes already, Paul was growing more mindful by the second that his orgasm would be approaching quickly. Not wanting to rush his experience fucking such a beautiful women, the older man slowed down to pace himself so he could enjoy his time.

Erica took advantage of the slower pace to get both of her hands involved. Both hands found each of her nipples as she rubbed and played with her tits to make her groan louder into the large office. However, with Paul only using half his cock to stroke into her hole, Erica lowered one hand and started massaging her clit.

Even though slowing down to a snail’s pace, Paul was still losing the battle against time and his impending orgasm. Not wanting to leave their fuck session without enjoying more of her tits, the Athletic Director pulled out of the horny woman, much to her own disappointment.

“Chair,” Paul ordered.

Erica didn’t voice her frustration with him stopping since she was so close, the perspective coach took a seat on the chair he had pointed at. Paul walked over to her and swung his leg over her body so that his hardened tool landed between her mountainous tits.

As the brunette squeezed her large globes together, Keane spat into the narrowing cleavage for added lubrication. Once Erica had made a tight seal around his member, the older man started pumping his hips so that he glided along her cleavage while both sides of him were massaged by her soft tits.

“I love how your cock feels between my boobs,” Erica groaned.

While sweat was now forming on his skin, the older gentlemen was nearing his orgasm as he continued to thrust between her tits at blurring speeds. Erica knew it wouldn’t be long as he was biting down on his lip while also noticing his grunts were becoming closer together and with more volume.

“Going to cum on your tits,” Keane warned as he pulled out from between her large melons.

Aiming his tip at his target, Paul let fly several long strands of cum that splashed with force against her glistening skin. Erica loved the feeling of the warm cum coating her sweat-covered body and the older man was definitely providing her with plenty of liquid.

“Holy hell that was good,” Keane shouted after emptying his entire load onto her large tits.

“So…how was the interview,” Erica asked while rubbing this thick cum into her skin.

“Do you accept that this will be a common occurance,” Paul asked her.

“I accept,” Erica nearly screamed.

“And you’ll work on Scarlett for a threesome with you and me,” Paul followed up.

“I’ll get on the phone with her right now,” Erica answered.

“Then congradualtions Ms. Durance. You’re the new head coach of the Highland College volleyball team,” Paul Keane announced.

“Great! I’m so excited,” Erica beamed with pride and joy.

“You start immediately. We’ll pay for a flight back to Kansas for you to get your stuff. In the meantime I’ll get Scarlett to find you a place to stay with the school subsidizign your housing costs,” Keane said.

“Okay. I’ll fly out tonight and be in town in a few days,” Erica replied as she got dressed.

“So go talk to Scarlett down the hall and she’ll get the paperwork in order and your signature where it needs to be,” Paul said before giving the excited new coach a firm slap on the ass before she left his office.

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