Hockey Wives

Title: Hockey Wives

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Elisha Cuthbert, Carrie Underwood

Codes: MMFF, cons, oral, anal

Summary: Elisha Cuthbert and Carrie Underwood get revenge

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story involving celebrities. Any similarities to reality are purely coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

Nashville Predators player Mike Fisher stared at his television screen. He could not believe what he was watching. He had just put in a DVD delivered in the mailbox from his wife, Carrie Underwood.

Toronto Maple Leafs player Dion Phaneuf was also staring at his iPad screen. He had received an email from his wife, Elisha Cuthbert. He was filled with a feeling of shame. Little did these guys know that a bet they made would lead to this.

It started the night before game one of the Stanley Cup Finals in Nashville. Fisher was practicing by himself at a local rink when Phaneuf showed up to practice as well. The men had become friends over the previous offseason so after a few minutes of shooting, they headed to the bench and talked.

“I saw your wife’s show last week, it was very good,” Mike said.

“Yes, she’s very excited,” Dion responded. “Why is that every time we talk, all you want to do is talk about Elisha? You have a hot blonde wife of your own.”

“That is true but it’s always fun to think about the possibility of another woman,” he said as he took his skates off. “Haven’t you ever imagined laying down with a hottie while your wife happily watches on?”

“Well of course, every man has,” Dion said. “I guess I can understand then. I mean it’s never going to happen so it’s okay.”

“Never say never,” Mike said with a chuckle.

“Do you have something in mind?” he asked.

“Maybe we can make tomorrow’s game a little interesting,” Mike said. “How about if I win, I get a night with Elisha while Carrie watches and if you win, you get my wife while Elisha watches.”

“Has Carrie already agreed to this?” Dion asked, intrigued but cautious.

“Well no but it won’t take much convincing. I threatened divorce and she let me knock her up, she has a major fear of me leaving,” Mike explained.

“Elisha might need some convincing,” Dion said.

“If she was a good woman, she’d do what her husband asked of her,” Mike responded. “Do we have a deal?”

“Deal,” Dion said, shaking his hand.

The next night, the game between the Maple Leafs and Predators ended in a shootout. The Leafs ended up winning, meaning that Dion had won not just a game but a night with country music’s hottest female, Carrie Underwood. After the game, the men shook hands again before heading back to the locker room.

Meanwhile in the crowd, Elisha was jumping up and down in joy for her man. Across the ice, Carrie had a sad look on her face as she got up and headed to the back of the arena. Once all of the interviews were completed and the arena emptied of all players, coaches and media, Dion and Mike sat in the home locker room.

“Good game,” Mike said. “Congrats on the win and the night with Carrie, you won’t be disappointed.”

“I’m very happy I won because I never actually asked Elisha about it,” Dion said as he laced his sneakers.

“Oh I’m in the same boat, Carrie has no idea but she will enjoy it, I guarantee,” Mike responded.

Outside of the locker room, Carrie waited patiently in her Predators jersey and baggy jeans. Elisha strolled up a minute after Carrie in her favorite Maple Leafs hoodie and t-shirt with cotton stockings that disappeared up her skirt.

“Hey, aren’t you Carrie Underwood?” Elisha asked.

“Yes,” she responded, looking at the beautiful blonde. “I know your face but I don’t know your name.”

“Elisha, Elisha Cuthbert,” she responded. “I’m married to one of the Leafs.”

“I’m married to a Predator…that sounded wrong,” Carrie said, laughing at herself.

“That’s funny!” Elisha said as she extended her hand.

They shook hands just as the door opened.

“Hey babe,” Mike said. “You two can come in now.”

Mike and Carrie kissed before the girls entered the locker room. Elisha jumped into her husband’s arms and gave him a long, deep kiss while the others watched. The blonde opened her eyes and looked back at the couple staring at her.

“Sorry,” she said as she unhooked her legs from Dion’s waist and backed away from him. “I get excited when he wins.”

“I bet he does too,” Carrie whispered to her husband.

“Speaking of winning, there is a reason we asked you two ladies in here,” Dion started.

“We made a little side bet on this game.” Mike looked over at his wife. “Tonight, you are going home with Dion and Elisha.”

“I don’t get it,” Carrie said, her smile slowly fading.

“Yeah neither do I,” Elisha said as she crossed her arms and looked at her husband. “What kind of bet was this?”

“Well, I, uh, won a night with Ms. Underwood. Winner gets the losers wife for a night.”

“What!” both women exclaimed in unison.

“You, you bet me?” Carrie cried, slapped her husband and ran out of the locker room.

“Carrie wait!” Elisha called out before turning and slapping her own husband. “Fuck you!” She slapped Mike as well. “Fuck you too! Carrie, wait up!”

As Elisha ran out of the locker room, the men both looked at each other, knowing how big of a mistake they had made. The older blonde trued to catch up with the other woman. Carrie darted into the visitors’ locker room, sat on the empty bench and buried her face in her hands. Elisha walked into the room to hear loud wails coming from the singer.

“Are you okay?” Elisha asked as she sat down to comfort her.

“How could he do this to me?” Carrie sobbed. “I gave him my life, I had his baby…that wasn’t enough. He still wanted to have sex with another woman. What am I doing wrong?”

Elisha wrapped her arms around Carrie and hugged her tightly.

“You did nothing wrong, those men are just assholes,” she replied, trying to hold back tears of her own. “They think we are nothing more than their property. They haven’t gotten out of the 1800’s yet.”

“What do we do now?” Carrie asked, sniffling.

“I don’t know, I just don’t know,” Elisha said as a knock came to the door.

“Carrie, are you in there?” Mike yelled from outside.

Elisha got up off of the bench and confronted the man. Before a word could be said, her palm slapped his cheek hard, loud enough for Carrie to hear behind the closed door.

“It’s in your best interest to go the fuck home!” Elisha angrily shouted. “And take that dickhead I’m married to with you! You’re both spending the night alone!”

“Please can I just talk to my wife?” Mike asked.

“You heard me!” Elisha screamed before walking back into the locker room and slamming the heavy door in his face.

The Canadian sat back down next to Carrie and hugged her again.

“Thank you,” Carrie said, wiping away a tear. “I never want to see him again.”

“You have every right to feel that way,” she responded.

The door to the locker room opened, causing Elisha to stand up and get into a fighting stance, ready to beat the piss out of Mike and/or Dion. She saw two young men walk in and relaxed.

“Oh sorry, we thought this room was empty,” the shorter of the men said in a thick Russian accent.

“It’s okay,” Elisha said. “Who are you?”

“I am Sergei, this is Vlad,” he answered, looking over at the crying Carrie Underwood. “Is she okay?”

“Oh, well, she just found out that her husband, well, he was looking outside of their marriage for love,” she explained. “As did mine.”

“What kind of man would want to sleep with another woman when they have wives like you two,” Vlad said with a smile.

“Actually our husbands were trying to pimp as out to each other,” Elisha continued to explain. “If the Leafs won, she sleeps with my husband and vice versa if Nashville won.”

“What assholes!” Sergei yelled.

Elisha smiled at the men, her eyes wandering up and down their bodies. She looked back at Carrie who was still sobbing into her hands.

“Could you excuse us for one second?” Elisha asked before pulling Carrie to her feet and leading her into the bathroom. “Carrie, do you want to make Mike regret ever trying this shit?” Carrie slowly nodded, looking at the actress with her wet, bloodshot eyes. “I think we should go back out there and fuck those two young studs, film it and send it to our husbands.”

“What? I don’t want to stoop to his level,” Carrie said.

“After all you gave him, he still treats you like shit. If you keep letting him get away with this, he’s never going to stop. Stick it to him by letting those guys stick it IN you,” Elisha explained. “I’ll be right there with you, we can do this together.”

“What if they release the tape to the public?” Carrie asked without resisting the sexual part of the plan anymore.

“We will threaten to divorce them and let the whole world know of their little bet,” Elisha said. “I don’t think the NHL would be happy to have two raging misogynists representing their brand.”

Carrie nervously bit down on her lips while wiping tears away. Her eyes rifted up to Elisha’s, staring into her scheming eyes. A smile slowly formed on the younger blonde’s face, bringing a bigger one to Elisha’s.

“Fuck it, I’m in,” Carrie said, hugging Elisha before walking out of the bathroom hand in hand.

The girls approached the men, who quickly noticed the change in emotion on Carrie’s face.

“You look happier,” Vlad commented.

“Oh we are very happy and we want to make you to very happy as well.” Elisha said as she walked up to Sergei. “We want to get revenge on our shit head husbands. We want you two young studs to show us what it’s liked to be fucked by real men.”

Before the men could respond, Elisha and Carrie planted their lips on Sergei and Vlad respectively. The men quickly returned the favor by sliding their tongues into the girls’ mouths. Both kisses lasted for nearly a minute before Elisha was ready to move further. She grabbed her purse off of the bench and pulled out her cell phone.

“I hope you guys don’t mind but I want our husbands to see all of this,” she said as she started recording and placed the phone on top of a locker, pointed at the center of the room.

“You dirty girl,” Sergei said as he grabbed a handful of Elisha’s ass under her skirt.

Elisha grabbed Carrie and stared directly at the camera.

“Dion, Mike,” she started. “This will teach you to never treat us like property again.”

“And do not think about releasing this to the public,” Carrie added. “We will divorce you and let the whole world know about your little bet, pimping out your wives for your own pleasure.”

“Sergei and Vlad here are going to give you a lesson on how to treat a woman,” Elisha said before Sergei grabbed onto her black skirt and yanked it down, revealing her black thong.

Vlad walked up behind Carrie and lifted the jersey off of her body, showing off her larger new-mom breasts being held tightly to her chest by a pink bra that was obviously pre-pregnancy wear. His hand went to her breasts and roughly groped them, feeling every bit of them that he possibly could. Carrie purred like a kitten while being felt up.

Sergei pulled Elisha’s stockings down with his teeth until they hit her feet. She kicked her shoes off and allowed him to remove the stockings completely. She pulled her hoodie off and tossed it into Dion’s locker. The blonde felt two rough hands sliding up her legs, around her hips and under the t-shirt. He removed the shirt and threw it, also, into Dion’s locker. Elisha, wearing only her black underwear, spun around and winked at the camera before unhooking her bra and letting her c-cup tits breath.

“Beautiful,” Sergei said as he ducked down and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it like a baby to its mother.

Meanwhile, Carrie’s baggy jeans were laying on the floor next to her. Vlad was on his knees behind her, his tongue coating her ass cheeks in a thin film of saliva. She reached behind her back and pulled her pink panties up, giving herself a wedgie. She laughed as his tongue moved closer to her asshole. She popped her bra off and joined Elisha in toplessness.

Vlad took control of Carrie’s panties and pulled them down. He spun the girl around to see her unshaven cunt. It was clear that she had missed some shaves but he could not have cared less. He brushed his cheek against her bush before shooting his tongue into her tight pussy.

“Holy shit!” Carrie exclaimed, gaining the attention of Elisha.

“Lick me like that,” she said as she sat down on the floor and pulled her panties down.

Elisha was more up-to-date on her shaving, having her pubic hair neatly trimmed. She started to rub her pussy as Sergei lay down flat on his stomach He grabbed her by the legs and pulled her closer, beginning to lightly lick her clit. She reached down and grabbed his head, pulling him closer and forcing his tongue straight up her swampy snatch.

Elisha threw her head back and deeply moaned. Her eyes were half open as she began to smile once again. With her lips barely open, she continued to moan with each small movement of the nineteen year old Russian’s tongue. He started to pull his red sweater off without allowing even a millimeter of the tongue to slide out of her warm, moist pussy.

The room filled with the primal grunts of pleasure coming from the other blonde as well. Carrie had her panties around her knees and Vlad licking her ass while his middle finger raced rapidly up and down her glistening slit. She arched her back and clenched her butt cheeks around his tongue. With slow, sensual movements against her puckered sphincter, the beautiful blonde dropped to her hands and knees, bending her back down and slowly dropping her head back. Vlad grasped her cheeks as tight as he could and shook them, causing her to laugh.

“Deeper,” she whispered and her eyes opened to see Sergei pulling his pants down and springing his eight inch penis in front of the other woman’s face.

With her eyes focused on the cock, Carrie crawled over to the man and Elisha, bringing Vlad with her. Without a word being said, Carrie dipped her head down and started kissing the swollen lips on Elisha’s pussy. Her eyes were pointed directly at the other blonde’s face, watching an eye-contact smile staring back at her. Elisha kept her eyes on Carrie as she brought the pulsating cock to her salivating mouth.

Vlad released his tongue from her ass and rose to his knees. He undressed himself very quickly and grabbed hold of his six inch dick. He started to rub the head against the bottom of Carrie’s pussy and was about to push in when Carrie stopped him.

“Not there,” she said, spreading her ass cheeks. “My ass is supposed to be for my husband…it’s yours now.”

Vlad slid his cock up to her ass hole and started to press forward. Carrie jumped as his bulbous head parted her ring and slid up her rear canal. The blonde grunted loudly as she felt his pubic hair press tightly against her cheeks, his entire cock inside of her.

“Holy shit!” he yelled.

While Carrie and Vlad began to fuck, Elisha was watching them intently while giving Sergei’s cock an intense sucking. Her tongue swirled around up and down his shaft, tasting every bit of him that she could. Sergei’s cock head was resting between her tonsils. Feeling her hot breath pump onto it at a fast pace. He looked down and saw two of Carrie’s fingers sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Move over, it’s my turn,” he told her before sliding over between Elisha’s legs.

Sergei spun Elisha around until her head was directly under Carrie’s. He slid his blonde across the floor until her face was staring at Vlad’s cock ramming into her ass. Carrie dipped her head and started to tickle her female friend’s clit while Sergei was ready to enter.

Sergei’s pelvis bumped against the top of Carrie’s head as he slid his throbbing cock into Elisha’s cunt. Carrie did not move and continued to have her head bumped with each thrust. It only took a few seconds for the man to be moving at as fast of a pace as Vlad was going.

While under her friend, Elisha reached up and started to tug and grip at Vlad’s sack. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes as she felt his balls tighten up closer to his body. With her other hand, she gently pressed one finger to Carrie’s cunt, sliding it in and watching as her friend arched her back and feeling her hard nipples press against her body. Carrie let her arms out and rested against Elisha, sliding around on the thin layer of sweat that coated both girls. Her legs spread enough to push her pussy down. Elisha pulled her finger away and stuck her tongue out in time to catch the pussy.

“Oh god,” Carrie whispered as she felt Elisha’s face pressed tightly to her cunt.

The group of four remained in this position throughout the majority of the sex session. While Sergei would slow down at points, Vlad stayed at one hundred percent speed at all time. Elisha could barely see past Carrie’s body but she could see his hips violently slap against. She grabbed onto his balls again and gave them a light squeeze. She maneuvered her head out from under her pussy and took his balls in her mouth. She wrapped her hands around Carrie’s hips and started to slap her with each suckle on him.

Carrie pulled Sergei’s cock out of Elisha and rubbed his head against her friend’s swollen clit as fast as her arm would allow. Elisha’s body was hopping off the ground as the electricity shooting up her body was about to set her brain on hyper drive. She dug her fingernails into Carrie’s skin, pulled her face from Vlad’s balls and screamed at the top of her lungs while a small orgasmic spray shot out from her pussy.

“Fuck,” she groaned as the muscles in her body tensed up, which Carrie felt since she was lying across her.

“Oh shit,” Vlad said as he felt an orgasm building in himself.

The man pulled Carrie up on her knees by her hair. Elisha slid under her and started tonguing Carrie’ taint while Vlad started masturbating against the upright girl’s forehead. Seconds later, blobs of his whit, sticky semen shot out into her hair and coated her forehead. She started to laugh as she felt his warm seed slide down her face, some running into her mouth. Some of his cum fell from her face and landing on Elisha’s chest.

Feeling his warm cum hit her body seemed to drive Elisha. She used her tongue to give Carrie the most pleasure that she possibly could, which gave the country star an intense orgasm that coated her face. Elisha never slowed down her tongue, even after the last droplet of cum dripped from Carrie’s pulsating clitoris.

With three orgasms down, there was only one to go. Sergei pulled his cock out of Elisha’s cunt and pulled her out from under Carrie. He crawled over her and shoved his soaking wet cock down her throat. He grabbed onto both sides of her head and fucked her face like there was no tomorrow. Elisha stared up at him with a mix of minor distress and extreme arousal in her eyes.

After about a minute of violently fucking her throat, Sergei’s body froze and Elisha felt his cock twitch against her tongue. She started to feel a warm cream slide down her throat and into her stomach. She closed her eyes and smiled around his member. While they had not met prior to this, he had quickly figured out Elisha’s favorite way to finish up a fucking.

Sergei pulled out of her and landed one small shot of cum on her chin. Carrie crawled over to Elisha and pressed her forehead against her. The semen on Carrie mixed with her pussy juices on Elisha. Slowly, the moved their heads around, mixing the fluids together before pulling away. Both girls looked up at the camera and stood up. Elisha pulled the phone down and held it so only her and Carrie were in frame.

“Sucks to feel betrayed, doesn’t it?” Elisha said before racing her tongue across Carrie’s forehead, showing the cum to the camera and taking a deep gulp, swallowing it.

“We’re even,” Carrie added. “All is forgiven now.”

“And remember,” Elisha cut in. “You release this video and you can kiss your careers goodbye.”

Mike shut off his television just as Carrie walked into their living room. At the same time, Elisha had walked into her bedroom and lay next to her husband, who had just tossed his iPad across the room.

“I hope you learned your lesson,” both women said. “Now fuck me and let’s start over.”

Both couples had the best sex of their lives and quickly put the incident at the arena in the back of their minds

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