Hollywood After Dark: Chapter 8

Without a doubt, this chapter is probably the darkest piece I have
ever written, in both theme and what transpires. It may be rough to
those of you used to some of my other works but just bear with
it…the ride will be worth it. Please send me feedback on this
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Hollywood After Dark: Chapter 8

By Carnage Jackson


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This work is complete fiction, all made up in my head.
Yes I know the celebs don’t act like this in real life,
but this is a fantasy after all.

This is Part 8 of an ongoing series.

Whoever is unjust let him be unjust to
Whoever is righteous let him be righteous still
Whoever is filthy let him be filthy still
Listen to the words long written down
When the Man comes around
– Johnny Cash


Despite Alex’s best advice, I couldn’t really sleep that night. I
felt somewhat comforted by the fact that he was coming back – to the
US at least – immediately, but even with him on American soil I
still felt troubled by the whole thing. My paranoia had gone down
somewhat since that first night, but now whenever I thought about
what all this meant, I still felt a surge of fear rush through me.

After tossing and turning for a few more hours, I got up around 10
and began my usual morning routine, hoping it would help me get
prepared for the day ahead. I really didn’t look forward to going to
see Gordon Hapsboro in the flesh, but as Alex had said, it was very
important that it get done. I changed into a t-shirt and some gym
shorts and then went down to the workout room in my house. Doing a
few light cardio exercises and a couple of weighted leg lifts, I
returned upstairs and took a shower. I was going to fix myself
something to eat, but as the growing apprehension began to creep
into my psyche more and more, and my stomach began to turn knots a
bit, I decided food would not be the best thing for me.

Ok Rachael, just do this thing, I thought to myself.

Making myself comfortable, I took out my address book of names of
stars and started going through alphabetically. The first number was
Katherine Heigl’s.

Picking up the phone, I listened to the dial-tone for a long moment
before taking a deep breath and dialing the number. With each
successive ring, I found myself growing more and more nervous, my
heart thudding in my chest. It was true. After 10 rings or so and no
one answering, I put the receiver down and with a trembling hand,
paged over to Mila Kunis’ number.

Again, no one was there. That made sense, since both of them had
left together – if something was up, they were both in trouble. But
what about Jamie Pressly? She was there that night too and after the
fight that ensued between her and Alex, I still couldn’t quite get
over the idea that she might be involved as well. There was just
something about the way that she was acting that stuck out in my

I debated about calling her home to see if she was there, but then I
realized that if she WAS involved, she could easily trace me back to
my house (I didn’t give my number to many people). Realizing this, I
instead decided I would do the next best thing: scope her house out
in person.

Grabbing my keys, I was on the highway in no time towards her small
mansion on the outset of LA. As I exited and made my way down her
street, I saw a car pull out quickly from what appeared to be her
house. Someone was there! Keeping my distance, I waited for a few
seconds before slowly starting to follow the green Porsche, its top
down and two heads clearly visible.

I let one car get between us but then began to follow the car at a
normal rate. At a stoplight, I rolled down my window and looked out.
I could definetely make out a blonde head of hair behind the
driver’s wheel. The light changed and I quickly ducked back in the
car – it was her alright, but where was she going?

Heading for the freeway, I decided to follow her. I felt nervous and
excited at the same time, wondering what she was up to and why she
hadn’t been kidnapped or worse like Charlie and Katherine and Mila.
Perhaps she really WAS in on it.

I put three car lengths between us as she cruised down the
interstate, going at a pretty steady clip for a few miles. When she
put her turn signal on, I resisted the immediate urge to do the
same, waiting for a few seconds before following her lead and
getting off the freeway.

We were in a residential neighborhood almost immediately of
apartment’s and small homes. The houses were actually fairly nice
(by LA standards any way) and Jamie’s car did not look TOO out of
place as it crusied the quiet streets. Keeping my distance, I
watched as her car pulled to the curb and stopped in front of a
complex. I hit my breaks and held my breath, waiting. I was thankful
that the slight curve in the road hid me from plain sight.

From that distance, I saw Jamie get out of the car, followed by her
passenger (another blonde) as they walked towards the complex. They
were fairly close to each other and were obviously saying something
given the way that their bodies were moving, but I couldn’t even
hope to make it out. When they vanished behind a gate leading to the
complex, and thus out of sight, I inched my car forward a bit and
stopped at the curb as well, about 100 feet from where they had

Getting out of the car slowly, careful not to slam the door, I took
a few cautious steps towards where I had seen them enter. This
neighborhood looked familiar to me, and yet I couldn’t place why.
Glancing up at the sky, I noticed that it looked dark and forboding.
The clouds were an ugly, bruised gray and it looked like they could
break at any time. A strong wind had also picked up, which was
especially unusual for a California day like today.

As I drew closer, I suddenly remembered that this was Katherine’s
neighborhood! Yes, there is the odd shaped bushes she had told me
about once at a party…and over there was the sound of the noisy
dog she had complained about at great length. Even though I had
never been there, it fit her description perfectly. A thought struck
me then, as to why Jamie was in Katherine’s neighborhood – perhaps
she really WAS involved in this thing, for what other reason would
she have to go to her house in the middle of the day? My heart
thudded in my chest as I approached the gate to Katherine’s complex.
Peaking my head around the fence post, I could just make out Jamie
and another blonde standing there, knocking on the door of what I
presume had to be Katherine’s apartment.

But then, if she was involved, why would she be knocking? I puzzled
over this for a moment, but unfortunately it was a moment too long.
Jamie’s companion happened to look my direction and her eyes found
me immediately. She raised her hand and pointed at me and now Jamie
looked too. I froze with fear as they both began to run down the
stairs and towards me. My mind panicked as I tried to think of what
to do. I had been seen, but would running do any good? It certainly
would look silly if they were just trying to help like I was…but
then again, NOT running could be a dangerous mistake.

After a moment’s pause, in which both women drew much closer to me
than I would have liked, my legs finally began to work again and I
bolted, running as fast as I could towards my car, which now seemed
like it was miles away. The strong wind howling in my ears and my
hair blowing wildly around my face, I heard the gate open with a
crash and knew that they were right behind me almost now. Though all
this seemed to happen in slow motion, it really only took a couple
of seconds for me to reach my car. As I came to a thudding stop,
pushing myself against it, the force of the impact made my keys fall
from my hand and skid underneath my car.

Shit! I thought to myself as I dropped down on my knees quickly and
tried to pull them out as fast as I could. I struggled to reach them
with my arm, finally resorting to putting my head under there and
snatching them up, but it was too late. When I rose to my feet,
Jamie and her companion, who I could now see was a very sweaty and
out of breath Sarah Michelle Gellar were mere feet from me.

I managed to get my key in the door before I suddenly felt Jamie’s
surprisingly strong arm on my shoulder, spinning me around painfully
as she pushed me against the door of the car.

“What the fuck are you doing here Rachael?” she said, her face red
from running. Sarah lingered behind her, grasping her side from the
sudden burst of energy she had to use.

“I should ask you the same thing, shouldn’t I Jamie? I went to your
house to try and find you but when you were pulling out of your
driveway, I decided to follow you. When you showed up here, I knew
something was up,”

Jamie let go of my shoulder and groaned, spinning on her feet as she
rolled her neck from side to side, an exasperatted look on her face.

“Jesus Rachael…don’t scare me like that. I came here looking for
Katherine because I was hoping that she would be alright,”

A conveinent answer, I thought to myself. I still wasn’t certain.

“Why would Katherine not be alright?” I said, trying to play dumb.

Jamie stared at me for a second, but she wasn’t buying my coyness.
“Because of what happened, which I know you know all about. We all
left Charlie’s and the next thing I know, Gordon Hapsboro shows up
at my door the next morning, reciting almost the entire conversation
of the office. After he left, I knew I had to try and get in touch
with everyone who was there. Katherine was just first on the list,”

“Don’t bother with the rest of them,” I said bitterly. “I couldn’t
reach Mila and obviously Katherine isn’t here. I talked to Alex last
night too and he said — ”

“Wait, you talked to Alex? When?”

“Last night. I freaked out because when I was leaving the office I
heard a gun shot and knew that some real trouble was going down. I
drove home as fast as I could and locked myself in. It was yesterday
that I finally got the courage to call Alex. He thinks Charlie is

Jamie looked off wistfully towards the end of the street. “Yeah, I
think so too,”

“And now I am on my way to go see Hapsboro, at the request of Alex,”
I replied. This caught Jamie off guard as she jerked her head back
to look at me, her eyes going wide.

“What? Why?”

“Alex thinks we need to find out as much as we can about what
Hapsboro knows. And I guess I am the lucky girl who gets to do

Jamie’s eyes narrowed. “Figures. He’s off living it up in Japan and
he sends the women to do the dangerous work. Are you sure you can
trust him?”

I was miffed by this question, so I fired one equally as nasty back
at her.

“How do I know I can even trust you? I’m still not sure you are
totally ignorant about what happened after the office meeting,”

“Who else do you have to trust Rachael? I mean, it looks like it’s
just you and I here, and we both are after the same thing,”

“I’m not sure that we are Jamie. What is Sarah Gellar doing here any

Jamie turned her head and looked at Sarah. “She was at my place when
Hapsboro showed up. I couldn’t not tell her what was going on, so
she came along for the ride,”

I looked at Sarah for a moment, then back at Jamie. “You can trust

Sarah scoffed at this and spoke to me for the first time. “Yes, she
can trust me. I don’t know what the fuck kind of mess you two have
gotten yourself into, but I’m trying to stay as far away from it as
possible. Until yesterday, I thought a rose petal was just part of a
flower. I didn’t know it was this whole big Hollywood conspiracy,”

“Yeah, it’s almost like some really badly written sexual fantasy or
something,” Jamie said offhandedly. “But any ways, Rachael, I think
you can trust us. I think that, for now at least, I can trust you,”

“That’s nice to know Jamie, but we will see if when the pitch comes
across the plate, you are ready to swing,” I replied. The whole
thing still left a bad taste in my mouth, but Jamie was right. In
times of crisis, allies were always good to have.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be ready,” she replied. There was an intense
pause between us, as I sensed that we were both holding back from
saying what we really wanted to. The pause lasted for around 30
seconds and I knew that this conversation was pretty much over.

Without saying anything, I put my key in the door of the car and
went to open it when I felt Jamie’s hand on my shoulder once again.
I turned my head to look at her.

“Rachael,” she said, a bit of hesistation in her voice. “Here, take

Looking down at what she held, I saw a small pistol in her hand. I
gasped loudly at seeing the..the THING…in her hand, amazed that
she actually expected me to take such a thing.

“I…I can’t take that,” I stammered at her.

“You need it,” she said, handing it to me. I felt it’s cold surface
touch my hand. It felt heavier than I would have first thought, and
yet there was a strange sense of power in holding it. I glanced up
at Jamie.

“I’m not saying you have to use it, but if the situation warrants

I smiled at her for her consideration. Oddly enough, holding the gun
in my hand made me suddenly feel like it didn’t matter if I trusted
her or not. The thought chilled me to the core. To even imagine
taking someone else’s life was insane to me. But if it had to be
done, it had to be done. I put the gun in my purse and pushed the
thought away.

“Be careful Rachael,” Jamie said, turning away from me. “And let me
know what you find out,”

“I will Jamie, thanks,” I said, my voice dry and raspy as it came
out of my throat. I suddenly thought of something and called out to

“Hey Jamie, what are you going to do now?”

She looked back at me and smiled a very cold and very determined

“I have some business to settle,”


I left Jessica Alba sleeping soundly in the bed of her hotel, high
above the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Part of me longed to just
stay in bed with her, to curl up and forget about what was going on
in America. But as I rose out of bed, the sheets falling over her
nude body with a delicate glide, I knew that people’s lives depended
on me now. That wasn’t something I could easily back down from.

I dressed quickly and took the shuttle from the hotel to the
airport. The flight was relatively uneventful, especially compared
to the one from LA to Japan, and I used the time to try and rest.
But because of the time difference and the heavy, heavy weight of
things on my mind, sleep was impossible to come by. It was just as
well, given that this flight (because of my stop in Miami) was going
to be a longer one.

We flew through the clear blue sky for hours, passing slightly over
the Pacific Ocean before encountering the land masses of Asia and
Europe. My flight plan called for a stop in London’s Heathrow
airport, which I was actually looking forward to: I had never
travelled this much in my entire life, and I never could have
imagined being in the British Isles, nor the circumstances that
would bring me there. As we touched down and I left the plane, I was
glad to be back amongst people of my own height and who spoke
English as a first language (if certainly a different VERSION of

Making my way to the ticket counter, I didn’t even have to speak to
the dumpy looking woman behind the desk, her hair frazzled and gray
around her shoulders to the point of almost consuming her face.
Instead, I merely looked up at the terminal screen and saw, with
much disappointment, that the flight was delayed.

“Fucking terrorists,” I heard someone behind me mutter, causing me
to turn and look at them, hoping to catch what they said.

“I know. How bloody stupid do you have to be to run past all the
damn check points? Damn wanker, he screwed us all!” another man

The terminal said that there would be a 3 hour delay in all flights,
but my intuition told me otherwise – that I would be stuck here for
at least 6 hours.

Grudingly, I walked away from the desk and approached the gate where
my flight was supposed to take off, flopping down in one of the
hard, plastic chairs that was the source of discomfort for my fellow
travellers around me. Leaning my head back, I closed my eyes and
listened to the soft voice of the overhead PA system, reading off
flights that had been delayed and flights that had been cancelled.

I must have dozed off while waiting (my sleep patterns were really
screwed up now, I knew for certain), because the next thing I know,
when I opened my eyes I felt like time had really passed. Glancing
at my watch, I had been asleep for close to 45 minutes, though I
wouldn’t really call it sleep since I felt just as tired and groggy
as before. Standing up and stretching my legs, I smacked my lips
together, my mouth dry and cottony from the doze.

My bag in tow, I walked down the concourse looking for a place to
buy a drink. I passed by numerous stores and shops, but some how a
Coke didn’t really appeal to me at the moment. Towards the end of
the concourse, I spotted a pub. My first inclination was to just
keep going, knowing that the drinks would be way over priced, but as
the thoughts of my future journey crept back into my mind, I decided
that drink might be in order.

Walking into the small pub, its lighting dark and dim and just like
I would have envisioned a bar on London’s bustling streets to be
like, I took a seat at the bar. The bartender noticed me, a tall
balding man with a heavy gut and a stained undershirt passing for
his attire and walked up to me.

“What can I get ya?”

“Just a beer please. Whatever the house recommends,”

He nodded and went to the tap, pouring me a massive glass of some of
the darkest beer I had ever seen. I gave him a $10 bill and he
brought me back change (surprisingly in US dollars, which I guess
wasn’t uncommon since it was an international airport). Setting the
glass in front of me, I pulled it to my lips and took a long, full

I immediately coughed – damn that was strong! and almost spit some
of it out on the counter top. A few other travellers behind me
chuckled to themselves as I grinned a bit sheepishly. I noticed a
guy two seats down looking at me with a puzzled grin on his face,
shaking his head.

“You Americans don’t know what real beer is do you?” he said,
smiling at me. He was rather lanky, probably around my height but a
little shorter, with rather long dark brown hair and stubble on his
chin and cheeks.

I shrugged, clearing my throat as I shook my head. “I guess not,”

“Well mate, this is England. If you plan on doing much drinking
while you are here, you better get used to our beer,”

“Thanks, but I’m only here for a few hours,”

He continued to smile at me, a friendly smile. Standing up from his
seat, he moved over next to me on the vacant bar stool.

“Same here. Well, not England but London I mean. The name is Rich,”
he said, extending his hand.

“Alex, nice to meet you,” I said, shaking it back.

“So, what brings you to merry old England?”

“I just have a layover from my flight from Japan. I’m headed back to
the States. Miami, more specifically,”

“Ah, Japan. Great place. I’ve been there a couple of times, I loved
it. You have a good time while you were there?”

I hesitated for a moment, not really sure why this stranger was
asking me all these questions.

“Yeah, it was ok. I’ll be glad to get back home though, this time
difference is killing me,”

He laughed. “You get used to it in my line of work. I’m a free lance

“That must be exciting. I always wanted to be a writer,”

“It has its ups and downs. What do you do?”

Again I hesitated. “Well, right now I’m between jobs. I’ve been
having some…problems…with my former employers,”

He nodded, sipping his beer. “Yeah, that’s what I love about being
freelance. No boss to answer to. But hey, you seem like a good
bloke. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet,”

I ran my hands along the sweating glass of beer in front of me,
lifting it and taking a much smaller sip this time.

“I hope so. Truthfully, I’m walking into a major hornet’s nest when
I get back to the States. And even though I know I could avoid it,
something feels like it is compelling me to do it, to face the

“I’ve been there. You can’t run from your problems forever. They
just become worse and the more you drag them out, the greater chance
they will become someone ELSE’S problems too. My advice is to just
go in, be strong and do what you have to do,” Rich said, swallowing
the last gulp of his beer.

“But what if your problems are already someone else’s problems,”

He looked at me over the edge of his glass, a knowing look in his
eye. “There’s a girl involved I take it,”

“Yeah, a few actually,” I replied.

He sighed at me as the bartender took his glass, filling it up

“Well then mate, I would say that you just have to do what is best
for you and them. I don’t want to pry into your business too much,
so forgive me, but in the few months that I’ve been married and the
countless birds before her, I’ve learned that if you don’t think of
the lady in your life when you act, that creates a whole new set of
problems. The key is to balance it out, handle things as best you
can and hopefully get through it. When you do, and you have her
smiling face waiting to greet you and take the load off your back,
it will make it all worth it,”

“Thanks, that’s pretty good advice,”

He smirked at me. “Yeah, I guess so. But then again, I’ve been
drinking a bit and you know how writers get…we tend to be a bit
long winded and real vague when it comes to dialog,”

I laughed, a laugh that felt surprisingly good given all the stress.
“Well then maybe I am a writer after all. My whole life feels vague
right now,”

“I’m sure you will pull through Alex,” he said, downing the rest of
his drink as he rose from the seat. “I’ve got a flight to catch.
Nice meeting you mate, and good luck with your problems, however
vague they may be,”

I nodded and watched him go, slinging his bag over his shoulder as
he was consumed by the busy foot traffic outside the pub. Finishing
my drink a few minutes later, I glanced at my watch and noticed that
about two hours had now passed, which meant that with any luck, my
flight would be leaving soon.

I was right. I boarded the plane and settled in, much more relaxed
now that I had some beer in me to calm my nerves and thankfully the
flight went smoothly and comfortably. Upon arriving back in the good
old US of A, I grabbed my one piece of luggage and stepped outside
of Miami’s airport.

Miami hit me like a crashing ocean wave. Temperature wise, it was
just as hot as Los Angeles in the summer, but the city still had a
very real and strong ocean breeze to it, one that caressed your body
for a moment before sending your hair fluttering in a million
different directions. I had heard that the humidity could kill you
in Florida, and Miami was no exception.

Unlike my arrival in Japan, this time there was noone waiting for me
to take me to my destination. All around me, people milled back and
forth, many of them speaking in fluent Spanish, though a different
dialect even than the Hispanics in Los Angeles. I hailed a cab – a
pink, rusted looking thing with dirty windows and a magnetic sign on
the door and gave the driver my directions. It was clear that he
didn’t speak much English, but as we set out I felt confident that
he at least knew the general area where I was going.

Leaning back against the hot, sticky leather seat of the cab, I
thought to myself about how many different places I had seen while
travelling in the back of a cab. Los Angeles was hell in a cab, the
drivers often trying to make the freeway and its non-existant
scenery blur by as fast as possible, as if they were racing in some
type of video game scenario. Tokyo on the other hand, was much more
smooth and quiet, even though I think more people thronged the
streets than anywhere else I had seen. The drivers were friendly and
spoke better English sometimes than people I had known who knew it
their whole life.

And what of Miami? Well, the city was certainly a spectacle to
behold. There were two forces at work, architecture wise, in the
layout of the city. There was the cold, modern design of high rise
office buildings juxtaposed against the lingering, aging art deco
feel of buildings bathed in pinks and blues and yellows. Palm trees
swayed in the gulf breeze, their fronds often growing taller and
larger than the street lights they neighbored next to.

The beach weather also brought an unusual mix of people. From
elderly couples dressed in their tackiest tourist clothes to
absolutely gorgeous golden brown tanned senoritas walking by in the
skimpiest of bathing suits, Miami was a city in flux. Just as I was
beginning to enjoy the scenery though, I was startled to find that
not only had the driver located the general area, but he had pulled
to the curb right outside the condo I was looking for. Getting out
and paying him generously for such a prompt arrival, he lazily
pulled back into traffic before suddenly shooting off down the main
drag, looking for his next fare.

I had arrived outside one of the more art deco of buildings, a huge
20 story condo with a massive palm tree painted onto the outside of
its face. A girl on rollerblades skated by me, the scent of her
suntan lotion and sweat making my nostrils tingle as I stepped
inside of the lobby.

The floor beneath me felt gritty from sand and the lobby was hot –
very hot. I suddenly felt very over dressed in my slacks and long
sleeve shirt, and now noticed that a sizable sweat stain had formed
on my back. There was a group of teenage girls who couldn’t be more
than 14 (but looked 20) sitting on a dark green leather couch in the
middle of the room, chatting away on cell phones. As I passed them,
it seemed as if they were actually talking to each other, preferring
to run up their minutes rather than look at each other directly.

Standing in front of the directory, its old black backing and
graying plastic letters listing out the tenants of the building, I
reached into my pocket and pulled out the name that Kyokota had
carefully written on the piece of paper, the sight of his penmanship
bringing back the long, long days previous to the front of my
thoughts. I read the paper: LIPSKY.

Glancing up at the directory, I found the name. He was on the 8th
floor, condo A7. Putting the paper back in my pocket, I pushed the
elevator button and waited for a couple of minutes as the old,
creaky contraption finally came back to ground level. The doors
opened and out stepped a wrinkled, very tan old woman, a purple
plastic visor pushing her obviously-dyed blonde hair back. She gave
me a quick glance and then stepped out of the elevator as I walked
in around her.

As the doors closed, I could smell the overpowering scent of coconut
sun tan lotion filling the air all around me. The elevator was
stuffy and hot, though thankfully not as bad as the lobby. Making
its ascent, I waited patiently for it to take me up.

Alone with my thoughts for the first time in a few hours, I wondered
how I would broach the subject. Did Kyokota already call and tell
this Lipsky guy that I was coming? If not, showing up at his door
might not be the best idea in the world, especially given what I was
planning on asking him. I trusted Kyokota, but I knew that my idea
of trust as well as his, could vary significantly.

Stepping off the elevator, I walked down the hallway towards condo
A7. I paused for a moment, collecting myself as I pulled my sticky
shirt from off of my back, my heart racing and my mind doing laps
around it as I tried to think of something to say that would get me
in the door, should he not be expecting me.

Clearing my throat, I raised my hand to knock when suddenly the door

“Albert, I’ll be back in 10 minutes. Don’t try to get up to go to
the bathroom, just use the bedpan,” the woman who had now appeared
in front of me yelled into the room. She wore a baggy turquoise
shirt and pant suit that did nothing for her figure, but which I
soon realized was some sort of nurses uniform. I had just a moment
to notice her boyish blonde hair cut before she bumped directly into

“What the fuck?” she said, startled as she looked up at me,
puzzlement on her face. I stuttered a bit, trying to apologize and
explain myself.

“Sssorry, I was looking for Mmmmmmr. Lipskkkyy?” I said. She caught
her footing and continued to stare at me, her face becoming hard.

“And who are you?”

“My name is Alex Hilt. I was sent here by a…business acquaintance
of his. Is this his apartment?”

I must have seemed threatening to her in some way, because now her
feet became firmly planted in the door way, her arms against the

“Yes, this is his condo but I’m sorry, he isn’t taking visitors
right now,”

A voice came from deep within the condo. “GRACE! WHO IS AT THE

She ignored him and looked at me again. This woman, Grace, probably
was quite a catch 10 years ago. But age had night been kind to her
and she looked every bit the mid 30s that she seemed to be.

“You’ll have to come back some other time, I’m afraid that -”

“GRACE! WHO IS AT THE GOD DAMNED DOOR?” the voice screamed.


I leaned in close to her, my much larger frame knocking her back on
her feet and for a moment, sending fear through her eyes. I didn’t
want trouble, but I had to see him and if taking matters into my own
hands was the only way to do it, then so be it.

“MR. LIPSKY, I’M A FRIEND OF MR. KYOKOTA,” I yelled into the condo,
my deep voice making the walls shake a bit.

Grace eyed me cautiously, like a rat trapped in a corner. “Please
Mr. Hilt, if you will just leave now I’m sure that Mr. Lipsky will
see you when he is -”

“LET HIM IN GRACE, IT’S ALRIGHT,” the voice yelled in response. I
noticed that he seemed to be gasping for air a bit, his voice
craggly and worn.

Grace sighed, defeated. Her gaze never left me though, and her eyes
still burned with anger at being shown up. She lowered her arms from
the door frame.

“Alright, look, you can see him but ONLY because he said it is ok.
Make it quick though, he doesn’t have the strength for an all day
chit chat,”

I smiled politely at her. “Thank you,”

She didn’t acknowledge me but instead, turned on her heel and walked
into the condo. Waiting for a moment, I followed her as she
disappeared down a hallway, my intuition telling me to keep a few
feet distance from her. I saw her stop outside of a bedroom, her
eyes telling me to stop right where I was, as she peeked her head

She said something to him for a moment before finally turning back
to look at me.

“Make it quick. And don’t think I’m leaving you alone with him. I’ll
respect his privacy but I’ll be right in the kitchen, so don’t try
any funny stuff,”

Grace walked briskly past me as she went through the spacious living
room, its furniture made up of white wicker chairs and a high
ceiling fan that whirred and spun the humid heat of the room around
and around.

I approached the bedroom, not sure exactly what I would find. The
room was very dark, only a bit of sunlight peeking through the drawn
venetian blinds against the far wall. The yellowish tint made the
room seem murky and small, though as my eyes adjusted I could tell
that it was much larger than it appeared.

As my pupils adjusted to the light, I saw that the room was very
sparsely furnished. Against the wall, on a high dresser, was an old
television, the bunny ears on it sticking off at weird angles. Near
the blind drawn windows was a modern looking wheel chair, and
directly in the center of the room was a bed with some medical
equipment next to it, including what looked like an EKG monitor, its
quiet hum filling the stillness of the room. Though hard to make
out, lying on the center of the bed was a frail looking man, his
long, pajama clad legs resting atop the sheets as he propped his
head against the pillow.

“Come in,” he croaked at me. I couldn’t see the man’s face but his
voice was surprisingly loud for such a frail looking invalid.

I stepped into the room but paused just a few feet from the door,
not sure exactly what to do or where to position myself. Sunlight
streamed through the blinds, making the specs of dust dance as they
fell to the ground, like ballerinas in some cosmicly condemned play.

I cleared my throat. “Mr. Lipsky, my name is Alex Hilt and I am an –

“I heard your name when you were fighting with that devil woman in
the door. Now what do you want?” he snapped.

“Well sir, I uh, was told to visit you by Mr. Kyokota. The business
man in Tokyo?”

“That’s horse shit. Kyokota died a few months ago in a plane crash.
I read it in the paper,” he barked. For a crippled man (whose
handicap I couldn’t quite determine), he had a lot of spunk in him.

“No sir, this was his son. Yasuo Kyokota. He took over the
corporation after his father died,” I replied, not sure if
correcting him would be a wise idea.

“Ah yes, I forgot about young Yasou. He was just a boy when I last
saw him,” Lipsky said, his tone softening.

“Er, well yes I suppose so sir. Any ways, he said that you might be
able to help me. I’m looking for something that you have that might
help me in bringing down Wilton Willis,”

The room grew silent for a moment, as Lipsky didn’t even breathe.
After a long pause, he finally spoke again, his voice softer and
more breathy this time.

“How did you get mixed up with Willis?”

“It’s a long story sir, but right now I am on his bad side. But I
know from Mr. Kyokota and Charlie -”

“You know Charlie?” he said, his voice now completely a whisper.
“I’ll be damned,”

“That’s the thing Mr. Lipsky. I knew Charlie. I have not been to Los
Angeles yet but I’m afraid that he may be dead,”

Another long pause, followed by a heavy sigh that sounded painful
just to listen to.

“So if Charlie is gone, and Kyokota is gone, that just leaves me.
Sonofabitch,” he said. I noticed now that his words were a bit
labored and that he was trying to lift himself up off the bed. I
moved to help him but he stopped me.

“No Mr. Hilt, its alright. I’ve still got a bit of piss in me left,”

I took his word on it and watched as he slowly and methodically
turned himself towards the edge of the bed, letting out a great sigh
of relief as he lowered his legs over the edge. With great effort,
he placed his feet on the ground and, on very very shaky legs,
managed to shuffle over to the wheel chair by the window, collapsing
into it with exhaustion. He panted loudly, a sickening noise coming
from his nostrils that whistled and filled the room, but after a
minute or two, he slowly began to turn the creaky wheels of the
wheelchair and roll a few inches.

“Let me tell you something Mr. Hilt. I’ve wanted to take that
sonofabitch Willis down for almost 5 years now. He used to be a real
people person, always coming up to employees and asking how they
were, how their bosses were treating them. Working for him was a
dream and even though I started out at the bottom, with his help I
soon became his head accountant,” he said, wheeling himself ever so
slowly to the dresser that held the television. I stayed where I
was, not really sure if I should help him or keep my distance.

“Why, that bastard even bought me and Caroline a house about 10
years back,” he said, his voice filled with bitter resentment. “And
we took it from him too, even raising the boys for a few years
there. How were we to suspect that he got it on the cheap? He was
doing it for all the other employees, so it MUST have been fine

I didn’t say anything, just let him speak. As he reached the
dresser, he reached his long, frail arms up and began working a
combination lock that held the two cabinets closed.

“Things were fine until Carol started her coughing fits. First it
was just a cold, then what we thought was the flu. Then, when it
turned into blood, I knew something was not right,” he said, pausing
for a moment as he stared at the lock through squinted eyes. I could
make out his face more clearly now. He must have been in his 60s,
but like his nurse, age had not been too kind on him.

“Asbestosis. The worst kind, already in the most advanced stage. Can
you believe that? Within three months, Carol was gone. She suffered
too, just like I’m suffering now. As soon as I went to Willis,
begging on my hands and knees for help with the fucking hospital
bills, he just walked out of the office. Walked out! On me! The man
who handled his finances perfectly and got him tax break after tax
break. The old shit couldn’t even do it himself. He had that weasel
Gordon Hapsboro fire me,”

Things started to fall into place now, and as if to echo this, the
lock on the dresser opened as he pulled it off of the doors.

“Well, with Carol gone and huge medical bills from all the therapy
she went through, I just sold that god forsaken house and left in
the middle of the night, moved down here. But things got bad pretty
quick too. See what they don’t tell ya is that when the vent leaking
that stuff is over your bed every night of your life, you get
problems from it real quick. Sure enough, when I got down here, the
doctors said it had got to me too. Sometimes I wish I had had it as
bad as Carol did, just so I could go quickly,”

“I..I’m so sorry,” I said, my own voice now a whisper.

He waved a hand at me. “No need to be sorry, I knew I’d pay for my
sins, for all those time I looked the other way when he gave
‘auditions’ to all those pretty young girls. No, God is making me
pay and apparently he has a sense of humor, because he’s doing it
really slowly,”

Lipsky stopped talking for a moment as he reached up and pulled out
a metal box, about the size of a shoe box. This too was locked and
as he went to work on this new lock.

“But don’t worry, I have a sense of humor too. I used one of those
new copy machines before I left there and copied each and everything
that the bastard had me do to cheat Uncle Sam. I wanted to have
these opened and turned over to the government when I finally went
to my eternity, but now that I know he’s still hurting others, I
might as well give them to you,”

This lock took him a bit longer, and watching him do it was a very
wince inducing process, but after a minute or two more, the old lock
finally sprung and he opened the creaky, rusted lid of the box. With
a shaky, wrinkled hand, he shuffled through the papers inside for a
moment before pulling out a group that had been rubber banded

Closing the box back, he set the tube of paper on his lap and put
the box back in its dusty place on the shelf, repeating the process
of locking it up all over again. With another tired sigh, he rolled
his chair towards me.

“Mr. Hilt, these documents are exactly what you need to prove your
point to the world. This is five years worth of transactions, both
on the book and off. It’s all there…extortion money, hush money,
drug money…money money money! Ha, and they say that us Jews are
real good with the stuff. Well, let me tell you something. I may be
good at handling it, but I’m even better at making it look like it

I took the documents from him and held them in my hand. There must
have been at least 50 of them, all appearing to come from the same
sort of payroll book. This could be pay dirt, but only if I got it
in the right hands.

“Who should I give this to?” I asked, looking at Albert Lipsky’s
tired, gray eyes beneath his balding comb-over.

“Give them to the press, give them to the government, give them to
someone you trust. Of course, with just copies like that, you need
to get your hands on the real thing, to nail him on anything at

I glanced up from my hands, startled by his comment. “What did you

“I said you need the originals. Copies will get you a search
warrant, but it might be too late by then. With his kind of
connections, he would be wise within five minutes. You’ll need to go
on the inside and get the originals before they can charge him with
anything,” Lipsky said, his voice wheezy now as the strain of moving
around really began to take its toll on him.

“Mr. Lipsky…that’s not going to be possible. I’m not allowed to
set foot near his business or else security will have me arrested,”
I said, my voice clearly relaying my dissapointment at not having
what I thought I had.

“Who said it had to be you? Look, is he still in that god awful
fortress in the middle of LA?”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure,” I replied.

“Then it will be easy. All you do is wait till everyone is gone for
the day. The security guards in the lobby take naps all the time, so
just wait till they are asleep and then go up to his floor,”

“But where the hell will I find documents like that? The place is

“Not the accounting department. Look, a lot of the employees of his
company are empty seats…they are just there to fill some sort of
size requirement. They don’t give two shits about him, or his
money,” he said. Though his body may have been weak, I could tell
that the fire still burned in the eyes of Lipsky. It was a white hot
flame of revenge.

“That may be, but that doesn’t solve the problem of finding them, if
they even still exist,”

“They exist, because he wouldn’t let them get destroyed. Once you
are in the accounting office, go to the far wall. There will be a
ceiling tile above you that is heavily water stained and looks like
it might fall in at any second. Lift that up and feel around a bit.
If Antamount is in the same building I think they are, the book will
be right there,”

There was a silence between us as all of it sank into me. It sounded
like the plot of some really bad spy movie, but if he was telling
the truth then this might actually work.

“And you are sure of this Mr. Lipsky?”

“Sure as the day is long, and as the thirst for the blood of Wilton
Willis runs through me,”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I simply nodded my head.

“Now, if you will excuse me young man, I believe that the devil
woman will be coming in here any minute. Rather than have her bother
me, could you wheel me over to the window and open the blinds for

“It would be my pleasure Mr. Lipsky,” I said, walking over towards
him now, comfortable for the first time around his presence.
Wheeling him to a stop in front of one of the windows, I pulled on
the cord and was greeted by the beautiful sight of the Atlantic
Ocean glimmering through the blindes, along with the mid-day sun and
the reflective surface of the beach and its crashing waves.

“Open the window for me please. Those quack doctors say that the
ocean air helps my breathing,” he said. I did as he asked and now
the breeze from the ocean filled the room, the pungent odor of sea
water seeping into my skin. Lowering my hand from the window sill, I
felt Lipsky’s hand on mine.

“Good luck Alex,” he said, a smile on his face as his hand patted me
like a father touches his child. He slowly pulled it away and
directed his gaze out the window, the wind rustling what little hair
he had left. I stood for a long moment, taking a deep breath of the
fresh, clean air as the sounds of Miami floated in from the front of
the condo.

I left him there as I walked out of the room and, a few hours later,
boarded a plane for home. As the plane touched down in Los Angeles,
I was filled not with a sense of panic, but a sense of purpose. For
the first time, I suddenly felt like things were going right; that I
was somehow destined to be going down this path. That I might
actually be able to do some good in this world. Forget moving people
through a script, this was about moving real people and saving real

This evil had to be faced, not just for me and Katherine or Kyokota
and Charlie, or even for Albert Lipsky. Wilton Willis had to be
stopped for the sake of all that was still good in this world. And I
was determined to be the person to do it.


I don’t know how long I was out, but I was startled awake by some
noise in the room where Mila and myself were being held. My mind was
groggy and things seemed to be moving in slow motion a bit as my
eyes adjusted once again to the little bit of light that was in the
room. I heard cars going by outside, as well as people laughing way
off in the distance. I knew that my problems were far from over.

Focusing my eyes, I saw the man who introduced himself as Clarence,
standing in front of me. Behind him was a big screen TV on a small
stand, the set probably costing at least ten times as much as the
wood that it sat on. He smiled at me as I saw him move closer. I
opened my mouth to scream, to speak, but nothing came out. I stared
at him frightfully, my heart beating loudly in my chest, a light
sheen of sweat coating my body. I noticed that my arms were still
bolted down, as were my legs, though much to my horror, they were
spread rather lewdly, exposing my nakedness to the room.

“Good, you are awake. I know your body is still adjusting to our
little cocktail’s mixture, but the grogginess will pass,” he said in
a smooth, comforting voice. “You may feel tired but I promise you,
the sooner we start, the better off you will be,”

He walked over to the television and turned it on in the front. A
blue glow immediately started to radiate from it’s screen, the soft
light illuminating more of the room than I had been able to see
before. It was just as much of a shit hole as I had feared, but its
contents seemed to be quite expensive and fairly new. Out of the
corner of my eye, I could see Mila’s body near me. She too was naked
but it appeared from the shallow sound of her breathing that she was
(luckily) still asleep.

Crouching down by the television, his face given a weird glow by the
light of it, Clarence spoke again. I could see his features more
clearly now – he was a fairly attractive man, very large and very
bald, with a soft face that looked completely out of place, given
the situation.

“Let me explain a few things to you now Katherine. What we gave you
was, well, I can’t really tell you its exact contents, but I can
tell you what it will do to you. Your mind has been lulled into a
very receptive state by our little friend in the needle. You are
probably finding my words and my voice to be very soothing and
comforting to you,”

He was right…there was something about the smooth way in which he
was talking that made my heart beat a little more regularly. I hated
him though, for putting me in this situation, for restraining me
like this, and especially for the fact that everything he seemed to
be saying was actually happening to me.

“In addition,” he continued. “We have given you a triple dose of an
aphrodesiac that is very hard to come by. Believe me when I say that
my employers spared no expense when they stocked up on the stuff.
The feelings that it will bring you should start momentarily, now
that you are conscience of what is going on around you. As I said
before your very unexpected drift off into sleep, we are here to
recondition you. We are here to help you, to make you feel good and
to make you stay loyal to my employers. You won’t be hurt in any
way, nor will you do anything that you don’t want to do. Of course,
we might help you do it, but that is beside the point. The real goal
is to just make sure that you fully realize what it means when you
cross or try to fool my employer,”

He stood up again, and walked behind where I lay on the table. I
strained my neck to try and see him but it was of no use. I could
hear his voice behind me.

“We also hope that you will be able to, upon satisfactory completion
of your conditioning, be able to provide us information that we need
to help us find your associate, a Mr. Hilt. I realize that right now
you would never think of betraying his trust, but in due time, you
will break. Everyone breaks,”

There was some rustling behind me, the sound of something heavy
leaving what sounded like a metal table. As he drew very close to me
now, my mouth open and panting as I tried to speak to him, tried to
plead for him to let me go, I could feel his warm breath on the nape
of my neck. It sent a surprising thrill down my body, one that I
immediately tried to keep in check. I was able to suspend the
feeling a bit before it spread to my lower half, but the battle was
tough – I felt like my body was betraying me with each passing
second, that my mind was losing control of my actions.

I suddenly felt something being placed on my head, something that
seemed to resemble a metal crown. A rubber tube extended from it,
resting against my right cheek as I tried to move my head to look up
at it. Clarence placed his hands on my face and firmly but gently
held me from moving around too much, thereby preventing me from
looking up like I wanted to. A leather strap was slid under my chin,
my mouth closing to accomodate the snug fit. I felt my heart beat
wildly in my chest again as two prong like things were folded down
by Clarence’s big hands, the metal ends pointing directly towards my

In fear, I closed my eyes tightly, trying to keep them from snagging
hold, but it was of no avail. With a surprising amount of
tenderness, I felt the tiny metal clasps being fastened to my
eyelids as Clarence pushed them up gently, pulling my eyes open
against my will. The air dried them out instantly, but before they
could water up too much, I felt a soothing liquid slide off of the
prongs and into my exposed eyes, clearing my vision instantly.

Stepping back away from the table behind me, I adjusted myself to
this new headgear thing that was attached to me. What little
mobility I had with my head before was now gone, as my eyes were
held open and I was forced essentially to look at nothing but the
haunting blue screen in front of me. Everywhere I moved my eyes, I
couldn’t get the television out of my sight, no matter how much I
tried, which seemed to be the point. Visions of “Clockwork Orange”
filled my head as Clarence stood next to me on the table.

He seemed to sense my thoughts.

“I was told you are an actress, and a fairly talented one as well.
You are no doubt aware then of the fictional world of movies. You
act in them, you star in them, you watch them with friends on a
Friday night. But I’m sorry to tell you Katherine, that this is not
a movie. This is real life, and you are playing yourself. Movies can
teach us so much, and they can make our troubled world seem so much
better than before the first reel started or the play button was
pushed. That’s all that we want Katherine. We want you to watch our
movie and to feel better and to learn about yourself, unleash what
has long been pent up in you. Release what my employer saw in you
and wants you to utilize in every possible way. Relax and don’t
fight it Katherine. Watch our film. It will change your life,”

With a slow, deliberate hand, I felt Clarence’s fingers run across
my belly. I tensed up my muscles as best I could, trying to block
out the feel of his rough, pleasurable hand as it moved towards my
breast. His thick fingers crested over the base of my breast,
sliding upwards onto the top of it as he fondled my nipple with his
thumb and forefinger. I felt a drop of sweat fall from my forehead,
pleasure starting to course through my drugged body as we gently
pulled and played with the nipple ring that had been put into me
what seemed like a lifetime ago.

But just as quickly as he started, his hand left my flesh. My body
felt on fire from his touch and part of me was seeming to beg for
him to touch me again, to keep touching me all over. He chuckled to
himself and smiled down at me, before moving over to the television
again. He pushed a button down beneath the set and I heard the
player kick to life. The blue screen went black for a few moments,
just enough time for Clarence to speak once more.

“I’ll come back when the time is right. Enjoy the show,”

He walked away then, just as the “film” on the screen was starting.
As my eyes once again focused on the screen, I was startled at what
I saw.

In what appeared to be a rapid series of shots, each containing a
totally different scene, the film was nothing more than a porno.
Blinking by and changing scenes from one film to the other almost
every two or three seconds, it was almost hypnotic in rapidity. I
laughed inwardly at what my fears had been over something as trivial
as a bunch of porn flicks, but then I noticed something happening.

Even though I could not look away from the screen, my attention
began to focus on it. The actions on screen – two women eating each
other out with gusto and apparent delight, followed by a girl
getting fucked in all three of her holes, followed by a series of
long, sticky cum shots all over a cute blondes face were beginning
to have the desired effect. Clarence’s attention to my body, plus
what I knew had to be the effect of the drugs on my body were
beginning to make my nipples tingle and burn with pleasure as I
became engaged in the film.

My thoughts start to drift away, jokes about the stupidity of it now
becoming less and less in my mind as my defenses started to wear
down and I began to – yes, as much as I hate to admit it – enjoy the
video. My vision started to get very tunnel like and soon the room
around me began to fade away as I started to anticipate and hope for
the next scene to appear.

I don’t know how long it took but soon, I felt the juices between my
legs start to work inside my body, feeling the heated stickiness as
they slowly leaked from between my thighs and onto my legs. As a
woman was fucked up the ass by a monsterous black cock, I felt my
breathing become more and more rapid as my mind focused entirely on
the scene. Soon I wasn’t just watching it, I was actually beginning
to imagine myself in the role of the girls on screen, the ones who
were being used and loving it.

In the back of my mind, I heard a voice scream to resist, to think
about other things and not get turned on by this lewd video in front
of me. But the voice soon began to fade as I felt my whole body
start to tingle while watching the video. Sweat that had already
formed on my nude body was now flowing freely as my wide open eyes
consumed just what it was supposed to. I couldn’t look away from the
screen but as I realized this, I started to understand that I didn’t
really even want to look away. That I wanted to watch this, that my
body was begging the men on screen to fuck the girls harder, to make
her cum and to cum all over her themselves.

To my surprise, a low moan started to escape my lips, the first
sound I had been able to make in who knew how many hours. It was
soft at first, but as the scene changed to something that actually
mimicked my own situation – a girl tied to a bed, getting caressed
by three other women, who were happily groping her breasts and pussy
and kissing her beautiful face – the moan became a cry of lust. My
throat still felt incredibly dry but I didn’t really care…the
action on screen was too hot to NOT illicit a reaction from me.

As more and more of my juices continued to flow from between my
legs, my taut eyes and sweaty body now totally in the grasp of this
film, a funny thing started to happen. What little bit of control I
still had told me that it wasn’t really happening, but like a wave
cresting over long dried out rocks, there was no denying that I was
on the verge of a monsterous orgasm – one that would come (or cum
perhaps) without any help from anything but my mind and body.

Staring at the screen, breathlessly anticipating what was on it and
putting myself mentally into each and every situation, wherein my
body was being used and pleasured, my tits fucked hard with a large
cock, my face coated with stream after stream of hot, sticky,
delicious cum, my orgasm finally began and I pulled hard against the
restraints as my back arched as much as it could, the release of
sexual tension inside me like a small explosion.

My nipples felt like razor sharp points, the slight jostling of my
body making the rings through them jingle against my body
wonderfully as I hit the peak. Things started to get very dark and
black and warm and comforting around me, all at once, my sexual
energy amplified by the drugs that Clarence had given me.

Clarence, yes Clarence! Oh how I wished he was here right now!
Fucking his cock deep and long and hard into my pussy, I was sure he
had a wonderfully huge ebony cock that would make my orgasm all the
better, I thought to myself as my eyes continued to feast on the
delicious scene of flesh playing out before me, the cum gushing from
between my legs like a river as the small inner explosions leading
up to the big bang sent me to levels of orgasmic pleasure I never
ever thought possible!

I continued to pull against the restraints, my body craving with its
every fiber to be able to close my legs together and put spectacular
pressure on my clit, to be able to release my hand and let it rub my
pussy raw with my trembling fingers as the orgasm lasted for what
seemed like hours. My hair had slid between my eyes and I angrily
blew it out of my face, for fear of it blocking the view of this
masterpiece playing on the screen in front of me, this wonderful
film that had brought me to such incredible levels of pleasure.

Just when I thought the orgasm was over, one final monsterous wave
of bliss hit me, making my pussy spasm inside as a strong gush of my
surely sweet and hot girl cum coated my thighs and shaved pussy all
around. It was too much to take though, and things once again
started to get black before my eyes, only this time they stayed
black. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head, the only place
they could go thanks to Clarence’s great attachment and I once again
passed out, this time from pleasure and exhaustion.

I must have been out for a few minutes at least, because when I
awoke things had changed. Oh, the film was still playing, and I was
happy to see that I hadn’t missed too much (though at this point,
missing ANY would be like losing a family member, the loss that
devestating) but the room was suddenly much more crowded. I could
hear female pantings and moanings, these much closer and much more
real than what was blasting through the speakers attached to the

Mila. She must have awoken and must be viewing the same thing as me!
Part of me was jealous that maybe she was watching a different
version than I was but as I listened more closely to the screen off
to my right I could already tell that she was getting the same
wonderful show that I was. This made me happy. Mila was my friend
and I wanted her to experience this as well…it was too wonderful
an experience not to share.

But we weren’t alone. Standing over me, I now noticed, was Clarence
and two other men. They were all naked, their black bodies
glistening with sweat or oil (I didn’t really care, they just looked
hot) as they loomed over me, smilingly devilishly at the fact that I
was now awake. My thoughts earlier of Clarence fucking me with his
big black cock suddenly rushed to the front of my mind. I continued
to stare at them, hating myself for not being able to watch the

“You like the movie so far, don’t you Katherine?” Clarence asked.

I nodded my head, surprised to see that apparently my restraints had
been loosened – either by them or by me with my own body movements.

“It’s alright, you should be able to talk now,” Clarence said. I
almost jumped out of my skin as I felt his hand move down and touch
my naked belly, my hot flesh growing all the more hot by the sudden
contact. I moaned in happiness at the feeling.

“I…I want…” I struggled to say, my throat dry from lack of
anything to drink in God knew how long. But there was something else
I wanted right then.

“You want what? What do you want?” Clarence said, smirking at me.

As much as I didn’t want to admit to wanting it, and even though
part of me was embarassed at having to say it, my body was simply
screaming, burning with a passion from every hair and nerve cell in
me for what I wanted.

“I want…your cock,” I said, finally getting the words out.

The three men exploded in laughter for a moment, slapping each other
on the back and joking with one another. I didn’t find it funny at
all however, as I was being sincere – I needed cock, and I needed it
inside of my aching, burning pussy RIGHT NOW.

“I knew you’d come around Katherine,” Clarence said. Moving his hand
up from my belly, he glided it towards my nipple on my left breast,
each wonderful second of his touch making me tingle and burn with
anticipation. I gasped and cried out in absolute pleasure as I felt
him brush over my aeraola, each little bump on my darkened, pierced
nipples seemingly on fire from his touch. I didn’t care whose touch
it was, honestly…at that point it didn’t matter, as long as I was
BEING touched.

“So you say you want cock, huh?” he said casually, still playing
with my breast. I felt his pinky slid in under the hoop of my nipple
ring. “Well, which cock do you want? Do you want mine?”

Upon saying that, he stepped closer to me and stood on his tip toes,
placing the shaft of his prick against my restrained hand. I
immediately grabbed it tightly, caressing and feeling the ebony
flesh beneath my fingers, its still somewhat flacid length growing
more and more the longer I held it and the tighter I squeezed.
Lowering himself back down to his feet, I moaned in disappointment
as his dick slid out from my hand.

“Or maybe you want Marcus’ long, hot stick plunging into you, huh?”
Clarence said. Marcus, who was apparently the one standing to my
right, stepped up between my legs. Holding his manhood in his hand,
he smiled wickedly at me as he ran the thick, bulbous head against
my dripping wet opening. I felt part of my outer lips open – ever so
slightly – but it was only for a moment, a moment that was far far
too fleeting.

At that point, I was now trembling with desire and anticipation and
lust. There was a dull roar of arousal in my ears and though I heard
Clarence talking, I couldn’t make out the words. All I kept hearing
in my head, running constantly through, was COCK COCK COCK COCK COCK

What happened next is hard to remember with much detail. Looking
back, I feel that I was almost above my own body, watching it
contort with passion and lust, my entire being focused solely on
getting fucked, and getting fucked hard. Everything else is a blur,
save for a few key elements. As Marcus stepped away, and the last
man, who I later learned was, ironically enough, named Alex, towered
over me, his toned and chiseled body glimmering in the light of the
room, all attempts at civility on my part were dismissed.

Kneeling between my legs, I felt his thick hand caress my thigh for
just a moment before he pressed his mouth and his steamy hot breath
against my sex. My folds parted easily for him, the blood engorged
outer lips betraying me as I felt his tongue make contact with my
clit, causing me to orgasm within a split second.

I let out an ear piercing moan of pleasure as he jammed his tongue
into me deep and hard (though not hard enough), the strong muscle
licking into my deepest region, tasting my over excited juices as
they soaked into his tastebuds. Bucking my hips towards his face, in
a desperate attempt to get more of his tongue into me, I came harder
than I can ever conciously remember, coating his face with my
juices. This didn’t deter him though, for he just moved his face
deeper and closer into my pussy and licked away at me with a
wonderful passion that echoed just how turned on everyone in the
room seemed to be.

Lewd, sucking noises filled the room as the dull roar in my ears was
replaced by a long wail, one that I soon realized was coming from me
as I felt my lips begin to move, some part of my primitive brain
begging and urging this Alex to continue to pleasure me.

“YES! YES YES YES YESSSSSS!!!!” I hissed at him, able now to lift my
head ever so slightly so that I could watch him. “Fuck me, fuck me
hard, fuck me like the dirty, sex crazed slut that I am,” I said,
gasping between each breath. Within moments, I felt another
tremendous orgasm begin to build in me, as I felt his tongue caress
and lick my inner walls so deeply that all I could see of his face
was his eyes and his forehead.

“Oh GODDDDD!!!!” I cried out, thrusting my thighs against him,
repeating the phrase “Fuck me fuck me fuck me” over and over and
over again, its familiarity becoming my mantra as I gave my body and
mind to this man, to these men who were pleasing me in ways that I
never wanted to end. Ever.

I began to feel dizzy from the bliss that my body was feeling, sweat
covering my face and dripping down between my eyes and my nose now
as my hardened nipples pressed upwards into the air, desperately
trying to come into contact with something, to FEEL something
against them. Laying my head back down to catch my breath, another
orgasm started as he worked his finger into me, opening me up more
and more for his wicked, serpentine tongue. I came yet again, in an
orgasm as equally hard as any I had experienced that night.

After an untold number of these, I heard Marcus and Clarence talking
to one another in soft tones. Opening my eyes, I saw Clarence tap
Alex on the shoulder, signaling for him to move from between my
legs. I screamed in agony as his tongue left me, causing – even for
that one fleeting moment – my pleasure and my exhausting series of
orgasms to end.

“No! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!” I said to them in a raspy voice.
None of the men said anything, but Clarence once again moved towards
me. I bit my lip in anticipation of his rubbing of my nipples
(something I had already grown to love and cherish, even in the
short time I had been there, my mind forever etched with the
wonderful feeling that such attention gave me) but he instead moved
to my head. With the same surprising tenderness that he had showed
when applying it, Clarence undid the strap of the helmet device that
I wore and lifted it off my head. My eyes immediately closed, the
lids exhausted from being held open for so long, and I laid back
against the chair, my breath still coming in irregular, panting

I heard him set it down but quickly my mind returned to its primary
goal of cock, and nothing else.

“Fuck me! Please please please fuck me oh please will one of you
fuck me with your fat, hard pricks? Please please I NEEEEDDDDDDDD
IT!” I cried out as Clarence moved next to the other men again. I
stopped crying out for them and simply watched, my eyes wide and
eager for the fucking that I so desperately wanted. Clarence nodded
towards Marcus and as he moved between my legs, that same thick and
engorged prick in his hand that he had so cruelly teased me with
earlier, I held my breath and watched him.

Without saying a word, Marcus lined himself up between my cunt lips
and pressed forward. The head of his cock was swallowed up
immediately by my thirsty, needy pussy as he continued to push more
and more of his length into me. I felt my body open up inside for
him, amazed that something as thick and long as his cock could
actually fit inside of my (what I had once thought was) well
conditioned twat. Pushing himself all the way to the hilt inside of
me, pausing for just a moment when he had reached his full depth and
the heavy balls beneath his prick dangled against my ass, I could
already feel an orgasm building once more.

Unlike the oral sex I had just received, feeling the thick veins of
the cock that I had so desperately wanted inside of me was a
completely different experience. Be it the drugs or my over worked
sense of lust, I couldn’t help but feel like we had bonded – become
one – as every nerve in my pussy tightened and caressed and welcomed
his penetration of me. I could actually feel the blood flowing
through his rock hard dick, pumping through the veins as he held
himself inside of me in that short, fleeting moment. When he began
to move, I could feel it even more, but I could also feel something
else: the flames of lust that had burned through me since that film
had started now licking and devouring what it had wanted so badly.

Pulling out slightly, my over worked body came in a strong flood of
juices as his thick shaft brushed over my clit, making me yelp in a
pleasurable scream of passion. He thrust himself back in, getting a
routine going in and out of me as he would pull out more and more
each time, before savagely (and wonderfully) shoving himself back
inside of my pussy as deep as he could. The effect was just what,
I’m sure, Clarence had wanted. With each passing stroke, I began to
grow hotter than I ever thought possible, the pleasure centers in my
brain exploding in fireworks at having gotten what it wanted. I
didn’t want him to ever, ever, ever stop fucking me, and I couldn’t
think of how I possibly ever lived without his fat manhood deep
inside my slutty, cock hungry pussy.

Still unable to move too much, all that I could do to meet Marcus’
thrusts was roll my hips a bit for him, my ass sliding around on the
table from the sweat and love juices that now seemed to cover my
entire lower body. I could feel the sticky juices cling to his
muscular thighs as he pumped me, touching deep inside of me in
places I never thought possible. I felt the tip of his prick brush
against the back of my inner wall many times and each time,
especially when he would glide over my clit expertly and with the
precision of a well oiled machine, I came just a little bit more, my
exhausted body now just producing mini orgasms as opposed to too
many massive ones. I had lost count of how many times I had cum, the
whole effect now just a constant blur of pleasure that racked my
brain and drove me insane with lust, my body heated and charged
beyond anything I had ever felt.

Marcus spedu p his fucking of me and, as his balls slapped against
my gaping, wet sex, I could sense, even in my drug and pleasure
enduced state, that he was about to cum. Thrusting my hips against
him as hard as I could, I clamped my pussy muscles tight around him,
the velvet walls coaxing and begging him for more, as if trying to
suck the hot, sticky cum from his balls. Burrowing deep inside me
one last time, he gave a loud grunt and laid down on my chest, his
heavy body brushing over my fiery hot nipples and triggering my own
orgasm, as he exploded in white, sticky torrents deep in me.

I gave an animal cry of lust and pleasure as I felt the first few
strands of his man juice hit my inner walls, his flood of love
liquids splattering against my pussy wall, dripping down around his
cock as he slowed his thrusts down, cum continuing to spurt out in
long, ropy strands until I could feel its hot stickiness leaking out
of my well fucked cunt. I shuddered in pleasure as Marcus lay
panting on top of me, his hips giving a few final thrusting motions
as I sapped his trunk like a tree, my body craving and desiring all
the hot seed that he had to give me.

We laid like that for a few moments (not like I had much choice of
course), the pleasant afterglow of a warm fucking just now starting
to cool off my scorching hot body. I was covered in sweat from head
to toe, my hair plastered to my red, flushed face as the steaming
juices between my legs formed a bond between myself and Marcus.
Coming out of the daze that I had been in, I felt exhausted and yet
very refreshed…and yet despite having cum so much in such a short
amount of time, I could feel my body reenergizing itself, getting
ready to start craving like a fiend the precious cock that it so
desperately wanted.

In the haze of bliss that I had been in, I didn’t even notice until
now the cries of pleasure coming from beside me. Turning my head
ever so slightly, I saw the massive frame of the other man, Alex,
pumping up and down on a small white body beneath him. Mila was
screaming in ecstacy as she too was getting her tight pussy stuffed
with the wonderful cock I knew she wanted. Marcus slowly pulled
himself out of me, releasing a stream of cum that had been held in
by his thick tool as he stood up, the clear white liquid pouring out
anew from between my stretched gash like a well fucked whore.
Grabbing a towel, Marcus wiped himself off as Clarence moved between
my legs.

Rubbing his hands over my thighs for a moment before scooping up a
fingerful of cum, Clarence looked down at me.

“Well, I’d say you got what you wanted Katherine. But you want more
I bet, don’t you?”

For a moment, I couldn’t even possibly fathoming saying yes, but
before I knew it, I was speaking with a lust tinged voice at him,
answering his question. Again I felt the feeling of being outside of
my own body as a strange itch – the sort that can only be scratched
by getting a fix – began to course through my veins anew.

“Oh yes Clarence baby, YES!” I moaned at him as he smeared the glob
of cum onto my thigh.

“Then say it,” he said, his voice flat and serious, his dark face
growing rather ashen as he spoke.

“I want cock. I want YOUR cock. Please please please fuck me again,
please stick that fat, hot cock of yours deep into my tiny, tight
white pussy. Please Clarence, fuck me hard and fuck me deep and then
cum deep, deep, deep inside of me!” I cried out, hoping my words
were what he wanted to hear.

“Excellent. I’m more than happy to,” he said, clearly pleased by my

Lining himself up against my pussy for a brief second before
thrusting all the way in, I began my quick ascent to heaven once


We were already on the plane to Los Angeles when the phone rang. The
noise broke the relative quiet of the plane, startling a few
passengers who were asleep. Natalie was staring out the window next
to me and she turned her head as I fumbled in my purse for the
phone. With her wide, deep brown velvet eyes, she watched me answer

“Hello?” I said, plugging my ear so that I could talk fairly

I don’t remember the exact details of the conversation, so
unfortunately I can’t recount it all here right now. I do know this
– it was Eliza, and she gave me the information I needed, the
information to help Natalie and I do what we were being brought back
to LA to do.

Hanging up a few minutes later, a name and some directions scribbled
down on a cocktail napkin, Natalie looked at me for an explanation.

“I heard my name mentioned a few times,” she said softly, her face
eager to hear what I had to say. “What’s going on?”

Holding the napkin in my hand, I played with it aimlessly for a
moment, thinking about how to best explain things to Natalie. My
heart wrenched up in my chest everytime I thought of having to share
her with someone else, of having to use her to meet the goals of
some very powerful people in Hollywood. Part of my hesitation, I
knew, came from not knowing exactly who these people were. I knew
Eliza was involved with some important people, and that she
sometimes took orders from someone she called “The Mistress”, but
beyond that I really didn’t know the whole agenda. That bothered me,
not because such a secret society actually existed, but because I
didn’t like having to send Natalie off into the “wild” like that.
She was supposed to be mine – I had done the dirty work, the
seduction and the lying and convincing and twisting of things to get
her to be with me and help me. But I hadn’t anticipated falling in
love with her, not in the way that I had.

“That was my, er, friend Eliza,” I said.

“You mean your LUVA,” Natalie said with a smirk, accenting the last
few syllables of the word like Will Ferrell did on that old Saturday
Night Live sketch.

I blushed.

“You know, you are my LUVA too,” I said playfully. “But yes, Eliza
and I have been together before. She was calling to tell me where to
go when we get to Los Angeles,”

“Oh yeah?” Natalie said. Her bright eyed exuberance made me love
more, but hate myself even more for what I had to do. “What is it
that we are doing out in LA? You were a bit vague on the details,”

“Well, you were a bit naked at the time. I think it is a forgiveable
crime,” I said to her in a whisper. Natalie giggled.

“That IS true,” she said.

“We are being sent to LA to deal with a man,” I said, my voice
getting serious. It was the only way that I knew I would get through
what I needed to say. “Specifically, a man who has caused a lot of
pain and heartache to Eliza and the people she is associated with,”

“What people?” Natalie asked. Being an occasional actress, she
clearly was not totally up on the politics of Hollywood.

“I can’t really get into it right now, but lets just say that they
aren’t the type of people you want mad at you,” I replied. Natalie’s
smile faded a bit and she nodded her head, signalling for me to

“We need to find him at his house and get him to tell us something,
something very important,” I said.

“Oh, do we get to get like, all Sydney Bristow on his ass?” Natalie
said with another smirk. God, even as a goofball she was beautiful.
I shook the thought away.

“No, not exactly. And that is the other thing. It isn’t a ‘we’ thing
Nat, it is a ‘you’ thing,” I said, nervous to see her response.
Natalie’s face became a look of confusion for a moment as she
furrowed her brow, unclear what exactly I meant. To reassure her, I
took her hand in my own and held it tightly as I leaned close to her
ear to whisper.

“Don’t worry Natalie, I’ll be right there with you, just outside, to
guide you and help you out. I’d never leave you alone,”

“O…K…Kiki, but what exactly do I have to do?” Natalie said, some
trepidation in her voice.

Our eyes met and I held her gaze, staring straight into what seemed
like her soul as I made sure my words came out carefully and

“Eliza’s informant, someone who is close to him, said that he has
some urgent business to take care of as soon as he gets back in
town. What we need to do is just wait for him when we get to LA and
then follow him to whereever he is going. Once we know he is alone,
you’ll need to go in and…uh, well use whatever means possible to
get what we need to know from him,”

“You mean sleep with him?” Natalie said, recoiling in her seat.

“Not exactly! Keep your voice down Nat! Listen, it isn’t going to be
as difficult as it sounds. Both Eliza and the people supporting her
think that he will crack very easily. Once you find out what we
need, they will take care of the rest,” I said.

“Why can’t you come with me though Kiki?”

“Don’t you think it would be a bit weird if two celebrities just
showed up outside his door?”

“And one celebrity isn’t weird?” Natalie countered.

“We have that part covered, you have an alibi that I’ll rehearse
with you when we land. It won’t take you long and it won’t be

Natalie still seemed reluctant. “I’m not sure about this Kirsten, it
all sounds really odd and more than a little sinister to me,”

What I did next, I will forever regret. When working with someone
you love, you should never mix that love in with what your goals.
It’s a dangerous combination, and one that I should have done
everything possible to avoid.

Swallowing the lump in my throat hard, I continued to stare into
Natalie’s deep eyes.

“I need you to do this Nat. For me,” I said, brushing her hand with
my fingertips. Natalie glanced down at my hand and then back at my
eyes. For a long moment, we just stared at each other. Then a slow
smile began to form on her lips, breaking into a wide grin.

“Ok Kiki. I said I would do anything for you, and now it’s time for
me to prove it,”

I sighed inwardly at the passing of the storm as I returned
Natalie’s rainbow like smile with one of my own. I leaned in towards
her and kissed her forehead in gratitude.

“Thank you Natalie,”

Lifting up the armrest between us, Natalie leaned her head against
my shoulder as we snuggled close together in the seat. Reaching her
hand out to take the cocktail napkin from the tray, she picked it up
and examined the name and address. Again her brow furrowed a bit.

“Hmmm, never heard of him. Who is Alex Hilt?”


“MOVE BITCH!” the man holding onto my arm spat at me, shoving my
back roughly as I stumbled a step or so ahead of him. I was being
led out of the black car that had picked me up, some beat up old
Lincoln or something, and into the door of a room at one of the
sleaziest motels I’d ever seen.

Pressing me against the door frame, the man guiding me – one of
Gordon Hapsboro’s personal bodyguards, and a rough one at that –
turned the door knob and half kicked the door open.

The smell of the room was dizzying. Reeking of stale sex, pot and
spilled beer, I couldn’t even count the number of stains on the
floor, nor tell exactly how the cracked and crumbling walls were
still holding together. Where the normal chest of drawers would have
been, a small three legged table (which was once a four legged one,
I noticed) rested, an old rotary phone and an ashtray wobbling on
top of it. A cracked mirror hung over the solitary, sheetless bed in
the room, the matress frame and box springs long gone, leaving a
yellowing matress that was surrounded by spent condoms and what
looked like old needles.

My head was spinning, the high from that wonderful coke that
Hapsboro had given me had worn off, replaced by the more natural
element of fear. I stumbled on wobbly legs towards the bed, repulsed
by the overpowering scent of urine as I fell on top of it, catching
myself with my wrists just in time before my face fell flat into it.
Regaining my balance, I spun around on the bed, trying not to touch
it as much as possible as I looked at the man who put me here.

But it was too late. In the split second I had fallen and been able
to spin back around, he had already reached the door. Sprinting with
all my strength to try and catch him before he made it out, it was
too late. Just as my hand reached the heavy wood (probably the most
expensive thing in the room) of the door, he slammed it shut,
locking it from the outside.

Banging uselessly on it, I screamed and cried to be let out. The sun
was going down and through the lone window in the bathroom, I was
already starting to lose what little light I had in the room, making
it harder to tell what to touch and what not to touch. After about
five minutes of banging, I leaned against the door and began sobbing
– what had I become? What was going to happen to me?

Closing my eyes, tears rolling down my cheeks, I heard laughter
outside the room. Lifting my head with a start, I heard a set of
keys in the lock and what sounded like the bolts falling into place
as the door was about to be opened. Now was my chance!

Stepping back from the door, I crouched halfway down and prepared to
pounce on whoever walked through the door, doing whatever I had to
in order to get out. Whatever Hapsboro had said about “earning my
keep” before was now scaring the living hell out of me and I didn’t
want to be around to see what he had really meant.

As the door opened, my heart thudding in my chest, I leaped towards
the door and managed to make it towards the small crevice that had
started to open before coming to a screaching halt. Wedged against
the door as he pushed it open, was another man of monsterous
proportions. Luckily, small as I was, I caught him off guard a bit
and he looked like he was about to lose his footing, had it not been
for the giant meatfist of a hand he had, which held an even larger

We collided in the doorway, me pushing against him with all my
might, he caught off guard but able to only stagger back a step or
two. For one fleeting moment, I felt that I had made it out of the
room, as I could see the freeway off in the hazy distance behind
where we were. But as soon as I pushed, he pushed back, this time
with his hand and his gun. Using the brunt of his fist, he shoved me
back savagely by the shoulder, throwing ME off balance as I
comically bounced off him like a cartoon character, stumbling back
into the room.

His footing now regained, the man held his gun out at arm’s length,
its dark and cavernous barrel pointing directly at my head. I
stopped in my tracks as he advanced into the room, followed by two
other men – one near his height and one much shorter. The two big
men wore navy blue slacks and muscle shirts and looked to be of
Hispanic origin, while the other man – shorter and dressed more in a
Miami Vice style, was definetely Hispanic and definetely pissed by
my attempt at escape.

“What the fuck do you think your doing?” the short one said to me
with a snarl. I fell backwards and my ass hit the ground as I
scrambled backwards, my back hitting the dirty bed as the three of
them advanced on me, the door (and my last chance at freedom)
closing with a slam behind them.

“I…I was…”

The one with the gun reared his hand back and slapped me – hard –
across the face. The blow caught me off guard and I crumpled onto
the floor, tears falling almost instantly from the futility and
exhaustion of the whole ordeal. I certainly wasn’t high on anything
right then, but I would have given almost anything to have been.

They stood over me for a few moments as I managed to stop my tears
and sit up hesitantly, positioning myself in a sort of fetal
position against the wall and the bed. I stared at them with fear in
my eyes, my mind and body reeling as I lost complete control of the

“You were trying to escape eh? Well no one leaves Rocco’s till they
have paid their debt, si?”

Functioning on autopilot now, I nodded quickly in response.

“Good. Now Petty, we don’t want to hurt you. Believe me of that –
you are worth much more to us looking good than looking bad, at
least for the time being. But we aren’t your mommy or your daddy
either. Our clients might want to be your daddy, but we are not,”

The two big men chuckled at this and Rocco smiled. In the dim light
of the room, I could tell he was ugly. Puberty had not been kind to
him, and he had deep pock marks all in his cheeks. Across the right
side of his face, a long scar extended from his hair line (his hair
oily and sweaty, pulled back tightly against his head) all the way
down below his chin. His eyes were set inside of his face high above
his nose, giving him the appearance of a flattened bird as he glared
at you. His teeth were yellow and one was completely brown – a
canine, I remember – and his smile was just as disturbing as the
rest of him appeared to be. The suit that he wore (if you could even
call it that) was a lavendar color, the pants striped with a series
of thick blue lines that ran vertically down his short legs. The
sports coat was the same pattern, but beneath it all he wore was a
very dingy wifebeater t-shirt, the curly hair of his chest sticking
out over the collar.

“What do you want from me,” I said meekly, averting my eyes from
their lecherous gaze.

“You are here to prove yourself to our esteemed client, Mr.
Hapsboro. He believes that you do not have the talent that it takes
to succeed in his line of work, so he wants you to prove him wrong,
if you can. Think of it as being sent down to the minors, only here
we don’t treat you like anything than what you are – a cunt,” Rocco
said, lowering himself onto his haunches, his rancid breath seeming
to ooze out of his mouth like a wafting sewer grate.

“See Petty, we are what you fancy Hollwood types might call an
‘escort service’ – we escort the men in, you escort them out,” he
said, getting another snicker from the other men. “And when they are
here, you are theirs to do whatever they want to you. And you will
do it, won’t you Petty?”

I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing. This couldn’t be real,
this couldn’t be real, this couldn’t be real…

“Hey! Bitch! I’m talking to you!” Rocco said, lifting his hand back
as if to slap me again.

I cringed again in fear, my body already starting to respond to what
he wanted me to do.

“I said, you will do what we want, won’t you Petty?”

“I…I don’t…”

“You don’t what? Don’t want to die? Good, because I don’t want you
to die either. But that’s what will happen if you don’t treat your
pal Rocco and his business friends with every bit of respect you can
find in that sweet ass of yours. It would be a terrible shame to see
an up and coming singer like you, albeit one with a bit of a drug
problem, found dead in a dumpster with a needle in her arm. But that
can happen Petty, it happens every day,”

I nodded dumbly, my body in a state of shock over what was going on.

“Excellent. Then here’s the house rules. You do whatever the client
asks, for as long as he asks. You don’t say no and you don’t try to
resist him, unless that’s the sort of thing he is in to. You’ll get
four hours during the day to sleep and eat some food that the boys
will bring you. Oh, and every other day is your turn on the street.
If you need a pick me up, there’s a fresh set of needles and some H
in the drawer. Use it wisely though cuz until you really start
earning, that’s gotta last you,”

I glanced over at the drawer where he had indicated. This was a
whole new level of depravity, I could already tell. Blow and some
pot were one thing, but heroin freaked me out. I hoped I wouldn’t
have to use it. Unfortunately, it turned out that I didn’t have much
of a choice.

“Now Petty, be a good girl. Stand up and take off your clothes. You
won’t be needing them for much longer,”

On trembling legs, I stood up. My hands shook as I reached down and
lifted my t-shirt off my head, my bare breasts (in my haste to meet
Hapsboro, I had neglected a bra) and nipples growing hard in the
slight cool of the room. I covered my chest with one hand as I
hooked my thumb on my sweatpants. For a moment, I hesitated, not
wanting to pull them down and fully expose myself to these wicked
men. I looked up at Rocco with that same hesitation. But rather than
sympathy, he took it as an act of defiance.

“Don’t want to do it eh? Fellas, help Petty out of her clothes
please,” he said, his voice flat and dark in tone.

They moved towards me and I turned to run, trying to get past them
if only I could. Catching my shaking arms, they held me still. One
of them, I still don’t know which, yanked at the waist of my pants
and pulled them down, the stretchy material sliding down over my
thighs slowly as I kicked and tried to fight them. It was no use
though, for the pants came off and I was naked and exposed totally
now before the three of them.

Still struggling, they held my body tightly as Rocco moved towards
me. I tried to kick at him but was restrained immediately by the two
other men.

Reaching his hand out, Rocco savagely grabbed my breast. I cried out
more in pain than surprise – it hurt, but not as bad as I would have

“Listen Petty, don’t try any of this shit with my customers. The
boys will be waiting outside and if they hear a man scream in
anything other than pleasure, they will be in here so fast it will
make your head spin,” he said, his stale breath and oily face just
inches away as he whispered at me.

In my distraction at looking at him, I didn’t notice that one of the
men had removed a needle from his coat and was holding my arm still.
It wasn’t until I felt the prick of the point against my inner arm –
he was shooting me up with something! – that I realized how truly
screwed I was. For as soon as the needle was in and the plunger
pushed, the grip on my arms relaxed and Rocco stepped back, smiling.

“There, now you should be in a more receptive mood to my customers.
The first one is already waiting to break you in outside, I’ll go
get him,”

Giving one last push, I tried to get away but the contents of the
needle, which clearly was some form of heroin or something of that
strength were already taking an effect on me. My vision blurred
slightly as the drug coursed through my veins and I had the
sensation of falling – falling slowly at first, then much more
rapidly as I landed on my back atop the disgusting bed.

Laying on the bed, my mind began to twirl and swirl in ways I can’t
even begin to describe. The room spun, but in a pleasant way as I
seemed to feel every blood cell in my body responding to the
euphoria that was rushing through me like a tidal wave of bliss. I
was high, and WHAT a high it was. In the back of my mind I knew that
they had probably given me heroin or something to that effect, as
whatever it was made every other drug I had tried or encountered
pale in comparison. Rational thought faded away and I began to lose
myself in my minds own amusements, a pleasing calm coming over me.

I heard voices around me, and I knew they were Rocco and his men,
but I didn’t care. The whirlwind I was experiencing made me forget
about any danger or hang ups I had before, as I ran my hands over my
nude body and caressed and played with my own skin, my mind creating
all sorts of games and tricks to amuse itself with.

Sometime later, for I really don’t know when, I sensed other people
in the room. I had been fascinated with the light blonde hair on my
arm, staring at it intently as I lifted it up strand by strand,
letting it fall back in place in a wild sense of amusement that made
me happy on virtually every level, until I was interrupted by these
people back in the room. Reluctantly I looked away from my arm and
saw one of Rocco’s guys standing by the door of the room, its
distance from me appearing as if an ocean away. Near him was another
man, a young looking college age guy, who seemed to be handing the
larger bodyguard/thug money, only doing it very very slowly.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the slow speed in which they were going
and that caused them to look at me for a moment.

“Shit, that really IS her!” the younger man said. “I so can not
believe I actually am going to fuck her!”

It took a moment for the words to sink in, and my brow furrowed as I
grasped onto the thought. But again time was moving slowly and
before I knew it, the young guy (who, I must say, was fairly
muscular and attractive) was standing naked by me, pushing me down
back onto the bed as he crawled up my body.

I moaned in pleasure as I felt his hands touch my skin, the
wonderful human contact making me shudder and practically cum all
over myself in enjoyment. He roughly groped my breasts, rubbing my
nipples under his hands as they grew hard upon his minstrations. But
just as soon as he started playing with them, he stopped, causing me
to cry out in anguish at the missing feeling of his hands. However,
the pleasure was quickly brought back on as I felt my pussy opening
up around his seemingly huge cock.

Glancing down, the effects of the drug gave me a weird perspective.
I could see him thrusting in and out of me, only it was somewhat
like a hallucination, as his cock throbbed and seemed to grow and
expand in size beneath me. My reaction time was also slowed, but I
could feel waves of pleasure gently gliding over my body like a calm
surf, the lazy strokes of water touching every fiber in my body.
That was how I felt now, with this anonymous guy on top of me.

As I said before, time was slowed and I really lost complete track
of it. I don’t know when it all began and when it all stopped – the
original guy was replaced by many more guys, each different enough
for me to notice that they had moved atop me and were fucking me
with gusto, but little more than that. Faces became a blur of colors
and shapes as I drifted in and out of an aware state, small orgasms
from my spasming, oversexed body breaking into the high like tiny
firecrackers. Eventually however, as I started to come down many
untold hours later, I passed out.

I was awakened sometime later by a bunch of voices in the room. My
head throbbed and my pussy felt raw and sore. With a stiff neck, I
lifted my head up and looked down at myself. My breasts and stomach
were splattered with dried cum, and my pussy lips were red and
slightly swollen from all the fucking I had had. Smacking my lips
together, I tasted bitter semen in my mouth – apparently only my ass
had been left unviolated. Struggling to sit up (I felt exhausted), I
focused my bleary eyes towards the voices at the foot of the bed.

A mixture of men of all races, some totally naked and some fully
clothed, were drinking beer and smoking pot as they stood around a
small card table that had been setup in the room. They were laughing
and joking with one another, and I noticed a small stereo on the
floor off to the side. It seemed like they were waiting for

Opening my mouth to speak, I voice was scratchy and dry, words
seeming to come from some aged version of myself, not the woman that
I was.

“What is…what the hell is going on?” I croaked, my words causing a
few of the men to glance over at me. They studied me for a moment, a
few smiling slightly, before returning to the “party” they were
engaging in. I lay my head back down on the nasty bed, frustrated at
being ignored yet too worn out to even bother getting up and trying

I closed my eyes and laid there, listening to the music and voices
as they moved in and out of my ears, none really registering or
making much sense to me. About thirty minutes later, I heard the
door to the room open and the voices suddenly became louder, more
excited and certainly more carnal.

Lifting my head again, I saw two big men entering, followed by a
very short girl, her blonde hair the most striking thing about her.
She wore a corset of deep blue leather that pushed her ample breasts
up towards her throat, and a pair of fuck me pumps as she walked
into the room, the confidence with which she walked making everyone
pay attention. I noticed too that she wore a barely there thong like
piece of clothing between her legs, the narrow strip of fabric
barely concealing her shaved mound.

“X-Tina!” one of the men yelled in an excited voice as he ran over
to her. His massive arms embraced her and lifted her off the ground,
their faces meshing into one another as they kissed. X-Tina? Surely
it couldn’t be…

“Hey baby, how are my walking fuck sticks doing today?” the girl
said. I blinked my eyes a few times before realizing that indeed, it
really was Christina Aguilera.

I knew that she had undergone an “image change” over the past few
months, tarting herself up into a walking sex object. She had
emerged into the public eye with piercings galore, a sultry manner
in which she carried herself and of course, incredibly erotic videos
and performances. But to think that she was here, right now, in this
shithole that I was forcibly being held in, was almost unfathomable.
She really couldn’t be as spit out and used by Hollywood as I was,
could she?

The man released her and the other members of the room still crowded
around her, some lewdly groping and touching her as she giggled and
laughed and shared a joint that was passed to her. I took all of
this in, waiting to see where it would go, knowing that for whatever
reason, she had walked into this room and that I would somehow be
involved with whatever those Antamount fuckers had planned.

Pulling a breast out of her corset, one of the men – tall, with
blonde hair and a chiseled, sexy jaw, put his mouth to her nipple,
sucking voraciously on the ringed tip of it as he used his hands to
caress and stroke her frame. The rest of the men backed off from her
for the most part, but I did notice that one seemed to be fascinated
with her ass, as he was stroking and rubbing it while standing
behind her, Christina (or X-Tina)’s head resting on his shoulder.

“MMmmm…that’s great fellas, you know just what I like. I can’t
believe that I went to that stupid awards show instead of meeting
you studs here like usual,”

There came a chorus of “It’s ok” and “No problem, we understand”
from the men, the mixture of voices making it hard to tell who said
what. They continued to crowd around her however, as I saw her step
out of the barely there thong, kicking it off into the corner.

Now two men sank to their knees and began to worship her shaved
pussy and ass, one burying his nose and face between her legs as she
stood there and sighed in pleasure. The other had her ass cheeks
spread and was tounging the bottom of her slit and up her ass crack,
his nose resting against her asshole.

Some of the men moved aside now and let these two enthusiastic
lackeys enjoy themselves, Christina fondling her tits with her hands
as she rocked slowly back and forth on her heels, her thick thighs
trembling slightly as she worked herself up towards orgasm.

I continued to watch this scene with shock and amazement,
unbelieving that this good little girl would really let some strange
men grope and play with her without so much as even asking
permission. Christina gasped in pleasure as the man eating her pussy
slowly pushed two fingers into her slit, working them in and out
slowly as the one who had been eating her ass stood up and guided
Christina’s hands over her own nipples, his large frame holding her
against his chest.

I suddenly noticed that Christina was staring at me, a slightly
puzzled look on her face.

“Who is that?” she said in a snotty tone, raising her cherry red
fingernails and pointing them at me.

The men again looked at me, then looked at Christina.

“I don’t know, some whore I guess,” one of the guys said. The man
between her legs had even stopped now to look at me. If I hadn’t
been so exhausted and physically out of it as I was, I would have
made an effort to cover myself or at least respond, but as it was, I
could only stare with a mixture of fear and embarassment over the
looks I was getting.

“No, I’ve seen her before,” Christina said. She began to walk
towards me, pushing away the man between her legs in a manner of
annoyance. Standing over me, I could smell her even from a few feet
away – a strong odor of sex and perfume, mingled with the smoky
scent of the room.

“That’s that Petty girl, the one who had a hit a few months back,”
Christina said, climbing onto the bed. She slinked towards me like a
cat. I laid back on the bed, unsure exactly what to do or say as she
positioned her body over me like I was some animal to be studied.
The men of the room came and crowded around the bed as well,
standing all around me as Christina studied me.

“Yep, its definetely her, although she looks pretty used up,” she
said. The rest of the room laughed and I couldn’t help but cringe a
bit at my sad state.

“What are you doing here, wanna be?”

“I…I was brought here by…by uhh…”

“Oh that’s right, you signed with Antamount, just like me!”
Christina said, leaning back and slapping her forehead comically,
again illiciting a laugh from the room. “I bet she is just paying
her dues,”

“What do you mean?” I said, now able to think more clearly since I
could focus solely on her.

“You had a hit, you vanished from the airwaves and now Antamount
wants to make sure they get the return money on their investment.
Happens to all of us girl, don’t you know?”

“They…they said something about that I think. I don’t know,” I
said, suddenly very ashamed of myself “I was kind of drugged up at
the time,”

“Hey, who in Hollywood isn’t?” Christina said. Again the crowd

“So wait, you had to do this too?” I asked.

“Had to? Shit girl, once I got my first taste of whoring, I WANTED
to. That was the best thing that ever happened to me, finding out
how much I crave cock. Black cock, white cock, latin cock, I don’t
really care. As long as its long and hard and can fuck me oh so
good, I’m there,”

“But then why are you coming back here now? I thought you were back
in the spotlight again?”

“I am you idiot, but you can’t just turn that sort of thing off. Not
once you get craving the dick and the coke and all that. They got
you on H yet?”

I was puzzled for a moment by what she meant, but then I nodded.
“Yeah, I think so. I didn’t want it but it did feel good,”

“Yeah, I know it does. I still like to taste it every now and then
but that shit will fuck you up something bad. Don’t worry though,
they will only make you take it a few more times, you know, just to
break you in. But then its back to the good old stuff. Speaking of
which, you wanna do some lines?”

The room was now waiting for my reaction, and once more I was faced
with the decision of caving in to my desires or trying to fight them
off. I doubt I really had much choice now, given the situation, but
I still wanted to feel some sembalance of control. Unable to resist
though, I nodded. Within moments, someone had brought over a mirror
and a straw, the lines already cut on it. Christina went first, then
held back my cum stained hair as I too inhaled some of the magic
white powder.

“Good shit eh?” Christina said, rubbing her nose to get off any
excess. “Ain’t nothing better than getting your cum on while you’re
high. Speaking of which, they got you street walking yet?”

“No…not yet,” I said. “They said tomorrow,”

“Well, just be careful girly cuz there are a bunch of crazies out
there who will cut you and shoot you and do whatever else they want
to, if you aren’t careful. That’s why they make us do it. Antamount
I mean. Nothing lost if we end up dead, but if we come back a-okay,
its money for them and plus we are totally willing to do whatever
they want us to,”

“So you’ve done it before?” I asked, feeling again the dizzy calm
from the drugs. I noticed now too that Christina’s face was only a
few inches from mine, her long blonde hair creating a curtain of
sorts all around our faces. I may have looked like shit, but even in
the whorish way that she wore her makeup, Christina looked

“Yep, where do you think I got the clothes for some of my videos?
You can’t just buy that shit at the store ya know,”

“I guess not,” I said, suddenly aware of the nervousness I felt in
being out there on a street corner by myself, whenever they would do
it. Without thinking, this nervousness made me blurt out what I knew
had to be my true feelings.

“I don’t want to be a whore though Christina, I just want to go

She laughed at me, this time with a bit more malice than her
previous jokes. It was a rather brutal kind of laugh/snicker, which
she ended with a snarl not unlike the one I had seen earlier.

“Go home? Shit, you’ll be lucky to get out of here alive. Just do
whatever they tell ya to and you may not get hurt too badly,”

This was hardly reassuring, and Christina could clearly see that on
my face. She climbed off from me.

“Tell ya what. I’m going to enjoy the services of Ben and Owen here.
Fellas, why don’t the rest of you show Petty what she is going to
have in store for her over the next few weeks. Nice talking to ya
Petty and hey…enjoy yourself,”

As soon as Christina was off the bed, the men converged on me like a
pack of jackals. Raising my arms to try and stop them, one of the
larger men used his heavy hand to backhand me openly across the
face, causing my lips to burn in pain and my body to rock violently
on the filthy bed. I opened my mouth in shock, but as soon as my
lips parted, a cock was immediately thrust into my mouth. Tears
welling in my eyes, I knew that my ordeal was really just beginning.


Step. Clunk. Step. Clunk. Step. Clunk.

With every step I took down the long hallway, the heavy gun in my
purse clunked against the side of my hip, its weight a constant
presence to me, even though it really was small when held in your

Opening the door to the reception area at Antamount, I nervously
approached the secretary out front.

“Rachael Leigh Cook, here to see Mr. Hapsboro,” I said. She glanced
at me for a second, then punched some keys on her keyboard.

“Ok Rachael, go right on back. He’s expecting you,”

I nodded at her and smiled weakly as I turned the corner of the
hallway and headed into the den of the lion. Knocking on the door
softly, I heard a voice say “Come in”. Turning the knob, I opened it
and stepped inside of Gordon Hapsboro’s office.

I had told myself that the best way to get what I needed – if there
was anything to get of course – was to play the whole thing like a
scene. That is, to act it out and pretend that the dialogue being
said between us was scripted, rather than spur of the moment. I
normally didn’t like doing such a thing, but in this instance I
found that it calmed me a great deal, taking my mind off the fact
that I could seriously be risking my life now if I didn’t watch what
I said.

“Have a seat Rachael,” he said, motioning me from his desk, not to
mention startling me out of my daze. I approached his desk and took
a seat, but only on the edge – if something happened, I wanted to
make sure I could make a quick getaway.

“What’s on your mind,” he said, not looking up from the stack of
papers on his desk. Glancing at them quickly myself, most looked
like gibberish to me, but one caught my eye. Off to the side, buried
under a pile of papers, was a red folder. Sticking out of the top
corner of it was a glossy photo, one that was unmistakably a long
distance photo of Alex. My heart, which had already been thudding
loudly in my chest, suddenly became a dull roar in my ears.

“…said, what’s up?” Hapsboro said now, looking up at me. I quickly
averted my eyes from the folder and met his gaze. He was studying
me, looking me over. Whether he caught me looking at the folder, I
don’t know. I certainly didn’t feel too good about my chances

“I uh, came by to talk about my career,” I said, spouting out the
first thing that came into my mind. Let the first act begin.

He laughed at me, rising from his chair.

“It’s always about your careers,” he said wistfully. “Care for a
drink Rachael?”

“Um, sure,” I replied. As he stood from the desk, I too stood up and
slowly began to saunter towards him. He was walking to the right of
his desk, his back to me as he approached the bar. I made my steps
methodically and slowly, watching his motions as he moved, careful
that he didn’t see me move near the red folder.

“You know, it’s a funny thing that you mention your career Rachael,”
Hapsboro said as he poured some brandy into a pair of glasses. I
stopped in my tracks, achingly close to the desk. Leaning backwards
just as he turned around, I propped my hands up against the smooth
wood surface and thrust my body outwards toward him, in a sort of
come hither stance.

“Oh really? Why is that?” I said, playing dumb, even though I was
nervous as hell.

“Well, some of the other women that we represent, they haven’t been
making too good of career choices lately,”

I was going to respond with a follow up to that, but he continued

“Yes, they have been rather careless in their activities away from
the studio,” Hapsboro said as he walked towards me, handing me the
glass. I lifted one hand from the desk but kept my ass balanced
against it so as to conceal where I was leaning.

“Cheers,” he said. We clinked glasses and I took a small sip of the
strong liquor. Gordon, by contrast, downed it all in one gulp, his
lips smacking together appreciatively.

“I do love an excellent brandy. You know, this Hollywood world is a
lot like a glass of excellent brandy. It burns you sometimes, but at
that moment right when it hits the pit of your stomach, it feels oh
so satisfying,” he said. I noticed that he was watching me now just
as carefully as I was studying him.

“I suppose so, though I’m not much of a drinker Mr. Hapsboro,” I
replied, nerves creeping into my voice a bit.

“Of course you aren’t Rachael, that’s because you are a good girl.
And that is exactly the problem with your career,”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t take enough risks Rachael. You aren’t really putting
yourself out there to be seen,”

I drank more of the brandy, mostly to calm my nerves. His comment
however, didn’t do anything to squelch the turbulent feelings I had
inside. The scene intensifies.

“I’m not so sure about that Mr. Hapsboro. I have been doing a lot of
indie films lately and,”

“Oh, spare me the indie film bullshit. Some college kid with a
camera and a script his hippie girlfriend likes shoots a ‘movie’ and
suddenly he’s a filmmaker? Please,” he said. “Julia Roberts doesn’t
command $20 million a picture because she worked in indie films,”

“Well, what do you suggest?” I asked, his body now just a few feet
from me as his cold eyes studied me. There was something piercing
and penetrating about his gaze, something that held you like a
cobra, something you couldn’t look away from.

“Risks. You know, putting yourself on the line,” he said. My face
must have been a mask of confusion, because he became somewhat
frustrated. “Nudity Rachael. I’m talking about showing America the

He leaned forward, most likely to grope me with his hands, but I
stopped him in his tracks.

“I’d like another glass please Mr. Hapsboro,” I said sweetly,
holding my arm out as he was about to touch me.

He stopped and smiled back. “Of course,”

Turning his back again to refill our glasses, I knew this was my
only chance. Sliding down the desk slightly, I stole a brief moment,
one last look at the layout, hoping I could position myself for a
snatch-and-grab. Pushing my ass back against the desk, I extended my
hands out and groped blindly around, careful not to shuffle too many
papers – he was almost done with the refills.

I felt my hand touch the smooth surface of a folder and, pulling it
towards me, lifted it up off the desk. Very very slowly, I moved it
against my back and held it there as he turned and began to approach
me again. As he neared, I slid my hand down my back and slid the
folder into my jeans, pushing it down past the waist band of my
panties and hooked my shirt just enough to pull it downwards over my
stashed contents.

He was still on the nudity kick. “Take some risks Rachael. You may
not win an Oscar, but if 25 million people make it the number one
movie in the country, you can certainly make more money. And that’s
good for all of us,”

He handed me the glass and we clinked edges once more, this time
both of us downing the drink completely at the same time.

“Thanks Mr. Hapsboro, I’ll take that under advisement,” I said, now
starting to back out of the room. I prayed and hoped that when I
turned around, he wouldn’t see the odd square shape covering part of
my back.

“You do that Rachael. Just don’t take the wrong kind of risks. As I
said before, some of your colleagues took some bad risks and, well,
they are paying for it both financially and personally,”

I wasn’t sure that he was talking about Katherine, Mila and all the
rest before, but now there was no mistake in my mind. I also knew
that he, despite the words of Alex, probabaly knew I was in on it.
If so though, he was doing this scene perfectly. And now it was time
to bring the curtain down.

I moved towards my seat and picked up my purse, careful to only show
him a side view of my body. Whether it was the drink or just his
sheer lechery, he was grinning at me in a way that made me feel very
uncomfortable now as I stumbled towards the door.

“Thank…thank you for the drinks,” I said. “And the advice. I hope
it helps if I get any more offers,”

“It was my pleasure Rachael. Remember, Antamount is ALWAYS looking
out for the interests of its closest assets and associates,”

As I stepped out of the room, this last line made me shudder in
disgust. Pulling the door behind me, I made a bee-line for the
elevator. I was dying to see what was inside that folder, and even
to make sure that it was the RIGHT folder, but this was not the time
or place, especially with the assured survelliance of the building.

Every step I took, I was expecting to be accosted by security guards
or, worse, Gordon Hapsboro himself. But thankfully, I made it back
to my car and was on the main drag away from Antamount’s office
without incident. Pulling off to a side road, I couldn’t stand the
nerves any more. Reaching behind my back, I pulled out my secretly
stashed contents.

It was the red folder alright, and as I leafed through the first
couple of pages, I suddenly gasped. Flinging the folder to the seat
next to me, I scrambled madly in my purse for my cell phone. I had
to call Alex, and NOW!


With so much on my mind as I returned to LA, the cab pulling to a
slow halt out front of my building, its a wonder I actually noticed
the car across the street. Getting out and paying the cabbie, I
pulled my one piece of luggage from his trunk and tapped on the
trunk to signal that I was done.

As he pulled away, I fished my keys out of my pocket. It was great
to be back in town, even though I knew that the road ahead would be
tough. Pulling out my keys, my cell phone fell out of my pocket.
Picking it up, I saw only one bar remaining and a NO SIGNAL message
across the screen. Damn companies and their horrible coverage, I
thought to myself as I turned it off.

Walking towards my door, I still don’t know to this day what made me
look back. Turning my head, I glanced across the street. Down a ways
from where my building was, I spotted a white BMW convertible
sitting aside the curb. It wasn’t the car (there were plenty of them
in LA) so much as what was next to it that caught my eye. Bent over
the rear driver’s side wheel, I saw a tight, jean short clad ass
studying the wheel. She was trying to unscrew the wheel locks, and
seemed to not be having much luck with it. Stopping now and studying
her, I could make out a shapely body and a small frame but not a
face from the distance that I was away from her.

I mentally weighed my options – here I was, back from an exhausting
trip, on the door step of my house (and thus my bed) and all I had
to do was turn the knob. Conversely, across the street was what
appeared to be a very attractive woman in need of some help. I knew
the neighborhood was fairly safe, but with the sun going down, it
wouldn’t be like that for long. Unlocking the door, I chucked my bag
inside and re-locked the door before going down the steps once more
and approaching the girl.

Drawing closer to her, I could make her profile out a bit better.
Rather petite, with longish brown hair and a white sleeveless
blouse, her jean shorts occupying the top of a pair of decent length
legs. Her skin was flushed from the sun, but I could tell that she
had a darker complexion than most. Not Hispanic or black, but
vaguely Middle Eastern.

Hearing my approach, the girl pulled the tire iron a little tighter
into herself and looked at me, squinting slightly in the sun. I
could make out her face only slightly, as the sun was setting behind
us and the last rays bathed the street in a sort of daytime
darkness. Standing up, her trusty tire iron in her hand, the girl
leaned against the side of the car.

“I’m not real good with these things, I guess I probably shouldn’t
be driving huh?” she said, downplaying her own lack of skill in

“No, its ok, I’m not the best either. I do know how to fix a tire
though,” I said with a smile as I neared her. She was definetely
small, no more than 5’3 or 5’5. I could smell a mixture of sweat and
a designer perfume on her skin as I crouched down to examine the

She had done little to get the wheel locks off, aside from scraping
the paint off of them and probably giving herself a muscle cramp. I
could however, see why she was changing the wheel: along the
surface, there appeared to be a deep gouge or cut in the hard
rubber, like someone had slashed the tire. Oddly though, the gash
looked fairly recent, as if it had just occurred or…

My thought was interrupted when she spoke again.

“Thanks for your help. I would have called Triple A but I can’t get
a signal in this part of the valley,” she said.

“Yeah, that happens a lot. I just noticed that my cell was dead too.
Your first problem is these wheel locks. You have to take them off
before you can get the tire off. Helps prevent theft. Could you get
me the key for them?”

“You mean like, the key that I start the car with?” she asked.

I smiled at her lack of understanding. She really WAS clueless. “No,
they are special locks. Try looking in the glove compartment, that’s
usually where manufactuers or dealers might put them,”

“Ok, no problem,” she said, bounding over to the passenger side of
the car. It really was a beautiful piece of machinery. Fairly new,
all leather interior and fully equipped. As I lifted my head to look
at the stereo system, I saw the girl bent over the passenger door,
her blouse open at the top and her bra covered breasts visible as
she dug around in the glove box. I lingered in my view for a moment
before she found the wheel locks, my head quickly dropping back down
as I pretended to fiddle with the wheel.

Coming back a moment later, wheel locks in hand, she crouched down
next to me, holding her small hand out and open.

“Are these them?” she said, looking me straight in the eyes. It was
hard not to return the look – for the first time, I made out her
face and was astounded by the pulchritudinous face before me. Her
eyes were a rich brown and seemed to be the kind that men fought
wars over, her lips crested and ridged with delicate peaks and
valleys. Her heart shaped face, with its slighy moisture on the brow
and above the lips, was touched with two small moles that seemed to
only assert that this vision was real and not something imagined as
beauty personified, left me stunned and speechless in the street.

“Yes…thanks,” I said, taking the wheel locks from her. My hand was
trembling a bit I noticed, as my mind digested and absorbed the
face. I had seen her before, I just needed a name to put with a
face. What was it?

“Hi, I’m Natalie by the way,” she said, answering my question. I
looked at her again and saw her hand extended. Shaking it, feeling
the warm touch of her skin against my hand, I tried to compose

“Alex. I live right across the street, that’s why I came to help,” I
said. It wasn’t the most smooth thing in the world, but I felt
intoxicated sitting here and talking to her…to Natalie. Maybe it
was the heat.

“Wait, are you the Natalie that…”

“Yeah, that’s me,” she replied, glancing down at the road. I guess
she didn’t like to talk about work.

“What are you doing over here then?” I said. “I mean, in this
neighborhood. I’d think that an actress like you would…”

“I was driving and I heard a thump thump thump sound, so I pulled
off the freeway. I didn’t want to stop in the middle of traffic so I
just found a street and pulled down it,” she said, her voice lowered
as she leaned in closer to me. “I guess its good that I did, huh? I
mean, where else would I meet a big, helpful man like you?”

“I er…well, you would have to uh,” I said, clearing my throat.
“Let me uh, get back to this wheel,”

I almost jumped then, as Natalie touched my arm, stroking the hairs
on the side of it.

“Ok Alex, please do that. I don’t know what a helpless girl like me
would do if you didn’t,” she said, her voice taking on a pouty sort
of tone.

I was incredibly torn inside. The cute, innocent little school girl
act that she was putting on was incredibly erotic and was making my
heart thump and my crotch bulge, and yet I couldn’t get over
something about the situation, something about how it didn’t feel
quite right. I just didn’t know, but it was incredibly hard to
concentrate with her small, lithe, beautiful body next to me. I
tried to ignore her touch as I took off the wheel locks and focused
on the tire.

Somehow I managed to do it. Standing up on shaky legs a few minutes
later, I handed the wheel locks back to Natalie and rolled the flat
tire over to her trunk. She opened it up and brushed aside a few
bags of clothes before letting me set it in there. Shutting the
trunk, I leaned back against the car and looked at Natalie, who had
a hand on her hip and was studying the street and the trees that
were moving slowly in the wind.

“Well, you’re all set,” I said, wiping my hands off.

“Thanks a lot. So Alex, I hate to impose you after you just saved me
the cost of a tow truck, but do you think I could get something to
drink? I’m really pretty hot from being out here and it’s a few
miles to the nearest store. If you don’t mind of course,” she said,
a rather sultry tone in her voice.

“Sure, come on in,” I said, walking towards the house. Natalie
followed me up the stairs and stood just a foot or so behind me as I
turned the key in the door and opened it again.

Turning on a light, I kicked my suitcase out of the way, Natalie
closing the door behind her.

“The place isn’t much to look at and is kind of messy, but I’ve been
out of town so,”

“No, I like it. It feels very homey, very comfortable,” Natalie
said, cutting me off. I lingered in the living room for a moment,
not really sure how to procede. I had forgotten, for the moment any
ways, the urgency of things that were going on with Katherine and
Racheal and Antamount. Plugging my cell phone in to charge, I stood
for a moment before turning on my heel.

“Well er, have a seat. I’ll get you something to drink,” I said
because I didn’t know what else to say, as I walked into the

Getting down two glasses from the cupboard, I opened the fridge and
took out a pitcher of water and some ice. Plunking the cubes into
the cups, I poured the water as I thought about the situation to
myself. Here was Natalie Portman, sitting in my living room after I
had helped her out. My instincts said that there was something off
about the whole thing, but my body was telling me to go for it and
to let my guard down. Opportunities like this didn’t come very
often, and distractions like this were perhaps just what I needed to
clear my head and make myself feel more reassured about what I knew
I had to do.

Walking back into the living room, the glasses in hand, I called out
to Natalie as I approached.

“I’m not sure how fresh this water is but it is cold and,”

I stopped in mid sentence as I stood in the doorway of the living
room. Natalie was seated on the couch, her medium length brown hair
slung over her shoulder as she leaned against the backing of the
couch. Her hands were at the bottom of her blouse, unbuttoning the
last button as the damp garment hung from her shoulders, opening
just above her hands to reveal her modest cleavage.

Natalie saw me looking at her and smiled, standing up. Walking with
a sexy thrusting of her hips in each step, she drew incredibly close
to me, wrapping her small fingers around one of the glasses as she
delicately extracted it from my grip.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” she said, her voice a whisper. Holding the
glass in her hand, she moved it to her long, graceful throat and
held the sweating side of the cold glass against her throat. Sighing
softly, she closed her eyes and seductively moved it up and down her
smooth skin, letting the beads of moisture soak into her body.

Tracing it along her throat, Natalie let the edge brush against her
cheek as she moved it to the other side, again sighing in
contentment at the refreshing feel of the water against her body.
Opening her eyes, Natalie slowly raised the glass to her delicate
lips and sipped from it slightly, her eyes meeting mine as I stood
there, dumbfounded and incredibly aroused.

Her throat muscles worked slowly as she swallowed the water down,
sucking a cube of ice between her teeth. Lowering the glass from her
lips, Natalie held the cube between her teeth and traced her tongue
all around it as she lewdly sucked it into her small mouth. A slight
crunch sound filled the room as she chewed the ice, swallowing it
too down before opening her mouth and revealing her small, pinkish

“Thank you for the water, it was just what I needed,”

“Natalie, I,” I said, trying to come up with something to say to
this succubus in front of me. Natalie however, would have none of
it, and raised her finger to my lips.

“Shhh…I’ll do all the talking for both of us, mmm k?”

I nodded dumbly and watched as Natalie set her glass down, taking my
glass from my hand as well and setting it on an intable. Shrugging
her blouse off of her shoulders, she folded it up neatly and tossed
it onto the couch. Reaching her arms behind her back, she unclasped
the pink bra that she was wearing underneath the blouse and let it
slide slowly over her shoulders. Her nipples were a rich pink color,
the tips darker than the rest of her B-cup or so breasts, the
perkiness of them just enough to fill up a man’s hands.

Letting the bra drop to the floor, Natalie tilted her head up to
mine and ran her hands up and onto my chest, squeezing and playing
with my own nipples as my heart thudded in my chest.

“Now, a decent man like you is hard to find Alex,” she said. “So I
think that you need a reward for all your generosity. I’m going to
get on my knees now, unbuckle your pants, slide them down your
thick, muscular legs and suck your cock. Would that be ok?”

My breathing was erratic in my throat now as I stared at Natalie’s
topless, flushed body. Again, all I could do was nod my head

She smiled at me, a smile like a brilliant white rainbow that would
power California for days if we could harness its luminescence.
“Good, I thought it would be ok,”

Natalie was true to her word, lowering her small body to the carpet
as she balanced herself on her knees. Whether it was fate or not,
Natalie’s face was exactly eye level with my groin as she undid my
pants and boxers and let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of
the clothes in a robotic kind of fashion and Natalie continued her

Rubbing her hands on my thighs, her small fingers tracing loops and
odd shapes through the hair of my calves, she slowly moved up my
legs towards my crotch. Her thumbs made my body tremble slightly as
she moved up the inner portion of my thighs, the smooth motion
making my body taut and my skin pulse beneath her.

Lifting my shirt up over my crotch, Natalie stared at my semi-hard
cock for a moment before grinning up at me mischeviously.

“Wow Alex, you have quite a cock there. It’s so beautiful and firm,
as if it was made just for fucking naughty little girls like me. I
can’t wait to feel it in my pussy, which is already getting nice and
sopping wet for you. But for right now, I’d really love to taste it.
I want to feel the head between my lips, and let my tongue coat and
bath it in a warm saliva bath. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me doing
that, would you Alex?” she said with that same pouting tone.

I didn’t even have time to respond. My hips jerked a bit as Natalie
wrapped her small hand around my shaft, lifting it up as if she was
weighing fruit. She slowly let her loose grip slide up and down
along the length of it, pulling back the skin as she explored every
millimeter of my manhood. Her other hand was rubbing against my
thigh and it was all I could do not to moan and thrust my hardening
cock towards her.

Natalie continued to study my shaft, as if she had never seen one
before. She moved her jerking motions up and down slowly on my cock,
tickling her fingers beneath my balls as her small nails stroked and
played with them. Twisting her hand slightly, Natalie’s face was
just inches from my cock as she played and occupied herself with the
foreskin of it.

Lifting it up till it was pointing practically straight up in the
air, Natalie was fascinated by each and every vein and slight bump
that covered and made up my cock. She pressed her nose against it,
the cute pertness of it making me gasp as I felt her breath as she
inhaled the scent of my manhood deeply for a moment before moving
her face away once more.

Releasing it from her grip, Natalie stroked her finger down from the
base to the tip of the head, using her nail to glide all the way
around my purplish cock head, each movement sending shivers down my
spine as she touched the most sensitive nerves of any man’s body.
Using her thumb to apply a soft pressure to it, Natalie pressed down
on the head as she used her other free hand to slowly begin to
stroke my cock once more. The feeling her teasing the head with one
hand, and jerking my length with the other was indescribable, and
yet it was only a prelude of what was to come.

Natalie continued to do this for a few more minutes, worshipping my
cock and enjoying herself immensely as my cock grew to the hardest
state it had been in for months. Releasing it from her small hand,
the shaft stood up at an angle as it pointed towards the ceiling. A
small drop of precum had formed at the tip of my prick and it
glistened in the light, clearly catching Natalie’s eye.

“Is that cum for me Alex? I just love the taste of cum. I think I’ll
try some!” Natalie said enthusiastically. I was not prepared for
what came next, my legs almost buckling beneath me as Natalie
wrapped her hands tightly against my ass and sucked in the head of
my dick between her soft lips, her tongue licking up the moisture
inside the hole of my prick. It all happened so quickly that it took
all the restraint I had not to let my tightening balls give her a
complete mouthful then and there.

Natalie pulled her mouth away with a loud *POP* sound, giggling
immediately like a little girl.

“Wow, that DID taste great! I just love sucking your cock like a
lollipop Alex!” Natalie said, her hand once again stroking the
underside of my prick, her nail tracing along it delicately.

“Is there more in there for me?” she asked. “Ooo! I bet there is!
But I have to get it out myself right? This will be fun!” Natalie
said, her voice once again taking on that innocent school girl tone.

Holding my cock up again, Natalie extended her cute tongue from her
mouth and licked the underside of my shaft along the same line that
her nail had gone. I moaned in pleasure as I felt the warm, wet
muscle caress and stroke my manhood, gliding from base to head with
the expertise of a talented porn star. Natalie’s other hand had
moved to my balls, which she was now cupping and squeezing gently as
she moved from the bottom to each side (one at a time) of my cock,
coating it in the same spit bath that the underside had received.

My cock glistened from her excited salivations as Natalie held it in
her hand. She planed tiny kisses all along the top of it, holding
the throbbing member in her hand as her warm breath tickled the nest
of pubic hair above my shaft. Natalie moved closer to me now,
letting the tip of my saliva coated cock rest against her bottom lip
for a moment. I had been staring in disbelief at her skills the
whole time, but now she finally looked up at me with those soft
brown eyes of hers and looked incredibly naughty with the tip of my
shaft against her lips.

Opening her mouth, Natalie let the head slide in between her teeth
as, inch by inch, she took more and more of my cock into her mouth.
I gasped again in pleasure as I watched my entire length disappear
into her small mouth, until her nose was nestled snugly against my
pubic hair, her brown hair falling against the sides of her face as
she held my cock in her mouth.

I could feel the throbbing head glide into her throat as she exhaled
slightly from her nose, the spongy texture bobbing against her
tonsils as Natalie began to suck gently again, the pressure from the
vaccum her mouth created now making each and every sensitive nerve
on my shaft come alive and seemingly burst with feeling. Natalie’s
lips tightened around me as she slowly let the head move out of the
back of her throat but kept the majority of my dick between her
lips, the suction coming from her small body enough to hollow out
her cheeks.

Seductively, Natalie let more and more out of her mouth before
beginning a bobbing motion up and down along my shaft. As the head
slid out from between her lips, another strand of precum dangled
from between them. Natalie was quick to lick it up though, opening
her mouth just enough to gobble up the silky strand before
swallowing it down.

“Mmm…yummy,” she said to me as our eyes locked once more. Natalie
held my cock in her hand again, the throbbing, wet member alive and
pulsing in her hand, before rubbing it against each one of her
cheeks in a playful manner. She closed her eyes as she did this, and
seemed as happy as a girl with a new toy, the smeared mixture of her
saliva and my cum making her face glisten in the light of the
semi-dark room.

Sliding my cock back into her mouth, Natalie became focused on
getting me to cum. Taking my length into her mouth fully once more,
Natalie began to suck on the head solely, wrapping her tongue and
lips around it as she played with and caressed the skin around it,
my foreskin held back taughtly by her hand. Cupping my balls once
more, Natalie fondled them and pulled slightly on the sack, allowing
it to tighten even more as I drew closer and closer to orgasm.

Natalie bobbed her head up and down along my length, the head
becoming drenched in the feel of her white hot mouth as he hand
pulled back and forth along the shaft, working it like a well oiled
piston as she got a rhythm going and coaxed me, slurp by wonderful
slurp towards the inevitable goal. I felt her teeth trace lightly
along my cock, the tips of her two front teeth bumping against the
edge of my mushroom tip as it became more and more stimulated by
this ungodly blow job.

I had barely enough time to call out “NATALIE!” as my orgasm hit me.
My knees buckled and I felt my ass cheeks tighten significantly as I
thrust my hips forward, the hot white cum bellowing out towards
Natalie’s mouth. She was ready to receive it however, for as soon as
I hoarsely called out her name, Natalie plunged my shaft back down
her throat, the tip hitting against her tonsils once more and the
tight vaccum now even tighter as my balls tightened and then
released the first spurt.

It arrived with more force than even Natalie was probably
anticipating, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag
slightly. Natalie swallowed the first shot down, but was better
prepared for the second one as it landed like a bullet on the back
of her tongue. My cock continued to jerk and thrust as I filled
Natalie’s mouth with my hot seed, a small stream sliding out of the
corner of her mouth as she opened wide enough to let the cum hit the
top of her mouth and spill outward around her lips, coating them
with sticky viscocity.

Cum dribbling down her chin and onto her naked breasts, Natalie
finally let go of my cock as the last dribble spilled out. Rubbing
her face against it again, the remaining strands dangled from her
chin seducitvely as she smiled up at me, happy with the results.

“That was great Alex, I just love the taste of hot cum in my throat.
It feels so wonderful going down, and I feel so slutty as it drips
into my stomach,” Natalie said, wiping some of the cum off of her
chin before smearing it into her breasts to make her chest sticky
and smeared. “But I want to feel your seed shoot inside of me, to
take all of that wonderful cock deep inside my tight little cunt and
feel it fill me up,”

My mind was still reeling from feeling her suck my cock, and now she
was begging for me to fuck her? This was insane! It certainly did
not seem like the reserved, quiet actress that everyone held up as a
model of grace and beauty in Hollywood, but then again my
experiences with Hollywood had certainly not lived up to the
expectations that I had first thought.

This thought brought back to mind the dissaperance of Katherine and
Mila, and I remembered my promise to Rachael to call her when I got
back to LA. Lifting my head from where I had been staring at
Natalie’s cum dripping body, I glanced at my cell phone. I needed to
try and get in touch with Rachael.

Making like I was going to walk towards it, Natalie strangely stood
up rather quickly, that same seductive look in her eye, as she stood
in my way.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked with a grin.

“I was just going to,” I said, but she cut me off.

“Ah ah ah. Remember, no talking,” she said. “Now how about you take
off that shirt and have a seat on the couch, and I’ll make us BOTH
get what we really want,”

I found it odd that Natalie would care so much about me just getting
my cell phone, but my cock was still hard and I knew that Natalie’s
state of arousal may not last forever. Plus, it was probably better
that I tried to reach Rachael when I was alone.

With this thought in mind, I did as Natalie said and pulled off my
shirt before flopping down on the couch, my cock still erect and
coated with the sweet juices of Natalie’s mouth.

As I sat on the couch, Natalie moved to the middle of the living
room. Turning her back to me, Natalie ran her hands down the length
of her body to her shorts, swaying her tight, tiny ass back and
forth seductively to some unknown beat. She threw her head over her
shoulder and looked at me seductively as she dipped her hips down a
bit in a dance move. Her lithe body moved with the grace of a well
trained dancer, every muscle and inch of her moving in a unison of
gorgeous effect.

Natalie placed her hands on her ass and swayed her hips again,
squeezing her own cheeks as her thumbs hooked under the band of her
jeans. Her sneakers, which I had barely noticed in all that had
happened since first spotting her, were suddenly stepped out of and
kicked to the side, leaving her standing there wearing only her
white cotton socks and her tight shorts, her topless body flushed
and excited from the stellar blow job just a few minutes before.

Spinning on her heel slowly, Natalie turned to face me again,
licking her lips seductively at me as she slid her hands up her well
toned stomach, her skin a rich brown from tanning and very little
tan lines. Apparently she still liked to sun bath topless, despite
the paparazzi problem I knew she had a few years back. Her small
hands came to the base of her breasts and her fingers gripped her
perky tits tightly as she squeezed and caressed her hard nipples,
playing with the natural bounciness of her breasts.

Natalie squeezed each nipple between her index and middle finger,
holding it tightly as she threw her head back and moaned in a
secuctive growl of passion and lust. Her hair swayed over her naked
shoulders hypnotically as her body continued to move. Stepping
forward, Natalie brought her hands together on her stomach and
slowly (her eyes locked on mine) formed a diamond with her fingers
over her belly button as she reached the button of her jean shorts.
With a loud gasp for effect, the button popped open beneath her
touch, Natalie thrusting her hips forward slightly as she continued
her slow and incredible strip tease.

The button undone, Natalie moved one hand back to her breasts and
continued to fondle them, while using her other hand to slowly pull
down the zipper. Her face had a look of surprised lust, like a girl
discovering her body for the first time as a lock of hair fell over
her eye, her mouth breathing heavily as she unzipped the zipper, her
hard nipples thrusting out even more as she fondled her breasts.

Placing her hands behind her head, her elbows bent away from her
head as she moved her hips from side to side, the unfastened shorts
now began their rapidly increasing descent down her smooth, shapely
legs. Natalie picked up speed in her hip gyrations, letting the
shorts fall slowly over her hips and down her thighs, her legs held
close together as the denim worked its way down.

With the excitement of the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve, the
shorts continued to slide down as Natalie’s hip motions became more
and more deliberate and sexy, alternating each side as she thrust
from side to side, the shorts finally passing her thighs and falling
swiftly to the floor. Natalie carefully stepped out of them, her
cute stockinged feet rising gracefully off the floor as she kicked
them aside, her hands falling back to her waist now.

Natalie wore a barely there black thong pair of underwear, the thin
strip of fabric clinging to her hips no wider than my pinky. The
strip covering her opening was sheer, and I could make out the
slightest hint of the soft pubic hair beneath it. Moving her hands
back to her belly once more, Natalie slid downward until her fingers
were covering this opening. Turning again on her heel, Natalie
revealed her ass to me, the thong riding directly up her pert crack
and ending in a small triangle of fabric just above the crest of her

Bending at the waist, Natalie turned her head back to look at me,
her hair falling against her ear as she licked her lips seductively
at me and thrust a hand between her legs, her eyes closing as her
face showed a look of pleasure and excitement as her fingers
dissapeared into a place I could not see but desperately wanted to

“Oh Alex, I’m so hot and wet for you baby,” Natalie moaned, opening
her eyes again.

Still bent over, Natalie moved her hands back to her ass and pulled
her cheeks apart slightly, showing me her deep crevice as the thin
material of the thong held itself between her pussy lips, her mound
just barely covered by it. Slowly, Natalie began to pull the thong
downward, pausing every few inches to show off more and more of her
naked body to me as her small ass came into an unobstructed view by
the quickly falling thong.

Rising from her position a bit, Natalie finally returned to an
upright position just as the thong slid over her thighs and, like
everything else, fell to the floor. Turning towards me once more, I
saw the narrow strip of brown hair above her sex for the first time,
her aroused and excited pussy lips open slightly as she walked
towards me, that same gait in her step.

Now just a foot or so from me, Natalie slowly climbed atop of me on
the couch, resting her arms on the top of the couch as her hot,
naked body came to rest on my thighs. Natalie slowly lowered her
face to my own, pushing her hair out of the way as she planted a
delicate kiss on my lips, her arms encircling my neck.

Grinding her ass into me, I could feel Natalie’s wetness coating my
thighs as she moved closer to my stiff prick, the head throbbing
once more as the base of my shaft came into contact with her
dripping opening for the first time. Sliding her pussy upwards on
it, my dick became coated in her juices, the soft folds of her cunt
parting slightly as she teased herself on my opening.

I felt Natalie’s small hand once more grab my cock, lifting it from
my belly as she held it upright in her tight fist. Raising her hips
and ass just enough, Natalie positioned herself directly above it,
both of us staring down for the moment of contact. The tip red and
throbbing, Natalie held it tightly as she brushed it over her
opening and her clit, shuddering to herself as she prepared to slide
my manhood into her. With both of us fully aroused, Natalie lowered
her hips and bit and released my cock as she sank down onto it.

We both let out a sigh of pleasure as she quickly fell onto my hips,
impaling herself directly on my cock all the way. I groaned in
ecstacy as I felt the velvet like walls of her pussy, each hot and
wet fold, glide over my manhood, the tightness of her cunt gripping
me like a vise. Fully inside of her, I could feel the soft, delicate
features of Natalie’s pussy around me, her splayed legs resting atop
my thighs as she held herself in position over it, both of us
savouring the feeling.

It certainly must have been mutual for Natalie, for as I looked down
and saw her tight cunt stuffed and full with my cock, I could feel
her inner walls contract and expand around me, the tell tale sign of
at least a decent sized orgasm. Natalie had been biting her lower
lip seductively as she sank onto me, and she still held tightly to
it with her teeth, but her eyes were closed and her body was slowly
rocking back and forth atop me, the motion barely noticeable as she
adjusted to the feeling of being completely filled.

Opening her eyes, we looked at each other for a long moment. Her
deep brown eyes had taken on a golden tint now, and seemed to exude
a sense of contentment and pleasure, but also some sort of
reservation as she held herself atop me. Her body clearly wanted
this, needed this sexual release, but her mind strangely didn’t
quite seem so sure. Nevertheless, I felt as if we had bonded with
one another in the physical and emotional sense as she began to
increase her rocking motions and I flexed the muscles of my cock
tightly within her, and we both began to climb to a sexual peak.

Moving my hands to her ass, I began to lift Natalie up slightly on
my cock, the motion just enough to let her feel my thrusting deeper
and deeper in her, my shaft all the way buried inside of her pussy.
Natalie moved her hands to my chest and held herself there as we
grinded there on the couch, her pussy squeezing and milking my cock
tightly. She began to move her hips in the same way she had done
when removing the shorts, her hips causing my cock to bounce and
batter off the sides of her pussy, the head caressing and touching
her inner folds with each gyration.

This increased tempo made my grip on her ass tighten, and raised
Natalie’s libido even higher, as she began to bounce harder and
harder on my lap, her pussy quickly becoming a blur.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me Alex! Fuck my cunt! Give me that hard cock! Ohhh
yeah baby, fuck me goooooddddddd!!!” Natalie moaned, her nails
digging into my shoulders and she wrapped her arms around my back
and pulled herself tightly to me.

I could feel Natalie rising up and down on my shaft now, her rapidly
flowing juices coating my thighs and the couch around us as she
bounced with an unholy passion and fervor atop my lap, half of my
cock sliding out of her with each thrust just for a moment before
her small body quickly engulfed it again.

“Ooooo I’m such a good girl but I’m being so NAUGHTY!” Natalie cried
out, her breath ragged and panting from her sweat covered face.
“Fuck my tight little pussy with that rock hard dick of yours! Make
me cum, make me cum like a bad bad girl! YEAAAHHHH!!!”

I couldn’t help but get in on the cries myself, as the good girl
gone bad idea and experience flooded my mind and increased my

“You like that cock Natalie? You want me to fuck you harder?”

“Oh GOD YES! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me hard Alex! I’ve been
such a naughty girl, make me pay by filling me up with your cock,
coating me with your cum!”

I groaned at this last part and as I felt Natalie’s clit and opening
rub agaisnt my pistoning shaft and tightening balls, my orgasm began
to build steam and approach a head very quickly.

“I’m gonna cum Natalie! I’m gonna fill your pussy with my cum, do
you want that?”

“Yes yes Alex, fuck me! Fill me up with your seed! Shoot it deep
within me, I want to feel your hot cum fill up my body! Fuck me
harder, cum with me Alex, I’m almost there, cum with meeeeee!!!!”

“ARGGHHH!!!” I cried out as I pressed my dick as deep and as hard
inside of her as I could, my prick exploding in a torrential orgasm
as Natalie’s body shuddered and spasmed atop me, her pussy releasing
a flood of her own girl cum around me as our body fluids mixed
together and I coated her soft, tight inner walls with my spunk.
Stream after stream, a seemingly endless amount spewed forth as I
rode my orgasm for what seemed like a never ending wave of pleasure
and bliss.

Natalie bucked her hips into my lap one last time before collapsing
against my chest, my cock still hard and deep within her, the last
drops of cum thoroughly milked and sucked out by her vise tight
twat. We lay there for a few minutes, each of us catching our breath
as Natalie slowly raised herself up off of my chest and gave me a
soft kiss on the forehead.

“That was incredible, far better than I ever thought it would be,”
she said.

I smiled back and gave her a kiss on the lips as a response. With
much effort, Natalie slowly lifted herself from the sticky mess of
our crotches, a fresh stream of cum dribbling down her leg.

“Let me go clean this up a bit and then I want to feel that rock
hard cock of yours deep in my ass. I want to have as much fun as
possible, mmm k?” Natalie said with that same lustful glint in her
eyes as she stood over me.

“Alright,” I said, still unbelieving that this day was actually

“Where is your bathroom?” Natalie said.

“Second door on the right,” I replied, watching her ass swish as she
walked towards it and shut the door. I leaned back on the couch and
took a deep breath, running my hands through my sweaty hair as I
marveled at my luck today. Perhaps Natalie would, like Jessica Alba,
be able to help me in stopping Antamount. The more Hollywood friends
I could muster, the better.

Thinking about this once again reminded me of my cell phone. Rising
from the couch with a sticky crackle of sweat and cum, I walked over
to the wall outlet and took it from its charger. Turning it on, I
set it on the coffee table and flopped back down on the couch,
wiping away a few stray hairs (mine or Natalie’s, I wasn’t really
sure) as I waited for her to return from the bathroom.

Suddenly, the phone sprang to life as it rang. I almost jumped out
of my skin as the sound broke the silence of the room, but I reached
down and picked it up, opening the flip top as I answered it.


“Alex! Where the hell have you been?”

My heart leaped into my throat. It was Rachael!

“I just got back in town. What did you find out?”

“Where are you right now?” Rachael said, ignoring my question.

“I’m at home, why? What is going on Rachael?”

“You have to get out of there NOW!” she said, an urgent panic in her

“I don’t understand, why? Tell me what the hell is going on!”

“I went to see Hapsboro like you said,” she replied, taking a quick
deep breath. “I managed to steal a folder from his desk and check it
out when I got a few miles from the office. They are setting you up
for a trap Alex, and I think it is at your house!”

I was entirely confused now. If they were planning on trapping me,
why hadn’t they done it already? I walked into my house in broad
daylight, so they could have easily taken me or done whatever they

“Rachael, I’m home right now and I haven’t seen anyone,”

“No, see that’s the point. This document I found, dated a few days
ago, said that two ‘associates’ would be waiting outside of your
house upon your return back from Japan, with the goal of getting you
inside of your house and gathering information from you,”

“Associates? You mean like thugs?”

“No, I don’t think so. From what I read, it sounds like they might
be female agents or something. Someone who you would be inclined to

My body suddenly felt very, very numb. Natalie.

“What…what else did it say? You said there would be two of them?”
I said, barely able to speak above a whisper as I felt paralyzed
sitting on the couch.

“Yes, two are involved but I don’t know to what extent,” Rachael
said. “Alex, you NEED to leave now. If they aren’t already there
then they will be very soon,”

I suddenly heard the water in the bathroom stop and the door open.
My heart was thudding in my chest and blood rushed to my head as I
saw Natalie walk, seemingly in slow motion, towards me down the

“Rachael, let me call you right back,” I said, hanging up on her. I
turned the phone off and set it back on the table just as Natalie
reentered the room. She had fixed her hair and wiped away the cum
stains from her body, but looked just as radiant and ready to fuck
as before.

“I couldn’t find much lube in the bathroom but I don’t think that
will be too much of a problem,” Natalie said, flopping down on the
couch beside me. It all made sense now – the situation was way too
perfect. Natalie with a flat tire outside of my house, her more than
eager seduction of me…it all made sense. But where was this second
person, this second girl?

“Alex? Are you ok? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Natalie
said with a smile, her hand fondling my hair. Turning to look at
her, I studied her face for any signs of betrayal. She was a good
actress though, as I saw nothing that would give it away. I would
have to draw this out myself.

“I’m…I’m fine Natalie,” I said, standing up. She rose to her feet
as well, placing her hands on my chest. I was suddenly revolted by
the feeling of her touching me, and it took everything I had not to
say anything, but I played dumb as best as I could.

“Then what is it Alex?” Natalie said, cocking her head to the side.
For a moment I studied her before I decided that now was the only
time I might have to make my move.

Advancing towards her, Natalie’s face changed first from a smile to
a look of confusion to a slight look of controlled panic.

“What exactly were you planning Natalie?” I said to her, my voice
low in my throat.

“Wha…what do you mean Alex?” Natalie replied, her demeanor one of

“This whole thing,” I said, gesturing to her nude body. “Why did you
come here and fuck me?”

“I…I just wanted to thank you for,” she replied, but I cut her

“Bullshit! This wasn’t about helping anyone but yourself,” I
snapped, moving closer to her. Natalie backed into the wall, her
hands pressed flat against it, her heart flutterng quickly in her

“It was! You helped me fix that slashed tire and,”

“Ah ha! I never said it was slashed! How did you know that Natalie?
Did you slash it yourself?”

“I don’t know what you are talking,”

“Yes, I think you do. I think you and whatever little friend you had
with you purposely slashed your tire and waited for me to get here.
Didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU!” I screamed, now just inches from her.
Natalie lifted her hands to her face, trying to protect herself. I
could feel my adrenaline rushing through my body as Natalie
scrambled and stuttered over her words.

“No! I was just…I was just doing what I was told to I mean what I
wanted to do I mean trying to help you I mean thank you! I was just
trying to thank you! Please Alex, you are scaring me!” Natalie

Placing my arms over her shoulders, my palms against the wall as I
held her pinned there, our faces just inches away, Natalie’s eyes
darted from side to side as she grew more and more afraid of what I
might do. After a moment’s hesitation, she ducked her head quickly
and tried to bolt around me.

“Please won’t someone help me!” Natalie cried out as she tried to
flee. I grabbed her wrist tightly, pulling her back to me.

“Won’t WHO help you Natalie? Who are you talking to? WHO ELSE IS

“I…please I don’t know I was just..help! HELP!” Natalie cried.

Placing my hand over her mouth, Natalie began to really yell now
when suddenly, I heard a sound coming from the back bedroom. A door
opened and I heard footsteps running down the hall towards the
living room, where I held Natalie against me, my arm underneath her
neck and my hand over her mouth.

Coming at a full on gait, tears in her eyes and her blonde hair
flowing, I was startled to see Kirsten Dunst running in a panic into
the living room.

“Natalie! I’m here! I’ll help you!” Kirsten cried, stopping suddenly
when she saw the position that Natalie and I were in. “NO! Please!
Don’t hurt her! Oh Nat I’m so sorry I never thought,”

Natalie bit down hard on my hand, her teeth digging into my fingers
as I grimaced in pain but held on to her even tighter. My finger
throbbed and I could feel warm blood trickling out. Still though, I
was resolved in my goal.

“I don’t know how the FUCK you got in here,” I said to Kirsten. “But
you both have about five seconds to start talking and explain
yourselves, or else you are both in seriously deep shit!”


“Jamie, what the hell are we doing here?” Sarah asked.

“Waiting. Just hang on, you’ll see,” I replied. We were both hunched
over in my car, the top up as we sat low in the seats.

“This is insane. I know her, I’ve worked with her. She CAN’T be all
those things you said she is. I don’t know where you got those ideas

“Just shut up Sarah. No one asked you to get involved in this thing,
but now that you are doesn’t mean that you have the right to dictate
how things are going to play out, alright?” I snapped, wishing
immediately that I hadn’t been so cruel to her. Sarah really was an
innocent in all of this, even if she did decide to get mixed up in
it at a really bad time.

What we were doing was waiting. Waiting for Eliza Dushku to get
home, waiting for her to pull into the driveway and go inside the
house and for me to make my own entrance into her house and set
things in motion further in my plans to get her out of the picture.

“You realize this is pracitcally stalking, right?” Sarah said
flatly, a pouty sound in her voice. She wasn’t much of a debater and
clearly she had resigned herself to doing what I wanted, which was
just the way I liked it.

“You realize that she is involved in extortion, prostitution, drug
use and now even murder, right?” I replied back. That shut Sarah up.
“Besides, this is good. While we wait, I can think,”

It wasn’t that I didn’t trust that Hilt guy, or even the bitches
that he had helping him. I’m sure they all wanted to stop Antamount
as much as I did, and maybe even bring down the Rose Petals along
with it. But that last part…well, that wasn’t in my plans. I had
bigger aspirations. With Eliza out of the way (through whatever
means it took), I could move in and step it up. After all, I was
third in the pecking order. And with Antamount in disarray, this was
the perfect time to make my move.

First things first though. Revenge on Eliza, followed by my sudden
and surprising rise to the top of the Rose Petals food chain and my
career advancing beyond doing some stupid phone commercials. And if
Salma Hayek and whoever else she had up in her little cabal didn’t
like it, well they could be dealt with too. Hell hath no fury like
Jamie Pressley scorned.

“Wait, is that a car?” Sarah said, raising her hand and pointing
down the road at a pair of headlights advancing towards us. The
lights were slowing down, and I couldn’t help but grin to myself as
they pulled into Eliza’s driveway. It was hard to tell from this
distance, but the car LOOKED like Eliza’s. Starting my engine, I let
it idle for a second. The noise startled Sarah though, as she
suddenly turned and looked at me.

“Jamie, wait what are you planning on doing? What the hell ARE we

“Just be patient Sarah, and wait in the car when I get out. I might
need to get out of here kind of quickly,” I said, reaching my arm
back into the backseat as I let the car coast forward a few feet.
Grabbing what I wanted, I set it in my lap.

“Jesus Jamie!” Sarah gasped. “Why do you have THAT? What the hell do
you plan on,”

“I said shut up and be patient Sarah,” I replied, now gassing the
car a bit as we moved closer and closer to the house. When we were
two houses away, I stepped on the gas at a normal rate so as to
appear like a regular car passing by. Quickly reaching Eliza’s
house, we had a few seconds glance at her closing garage.

It was Eliza’s car alright, I could make her body frame out as she
stepped out of the car, talking on her cell phone. What I hadn’t
planned on though, was that she apparently had a passenger. Even
from a few hundred yards away, I could tell that it was a woman with
bright, coppery red hair. We passed the house just as their feet
dissapeared from our view, the coasting motion carrying us past a
few more houses before I hit the brake again.

Pulling in under some trees, I stopped the car and handed Sarah the

“Here. Be ready to go if I tell you to,” I said to her, opening my

“Ready to..Jamie wait! Don’t do what I think you are planning!
Please, you’ll regret it and,”

“Just get in the seat Sarah, I’ll be fine. Eliza needs to learn her
lesson and if I have to teach it to her the tough way, well then
that’s how it has to be,”

I stepped out of the car and slammed the door, Sarah’s face pressed
against the driver’s window as she leaned across the stick shift to
tap on the glass at me. I ignored her and adjusted my coat, the
sound of my heels hitting the pavement making a soft but constant

Walking around the car, I lowered my arm to my side, my baseball bat
in hand, I walked quietly towards Eliza Dushku’s house.


“Please, just let Nat go!” Kirsten Dunst begged as she stood in the
middle of my living room. My mind was swirling erratically now, the
walls seeming to spin before me as I realized how close I came to
being in serious trouble.

“Not until I get some answers,” I snapped back. “As in, what the
hell you two are doing here, what you were planning and perhaps most
importantly WHO put you up to such a thing,”

I saw Kirsten look at Natalie’s frightened face for a long moment,
hesitating over what to do. Her resolve seemed to be cracking, as
she weighed her options.

“Let her go and I’ll talk,” Kirsten said with a quietly resigned
sigh. “Please, just let go of her. I love her!”

This startled both Natalie and I, as I felt her body shift awkwardly
beneath my grasp. Clearly, this Hallmark moment hadn’t been planned
or even expected.

“If I let her go, you both will take a seat on that couch and not
move till I say so, alright?” I said after a long, tense moment.

“Yes, that’s fine. Just please…” Kirsten said, hanging her head. I
looked down at Natalie, whose dark brown eyes were studying my every
move. With a hesitant hand, I removed my fingers from over her mouth
and relaxed my grip. Natalie immediately ran over to Kirsten, who
wrapped her arms around her tightly and held her, whispering things
in her ear as she feverishly kissed Natalie’s cheek. The scene would
have been quite arousing, had the circumstances been different. I
let them have their moment, but then reasserted control of the

“Alright, you’ve been reunited. Now sit,” I said. They reluctantly
released each other, Kirsten holding Natalie’s hand tightly as they
moved to the couch, sitting incredibly close to one another. Kirsten
wore a black sheer top and dark blue jeans, her long blonde hair
pulled back in a pony tail behind her head.

“Talk,” I commanded of them, picking my pants and shirt off of the
floor and putting it back on as they watched me tensely.

“We weren’t here to hurt you,” Natalie said, her voice far more
frightened now than it had been before.

“No, honestly, we weren’t. You have to believe us,” Kirsten sing

“And why should I possibly begin to believe you?” I said, studying
them. Natalie had pulled her clothes up off the floor and held them
tightly in a ball against her nakedness, as if her modesty might be

“Because we were just doing our job,” Kirsten said, a bit more
confident in her voice now.

“Who were you doing your job for?” I asked.

They looked at each other again, studying each other’s faces for a
response. I had been through way too much to give them another
moment to get their story straight though, and responded as such.

“Oh I don’t have time for this. I’m calling the cops,” I said,
moving towards my cell phone.

“NO! DON’T! We were sent here by…by…” Kirsten said, catching
herself before she continued. I paused midstep, indicating that she
should go on.

“By who? WHO SENT YOU?” I bellowed.

“Eliza Dushku,” Kirsten said, bowing her head again. “Eliza and the
Rose Petals,”

“Please Alex, this is not how things were supposed to work. I was
just supposed to seduce you, Kirsten would tie you up when you were
vunerable and we would ransack your apartment. That’s all,” Natalie
said, her lip quivering. “You have to believe me,”

“Ransacking my apartment for what?”

“I think you know what,” Kirsten said flatly. “You know that we know
just what you were doing in Japan,”

I felt my stomach drop. Had I been followed? Were they watching me
day and night? I let Kirsten continue, hoping for some answers.

“See, Eliza and I…well, we are close. More than close, we are
lovers and friends. And I was so ready to join her in the Rose
Petals and do anything for her, until…”

“Until what?” I asked.

“Until I…until I met Natalie,” Kirsten said, turning towards her
partner in crime, their hands tightly wrapped together. “That’s why
I interferred and ran out here in a panic. I…I didn’t want
anything to happen to her. I didn’t want you to hurt her,”

Kirsten leaned in and kissed Natalie on the head. Like a child,
Natalie moved closer to Kirsten, wrapping her arms around her as
Kirsten stroked her hair.

“I’m sorry, but this is all way too bizarre for me. So you’re
telling me that you two are lovers?”

“Yes,” Kirsten whispered, her voice rising somewhat in her throat as
her confidence grew. “Yes, yes we are. I have fallen in love with
Natalie and that’s why I’m here. To make sure she didn’t get hurt,”

“And what about me? To make sure that I gave you whatever
information that you wanted?”

Kirsten’s face grew hard. “Yeah, that’s right. Don’t you get it
Alex? You are just a bug in all this, a small insignificant bug in a
world that is so much bigger than you and is only letting you stick
around until your usefullness has run out,”

“Those are pretty big words coming from a girl who just about shit
herself seeing her dyke lover in danger,” I snapped.

“Hey! I’m not a…a dyke,” Natalie said angrily. “I’m just, well I
don’t know what I am,”

“Look, I don’t care what you are. Save it for your therapy
sessions,” I snarled back. “All I want are some answers. Why did
Eliza send you?”

“I don’t know the full extent exactly,” Kirsten said.

“Bullshit you don’t. You know exactly why you’re here,”

“NO! That’s just the thing! I didn’t, I mean I’m not as involved in
Eliza and the Rose Petals as you think. She always kept me on the
outside. I thought that if I could just do this simple little job
then I could win her trust and maybe be just as important as she

“But then you fell in love with Natalie and your life got
complicated,” I said in a mocking tone.

“Look asshole, you can ridicule me all you want, but it isn’t going
to get you anywhere or anything that you want. When I came out of
that bedroom, I realized something I had been trying to ignore for
months now. That Eliza was just using me, that my heart was really
with someone else. That my heart was with Natalie,”

I rolled my eyes. “And so now you are telling me that you are just
going to abandon that whole fucked Hollywood world and be with your
one true love, is that it?”

“Yes. If…if she will have me of course,” Kirsten said, smiling a
bit as she faced Natalie. “Will you Nat?”

“Oh Kiki…I’m just so…I’m so confused and scared and…oh I just
don’t know!” Natalie cried, tears welling up in her eyes.

“You two can work it out later, but not right now. I don’t really
care to hear two girls who were going to assault me determine if
they are really each other’s soul mates. I want to know one more
thing: How long will it be before Eliza notices you missing?”

Kirsten’s face grew a bit pale. “What…what do you mean?”

“I mean when are you supposed to report back. What happens if

“What are you going to do to us Alex?” Natalie said, tightening up a

“I’m not sure yet, but for right now, you two aren’t moving your
starlet asses from that couch, got me?”

“Alex, we can help you. I…we WANT to help you. I’m tired of being
used, I’m tired of being played out like a toy, I want this whole
thing to end!” Kirsten said, a mixture of fear and panic and
despondence in her voice.

All of a sudden, my cell phone began to ring from its spot on the
coffee table, startling us all. We all stared at it for a moment as
it went into the second ring. Figuring that it was Rachael calling
me back after the impromptu hang up I gave her, I snatched it up
from the table.

“Hold that thought Kirsten. And neither one of you better even THINK
about fucking moving,” I said, opening the flip top.


“Alex?” My first thought was that it was Rachael but in a sinking,
panicked second, I realized that it was Katherine. My stomach
dropped again. Her voice sounded strained and she was out of breath.

“Katherine! Are you okay? Where are you?”

“Oh GOD, Alex! He wants me to describe this for you. I’m totally
naked. I’m on my knees and elbows, talking into the phone.
Clarence…he’s the owner of this big beautiful cock…he’s behind
me, and he is…FUCKKK!!! He’s just sliding in and out of my
cunt…it is wetter than it’s EVER been before! I’m about to…go
out of my GOD DAMN FUCKING MIND here! Oh shit, Alex! Why couldn’t
YOU ever ream me like this?”

I felt my vision nearly darken, the room starting to spin in front
of me again, Natalie and Kirsten staring at me on the couch, the
loud cries from the phone puzzling them. This…this couldn’t be
Katherine…it was some kind of weird hallucination…bad
reception…crossed wires…

“I…Katherine, you’re delirious…you aren’t in your right frame of
mind, your’e,”

“Oh, I’m not delirious, Alex, I’m…enlightened. And horny.”

“Katherine, they must have hurt you because you are talking…it’s
not your fault, you must be in pain or,” I said, my mouth dry as I
struggled for words, trying to comprehend this whole scenario.

“I’m not hurt Alex, I just want to satisfy this fire between my
legs!” Katherine said, giggling as she muffled the phone, talking to
someone else. “I know! My pussy is just dripping all over your cock!
You were so right Clarence! It’s FUN telling him the truth!” Her
voice came back on the phone more clearly now. “Alex hun, I have to
say that, feeling this wonderful cock now, I can safely say that you
NEVER satisfied me sexually!”

“Katherine, I…I don’t know…”

“Aaawww, poor Alex. You don’t understand?”

“No, I don’t!” I said, gripping onto any reality that I could. I
felt weak in the knees. I needed to sit down.

“Well, let me explain it better for you Alex. You were SOOOO wrong
about Antamount and Wilton and all of that. See, you just can’t
understand it the way a woman can. I never knew what the hell I was
MISSING! Then I got my cock stuffed full of so much deep, thick,
black cock that I just know that I can never go back to your…haha,
modest sized shaft. You were wrong Alex…completely wrong. And now
that I see the light, I don’t know how I ever lived without it!”

“Katherine, I…I never cheated you out of,” I said, stumbling over
my own words.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, Alex. I just feel so good with this cock
stuffed up between my legs that nothing could upset me right now. I
have to say that I resisted at first, for a while Alex, but since I
saw the light, I’ve just been BEGGING to be fucked by any man with
the right sized equipment and these three gentlemen have been more
than happy to fufill my every desire. Mila’s too,”

“Mila is with you?” I asked, already knowing the answer, my voice
dry again in my throat.

“Oh yeah, she’s getting double teamed right now. Loving it too. I’d
hold the phone up to her mouth but, well, it’s a bit full right now
if you know what I mean,”

“You…you’re not Katherine…you can’t be Katherine…”

“Oh, come on, Alex,” Katherine’s chuckling voice came over the line.
“You KNEW I was faking all those times, didn’t you?” Her laughter
died down and she was silent for a moment. “Oh. You didn’t. I’m
sorry. I thought you could tell. It was…pretty obvious.”

I couldn’t say anything else. I was staggering on my feet, my mind a
blur over these words that I was hearing. Maybe I was going crazy.
Maybe it wasn’t all really happening. But just as I began to wrap my
bent and twisted mind around that thought, Katherine chimed in once

“Well, that’s it for now, Alex. I just wanted to share how well I
have been since being englightened to the real needs of my body.
I…ohhh yeah, that’s it Clarence, play with those nipples!…I,
well, just enjoy yourself and your little spy game. And give Wilton
my best when he has you on your knees, begging for your life any day
now. Bye Alex,”

The line went dead, and yet I held the phone to my ear for a good
two or three minutes, the buzzing from the off the hook sound
ringing in my ears. With a trembling hand, I pushed the END button
and dropped my arm to my side.

I had to think. I had to try and come to terms with
this…that…that couldn’t really be Katherine…there was no way
she would…I mean how could she…why would she…

Glancing up, I saw Natalie and Kirsten staring at me again. For
whatever reason, seeing their puzzled, frightened faces, brought me
back to reality. Struck suddenly, I guess by the last functioning
part of my non crushed brain then, I had an idea.

Opening the phone back up, I did a *69 to get the last number that
called. Waiting with bated breath as the automated voice came on, I
was relieved to hear the machine read back the number to me. Quickly
grabbing a pen and paper from my pocket, I scribbled down the
number. With any luck, the resources of Kyokota would come in handy
in tracing where that number was. If it really WAS Katherine on the
phone, then I was going to find her and help her…save her…from

Hanging up the phone again, I placed it and the number in my pocket.
Looking at the two of them again, who (true to their word) had not
moved or barely even breathed since that surreal call by Katherine,
I tried to collect myself.

“Natalie, get dressed. Kirsten, you stay sitting there till I tell
you to move. You two are coming with me,”


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