Hollywood Benefits

Note: I’m sure you’ve all read and/or heard about the ever-popular “Journal of An Agent” series with all the celebrities done by CarnageJackson. Well I want to let you know, out of respect to him, and respect to you having to read the same thing over again, I give you my word I will try my hardest to have this series be different in context, settings, etc. then his. Part 1 right here starts a whiles back in 1999 and then part two comes back to 2002. Let’s get started, & I hope you all enjoy.

It’s the summer of 2002 and I am here in beautiful Bel-Air, California. I try not to pretend that I’m not rich, but then again,
I’m not a pompous Asshole and try to stick it in your face. In all actuality, you will see that for you the people, I am more the opposite. In the period of time that it takes me, I will give you a vivid description of my sex life. Some may be wondering, “Why would we want your sex life?” That’s a good question, but you see, my sex life is different from most. Let me explain how.

My name is William Frazier, but of course I go by Will. The reason I get to have my plush house in Bel-Air, fully equipped with everything, is because I am America’s #1 Film Critic. Screw Ebert and the N.Y. Times, I am the man! If my review quote(s) are posted for a movie, that’s how you know that movie is a success. I don’t bullshit, that’s not my style; I’m very critical of movies. I do my postings out of the L.A. Times, the greatest newspaper in the world, and because I help them in that category, I get paid heftily. I also get a benefit that others may not get. You see, there’s a BIG difference between the approach actors and actress’ take when concerning their movies. Men think if they have one flop, a rebound movie is very easy to come by and then they’re set again. Women on the other hand feel if they produce a failure, the movie industry will find some other woman with a great body to play the same role a year down the line. So that’s where I’ve come in. Many actresses are within a 20-mile radius of me, or an hour’s drive. So it’s well worth their time to make a “Stop by” at my house and propose their movie to me in ways only I can describe to you. So what is it that makes me special? Basically I fuck hot, up and coming or right on the brink of superstardom actresses.

The story actually starts quite a while ago. The year was 1999 and I had been reviewing since the later stages of 1996. So I haven’t been doing this too long, but I do have a reputation. I was getting known as a good reviewer, but I hadn’t had the name I do now. There was a movie coming out by the name of Varsity Blues. It was an MTV production, and I had always had a thing against MTV productions. The trailers for this movie were very intriguing though. It seemed they had a good story and plot to tell and the cast were very young, raw, and talented. So I figured that at the age of 25 I was then, that I could still relate to the story because I played ball when I was in school. So it was placed in my column many times that I was hoping the movie could live up to the quality I was holding it at.

One day I walked into the house and entered to the ending of a message on my phone. The voice was amazing. I pictured the most amazing looking woman on the other end, but I couldn’t pick it up in time. So I replayed the message and the girl introduced herself as Ali Larter. She was starring in the movie Varsity Blues. She played the head cheerleader named Darcy and it was her 1st major role. She was really hoping that I would not be disappointed because she had reviewed the hype I had made of it. She wanted to meet that night at a very nice restaurant named “The Mansion on Turtle Creek” and wanted to pitch her ideas of the movie to get me to want to watch it an hopefully give it a good review. She left off with “Maybe we’ll get more into it at the end if need be.” I wasn’t quite sure the look of this girl, but I was more then willing to have a nice dinner and be proposed to. As I got ready, the TV trailer of Varsity Blues came on, and I saw her. Just a stunning young blonde named Ali Larter looking so amazingly hot in a cheerleader’s outfit!

I was ready at about 7:15 and it took me 25 minutes to get to the restaurant. Just my luck the reservations were for 7:45, so I was 5 minutes early, but Ali was already at the table. As I was lead to our table, I was just in awe. Ali stood up and I was short of breath. She was about 5’8 I would say, I’m 6’1, and her blonde hair curled down past her shoulders, and she wore this amazingly tight red dress that came right above mid-thigh. I shook her hand and gave her a kiss on her cheek, her scent just intoxicating.

We said our proper greetings and then went right into our discussion over the movie. The way Ali was proposing it made it very intriguing, I really felt like this was a movie I could relate to and would enjoy. We ate our dinners and actually split a dessert and then it seemed like we were at a loss for words. I truly did not want this night to end; I wanted to be with Ali all night. Then she spoke and it was my cue. “So, do I have your approval for this movie?” Her eyes inviting and provocative. “Well, if anything, we can always continue this at my house.” She lit up like the 4th of July and we got our check and we headed out.

We both took our cars, so I was alone in mine just hoping for a chance to see her smooth, silky body naked and in my arms. We arrived at my house and I escorted her out of her car and up to my house. Hopefully this was impressive enough to get to have sex with me. I could only hope. We walked in and she surveyed my house, I think she really liked it. But it hardly took her any time to tell me what was going to happen next. “Where’s you bedroom?” She had the most seducing smile on her face and I led her to the bedroom.

She looked at the bed, a waterbed, and said, “I’ve never done it on one of these.” I decided in a split second that this was my time, now or never, so I spoke. “There’s a first time for everything.” She basically melted and said, “You’re right.” With that she moved swiftly to me and kissed me full on the lips and then turned her back to me, I placed kisses on her neck, she was cooing lightly and she whispered, “Unzip me.” I did just that and as her red dress fell to the ground I just stared at the sexy pink underwear set she was wearing. It was a light pink, thong bottom and her bra was probably a high b, easy c. I kissed all around her neck as she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground. She had the sexiest set of breasts, so perky and full in size, her nipples were small, but stood proud at attention. She took the liberty of removing her thong, bending over so I could get a capture of her amazingly rounded ass, curved perfectly. I took two handfuls of her buns and just slightly massaged them, the term “as smooth as a baby’s bottom” never applied so well.

Ali stood back up and leaned into me and started to kiss me. Our tongues met with fireworks. She took my hand and placed it on her what seemed to be freshly shaved pussy, allowing me to feel how hot and wet she was. Instinctively, I slid a finger inside her warm slit. Ali let out a quiet “yes…”As I slid another finger inside, I could feel Ali’s hand unzip my pants, (my belt was already off) and let them and my briefs fall to the floor and then take hold of my cock, which was already getting to full hardness. She pumped it slowly through her fist, helping it to get a larger erection. When she had completed her task, she looked deep into my eyes.

“Will you stick it in now Will?” I was extremely gracious to get such and invitation. I was about to put the nail in the coffin with Ali. This was way too unbelievable. Ali lay back on the bed as I quickly moved on top of her. I began to leave romantic kisses all around her body, thighs, stomach, breasts and then her lips and I worked my tongue into her mouth as she receive it and reached down, taking my hard cock and lining it up against her pussy. With one hard thrust I felt my cock go about 1/2 way inside her pussy, her tightness was almost god-like. Ali moaned loudly as I felt my body make contact with her warm skin, marking that I had made it all the way inside, 8 ¼ inches and all.

I had never felt a pussy like this. It was warm and felt velvety. Her hot, wet pussy accepted my hard cock inside with not exactly ease, but it was not uncomfortable by any means. It held my cock in its warm, tight grip. I began to pump it in and out, not slowly, but not fast either. It was the perfect pace. Her pussy gripped my cock tightly with each thrust. I picked up the pace more, moving faster and harder. “Oh GOD Will! Fuck me!!!” Ali yelled, as she wanted to play with her clit as I banged her. I pounded my cock as hard into her as I could. Ali proved to be quite the moaner when she is having sex and that turned me on even more. She moaned and cried out for me loudly as my hard cock continued penetrating her awesome pussy. After a few more minutes of passionate sex, I knew we were both ready for orgasm.

“Ali, Are you ready to cum?” “Yes, yes, baby. I want you to cum in me as I do!” She didn’t have to tell me twice. As she furiously worked with her clit, I leaned in to get a nice taste of her breasts and as I played with them, I thrusted into her just a few more times, then felt my cock spasm. “Oh god Ali! I’m cumming!” I yelled as I shot a HUGE load into her. “Oh yes, yes, GOD YESS!!!” Ali screamed as she climaxed, her orgasm feeling just as big as my load. It was an amazing moment, as I got to cum inside what had to been the next hot actress. I easily slid out of her pussy, our juices combining as my cock went back to normal size. I thought we were through, but Ali took 3 of her fingers and slid them up and down her slit, combining the juices and sexily cleaned them off, my cock went up in a hurry and I was ready for another round.

She lubed up her fingers yet again and rubbed them all into her asshole, giving me no confusion on what she wanted next. I was more then accepting to enter that sweet ass, but Ali had one more surprise for me. “Here’s what we learned at Cheerleader Camp, learning for my role.” With that Ali lie back on the bed again and spread her legs further then I had even seen anyone do in my life! Her asshole puckered out, just waiting for me. My cock was now harder then it had ever been. I lined my cock up with her lubed up asshole and asked if she was ready for it. She seductively put one finger up to her mouth and acted like she was biting her nail in a shy like manner, every guy knows what I’m talking about and that just makes you want to bone them even more, so I stuck it in, no hesitating, all the way in. Ali loved this! She wanted all the cock possible inside her ass. I rammed her at a nice pace, she went back to her clit and played with it, just for a little while until I went as hard as I could, and Ali just started cumming with reckless abandonment. I thought she’d never stop. She went to her breasts and played with her nipples and moaned louder then ever. I just watched her orgasm and I took some of her juices for my own taste, the best bittersweet taste I’ve ever had and right then and there I got my 2nd load out and spent it all inside her ass. I was spent as well and fell over next to her. I started to doze off as she went to clean up a little.

I woke up the next morning due to my alarm and Ali was gone. There was a note on top of the alarm that said “Thanks for the best night of my life, I’ll be expecting a great review for Varsity Blues, or else I’ll have to come back and show you how truly great it really is. Love Always- Ali Larter” Wow, a bad review can’t be that bad then huh?

No it really can’t. I ended up giving Varsity Blues 4 out 5 stars, basically because they didn’t use Ali enough, but it really was a helluva movie. Anyways, that was in 1999 and here we are in 2002, right about the time of Spiderman hype, and wouldn’t you know it? Kirsten Dunst and I have to “talk” about the movie the day after tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

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