Hopelessly Devoted To You

Cheryl smiled softly to herself. She looked at the helpless man on her bed.

He groaned quietly and pulled against the bonds but he couldn’t get free. She’d tied him too tight for that. Tied him just the way he liked it. She loved playing this game.

Matt struggled slightly. He loved the feeling of helplessness that flooded over him.

Here he was, on his belly, tied to the bedposts. He knew what was in store for him and it both frightened and thrilled him.

“Look at me, Matt,” Cheryl commanded. He raised his eyes and looked at her.

His eyes widened as she slipped out of her green
satin robe. He watched as it slid down her body and pooled around her feet. Slowly, his eyes traced up the length of her body.

She was a small woman, her height a mere 5’4″, completely the opposite to Matt’s tall frame.

He enjoyed knowing that he was free to play with her as rough or gentle as he wanted to and not have to worry about hurting her.

He also loved that she could and did take total control now and then and bring him to realize his own desires.

He skimmed over her bronze skin, groaning as he saw the sexy black bra and panties. The little gold clips that decorated them sparkled in the dim light of the bedside lamp.

He held his breath and watched her every movement. He watched as she sat slowly on the edge of a chair. He wondered when she’d brought that in here.

He’d not noticed it until just now. He watched as she opened the drawer of the night table.

He shivered with delight when he saw her bring out the black and gold coloured vibrator and run her hands over it.

“Oh God, Cheryl,” he groaned. “You know what I want, what I like. You’re going to do it again, aren’t you?”

Cheryl just smiled sweetly. “Why, whatever are you talking about, Matt? Whatever could I have planned?”

Her mock innocence drove him wild. His sweet girlfriend, his wonderful partner. Always the lady in public. A mild flirt, but then again, that was to be expected. But close the bedroom door and she turned into a wild and wanton seductress. He alternated between cursing his luck and thanking his stars for the wild brunette that was Cheryl.

Cheryl perched on the edge of the straight backed chair and crossed her legs coyly.

He groaned again. How anyone could be so bloody coy and such a brazen hussy at the same time was beyond him, but damned if he didn’t love it.

Cheryl smiled and purred softly as he struggled harder against the soft nylon ropes that held his wrists and ankles fast to the four corners of the bed. She was going to enjoy this as much as Matt was.

“Matt,” she said softly. “Look at me. I want you to see it all.”

Matt opened his eyes and was entranced as she began her little performance.

Cheryl rested her hands on her knees and slowly opened her legs, sliding her hands up the insides of her thighs as she spread then slightly.

Her hands danced lightly over her thighs and her panty-clad mound and she wriggled on the chair, purring and moaning softly. She slipped a finger inside her panties and stroked along her wet slit, sucking in air through her clenched teeth.

Matt whimpered at this. God, how he wanted to be the one stroking her. He longed to slide his fingers deep inside her.

He knew from past experience that right about now she was dripping wet and aching for a good hard fuck. He wanted to bring his fingers from her sex and taste her honey, lick it from his fingers.

Suck them till there was nothing left of her on them, then do it all over again.

Just then Cheryl cried out. His thoughts slammed back to her then.

He looked to her again. He could see her fingers moving furiously under her panties.

He cursed her cruelty. He knew what she was doing. He even could see it in his head.

But she hid it behind her sexy black panties, just to torment him.

“Cheryl, for God’s sake,” he begged. She looked up at him with glassy eyes. She kept her fingers dancing inside her panties and just smiled wickedly at him.

He watched as her hand moved down slightly inside her panties, and movements showed him she’d buried her fingers deep inside her pussy.

She rocked her hips and whimpered a bit more. She was fucking herself with her fingers, he thought. And looking so damn sexy all the while.

He was so hot for her. He found himself drawn to watch her every movement.

His cock ached with need and he squirmed a little bit to better accommodate his swelling erection.

He tried closing his eyes, to better ward off the images, but the sounds of her, the wet squelching and the moaning and gasping, made it impossible to block out.

He opened his eyes again and saw she had pulled her panties over to let him now see what she was doing. Her fingers pistoned in and out of her quivering sex.

Cheryl suddenly tensed, shouting in wordless pleasure.

Matt groaned with frustration, as her body shuddered and shook from the intensity of her first orgasm. He’d been through this game before. This was the first of many she’d subject him to this night.

She slowly stood from the chair then, stretching in satisfaction.

Her legs appeared shaking slightly, though Matt supposed that was also something he was used to.

She climbed onto the bed next to him and he groaned inwardly. His groan turned quickly to whimpers as she brought her glistening fingers to his lips.

“Taste, Matt,” she commanded.

He eagerly opened his mouth and suckled her fingers like a hungry baby at his mother’s breast.

She tasted so sweet, he thought. He loved the taste of her.

She murmured encouragingly as he continued to suckle, his tongue curling around her fingers to not miss a single drop.

“I feel so sexy when you watch me, Matt,” she whispered huskily. “I love knowing you can’t take your eyes off me. I love the way you squirm and groan, the way you try to not fuck the mattress You must be so hot now,” Cheryl cooed.

“Oh yeah, Chez. Let me up, honey. Please. I want you so badly,” he whimpered.

Cheryl just laughed softly. “Now Matt, you know that’s not how the game is played. Be patient, lover. You’ll get as much of me as you can handle soon enough”

She slid up against him and began rubbing her wet panties against him.

He gasped, always shocked to feel how wet this little escapade made her. She was such a wench, he thought. His sexy, sultry girlfriend. He loved her for it, too.

She shifted just then, and slipped her panties down her hips and tossed them aside. She repositioned herself then. He felt his skin burn as her hot, wet sex came into direct contact with his thigh.

He could feel her still pulsing from her recent orgasm. He wished like anything he could rip his hands free and throw her down and satisfy his lust and hers.

Cheryl squirmed again, and he felt her bare breasts pressing against his side and back as she half laid on him, kissing and nipping at his neck and shoulder. One of her hands slid along his back, down his ass and along his thigh before returning up to its original location.

Cheryl taunted him softly. “You know you want it, Matt. Tell me you do. I’ll make you feel so good. Just like all those other times. I know what you need. Just say it, Matt. Say it.”

Matt shook his head, lying to both of them. Like the rest of it, this was part of the game.

It was ritual, just like her little game earlier, making him watch as she masturbated on the chair.

He whimpered, sounding more a little boy than the man of 16 that he was.

Cheryl realized then that Matt needed more encouragement. Tonight he was being stubborn. Tonight she would have to show him she knew what he needed.

She slid a hand under him, seeking his engorged cock, curling her fingers around it, squeezing and stroking slowly, feeling precum leaking all over her hand, his belly and the bed beneath.

In his current position, she couldn’t get much movement, but it was enough.

He finally broke and cried out. “Christ, yes, Chez. Please. I want it! Need it! Just don’t torment me anymore!”

Her wickedly lusty laugh was music to his ears. He groaned as she tightened her grip on his cock for a moment before releasing him.

He turned his head away and listened to the sounds of her rummaging through the drawers of the bedside table yet again. He knew what she was after. He knew soon his torment would be over, for the moment, at least.

Cheryl found what she’d been looking for, and opened the tube, squeezing a liberal amount of lube into hand. She looked at Matt and smiled to herself.

There he was, his eyes squeezed shut and his whole body trembling. Anyone else might mistake it for fear, but she knew better. Matt loved this little game of hers.

She invented it one evening after he’d confessed to her that he often fantasized about her taking control. Often wished she’d fuck him with that black and gold vibrator that she loved so well.

It took her about a week to work the game out in her head, but ever since then, it was a fairly regular event in their home.

She dipped her fingers into the lube in her hand and trailed a thin line of the cold gel across his ass.

He jerked and moaned. “Cheryl…” he managed to groan.

She chuckled a bit and lubed her fingers well before returning them to his anus. She prodded gently at first and purred her encouragement.

“That’s it, Matt. Be a good boy. Relax and I promise I’ll make you feel so good. Ah, that’s it. Yes,” she cooed, slipping first one finger, then slowly adding a second into his eager ass.

She fucked him slowly with the same fingers that had been in her sweet cunt not long before.

Now and then, she removed them and added more lube, ensuring he’d be good and ready when the time came.

Matt writhed under her fingers. He loved when she violated him like this. He loved being her fuck toy, loved the thought of her long thin fingers filling his ass. He loved the thought of that vibe of hers filling him fuller, making him come so hard.

Suddenly, her fingers were gone. His eyes jerked open with the sudden shock of emptiness.

He felt her shift and then knew she was ready. He turned and watched her curl her well-lubed hand around the vibe and stroke it, as if she was jacking it off.

He looked into her eyes and she smiled gently at him. he felt a calm wash over him and the sense of near frantic panic that had begun to fill him a moment ago was gone.

She shifted yet again, kneeling with his left leg between both of hers and turned the vibe on low.

“Do you hear it, Matt? It’s purring for you. It loves to fuck you. It loves hearing you whimper and moan. It loves making you come,” she whispered as she brought the gold coloured tip down the crack of his ass to circle his well lubed asshole. He cried out then, as she slipped just the tip into him, and raised his hips to meet it. Cheryl chuckled.

“You are an eager little thing tonight, aren’t you?” she cooed.

Matt flushed with his own impatience. It just felt so damn good to have her take him like this, to surrender to her desires, and his own too, if he was being totally honest.

He gasped as Cheryl slowly slid the vibrator into his ass. He shivered with delight as it worked its way in deeper till he felt Cheryl’s fingers brush against his skin.

He then realized she had slipped it in all the way without him even knowing it. She was so good, knew just how to do it so it never hurt him unless that’s what he wanted.

She leaned forward then and spoke in that low, husky sexy voice she had. “That’s what you want, isn’t it Matt? ”

“Christ, yes, Chez. I want you to…need you to fuck me. Please, honey”

Cheryl sat up then and tossed back her black curls.

“My pleasure,” she murmured as she began sliding the vibrator in and out of his sexy, eager ass.

Matt raised his hips again and again, struggling to meet her strokes and drive it deeper.

She knew he was on fire, needing desperately to release the built up sexual tension.

She grinned and turned the toy up another notch, and grinned wickedly as she got the desired response. A single wordless shout, one of pure unadulterated pleasure as the vibrations tickled his bowels and sphincter.

Cheryl reached under Matt once more, curling her fingers around his cock again.

His cock was hard and throbbing in her hand. Traces of lube still clung to her fingers, making his cock slip easily through her hand as she stroked him.

Groaning, Matt writhed and squirmed under her, his thigh brushing against her sex, making her realize her own desires. She purred and ground herself against his leg, enjoying her own lust as it bloomed like a bright red flower in her mind.

Matt’s mind reeled at the sensation of her warm fingers on his cock and the vibrator buzzing like mad in his ass. He was soon unable to think at all, merely following the pleasurable instincts as they took over. He suddenly realized his thigh was soaking wet and somewhere in the back of his sex-clouded mind, he realized that Cheryl was grinding her clit against it as she fucked him senseless. This was all he could bear.

He cried out then as his balls clenched and tightened, shooting his white hot come all over his belly and the bed beneath him. His ass clamped down tight on the plastic phallus buried in his rectum and he shouted again and again as his body twitched and quivered.

He lay there gasping, the vibe still buzzing in his ass, somewhat forgotten for the moment as Cheryl continued to franticly work her clit over his thigh, seeking her own sweet release.

Finally, with a near-scream of triumph, she tensed and shuddered and fall to the bed beside him, her fingers still curled around his cock and the base of the vibrator.

Panting, she slowly and gently removed it and turned it off, dropping it to the floor beside the bed and reaching for the small decorative knife from the table.

She carefully sliced through the ropes that bound Matt to the corners of the bed and released him before once again curling up beside him.

His arms encircled her then, and pulled her close as he kissed her.

“Oh God, Chez, thank you. Somehow you always seem to know just what I need. I love you, Cheryl.”

She sighed softly against his chest, smiling to herself.

“You’re not the only one who needs that now and again, Matt,” she said sleepily.

Matt held her close, enjoying the feel of her warm body against him as she drifted off to sleep.

Next time, he thought, he’d make sure to repay her for this favour.

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