Hot For Teacher: Part 17

Title: Hot For Teacher: Part 17

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sadie Sink

Codes: Ff, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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We fade in on the front door of Maggie’s house, where we see Sadie approach, and knock.  Moments latter, Maggie answers. “Oh, hey, Sadie!  I think you’re early.”

“Yeah, well, I figured if we got started early, you know…”

“Well, whenever you wanna start.  C’mon in.”

Later, we see the two in the kitchen, surrounded by various baking implements, as Maggie slides a tray into the oven, and closes the door. “Okay, got those in.” She then leans on the kitchen island, next to Sadie, who’s scooping up the last remnants of dough from the bowl, and licking it off her fingers. “Hm, let me have some of that.”  Maggie reaches over, and scoops some up herself. “So, something tells me you’d like to be a chef.”

“You can tell?”

“Well, you asked for this extra credit, even though you’re acing my class.”

“I think I just like the idea of making my own creations.”

“So, you think you might start a restaurant, or a bakery?”

“Something like that.”

Maggie looks down, and dusts herself off. “Well, I should probably change.  You okay down here?”

“Oh, uh, yeah.” Sadie stammers, looking straight ahead, as she says this, then watches Maggie as she leaves the room.

Minutes later, Maggie’s in her bedroom, taking off her flour covered shirt and pants.  Outside, we see Sadie watching her through the cracked open door.  Suddenly, Maggie hears a creak, and looks in that direction.  She then smiles, and giggles a little. “Yeah…” she starts to address Sadie, “I had a feeling you had another reason for wanting to spend time with me.” As Maggie continues speaking, she starts to take off her bra. “You know, when I was in college, I had this roommate, ginger like you.  And, uh, I got to see first hand that…her carpet matched.” Maggie pulls the bra off, and lets it drop to the floor, then just stands there, in only her panties. “Ever since then, I’ve always had a thing for redheads…” Next, she turns, and walks toward her bed. “Well, c’mon in…” As Maggie lies on her bed, the door opens, and Sadie comes through.

Sadie looks back at Maggie, as she starts taking off her clothes.  Once she’s naked, Maggie beckons her over with her finger.  Sadie crawls onto the bed, and, finally face to face, the two kiss. “Oh, God, Sadie…I can’t believe we’re doing this…” As they make out, Maggie reaches around Sadie’s thigh, and slides her fingers in the girl’s moist, light pink cunt.

“Uhm…” Sadie moans, biting her lip, then leans down, and sucks Maggie’s hard, pointy nipples, while rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

Now, Sadie’s on her back, knees up, as Maggie, lying on her stomach in front of her, licks out her drooling teenage twat. “Ohg!  Huh…” Sadie’s brow furrows, and she starts to writhe and squirm under her.  As Maggie probes Sadie’s cunt deeper with her tongue, Sadie’s juices start to dribble down her chin. “Ohh, fuck…Uhm…” Sadie begins gyrating her hips, her breath getting deeper and raspier.  Finally, voice shaking, Sadie whimpers, “I’m cumming…”

Maggie is now on her back again, as Sadie, arms wrapped around her thigh, fingers her sopping wet cooze, and licks around her clit from above. “Oh, wow…” Maggie gasps, starting to twist and spasm on the bed. “God, how are you so good at that?” Sadie just keeps licking and fingering her, plunging her first two fingers deeper inside Maggie’s practically gushing cunt. “Oh, fuck…” Baring her teeth, Maggie begins bucking her hips, as the orgasm builds up in her.  Finally, crying out loudly, Maggie climaxes.

Once the orgasm subsides, Sadie comes up, and the two lie there, kissing.  Suddenly, a faint beeping sound is heard downstairs. “Shit…I should get that…” Maggie gets up, and walks out of the room, Sadie watching her leave and smiling, as the scene fades out.

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