Hot For Teacher: Part 4

Hot For Teacher: Part 4
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FFM, oral, anal, con
Celebs: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chloe Moretz
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Mary, sitting on her desk, wearing a school teacher type outfit, with glasses, and holding a pointing stick.

“Now then, class, today we’re going to discuss sexual technique.  For this, I’m going to need two volunteers.” She points with her finger. “Uh, you, and you.” Chloe and a guy, both in school uniforms, come up.

The guy leans against the desk, and Mary and Chloe kneel in front of him. “First, we’re going to discuss fellatio.” She starts unzipping the guy’s pants as she talks. “Now, I’m sure you’ve all seen porno movies where the woman gags herself on the guy’s cock.  Not only is this unnecessary, but most guys are turned off by this, for obvious reasons.  Remember that the strongest muscles in your mouth are in the front, where your lips and tongue are, and the most sensitive part of a guy’s cock is the head, and maybe the underside just behind it.  And if you want to stimulate the shaft, you can also use your hand.  Allow me to demonstrate.” Mary takes the guy’s cock out, and starts licking and sucking on the head, while stroking the shaft.  The guy starts moaning. “Now, you see, real response.  Girls, if you want to please a guy, this is the best way, and it also looks much sexier.  Okay, I think it’s time for Chloe to try.”

Chloe wraps her lips around the guy’s cock, and starts sucking him off, similar to how Mary did it. “Yes, that’s very good, Chloe.  You’re definitely using what I’ve told you.” Chloe takes the cock out, and flicks the underside with her tongue. “Oh, now, you see, Chloe’s using what I said about that spot under the head.  Very good job, Chloe.” Mary and Chloe now take turns sucking the guy off.

It now cuts to Chloe sitting on the desk, naked, as Mary and the guy, also naked, kneel in front of her. “Now, cunnilingus. When you’re going down on a woman, it’s important to remember to use your entire tongue; use broad strokes, like you’re licking an ice cream cone.  Also, don’t be afraid to use your fingers; a woman can be very appreciative of a finger in her hole, or on her clit, or caressing her labia.” Mary starts to eat Chloe’s pussy, demonstrating everything she just said.  Chloe’s brow furrows, her mouth screws up, and she starts to feel herself up. “Ronnie, you want to try it?” Ronnie starts to eat out Chloe now. “Yes, very good.  Yes, now see how he rubs both sides of her labia with his thumb and forefinger?  That’s a very good way to get a woman’s juices flowing.”

After a while, Mary stands up. “Okay, now I think it’s time for you both to try it on me.” Chloe gets down off the desk, and Mary takes her place.  Chloe and Ronnie start taking turns eating Mary’s pussy, as she moans, and pinches her nipples. “Yes, veeery good, both of you.” Mary closes her eyes. “Yes, you’re both very fast learners.”

Now Mary and Chloe are on the desk, with their legs spread. “Now, when engaging in intercourse, it’s important not to go too fast, unless the woman specifically asks you; most women prefer a nice, steady pace.” Ronnie inserts his cock into Mary’s quim, and starts to thrust relatively slowly into her. “Yes…maybe a bit faster…” Ronnie speeds up a bit. “Yes, right there,” Mary says, her voice wavering slightly, and breathing rapidly.  Her tits start to bounce. “Oh, God!” Mary moans, tilting her head back. “That’s absolutely perfect, Ronnie.” Mary grabs her tits, and claws at them, as she climaxes.

Ronnie now inserts his cock into Chloe, as Mary lies on her side, and observes. “Yes, just like you did with me.  A nice steady pace…” Chloe’s boobies bounces as Ronnie fucks her, and her face suggests how much she’s enjoying it.  Chloe tilts her head back, and moans loudly, as Mary squeezes and sucks on one of her titties.  When she cums, Chloe lets out a loud, high pitched squeal.

Mary now stands, hands on the end of the desk. “Now, contrary to what you may have heard, most women actually enjoy anal, when it’s done right.  Like vaginal intercourse, the important thing is not to go too fast, except with anal the ideal speed is even slower.” Ronnie, standing behind her, inserts his cock into Mary’s asshole, and again starts thrusting. “Yes, very good…slow and steady…” Mary furrows her brow, and cups her tongue.  Her tits bounce slightly, as Ronnie fucks her ass.  Breathing hard and voice again wavering, Mary says, “When done well enough, a woman can actually experience orgasm from from anal intercourse, without any stimulation to her vagina.” Eventually, Mary buckles slightly, as she cums. “Yes, very good, Ronnie.”

Chloe again lays on the desk, as Ronnie starts to fuck her in the ass. “Now, vaginal stimulation during anal intercourse can be very pleasurable, especially at the moment of orgasm, as the anus contracts during climax, and having something inside it, preventing full contraction, can intensify the pleasure.  Allow me to demonstrate.” Mary leans over, and begins to eat Chloe’s pussy, as Ronnie continues to fuck her ass.  Chloe eventually cums, squealing even louder this time.

Finally, Ronnie starts to groan, pulls his dick out, and starts jerking it over Chloe, before coating her neck to twat in his cum. “Now, after ejaculation, a man’s member is incredibly senstive, and a good, post orgasm suck can be greatly appreciated.” Mary sucks the head of Ronnie’s cock, and he moans loudly.

Chloe wipes herself off, and sits up, as Mary again addresses the classroom. “Now, what I want you to do is pair up, and then go home, and practice what you’ve learned here today, and then next week, you will all be expected to give demonstrations of your technique.  As for my two assistants, you both get A’s.  C’mon, big hand for these two!” Chloe and Ronnie smile and bow, as the class claps, and the scene fades out.

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