How Lisa got Her solo contract

The following story is completely made up and any characters, situations etc are also made-up. Do not read if you are easily offended or under 18. This story is intended for publication in: and the Lisa Scott-Lee Appreciation Society at; Feel free to E-mail me at:, if you have any comments or ideas for future stories. Cheers! Lovelylisax.

How Lisa got her solo contract:

It is a warm, late August evening at the Rhyl Pavilion. My name is Phil Johnson and I am the head talent scout at a multi-national record
label, and I am present at Lisa’s first live solo gig in her home town to promote her latest album, ‘Cum in my face’ in front of 1000 loyal Lisa fans. When I first met Lisa I wasn’t to impressed with what she had suggested as her new direction of music, but by the end of the meeting (at the pub, which I own) she had convinced me to give her a 5 album, 7-figure deal. I take you back to that fateful night.

Late into the evening and my pub has just shut and the employees have left. ‘Lisa it just is not going to work’ I explained to Lisa, who was wearing a tight v-neck t-shirt, which showed over her ample tits that were pushed together in that push up bra (it reminded me of the scene in Indiana Jones, except it is two boulders instead of one), knee high leather boots and an almost illegally short skirt, which you could see the bottom of her buttocks as she walked. ‘You’re sample tape sounds just like Steps, and that just will not sell. The only way that our label will sign you are on a one-album deal with an optional second album, and if you have an album consisting of dance music and a couple of ballads’, I said. ‘Alright then, if that is the only way I can get an album deal, but I am no leaving until I get a bigger album deal’ says Lisa whilst finishing her 9th or 10th double vodka and RedBull. ‘You have always known how I felt about you and there is only one way that you will get me to commit to any kind of longer contract’ I replied.

With this Lisa pouts her lips and slips under the table. From the mayhem of before, the quietness of the pub, makes the sound of Lisa opening my flies sound like a bomb going off, I look around to check that nobody I still around, as Lisa starts to give me, slow but firm stokes on my penis, I take off my shirt, ‘this will be the greatest day of you’re life’ Lisa says, whilst staring amazed at the sight of my now erect cock, Lisa magically gets both of our clothes off, whilst still jerking me off, Lisa starts to put my penis further and further down her throat until she is deep throating all 9 inches off it, I sense a slight bit of gagging but Lisa is their to please. Lisa continues to suck and jerk me, slow then fast, deep-throating, then she licks my entire cock and starts to suck on my balls, Lisa notices a it of precum trickling out of my cock she gladly licks it off, and climbs onto the table with her beckoning my head towards her now spread, eagerly anticipating my tongue coming in contact with her freshly shaven pussy. I start to kiss and caress her beautifully tanned and toned thighs until all I can see is Lisa pussy, I start to go to work, licking her folds and exposing her clitoris, I start by licking anti-clockwise then clockwise by now she is starting to wriggle and giggle, as I start to write out the alphabet with my tongue, I insert one of my fingers into her pussy and aim up and immediately hit her G-spot, by now she is screaming like a flock of seagulls, as I increase the pace, Lisa body starts to spasm and is now out of control, she starts to fondle her nipples to erection. As she lets out this almighty scream she cums, she came like I have never seen before, it seemed like almost a couple of pints had been let out, as she was still in total body spasm, I started to smear some of her cum onto my now twitching todger, and raise myself from my seat and slid my member into her tight and now drenched pussy, I start to pump away like a gazelle on steroids, we now start to look back into each others eyes as she is still squawking like a chicken, as I am three-quarters of the way through, Lisa beckons me to sit on her stomach, as I do this she grasps my cock and puts it between her tits, she squashes together her tits, and starts to move them backwards and forwards, incredibly fast until I just cannot hold on any more, I let out an almighty yelp as I shot my load, a good number of squirts, first all over her tits, then on her chin dome in her mouth, nose, forehead and a good splashing in her left eye, she starts to squint as I (very gentlemanly) wipe the cum from her eye, I climb off her chest and table and start to wipe the cum onto my hands and fingers as I bend Lisa over the table and slowly insert my index finger into her ass, as her ass got used to it being their I slipped in a second and a third, Lisa has started to liven up again, by now back to being even more turned on by what is about to ensue. I steadied myself and put my now erect penis right up her ass, I stop for a moment to admire the view (soaking up the atmosphere!), I pull back I slam forward, I am like a locomotive in full speed, Lisa’s hips start to rock with mine, when she suddenly stops, ‘You want to cum in my arse, don’t you?’ she says, ‘well of course’ I replied, ‘the only way you are going to cum in my arse is if you agree, to giving me a 5 album deal’, I am nearly at my limit, I have no chance of bargaining, ‘yes, for Christ sakes yes, as long as I can have sex with you every time we meet’ I blurted out. ‘It’s agreed, big boy now do what we agreed’ Lisa commanded. I start to feel a bit of cum exit my body, as Lisa and I continue again, her hips banging into my waist, I then came like I had never came before, I could not resist it, I shouted out, ‘I am the king of the world’. As I let out this, after cumming I exited Lisa’s ass and we looked into each other’s eyes, as we had finished.

Back to the present, I am waiting in the crowd at Rhyl’s Pavilion waiting for Lisa to cum, sorry appear on stage, waiting for the next session, I often wonder I it really happened, but I remember every time I watch the pubs CCTV film from that night. Anyway if Lisa’s solo career does not work I can always make plenty of money by the copies of the CCTV footage.

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