How She Met the Mother

Title: How She Met the Mother

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Cobie Smulders, Cristin Milioti

Codes: FF, cons, oral, fist

Summary: Cobie Smulders meets Cristin Milioti for the first time

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way a recollection of real events. Every physical action in the story was made up in my brain, proving that the mind is better than real life. Come on science, get your act together and find a way for us to live in our imaginations!

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

“Isn’t she adorable,” the young blonde stagehand whispered to Cobie Smulders, pointing out the short brunette reading her script. They were a few minutes away from filming the last scene of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for that day.

“What…I mean yeah she is,” Cobie responded as she stared at the woman. “Who is she, one of Ted’s flavors of the month for next season?”

“Oh no, she’s ‘The Mother’,” the stagehand said before being called away.

“The Mother? Damn, they made a cute choice,” Cobie thought to herself as her eyes scanned the young woman.

Cobie admired her 5’2” frame covered by a purple dress down to her knees, the same she would wear during her debut on the show. The woman looked over at her and smiled. Jumping out of her chair and skipping her way over in a pair of Ugg boots.

“Oh my god, Cobie Smulders!” the woman said as she grabbed her hand and shook it. “I’m a big fan of yours…my name is Cristin, I’m ‘The Mother’!”

“Hi Cristin,” Cobie said as she gave the happy woman a hug. “Congratulations on the role.”

“Thanks, I’m so excited to get going,” she said. “I only have one scene here but next season I’ll really be into it.” Cristin stepped back and looked Cobie up and down. “I love how that looks on you, it’s amazing.”

Cobie was surprised to hear the words come from her mouth. She was dressed in a professional manner for her scene. She was in a pair of black pants down to her ankles, a white dress shirt and black blazer. “Amazing” was the last thing the thirty-two year old Canadian had expected to hear.

“Wow thanks,” she said with a smile. “You look cute in that dress.”

“Oh my god, thank you!”

“Cristin Milioti, you are needed on set in two minutes,” the blonde stagehand shouted out from across the hallway.

“Well, I got to get this thing shot,” Cristin said as she tossed her script on a chair. “Do you have any scenes left to shoot?”

“Just one in about twenty minutes,” the taller woman said.

“When you get done, wanna come to my dressing room and talk for a bit?” Cristin asked with an eager look, praying for a yes to slip out between Cobie’s sparkling lips.

“Yeah, sure, I’d love to,” she responded, causing Cristin to hug her again.

“Can’t wait, see you then.”

As Cristin hurried off to the set, Cobie stood still watching her. She was still in shock at having her outfit called “amazing” and thought to herself, “I like that girl.”

“Cobie!” Alyson Hannigan yelled from behind her.

“God, why are you yelling?” Cobie said as she quickly turned around.

“I’ve been saying your name for about fifteen seconds,” Alyson said as she looked over Cobie’s shoulder to see Cristin. “I see you met ‘The Mother’, hyper little thing ain’t she?”

“Yeah, hyper would be the word,” Cobie responded. “But she is really sweet.”

“True, at least they didn’t hire some bimbo cunt,” Alyson said with a laugh. “Well, I’m done for the day. See you at the wrap party?”

“You know it,” the brunette answered.

As Alyson walked away, Cobie turned back to look at Cristin but was disappointed when she was gone. In only the brief meeting with her, she had taken a liking to her. She was looking forward to finishing her scene so she could get to know her new friend a little better.

After an hour and a half of take after take, Cobie finally finished filming her scenes with Neil Patrick Harris. They shared a hug before each heading off in their separate directions; Neil to his dressing room, Cobie to Cristin’s.

“Damn that took forever,” Cobie whispered to herself. “Hope she’s still there.”

Cobie approached the door with the name ‘Cristin Milioti’ on it and knocked twice. The door was opened so she pushed it forward and walked in.

“Cristin?” she called out before walking all the way in the room. “Cristin, you still here?”

“Why would I leave?” she heard from behind her. She turned around to find Cristin, who had been hiding behind the door, closing and locking it. “I could never leave someone I’ve admired for years.”

“Admired?” Cobie said with a chuckle. “You’ve actually admired me?”

“Of course, what’s not to love,” Cristin said as she walked towards her. “You’re tall, you’re beautiful, you can make the ugliest outfits look smoking hot,” she said as she got up close to Cobie and smelled the air. “You smell amazing.”

Cobie was getting somewhat uncomfortable as Cristin pressed her small-framed body against hers. Cristin lifted her arm up and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her in for a kiss. She was in shock once again as the younger woman’s tongue wiggled around in her mouth, tickling the roof of her mouth. She did not fight it at all. Once the kiss broke, both girls stared at each other with big eyes.

“And you have a beautiful mouth,” Cristin said as she licked her upper lip.

“I…uh, I…you, I,” Cobie stuttered, dumbfounded as to what to say.

“Aww, look at you, so confused,” Cristin said. “Sit down and gather yourself.”

Cristin walked behind Cobie and led her to the couch. As the taller woman sat down, the newcomer sat next to her grabbed hold of her hand. Cobie looked at Cristin and locked eyes.

“So…you like kissing girls,” Cobie said, eliciting a laugh from Cristin.

“Really? After that, that’s all you have to ask me?” she asked, trying to suppress her laughter. “Sorry, (cough) I’ve never kissed a girl off-screen or off-stage before but after all I’ve done while watching you, it felt right.”

“All you’ve done?” Cobie asked. “Like what?”

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing,” she said as she grasped her friend’s hand. “But I would sit down and watch the show and sometimes when you came on screen, my hand…” she said as she lifted Cobie’s hand up off her lap. “…would go here.”

Cristin guided Cobie’s hand towards her, lowering it until it was hovering over her crotch. Cobie looked away from her hand and back at the woman, where she saw the biggest smile she had ever seen on her.

“You…you’re telling me you,” she tried to speak but was cut off.

“Yes, I would…rub myself when I saw you,” Cristin said as she brought Cobie’s hand up to her mouth, kissing her palm. “I guess you could say I have a bit of a crush on you.”

Cobie was speechless. She could not think of the right words for the situation. On one hand she was flattered that a woman as cute as Cristin would be so attracted to her. On the other hand, Cobie was a married mother who had never even thought of another woman in a sexual way. She had no clue what to do but luckily for her, Cristin was not going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

As Cobie’s jaw hung open in shock, Cristin got up to her knees and pulled herself close to her again. She pressed her lips to Cobie’s and slowly pushed her down until she was flat on the couch. Cristin’s hand started to comb their way through the long dark hair of the older woman as she put more intensity in her kiss. Her new friend was under her control, which was enough for her to completely give in.

While Cristin was forcing her sexual desire on her, Cobie started to kiss her back hard. Both girls giggled as Cobie’s tongue entered the watering mouth of the twenty-eight year old that lay on top of her. Her hands wrapped around her small frame and she hugged her tight. She could feel the heat and dampness increasing between her legs, helped by the feeling of Cristin’s knee pressed against her crotch, inadvertently rubbing her.

Cristin’s hand started to migrate away from Cobie’s hair and towards the blazer she was wearing. She wrapped her hands around the collar and started to pull it away. Cobie sat up and released her grip on the woman and threw her arms back, allowing the blazer to roll off of her arms and fall to the ground.

Cristin broke the kiss and focused as she unbuttoned the white dress shirt. She felt kisses against her forehead as she pulled each button away. As soon as the last button was undone, she tore open the shirt and roughly rolled it off of Cobie’s shoulders.

Cobie, whose torso was covered only by a black cotton bra, reached for the straps on Cristin’s dress and pulled them down over her arms. The young woman stared lovingly at her chest as she felt her dress being roughly pulled down. Once her purple bra was exposed, she took hold of her dress and pulled it all the way down. She stood up as her covering was wrapped around her knees. She kicked off her boots before stepping away from the dress. The short woman stood in front of her idol wearing only a set of matching purple bra and panties.

Cristin slowly lowered to her knees and started crawling towards Cobie, who was sitting upright on the couch with her legs slightly spread. She started undoing her pants as her friend scooted closer with a look of lust in her brown Italian eyes. Once she was finally up to her, Cristin grabbed the waist of Cobie’s pants and slowly slid them down her long legs. Their eyes never focused off of one another as the black pants reached her ankles before getting pulled away and tossed aside.

Cobie sighed as she felt Cristin’s breath on her thighs. She looked down and saw the woman’s face drawing closer to the crotch of her black panties. With her friend’s mouth only inches away from her damp pussy, she stretched her back and prepared for her first lesbian experience.

Cristin pressed her lips to the moist spot on Cobie’s panties and softly kissed it. Her eyes lit up as the taste of womanly lust was on her lips for the first time. While she had tasted her own pussy before, she had never tasted one from another girl. Once the taste was present, she wanted more. She bit down on the waistband of the underwear and slowly pulled it down, getting an up close smell of the loving musky sexuality protruding from Cobie’s crotch.

Cobie’s underwear was quickly pulled off of her. She stared as Cristin looked up at her with the panties hanging from her teeth. They both laughed until Cristin tossed the underwear away and dove in tongue first between her waiting pussy lips. With her tongue shoved far into her pussy, Cristin pressed her nose against the throbbing clit in front of her and softly blew warm air against it. She also loved the tickle of her short pubic hair against her forehead.

With the initial invasion out of the way, Cobie pressed her back against the couch and purred as the inner walls of her soaking wet pussy were massage by the careful tongue of Cristin Milioti. Having rarely received oral sex in her recent life, she was quickly brought back to her early twenties back when she craved the tongue almost as much as she craved the cock. It had been six long years since she felt this and, as a result, was already in love with this woman.

“Oh my fucking god,” she whispered as her hand reached down to run through Cristin’s hair. “Right there!”

Cobie has her back arched as much as possible. She used her free hand to rub her own body as she felt every nerve ending on her electrify with pleasure. She eventually brought her hand to her bra and roughly pulled it off, tearing it in two pieces. She threw it down right in front of Cristin.

Now knowing that her friend’s chest was free, Cristin looked up and moaned as she saw Cobie’s beautiful perky b-cups out in the open. Luckily for her, the air conditioning in the dressing room was a bit on the chilly side and affected those cute little pink nipples appropriately. Two little hard nubs stuck out from the heaving chest of the woman whom Cristin had her tongue deep inside.

Cristin slowly moved her head side to side, brushing her nose against Cobie’s clitoris. The only thing Cristin wanted to do now was make her favorite actress climax against her face. Each and every one of those nights that Cristin spent in bed, furiously rubbing herself while watching Cobie on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was paying off. Her dream had come true and it was better than she expected.

Cobie leaned forward and grabbed both sides of Cristin’s head, pulling it hard against her cunt as she experienced a massive orgasm. Both girls moaned loud and hard as she covered her friend’s face in her sweet nectar. Cristin removed her tongue and wrapped the lips of her mouth over the lips of Cobie’s pussy, sucking in every last droplet of cum the leaked from the taller woman.

“Holy shit Cristin!” Cobie yelled as she began to come down from the high of her climax. “You have a beautiful mouth,” she said as she looked at Cristin, who was sitting back on her knees while the florescent lighting bounced off of the glistening liquid that covered her from the bridge of her nose down the curve of her chin. “Let me taste.”

Cristin slowly crawled up her sweaty, worn out body until they were face to face. Cobie leaned forward and started kissing her cheeks, coating her lips in her own cum with each peck. After a few kisses, she started to lick the left over cum off of Cristin’s face while the short girl giggled like a child. Once the cleaning was done, their tongues reunited in each other’s mouth. They locked in a long, sensual kiss that lasted for several minutes. After a while, Cristin pulled away and crawled away while still on the couch.

“My turn!” Cristin said as she was on her hands and knees next to Cobie, arching her back and lifting her ass up.

Cobie got onto her knees behind Cristin and began pulling her wet panties away from her body. The veteran actress gasped as she saw a beautifully pink pussy in front of her. She reached her hand under and brushed across the trimmed pubic hair she had. Her finger pressed against Cristin’s clit before she circled it around her lips.

“Ready?” Cobie asked.

“Fuck me,” Cristin responded.

Cobie used her index finger and slowly slid it between her hot wet lips. Cristin purred as she felt the slender finger slide against the inside of her pulsating pussy. She was in heaven as the pace of the fingering increased. Both girls were giving every bit of sexual energy to each other. After the orgasm Cobie had experienced, she was determined to give her friend an equal feeling.

Without slowing her finger down, Cobie leaned forward and unhooked Cristin’s bra and watched as it fell off and slid to the floor. She turned her wrist around as she rested the front of her body against Cristin’s back. Softly, she kissed the pale moist skin while jamming a second finger into her slick cunt.

“Mmm,” Cristin moaned as she felt kiss after kiss to her upper back.

Cristin rested her head on the armrest and reached for chest, roughly groping herself. The nipples on her perky breasts were rock hard, made harder as she pinched and tugged each of them. She felt Cobie’s warm hand cover hers and assist in grabbing. Each girl grabbed hold of one breasts and softly rubbed a nipple between their fingers.

“You like that?” Cobie asked.

“Love it babe,” Cristin responded.

Cristin’s hips began to buck back and forth, slamming against Cobie’s soaking wet hand. She bucked harder once a third finger went inside her. She was surprised at how easily her friend fucked her with over half of her hand trying to fit. Cristin had a very tight pussy but was too sexually excited for it to matter. Cobie probably could have slid her whole head in there if she wanted, which Cristin probably would not object to.

While Cristin was moaning and panting, Cobie tried to force her pinky inside to joining three of its friends. The younger woman’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped as her pussy allowed the fourth finger inside. She looked back at Cobie, still having an expression complete shock on her face.

“Four?” she asked.

“Four,” Cobie responded.

“Five?” Cristin asked with a look of both curiosity and nervousness on her beat-red face.

Cobie softly kissed the back of her neck while preparing her thumb to enter.

“Five,” she said as her thumb slid in between her index and middle finger.

Cristin bit down on the armrest and yelled. She had never had such a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure in her life. She was so focused that she did not even notice the mini orgasm she experienced. All she could think about was what it must have looked like for Cobie’s hand trying to split her pussy in half.

“More?” Cobie whispered in her ear.

Cristin looked back at her and nodded her head slowly. Cobie leaned forward and pressed her lips against Cristin’s. With no warning, she forced more of her hand up her extremely wet cunt. She wrapped her tongue around Cristin’s and felt the vibrations of her moans and groans. Cristin would have screamed loud enough to draw attention to the room if it were not for Cobie’s lip lock.

Cobie continued to push her hand up until the last of her knuckles disappeared. She could eventually feel the bones of her wrist rubbing the slick, warm lips of Cristin’s pussy. She had fit her entire hand up the poor girl’s cunt.

“Ahh, fuck!!!” Cristin yelled as she broke the kiss.

Slowly, Cobie moved her fist around inside Cristin’s abused pussy. The younger girl pushed her upper body off the couch and arched her back as far as her spine would allow. Cobie bent down and sucked on her neck while slowly fisting her. Cristin’s breathing was becoming shorter and shorter until she finally reached what she had been waiting for.

Cobie could sense a loud orgasmic shriek coming so she threw her free hand over Cristin’s mouth just in time for the massive orgasm to take over her body. The newcomer’s body tightened up, every muscle in her body shaking as she had the most extreme orgasm of her twenty-eight year life. She heard a loud pop as Cobie roughly pulled her drenched fist out of her pussy. She fell flat on the couch and softly moaned as her orgasm continued.

After several seconds of the greatest feeling of her life, Cristin’s body finally began to calm down. While she regained her composure, Cobie was busy licking her hand clean, making sure to taste every bit of cum that was running down her forearm.

Cristin slowly rolled onto her back and looked up at Cobie, watching as she licked her fist clean. Cristin rubbed her pussy to collect some cum for her own tasting. Both girls locked eyes while tasting their own sample of Cristin’s love juices.

“That was worth the wait,” Cristin said.

“It was worth everything,” Cobie said as she leaned forward and gave her pussy a kiss.

“We should probably get going before everyone leaves,” Cristin said as she sat up, her legs still shaking a bit from her orgasm. “I don’t know how much sitting I’ll be able to do today though.”

Cobie laughed and gave her a hug.

“You could always just lie down all night,” she said as she stood up and started to dress. “I can do all the work.”

“What?” Cristin said as she started to dress as well.

“You’re coming home with me sweetheart,” Cobie said as she buttoned her shirt up. “You owe me.”

“Owe you what?”

“You came twice, I only came once…that doesn’t seem to be too fair,” Cobie said before slapping Cristin’s bare ass.

“Okay but we aren’t stopping at 2-2,” Cristin said as she pulled her boots back on.

“You are not allowed to leave until its 5-5,” Cobie smiled as she started towards the door.

“You’re on,” Cristin said before returning an ass slap to Cobie and following her out of the dressing room.

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