Hypno Celeb 33

Hypno Celeb 33: Shannen Doherty
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends anyone,
leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way.
If you
feel like trying this at home, seek help.
This story is based on a manufactured image at
Privatepages. There, you’ll find dozens
of photos,
and faked, of hypnotized women. All comments and suggestions
are welcomed. Enjoy.

"Todd, you here?" Shannen Doherty walked through the
deserted club. It was weird seeing it in the daylight, quiet
and silent, no one around. Shannen had been frequenting her a
these past few weeks and she’d gotten to know the clubs owner.
He was a nice guy and he apparently didn’t have any problems
Shannen’s fame or reputation, which made her happy. It was
really tedious trying to ditch the "bitch" label.
Todd walked out from behind the bar. He was in his
thirties, heavyset with dark hair and a beard. He had just
opened the club a few weeks ago and had attracted quite a
following in that time. "What brings my favorite former TV bad
girl here so early?" "Well, I heard you had a new CD
coming in from that band you follow in San Francisco," Shannen
explained. She wore a black dress with a rose pattern on it,
her dark hair falling to her
shoulders. "I kind of liked the other stuff from them, so I
was wondering if I could get a sneak peek."
"For you, anything." Todd hit a couple of buttons and a
techno beat began to fill the club. At the same time, the
crystal disco ball began to spin above the dance floor. A pair
of lights struck it, sending flashes into Shannen’s field of
vision. She
walked out into the dance floor, bobbing her head in time to
the music, enjoying the rock beat pulsing in. "Very nice," she
said. "I can’t wait to try it on the dance floor."
"Neither can I," Todd smiled. He watched as Shannen swung
onto the floor and took special notice of how she stared at
spinning ball. Todd flicked another button and the ball
slightly, moving closer to the floor, nearer to Shannen’s
vision. She didn’t seem to notice, following the ball with her
eyes as it hovered a few feet above her head.
Shannen was enjoying this. The combination of the music
and the soft lights was quite relaxing. It felt good just to
the lights flashing in her eyes as the music played. She felt
warm, comfortable. It was as if something in the music spoke
her, telling her to give in, relax and let go. The lights from
the ball continued to flash in her eyes, continuous flashes
that filled her eyes and then her thoughts. It was so relaxing
just to let her mind and eyes fill with those wonderful
lights. It was
nice of Todd to do this for her. Very nice. He was a very good
friend. Someone she felt closer to by the minute.
Todd watched as Shannen stopped moving and swayed in
place, her face slackened and her eyes fixed to the spinning
ball. The
subminimal messages in the music tape were taking their
He had secretly been subjecting them to Shannen for the last
few weeks, hidden in the tapes he’d been playing. Todd smiled
as the flashing lights and the messages took hold. Shannen
would soon be a very "user-friendly" friend of his.
Shannen slowly rubbed at her breasts underneath her dress.
She suddenly felt so hot, so aroused. Her eyes continued to
watch the spinning globe as she moved her hands down her
dress. She
felt like she’d been watching the ball for hours, but she
didn’t care. She felt like she could stand and watch the ball
forever. God, she felt so damn horny. She needed some cock
really bad. She suddenly tensed as she felt a pair of strong
hands on
her shoulders. "Come on, Shannen," Todd’s voice said. "Let’s
go in the back."
Shannen managed to tear her eyes away from the ball as
Todd walked her towards the back room. He was happy to see
that she
remained in her trance state and seemed to obey his commands.
He opened the door and pulled her into his small office. He
sat down on the small couch against one wall and looked at the
Shannen. "Shannen, do you feel like fucking right now?"
"Yeah," Shannen said, licking her lips.
"Good. Take off your clothes." Shannen unbuttoned the
front of her dress and shook it off of her. She stepped out of
shoes and stood in black bra and panties. "All the way,
Shannen. I know you want it that way." Shannen reached behind
her and undid the back of her bra. Her large tits came loose,
forward. She slipped her black panties down her legs, exposing
her dark patch. She stood, naked, waiting for her next order.
Todd had undone his buckle and shoved down his pants in
order to let his hard cock loose. He admired the nude Shannen
for a moment before motioning her forward. He took her by the
and pulled her to him, kissing her hard on the lips. She
responded with a passion, the messages heightening her arousal
and turning her on to any lovemaking. She wanted this and she
wanted this bad. She showed it by shoving herself against Todd
like he was her true love. His cock pressed against her thigh
as he buried her head in her cleavage, kissing the curves of
breasts, which only seemed to drive her on.
They spent a few more minutes necking, then Shannen turned
herself around. They continued to kiss, her twisting her neck
around to tongue him as he massaged her breasts. He pushed her
forward onto the couch. She gripped an armrest with both
"Do it," she whispered huskily. "Do me in the ass, baby."
Hypnotized or not, she needed to feel him inside her right
He obliged, shoving his hard-rock cock into her ass. He pushed
it in and out, setting up a steady tempo as he pushed her on.
pinched her cheeks together and enjoyed hearing her squeal.
fingers dug into the armrest and she arched back as Todd shot
his wad into her. She slumped forward, heaving with breath as
orgasm subsided.
Todd pulled his slick cock out of Shannen’s ass. She
slumped down on the couch, turning over. Todd still felt hot
all over and ready to go. "Shannen, suck my cock." He pushed
his rod against her face and she obediently took it into her
mouth. She sucked it long and hard, her tongue tickling the
tip as she pulled it down. She seemed experienced at it,
licking all around the base as he
pinched his balls. He moaned and pushed his pelvis in toward
her. He pulled it out just as he came, shooting cum all over
her face and mouth. He loved the way she licked at her face
and smiled
Todd redid his pants and quickly picked up a towel. He
wiped off Shannen’s face and ass and had her redress. He led
her back
into the club and sat her on a bar stool. "Shannen, when I
snap my fingers, you’ll leave this wonderful state you’re in.
won’t remember anything that has happened between us. You just
walked in and you have to go now." Todd put a keyword in
Shannen’s mind, then snapped his fingers. Shannen blinked open
her eyes and returned to wakefulness. "Thanks for the music,
Todd. I’ve gotta go."
"See you later, Shannen," Todd said. He was glad that the
bar obscured the hard-on he still felt. Watching her leave, he
reflected on all the other people who came into the club. Time
to start a little club of his own.

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