Hypno Celeb 8

Hypno Celeb 8: Emanuelle Beart
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. This story
contains graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends
you, leave now. This is fantasy. Hypnosis does not work this
way. If
you feel like trying this, seek help.
This story is based on a manufactured image at
Spiderloom. There, you will find dozens of

images, real and faked, of hypnotized women. Some have
this, and other, stories. Enjoy the site and the stories.

Maurice rubbed his eyes as the customer left. God, some
days it just didn’t seem worth it. He’d spent three weeks
for an antique table for a customer, only to have it rejected
because it wasn’t the right shade of brown. Passing a hand
through his graying hair, the fifty-year old Frenchman once
again marveled at how life in Paris was far from the paradise
he had
imagined when he’d set up the shop ten years earlier. The
was good, but he had yet to find the line into the elite, the
clientele who could benefit him financially and give him the
recognition he felt he deserved. Until then, he was forced to
cater to the middle-class dealers wanting something to spruce
up the office.
He glanced up again as the bell on the door rang and a
woman stepped through. He recognized her instantly and all
thoughts of boredom were erased from his mind. It was the
famous French
actress Emanuelle Beart, one of Maurice’s favorites. He felt
somewhat ashamed that her only recognition to American
audiences was as the femme fatale in that idiotic "Mission
Impossible." Beart had as much talent as she had beauty, which
meant she was
one of the most talented people in France. Her brown hair was
in a small bun behind her, her green eyes searching the aisles
the shop. She wore a black shirt and pants with a jacket.
As Emanuelle continued to browse around the shop, Maurice
slowly walked to the door. He locked it, drew the blind
covering it and placed up his "closed" sign. He then made his
way behind the counter, reaching under it. "Mademoiselle
Beart," he called. "I think I may have something you’d like."
Emanuelle turned to the counter, startled that the
shopkeeper recognized her. Fame was something she was still
getting used to. She walked towards the counter, as Maurice
turned on a small light on top of the desk. "I think you will
find this most interesting, mademoiselle," Maurice said. He
produced an antique watch on a chain. The watch had finely
crafted features as well as an elegant scroll on it. It also
had a rather audible tick, clearly heard over the counter.
"It’s been with me for some time now," Maurice said. "People
seem to find it nice. Take a long look at it, at the scroll.
It’s quite
interesting." Maurice raised the watch to the level of
Emanualle’s eyes and twisted the chain. The watch slowly spun
in place, catching the light off of the lamp, flashing patches
of it into Emanuelle’s eyes.
"Just watch the watch, Emanuelle. Watch it spin gently.
Try to make out the scroll. The intricate scroll. You can see
it even as it spins and flashes. You can see it if you look
closely. Look closely at the watch, Emanuelle and you can see
the scroll. You
can watch the light flash gently into your eyes, illuminating
the scroll. You can hear the ticking as well. The nice, quiet,
rhythmic ticking. You can hear it sound off into your ears.
It’s so relaxing just to listen and watch. Listen and watch.
All you
can see is the spinning watch and the lights glancing off it.
All you can hear is my voice and the ticking. They all relax
you. You feel so relax, so tired. Your eyes are so heavy. It
would feel so good to close them and relax. Just close your
eyes, give yourself to me and relax. You can trust me. Just
relax and trust me.
Emanuelle’s eyes blinked and then gently closed. Smiling,
Maurice placed the watch down. This was the third, and finest,
female customer he had "collected" this week. Maurice had
learned at an early age that he had a knack for hypnotism and
for using
it well. Perhaps it had something to do with the French’s lack
of inhibitions, but he had managed to turn several women into
items of pleasure for a time. But this was the first time he
had ever
ensnared a star. "Emanuelle, open your eyes but stay deeply
Emanuelle opened her eyes, gazing blankly at Maurice.
"Now, Emanuelle, you are asleep. You are asleep and having a
wonderful dream. A dream in which you are hypnotized and
forced to do
whatever I say. It is an erotic dream. You want to do whatever
I say as it makes you feel horny and excited. Do you
understand?" "..Yes.." Emanuelle said in a soft accented
voice. "Follow me." Maurice turned and walked to the
staircase behind the counter. Emanuelle followed him, taking
robotic steps up the staircase. Maurice led her to his small
apartment over the shop. The tiny bedroom contained a single
bed and dresser.
Maurice sat on the bed, gazing at the hypnotized woman in
of him. "Emanuelle, you must do everything I say. Strip."
After a brief hesitation, Emanuelle slowly removed her
jacket, letting it fall to the floor. She undid the buttons on
her shirt and let it fall, revealing a black bra on her pale
skin. She unstrapped the bra, letting her sizeable breasts go
free. Topless, she removed her pants and then her panties. She
stood nude, awaiting her next instructions.
"Emanuelle, come to me." Emanuelle crawled onto the bed
until she reached Maurice. "Emanuelle, remove my pants."
Emanuelle leaned over and undid the belt on Maurice’s
Pulling them down, she then tugged at the underwear beneath.
Maurice’s erect cock sprung forth. "Emanuelle, rest on my
cock." Emanuelle straightened herself up and maneuvered her
pussy onto
Maurice’s member. She sat herself down as Maurice slowly began
gyrating. He shifted his pelvis, driving it in and around
Emanuelle. Emanuelle closed her eyes and began to match
Maurice’s rythym. They moved together, Maurice grunting as he
felt his
juices pour through, Emanuelle moaning as her pleasure
increased. Maurice pushed himself down as he came, shooting
his load into
Emanuelle, who groaned in response.
Emanuelle pushed herself off of Maurice and lay face-down
on the bed. Maurice could hardly pass up a worthy target and
inserted his cock into Emanuelle’s ass. She cried as he began
thrusting himself into her. He pumped wildly, desires spilling
forth along his cum as he drove himself into her. Emanuelle’s
cries grew louder and finally came to a yell as Maurice
orgasmed into her. She collapsed onto the bed, spent from
their encounter. Maurice pulled on his underwear and
pants. "Emanuelle, get dressed." Once Emanuelle was fully
clothed, Maurice took her back downstairs and to the shop.
Unlocking the door and removing the
"closed" sign, Maurice raised the watch back at Emanuelle’s
eyes, which instantly followed it. "Emanuelle, listen to me,"
he said. "In a moment, I will kiss you. After I do, you will
awaken. You will not remember anything that has gone on here.
It will all be a dream. However, you will have an overwhelming
urge to return to this shop. You will also want to recommend
this shop to all your friends and colleagues, particularly the
female ones. You want
everyone to know of Maurice and his shop. Do you understand?"
Emanuelle nodded. Maurice leaned close and kissed her
gently, loving the taste of her lips. As he pulled back,
Emanuelle blinked, returning to consciousness. Maurice smiled.
It looked like good fortune was going to smile on him at last.

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