Hypno Celeb TNG 2

Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman
by KMB

This story is not meant to be read by people under the age of 18 for
various legal reasons that I’m not smart enough to get into. So you young ones
go off and read something nice and legal like the Starr Report. This story
contains graphic descriptions of sexuality and if this offends you then it’s
time to hit the back button on the left hand side of your screen.

Hypnosis does not work this way becuase this is a fantasy story. This is
not reality and should not be treated as such. If you try and make
this fantasy
reality then drop me a line when you get out of jail.

Remember, I need feedback and scenarios to keep this train moving. Send all
comments and ideas to KMB_76@yahoo.com I do need your scenarios, so don’t
hesitate to send them to me.

"C’mon this will be fun!" the dark brown haired woman declared.
"I’m not sure," her companion, a redhead, replied.

"She invited us you know," the brown haired woman contended.
"Yes, but that didn’t mean we had to accept," the redhead shot back, a
twinge of an Australian accent present in her voice.

Of course these two women were not any ordinary people, they were Sandra
Bullock and Nicole Kidman. They were about to start filming Practical Magic,
their new movie in which they played witches, in town and earlier that day they
had received an invitation from a woman who owned a shop there. She had heard
about them filming the movie and since she was a practicing witch she offered to
give them some pointers about the intricacies of witchery.

Sandra, a little bored as she sat around waiting for filming to start the
next day, was eager to see what this was all about, but Nicole was a bit more
reluctant. She had just spent almost a year of her life filming that Stanley
Kubrick film with Tom and she was going straight from there to this set with no
time for a break.

She had just wanted to take it easy for the day, plus she was not that
anxious to meet a woman who claimed to be a real witch. Something about that had
set off tiny alarm bells in her head as she half expected to meet some kooky old
woman with a million cats who spent her Halloweens casting curses that never
worked. But Sandra won her over, and she had reluctantly tagged along.

They continued walking through the town until they found the place they
had been looking for. It was a small shop and it appeared to be connected to an
apartment upstairs. The sign on the front of the store, which appeared to be
some kind of gothic supply center or something, read CLOSED.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Nicole asked, secretly hoping that
no one was there so that she could just get back and go take a nap or something.

"I’m positive," Sandra replied as she began knocking on the door, "This is
the address she gave me."

"What was her name again?" Nicole asked.

"Leah," Sandra answered as she continued knocking on the door, throwing in
the occasional, "Hello! Anyone there!" Sandra was really excited about this,
it’s not like she expected some woman with these great magical powers, it just
seemed like something fun to do with the afternoon. Anyway, Sandra liked things
that were a bit kooky and this seemed like it would fit the bill nicely.

The pair were just about to give up and head back, when they heard someone
running down the steps inside the building. With a flash, the door was unlocked
and open as Nicole and Sandra stared at a pleasant blonde woman in her late

"I’m so sorry," the woman said as she sought to catch her breath, "I was
upstairs and I almost didn’t hear you."

"Are you Leah?" Sandra asked, a bit puzzled by the woman in front of her
and Nicole.

"Yeah, hi, I’m Leah," the woman said as she opened the door wide for the
actresses, "Come on in!"

Sandra and Nicole walked in and took a look around at Leah’s store. All
sorts of curious objects stocked the shelves. Stones, powders, incense, and the
like seemed to be everywhere. There was a glass case in the front, under the
cash register, that held all sorts of rings and pendants.

"Do you do much business?" Nicole asked as she took in the sights.

"Enough to keep comfortable," Leah replied as she finally composed
herself, "I just can’t believe you’re hear. I want to tell you that I am such
big fans of both of you, I love your movies. It just boggles my mind that you’re

"We’re just people," Nicole replied as she began to relax a bit, Leah was
not at all what she had expected, "If you don’t mind me saying so, you don’t
seem like a witch."

"Not what you expected, huh?" Leah said as she gestured to herself.

"Not really," Sandra said, "But then again I don’t think either of us have
met a real live witch before."

"You’d be surprised," Leah stated, "There are a lot of us out there. We
rarely have warts and long noses though."

This brought a laugh from Nicole and Sandra and soon everyone was over
their initial nervousness and uncertainty. Leah gave them a tour of her store,
giving them a little lesson in Witchcraft 101 with what was used for which
purpose and how.

"Do you know any good love spells?" Sandra asked, "There are a couple of
people I know that I wouldn’t mind having fall madly in love with me."

"I think I can arrange something," Leah said with a laugh, "What about you

"Oh I’m already passionately in love," Nicole replied, "I’m set in that

"How about another type of spell?" Leah asked, "Anyone you want turned
into a toad or a newt?"

"Ooooh I’ve got a big old list," Nicole answered and everyone started
laughing again. Nicole was now glad Sandra had talked her into coming, this was
a lot of fun.

"I live upstairs," Leah said, gesturing up the staircase, "Does anyone
want a cup of tea or something."

"Tea would be great, thanks," Nicole said.

"Yeah, I could go for some tea," Sandra added as she and Nicole followed
Leah up the stairs. An unobservant person would have said that Leah was plain,
because she didn’t have the type of flashy beauty that reached out and grabbed
you by the balls, but in fact she was quite lovely. She had short blonde hair
coming down to just past her ears and her body in good shape. She was 28 years
old and was already perfectly satisfied with her life here. She made a good
living and had plenty of non-witch friends because of her good humor and

Leah got the tea kettle set up as she began to discuss this and that with
Sandra and Nicole. The young woman couldn’t believe that she was about to have
tea with two of the biggest movie stars in the world, it was almost more than
she could ever dream. She reached into the cupboard for some mugs for the tea
and as the kettle began to whistle she prepared the mugs for Nicole and Sandra.
Soon all three were sitting and sipping tea, Nicole and Sandra noticed a strange
taste in the tea, but it was still good and they didn’t say anything to Leah.

"As soon as I heard that they were making a movie out of Practical Magic
here in town, I just had to meet you," Leah said, "I absolutely adored that
book. You don’t see many positive portrayals of witches in modern literature,
you know."

"I guess," Sandra said, as she put her mug down on the table, all of a
sudden she was hit with this deep sense of lethargy. Everything Leah said went
right through one ear and out the other as Sandra had trouble focusing on

"Are you okay, Sandra?" Nicole asked, but then she too was hit with the
same lethargy that plagued Sandra. It started from her brain and spread downward
to every cell of her body. She tried to move, but she didn’t have the strength.
Everything was getting very fuzzy and she felt a deep desire to just lay back
and sleep. Deciding not to fight it, Nicole gave in and slumped down on the
table, where Sandra’s head already lay in rest.

Seeing that the powder she put in the tea had had the desired effect, Leah
put her mug down and stared at the two unconscious movie stars. She had wrestled
with the morality of doing this, but she had ultimately decided that she was
being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill her favorite sexual
fantasy. The powder she had used was very rare and Leah ordinarily would have
saved it for a high paying customer, but this was one time she wanted to do
something for herself.

"Nicole, Sandra, I want you to slowly rise up from the table and follow
me," Leah said as she got up and walked toward her bedroom. Nicole and Sandra
followed, almost robotically. The pair then wordlessly watched as Leah stripped
off her clothes.

The blonde pulled her sweater off and pushed down her jeans, leaving her
clad in only a white bra and red panties. Leah’s arousal was noticeable from the
wetness of her panties, but Nicole and Sandra could have no reaction to the

"I want you two to strip each other’s clothes off," Leah softly commanded,
"As you do that to each other, you will begin to feel more passion and arousal.
You will want to make love to each other and me. Even if you have never been
with a woman before this arousal will feel good and relaxing. You will want to
give in to it and your desires, you will find this feeling natural and

As soon as Leah finished, Nicole and Sandra began to obey. Slowly at
first, Sandra began to unbutton Nicole’s shirt while Nicole undid the top of
Sandra’s pants. When Nicole’s shirt was off, Leah noticed that the redhead’s
nipples were beginning to strain against the fabric of her black bra. Leah was
also pleased when she saw Sandra’s hands begin to lightly touch Nicole’s
breasts, they were responding to the passion spell very well.

Leah soon found her own nipples beginning to swell from the arousal. As
she felt the friction from them rubbing up against the fabric of her bra, she
shucked the garment off her body, exposing her round, firm breasts.

Meanwhile, the strip show went on for the two actresses. They were now
both standing in just their bras and panties and they were beginning to react to
each other with more passion. Sandra reached for the front of Nicole’s bra and
undid the clasp. Leah gasped when she saw how beautiful Nicole’s breasts were.
She’s seen them in the movies before, but nothing could prepare the young witch
for how they looked in reality.

Nicole then reached out to Sandra and returned the favor by undoing her
bra. Sandra responded by reaching up to Nicole’s face. She began to gently
stroke her cheek and soon the pair had drawn each other in for a light kiss.
They quickly broke it off, but after only a brief pause, they resumed their
kiss, this time with more passion.

As their tongues began to duel with one another, Nicole and Sandra’s
breasts started to rub up against each another. This caused pleasurable
sensations for the pair and they began to moan as their kisses took on added
fervor with each passing moment. Finally Nicole broke it off again, and with a
smile crossing her face, she opened her mouth to an O and suckled on Sandra’s
nipples, causing the woman to gasp in pleasure.

By now, Leah’s hand was under her panties and she was fingering herself
hard, the site of the two hypnotized superstars kissing and exploring each
other’s bodies was almost too much for her to bear. Fortunately, she regained
control and sat up, pushing off her panties as she did and showing to her new
friends that she was indeed a natural blonde.

"Come to me," she ordered the mesmerized pair, "Lie on your stomachs."

Nicole and Sandra did as they were ordered and Leah took the opportunity
to slowly and lovingly strip off each woman’s panties, exposing their soft,
smooth backsides. Leah took her fingers and ran them up and down the slits of
each of the actresses and by the gasps she received she knew the spell had done
its work. Both were ready and willing to make love.

"Turn over," Leah softly ordered and she greeted each beautiful face with
a soft kiss. Both Nicole and Sandra both returned the kiss with passion, their
foggy minds intent on pleasing both their mistress and their own raging desires
for one another.

After playing a little mental game of eeny-meeny-miny-mo, Leah lowered
herself down Sandra’s body to the damp patch of brown hair that lay above her
clit. Leah slowly began to kiss Sandra’s pussy, feeling the arousal build in the

The witch then looked up and motioned at Nicole, hoping she would get the
idea. She did and the redhead lowered her pussy onto Sandra’s face where it was
happily met by an eager tongue. Nicole then twisted her body so she could have
access to Leah’s dripping pussy, she then wasted no time in going straight for
her mistresses’ clit.

Soon the members of the trio were licking each other into a frenzy. The
usually reserved Nicole was loving every second of this, and each lick that
Sandra gave to her pussy she gave back twofold to Leah. Her juice was dripping
down onto Sandra’s face and she could even begin to feel it trickling down her
legs. The redhead knew she was close to orgasm and it only made her pick up the
pace of her tongue at Leah’s pussy.

No longer did Sandra and Nicole try to notice or even care that they
weren’t in control of their minds, they were too caught up in the pleasure they
were giving each other. Leah was having the time of her life as her deepest
fantasy came true. Soon she felt the stirrings of orgasm and with a gasp she
came onto Nicole’s face, her whole body shaking and shuddering in intense
pleasure. This broke the damn for the other two and soon Nicole and Sandra were
also feeling the ecstasy of orgasm.

However, this did nothing to cool down anyone of the trio down and soon
they were all mounting and remounting one another in a frantic effort to
possibly squeeze more pleasure out of the encounter. Finally after a seemingly
endless series of orgasms, Leah dozed off.

She then woke up to find Sandra and Nicole hungrily 69ing each other,
Nicole’s slender body was on top, her long red hair obscuring Leah’s view. The
spell had worked beyond the witch’s wildest imagination, she must have tapped
into some deeply hidden lust the two had for one another. The blonde began to
finger herself as she watched Nicole and Sandra rock each other’s bodies as they
engaged in wanton lesbian lust. When she saw that the two had brought each other
to orgasm yet again, Leah decided that there was only one way to end the

"Lick my pussy, girls," Leah commanded as she spread her legs for them.
Nicole and Sandra, their faces shiny with each other’s juices, eagerly complied
as their two tongues attacked Leah’s clit. The blonde reached up to massage her
breasts as her mind drifted into ecstasy. The tongues of the two actresses
quickly accomplished their mission as Leah came violently once again.

The three then began to kiss and stroke each other, all passions finally
satisfied, and with a sigh Leah realized that she would have to bring an end to
her fantasy afternoon. She got up from the bed and prepared another elixir for
Nicole and Sandra. This one would undo the effects of the passion spell and
would, sadly, erase their memories of the encounter.

It was a shame, Leah thought to herself. Nicole and Sandra seemed to be
having so much fun with one another, that she hated to see that end. She briefly
considered giving them a love potion for one another, but she dismissed that
idea. Nicole was truly in love with Tom and she didn’t want to break up their
marriage. That would be too painful for Nicole and Leah only wanted her and
Sandra to feel pleasure, never pain.

Soon Leah was saying her goodbyes to the pair, who walked out of the store
feeling much better than when they had come in.

"I must admit Sandra, coming here was a great idea," Nicole said.

"I do come up with some good ones every now and then," Sandra replied.

"I feel so relaxed," Nicole said as she stretched in contentment.

"Me too," Sandra agreed.

"I mean it," Nicole added, "I haven’t felt this good since the last time
Tom and I did an all night fucking."

"Nicole!" Sandra exclaimed, pleasantly shocked at her friend’s bluntness.

"Sorry," Nicole said, "For some reason I feel as if all my inhibitions
have been washed away."

Back in her apartment, Leah relaxed in a bubblebath. Her fantasy had come
true and it had been better than all she could have hoped for. She hated to see
it end, but after all movies take months to film and Nicole and Sandra had
promised to stop by again. With a grin Leah began to think of what she could

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