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Sarah Michelle Gellar
by KMB

This story is not meant to be read by people under the age of 18 for
various legal reasons that I’m not smart enough to get into. So you young ones
go off and read something nice and legal like the Starr Report. This story
contains graphic descriptions of sexuality and if this offends you then it’s
time to hit the back button on the left hand side of your screen. Hypnosis does
not work this way becuase this is a fantasy story. This is not reality and
should not be
treated as such. If you try and make this fantasy reality then
drop me a line when you get out of jail.

This story is dedicated to a friend of mine who is quite possibly the
biggest Sarah Michelle Gellar fan in the universe. He will probably only be
truly happy if he had a chance to be with her, so I dedidcate this story to him.
May his fantasies come true.

Remember, I need feedback and scenarios to keep this train moving. Send all
comments and ideas to KMB_76@yahoo.com I do need your scenarios, so don’t
hesitate to send them to me.

Sarah Michelle Gellar sat back in her chair and sighed. It was her
downtime on the set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and she was trying something
new, writing. Sarah had to start thinking about her career after Buffy and there
weren’t a lot of great roles for women waiting out there for her. So when Sarah
heard that Jennifer Love Hewitt had written a script and set up a movie for
herself, she had decided to take a crack at putting together a screenplay.

Unfortunately this was easier said than done, and Sarah was suffering from
a serious case of writer’s block. She stared at the screen in front of her for
what seemed like hours, but no ideas were forthcoming. She’d been full of ideas
the night before, when she’d first come up with this silly screenplay thing, but
now nothing was flowing. Time continued to pass and Sarah was getting more and
more frustrated at her lack of progress, so she was almost grateful when she was
interrupted by a knocking on her trailer door. Hopefully whatever this
distraction was would get her creative juices going somehow.

Sarah got up and saw that it was Tom at the door. Tom was the mail boy for
the studio lot where they filmed the show and Sarah had had a chance to have a
few conversations with him. If Sarah’s memory served her was going to medical
school and was paying his way by working here. He was certainly cute. He was
about 5-11, with sandy brown hair. Sarah might have even considered going out
with him at some point, but when you’ve got a hit TV series and you’re trying to
establish yourself in movies who has time for a social life?

“Hi Tom,” Sarah said brightly as she opened the door.

“Here you go Sarah,” Tom said as he handed her a bundle of mail, including
a small package.

“What’s this, fan mail from some flounder?” Sarah asked as she held the

“Only one way to find out,” Tom replied.

“I suppose you’re right,” Sarah said, “Fan mail might just be the
distraction I need right now.”

“Is something wrong?” Tom asked with genuine concern.

“No,” Sarah answered with a little sigh, “I’m actually trying to write a
screenplay and it’s not going so well.”

“Well you know what they say,” Tom stated, “Everyone in Los Angeles is only
working at their job until their screenplay gets bought. You’re not alone.”

“Somehow that’s not that comforting a thought,” Sarah said with a smile, “I
don’t suppose you have any great ideas for a movie.”

“Sure I do,” Tom answered, “But it involves a young mail deliverer studying
to be a doctor who cracks open an international spy ring and saves the world.”

“I’ll keep that idea in mind,” Sarah replied, “Thanks Tom.”

Sarah then closed the door to her trailer and started looking over her
mail. Most of it was standard fan mail, and that was enough to make Sarah happy.
Fame was very fickle in this business and a long time ago Sarah had decided to
look at her legion of fans as a good thing and not a burden. Who knew, some day
when she was old and gray she’d want their adoration, but they’d be long gone.

As she continued to flip through the envelopes, Sarah decided to save the
letters for later because the package had really piqued her interest. What was
inside could either be really sweet or really sick, but either way Sarah was
dying to find out what lay beneath the brown wrapping.

She quickly tore open the wrapping and opened the box that lay under it.
The box was very light and when she couldn’t see anything inside, Sarah stuck
her hand in. She was then felt something sharp prick her hand.

“Ow! Shit!” Sarah said as she quickly withdrew her smarting hand. There was
a small prick mark on her palm now and a little bit of blood was trickling out.
Sarah pressed a tissue to wipe away the blood and began rubbing her hand. She
emptied out the contents of the box and found only a small thorn inside.

“What kind of a joke is this?” Sarah asked aloud to no one in particular.
She supposed she’d have to call security or something to have them check the
return address on the package, but it hardly seemed worth the bother. Who would
take the time and money to send her a thorn? There sure were some strange people
out there.

Sarah was very annoyed at how this day was turning out. She ignored the
rest of her fan mail and went back to staring at the computer screen. But this
time she was having less luck than before. All of a sudden she was having
trouble focusing on anything. The words on her screen seemed to be all blurring
into one big blot. Her head started to pound and her whole body felt week. What
was happening to her?

The actress began to feel a gradual loss of her motor functions and, more
alarmingly so, she felt as though her free will was slipping away. Sarah tried
to get up and run out the door to find some help, but she couldn’t make it
there. Instead she collapsed on the floor, as all her will and energy continued
to be sapped away.

Sarah lay on the floor for who knows how long, her mind was no longer able
to comprehend time, before she heard a knocking on her door again.

“Sarah! Let me in!” a voice commanded. Sarah lurched up from the floor and
managed to open the door, allowing Tom to reenter the trailer.

“Sarah, what is it that you want?” Tom asked as he closed the trailer door
behind him.

“Anything you want, master,” the mesmerized actress replied.

Tom managed to kill the urge to pump his fists and shout “YES!” The drug
had worked like a charm. It was pure luck that he had managed to discover it
while he took his course on alternative medicines. It was supposedly used by
voodoo priests in Haiti to get revenge on those who angered them, but Tom had
less a sinister idea of how to use the drug.

Working with Sarah and seeing her day after day on the set had been driving
Tom crazy with lust and if he didn’t do something to release the pent up tension
then he feared he was just going to burst. This seemed like the easiest way to
do just that without having to go through the crazy rituals that were otherwise
known as relationships. Tom had gone through too many of those damn things with
nothing to show for it and this time he was going to get some fun for himself.

“Sarah, listen to me,” Tom began, “You will follow my every command. My
will is your will.”

“Yes master,” Sarah softly said, the words causing Tom’s cock to harden

“You feel hot Sarah, very hot,” Tom commanded and soon enough he saw Sarah
start to react. Sweat began to appear on her brow and the actress started to
shift uncomfortably, this quickly started to increase and soon Sarah looked as
though she might collapse again. All of a sudden Tom realized that if he didn’t
have her cool down, she’d begin to suffer from some kind of mental heat stroke
or something, so he had her begin to feel cool and relaxed. This was a powerful
suggestion drug and Tom realized he’d have to be careful with it. Oh well, he
reasoned it was his first time hypnotizing someone so he was probably allowed to
make a few mistakes.

“Sarah take off your clothes,” Tom ordered and Sarah complied. She lifted
her t-shirt over her head and her hands quickly went around back to unsnap her
bra. Tom almost lost control when he saw her breasts exposed, his cock was about
to rip through his pants, but he managed to control himself.

Meanwhile, oblivious to Tom’s reaction, Sarah continued to strip. Soon she
stood naked except for a pair of panties and when she pushed them off her legs,
Tom thought he had died and gone to heaven. Sarah’s legs were perfect, as was
the rest of her body, and Tom’s eyes were immediately drawn to the small patch
of dark hair between those perfect legs.

Tom was almost hypnotized himself as he stared at the nude goddess before
him, but he snapped out of it and began to pull off his own clothes. He had a
good body and could probably get any girl he wanted. But he didn’t want just any
girl, he wanted Sarah. Tom had dreamed about this day for so long and now his
dreams were about to come true. He was a virgin, by choice for the most part,
and Sarah was truly his fantasy girl. Soon they were both standing nude in front
of each other and Tom began to speak again.

“Sarah, you will begin to feel a warm, pleasant feeling spread through your
body, it will feel so good that you won’t want it to stop.” Almost as soon as
Tom said this he noticed a smile cross over Sarah’s face as the command kicked
in, damn this drug worked fast. “This feeling will make you horny, Sarah, you
will want to have sex very badly. You will want to fuck, you will need to fuck
to keep this good feeling from stopping.”

Tom looked down again at Sarah’s pussy and noticed that it was starting to
get wet as the actress began to sway from the pleasure coursing through her

“In your mind, you are having an erotic dream Sarah,” Tom continued,
“You’ve had this dream before and you love it. I am your lover in that dream. It
feels natural to do this, just let the good feeling flow through your body. You
want to please me, you want to make love with me.”

At that point Sarah’s eyes opened and her entranced mind took in the sight
of the nude Tom. Even in the fog of her brain, she could begin to feel her own
rising passion. She was dreaming and it was one of her favorite dreams, too.
Sarah’s lust was growing for the nude man in front of her, the hypnosis
prevented her from recognizing Tom, and she knew just what to do please him.

Sarah approached Tom and began to kiss him passionately. Tom ran his hands
over Sarah’s body, squeezing her buttocks and fondling her breasts. Sarah’s
nipples tightened under the feel of his hands, she was really starting to get
into this!

Tom then put a little bit of pressure on Sarah’s shoulders, indicating to
her that she should move her attention downward. Sarah quickly got the hint and
began kissing her way down Tom’s body until she reached his cock. She teasingly
ran her tongue over Tom’s throbbing shaft before she began to suck it, gently at
first, then with more passion.

Tom had to steady himself from falling to the ground, the sensations
Sarah’s tongue was creating almost caused him to lose control of his legs. The
young man began to moan in deep pleasure as Sarah teased and sucked his cock
until the pleasure almost drove him into a frenzy. He could feel himself
starting to tense up, a sure warning sign of incoming orgasm, and he knew he had
to stop before it was too late.

With a sigh, he pushed Sarah off of his cock and he detected a look of
disappointment on her face after being forced to cease her oral attentions. Tom
had been waiting for this day for a long time and he wanted to get the most out
of it.

He then led Sarah over to the small bed, and lay her down. Tom placed
himself next to Sarah and once again began running his hands over her body,
feeling her react with pleasure whenever he made contact with her nipples. He
slipped two fingers into Sarah’s pussy and she quickly began to moan in
approval. As Sarah’s pussy began to get wetter, Tom increased the speed of his
finger fucking. He then covered Sarah’s open mouth with his own in a deep kiss.

Sarah’s juices were beginning to really flow from her being finger fucked
and soon enough she came, her cries muffled by the kiss that she and Tom
continued. Tom realized that soon people would start to notice Sarah’s absence
so he decided that it was time for him to have some fun.

He moved his body on top of Sarah’s and entered her pussy. Tom had been
waiting for this moment ever since he had hit first seen Sarah and it was
definitely worth the wait. The penetration felt so good to Tom that tremors of
pleasure rose from his cock straight to his brain. He knew he wouldn’t last
long, but he wanted to savor the moment.

Meanwhile, Sarah was meeting each of his thrusts with equal passion. This
was her favorite part of the dream, the part where they both got to come. With
each one of Tom’s thrusts, Sarah felt herself thrown closer to another orgasm.
Soon the two were in complete synch with each other’s body and the moment of
truth had arrived.

With a deep groan, Tom felt his cock swell in anticipation. He then let
himself loose as he shot into Sarah, who cried out in pleasure as a response.
Their orgasms seemed to go on indefinitely, but neither were really paying much
attention to the time. When the sensations finally stopped, Tom pulled himself
off of Sarah and began to get himself recomposed.

He had Sarah redress and they both cleaned up the trailer so that it would
be as it was before.

“Sarah, I need you to listen to me again,” Tom stated, “You will not
remember any of this as reality. You will go to the bed and wake up in five
minutes. You will only remember taking a short nap and having an erotic dream.
You won’t remember my participation or the package I sent you. But if you ever
hear me say the words, ‘special mail delivery,’ you will fall back into this
state of trance.”

Sarah nodded in acceptance, and Tom was about to leave. But then he had one
more idea and decided to act upon it. He leaned into Sarah and began whispering
into her ear.

Five minutes later, Sarah awoke with a start. She was annoyed at herself.
She had set aside this time to work, not sleep. But then she remembered that she
had had her favorite erotic dream again, so perhaps it was worth it after all.
Looking up at the clock, Sarah noticed that she had to be back on the set in
about twenty minutes so she went up to turn off her computer. Perhaps she’d get
an idea tomorrow.

But then all of a sudden, an idea struck her. It was a great idea and the
screenplay would practically write itself. It was a story about a young mail
deliverer studying to be a doctor who cracks open an international spy ring and

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