Hypno Pranks: Cindy Crawford

Hypno Pranks: Cindy Crawford


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Two pics of
Echso inspired
this. Enjoy.

The life of a stage hypnotist wasn’t exactly the easy one it may have
appeared to be. Tours
around the country, doing stupid dives and crummy hotels were the usual life for
entertainers. However, Johnny was a lot different than most of his brethren.

He had found his natural affinity for the craft as a teen, messing around
and hypnotizing
his sister. He’d made her do a few tricks before learning just how deep he could
send her and have
her do his chores. It wasn’t long before he soon had the high school cheerleader
literally eating
out of his lap with glee and the talent stayed with him through college.

With his skills, it wasn’t long before Johnny figured he could make a very
nice living off of
this. It wasn’t as hard as it sounded. After putting people under for a show,
he’d convince them to
give him some extra cash and valuables and not even miss it. Thus, he could stay
at the better
hotels, the ones that catered to celebrity guests, which gave Johnny plenty of
opportunities to ply
his craft with women most hypnotists could only dream of meeting.

Oddly enough not a lot of the women he would have loved to be with actually
attended his
show so he’d have to go out and look for them, which wasn’t as hard as it
sounded. He paid the
bellhops a lot to keep him informed of who was where at what time. It paid off a
lot as it
definitely did here.

He watched as she moved through the lobby, heading to the elevators. Even
if she tried to
disguise herself, she’d be recognized. That face of perfect beauty, the long
brown hair billowing
behind it, the lithe but shapely body, the mole on the cheek. Clad in a green
swimsuit, the type of
outfit she made famous, Cindy Crawford was still the standard by which other
supermodels were

Johnny had been dreaming for years about meeting her and now had his chance
right past him. He stood up and followed her to the elevator, making it look as
if he was just
going the same direction. He stepped inside, grateful that it was just her and
him. He gave her a
smile, which she briefly returned, taking off her sunglasses and putting them in
her bag. She’d
evidentially been catching a few last rays before the sun set and was no doubt
going straight to her
room. Johnny had found out she was on her own, just a private vacation, which
Johnny was going
to be intruding on a tad.

He glanced at his watch, hoping the cash he paid to that guy in the power
room would be
worth it. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind then the elevator shook and
came to a halt.
Cindy started a bit and then hit the button, trying to get it started again.
“Shit,” she muttered.

“Calm down, Cindy,” Johnny said in a light tone.

“How’d you——” Cindy turned to him.

“You’re Cindy Crawford,” Johnny said as if that explained it, which in a
way it did.
Nodding, Cindy turned back and hit the button a few more times before backing
away. “Damn it,”
she whispered.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll have it fixed soon,” Johnny said. He just
needed twenty
minutes tops, that was all. “Have somewhere to be?”

“Wanted to catch a movie after dinner,” Cindy said, leaning against the
wall. “Shit, left my
watch back in the room.”

Never one to turn down a nice opening, Johnny moved his hand to his pocket
and brought
out a nicely plated gold watch. “Well, I think this will tell you the time,” he
said, holding it before
Cindy. She watched it swing a bit in the air, trying to focus on it.

“Um, it’s hard to tell the time,” Cindy said. “It’s swinging.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” Johnny said softly. “It’s swinging nicely back and
forth, back and forth,
it’s swinging back and forth before you, it’s swinging back and forth and I know
you’re trying to
look at it, Cindy, you’re trying to look at the watch as it swings before you,
back and forth, back
and forth, it swings back and forth before you, Cindy, back and forth, back and
forth and you
have to keep watching it, Cindy, you have to keep watching it swing back and
forth, back and
forth, just watch the watch, Cindy, watch it swing back and forth, back and
forth, back and

Cindy’s eyes focused on the swinging watch, watching it flow before her
from side to side,
side to side, she just watched it swing side to side, side to side. It was so
nice to watch, it was so
very, very nice to watch it swing side to side, side to side. She felt her eyes
grow heavy, she felt
herself growing sleepy all of a sudden, very sleepy, so very sleepy, she just
felt so sleepy. She had
to close her eyes, that was it, she had to close her eyes and go to sleep, go to
sleep, go into a nice,
deep sleep…….

Cindy didn’t feel it when the elevator started again. She was lost in a
fog, Johnny’s voice
floating into her mind as he spoke to her, taking her deeper with every word,
deeper as he led her
out of the elevator and to her room, deeper as he took in the key, deeper as he
led her inside,
deeper as he had her undressed, her round perky breasts exposed as he peeled the
suit down
her shapely body, deeper as he took it down her long legs, deeper as her brown
tuft was exposed,
deeper, always deeper…….

An hour later, the bedroom was filled with cries of joy, Johnny lying back
on the bed as
Cindy rode him, her thighs clenching with every thrust onto him, her perky round
breasts just
enough for him to play with, pinching the nipples as his cock thrust into her.
This was their fourth
time around and Cindy was a great lover, welcoming his cock into her and
answering back with
passion. Johnny brought her down to him, allowing him to kiss her tits as she
ground against him,
his cock ready to explode once again as he cupped her cheeks and held her in.
Cindy cried out,
her passions turned on immensely in her trance state as she welcomed Johnny’s
orgasm within

Johnny rolled Cindy onto her stomach and let his hands drag down her back
and to her
cheeks. He paused, rubbing those still perfect buttocks. Two ideas occurred to
him. One, a friend
who might be interested in this. And two, a little bit of naughtiness…….

Cindy groaned as she woke up, pushing away the sheets. She let her hands
move over her
body, realizing she was naked and a little……sticky, too. She looked around
to try and figure out
what had happened. She was surprised to see it was morning, sunlight falling
through the terrace
outside her room. Had she gone to bed early? The last thing she remembered was
meeting a man
in the elevator and he had some watch…….

The thought was gone as soon as it entered and Cindy sighed and shook her
head. She
stood up, amazed at how sore she felt. Maybe she’d slept in a wrong position or
something. She
glanced at the magic marker on her dresser and briefly wondered where it had
come from. She
moved onto her terrace, taking a moment to admire the wind blowing off the scene
and failed to
notice the little message someone had left her…..

A few hours later, Cindy was driving down the busy city streets, hoping to
do a little
shopping. She had her hood down, her hair blowing in the wind as she tried to
enjoy herself. She’d
put aside her odd waking up experience and was trying to enjoy herself and was
thus a little
peeved when a siren began wailing and a police car flashed behind her. Cindy
sighed as she pulled
over to a side street. She glanced in the mirror and saw the cop motioning her
to go a little further
and to the side. Shaking her head, Cindy decided to do what he wanted and moved
the car into a
small alley nearby, the cop car following her.

She waited as the cop stepped out of the car. He was a handsome man with a
good build
and dark hair who seemed a professional as he moved over to the car. Cindy hit
him with her best
smile, hoping she could win him over and get out of this. “Hi,” she said. “So,
what’s wrong?”

“Miss Crawford?” The officer said, his nametag reading “Morris.”

“Yeah, what is it?” Cindy said, hoping it wouldn’t be anything too major.

“Johnny says watch the watch.” Cindy seemed puzzled for a moment. Then,
with a sigh,
her eyes shut and she slumped in her seat as the hypnotic trance overtook her.
Daniel let out a
rush. Damn, Johnny hadn’t been blowing smoke after all. He really had hypnotized
Crawford and put a trigger for her to do whatever Daniel wanted. The officer
licked his lips as he
looked at the model, the best hypnotized woman Johnny had sent his way. He
always knew letting
him off for that speeding ticket was a good idea.

“Cindy, Johnny says that when I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up. You won’t
being asleep and you will want to do whatever I say. You will be extremely horny
and will want
to fuck me any way I say.”

Daniel snapped his fingers and Cindy’s eyes opened. Her face took on a
sultry look as she
stepped out of the car. “Hi,” she said. “So, what did you want to pull me over

“Well, I was thinking you might be a little drunk,” Daniel smiled as his
hands moved over
to his pants. He undid them enough to let out his rock-hard cock. “I think maybe
you need to take
this special Breathalyzer.”

Smiling, Cindy moved forward, her hands touching the shaft, feeling it
tighten under her
hands. “Oh, wait,” Daniel said. “I forgot. Dress code, you have to be naked for

“Anything to obey the law,” Cindy grinned as she disrobed, revealing her
glamorous naked
body. She went to her knees, her mouth taking in all of Daniel’s long shaft,
taking it deep into her
mouth, tongue sliding up and down the shaft, tickling the balls as Daniel
groaned. The police
officer let her hands move down to her long hair, holding her in tight as Cindy
licked and sucked
away at him. Her arousal was on full blast as she licked his penis, her full
lips leaving trails of
lipstick on his shaft as she sucked him off long and hard. Daniel held her tight
by the hair as he let
loose, blasting his wad down her throat as Cindy went at licking away all his

In moments, they were in the back of the police car. Cindy was sitting in
the backseat, legs
spread wide, allowing the now naked Daniel to pound away at her, his cock
slamming in and out
of her pussy with abandon. Daniel’s hands pressed on Cindy’s breasts, squeezing
the tight tits as
he went at her, Cindy’s cries filling the car as he pumped away, building to a
crescendo as he shot
his wad into her, shaking the entire car as he let loose.

He pulled out of her and then turned her off, intent at getting at than
nice round ass. He
paused as he saw words written in magic marker upon Cindy’s left cheek: “Johnny
was here.”
Daniel shook his head with a grin at how his friend had to leave a calling card.
Well, that was fine
by him. Johnny would no doubt want another shot at Cindy later. For now, she was
going to be a
little busy as Daniel went about to serve and protect.

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