I Bang a Hottie

Story title: I Bang a Hottie

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Jennette McCurdy

Story codes: MF, oral, anal

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Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments send them to rockcook5@yahoo.com now on with the story.

Dating a badgirl can be fun I however got stuck with the most insane girl who plays one on tv thanks to running into Miranda Cosgrove during a dating slump and wanting to help us both getting a pretty girl for me and a guy for Jennette McCurdy to get her random impulses under control it worked to some degree where she was happy and calm around me but sometimes she wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to having sex the past few days were quiet with Jennette gone but the loud pounding on the front door signaled something was up.

“Forget your key again?” I asked

“Whatever.” she said

The petite blonde grabbed my pants pulling me into the bedroom before tossing me on the bed.

“Just lay there and take it.” she said

“If you say so.” I said

Normally talking her into having sex wasn’t that hard but this was the horniest I’ve seen her in weeks I was curious what had triggered it as she unzipped my fly letting my 12 inch cock out stroking it.

“That read through was torture I couldn’t wait to get back here.” she said

“Bad day?” I asked

“The worst everytime I read the scenes where I was eating meat I imagined it was this.” she said

“Well go ahead and get it out of your system.” I said

She had gotten her pants off easy enough and was sliding her pussy onto my throbbing cock as I opened the buttons on her flannel shirt letting her boobs free.

“Never get tired of seeing these.” I said

“I’m loving that thick feeling baby.” she cooed

Jennette spread her legs out as I groped her ample chest sucking them easing herself down on my shaft shifting her hips getting every inch she could inside.

“Almost forgot how tight you were.” I said

“Well then stretch me out.” she said

She was nearly stuffed sliding her hips up and down my shaft pulsing waiting for release the more she moved the closer my head came to bumping into the wall.

“I might spray more than you expect.” I said

“Come on baby..make mama happy.” she purred

Her pace increased rather quick as I felt her cervix bump into my penis rubbing her clit driving Jennette over the edge of lust.

“Yeah ride that meat.” I said

“I love it when you do that.” she purred.

Jennette’s hips were pounding away making my shaft nearly slam into her clit every time her potential earth shattering orgasm wasn’t far off now.

“I’m gonna blow.” I grunted

“Me too.” she moaned

Jennette’s orgasm hit really hard as I pumped a sizeable amount of my seed inside her the screaming fit could easily be heard down the street with my head rebounding off the headboard I could see stars in my vision from the impacts I had a slight ring in my ears that masked the cracking wood as the bedframe collapsed under us.

“That…was…epic.” she said

“Yes it was.” I said

Over the next few weeks Jennette was barely home more than a few hours with the final episodes of the season taking most of her time by the time I saw her the busty blonde sex kitten I knew was revved up for some fun the bonus for me was she had somehow poured herself into a cheerleader outfit that was easily smaller than it needed to be.

“Called in a favor from the costume designer so we could have a special night.” she said

“This is why I miss high school.” I said

“How about we relive some of the fun moments you had.” she said

“I have been wanting to bang a cheerleader under the bleachers.” I said

I could still smell the burned rubber off the tires as we pulled into a practice field in the middle of a small town I knew about that for the most part was abandoned.

“I love role playing here.” she said

“Somebody’s frisky.” I said

She looked amazing in her outfit the thing must have been a custom job with the skirt really short nearly at crotch level and her boobs nearly overflowing out of the top pulling the shirt up in the process showing Jennette’s belly I couldn’t help but get hard waiting for it to rip open if she breathed too deeply.

“Oh shit I’m loving this all over.” she moaned

“Wow your still tight.” I said

My thick shaft was opening her anal ring easy enough as I popped the buttons on her outfit letting Jennette’s boobs out sucking on them rather hard making her shudder.

“I love anal baby.” she said

“No kidding.” I said

I rammed into Jennette over and over groping her tits driving her wild as my shaft continued to probe her ass she gripped her hands which for me was a signal she liked it.

“Give me everything.” she said

“I’m on it.” I said

I was going full speed shoving my big cock up her ass making Jennette nearly scream on every stroke into her petite frame for someone so tiny she could take a pounding.

“GONNA….CUM….HARD!!” she yelped

“Almost there.” I said

Even pinned down with a large dick in her ass Jennette was clawing up the backseat like a scratching post as her blonde hair went flying around.


“Can’t hold it.” I said

I plastered her insides with what felt like buckets of baby batter as her screaming fit continued I pulled out splattering a huge load on her back up to her shoulders in sticky, thick, white ropes of goo.

Jennette ended up getting her own show in the aftermath we went our seperate ways there was no bad blood either way she was fantastic in every way across the board I didn’t feel bad for the guy that came after me he just had some big shoes to fill making Jennette happy.

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