I Feel Myself: Kristen Bell

Title: I Feel Myself: Kristen Bell

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Kristen Bell

Codes: F, mas, anal, ws, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.

We fade in on Kristen sitting on the toilet, as we hear her pee, then get a brief close-up of her pussy, as a powerful stream comes from it.  Cutting back to Kristen, we hear a lawnmower outside, and she moves the curtain next to her aside, and looks out the window.  Outside, we see a(possibly underage) young man mowing the lawn next door without a shirt.  Cutting back, Kristen licks her lips.  Letting go of the curtain, Kristen closes her eyes, then starts rubbing her thighs, smiling. “Tommy!” she starts saying to herself, “I’m old enough to be your mother!  Also, I live next door!  You think your parents would be okay with you getting it on with the neighbor lady?” One hand slides between her legs, and Kristen moans. “Well, when you put it like that…I have wanted to fuck you for…You don’t wanna know how long…”

Kristen spreads her legs, and, in another close-up, we see her rub and finger her pussy, still dripping with pee. “Uhm…Hmm…” Kristen’s lip trembles, as her middle finger starts to work her clit, while, with her other hand, she gropes one of her tits through her t-shirt.  After doing this for a minute, Kristen grabs the bottom of her shirt and whips it off, and her titties bounce out.  She then feels herself up, groping and squeezing them. “Mmm…” Kristen moans, tilting her head back and again licking her lips.  Back in the close-up, she starts to finger her wet pussy. “Oh, God, Tommy…” Kristen whispers breathily, brow furrowing, “You want me to suck your cock?  God, I wanna suck it so hard!  I wanna suck your cock until it explodes in my mouth!” As she says this, her voice lowers to a growl, while her fingers plunge in and out of her cunt faster and faster, until, with a deep, throaty groan, she cums.

We now see Kristen on her bed, lying on her back, sucking on a glass dildo.  She then moves it between her legs, and, in another close-up, inserts it in her drooling snatch. “Ooh!  Huh…” As Kristen fucks herself with the toy, she continues, “Oh, God, Tommy, you’re so fucking hard!” Back in the close-up, she drives the dildo hard into her pussy.  She then starts rocking up and down, causing her tits to bounce and jiggle. “Oh, God!” Kristen’s face contorts, as she starts to cry out. “Oh, God!” Again in the close-up, we can hear how wet Kristen is, as she fucks herself hard and fast.  Suddenly, her back arches, and she gasps so loudly, it sounds like a shriek.

Now, Kristen is on her knees, ass in the air, and one hand behind her back, rubbing the dildo up and down her ass-crack. “Yeah, put it in…” In another close-up, after rubbing the toy up and down a bit longer, she inserts it, groaning. “Yesss…” Kristen hisses, as she pushes the dildo in and out. “Oh, trust me, Tommy…This feels good for me, too…” After fucking herself slowly for a bit, Kristen grips the toy like a knife, and starts jabbing her ass with it, face screwing up like she’s going to cry. “Oh, God, Tommy!  Fuck my ass hard!” Back in the close-up, her ass now makes wet sounds as she fucks it. “Oh, God!  Baby, you’re gonna make me cum!” Suddenly, shoving the toy in deep, Kristen buries her face in the bed, and lets out a shrill, raspy scream into it, as her pussy unexpectedly squirts all over.

Breathing rapidly, Kristen gasps, “Fuck…” before pulling the dildo out with a wet pop, and collapsing on her side.  She then brings it to her mouth, and sucks it, as the scene fades out.

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