I Will Possess… My Wife

Title: I Will Possess… My Wife

Author: JC Fiction

Celebs: Zooey Deschanel, Ben Gibbard

Codes: MF, cons, rom

Author’s note: originally written October 2010 and I hadn’t planned to bring it back but here it is. Send feedback to jcfiction@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I don’t make any money from these stories and their sole purpose is entertainment. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


“We’ll be back in ten minutes!” He yelled over the roaring crowd, removing the guitar from his neck as the tunes to I Will Posses Your Heart died out. Turning around he spotted Zooey watching him from the side of the stage and smiled at her and his guitar was forgotten on the floor as he walked up to her.

He grabbed her hips and kissed her ignoring the whistling sounds from his bandmates.

“You guys are amazing” She told him. His band mate walked past them and went to grab a bottle of water. Then she tugged on his hand and started to walk towards the dark area behind the stage. When they reached the changing room she opened the door and went in without looking back.

She made sure no one was in the room before she grabbed his hand and ushered him inside, locking the door behind them and then turning around to face him with a wicked grin crossing her manic pixie dream girl features.

They had been married for over a year but he still felt like his cock would burst through his pants every time he saw her. I mean she was so fucking striking with her big blue eyes and her long soft hair and those ruby red lips that he knew felt like heaven when they wrapped around him. People always told him that Death Cab for Cutie was amazing because of him but he was still amazed that someone as beautiful as her so much as talked to him that first day they met. Let alone married him.

She softly ran her hand up and down his chest and he shook his head when he realised she was talking to him. His mouth dropped to the floor when he saw her lowering her underwear and step out of them.

“I’ve always wanted you to fuck me here while they keep looking for you.”

For half a second he stood there in shock looking at her. He had always wanted to do that and he’d told her about it countless times so the shock wore out quickly and he let her tug on his belt and yank it open. Listening to his angelic looking wife talking so dirty never failed to turn him on.

A wide grin set on his face and he wasted no time before lowering his pants and boxers and letting them pool around his ankles, his very erect cock springing up free and already dripping precum. I mean was he a lucky man or what?

“We gotta be quick, okay?” Was all he said. Then he hooked his hand under her thigh and thrusted into her. He didn’t even check if she was ready and then she muffled a scream against his shoulder and he felt her start to push back against him. He gave her a couple of slow deep thrusts and she let out an annoyed huff.

“FUCK ME NOW, BEN!” She cried out. He clamped a hand over her mouth and pulled out of her, muting her cry of protest. He pushed her until they reached the wall and turned her around, coaxing her to put her hands up and brace herself against it.

“You are so fucking amazing” He panted out and yanked her dress down around her waist, his hands immediately grabbing at her tits and sucking greedily on her neck hard enough to give her a hickie.

“FUCK YES!!”  She moaned feeling his manhood pushing its way back inside her. Ben started thrusting into her strongly with his hands tightening the death grip he had on her tits. “OOOHHH…. OOOOHHH…. BEN, FUCK ME HARDER!!!” She cried out when he smacked her ass hard.

“Holy shit, what has gotten into you?” He panted out but thrust harder and kept brutally fucking her. He smiled when she cried out to him again. He felt his ball tightening and sped up. He was pushing into her so hard that his vision started to blur. “UGH BABY YOU’RE SO TIGHT, COME FOR ME… COME ON!!!”


“I’M… OOOOHHHH MY…. SHIT!!!” She cried out and she reached down to rub her clit in time with his manic thrusts. “FUCK ME, JUST LIKE THAT!” She was yelling so loud Ben knew his bandmates could probably hear them. He didn’t care because he knew he was going to make her come.

He couldn’t believe how good it felt, how powerful he was feeling like he could break her in half with his cock. He’d never felt so hot in his entire life and he had never wanted her so much before. “YOU LOVE FEELING MY BIG COCK INSIDE OF YOU, HUH?       YOU ACT ALL SWEET AND INNOCENT BUT I KNOW BETTER!!!” He shrieked “FUCK, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME…”

“I LOVE IT, YES!!!” She screamed as Ben’s cock drove further and further inside of her with each pump.

“I’M…OHHHHHH SHIT!!!” She screamed. “I’M COMING, AH, AH, I’M COMING!!!” His fingers came down to her love button and he rubbed her fast.

His balls slapped against her pussy when she clenched hard around him as he listened to Zooey’s cries of pleasure.

“FUCK, ZOOEY!!!” He cried out. “I’M COMING TOO!!! I’M FUCKING COMING!!!”

He was going to pull out but her hands reached for him and kept him were he was. “No you don’t” She breathlessly moaned and struggled to arch her back. “I want to feel all that load inside me!”

And as she said it, he gave her one final thrust and she could feel his warm sticky jizz shooting inside of her. “I fucking love you” He grunted out. Then he slid out of her, the gooey substance dripping down her legs and she let out another satisfied moan when he slumped against her back. But they couldn’t bask in the afterglow because a rapid knock on the locked door snapped them out of it.

“Ben, you in there?”

“I’LL BE RIGHT OUT” He grunted out.

She ignored whoever was calling for her husband and turned around, rearranged her dress and watched him struggle to refasten his pants. She walked up to him and helped him tuck his shirt back in his pants.

“Mmmhh, you made me into a big mess…” She moaned. A little bit of the cum was running down her legs and she scooped it up with her fingers and licked up the sweet juices of Ben’s pleasure.

He swallowed hard and shook his head. “You are so amazing” He told her and gave her a quick kiss.


“I’M COMING!!!” He roared back and Zooey let out a giggle at his words.

“Yeah you did…” She said and he laughed with her.

“I really should…” He pointed at the door and they both walked to it.

“Get them, tiger” She teased as he opened the door and was met face to face by one of his bandmates. When he spotted not only an out-of-breath Ben but his blushing wife too he rolled his eyes and started walking back to the stage.

Later that night when the band finished the show for good his bandmates kept wondering about the unusual smile on his face. But it was a smile that matched the one on his wife’s face.

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