Inside Kate Winslet’s Heaven

Inside Kate Winslet’s Heaven (celeb, mF, cons, oral)
by tjinder

Kate Winslet, who couldn’t love her? By far one of the most
gorgeous, voluptuous women in Hollywood today. That gorgeous face,
those lips that could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose,
those nipples that beg to be suckled, that cute belly that begs to
be kissed, that naturally red bush that hides the pleasures of her
velvet wonderland. She is truly a real woman, and I had her, only
just for one night
and this is how it went.

Vacationing in England, after winning the lottery, was a dream come
true. All the sites to see, Big Ben, the Royal Palace, soccer, the
bars that are allowed to serve drink to a 16 year old like your’s
truly – you won’t get that, legally that is, back home in Oklahoma –
among other things made this a trip to remember. Girls are legal
over here at 16 too, as are the boys, so I could be laid by an adult
female and not have to worry about getting her thrown in jail.

But sadly enough, I was having a bit of troubles with the ladies, my
friends. See, back in Oklahoma City, I was the real lady’s man. I
could have my pick of any girl at the high school I wanted. I could
even have any of the female teachers I wanted, and trust me, some of
them were totally gorgeous. But here in England, I was a tourist. A
tourist is considered to be a second class citizen. I felt this way
my first six months or so in OKC. I felt this way my whole time in
Toronto. See, I was born in India, and at the time, couldn’t speak
English right. I would speak in broken English, forgetting important
words like ‘the’ and the such. But after settling down in OKC, I
became quite popular. I was a tourist no more, and was actually one
of the most popular people in the high school, which is a rarity,
considering a lot of the popular crowd had thrown racist insults at
me when I first came to town.

Though it’s a nice country, and London is a beautiful city, I would
never want to live here. I will only be spending two weeks here, and
will be in different places all over the country. Leaving one place
too soon before I get to know people. But hey, if I could find some
girl who’s willing to go down on me, I’d be happy. So far though,
this wasn’t easy. Maybe it was the places I decided to look for
love, though. Bars are always a bad place, as most of the women
there seem to be ugly. London was no exception. The only way any of
these broads were going to get any would be if the man in question
was too drunk to tell the difference between a woman and a dog, and
since I don’t drink that much, that unlucky guy was NOT going to be
me! Maybe I should lower my standards though. If a girl is going
down on me, I don’t have to look at her face, if I’m doing her doggy
style, same thing. Sex is sex is sex, right? Wrong! I needed
somebody who was a total package. Besides, the best position is when
the girl is laying on top of you, and for now, that was going to be
the only thing I was going to settle for.

It was my third night in town, and I still hadn’t been laid. The
last time I got any real action, was back at the end of May, when
the homecoming queen gave me a much needed head in the school
bathroom. That was a month ago, and boy were my balls blue. I never
masturbate, since it doesnt’ relieve enough tension. Sometimes I go
crazy. I do have wet dreams still though. My last one was of Spice
Girl Emma Bunton, and it was a doozy. But that was nice only for a
few minutes, I needed the real thing. As I walk around the streets,
I still wonder if people notice my erection or not. I’ve been
wearing baggier pants, to keep it concealed. I’m not sure if it’s a
jailable offense around here or not, though. But just to be on the
safe side.

I pass enough people in the streets, so I decide to take it inside a
club. All the happy, loving couples walking arm in arm. There is no
doubt what they’ll be doing when they get home. It makes the need
for sex grow, but also the anger. Besides, many a good lay has been
with girls I’ve met in the local dance clubs. You have to watch out
for drag queens sometimes, but just as long as you end up with a
girl by the end of the night, all the detours that happen along the
way are meaningless.

The house dee-jay is playing the Chemical Brothers’ song
"Electrobank." I’ve had a few drinks, and some X so I’m ready to
dance and party. Who should I meet on the dance floor but Kate
Winslet? Is this a
hallucination? I got harder as I watched her swaying motions. Her
dancing so beautiful and hypnotic. Her pouting at me almost made me
shoot a load. She noticed me staring at her, and stopped. I must
have looked dejected, because she instantly rushed to my side, and
put her arm around me. "Why did you stop dancing?" I asked her.
"Because I found my man for the evening, come on, let’s get a taxi,"
was her words to me, as we quickly rushed outside of the club.

I stood there with my arm around her, not believing what was about
to happen to me. This was a dream come true. Ever since seeing
Heavenly Creatures three years ago, I’ve often dreamt of getting
with Kate Winslet, now it was finally happening to me. We were
embracing and kissing, deep tongue kissing. She could feel my
erection rub against her belly (her top had a bare midriff) and she
responded with "My god, you’re a horny little bastard, aren’t you?
Don’t worry, let Kate take care of you." The taxi finally came up
and we drove out of town, to her house. Since she was about to do
the ultimate act for me, I was willing to pay the taxi driver the
money. It didn’t bother me any, and I thought maybe it would allow
Kate to let me stay with her for longer.

When we finally got to her house, she switched on a light. I took
off my shoes, as did she, and it was off to her bedroom. She looked
much sexier in person than in pictures. I was shocked. She looked so
amazing standing there, in her little belly shirt, tight leather
pants. Though some guys think she’s fat, she’s perfect for me. I
like a girl with a little meat on her bones. I went up to her and
started to kiss her belly. "Woah stud, slow down a bit." She took
off her shirt, and she was wearing a lacy, red bra underneath. She
took off her leather pants and she wore matching panties.

"Now get undressed for me," she ordered. I could see her staring at
the bulge in my pants with desire. She could tell I was looking at
her bum in the mirror behind (she was wearing a thong). I took off
my shirt first. She seemed impressed with the muscles I had
developed. I
exercise much in the gym, and keep fit. The women love this! I don’t
look disgusting like a body builder, I look naturally muscular. I
took my pants down, and she admired my strong legs. And the bulge
protruding from my pants.

"Lay down on the bed here," she ordered. Being the very horny, but
obedient due I was, I lay down on the bed like she asked. She then
sat down on my face. I could tell she kept herself clean, as I could
smell a sweet aroma coming from the crotch of her red panties. She
then got up a bit off my face, standing on her knees, as it were,
and she pulled her panties down. I was face to face with her
gorgeous bum, then as she drop down, I saw her beautiful, luscious
womanhood. The bush had been nicely trimmed just recently. The
outter lips nice and big, begging me to spread them open.

"Okay Tjinder, if you can make me cum, I’ll make you cum, I
promise." So it was then I spread open her outer lips, revealing her
large clit and deep hole. I didn’t know where to start first, so I
start by lightly nibbling on her clit. I was running my tongue over
it and could hear her breathing becoming more erratic. I could see
her pinkhole becoming wetter and wetter, the more I sucked. So I
tried sucking harder. I was licking and sucking her clitty until the
juices started to flow from her hole. I could actually see all the
way up into, which was giving me the biggest erection of my life. I
could see her muscles spasm from the sucking I was giving her clit,
and couldn’t wait to get inside, so it would then be my manhood
getting squeezed. Then I decided to start tonguing the hole, real
slow and hard at first, then faster. She was coming like crazy, I
never heard a girl make such noises before. She was going crazy.
Louder and louder she moaned, and she kept moaning until she seemed
to be drained of juices. Her sweet girl juice going into my mouth. I
was disappointed when this stopped.

She then rolled off me and took off her bra. "For this, you get a
reward," then she let me suck her left nipple. It was so wonderful
to behold, so pink and big and nice. I played with the other one as
I sucked that one. It got really hard and then I switched nipples,
she was moaning all the time. She just let me lay there suck on her
nipples as long as I liked, which was around 30 minutes. This was a
dream come true for me. I always wanted to suck on her nipples.
After this, she did get a bit tired and sore after a while, she let
me kiss her belly. This I loved. She had the cutest belly, and I
kissed her all over it. She giggled a bit, as it did tickle, and I
tongued her belly button. She was an inny.

The next was a bit of a shock to me, she turned her back to me, and
asked that I start kissing her up and down her spine. She had a
lovely back, and I was all the more happy to oblige. I went up and
down a few more times, and she seemed to love it. She then got up
and asked me to kiss her bum. So I did. I kissed up and down one
cheek, then the other. She spread open her cheeks for me, and this
was when i nearly shot my load on her sheets. "I’m virgin back
here," she said. "Don’t poke me, but do tongue me, I’ve never been
rimmed before." Which was a shame, she had a nice backdoor. Most
girls I’ve been with had tiny little ones, maybe it was because she
was more luscious and voluptuous than most, her sphincter was a bit
bigger. It was still nice and pink, and the hole was very tightly
puckered. She made beautiful moaning noises as I licked all around
her pucker. She was loving this. I could see the girl juice drip
from between her legs, as well. I pressed my tongue deep inside, and
she really let out a long, loud moan then. I withdrew, repeat.
Withdrew, repeat…

After a while, she had her fun, and said now it was time for me to
have my fun. I had my fun already, or so I thought. I hadn’t
actually orgasmed yet, but all the licking all over her body was fun
enough for me. Though I hadn’t gotten inside her yet, my fantasy was
already more than I ever expected, so I was happy. But I was about
to get happier…

She had me lay on my back, the way I did when I was eating her out.
She pulled down my pants, and allowed my erection to spring free.
She pumped it with her baby soft hands a few times, then lowered her
mouth to it. Oh my god, it was so amazing. Her tongue knew all the
right spots to hit, her lips clenchted shut like a vagina, it was
heaven already, and I hadn’t even been to her velvet wonderland yet.
I was about to shoot right then and there, but to enjoy the feeling
of her tongue gliding over my glands, I used my Kegel muscles to
hold the flood of spunk back. She licked up and down, all over me,
my balls too. It was too amazing. Finally, after about 10 minutes of
this, I just let go. I could feel the spunk rising in my shaft, and
I couldn’t let go anymore, she swallowed up all my spunk without any
shame. She even wiped off her lip and licked her finger clean. She
at one point almost gagged on it though. Like I said, it’s been
months since my last blowjob, and a few weeks since that one wet
dream, so I had a ton of spunk to evacuate out of my body.

Next, would be the greatest moment of my life. Satan was really
shining his good luck on me, and Kate came out of the bathroom. She
brushed her teeth, to get the taste of my spunk out of her mouth. I
didn’t want to kiss her until she did. I sat up, and she came over
to me, we embraced in each others arms. Our naked bodies pressed
against each other, it felt so good. I feel my bone poking into her
belly button hole, which made her kind of giggle. But we embraced
again and started to kiss passionately. We held each other tighter
still and kissed harder. I could feel her hands on my rod, as she
led me into the Promised Land. It felt so good. Good isn’t the right
word. No word cold really
describe how good it was. Though she wasn’t as tight as I thought
she’d be, she had, by far, the softest velvet valley my rod has ever
been inside of. It was beyond heaven. It was the greatest feeling I
ever felt. We just lay there in each other’s arms, enjoying our
bodies. Her hole feels like hot, liquid silk against my proding man
spear. It totally encapsulates my erection. I’m buried my face in
her breasts, and she patted my head, saying "Just relax and enjoy,
babe." And enjoy it I did.

I wanted it to last forever, but sadly I couldn’t. Kate did say
though, if I’m ever back in England, to give her a call. I’m

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