Interviewing….. Holly and Fearne

Interviewing….. Holly and Fearne

Author: Bonercreator69

Story Codes: Fmast, FF, MFF, oral

Celebs: Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby

Disclaimer: This is fiction and did NOT happen. Fantasy only and fantasy is legal

My brand new TV show was one which I was looking forward to filming. The new interviewing show that I had presented to the producers had been passed without a second thought, the show that allowed me to interview famous women of the world, leaving no stone unturned as I could ask them absolutely anything. There would be different sections of the show: Sportswomen Uncovered, The Truth behind the Women of TV, Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls and Female Film Stars Secrets. Each show would be presented by me and would allow me to discover secrets about their lives.

I was looking forward to the first ever show of The Truth behind the Women of TV because my first guests were two of my favourite women around. Holly Willoughby, presenter of This Morning and team captain on Celebrity Juice and her best friend, Fearne Cotton, a fellow team captain on Celebrity Juice and a Radio 1 DJ. I didn’t see them before it was time for me to introduce the show as we began filming, in a small studio with few technical staff because our budget was very low.

However, when I finally got round to introducing the girls ready for our chat, I was not disappointed. Holly looked stunning in a red dress that showed off her godly breasts and fine ass, while Fearne perfectly complimented her, dressed in a short, white dress showing off her legs and ass. As I meeted and greeted the two women, I could already feel a bulge start to grow in my pants, this was going to be difficult.

“Wow, girls, you look beautiful. Welcome to the first ever Truth behind the Women of TV. Now this is the show where we can delve deep into the lives of the world’s favourite TV women, with no barriers or forbidden topics. That sound okay?”

“That’s what we were told, anything goes.” said Fearne, as Holly nodded in agreement.

“OK then, let’s get started. You’re both captains on Celebrity Juice where Keith Lemon regularly hosts sexual games and stuff like that. Is it awkward filming this kind of stuff?”

“You just get used to it,” replied Holly. “You get used to all the sexual jokes, games and fantasies Keith comes up with but we put our foot down at some stuff that he wants us to do.”

“You’re also both married now, congratulations Fearne. Do you think now that you’re both wives, he’ll calm down a bit and maybe stop?”

“This is Keith, there’s no chance of that!” Fearne laughed. “But he’s been very supportive and it’s kind of good fun filming that kind of stuff. It’s the most fun to have on a TV show.

“You two have been best friends for absolutely ages it seems. Have you ever fallen out and do you share everything with each other?”

“Yeah, we’ve been friends for ever but I can’t remember us falling out, can you Holly?”

“No I don’t think we have.” Holly answered. “We just get along so well, and we know too much stuff about each other to ever fall out. We do share practically everything with each other.”

“Ok, so that’s the boring bit of the interview over. Now, the bit that everybody’s watching the show for. You’re both busy women, how sexually active do you stay?”

“I try and have sex with Dan (her husband) pretty much three times a week.” Holly replied. “I think sex is important in a good relationship, and I feel more attractive when I’m having sex. There’s something about being hot and sweaty that just makes me feel beautiful.

“Yeah, me and Jesse try and make love twice a week, sometimes three.” Fearne answered. “It’s difficult though because we’ve both got different commitments but like Holly said, it’s so important.”

“What’s the riskiest or most kinky sexual thing you’ve done?” I asked, feeling the bulge in my pants begin to grow again.

“I’ve gone out with Dan, dressed in nothing but a large coat, completely starkers underneath. That’s fun to do. Oh and we do the occasional bit of roleplay as well, the secretary look turns us both on.”

“I’ve done nothing compared to that,” Fearne said, almost disappointed. “The kinkiest thing I’ve done is probably when me and Jesse had sex on the stage at one of his gigs, that was risky. There were still people around but no audience, just technical people.”

“Well, we’re running out of time now, so one final question. As this is nothing left uncovered, you have to give a truthful answer. Keith jokes quite a lot about you two having experimented with each other, have you ever done anything like that?”

“I knew you were going to ask that,” Fearne answered, laughing. “Me and Holly are really close but we’ve never had lesbian sex or anything like that.”

“The only thing we’ve done together,” Holly continued, my boner rising as I waited for the answer. “Is we’ve masturbated in the same room, when our boyfriends at the time were away and we were horny. But that’s as far as it’s gone, I’m afraid.”

“Well, thanks very much for a fantastic first show. You’ve been brilliant. Join us next time as we chat to Inbetweeners stars Emily Head and Belinda Stewart-Wilson on this show. Don’t forget the other shows either: Jessica Ennis is my first guest on Sportswomen Uncovered, Taylor Swift is on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls and I’m joined by Megan Fox and Jessica Alba on Female Film Stars Secrets.

With filming over, I returned to my dressing room, expecting a shower and a bite to eat before going home. Once this was done, I headed back out to the studio to check everything was OK and lock up when I heard a noise. Usually, I would rush into the room and find out what it was but something made me stop in my tracks. A faint moan could be heard coming from the studio and as I snuck round the corner, I could not believe the sight in front of my eyes. There, completely naked, was Fearne Cotton, fingering her pussy as hard as she can.

“You shouldn’t spy on people, you know”

I whipped around and there, looking as beautiful as ever, was Holly, armed with a double-ended dildo and two vibrators. “All that sex talk got us both pretty excited.” she stated, walking towards me seductively.

“I thought you’d only ever masturbated together….” I asked, somewhat stupidly. This was my dream come true, was I really going to mess it up?

“Yeah, of course we have, but we do it frequently after that one time, like now.” And with that she walked round the corner, dragging me with her, leaving Fearne’s pussy in full view of my eyes. Fearne didn’t have the greatest body in the world, but boy did she look hot there, fingers in her pussy, with her small tits exaggerated by her hard nipples.

“I brought a little friend, Fearne, and by the looks of it, he was rather enjoying your little show,” Holly said, pointing out the bulge in my trousers. She went immediately over to the sofa Fearne was laying on, and began to take off her clothes.

“The more the merrier, but he needs a little punishment for interrupting us,” Fearne answered with a sly grin. “Let’s give him a little show, a fantasy if you like but you’re not allowed to touch your cock at all.” With what the girls were now doing, that was going to be incredibly difficult, with Holly now too completely naked, and lining herself up on top of Fearne in a 69 position. Her large breasts looked even bigger next to Fearne’s and as the two girls began to lick, I could feel my bulge growing larger in my pants. As secretly as I could, I took out the video camera remote and pressed record, I needed a memory of this.

As the two girls began their oral assaults on each other’s pussy, my self-restraint needed to be unbelievably high, and as they started to moan, I suddenly knew why their relationship was so close. “I want you to eat my fucking juices, baby,” Holly suddenly screamed at Fearne as suddenly her body convulsed as she went into her first orgasm of the night. Body shaking, juices flowing and both girls sweating, Holly screamed as she was tongue-fucked by Fearne and couldn’t control her orgasm.

“Now it’s your turn, you fucking slut,” Holly yelled, as Fearne started to moan louder too, with Holly’s tongue licking faster and faster on Fearne’s pink pussy. Not only that but Holly was guiding one of the vibrators she had brought with her into Fearne’s ass, making her moan louder still. Fearne leant back and screamed, as Holly brought her to orgasm, with a serious attack on her clit, pounding it with her tongue.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we’ve never done that before, maybe we should do it more often. I think it’s better with an audience, you know,” exclaimed Fearne.

“Speaking of which, it’s probably time our guest got some action. But our husbands can never know about this”

“Of course not,” I replied, not needing a second invitation as Holly and Fearne beckoned me over, as I undressed and made my way towards the two stunning, naked blondes. Pulling my cock out, I sidled up to Fearne’s dripping wet pussy and rubbed my erect dick along her clit, threatening to put it in. Fearne once more began to eat Holly’s pussy as I entered my dick into her surprisingly tight pussy, and thrust in and out. I could feel her taking my cock deep inside her, whilst watching this radio DJ lick her best friend’s pussy. Watching the girl’s hot lesbian action had already brought on my pre-cum and so it wasn’t long before I could feel myself getting close to orgasm.

“I’m going to cum girls,” I exclaimed, thrusting my cock in and out of Fearne’s pussy, whilst Holly began to moan as Fearne built up the speed with which she was pleasuring Holly’s own pussy.

“I think we all are,” she moaned, and with that I couldn’t hold on, and felt my cock explode deep into Fearne’s tight vagina, while watching Holly scream and shake with delight as her best friend gave her her second orgasm in a row. Pulling myself out of Fearne, Holly suddenly knelt down in front of me, grabbing my cock and started slowly sucking my cock dry from a mixture of cum and juice. Fearne soon joined her on the floor and the two girls worked wonders on my cock and balls as once more, I felt the juices building and my cock on the verge of explosion.

This time, however, I took matters into my own hands and pulled my cock out of Fearne’s mouth and my balls out of Holly’s and began to jerk it into their open mouths. Suddenly, my cock exploded and aiming it at the presenter’s mouth, I filled her up until she couldn’t talk. What happened next was the stuff men only dream about, as Fearne took her colleague’s mouth and exchanged my cum with a long, wet kiss. “Swallow my cum, you dirty sluts,” I yelled, and they both complied with pronto.

“Who wants to fuck me up the ass now,” yelled Holly, as I slowly worked my cock back up and Fearne armed herself with the double-ended dildo, ready for a fabulous fuck-filled night with the two blondes, cameras still rolling.

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