Interviewing…Rhona and Michelle

Title: Interviewing… Rhona and Michelle

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Rhona Mitra, Michelle Lukes

Codes: handjob, blowjob, Fmast, mast, MF, anal, rimjob

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

Fans of Strike Back and The Truth behind the Women of TV would be especially excited about my next guests on the sex-themed show. The two female stars of Strike Back, Rhona Mitra and Michelle Lukes would be appearing as my next guests on the show and I couldn’t wait. The girls may not have been the best known actresses in the world, but they were both talented and very beautiful. Many people may not have been the greatest admirers of Rhona Mitra but as she walked onto the set, I couldn’t help but notice how wrong those people were. She looked stunning as she headed onto the set in a dark blue dress and I had to resist myself from ripping it off and discovering the wonders within. However, Michelle was not to be outdone, wearing a black dress that showed off her endless legs and looked equally as inviting.

“Hello, and welcome to The Truth behind the Women of TV, ladies,” I said, having done the introductions. “Now, both of you shot to stardom in Strike Back, a show with endless amounts of sex scenes. How was it having all these involved in the show, watching people have sex?”

“I love watching sex, so it was like a dream come true for me,” Rhona said. “Seeing all these hot women walking around getting naked, it was great. I really wanna be in Game of Thrones so I can get a similar experience to that on Strike Back and Spartacus.

“Yeah, it certainly was difficult to concentrate on some occasions,” Michelle agreed. “The amount of girls walking around was unbelievable. They kept pressuring me to do one and eventually I caved.”

“And in my opinion it was the hottest one yet,” I said cheekily. “Rhona, you never had sex in Strike Back, but have filmed those scenes for shows like Spartacus. Why wasn’t there a scene for you in Strike Back?”

“I guess it was just my character arc,” Rhona replied. “There was no reason for me to have sex in Strike Back, being the boss, and I was only in it for a couple of series. But that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of watching them. And the ones in Spartacus were so much fun to film.”

“Did you feel any pressure, Michelle, when filming yours, because the guy, Sullivan Stapleton, had filmed so many for that series?”

“I was so nervous going into it, I can’t lie,” Michelle confessed. “He’s shot so many on the show and it was my first sex scene ever, so it was very nerve-wracking. But Sullivan was so great and I really enjoyed shooting it, I’d definitely do some more if it was required for my role.”

“That’s great to hear,” I said, elated at the fact Michelle hadn’t done her last sex scene. “Now, you’re both single, so how often do you ladies have sex?”

“Straight to the point, eh?” Rhona laughed. “Well, to be honest, things are a bit dry on the sexual front, actually. It’s not through a lack of trying, but I haven’t had sex in almost three months, so it’s been a lot of masturbation for me.”

“Not you as well, Rhona,” Michelle said. “I’m going through a dry spell as well. Last time I had sex must have been about four to five months ago. I’ve been busy but every time I try and find someone to have sex with, it never seems to work out, so I’ve been masturbating as well.”

“That was my next question,” I said, hoping that their lack of sex lives may encourage them to fuck me. “How often do you girls masturbate and what to?”

“Well for me, it’s practically every day now,” Rhona said, grinning. “I always seem to be horny so whenever I go to bed, I just find myself putting on some porn or some sex scenes and going to work. I do like porn, but nothing beats a good sex scene.”

“I’m not quite as frequent as that, but I’d say three or four times a week,” Michelle answered, also grinning. “I like watching porn, but sometimes I’ll just get lost in thought, or the moment, and it’ll just happen naturally.”

“I’m sure that’s what we all wanted to hear,” I said, my cock twitching as I imagined the two actresses masturbating. “You both watch porn so tell me, any favourite genres or pornstars?”

“It won’t surprise you that I love the voyeur category,” Rhona answered, getting into it. “I do love it when people get caught as well. As for pornstars, anyone with a big cock, and I think Lisa Ann’s stuff is incredible.”

“I think Strike Back’s got me into the army stuff,” Michelle said, “I really like that uniform. And some of the younger pornstars really get me going like Riley Reid and Janice Griffith.”

“They’re some of my favourites as well,” I said, feeling my cock really start to rise now. “What’s been the kinkiest thing either of you have done?”

“Masturbating in public before I was famous,” Rhona said immediately, looking pretty pleased with herself. “I found an alleyway when I was really horny, and just started going at it, and it turned me on so much.”

“Probably would have to be when Rhona and I had some fun on the set of Strike Back,” Michelle answered, looking across to her fellow guest. “We started making out on the set and every one could see before we headed back to the dressing room and had a little more fun.”

“Well, that’s certainly fantastic,” I said, wrapping up the show, my cock now fully erect in my trousers. “Thanks for a fascinating and fabulous show. Join us next time on The Truth behind the Women of TV when my guests will be the stars of various UK crime dramas, Keeley Hawes, Anna Friel and Kelly Reilly. See you then.”

My cock was at its full length by the time I’d finished the show, and it was only going to get harder when I looked over at my two guests. Following on from Michelle’s last answer, she’d pulled Rhona into a kiss, and the two ladies were now deeply embracing opposite me. I didn’t hesitate in pulling my cock out of my pants and stroking it, as I watched the two women undress each other. Soon, both Michelle and Rhona were left in their underwear, their dresses discarded on the floor, as they ran their hands up and down each other’s bodies. I sat there, stroking my cock, knowing that I’d been right in my pre-show prediction, with both women looking fabulous in their naked bodies.

It was at that moment that Rhona and Michelle seemed to realise they had a guest present. They broke apart and looked over in my direction, where I was sitting cock in hand, watching the two sexy ladies having fun. Michelle got up off the sofa and came over to my sofa, bending down and taking my cock in her hands. Slowly, she started jerking it up and down, as Rhona began to rub her pussy underneath her panties opposite.

Michelle continued jerking my cock as Rhona slowly slipped off her panties and began furiously fingering herself, watching as her former co-star gave a handjob. Michelle’s handjob was great, but she soon brought down her head and began to take my cock into her mouth, licking on the end, before taking it deep down her throat. She certainly knew how to suck on her cock as she deep throated mine with ease, gagging occasionally and playing with my balls. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, especially with Rhona’s masturbation show in my clear sight, and soon felt the cum building in my cock. Pushing Michelle’s head down, I released my load deep into her throat and the sexy actress swallowed the load, and licked my cock clean.

Michelle got up from taking my load and laid herself on the sofa, inviting me to fuck her. I didn’t need a second invitation and pushed my still hard cock against the entrance to her wet pussy; she’d clearly enjoyed the blowjob. As I pushed my cock inside Michelle, I could sense she hadn’t had sex in a long while, her moans loud as I pushed the first few inches inside. Suddenly, there was a loud scream as Rhona reached her own climax, her pussy juice squirting everywhere as she fingered herself to orgasm watching the sex show going on in front of her. She lay there recovering for a moment, continuing to watch as I ploughed my cock in and out of Michelle’s pussy.

Michelle’s pussy felt right as I slammed my cock in and out of it, caressing her breasts as I did so. The actress was letting out loud moans, and I could sense her climax wasn’t far away, tweaking her nipples to further tease the pain. Rhona had fully recovered from her orgasm now, and seemed to want to get involved in the action, as she clambered next to Michelle on the sofa, and replaced my caressing hands with her tongue as she began to suck on her tits.

This new sensation on Michelle’s breasts, added to the pounding cock in her pussy, meant that Michelle couldn’t hold on any longer, and with one loud, ecstatic groan, she released her juices and all over my cock. This sensation over my own cock brought me closer to orgasm, but it was Rhona’s action that tipped me over the edge. Having successfully made Michelle cum, Rhona got up and bent down behind me, where she began to rim my asshole with her tongue, a new sensation for me but one I thoroughly enjoyed. With my cock still buried deep in Michelle, Rhona’s tongue brought on that familiar sensation that I was going to squirt my load. With one final thrust, I released my cum deep in Michelle’s pussy where it mixed with her own.

Both Michelle and I were more than grateful to Rhona Mitra for making us cum, and so it was only fair that the two of us should team up to return the favour. As we both stood up, Michelle brought Rhona into a passionate kiss as I worked my cock back up to its full length. Once accomplished, we sprang into action, Michelle taking the initiative and bending down at Rhona’s feet, so her tongue was in a good place to lick her pussy, which she duly did. This didn’t leave me a lot of option, but seeing as Rhona had licked my ass, I figured she liked anal play, and lubing up my fingers, began to probe her asshole.

Rhona groaned as she felt pressure on both of her holes and she was soon to be moaning louder, as I pressed my fully hard cock against the entrance to her ass. With no second warning, I thrust my cock into Rhona’s ass and was surprisingly met with little resistance, showing that this slut was clearly an ass girl. With my cock pumping in and out her ass and Michelle licking her pussy, it wasn’t long until Rhona found herself nearing her second orgasm of the night. It was with authority that she told me to stop fucking her ass and crouch on the floor next to Michelle, which I did hastily, kissing the younger actress as I did so.

Rhona took over the pleasure on her own pussy, and much like a male would do when giving facials, soon squirted her cum over our faces as we crouched at her pussy, awaiting exactly that. She lapped up her own juices off our faces and then all three of us collapsed on the sofa, spent from a good, long fucking session.

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