Interviewing…Bethan, Vicky and Scarlett

Title:  Interviewing…Bethan, Vicky and Scarlett

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Bethan Withcomb, Vicky Pattison, Scarlett Moffatt

Codes: oral, MF, anal, rimjob, FF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


It seemed like such a long time since the final episode in the second series of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had been recorded, when in reality it had only been a few months. However, I was delighted to find myself back in the studio once more for the beginning of the filming of the third series, starting with The Truth Behind the Women of TV.

If all truth be told, I was hoping for a more spectacular line-up to appear on our first show back but the promise of three pussies to have fun with gave me a little encouragement. British fans of the show were in for a real treat as all three of my guests came from our great country, while American fans would soon learn to love my guests, I was sure.

The first of my guests was someone who would only be known to viewers of the Welsh comedy, Stella, as it was the only show in which Bethan Withcomb had appeared. However, the blonde was fantastic in it and her accent only added to her sexiness. My other two guests also had particularly accents, coming from Newcastle, with both being crowned queens of the jungle on I’m A Celebrity, Vicky Pattison and Scarlett Moffatt.

The moment the three girls came out onto the set, my worries about not having star power for the first show vanished as they looked stunning. Bethan was wearing a black dress that suited her perfectly, while the two Geordies had gone for similar outfits to complement their assets. Both Vicky and Scarlett had opted for dresses that left little to the imagination and made my cock twitch in my pants.

“Welcome to the show ladies,” I said, smiling at my three guests. “Now it’s safe to say, you’re not that well known outside of the UK, so why don’t you give us a short summary of your careers?”

“Well, there’s not much to tell,” Bethan replied first. “I’ve only really appeared in one show, playing Zoe on Stella, the Welsh comedy but I’ve got some more work in the pipeline so hopefully, I’ll be able to add to that resume soon.”

“Well, I won I’m A Celebrity two years ago,” Vicky answered, “before I handed the crown over to my fellow Geordie here. Before that, I was on Geordie Shore, a programme similar to Jersey Shore, and I became known as the slut I guess. I’ve presented and appeared on various TV shows since and am slowly building my acting career.”

“Well, I’m the current holder of the I’m A Celebrity crown, as Vicky says,” Scarlett responded last. “But before that I was on the hit British show, Gogglebox, with my family which was pretty cool, but I’m no longer on that. I don’t know what’s next for me, to be honest, we shall have to see, but it’s a great honour to be on your show, Tom.”

“This is the part where we usually talk about your shows, so Bethan, can you tell us any secrets from the set of Stella?”

“Erm, there’s nothing really to tell,” she replied, looking a little disappointed. “I wish I could tell you more. I mean, because Ruth (Jones) wrote the script and is the star, she gets everything she wants so she could tell you more, but I’ve masturbated on set a couple of times. That’s probably my biggest secret.”

“That’s still great,” I said, smiling. “And Vicky, Scarlett. Anything happen on I’m A Celebrity that we’d want to know about?”

“Well, it gets pretty intimate when you’re in a camp with people for such a long time,” Vicky answered. “And you get horny as well, especially me, with no sex for nearly three weeks. I found some quiet time to myself a couple of times and I know for a fact Jorgie (Porter) and Ferne (McCann) did it as well.”

“Yeah, it’s difficult when you’re away from guys for so long,” Scarlett added. “Well, guys you wanna have sex with. When we had that model show, things got a little heated after that, I won’t lie. I masturbated nearly every other day out there, any moment I got to myself.”

“Let’s move on to your personal lives as we’re headed that way anyway,” I said, beginning to get a little horny. “Any gossip for me?”

“Absolutely none, I’m afraid,” Bethan replied. “I live a pretty boring life. I’ve had a few flings here and there but nothing serious, not since my last years at college anyway. Maybe that’ll change soon but it’s not on the horizon.”

“Well, it’s pretty much known that I’m in a relationship nowadays with my ex,” Vicky answered, “and I have to say it’s the best relationship I’ve ever been in. We just click on so many levels, emotional, physical, all of them. Especially physical, the sex is great.”

“Well, I’m currently single after my split in February, so it’s actually a lot different,” Scarlett replied. “It’s been a while since I’ve been single so I’m getting used to it again, but it’s definitely changed since I’ve become more famous. It’s much easier for me to get hook-ups nowadays.”

“Speaking of sexual encounters, how are the sex lives?” I asked, imagining what it would be like to fuck the three sexy ladies sitting opposite me.

“Well, like I said, my sex life’s pretty good at the moment,” Vicky replied, in her sexy Geordie accent. “In fact, it’s the best sex I’ve ever had and regularly as well. I’m a very sexual person and we’ve been fucking three or four times a week so it’s perfect.”

“I’ve been having one-night stands almost every week,” Scarlett confessed, following Vicky’s lead and coming clean. “Once I broke up with my ex, I went on a period of having an awful lot of sex but I’ve slowed up a bit now, as I need some time to just myself.”

“Like I said before, I’ve not got a lot of gossip to report,” Bethan answered. “I’d love to tell you I’m as sexually active as these two ladies, but I can’t. Not for the want of trying, just for some reason I’ve been having an exceptionally long dry spell.”

Sensing that I could definitely get lucky with Bethan at least, I decided to make myself even hornier. “What about masturbation, ladies? A common occurrence?”

“I have to,” Bethan responded immediately and I swear I saw her eyes glance down towards my growing cock. “Without it, I’d be angry all the time. Because I’m not getting any sex at the minute, I’m doing it daily, sometimes more, and having an absolutely great time. I do think masturbation is underrated.”

“I’ve already told you I do it frequently,” Vicky answered, referring to her previous answer about her appearance on I’m A Celebrity, “but now I’m back and getting regular sex, I guess you could say I don’t do it as much. I still try and get in a good solo session every now and then though, no one gets me off like myself.”

“I’m in a similar position to both Bethan and Vicky,” Scarlett responded last. “When I’m in a relationship, naturally the amount of masturbation decreases but when I’m single, like I am now, I’ll do it almost daily. I’ve had some very close shaves at being caught but that just makes it hotter for me.”

My penis was growing ever harder with every answer and I knew I would soon have to release it, but I continued with the interview. “You all have accents which have been known to be very seductive, but is there one that does the trick for you?”

“The Geordie accent is sexy?” Scarlett replied, laughing a little. “Wow, I’m surprised by that. Probably have to thank Cheryl Cole for that one. Erm, I don’t know if an accent turns me on, I’ve always liked a posh boy so maybe a posh accent does the trick for me.”

“Yeah, the Geordie accent’s sexy, even for fellow Geordies,” Vicky answered, agreeing with me. “I love someone who has a foreign accent, Spanish, Italian, that vibe but if they’re good looking, it’s not about the accent for me.”

“I don’t know,” Bethan replied, clearly struggling to decide, “I guess any English accent is pretty sexy, because I come from Wales. I know a lot of guys like the Welsh accent, but it hasn’t done too good a job for me in that department recently.”

I released my cock to stop it pushing against my jeans and the girls gasped but I kept a straight face and asked the final question. “What’s been the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done or wanted to do?”

“Masturbating on I’m A Celebrity is pretty kinky,” Vicky answered, “but there’s been times when I was on Geordie Shore where they nearly caught me completely naked masturbating. Someone warned me when I was just about to cum once but I carried on regardless and you can see me visibly sweating when I come on screen.”

“I’d say the same, masturbating on TV,” Scarlett agreed, “although I have thought about masturbating just before my parents come home and seeing if I can finish before they arrive. That’s always been a fantasy for me.”

“I’m not that kinky, really,” Bethan replied, “but if I had to say anything, it would be masturbating on the set of Stella and nearly getting caught. I’ve always had a few fantasies, some which are even weird for me, but I’ve never fulfilled any of them, unfortunately.”

“Thanks for another excellent show, ladies,” I said, stroking my cock now, being watched by all three British TV stars. “A great way to start the new series. Join me next time when my guests will be the stars of How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders. See you then.”

The moment I’d stopped speaking and the cameras had stopped rolling, I looked directly at my three guests, making sure they knew that I was masturbating for them. Vicky and Scarlett were both staring transfixed at my actions but it was Bethan who made the first move.

The Welsh actress had seemed to me already the one who was most likely to want to engage in some sexual activity and she stood up and began to walk over towards me. The moment she reached the place where I was sat stroking my cock, she dropped to her knees to get a closer look, although not touching.

I was finding it hard not to grab Bethan’s head and guide her towards my cock and the moment Vicky and Scarlett stood up and began to undress each other on the other side of the room I knew I was going to have a nice, successful after-show fuck.

After what seemed like an absolute age, Bethan decided she wanted a play and reaching out a hand, she slowly replaced my own hand and began to jerk it up and down. As she grew in confidence, her speed increased and it wasn’t long before the handjob had turned into a blowjob as she sucked my cock with surprising proficiency.

I took this opportunity to look over at the two Geordie girls and boy was I glad I did, as Vicky had taken no time to introduce Scarlett to her sexual side. She’d laid the younger girl down on the sofa and was already eating out the Gogglebox star’s pussy, while her own hand played with her clit.

Sensing there was an opportunity to kick-start the new series with some seriously kinky action, I decided to enjoy the blowjob Bethan was giving me and placed my hands on the back of her head, guiding her movements slowly.

I settled back and enjoyed the oral sex I was receiving and focused my attentions on watching the slutty Vicky Pattison devouring her fellow Geordie, Scarlett Moffatt’s pussy. The latter brunette was moaning loudly and when she began to give her lesbian lover encouragement, I realised how much I loved the Geordie accent.

“Oh yes, lass,” Scarlett moaned, “that’s it, fuck me right, oh yeah.”

Her moans increased in volume as Vicky followed her every command and I suddenly got the feeling she was close to her orgasm. I wanted to give Bethan some cum because she was doing an amazing job, so I returned my attentions to her, albeit keeping my ears pricked for any sign of orgasm from the other sofa.

The blonde-haired Welsh beauty had grown into her blowjob and was now sucking my cock expertly and I decided it was time she received some pleasure in return. Stopping the blowjob, I lifted her up and began to make out with her, my fingers finding their way inside her dress to rub her pussy through her panties.

Minutes later and both of us were naked and locked in a 69 position, feasting on each other’s genitalia, Bethan sucking my cock like an expert while I licked and rubbed her shaven pussy. The moans from the other side of the room told us Scarlett was getting even closer to cumming from Vicky’s oral assault and we soon knew she’d seen what we were doing.

“Fuck me, you two,” she moaned as Vicky continued to lick her to orgasm, “that’s so fucking hot. God, I’m glad we came on this show. Holy crap, I’m gonna cum. Fuck, yes, Vicky, fuck yes.”

And with that, the room was filled with the sounds of Scarlett Moffatt hitting her orgasm and covering her fellow Geordie’s mouth with pussy juice. I could feel my own cum building but was determined to make sure Bethan Withcomb climaxed too.

We were both totally unaware of what the Geordie pair were doing, but we were so concentrated on pleasing each other we did not seem to care. It only took a couple of minutes before I realised I couldn’t hold out any longer and sped up my pussy licking to make sure Bethan was not far behind me when I climaxed.

Without warning, I squirted my load deep inside the Welsh blonde’s throat where she let it sit for a minute before it flooded back down her chest and I felt some of it drip back down onto my legs. I didn’t remove my tongue from her pussy though and continued to lick her, inserting a finger inside her to double her pleasure.

Moments later and Bethan was moaning in her own climax as I felt her juices flood over my tongue and fingers, tasting just as sweet as ever. It had been a long time since I’d had a celebrity’s cum in my mouth.

Bethan clambered off me and I stood up, although I was immediately pushed back down onto the sofa by an extremely horny looking Vicky Pattison, who it transpired had been masturbating furiously watching the show. Scarlett had pounced on Bethan and the four of us were involved in some kind of naked making out session while I recovered from my orgasm.

I was allowed no respite in my recovery though, as Vicky’s hand drifted down towards my cock and, moments after I’d released my load down Bethan Withcomb’s throat, I was being jerked once more, this time by the Geordie slut.

It seemed both of my guests from Newcastle were keen for the fun sexual action to continue as, at the same moment Vicky Pattison had begun to pleasure my cock, Scarlett Moffatt had brought her fingers down to Bethan’s dripping wet pussy and begun to finger the Welsh blonde.

Realising Vicky had not yet been pleasured though, I wanted to make sure this changed and once I’d recovered my breath from my passionate orgasm and the shock of the immediate change, I set about changing this.

Flipping Vicky over so that she was now the one sitting down on the sofa, I began to kiss her passionately, my hands drifting in the direction of her pussy. As soon as they reached it, I could tell how wet she was and I knew that there was no need for me to lube her up before I began pounding her hard as I’d always wanted to.

I stood up, removing her hand from my cock, and moved towards her, lining my dick up with the entrance to her pussy, teasing her as I rubbed it along. When she couldn’t take it any longer, I thrust inside and began to fuck the brunette and with it, my first celebrity of the third series.

Right next to us, things had progressed fast as well, with both Scarlett and Bethan deciding that fingers alone were not enough. The two girls had clambered onto the large sofa and were in a 69 position, similar to the one I’d been in with Bethan, although this time the Welsh wonder was on the bottom with Scarlett on the top.

Despite how hot this lesbian 69 was, I had better things to concentrate on, which was making Vicky orgasm passionately. I sped up my rhythm with which I was fucking her and soon the room was filled with Vicky’s moans and the sound of my thighs slapping against hers.

She lowered her hand and began caressing her tits as I fucked her and I couldn’t deny how hot the Geordie girl was, and when she began to start talking dirty, I knew I was in for a treat.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, Tom,” she moaned, as she played with her tits, “put that cock deep inside me. Fuck yes, that’s it, fucking harder, make me fucking cum. God yes, I want you in my ass so bad.”

Hardly daring to believe my ears, I continued to fuck Vicky passionately and pulled her in for a seductive kiss as we did so. Glancing over to my right, I saw that both Bethan and Scarlett were also engrossed in their own pleasure, their tongues working overtime on each other’s pussies.

I could sense Vicky getting closer and closer to her orgasm with every thrust and so I varied my pace, trying to ensure that she got the utmost pleasure from my cock. As soon as I began to fuck her hard and fast once more though, I felt her body convulse and she suddenly moaned in triumph.

I moaned as I felt my cock physically thrust out of her pussy and, looking down, the next thing I saw was Vicky Pattison squirting in delight as she rubbed her clit. Once she’d stopped trembling and recovered I pulled her in for a kiss, but she wasn’t ready to let me stop there.

“In my ass now, Tommy boy,” she said, changing her position on the sofa and presenting me with her sexy ass. “Fuck me hard up there.”

I looked over at the lesbian 69 that had showed no signs of stopping and, despite my urge to have fun with all three of my guests, I could hardly turn down an offer like that. With my dick still rock hard, I pushed it up against the entrance to her asshole but immediately sensed it was going to need some lubrication.

To Vicky’s surprise and delight, this didn’t stop me as I kneeled down behind her, spread her ass cheeks wide and delved my tongue into her shitter, giving her a rimjob. She moaned in pleasure as she felt my tongue explore her asshole and I lowered my hand to ensure my cock stayed at its full length.

Once satisfied Vicky’s asshole was lubed up enough to take my cock, I stopped eating her ass and got up, ready to push my cock inside her rear entrance. As I lined it up, I immediately felt it much easier to push inside and within moments, I was fucking Vicky’s ass as I pulled the Geordie’s head back to look at her.

Scarlett and Bethan were totally oblivious to what was going on next to them, but both of them were finding it increasingly more difficult to lick the other’s pussy because their orgasms were building on both of them. It meant they were trying to emit moans as they licked and soon they resorted to just fingering each other, taking the occasional lick as and when they could.

Soon, both girls were hitting their climaxes, squirting their juices into each other’s mouths, while I continued to fuck Vicky up the ass. I could hear them panting, recovering, as I pulled Vicky’s hair harder and rammed my cock up her ass faster, feeling myself nearing orgasm.

Suddenly, we were joined by the two girls who had decided that we were having too much fun without them. Both of them dropped to their knees in the place between the two of us and it soon became apparent what they were going to do.

Vicky moaned in ecstasy as Scarlett began to return the favour from earlier and rubbed her tongue along her pussy. At the same time, Bethan began to suck on my balls as they pounded against Vicky’s ass but suddenly, they were stopped by the Geordie’s comments.

“Stop girls,” Vicky said, to my astonishment, “switch. I want Bethan to eat my pussy and Scarlett, why don’t you show Tom what happens when you give a Geordie a rimjob without asking?”

Bethan seemed eager to comply with Vicky’s wishes and I felt her tongue disappear from my balls as Scarlett got up and moved from beneath us. I continued to fuck Vicky up the ass as Bethan began to eat her out, although now slightly paranoid as to what Geordie girls’ punishment was.

I soon found out, as I felt two hands on my ass cheeks and they were spread wide apart before Scarlett delved deep inside and began to eat out my ass. It was a strange sensation to know that I was pleasuring someone else’s ass at the same time as my own was being eaten but I was never one to detest a rimjob.

Vicky’s moans were growing ever louder as I pounded into her ass while the Welsh wonder Bethan lay beneath us, slurping away at the Geordie’s pussy. I could feel my own orgasm building as the hotness of the sensation coupled with the feeling of Scarlett’s tongue exploring my asshole was sensational.

Before I could hit my own orgasm though, Vicky screamed out in pleasure and reached her climax, urging me to continue fucking her ass while she released her juices over Bethan. I wasn’t surprised at how dirty the I’m A Celeb winner was and when she finally came down from her climax, she was panting breathlessly.

I withdrew my cock from Vicky’s ass after Scarlett had allowed me to move but was given no respite as the latter Geordie immediately grabbed my cock and stuck it in her mouth, giving me a blowjob. Bethan was lapping up the juices from Vicky’s orgasm and the two actresses began to make out as they watched the scene in front of them.

I was finding it extremely hard to control my orgasm as Scarlett was clearly a very able cocksucker and was doing it expertly, and my mission became even harder when both Bethan and Vicky began pleasuring themselves directly in my eyeline.

Vicky decided to help Bethan though and stopped rubbing herself, instead concentrating on stimulating Bethan’s tits while the blonde fingered herself. I could feel my cum building watching this and when Scarlett began to deepthroat my cock, I knew I wouldn’t last.

Seconds later, and my cum was covering the face of the latest I’m A Celeb winner as she smiled up at me, satisfied, she’d done a good job. Watching my orgasm seemed to bring Bethan closer and within a couple of minutes, she was producing orgasm juice all over her fingers which the two girls quickly lapped up. What a way to return.

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