Interviewing…Felicity and Natalie

Title: Interviewing…Felicity and Natalie

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Felicity Jones, Natalie Portman

Codes: handjob, oral, blowjob, anal, MFF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me

I’d fucked the hottest woman on the planet on the last episode of Female Film Star Secrets but I was by no means downgrading with my next two guests. Felicity Jones was a relatively unknown up and coming actress who had starred in the Oscar winning film, The Theory of Everything, for which she received a Best Actress nomination. Joining her as a guest was a star who was very well known having been in movies from a very young age in Natalie Portman. Featuring in films such as Star Wars, Thor and Black Swan, she was very well established and I couldn’t wait to have either of them on the show.

They didn’t disappoint either, as they both looked incredible when they walked onto the set to begin the interview. Felicity wore a see-through black dress that finished temptingly high, while Natalie was wearing a classy looking red dress that seemed to enhance her tits and already make me want to caress them.

“Welcome to Female Film Star Secrets, ladies,” I said, starting the show with a lot of hope, “and can I just say how great you look. Let’s get started then. You’ve both received nominations for the best actress award at the Oscars. How does it feel to get that kind of recognition?”

“It’s an incredible feeling,” Felicity said. “The Theory of Everything was my first real big movie, other than Spiderman 2, and so to be nominated for best actress was a huge honour. Hopefully, I can keep making successful movies and relive that feeling, and maybe win one.”

“Yes, it’s very nice to receive recognition for our work as actresses,” Natalie answered. “To have been nominated twice is amazing, but when I won for Black Swan, it was one of the best feelings in the world. It was one of the reasons I got into the business and it’s been so rewarding.”

“There’s a famous scene in Black Swan, Natalie, that we have to talk about,” I said, having masturbated to the scene a couple of times. “The one with Mila Kunis. How was that to film and was it at all difficult?”

“Well, just as Mila said when she came on your show, it was fairly easy, because she was so easy to work with,” Natalie answered. “It was the first time I’d ever done lesbian on camera which was a little strange but not difficult. I’d done a few sex scenes before that though, so it wasn’t as hard as it could have been.”

“Felicity, you did a sort of sex scene in Like Crazy, a film you starred in with Jennifer Lawrence. Do you think there’s more scenes of this nature down the line?”

“Yeah, I think every actress or actor ends up having to film a sex scene at one point or another,” she answered, smiling. “I don’t mind them. They’re never there just for the sake of it, it’s usually to help the plot so I can see myself doing more.”

“Natalie, your scene with Mila was voted the UK’s favourite sex scene, and I’m not going to deny that, like many others, I’ve masturbated to it,” I said, showing no shame. “Have you watched it back and does this mean anything to you?”

“Wow, I didn’t know that,” Natalie responded. “That’s quite something. I have watched it back a couple of times and I’m just glad we portrayed it right, because there’s nothing worse than a bad sex scene. It’s always nice to hear things like that.”

“Speaking of sex, what are the sex lives like, ladies?”

“It’s been pretty quiet lately, to be honest,” Felicity answered. “I haven’t had a serious relationship since I broke up with my long-term boyfriend, because it took me quite a while to get back out there. But I haven’t had anything serious for a while now, so the sex is pretty non-existent.”

“My sex life is very good, actually,” Natalie answered, looking increasingly happy. “Being Jewish, sex before marriage is very frowned upon, so we’ve been catching up on lost time, when the kid’s not around. But no, I’d probably say we have sex three or four times a week.”

“I guess you masturbate quite a lot then, Felicity?” I asked, cock slowly beginning to get hard. “And you not so much, Natalie?”

“Recently, I’ve been masturbating a lot, and I mean a lot,” Felicity answered, smiling. “I’ve been doing it two or three times a day recently, when I haven’t been working. I’m a very sexual person and just need to get off. In fact, celebrity sex scenes are one of my favourite things to use.”

“I haven’t been doing it a lot, no,” Natalie answered. “If my husband is busy, or I’m away filming, I’ll masturbate, but I did it so much in my youth, having not had sex that it becomes a little boring. But I still do it, if I’m particularly horny and my hubby’s not around.”

“That’s what we all like to hear,” I said, my cock now starting to rise properly. “Now Natalie, you must have experimented, having filmed that scene, what about you Felicity?”

“Yes, I experimented before the scene with Mila,” Natalie answered, “and a couple of times after. Very much in my youth though, before I became properly serious about Judaism, and just fooled around.”

“No, I’ve never experimented,” Felicity said, looking a little disappointed. “Because I was in a serious relationship quite young, I guess I never got the chance. I’d definitely experiment now I’m single and free to though, if an opportunity came up.”

I couldn’t believe my ears as I imagined Natalie and Felicity experimenting. “Well, we’re nearing the end of the show. So one final double-parted question for you. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? And the kinkiest place you’ve had sex?”

“Mine would be the same answer to both,” Natalie said, looking a little flustered. “My husband and I got overcome on a plane ride to Paris, and had sex in the toilets. So we’re members of the mile high club. I went back to my seat without my panties and so I’m pretty sure one of the air hostesses got an eyeful of my vagina.”

“Wow, that’s hot,” Felicity said, and she was getting turned on. “The kinkiest thing I’ve done would be watching my best friend and her boyfriend have sex, and masturbating to it. And the kinkiest place, erm, I’m not sure, I’ve never really been that kinky. Probably just the shower.”

“What a great way to end the show,” I said, my cock fully hard and needing to be touched. “Join me next time when my guests will be Scarlett Johansson and Alexandra Daddario. See you then.”

As soon as I’d finished the show, I had to expose my cock as it was hurting to keep my rock-hard penis in my trousers. Unsure as to how Felicity and Natalie were going to react, I popped my cock out of my suit and it stood upright for both girls to see. To my absolute delight, Felicity responded immediately by standing up and making her way over to me, smiling as she did so.

“This is exactly what I hoped would happen,” Felicity said, as she sat down next to me and took my cock in her hands.  She began to stroke it up and down, pulling me in for a kiss as she did so, and I lay back as she expertly began to give me a handjob. I glanced over to see what my other guest was doing, and was ecstatic to see that Natalie was watching the handjob intently, her hand slowly drifting down towards her pussy.

As much as I was enjoying Felicity’s handjob, I suddenly had a craving for pussy and decided I wanted to see what the young brunette tasted like. I didn’t even bother taking off Felicity’s clothes as I laid down on the sofa and instructed her to clamber on top of me so that her pussy was hanging over my face. Pulling up her dress, I ripped off her panties and brought my tongue to her pussy, which had already begun to get wet with excitement. I moved my tongue up and down her wet slit, and slowly pushed a finger inside as Felicity moaned in utter pleasure.

At this point, I was totally oblivious as to what Natalie was doing, such was my concentration on giving Felicity a fantastic pussy-licking, but I was soon to discover she had decided to join the two of us. The last thing I’d seen her do was slowly begin to masturbate as Felicity sat on top of me but it became apparent that she was no longer in that position when I felt a mouth close around my hard cock, with Felicity’s moans uninterrupted.

Natalie clearly enjoyed giving blowjobs and did them regularly, as the way she handled my cock was up there with the best blowjobs I’d received, particularly from a celebrity. Despite this new pleasure I was receiving, I continued my concentration on Felicity’s pussy and began licking and fingering the British actress harder and faster. Felicity’s moans indicated that I was doing a good job and I could tell from the way she was shaking that she was very close to orgasm. Suddenly, the actress released her juices over me with a deafening scream, at the same time as Natalie took my whole cock in her mouth and began to deepthroat, putting me in absolute heaven.

Natalie’s mouth around my whole cock was magical and with Felicity’s juices still glistening on my face, I began to enjoy the blowjob a lot more. Felicity had clambered off me and perched herself on the end of the sofa, rubbing herself, tasting her juices and watching as Natalie gave my cock the time of its life. Being able to see what Natalie was doing, the naked star currently fondling my balls as she licked the tip of my cock, certainly made me even closer to climax then I already was, and the Star Wars star seemed to sense this.

Once more, she took my whole cock in her mouth and held it there, still fondling with my balls, until I could hold out no longer. With a grunt, I released my load in Natalie’s mouth where it dribbled out as she couldn’t hold it all inside, swallowing the cum she could. As soon as Natalie had removed my cock from her mouth, Felicity was on her feet and moving over to the actress to bring her in for a kiss and taste some of my cum, having stripped herself naked as well.

Realising that I was the only one now clothed, I took my suit off, still watching the two sexy actresses exchange my cum and kiss each other passionately. I stood there for a moment, admiring the scene, before deciding that I wanted to return the favour to Natalie. I separated the girls and instructed Natalie to kneel on the couch so her ass and pussy were dangling in the air and proceeded to get into position to fuck her.

“No, Tom, up the ass,” she said instructively. “I don’t want my pussy fucked, I want it in my ass.”

As much as I enjoyed having anal sex, I had wanted to fuck Natalie, but not wanting to upset the actress, I instead lined my cock up with her ass, lubing it up first with the use of my fingers. As I fingered her asshole in order to get her ready for my cock, it became apparent why she had wanted me to fuck her back passage. She took control of the fuck session and instructed Felicity Jones, her fellow guest, to lie underneath her and began to eat out the Theory of Everything actress as I prepared to fuck her ass.

Satisfied that Natalie’s pussy was lubed up enough to take my cock, I pushed it inside and was unsurprised to find that it wasn’t that tight; clearly Natalie loved anal. As I began to fuck Natalie’s ass, Felicity decided to return the favour to the Israeli-born star and brought her fingers and tongue to her pussy, licking her and giving her double pleasure.

I have to say it was very hot as I fucked Natalie’s ass inches away from where Felicity was licking her pussy. I was impressed at how well Natalie was doing to continue to lick Felicity given the fact she was receiving pleasure from two fronts. However, it was soon apparent she was struggling, as her head kept popping up above her body to let out a moan of joy and pleasure. It had only been a matter of minutes before she desisted completely from licking Felicity’s pussy and just enjoyed the pleasure she was getting as my cock pummelled her ass and Felicity’s tongue explored her pussy.

With a huge, loud scream of delight, Natalie reached her orgasm and proceeded to squirt her juices over Felicity’s face. I felt a few of them hit my balls as I continued to pound Natalie’s asshole, before slowing up and pulling out, eager to taste some of her juices myself. Bending down, I ran my tongue along Natalie’s pussy before exchanging a passionate kiss with Felicity as we both revelled in making Natalie cum.

I decided to regain control of this after-show fuck and lay down on the sofa, instructing Felicity to clamber on top so her pussy was over my cock. However, as Felicity clambered on top of me, Natalie reawoke from her momentary trance and told her to face away from me. Unsure as to what she was doing, I waited as Felicity changed her body position so that her back was now facing towards me, her pussy still hovering over my waiting, erect cock.

Natalie guided it down onto my cock and watched as Felicity began to bounce up and down on my hard cock, moaning as she felt it inside her. Then, the Black Swan star positioned herself so that her pussy was hovering over my face and so that she could guide Felicity’s movements once more. I didn’t waste any time in bringing my tongue to Natalie’s still sopping wet pussy and began to lick as Felicity continued to bounce up and down on my cock. I could hardly see her, but suddenly I had a full view of her back as Natalie lowered herself down so that she could watch as my cock entered Felicity’s pussy.

The feeling of a warm pussy on my cock was delightful and Natalie’s pussy tasted amazing as well, but her next move surprised both me and Felicity. Natalie slowly brought her tongue and fingers towards Felicity and prised her asshole open, before rimming it. Felicity gasped at this new sensation before continuing her moaning with what seemed like an enhanced level, as she fucked my cock and had her asshole licked. I continued to lick Natalie’s wet pussy and brought my own fingers up and began fucking her asshole with them as she pleasured Felicity in what seemed a complete dream.

I could sense that all three of us were at a heightened sense of pleasure and were all very close to climaxing. Natalie was first to reach the promised land, having cum such a short while ago, her juices once more squirting, this time over my face as I continued to lick her and finger fuck her ass. Having released her moan of pleasure, she resumed her eating of Felicity’s asshole, which was met by a loud groan of pleasure, indicating she wasn’t too far away.

She was closer than either me or Natalie could have guessed, as with one final bounce on my cock, I felt her juices begin to flow over it, preceded by a huge scream of orgasmic delight. I was the only one left to reach my climax but having witnessed both Natalie and Felicity climax, it didn’t take me long. With Felicity’s pussy still bouncing up and down on my cock, I felt my load squirt deep inside her, filling her up and mixing with her own. As we all collapsed, I reflected on yet another fantastic fucking.

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