Interviewing…Katie and Angel

Title: Interviewing…Katie and Angel

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby

Codes: mast, oral, facefuck

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at

British viewers of my show were very much looking forward to the next show of The Truth Behind the Women of TV, where they were going to be treated to a Merlin special. For the people who hadn’t seen Merlin, I was going to be joined by the beautifully stunning Katie McGrath and the seriously underrated Angel Coulby. It had been a couple of years since Merlin had finished and the girls had been off the TV so it would be nice to see what they’d been doing in their free time and, if all went to plan, I would get to fuck the two beauties.

After doing what had now become the regular, boring introductions, I introduced the two actresses to the stage and was taken aback at what they looked like. Both Angel and Katie were wearing what can only be described as slutty, black dresses which enhanced my opinion that they were both unbelievably hot women, and I couldn’t wait to try and fuck them, but first the show.

“Wow girls, you look incredible. Welcome to The Truth Behind the Women of TV, the show where I’m allowed to ask all my guests anything with no barriers, from TV programmes to sexual preferences. If you’re ready, let’s get on with the show.”

“We’re ready,” they answered, nodding in agreement.

“OK, first things first. It’s been a couple of years since the end of Merlin so what have you girls been up to?”

“Well I’ve only really done a couple of things,” answered Angel. “I did The Tunnel for a bit and Dancing on the Edge but other than that, I’ve just been enjoying a break and relaxing with my family.”

“My main thing since Merlin was probably when I did Dracula,” Katie responded. “But I’ve been working on a few films including the new Jurassic World so hopefully you’ll see me on your screens more soon.”

“Have you missed being on TV most Saturdays with Merlin?”

“Yeah, I guess you always miss a show after you’ve done it for four or five years,” Katie answered. “But at the same time, it’s nice because we probably took it as far as we could, and I think everyone needed a break.”

“If the producers wanted to bring it back, would you do it?”

“Obviously, because it was a great show and it was a lot of fun,” Angel replied. “But, like Katie said, we took it almost as far as it could go, but I get the feeling if the demand was there  and the producers wanted to, the whole cast would happily return.”

“Have you girls stayed in touch since finishing filming?”

“Yeah, we tried to. But this is probably the first time this year we’ve met so it’s great!”

“Let’s change the line of questioning. Katie, you filmed a sex scene in The Tudors, would you film more in the future? And Angel, would you contemplate doing one?”

“Yeah, I’d definitely film another one,” Katie said, smiling, “but I’d want it to be a tad more passionate this time. In a bed or something.”

“If the film or programme was right, then yes, I would do a sex scene. But it’s difficult to know whether you’d do it, until you’re asked.”

“And on a personal scale, have you got good sex lives? Ever experimented with each other?”

“Yeah, my sex life is good currently.” Katie answered. “Colin (Morgan, her co-star) and I have been relatively unbusy so there’s quite a lot of time for us to have fun.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve had a large dry spell,” Angel contradicted. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, it must be said. As for the experimentation, the four of us main stars did have some fun for a couple of months but it was short and sweet.”

“Masturbation must be high on the agenda then, Angel, what gets you off?”

“I watch a lot of porn in my free time,” she answered. “Seriously, a lot. So many websites on my computer are porn ones, but without a man, I’ve got to find my own pleasure somehow.”

“And Katie, do you still masturbate from time to time?”

“Occasionally, although it’s very rare, because I prefer the real thing.”

“We’re running out of time, so I’ll finish with a good one. What’s the kinkiest thing each of you has done?”

“That’s easy for me,” said Katie, quickly. “I did a whole day’s shooting commando, and had sex with Colin in between scenes on the set of Merlin. That was pretty kinky.”

“Erm, I’ve masturbated on set quite a few times, but I guess I’m not that kinky,” came Angel’s reply. “Sorry to disappoint, but yeah, masturbating on set.”

“Well thanks girls for a good interview. Next time on this very show, I’ll be joined by Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly and former contestant and One Show host Alex Jones. See you then.”

For the first time finishing a show of The Truth Behind the Women of TV, I didn’t have a boner. It was a strange feeling as the girls had looked smoking hot when they came on, and I certainly would’ve fucked them, but I just wasn’t in the mood. That was until half an hour later.

30 minutes after the show had finished, I was packing up to leave when I realised I’d left my phone on set. As I ran to get it, I froze in my tracks just inside the doorway, because something was happening on the sofas once more. Angel Coulby was sitting on the sofa stark naked and was furiously pounding her pussy with a dildo, whilst the big screens overhead played interracial porn. Sneaking onto set, I settled behind her, and cock growing, got naked as well and began furiously stroking myself.

Unbeknownst to me, Katie McGrath was also stripping naked, and beginning to finger herself furiously behind me, as she sat and watched both Angel and I pleasure ourselves. Wanting to make Angel aware of my presence, I crept from my position and hung my dick over the open mouth of the actress, before lowering it and beginning to face-fuck. Katie seemed ultra-turned on by this, as she sped up the rhythm and pace of her fingers, still hidden from sight. Angel, meanwhile, had received my dick like the slut I knew she was, so desperate for a good fucking, and as I pounded my cock in and out of her open mouth, the dildo was chucked away and replaced by a good old-fashioned fingering motion. Katie, however, was the closest to orgasm it seemed, and finally removed herself from her spot, proceeding to walk over and squirt all over Angel’s naked body.

As soon as she had done that particular pleasurable orgasm, Katie bent down and replaced Angel’s fingers with her tongue, beginning to lick and suck on a dripping clit that was getting closer and closer to orgasm. However, it was me who was in position to cum next and wanting to continue the threesome, I decided to cum over Katie’s back, the liquid dripping down it and settling in her asshole.

Concentrating all our efforts on Angel in order for her to cum, both Katie and I caressed and stroked her body until she was finally at the point of climax. Completing the triangle, Katie held my face down to Angel’s pussy, as the black actress released her large amounts of juice onto my waiting face, where I lapped it up.

With all three of us having reached a pleasurable climax, Katie suggested we had one last moment of fun before home, and Angel and I were quick to agree. Setting a challenge, Katie suggested that we each had to make the others cum within an allotted time using only our mouths and tongues. Katie, herself, volunteered to go first and begun by taking my hard cock in her mouth, beginning to take it deep as she moved her head back and forth. With 10 minutes to make us both cum, her pace quickened and after four minutes of a solidly given blowjob, I couldn’t hold back and finished in the actress’ mouth. Not wanting to be distracted, Katie swallowed, and immediately began working on the much more difficult Angel’s pussy. However, six minutes were not enough for Katie to make Angel cum, despite her numerous amount of licks, sucks and circular tongue motions, and so Katie finished with one out of two successes.

Going next myself, I knew I had the best chance of winning if I started with Angel, who was still recovering from Katie’s oral assault on her pussy. With Angel trying to recover, I immediately headed straight for her pussy and made the second assault on her pussy in minutes, copying Katie’s techniques and movements, as she’d been so close to succeeding. It took just a couple of minutes to finish off the job as Angel’s juices flowed alongside big, loud moans. Knowing I had eight minutes to make Katie cum, I set to the job at hand quickly but for four minutes the actress resisted well, hardly making noises despite my attempted sucks and licks. But changing tact and assaulting the hole, I soon got a response and continued variation of licks at her holes and sucks on her clit, finally resulted in the super hot actress cumming with just seconds to spare. Two successes and I was in the lead.

The fact I had made the two Merlin actresses cum brought me huge comfort but fortunately for Angel had given her a rock-hard member to work with. As soon as her time started, she sucked on my cock, just as she had done when I’d face-fucked her earlier, but with varied rhythms and speeds, she was struggling to finish the job. However, eventually, the job was done with long sucks and ball licks, the cum was taken by Angel and she moved onto Katie’s vagina with 4 minutes to go. A four minute assault on Katie’s pussy was never going to be enough to make her cum, but Angel gave it a damn good go, resulting in very nearly completing the job. As it was, the time was up, but not wanting to leave Katie right on the verge, Angel and I doubled the efforts on her vagina and she climaxed with a huge scream and relief. Another great night, fucking two great girls.

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