Interviewing…Margot and Morena

Title: Interviewing…Margot and Morena

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Margot Robbie, Morena Baccarin

Codes: oral, FF, MF, blowjob, mast, Fmast

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Words could not explain how much I was looking forward to the next episode of Female Film Star’s Secrets and when you found out the guests, it wasn’t difficult to see why. Margot Robbie was one of the hottest women in the world right now and ever since I’d first seen her in Wolf of Wall Street, I’d lusted over the beautiful blonde. Not to be outdone, her fellow guest was Morena Baccarin, the beauty from films such as Deadpool and Spy, another woman who was getting fame not just for her acting talents.

However, I had an awful feeling that the girls would be some of the hardest to seduce in the history of the show, and I was slightly disappointed I didn’t have Kate Abdo here to help me. These thoughts were soon gone though, when the two sexy women walked onto the set, ready for their interview.

Both women looked absolutely stunning. Margot was wearing a low-cut yellow dress that showed off plenty of cleavage and left me just wanting to rip it off and expose her beautiful body, while Morena showed off her excellent breasts in a lacy blue dress that finished temptingly high. I was finding it hard to control myself as the two women sat down opposite me and I got a closer look.

“Welcome to the show, ladies, and may I just say how absolutely gorgeous you look tonight,” I said, blushing red. “Let’s get started. You’re both relatively new to the world of film, how have you found the change from your normal lives?”

“Obviously, the paparazzi is the huge change,” Margot replied, “but that’s to be expected. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve got one of the best jobs and I love having the attention of the whole world and I’m just pleased I can make films people enjoy.”

“I haven’t really experienced the change too much, to be honest,” Morena answered, “but I think that’s cause I’m still relatively unknown, especially compared to Margot. When Deadpool came out, I got a lot more attention and that was nice, but I’ve still been able to do the things I was doing before I appeared in that.”

“In the movies that shot you to fame, you both had nude and sex scenes,” I said, remembering them vividly, “was that ever a problem for either of you?”

“Not at all,” Margot responded immediately, “in fact, I quite enjoyed the nakedness and sexual elements of the movie. What woman doesn’t want to do a sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s always flattering when you hear that you came second in most paused film moment behind that Sharon Stone scene.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t a problem for me either,” Morena answered. “I think it actually worked quite well in the context of the film, so that was an added bonus. It’s not as if it was my first sex or nude scene either, so to be honest with you, it was pretty easy.”

“Well, they were both very well received,” I said, hiding my own admission how many times I’d watched them in the build-up to this very show. “Let’s talk current love lives and Margot, you tied the knot very recently, how was that?”

“Obviously, it feels great to be married now, but we did it in a nice secret ceremony away from all the press,” Margot answered. “It doesn’t feel any different really, to be honest, as it’s just the same as when we were exchanged in terms of sex life and normal day to day.”

“And Morena, you’re engaged. Are you excited for the wedding?”

“Of course, who wouldn’t be excited for their wedding?” Morena answered, with a huge smile. “No, it will be nice to finally get married again, hopefully with better success than last time but we’ll see. I’m certainly happier this time around.”

Although happy that the girls were sexually active, I was slightly disappointed; their happiness in their relationships significantly decreased the chance of me being able to fuck them. Despite this, I continued with the interview.

“What are the sex lives like at home?” I asked, trying to hide my worries. “Are they good enough or do you have to masturbate frequently?”

“I don’t think having a good sex life means you don’t masturbate,” Margot responded quickly. “My sex life is very good and satisfactory at the moment, about three or four times a week work providing, but that doesn’t stop me masturbating daily. I just think it’s important that you guarantee yourself a release every day.”

“I totally agree with Margot,” Morena replied. “Masturbation is the greatest thing a woman can do to her body and it needs to happen frequently, whether you have a good sex life or not. My fiancé and I are fucking twice a week, but I still touch myself every day, sometimes more, to give myself ultimate pleasure.”

My cock began to rise as I imagined the two ladies getting themselves off daily. “And what gets such beautiful ladies as yourself off?”

“Porn, lots and lots of porn,” Morena answered first this time. “I love watching porn. Lesbian, straight, gay, threesome, transsexual, I really don’t care. I’m actually subscribed to a couple of porn sites because I love it so much. I always thought if the acting didn’t work out I’d go into porn so that’s why I don’t mind sex scenes, I guess.”

“Yeah, porn works for me too,” Margot answered. “I love reading erotic fiction as well and imagining the scenes playing out in my head. Porn parodies of films you’ve made as well. I loved The Whore of Wall Street because I likened myself to the role, just anything really.”

“Wow, that’s hot,” I answered, trying to conceal my cock, which was growing rapidly. “And have either of you ever experimented yourselves?”

“No, but I wish I had when I was younger,” came Margot’s immediate answer. “I feel now I’m married that I’ll never get the chance to experiment with another girl. It’s why I’d definitely never turn down a girl on girl scene in a movie if one came my way so I could just experience it.”

“Never further than mutually masturbating,” Morena answered, but she also seemed disappointed by this fact. “I never really found the right girl that I felt comfortable enough to go further than that with. When I masturbated with another girl, it was really hot, though, so I’d definitely never say never in that sense.”

My cock was practically bursting through my trousers as I asked the final question. “Well unfortunately, we’re nearly at the end, but one last question for you both. What is the kinkiest fantasy you have and the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”

“I think the kinkiest thing I’ve done would be when I lost my virginity,” Margot answered. “I was 18 and naïve and my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to take things further when we were home alone. We were upstairs fucking when I heard my parents come home and they very nearly caught us. As for fantasy, that’s a tough one but I think fucking in front of somebody is up there.”

“My kinkiest fantasy is similar to Margot’s actually,” said Morena, replying with a glint in her eye. “I’d love to have a threesome with another girl where either the guy walks in and catches us or she walks in and catches me fucking him. As for the kinkiest thing I’ve done, that would have to be when I was married and had our ‘bondage night’ where we got very adventurous.”

“Wow, what excellent stories,” I said, releasing my cock, not being able to hold the pressure anymore. “And what an excellent show. Join me next time on Female Film Star Secrets when I’ll be joined by the super sexy Leslie Mann. See you then.”

As soon as the show was over, I began to jerk my cock up and down, looking directly over at the two beautiful women sitting opposite me. I knew there was absolutely no way Margot Robbie and Morena Baccarin would have missed me exposing my cock and now stroking it, but I was curious to see what their reactions would be.

Both women had seemed to enjoy the video and had given in-depth sexy answers, but both women were in loving, long, committed relationships and so would probably not want to get involved. However, I continued to stroke my cock, thinking about the answers the two women had given and how much I’d love to fuck them, and I hoped that they’d be turned on enough, they’d want to join in.

It was Morena who made the first slight indication that maybe I would be getting more than just a masturbation session tonight. Her eyes were fixed on my cock and as I stroked it up and down, she slowly moved her hand down to her panties and began to rub herself through the lacy blue material.

Margot was also watching my masturbation but did not seem to make any move to indicate that she was in anyway contemplating fucking me, or even touching herself. However, Morena’s movements to slowly begin to rub her pussy seemed to wake her from a trance and she stood up, showing off her sexy legs in her yellow dress, looking directly at me.

“Want to put that cock to better use?” she said, slowly removing her dress to expose her fantastic body in her underwear, before she began to lose those too. “Time to make my fantasy a reality and fuck in front of somebody.”

I couldn’t believe the words I was hearing but there was absolutely no way I was going to complain as Margot Robbie seductively walked over to me, completely naked, dropped to her knees and began handling my cock. I could hardly believe my eyes as she opened her mouth and wrapped it around my large member, re-enacting the blowjob scene I’d jerked to so many times from Wolf of Wall Street.

Morena was watching Margot’s actions with a mixture of surprise and increased horniness as the blonde began sucking on my rock hard cock. Pretty soon, Morena had stripped herself down naked too and was watching the blowjob, fingering her pussy as hard as she could, moaning with every second.

Even though it was almost impossible to believe, I was savouring every moment of Margot Robbie sucking my cock, hardly daring to take my eyes off her for fear of not remembering anything. Even with the added visual pleasure of Morena Baccarin masturbating furiously on the other sofa, I didn’t want to watch her, just in case Margot stopped.

However, my troubles and fears were soon eased when Margot decided it was time that she, too, got some pleasure out of this sex session. Standing up in front of me, she guided my hand to get a feel of how wet she was before slowly lowering herself down so her pussy was hovering inches above my cock. I was itching with anticipation, but I wanted her to make the move to initiate our fucking but it took all the strength I had not to ram my cock inside her.

Eventually, after what seemed like an absolute age, Margot lowered her pussy onto my cock and began bouncing up and down on it, fucking it the only way she knew how. I couldn’t stop myself from running my hands all over her body, caressing her ass and tits before pulling her in for one of the most passionate kisses I’ve ever had with a celebrity.

All the time, Morena was watching us, her fingers working her pussy as she did every day but she seemed to have a very determined look on her face. I soon realised that this look was her eagerness to try and make herself cum as she watched Margot and I make out as we fucked, her view of the situation not to be beaten.

I was finding it harder and harder to control my own imminent orgasm as the sight and sensation of Margot Robbie fucking my cock was something better than I could ever have dreamed off. The breath-taking blonde was working up a sweat she was bouncing so hard, and this turned me on even more as it clung to her body, adding flavour to her tits as I sucked on them.

However, all of a sudden, the room was filled with large moans as Morena Baccarin hit her orgasm and hit her orgasm hard. She screamed in pleasure as she fingered herself to her climax, her juices flooding over the floor, her eyes transfixed on the two fucking humans in front of her and I just knew from that point, that I’d be fucking both women tonight.

Morena’s pulsating orgasm brought Margot closer to her own climax but there was absolutely no way the beautiful blonde was going to cum before me as I was doing everything in my power to fight busting my load there and then. Eventually, I could take no more. With a loud grunt and an extended suck of Margot’s nipples, I released my load deep inside the actress’ pussy, listening to her moan as it filled her up, another factor in bringing her closer to her own orgasm.

Margot continued to fuck my cock even after I’d climaxed which usually would not have been easy, but today was absolutely no problem. In fact, I was so determined to make her cum that I took control of the fucking, grabbing her hips and guiding her bounces faster and faster, hearing her moan louder and louder.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Margot Robbie reached her own passionate orgasm. Moaning and screaming louder than I’d ever heard a celebrity moan or scream from fucking my cock, I felt her juices flood over my cock, as I pulled her in for yet another passionate kiss. We sat there like that for a short while until a tap on my shoulder told me Morena wanted to get involved.

Margot clambered off my cock and sat down beside me, almost inviting Morena to clamber on and take her go at fucking me. The Brazilian-American actress didn’t just jump on immediately though, clearly wanting a taste of my cock first, dropping to her knees and taking it in her mouth.

Morena’s blowjob was just as satisfying as Margot’s had been and, in my intensified state of pleasure, I had to work hard to make sure I didn’t blow my load immediately in her mouth, wanting to fuck her more than anything. My attempts to withhold my orgasm were not helped at all by the fact that Margot Robbie had positioned herself on the sofa to my left and spread her legs, rubbing her pussy delicately.

Morena was sucking my cock faster now, taking as much of it in her mouth as she physically could while caressing and playing with my balls with her hands. I knew if she carried on like this, I was not going to be able to fuck her before I came, especially with Margot’s erotic masturbation and so I regretfully stopped the blowjob, pulling her up for a kiss.

My regret didn’t last long, however, as Morena Baccarin clambered up on top of me and slowly lowered herself down onto my rock-hard cock, just as Margot Robbie had done moments before. Once in position, she began to slowly bounce up and down on my cock, lowering her tits to my face so I could attack them with my tongue and mouth.

Margot was watching the fuck session intently and wasted no time in letting us both know that she was extremely turned on by it, masturbating loudly and furiously on the couch. Her fingers were entering her pussy just as quickly as Morena had done when the roles had been reversed and she was licking her lips intently, as she watched.

It was hard to control my climax with Morena’s sexy body bouncing up and down on my cock and Margot Robbie masturbating loudly right next to me, but I tried my very best. To my absolute delight, it seemed Morena Baccarin was having trouble holding off her own climax and I knew that we were both edging and would cum possibly simultaneously.

Eventually, neither of us could take it any longer and both Morena and I let out huge moans of satisfaction as we hit our orgasms, my cock buried deep inside her pussy. I felt her juices flow over my cock as I squirted my load deep inside her pussy at the same time and I couldn’t help but realise how lucky I was at that moment in time.

Margot Robbie was moaning louder than ever as she masturbated, our orgasms seemingly giving her increased pleasure but she had not yet reached her second orgasm of the night. Both Morena and I were watching her intently as she fingered her pussy and soon we could tell she was getting closer than ever.

Hedging my bets, I decided to get a closer look and, removing my cock from Morena’s pussy, I got up off the couch and crouched down on my knees to get a first-hand view of Margot’s masturbation. Morena was quick to follow me and soon the two of us were making out right in front of where Margot was just about to hit her climax, the new view of our naked bodies entwined helping her no end.

Margot’s orgasm looked even better at this angle than it had done when she’d experienced one fucking my cock. Although that had felt better for me, the passion and volume with which she orgasmed when she was furiously masturbating herself was so much larger than before that Morena and I were covered in her pussy juices even from a little distance away.

As Morena and I cleaned each other off, Margot recovered from her furious orgasm and relaxed on the couch. Morena and I clambered either side of her and began to exchange kisses as I realised what an extremely satisfying night it had been. I’d fucked both Margot Robbie and Morena Baccarin and could hardly wish for anything more.

However, my night was about to get even better, with something I could never have dreamed of in a million years. It seemed the sexual threesome had got both the girls excited enough that they were willing to experience their first taste of lesbian action with each other, and you certainly wouldn’t catch me complaining.

Morena had advanced her kiss with Margot by fondling her tits as they were making out and then immediately lowering her head to take Margot’s hard nipples in her mouth. I couldn’t help but watch as the blonde Australian let out a moan of pleasure and held her fellow stunner’s mouth in place.

My cock was already on its way to getting back to its full length by the time Morena had moved down from Margot’s breasts and was rubbing the blonde’s pussy slowly with her fingers, seemingly sizing herself up to breaking their lesbian virginities. Deciding she was eventually ready, Morena moved her head closer to the pussy, stretched out her tongue and began to lick.

I was soon fully hard once more as I watched Morena Baccarin get her first taste of lesbian pussy by licking out Margot Robbie. The Australian was watching her with real focus, moaning loudly as she felt another woman’s tongue on her pussy for the first time, and as much as I wanted to get involved, I also didn’t want to disturb this beautiful moment.

I began to jerk my cock up and down as I watched Morena’s pussy-eating skills but Margot soon decided it was only fair that they both experienced what it felt like together. I got up from the couch and allowed the girls to position themselves in a 69 so that they could both return the favour to each other, and I settled on the opposite couch with an absolutely perfect view.

The girls began to put on a real show as they got their first experience of lesbian sex and I was over the moon that I was there to witness it, having already fucked both of them. Any man, and plenty of women, would give their right arms to be where I was, as I sat there slowly stroking my cock as I watched Morena Baccarin and Margot Robbie eat each other out.

The moans the girls were making seemed to indicate that they were both enjoying their first experience with the same sex and I was certainly enjoying watching them. Although inexperienced, they seemed to know what they were doing and I couldn’t help but want to get even more involved, despite the fact I’d fucked both of them already.

However, I knew I couldn’t interrupt their first time lesbian experience so I jerked my cock a little harder, imagining that I was joining them in this experience. I sensed that the girls were about to reach their climaxes as well, another reason for speeding up my own masturbation, because they were making increasingly loud noises, especially Margot.

Suddenly the room was filled with incredibly loud orgasmic noises as both Morena and Margot brought each other to their orgasms at the exact same time. I stroked my cock faster as I watched the two women arch their heads and moan in pleasure, lapping up each other’s juices passionately.

They finally broke apart their 69 and looked over to see me masturbating furiously to the sight of the two lesbian lovers. After a quick glance at each other, they decided I’d been patient enough and walked sexily over to where I was masturbating before dropping to their knees, opening their mouths and inviting me to give them both facials.

I stood up and jerked my cock harder and faster, not putting any effort into controlling my cum as I had been when I’d been masturbating, watching them. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm arriving and directed my cock first at Morena Baccarin’s face and then Margot Robbie’s, releasing my third cumshot of the day all over their sexy faces. It had been yet another successful show.

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