Interviewing…Tess and Alex

Title: Interviewing…Tess and Alex

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Tess Daly and Alex Jones

Codes: MFF, Handjob, Oral, Mast

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at

I was really looking forward to the next show of The Truth Behind the Women of TV mainly because my guests were two of the hottest presenters in the UK and brought memories back of the first ever show with Holly and Fearne. If I could have an after-show experience like I’d had with them with my two guests, Tess Daly and Alex Jones, then I’d certainly be a very happy man.

I hadn’t seen either of the girls arrive so went ahead with the normal introductions slightly more excited than normal to see how hot my two guests looked. I wasn’t to be disappointed when the presenters emerged onto the set. Tess was showing off her super-hot long legs in a black lacy dress which did her wonders, while Alex, the One Show host, was wearing her famous light blue dress which she’d worn on Strictly Come Dancing, and received many admiring words from fans. It was safe to say I was really looking forward to the show.

“Welcome, ladies, to The Truth Behind the Women of TV, the show where I can ask you any question about any topic, be it career based or personal, with no taboo topics. Does that sound good?”

“Indeed it does,” they answered in unison.

“Let’s get started then. First question, Tess, as host of Strictly Come Dancing, you’ve met many famous celebrities and worked with Sir Bruce Forsyth, but is working with Claudia Winkleman more fun?”

“It’s certainly a change,” Tess replied. “Brucie was great, but Claudia and I definitely have more fun when we present it together, and of course Zoe Ball’s great when she has to cover. But probably we do, yeah.”

“Alex, you’ve hosted the One Show with several people, so who was the best presenter to work with? And do you have fond memories from your time on Tess’s show?”

“Yeah, I’ve had the pleasure to work with some fantastic hosts,” Alex answered. “But I think Matt Baker and I make a good team so I’d have to say him, although both Chris (Evans) and Jason (Manford) are great fun to work with. As for Strictly, it’s certainly an experience but it’s so difficult to do. Certainly, I don’t regret any of it though.”

“Behind many TV shows, secrets come spilling out on this show. Do either of you have any secrets to share about what happens before or after shows?”

“So many things have happened at Strictly, it’s hard to keep track,” Tess said. “I think the thing you’ll most want to hear is that I have a little challenge to try and masturbate alongside a female celebrity and recently Darcey (Bussell) has joined in my challenge and tries to do it too.”

“Not a lot happens behind The One Show’s closed doors, it’s relatively uneventful,” Alex said disappointingly. “But, there was a lot of going-ons in my time on Strictly, definitely.”

“I’m pretty sure everyone’s eager to know the details, Tess…”

“Alright, I suppose so,” she said, although she looked quite happy to be able to reveal her secrets. “Well each series I’ve done it, so the celebrities I’ve masturbated with are: Natasha Kaplinsky (the first winner), Denise Lewis (runner-up on the second show), Zoe Ball (when she was a contestant), Emma Bunton (third place on the fourth series), Gabby Logan, Kelly Brook and Alesha Dixon (all on the fifth series), Christine Bleakley and Rachel Stevens (on the sixth show), Jade Johnson (seventh series), Kara Tointon (eighth series), Holly Valance and Alex (Jones) (ninth series), Victoria Pendleton (tenth series), Rachel Riley (eleventh series), Pixie Lott and Jennifer Gibney (last series).

“Wow, that’s a lot of masturbation, including with Alex. How was that for you?”

“Fun. It was totally unexpected, Tess just called Holly and I to her dressing room, sat us down and then started stripping, whilst porn was playing in the background. It’s hard not to want to masturbate then. But I know for a fact that Aliona and Flavia, two of the professional dancers, spent time in Alesha Dixon’s dressing room when she was back as a judge.”

“That’s certainly some interesting back-stage Strictly gossip. Do you know who Darcey’s were, Tess?”

“Indeed I do,” Tess said, winking. “Kimberley Walsh (on the tenth series, when she joined), Abbey Clancy (eleventh series) and then Caroline Flack and Frankie Bridge (last series). She’s getting better at seducing them as well.

“So you obviously enjoy masturbating Tess, and Alex as well, but what are your sex lives like?”

“Well, Vernon (Kay) and I have a relatively active sex life, mainly because of those sex texts he sent,” Tess answered. “I want to make sure he doesn’t have any reason to do anything like that again, so I have sex with him about twice a week.”

“It depends if I’m single or not,” Alex replied. “I’m always quite horny, so if I’m single, it’s really hard for me. But when I’m in a relationship, I try to have sex two, three or four times a week, depending on commitments.”

“Do either of you have any sexual fantasies you’d care to share?”

“Well, I love getting my back caressed and my earlobes,” Tess answered. “I know it’s strange, but they’re just so sensitive. But I do like dressing up and roleplaying, naughty police officer’s a favourite.”

“I don’t know what fantasies I have, really,” Alex said, shyly. “I guess I’ve always wanted to have a threesome, but that’s about it. I don’t like anything too kinky or anything.”

“Well, unfortunately, we’re running out of time, so my final question is this: have either of you gone further than masturbating with a girl? And when you masturbate, what gets you going?”

“I’ve never done anything more than masturbate with a girl,” Alex answered quickly. “But when I’m masturbating, I remember that time with Tess and watch a lot of lesbian porn.”

“Oh yeah, I have,” Tess answered, watching as my cock started to grow and smiling. “I had a fling with Claudia but that wasn’t anything really. However, Darcey and I really have some fun sometimes. As for what gets me off, porn, porn and more porn. Any category, I’m not bothered.”

“What a revealing show. Many thanks to my two wonderful guests and don’t forget to join me next time when I’ll be joined by the marvellous comedic actress Sarah Solemani. See you then.”

The show had gone absolutely perfectly but it was what happened after the show, that was the best thing to happen. As soon as we’d finished filming and the crew had begun to leave the set, Tess began touching Alex through her dress in a private area. Knowing I had one opportunity, I took off my trousers and let my cock hang out, begging to be stroked or sucked. Alex noticed this rock-hard member and moved herself over to my sofa, where she sat down next to me and began to oblige, running her hands up and down my cock, stroking it with skill. Tess, too, had moved over to this sofa but she continued to play with Alex’s pussy. This time, however, she hitched up Alex’s dress, pulled down her panties and began to caress the actual pussy, shaven and dripping wet it seemed.

Soon, all the clothes were removed, and positions were rotated. Tess Daly was now laying on her back getting her pussy licked by the fabulous Alex Jones, who for a first-time lesbian was doing a terrific job, while Alex in turn was getting penetrated by my very hard cock, something I’d always wanted to do. Fucking Alex while watching her lick out Tess, I knew I was in a privileged position, and it only got better, when Tess screamed that she was going to cum. Alex didn’t move her head away from Tess’s pussy though, and took the full squirting juice of Tess’s load square in the face, dripping all down her naked Welsh body.

Watching this sight, only made me fuck Alex harder and faster and soon we were both at the edge of our own orgasms. Tess had changed her position to hover below the place where we were fucking, and she collected the mixture of juices that came from our fucking with her tongue, swallowing it all up. I withdrew my cock from Alex’s pussy and began to kiss her, lapping up the juices that Tess had made, and swapping them in my mouth with the Welsh presenter.

Tess it seemed was eager to be fucked however, and laid herself down in a position where my cock and I couldn’t resist. Almost running to get into position to fuck her, I inserted my cock in Tess’s pussy and began to fuck, watching the long-legged host squirm with pleasure. Alex didn’t want to be left out and, in a complete role reversal from the girls, hovered her pussy over Tess’s mouth, who needed no second invitation to begin to lick.

The exact same thing happened again when we reached the point of climax, Alex releasing her juices over Tess and then getting into position to swallow the cum produced by the Strictly host and myself. As I exchanged kisses with Tess, and Alex’s juices, I once more praised my idea to start such a filthy sex show.

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