Isaiah’s Second Chance 2

Isaiah’s Second Chance 2

By Dragon333

©August 14th, 2006 – September 12th, 2006

Celebs: Esther Baxter

Codes: MF, cons, ebovry

Disclaimer: This story is pure fan fiction. It is completely fantasy, and unreal. If you are offended by sex stories, then read no further.

Chapter One: The Start of a Better Life

Isaiah has never been the incredibly handsome chick magnet that all the girls liked because of his looks. He didn’t
have good looks to get girls, but he did have knowledge to know how to get girls after real school. But now that he was over 18, and school is long gone away, he is now not able to use it to get girls. In the time he came from, it was already too late for him to improve his life. It was this particular day that he would finally get to use his knowledge of getting girls and to actually improve his entire life.

As Isaiah just woke up from his dream, he stared at the ceiling thinking about stuff. The main thing he was thinking about was his friend in college who had the looks, thus getting a girl named Diana liking him, and she made it quite obvious she wanted to suck his dick despite her having a boyfriend. Since other girls in his class saw her liking him, they liked him too. Girls would never mention this out loud, especially in front of guys, but they LOVED guys who had a girlfriend or who was a player. They LOVED to be cheated on. Girls SAY they hate to be cheated on, but in reality, they LOVE it. That is why they ONLY go for guys that have girlfriends, because they want to get cheated on. If they didn’t want to get cheated on, they would go for a guy who is single. His friend got a very good reputation on a wild card. After you have just one girl showing everyone around you that she likes you, you get a bunch of other girls liking you too if they see it. Isaiah was frustrated at the truth. The only way to get girls in college was to be good looking, or already having a good reputation from real school.

Isaiah didn’t feel himself sink into his bed as much as he usually did. As he stretched his arms in the air he felt his movement a bit faster. I feel different, Isaiah said to himself. He heard his clock ticking rather loudly. It reminded him of his old clock that he had thrown away because it ticked too loudly. He squinted at the clock and realized it looked different than the clock he had last night, but it did look familiar.

“Isaiah! It’s 6:15!!! Your school starts at 7:00am! I don’t want you to be late for school!” he heard his mom yell in the hall way.

“Mom, I hate it when you call college school. And besides, my COLLEGE doesn’t start until eight, not seven.”

“College? Isaiah, this is no time to be joking around. Either get dressed and don’t be late, or don’t go to school at all. Hurry up, because the clock’s ticking. You only have less than 45 minutes left.” Isaiah dragged himself to the mirror and looked at his tired squinted eyes to see if it was red from the tiredness. When he looked into the mirror, he saw a reflection of someone who was completely different than him. Or so he thought!!! As his head backed up in shock, he moved from side to side to see if it was really his own reflection. Indeed it was. He smiled and was very pleased in the reflection of the mirror.

“No stubble, no neck wrinkles, smooth skin except a bit of facial hair, and a YOUNG face! I’m young again!!!” He said aloud happily.

“Mom, I go to Monkey High School right?” he asked his mom to make sure he was headed for the right school.

“Yes, Isaiah, and it is your very first day at that school. So I want you to even be early since you never been to that school before.”

Isaiah got naked, hopped in the shower, and took a 2 minute shower. He used soap and shampoo of course. He then got dressed and gelled his hair, put his back pack on.

Chapter Two: The first day of high school

Unlike college, high school was PACKED with thousands of people, and it was crowded with a bunch of people walking through each and every hallway. It was noisy and filled with people talking non-stop. It was the opposite of college; very social. The students weren’t walking around like mindless zombies like they did at his college. His first class was English with Mrs. Potter. He hated her and remembered her unfairness and rudeness towards him, and last time he thought he switched classes two weeks too late! Not only that, but the classmates around him in the class were horrible. A bunch of snobby Filipino’s who thought they were better than anyone else, except black men. It seemed like the only people Filipino’s respected at that school were black men. He knew as soon as school was out for the day, he’d see his counselor and switch to the English class he remembered to love. Last time in this English class, he was a bit shy, so he wanted to see what would happen if he tried to be the first one to talk to the classmates he found very boring.

“Hey wassup!” he said to the guy who sat next to him. The guy just gave him a one second cold look and looked away and made a noise through his teeth like he thought very low of Isaiah. Considering Isaiah knew he had at least two years to be in real school, he thought he might as well use the advice he got in his own time. Confidence: was what a lot of guys and girls said that was the only thing that girls wanted in a guy. So he thought he might test the theory. His first test subject was a girl two seats away from him in his tutoring class. Tutoring was one of the electives he chose.

“Hey, baby! Damn you look good!” he told her with a big smile.

“Are you talking to me?” she asked.

“Hell yeah! You fine as hell!”

“Um.. OK.”

“You are VERY lucky to be in MY presence! I am the FINEST guy in the world!”

The girl then gave him a look as if to say “you’re so weird.”

“Oh puh-lease! You are SOOOOO not all that! In fact, you are UUUUUUUUUUGLY!”

Welp, so much for confidence! Isaiah said to himself.

“You were a bit on the chubby side for me anyway.” Isaiah then added as he walked away from her.

After tutoring, it was time for P.E. Since Isaiah excelled in basketball by the time he turned 21, he was really excited to play basketball in P.E in his first day of high school P.E (again). He was swift to change into his P.E clothes and lock his back-pack inside of his locker. He didn’t cheat this time in push-up’s and jumping jacks like he did when he was first in 9th grade. The teacher assigned the P.E students teams and Isaiah was benched for the first game. Luckily he was assigned with one of the guys that became his best friend when he was in high school in his own time.

“Hey was sup, Sean! Remember me? We went to middle school together..”

“Of course, Isaiah. How ya doin’?”

“I’m good. Ready to kick some butt in B-ball?” Isaiah said with a determined yet friendly smile, just the attitude and personality he had when he was first in high school in his own time.

“Uh, alright.” Sean said with a bit of doubt. Isaiah nodded his head up and down. They lost badly last time in this same time and place, but Isaiah had practice and experience until he was 23, yet he was 13 going on 14 this year. Isaiah had killer crossovers, a deadly jumper, and a hand that would go up perfectly in time to block shots! And what he already had even before his high school years, was excellent stealing ability and impressive rebounding capability. His rebounding capability was extremely surprising considering his short height standing at only 5’5.

It was finally time for Isaiah and Sean to get in the game to take the place of two tired stars on their team. Sean in-bounded the ball to his friend Isaiah, and instead of passing it like he would have in his previous teen years, he had the confidence and determination to handle the rock himself. A tall black guy immediately went up to him and started guarding him.

“Come on, boy! If your tall self can steal this rock from me, then go ahead and steal it! Go ahead, try and steal it!” Isaiah taunted as he dribbled the ball protecting it from getting stolen from. He remembered having excellent ball handling skills before he got his wish granted and turned back into a teenager. Isaiah’s hand slipped and lost control of the ball, and the tall black guy rushed and was easily able to steal the ball from him and finished an easy lay up.

‘What the fuck? I NEVER lose control of the ball anymore! ESPECIALLY not that fast and easily!’ Isaiah said to himself in his head with a confused look on his face. Maybe I’ll just try again.

Isaiah soared through the air to get a defensive rebound and drove up to his side of the court. He couldn’t shoot because someone guarded him as soon as he was two steps away from the three point line. Again, Isaiah tried to lose his man with his killer crossovers and excellent ball handing control, but as he attempted a cross over, he realized… he forgot how to do the cross over! Knowing he didn’t have the new skills he had back in his adult form in his own time, he held the ball and took a pivot step back protecting the ball from getting stolen. He faked a pass to his friend Sean, as his opponent took the bait and left him open for a 3 point shot. ‘Maybe I still have my shooting skills from 2006.’ Isaiah hoped to himself right before he took the ball into his hands and attempted a shot right behind the 3 point line. It hit the right side of the rim, deep into the rim very close to the back board. In other words, it was a horrible miss, and it was obvious his shooting skills he developed at 19 were diminished.

“Why didn’t you get the rebound like you always used to do?” his friend Sean asked him as they saw the other team run a fast break.

Isaiah was now in his first high school math class, which he hated with a passion. It was full of full Filipino’s who hated him the moment they saw his face. They would talk shit about him in a whisper, thinking that he wouldn’t hear them just three seats away. This was definitely a class that he would talk to a counselor about right after school was over for the day and switch it. He saw one Filipina girl that was a total bitch to him all year long back when he was in this time and place before. As they exited the class, and the teacher wasn’t looking and was very distracted, Isaiah slapped her ass as she walked out the door.

“Nice ass, Nicole.” he said with a big smile on his face.

“Boy, don’t you touch me!” Nicole said firmly before punching him hard on his left arm.

‘Damn, that was fun! I missed out on all of that stuff back in my own time! Gonna have as much fun as I can in this time, this time!’ Isaiah thought to himself.

It was now time for Tech Core class, and it was where he had met his friend Tiffany Evans for the first time. She is 13 years old, yet in the 10th grade because she was so smart and was a quick study. Everyone in tech core pretty much just socialized in that class. Everyone would walk around the class talking to everyone they wanted to talk to. Tiffany was really nice, but didn’t talk to him at lunch, or anywhere else besides in the class room walls.

“Hi, I’m Tiffany.” Tiffany said shaking out her hand smiling, exposing that gorgeous gap of hers. Isaiah remembered her being very outgoing, and being in so many talent shows.

“Hey, Tiffany. I’m Isaiah.” Isaiah said introducing himself. He knew all the things he needed to know about her, so he wasn’t shy with her this time. He knew bits of her near future before even meeting her this time around.

“Nice to meet you, Isaiah.” Tiffany told him. Isaiah thought to himself, despite this being the first day of school, it was the perfect time to start a conversation with a girl like Tiffany.

“What kind of music do you listen to?’ Isaiah said starting off with something small.

“R&B. What about you?” Tiffany replied and asked the same question back.

“Me too. My favorite band is Boyz II Men.”

“Really? MINE TOO! Who else do you like?”

“Dru Hill.”

“Wow! We like the same music groups!”

“Can I borrow one of your CD’s so I can record it?”

It was the sixth and final class of the day: World History. It was the class where he had met his dream girl Jessica. The teacher explained the rules of his classroom and then assigned everyone their seats. Just as he remembered Jessica sat right next to him. Also just as he remembered, she was hesitant about sitting next to him. She was exactly how he remembered her; big black tits, cute face with a little bit of baby fat, and a big round ass.

“Hi, I’m Isaiah.” he said introducing himself, sticking out his left hand for her to shake it, just like she did for him the first time they met in his own time. She was actually a bit hesitant, but finally shook his side.

“Jessica.” Then Isaiah started talking to her, and asking her basic stuff: the same things she talked to him about the first time he met her, like: is that a good book (during silent reading time), do you have any pets, and he also said “I like blue, what’s your favorite color?” They both had the same favorite color.

Unlike when he was first in this 9th grade world history class, he actually read the chapters the teacher wanted them to read, and tried hard to memorize the important words.

After the final bell rang for school, Isaiah saw all the popular kids, most of which he used to hate. The reason he hated them before was that he didn’t like the way he treated people, but now he realized from his own time, that the way they treat people was the only way to have a good life. He saw one of the guys who was mean to him back in his own time in school.

“Jason! Over here, remember me? I went to middle school with you back in 7th grade.” He said to his ex-bully as he saw him walking with his friends after school.

“Isaiah?” Jason said as he looked down at him, since he was about four inches taller than him. Jason laughed at him, as he gently put a fist to his own laughing mouth. “Weren’t you the guy who got his ass beat by Zack last year?” As soon as Jason finished his sentence, all of his friends around him laughed at Isaiah as well. The memory of him getting beat up by Zack last year in middle school was really funny to them. As for Isaiah, he felt his heart sink at the sudden memory and humiliation he just put himself through. But he was still on school campus, so he couldn’t show it, so as soon as he caught his eyes on the ground, he brought them back up. After all, there were still a lot of options for him. He still had a mission to complete while he was still at school in his first year of high school. Isaiah then saw the nicest girl in school that he thought was gorgeous. He thought she was really sweet too.

“Vanity!” he called out to her. She turned around and as she saw him, a confused look came on her face. He walked up to her and smiled. “Hey, Vanity. How was your first day of school?”

“I don’t want to be rude, but do I know you?” she asked politely. Oops, Isaiah forgot that she never saw him before, and that this life he was living at the very moment was back in time, and that no one he met in high school knows him yet.

“I think you’re in my English class.” he lied. At least his lie was going to soon be the truth, as he knew that when his counselor was going to switch his English class, her class was going to be the one he would switch to. That was great about being from the future and going back to the past. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember every single detail, or most of every single exact date of events that would happen, so he didn’t have an advantage as high of that of a psychic. Alas, if only he had his journal of when he used to be an adult. However, his journal of events that had entries from middle school all the way to his college years was long gone way into the future years away!

“Oh hi. What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you. My day was OK. Are you going to join the drama club?” she asked. Isaiah remembered she was in the drama club when he went to school in his own time.

“Um, maybe not. I don’t think it’s really for me. I’ll probably join the basketball team, year book staff, or tennis club.”

“That’s great that you’re interested in multiple organizations.”

“Yeah. Well, I have to talk to my counselor now. See you tomorrow, Vanity.”

Isaiah then went to his counselor right away and switched his classes just like he did when he was there in his previous time. He looked at his schedule and it was like getting to the good times earlier than he did when he was in that time in his previous time.

Chapter Three: Lost Abilities

When he got to his house he got straight to doing his homework. The first piece of homework he did was his pre-algebra homework since it involved the least amount of reading requirement. In the process of doing his homework, he heard the sound of his TV on an appealing show. As bad as he wanted to watch it, he turned it off. Then he got back to doing his pre-algebra homework.

‘Remember, Isaiah, you got to do good in school to stay in school.’ he coaxed himself. He breezed through his pre-algebra homework. Then he read the questions to his English assignment at the end of the chapter, and then read the necessary chapter. He couldn’t quite understand some of the answers to the questions. Some of the questions had him confused. He remembered what he thought when he first did this in his own time.

“I don’t need to know this shit. I’ll just guess. I just need to get it done.”

However, that was not the way Isaiah wanted to think now, now that he had received his second chance. That was probably the attitude that made him not want to do his homework the following year. He looked at the clock, and there was plenty of time, considering it was about only almost three o’clock. He re-read the chapter this time, trying to ply the words that had a possibility of answering the questions at the end of the chapter.

After he was done with all of his homework, he went outside to shoot hoops at his friends house. As he continuously kept shooting, yet missing the majority of his shots, as well as losing control of the ball as he attempted to do fancy dribbles, he realized he had to talk to someone. He looked at his open hands as he walked back to his house, and was looking at them coldly as to say “you hands are very clumsy. I taught you guys how to be very much better!”

As soon as he got to his house, he used a spell to summon the wish Goddess Esther Baxter. As he knew before, it takes time to conjure up a spell. He began to play his play station and just minutes later, he had felt a breeze of cold air. He looked over at his window, and saw that it was closed shut. Then he felt a tingle around his body.

“Come out, Esther. I can sense when you’re hiding.” All of a sudden the tingly feeling grew immense right behind him.

“I’m right here, Isaiah. What do you need?” Esther said as she magically formed from mist, to her actual form, right in front of Isaiah’s white drawer desk. Esther had her fingertips pressed firmly on the top of his desk, as she was wearing golden sandals, a golden wrist band, and an open beige jacket that seemed a little too small for her over a gorgeous white bra that exposed top quality cleavage of her phenomenal 36DDD’s. When Isaiah turned his head to answer her question, the moment he saw her in that outfit, he couldn’t help but to pry her cleavage with an open mouth.

Esther was definitely fit for a goddess. She definitely looked the part. Gorgeous incredible natural tits. Long straight silky hair with brownish high lights with black hair. Even her voice was that of a Goddess, sounding so seductive, and a soft young feminine voice.

“Isaiah?” Esther asked as she waved her hand in his face, causing Isaiah to get back to her question’s attention. “Are you going to stare at my ‘girls’ all day, or are you going to ask me for something? I’m guessing that you did conjure up the spell for something.” Isaiah finally closed his mouth and began to speak.

“I want to know why the HELL I can’t play basketball good no more! I had a killer cross over, and a jumper dat was like butta!” Isaiah complained in a slightly angered voice. The eye candy that the Goddess was giving him made him less angry.

“When you went from the present to the past to this time, you gave up all the skills, talents, and strengths you had that your struggles with the past led you to. This is before you fell in love with Jessica, and since you never strived to be good enough for her, you didn’t try to acquire superb basketball skills. Every skill that you had received from the bad parts in your past are now gone.”

“You mean to tell me I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN?” Isaiah asked with an astonished look on his face.

“All the skills and abilities you got that were the RESULT of your bad life; Yes.” Esther replied. She slowly walked up to him, and she did it very seductively. With each slow yet strong step, her goodies bounced. “For me to grant your wish, you know what you have to do.” Isaiah felt his prick instantly get hard, and he started the “second ritual” by kissing Esther. He pressed his tongue hard on her tongue, and they sucked each others tongues. As they continued to make out, Esther grabbed Isaiah’s right hand, and with strength, she forced him to squeeze her left tit through her white bra. Isaiah unsnapped the front of her bra and Esther helped get it off. Esther’s nipples were extremely erect already.

“Oh yeah, Isaiah! Suck my big black chocolate tits!” Esther shouted out excitedly. Isaiah didn’t need to be told twice! He squeezed her right tit hard, while he stuck as much of her left tit in his mouth as he could and began to suck. He sucked harder and harder as Esther arched her head back and moaned at the pleasure that her disciple was giving her. “Oh yes, it feels so good! I just LOVE having my tits sucked on!” Of course, after that, he sucked Esther’s other chocolate goody. Esther Baxter brushed her hand through Isaiah’s hair as she said “ah” in a sexy and horny way. Esther was really feeling good while she felt Isaiah’s tongue press deep into her knockers, and swirl all around her dark brown nipple. She enjoyed the fact that he was feasting on her big black tits.

“Oh, Isaiah!” she moaned out. After Isaiah released his satisfied mouth from her chocolate milk bottles, she slightly shoved him onto his bed. She stuck her right hand out so that her right arm would be straight. Out of the blue, a flavored lotion magically appeared in her hand in a small red bottle. She poured some on her left hand’s fingers. She then took off all of her clothes, including her golden accessories. With a zap of her fingers, Esther removed Isaiah’s clothes. She rubbed more of her flavored lube on her hands, and sexily licked the flavored lube off of her left index finger. Isaiah was amazed by his Goddess’ prestidigitation.

“Strawberry; my favorite.” she said in her very sexy feminine voice.

As Isaiah had his legs spread on his bed, and his penis rock hard. Esther smeared her strawberry lubricant on the boy’s dick, covering all over his stiff cock. Esther teased him by licking the head of his dick, looked into his eyes, and then took the whole thing in her mouth. She swung her hair to the side, to give a better view of her giving him a blow job to Isaiah. She slivered her tongue around his dick while she still had her entire mouth covering it and sucking it. She rested her huge boobs on his legs while she began to suck even harder. She then began to slurp on his balls making him feel really excited.

“Damn! Esther, my Goddess! I want to cum!” he said almost sounding like he was begging. Esther served anyone that worshipped her, and as a thank you for believing in her and summoning her, she granted his semi-wish and was going to fuck him. First she rubbed some of her strawberry lubricant on her vagina: including some of the insides of it. Then she slowly sat on his hard long cock with her big milky tits in close up plain sight for him. She let his shaft loosen her tight vagina first, and gradually increased the speed of her fucking him cowgirl style. She bounced up and down on his dick while her fun bags were bouncing as well.

“Oh yeah! You like my chocolate milk? You like watching my big black goddess tits bouncing up and down while you fuck your goddess?” Esther said in a demanding sexy voice. She moaned and moaned while she was feeling great pleasure from the penetration of his dick. The feeling of a hard dick rubbing the insides of her pussy made her feel like the Goddess she was. Isaiah felt euphoric as he felt his hard long dick go in and out of an actual Goddess, who was incredibly hot. She had the perfect tits, a great ass, gorgeous face, and even a sexy voice. She was also a wonderful and fair Goddess. Esther bounced harder while she felt Isaiah’s penis reach further into her pussy. She was loving the pounding she was giving him, while Isaiah humped with her feeling his balls slap against the babe’s vagina. As much as he loved the view of her bouncy tits, he grabbed them with both hands; a tit in each hand, stopping them from bouncing, but not stopping Esther from pounding his cock, he started fucking her faster and faster as he was at his horniest. He just had to shoot his load. Esther knew this and also pounded faster and even harder. As the two horny people humped swiftly Isaiah felt a huge load of cum shoot right into Esther’s hungry awaiting pussy. She felt it go way deep into her body. Isaiah finished his humping with small but hard thrusts, as he got every last drop of cum out of his penis and into his Goddess. They both were panting as they got off each other and were finished fucking.

Esther had another thing she had magically appear in her hands after they were done fucking. Suddenly a large binder with paper’s inside came into hands.

“Here, Isaiah. It’s a gift for you.” she said holding out the binder for him to take.

“What is it, Goddess?” he asked as he took it into his hands.

“It’s your journal from your previous time. I thought you might be able to use it.”

“Tite! It’s exactly what I needed! Thank you so much, Esther.”

“No problem. By the way, so that it won’t be confusing for you to tell me or any other god about your time, let’s call your time when you were a teen for the first time: ‘preglacial.’ So if you want to talk to me about your OLD high school life, just say preglacial school, or preglacial teen life, or something like that. Or if you want to talk to me about your adult life, say preglacial time, or preglacial life. Just so that there is no confusion OK?”

“Right. Thank you, Esther.”

“Two more things.” Esther said as she took her tits in her hands. She then squeezed her tits in front of his face causing a long hard stream of milk go right to his face. It made Isaiah blink at first, and Esther managed to get some of her milk in his mouth. To Isaiah’s surprise it tasted especially good. It was like Esther’s nectar to him. “And lastly, here. You’re going to need this. Don’t abuse it. Only use what you need. A thousand dollars might sound like a lot, but if you buy things you don’t need, it will be gone before you know it.” Esther said handing him a thousand dollars in twenties.

“Wow. A Goddess can give me something like money?” Isaiah asked astonished.

“I am a Goddess. A God and Goddess can provide a servant of theirs with multiple things. I don’t usually give my servants money, but in your case I’ll make an exception. I know you WANT that money now, but I also think you’re going to NEED it as well.”

The End

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