It’s A Living! – Chapter 9 – Emmanuelle




By Lude

Starring; Mackenzie Rosman, Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Chelsea Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and Shania Twain

Story Codes: Celebs, MF, MFF, pedo, Mf, Mff, oral, tease, exh, rom.

Married only three weeks, Jamie Lynn Spears and I were spending a quiet afternoon in our new cabin above the lake. The year now 2007, it’s been five years since I first met Jamie. On the big screen in front of us was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Chum was already dripping from Shania Twain’s hair and face as she kept happily sucking

Have you ever watched a movie and known you could have made it better? That’s what Britney and I thought about the string of sequels that followed the original Emmanuelle move and the reason for making a new version! The original movie was an historic piece of erotica, with graphic nudity and explicit sex scenes, which included lesbian encounters. The pretty, but sexually repressed, wife of a French ambassador in Bangkok, Emmanuelle, during the course of the movie, discovers the joys of eroticism and sensuality. A real classic, the film reflects humanities ageless search for excitement and sexual growth.

Back in 2003, we’d been very fortunate to get Shania Twain to play the movies lead role. Already a world-renowned singing and music video diva, we chose Shania because of her beautiful looks and ability to cultivate the highest level of erotic allure, arousing both the mind and the imagination. We all hoped that Shania would mirror the success of Sylvia Kristel who became an international film star after the success of the original movie. But we also realized that all our work would be wasted if the story weren’t very erotic and creative.

Little more than a string of unimaginative boring sex scenes, we thought the Emmanuelle sequels were neither credible nor erotic. We wanted to recapture the adventuress spirit and experimentation in sexuality of the original. That’s why Emmanuelle, in our film, travels to back in time to 1993 Washington D.C. to tutor President Clinton on healthy human sexuality. “Cigars, lies, Arkansas State Troopers, and sexual assaults aren’t healthy or natural Emmanuelle tells him.” Happy with the films success, we were satisfied that no one advised audiences to save their money and rent the original Emmanuelle.

After we finished watching our Emmanuelle movie, Jamie turned towards me. Then she inquisitively asked, “Steve does anybody know that it’s you in video with Shania Twain? Britney told me that you helped to make the movie. I didn’t know you were in it.”

“Why do think I was in the movie?” I asked, wondering how she knew.

“O come on Steve, me of all people should recognize your cock! It’s my personal sex toy.”

“There’s a long story about why I didn’t want to be recognized.” I paused, still hoping I wouldn’t have to explain, but Jamie, showing a hard questioning expression, waited silently for me to continue. “You remember what a big stinker the movie ‘Crossroads’ was?”

“Yea, that movie really sucked,” Jamie answered, as I nodded my head in agreement.

“So,” I continued. “Britney decided to work behind the camera in her next movie. Well, it was quite a coo for your sister to get Shania to star in, ‘Emmanuelle Does the White Office.’ Especially since it was the first movie that we produced and directed. Britney even made Hitchcock like cameos in a lesbian encounter with Shania and several orgy scenes. The sex scenes were complete with a few bars from her song, Oops I did…licked…sucked…it again.” The wording of her song depending upon the sex of her partners she had sex with.

“Yes, ok, enough with the history lesion,” Jamie exclaimed. “But you still haven’t answered why you weren’t given credit for being in a move that grossed over 400 million dollars?”

“Well, lets just say that I had my reasons and please leave it at that, ok?”

“O, come on sweetie,” Jamie said. Mounting me, her pussy muscles clamping around my cock as she started riding me deep and slow. “If you tell me, I’ll get some of my girl friends to join us. Please!”

“Ok, since you’re…asking me so nicely, I’ll tell you. But you got to promise not to tell anyone?” As I talked, I wrapped my hands around her ass to help her gyrate upon my shaft. After kissing her tits, I continued, “The reason why I’m not listed in the movies credits is because someone else in the video who shouldn’t have been in it. Because of legal reasons our faces had to edited out.”

“But,” in misbelieve Jamie responded, “Shania getting her face covered with your chum and then you fucking her brains out was the high point of the movie. Why in the world would you be cut out?”

I knew I couldn’t avoid answering any longer. With hesitation in my voice, I began again, “I hadn’t even planned on being in the scene. I had been showing Mackenzie Rosman (Seventh Heaven) around the studio, while her mom, and Britney discussed a movie deal. You know how pretty and sweet she is.

While I escorted her around, we talked about her career. Mackenzie told me she really liked working on Seventh Heaven, but I could tell something was bothering her. Afraid that she was worried about doing a movie with Britney, I took her for a little hot tubing to chat her up. She had to wear one of Britney’s bikinis. It was way too big and I liked how it hung loosely from her petit young sexy body. I could see quite a lot of her breasts and firm ass.

You know, I’ve always thought young well-formed girls as short of like a two-third scale model of a grown woman. In an innocent and sensual way she was very sexy. Not liking to wear anything when I go hot tubing, I asked her, “Do you mind if I skip my bathing suit?”

“Sure,” she said wide-eyed. Sitting down to watch me undress, Mackenzie gave me a big bright smile. “No sense, you going in side then?”

Standing in front of her, first I removed my shoulder holster and pistol. Then I began to take off my clothes slow and sexy, almost like I was doing a strip tease. Mackenzie surprised me and got into it, pulling off my belt and unzipping my pants! Her smiling face glowed in misbelieve when she pulled down my boxers and got a good look at me.

“Steve, you got such a big…. gun!” Mackenzie made a ‘Hummm’ sound as she let my boxers fall to the floor and I kick them away.

I gave her a little crocked smile as I stood buck naked in front of her. Mackenzie rolled her eyes as she reached out and touched my cock, slowly running her index finger along it. Then sitting down in the hot water, she gave me another bright smile and motioned with her finger for me to join her.

Mackenzie’s mouth dropped open when I brushed my cock across her tits as I sat down next to her. I made sure that my one eyed monster was visible, pocking above the hot clear water. Mackenzie eyes kept looking at it as we talked. It turned out that the new movie wasn’t bothering her at all, Mackenzie’s boy friend that was driving her crazy! Putting an arm around me, she told me, “I know he likes me, but he is such a big a tease! He doesn’t want to have sex!”

I hadn’t expected “Little Ruthie” from Seventh Heaven to be worried about such a thing. But close up, I could real notice her nice curvy ass, legs, and pretty face. As she smiled again, I thought about how her lips look like they were made for pleasuring. So, it didn’t surprise me that my cock stood up like a totem pole next to her. Understanding that she was hurting and confused, to help her feel better, I told her, “O Mackenzie, don’t worry. He’s still a boy. You’ll find out that things are better with older men.” I then put my arms around the little actress, fondling her nice round ass, as I gave her a little kiss.

“Hummm – that feels nice!” Mackenzie told me. Her own hands went to my body, playing with my pubic hair and tickling my balls. We continued kissing as she ran her hand up along my cock. As our lips parted, she exclaimed, while slowly stroked me, “Damn – Steve you must be a foot long?” My eyes already having been drawn to her small perky breasts and pointed nipples, I opened up her top and fondled them.

I smiled when she told me next, “I bet you could drive nails with that thing.”

It felt so good to have her pleasuring me, as I said, “Actually…Hummm,” I moaned as her hands excited me, “I’m about ten…Hummm…ten inches.” Mackenzie actions felt wonderful but I told her, “But we can’t do this. You’re only twelve years old.” While I hoped to have a little four-play and to make out with Mackenzie, I hadn’t expected sex.

“We can’t do what?” Mackenzie asked. Then after kissing me and gripping my cock with both her hands, she whimsically said, “O shut up Steve.”

“Oh God, don’t.”

“Don’t what.” She whispered, her tone growing soft and sexy.

“That.” I replied, my own voice conveying fear, as her mouth drew close to my waist!

“Okay how about this.” Mackenzie knelt down. Licking my shaft from my tip to my balls, I moaned and almost doubled over with pleasure.

“Don’t you want me to…” she paused to lick her lips, “suck you’re cock?”

Unable to resist any more, I looked into her eyes, and said, “So what are your wait for?” The little girl was good! I searched for something to hold on to.

Mackenzie nodded to show she understood. Bending her body a little more, she put her lips on my cock. At first she was shy and just brushed my tip with her lips. Then little by little she opened her mouth and let more in. I felt the wetness of her saliva and the smooth sweetness of her lips dancing around my cock as her mouth slowly ran down about half the length of my shaft.

The wonderful feeling of being in the sexy little starlet’s mouth made me moan with pleasure. I was just barely able to shake himself out of my reverie and said, “That’s good, Mackenzie. Hummm, you’re doing a great job.” Without taking my cock out of her mouth, she tried to speak. I felt the vibrations of her voice on my shaft.

“What did you say, Mackenzie? I couldn’t understand you?”

She laughed, pulled back, and looked up at me, “Thanks! I love sucking her cock! Is there anything else I should be doing?”

Enjoying her fine cock sucking, her question almost made me lose control. “Well,” to educate the sexy little starlet, I told her, “move your mouth and hands up and down together. Be sure to use your tongue, and, also, please play with my balls.”

She thought for a second and then said, “You mean like this?” Her left hand grabbed the base of my massive cock and pushed her mouth down almost entirely over it. As her lips tightened, I could feel her delicious tongue against the side of my big cock. Slowly but deliberately she began to pump up and down with her mouth, her hand firmly grasping my shaft, rising and falling in tandem with her mouth. I almost couldn’t hold myself back as I felt her taking control. I could tell she was enjoying it too. Moaning with orgasmic pleasure, Mackenzie had to pull off to catch her breath.

I knew she was very young, but damn I couldn’t resist. Picking her up, I brought my mouth to her breasts and gave them both an open mouth kisses, paying special attention to her nipples. Enjoying what I was doing, she arched her back and pulled my head into her chest. To heighten her pleasure, I ran a finger along and then inside of her hot wet pussy. She moaned gently and moved in response to my every touch, as I proceeded to consume her body in voracious passion. Responding to my passion she shouted out in orgasm fury! “O Fuck – WOOOO FUUCCCKKKK!”

Next, parting her lips, giving her tongue, we shared a long passionate French kiss. While exploring each other’s mouth, I continued to caress her skin, stroking her from toe to head. I set her on a couch and removed her bikini. I could now really smell the unmistakable musty aroma of a young girls excited pussy.

Responding to my touch, her nipples felt hard and stood at attention as I passed over them again. Taking her luscious globes in my hands, I kneaded the firm soft flesh of her small breasts. Then as I sucked on them, my hands continued to travel downward, teasingly brushing her pussies’ lips. Soon my fingers caused Mackenzie’s hips to jerk passionately around. In a few minutes I stopped my teasing and began to massage in earnest.

I stayed on the outside, squeezing her outer lips, putting indirect pressure on her clit. Mackenzie had been sitting in my lap when this first started, but having turned around, her pussy was right in his face. So pulling her into a 69 position, I wrapped both my hands around her nice little ass and gently opened her legs. Moaning softly, she wrapped her legs around my head. Cautiously my fingers parted the smooth lips of her slit. When I slipped my index finger inside her, she moaned softly. She continued sucking my cock, as I started sliding my finger in and out of her hot pussy. Running my mouth cautiously over her tight wet pussy, my tongue then parted her smooth labia. Slipping my tongue inside her, she pressed her hands down on my head. It was obvious she was enjoying this. Her juices ran covered my face and ran down my fingers. I continued to massage and squeezed her thinner her outer lips, until at last they lay open to reveal the delicate petals of her pink inner lips and lovely dome symmetry of her virgin clit. She was now ready for me to changing tactics.

So, with my nose and eyes directly above Mackenzie’s warm wet pussy. I drank in the sight and smelled of her sweet juices. I promised myself at that moment, I was going to give this baby the most loving and fulfilling sexual experience that I could possibly provide. I went to the source of her wetness and spread my tongue over her entire slit. She was so small. I knew I real needed to get her clit well lubricated. Kissing her mound and her clit, from the top to the bottom, I lick out her juicy slit. Taking her clit in my mouth, I gently sucked and rubbed it with my tongue. Pressing herself hard against my mouth, she moaned, “Oh, Steven, my big stud, that feels sooooo gooooddd,” while

As I continued to suck her clit, I slipped two fingers across her hymen and into her wet hole, watching the angle so as not to cause pain. Joining in rhythm with my mouth and tongue I stroked the walls of her pussy with my fingers.

“I really like that,” she said exclaimed, her legs wrapping tighter around my head.

I began searching for her special spot. I knew that when I found it, it would bring her pleasure greater than anything she had ever known. Patiently and methodically I stroked and pressed until….

“OH!” she gasped, “that’s sooooo fucken good!”

Continuing to service her clit with my tongue, I pressed on to take her over the top. Like the movement of an ocean wave, her hips began matching the rhythmic motion of my hands and tongue. As the walls of her vagina tightened, gripping my tongue like a cylindrical vise, passion radiated from her hips to the panted gasps of her breath. Then suddenly, Mackenzie grabbed hold of me with whitened knuckles, arched her back, and called out, “STEVEN! OHHH! STEVE!” As she yelled, I smiled with pride. This hot little girl had just had her first major orgasm and I was the one who gave it to her. My face was covered with her love juices as I feasted on her succulent young pussy. I knew what to do next.

Letting her rest until her breathing had returned to normal, I gently began to work on her again. Parting legs, I put my mouth between them. Stretching my tongue to taste her sweet juices, I penetrated her with the tip. I heard a soft moan as I began to press my tongue through her hot wet lips, teasing her erect clit as I went. With Mackenzie, still sucking my cock, I ate her out until, suddenly, my throbbing cock erupted in explosive waves that covered her face and filled her mouth with my steamy white chum. This time it didn’t take as long for her to response. In just a few moments she was screaming, “Oh my God, it’s going to happen again!”

Three more times I brought her to climax, finally, when she had all she could take, she rolled on to her side to rest. I gave time to catch her breath as she laid there for a few minutes. Then when she had recovered, I rolled her over and opened up her legs. Mackenzie’s sweet little hot pussy seemed to being calling to me to fuck her.


“Oh Fuck, God, you’re a doll!” I groaned.

“O please, fuck me…Steve. I want your big cock in my little virgin pussy!”

Mackenzie grabbed my ass with both her arms pulled me towards her, as I brought my tip to her little snatch and pressed it to her hot vertical smile. She purred, moaned, and became wetter as my cock explored the entrance of her pussy. Then I very gently worked the tip of my prick into Mackenzie’s warm moist velvety canal. As her cunt lips parted, the young girls pussy enveloped my cock’s head. Soon, I could feel the tip of my cock putting pressure against her hymen as her hot lips tightly clamped around the entire tip of my pulsing manhood.

My cock felt ready to explode as her incredibly tight lips clenched the end of my thick shaft. She then clamped a hand around my dick and, with all her strength, pulled it into her fragile maidenhood. Her virginity broke, as her pussy seemed to suck up most of my length. Buried inside of this innocent young girl, I was only able to rock back and forth. The only the slightest movement of my cock sent incredible sensations through my hard raging cock. The friction was incredibly intense from the walls of her tight soft wet virgin pussy. I couldn’t describe the sensation and the feeling as I tried to push all my ten inches into her. Her pussy responded every softly but firmly, pushing back. I then started to work my cock slowly in and out of her. Still holding my cock, she squeezed and pulled on it as I humped her faster and harder until I couldn’t hold my load any more. Like the breaking of a storm, wave after wave of my sperm blasted into her glove tightness as her little body spasmed around my cock in violent passion. Already filled with my cock, chum flowed out her. Still hard, but now better lubricated, I began to hump her faster and harder until she joined my orgasmic frenzy. When I finished, I ate Mackenzie’s pussy out as she continued pumping my balls and shaft with her little hands and sweet lips. She did a very good job of licking my cock clean and swallowing! But it was just then that there was a knock on the door. Believe it or not, the actor who was to play a Secret Service agent couldn’t get it up, I mean perform. Needed to fill in as a stunt cock, I had to go right now, because every minute of filming wasted cost money.

Jamie had been listening quietly to my story, but now she interjected. “O you dirty old man. You fucked little Ruthie from Seventh Heaven!” Giggling, she swallowed up my cock as I continued the story.

“Well, Mackenzie wanted to meet Shania and came along to watch. We got to the sound stage just as Shania and Bill Clinton were acting out a scene in which she bitch slaps him after he tries to fuck her with a cigar. According to the script, after knocking the President to the floor, she has sex with all the ‘real men’ in the room, the Secret Service agents. It was funny to watch how the real Secret Service agents laughed uncontrollably at the way Shania treated him. It was pretty cool. The agents didn’t strike me as being ready to take a bullet for him! We’d planned on using an actor to play the part of President Clinton, it was a big surprised that Bill and Chelsea Clinton agreed to portray them-selves in the movie. But as president, he’d fucked over America for eight-years, so I guess it wasn’t that big deal him to do it in front of the camera.

“Besides,” he’d told me, “I need the money to finish building my huge Presidential library in Little Rock. The Damn Chinese haven’t paid up on all the bribe money they promised me when I was in office.”

Once I was dressed and ready to go, they started the scene again. It began with me ushering Monica Lewinsky into the Oval office. I was dressed in a dark black suit, with an ocean blue tie, dark sunglasses, and a radio receiver in my ear. Behind the big desk was President Bill Clinton. Looking Monica over, he smiles a toothy grim, then gives me a “thumbs up,” instead the customary salute.

Behind the camera watching the scene, Mackenzie smiled encouragement to me.

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