It’s A Living Chapter 10



Emmanuelle Part II

The Oral office: Take Two

Starring: Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Chelsea Clinton, Mackenzie Rosman, Monica Lewinsky, and Shania Twain.

Story Codes: Celebs, MF, MFF, pedo, Mf, Mff, oral, tease, exh, rom

“Welcome to my Oral Office.” President Bill Clinton told Monica standing before him.

With his daughter, Chelsea, kneeling naked in front of him, the President motioned for Monica to join them. Her face and hair already splattered with her fathers chum,

Chelsea is unable to tear her eyes from Monica’s bouncing
boobs. Now two new agents appear, who undressed Monica. Joyfully, Chelsea helps them to dress Monica in white kneepads, black knee high lacy top hose, and black leather boots. Once ready, Monica knees down in front of Bill Clinton.

As her hands reach out to Clinton’s small penis, hanging out where his daughter earlier left it, the former President leaned back in his chair. Closing his eyes, he waits on the young woman do what he enjoys so much. After smiling at the camera, Monica’s full lips enveloped his little penis. Her raven hair, cut in a short crop, bounces as she moved her head up and down slowly, her tongue swirling over his three inch cock that’s rapidly becoming hard again. But only after a few seconds, his body jerking in spasms, he erupted his chum into her mouth.

Once finished, Clinton then picks up her Monica’s dress and whips himself off. The eye of the camera switches to Monica, showing chum dripping from her mouth and onto her large full tits. Chelsea re-entering the scene, licks off Monica’s tits, obviously liking his taste.

“O, shit Daddy,” Chelsea exclaims. “Chum is impossible to get out. Damn it, you’ve got stop messing up our dresses!”

“That’s too damn bad you bitches,” The chief executive of the United States proclaims. “I’m too busy fucking…. I mean being President to worry your clothes.” When finished, he got a big cigar from his desk. Then opening Monica’s legs, he inserts it into her pussy.

“Goodness!” she grasped. “You can’t want me to do this! I can’t! What do you think I am?”

“I’m the President, I can do anything I want.” He slaps her across her face. “So shut up and fuck my fat cigar! I just hope Hillary doesn’t’ get jealous. My fucken wife wants you only for herself!”

After kissing both her father and Monica, Chelsea then climbs onto his desk. Straddling Monica, she shoves her crotch onto her face. Then says, “Why don’t you lick me out while Dad fucks your big hairy cunt.” Excited, Monica tongues Chelsea’s short blonde curls.

Still following the script, after watching Chelsea’s wet cunt being licked out, Bill places a cigar at the entrance of his daughter’s cunt. While still working a cigar in Monica, he slips it inside of his daughter.

“Oooooooohhh” Chelsea moans as it enters her. Sliding two of his fingers into her, he keeps inserted it until the cigar falls apart. After throwing it away, he uses a judge’s gavel instead.

“I didn’t have to worry,” he exclaims to the camera, “about her virginity anymore. My friend Fidel Castor broke her hymen using a fine Cuban cigar back when I governor.” As he continues, both girls, moan, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,” Next, Chelsea’s climbed into his lap.

Placing her pussy right over his cock, Chelsea pressed down. With their bodies enter-twining in the big office chair, she rose up and down with great force. At the height of their passion, their tongues dancing, Bill could taste Monica’s juices in Chelsea’s mouth. Soon, he felt Chelsea’s pussy tighten as ass her slammed against his bucking pelvis. Directed to have his own orgasm, he heard her scream, “Oh Daddy, Yes Daddy, Fuck me Daddy” Shaking as she came with a bang, she saw stars as her father kept slamming into her. As this is going on, Monica slams her tongue inside of the younger girls ass whole. More screams followed.

“I’m sure glad the Oral office is sound proof!” Bill exclaims.

We all smiled, watching from behind the camera. Mr. Clinton had surprised us. In the script, he wasn’t supposed to say anything here. We were impressed with his ability to adlib his lies, I mean his lines.

Still following the script, Chelsea arches with ecstasy as Bill’s hot sperm spurted all over her body and onto the table next him. We had to do this chum shot using special effects. He may be many things, but in rehearsal we found out that Bill Clinton isn’t much of a lover. This is the cue for some one else to enter the scene. So, just then the camera view expanded to discover Shania Twain, as ‘Emmanuelle,’ standing naked above them. The room lights then went out besides for a single spot, which illuminated the four of them.

Picking up another cigar, Bill smiles in anticipation. But instead, he is surprised when Emmanuelle violently ‘bitch slaps’ him to the floor. This the moment for me to go into action! Ignoring the laughter coming from the film crew and the security agents, on cue, I step into the light besides her.

“Now Mr.… President watch,” Shania said lustfully, “and see how a real man pleasures a women!” Shania now kneels in front of me, pulls down my pants and swallows up my cock!

Looking down, I pucker my lips, then smiled. With ‘Emmanuelle’ giving me a wonderful blowjob, I had time to remember how I’d met Shania Twain earlier at the cast party. She came up to me rather than waiting to be introduced.

“Hi, I’m Shania,” she said seductively, her beautiful brown eyes stared into my blue ones. Then she hugged me, her hands squeezing both my butt checks. Smiling, she adds, “You’ve got a nice ass!”

“Thanks, I’m Steve,” was all I could say. Her long brown hair accentuates her gorgeous face perfectly. While I’m actually not a big fan of her music, her beautiful looks and her absolutely fantastic body really turn me on. I couldn’t believe that she was flirting with me! Her killer figure was mind-blowing, especially when she wore tight outfits that showed off her beautiful curvaceous body in a way that no one else did in country music video.

“I know who you are,” she answered. “I heard how you rescued Britney from the terrorists. You must be quite a guy.”

While she is of average height, Shania has a very nice set of big tits, an ass to die for, and a great pair of perfectly tanned athletic legs. Whether vamping in a tight leopard-skin outfit or cavorting in an elegant evening gown, Shania radiates sexuality. After dancing for a while, we went for a Moon light walk along the lake. As we talked, I realized that the private Shania was a lot smaller than her video persona.

Since the invention of film, there have been a few women who’ve held a special charm for the camera. Clara Blow, the queen of the silent movies, was the original “it” girl, and every one was aware of “it.” Shania too has an almost magical power over the most powerful sexual organ of all…the brain. ‘It’ pours from her very pours. But Shania’s not the girl next-door type. She’s more like the girl behind the door next to the door with the tiger behind it!

“Most guys look lustfully at me like I’m a Frederick’s underwear model,” she’d told me, “but that’s the ‘stage Shania. At home I love to cook, play with my dogs and kick around in sweats. I like being sexy, but life isn’t a music video you know.” As I listening to her, I thought that I would like to get to know Shania very, very well.

“But you seemed to love singing and making videos,” I responded. “You’re a real artist. Besides,” getting bold, “you’re a very beautiful women!” Getting even bolder, I put my arm around her and gave her a kiss on her hot red mouth. To my everlasting joy, she kissed back!

“That’s nice,” she said smiling. “So,” her hand grasp the bulge in my pants, “would you like to fuck?”

I took her then and there on the beach. It was amazing. She was even hotter that I had ever imagined. She really loved my big cock, as I did her in a multitude of sexual positions in a love fest that lasted most of the night. I could tell that we truly had found our Emmanuelle!

Now, in the guise of a Secret Service agent, I was standing in front of her beautiful naked body again. As the director yelled action, she took hold of my cock and slipped it between her lips. I leaned over and pressed my hips against her, thrusting my cock into her mouth. A true professional cocksucker, I heard her moan, as she ran her red lips up and down my shaft from my tip to my balls. My bliss continued only about five minutes, until, unable to contain myself any longer, I shot my load into Shania’s mouth. As I pulled out, a strand of chum dripped off her chin. Her tongue ran along her lips and then she looked up smiling at me. Next, she turned to face to Chelsea and motioned her over. Chelsea’s face seemed to light up as chum was smeared all over their faces.

With Shania and Chelsea both busy kissing, I fell to my knees, spread Shania’s legs, and position my stiff shaft at her soaked pussy. Then holding her legs up by the ankles, I began to shove my cock in and out of her pussy. Chelsea, with one hand busy fingering her own slit, leaned over and sucked on Shania’s tits, teasing the pointy nipples with her teeth. I could hear Shania’s pussy squishing, as she shouted, “Here I chums again!”

After her juices erupted again, covering my cock and pelvis, I pulled out. A second squirt followed, smaller, but still enough to make a sweet mess for the camera. Then I quickly pushed my cock back between her pussy lips, Shania moaned loudly as I hammered away, shoving my cock in deep, then even deeper.

Reaching down, Shania next started rubbing her clit with her palm as she used the fingers of her other hand to rub the shaft of my cock each time it pulled up. Then reaching around behind me, I gripped her ankles, and lifting her legs up and draped them over my shoulders. She smiled up at me as I hammered into her repeatedly, rocking her below me. A few minutes later, I could feel my charge being lit again.

“I’m goanna cum,” I gasped. Shania was now laying her head across Chelsea’s stomach. She was fingering the base of my shaft and balls with one hand, rubbing one of her tits with the other, while Chelsea sucked the other one. Feeling my charge about to go off, I pulled out of Shania’s pussy and she stroked me to climax. My cock throbbed as I started firing loads of hot chum onto Shania and Chelsea’s faces. I coated them, as gobs smacked against their foreheads and into their hair!

Now following the script, I then turned to Chelsea, grabbing her by one ankle and pulled her toward me. I wasted no time sliding my cock in her tight hole and started fucking. Wrapped her legs around my waist, Chelsea gripping me by the shoulders, as I slammed my pelvis into her. Shania leaned over now and began kissing and sucking Chelsea’s tits, while one of her hands reached between my legs and played with my balls. The fucking action was design to go on for quite a while, but unfortunately, it turned out I wasn’t up to it.

We all knew the scene hadn’t gotten to its end yet. It was planned for Shania to mount me and ride me to an orgasmic finish, her big tits bouncing for the camera. But after all the fucking I’d done with Shania, Chelsea, and especially Mackenzie, I just couldn’t get it up again. Being real troopers, Shania and Chelsea kept trying to jack and suck my softening cock hard. But the two chum-covered babes didn’t have any luck.

To help out, Shania adlib a line, “Your playing rough, my hot agent man?” Then she asked in a sultry voice, “I Emmanuelle, the sexy goddess, demand you to fuck me again!” But this didn’t help either. I could tell that the director was getting pretty upset with me. But just when it seemed like he was about to get someone else, Mackenzie came to my rescue.

She’d been watching and we had exchanged smiles each I had an orgasm. Mackenzie now walked over and knelt in front of me. Looking up at me with a sexy smile, she pulled up her shirt and rubbed her tits across my all fucked out cock. Then she brought her mouth down and swallowed up my still shrunken cock. I hadn’t forgotten how we had really gotten into each other earlier. Soon, her tongue pushing my cock around in her hot little mouth started getting me excited. Mackenzie was really drawing hard upon my crown, like how a baby would suck a nipple. At the same time, her hands worked my balls and my shaft into her mouth. It felt wonderful.

Running her lips up and down the length of my shaft, Jamie’s efforts paid off and my cock soon shot back out to its full length. No longer able to fit my whole cock inside of her mouth, Mackenzie could now only take the front third of my cock in past her passionate lips. I was glad they got all of this on tape! Even if they couldn’t use it, this was real hot stuff.

I really regretted it, but before I chummed again, I had to pull out of her mouth. Switching back, Shania mounted me. She wasn’t as tight as Mackenzie sweet pussy, but she felt nice, and we finished the scene as planned.

So, Jamie now you know. With a little help from Mackenzie, I was able to finish the scene. Later, when her mom and Britney showed up, we all went back to the hot tub for a sexual improvising of our own. I got it all on video. If you want, we can watch it after Emmanuelle is over.”

“That sounds nice, but – O Steven,” Jamie said, regained her voice after licking my chum off her lips. “I am sorry about the movie. You could have been rich.”

“Thanks, that’s ok. Anyway I already am.”

“So what movie do you want to watch next?” Jamie asked.

“How about Britney does Dallas?” I suggested.

“I don’t like football movies.”

After I laughed at her joke, I added, “Don’t worry, while there’s a lot of scoring, there isn’t much football in the movie.”

“Ok. That sounds good with me,” Jamie responded smiling. During the movie, we did a lot of scoring of our own.

To be continued ????

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