JOA: Damon’s Chronicles – Chapter 12: Mia Kirshner

This story is a spin off of the successful and wildly popular “Journal of an Agent” by Carnage Jackson. At the end of Carnage’s story, the main character, Dean Simonds, faces a major dilemma, where he has to choose between staying in Hollywood with Alyssa Milano, or heading back east with Natalie Portman. Please note that this might not necessarily have been the ending Carnage had in mind, but is my own interpretation.

I hope you all like this series, and all feedback is welcome at I would like to thank Carnage Jackson for not only letting me use his characters and set-up, but for his constructive
suggestions and criticism. Thanks again to KMB, who as usual was able to offer a lot of insight on how to improve this work.

If you are under 18, please refrain from reading this. To the rest of you, note that this story is completely fictional, and all similarities to real life people and occurrences are strictly coincidental.


‘Baby, when are you going to finish there and come join me? I’m lonely.’

‘Just a second, honey.’

I watched Rosario walk out of my study, jokingly swaying her hips in a provocative manner as though to taunt me. I smiled, remarking to myself how much I genuinely cared for her. Perhaps it was time to take the next step; we had definitely been through a lot over the past few months, and had emerged stronger than ever. I’d actually almost lost her, but thankfully, it was an episode we could look back on as water under the bridge.

When I spotted her lying helpless and near-unconscious on my bathroom floor that helpless morning, for a few dreadful moments, I feared the worst. It had been such a relief to find that she was not in too much danger, although it was a great thing that I had not delayed my return home by another few hours. Right there and then, as I held her in my arms, tears streaming down my face, I realized how much I loved her indeed.

The agony I felt as I held on to her as I waited for the ambulance to arrive wasn’t so much guilt that it was my fault that she had taken the pills in the first place, or anger at her for recklessly endangering her life. Sure, those feelings were there too, but all that was on my mind was how much I wanted her to be OK, hoping everything turned out OK because I did not want to lose her.

Thankfully, she recovered fully after about a week in the hospital, and we were able to get our relationship back into gear. Amid the publicity blitz she had to embark on for her new movie ‘Alexander’ as soon as she got out, we made time to work on our relationship. We took a weekend off, attended a few sessions of couples’ therapy, and generally took a lot of time to listen to whatever each of us had to say.

‘Come on, you’re taking forever,’ Rosario said, interrupting my thoughts as she stuck her head through the door again.

‘Just a second,’ I answered, ‘I don’t want to interrupt my flow.’

‘Why the hell are you working on a script anyway?’ she asked me. ‘I didn’t know you wanted to be a screenwriter.’

‘I’m not going to be an agent forever, you know.’

‘You’re not?’ she asked.

‘Of course not,’ I laughed, ‘anyway, I told you, it’s just for fun. It’s not like I’m planning anything with it.’

‘Anyway, when you’re done, I’m waiting,’ she said as she winked and exited the room.

For years, at least until I found myself becoming an agent, I’d actually dreamt of becoming a major Hollywood director. And now, despite finding myself quite high up and sometimes, despite the fact that I find myself quite high up in the Hollywood hierarchy, I find myself reliving the dream. Over the years, I’d written about 5 different scripts of varying quality. A year ago, I’d secretly managed to get one of them – an urban office romantic comedy which I wrote in my final year of business school – commissioned by a fairly large studio under a false alias. Although it was still stuck in pre development and probably would never see the light of day, it felt extremely satisfying.

Back in college, I started on a semi-autobiographical script which I never quite finished, and every few years, I find myself going back to update it. Perhaps someday, I just might find that particular dream coming to fruition.

‘Alright, I’m coming,’ I grunted as I turned off the computer. The prospect of spending time with Rosario just seemed more appealing to me at that point. Besides, that was the reason why I had taken time off work.

‘So what do you want to do today?’ I asked her as I joined her in the living room

‘It’s my turn to whoop your butt,’ she said as she picked up the PlayStation 2 controller that lay on the floor.

‘Oh, not again,’ I laughed, ‘aren’t you tired of being disgraced by me every time we play?’

‘Not this time, sucker,’ she laughed.

‘Alright, but at least we play Madden NFL, right?’ I insisted.

‘Tekken 4,’ she argued.

‘Cos’ you know that’s the only game you stand a chance of beating me,’ I complained. ‘Anyway, whatever you wanna play, honey.’

Twenty minutes and seven fights later, Rosario ahead with four wins to my three, I decided I’d had enough.

‘OK,’ I said, putting the controller down, ‘this game sucks fat balls.’

‘Do you agree I’m the boss, and you’re a loser,’ she teased.

‘Whatever,’ I mumbled, remarking inwardly to myself how cute she was.

‘So what do you want to do now?’ she asked.

‘Why don’t we go out?’ I suggested, ‘Let’s do something we wouldn’t normally do on a weekday, something out of the ordinary, like say, catch a matinee.’

‘You are the prototype,’ she sang.

‘Ha ha, very funny,’ I cringed at the joke which referenced the Outkast song, ‘good one though.’

‘So what do you want to see?’ she asked, and upon noticing the look on my face, quickly added, ‘not Alexander again.’

‘Come on, baby,’ I mumbled, ‘why can’t we see Alexander?’

‘Jeez,’ she cried, ‘you’ve seen it so many times. You saw advanced previews, were at three premieres with me, and we went to see it on opening night.’

‘But I want to see Alexander,’ I mockingly whined, sounding like a baby.

‘Baby, I know you just wanna see my tits,’ she laughed, as she opened up the bathrobe she had on so I could see her bare chest, ‘here they are.’

‘But it’s different on the big screen,’ I explained, ‘it’s like ten times its usual size up there. Besides, I know all the dudes and even chicks there is looking at them admiring them, and I like looking around at everyone and thinking ‘Yeah, I’m the nigga that’s hitting that.”

‘You’re so crazy,’ she laughed as she covered up.

‘So what do you really wanna do then?’ I asked.

‘I just wanna stay here with you,’ she said as she moved closer on the couch, snuggling against me, ‘and just relax, spend a whole day with you.’

‘I hear that,’ I said, kissing her on the forehead, ‘wanna see what’s on TV?’

I grabbed the remote and started flicking through. There was a few interesting looking shows on, but none we could reach a consensus on. I froze for a brief second when one of the movie channels we passed by was showing ‘Die another Day.’ Rosario catching me red-handed getting it on with actress Halle Berry, who was an ex of mine, had been responsible for her little OD, and even though we were past that, the subject of Halle was not one we were always keen to discuss.

I kept flicking until I stopped at TBS, where they were showing a rerun of an old classic episode of the Cosby Show.

‘Oh yeah,’ Rosie beamed, ‘let’s watch this.’

We watched in silence for a few minutes, the calm punctuated by our frequent laughter at the hijinks of the Huxtable family.

‘Hot damn,’ I exclaimed when Denise finally made an appearance.

‘What’s that?’ Rosario asked.

‘It’s nothing,’ I smiled, ‘I just used to have the biggest crush on Lisa Bonet.’

‘Denise, really?’ she asked.

‘Oh yeah,’ I answered, ‘me and my boy Rashid, I told you about him, we grew up together, we had the biggest thing for her. I thought I was gonna marry her.’

‘That’s interesting,’ she laughed, ‘I’ve met Lisa a few times, I could hook you two up.’

‘No thanks,’ I quickly answered. ‘Have you seen her lately?’

‘Oh come on, don’t say that,’ cajoled Rosario.

‘Sorry to be frank,’ I chuckled, ‘even though she’s my first love, I wouldn’t hit that today, thank you very much.’

‘Wait a minute, I thought you always said Janet was your first love,’ she asked.

‘Oh, I fell in love with Janet after Lisa,’ I explained, ‘but my crush on Janet lasted all through my childhood. My ass was grown before I got over that.’

‘You never got over it, you liar,’ she teased, ‘look at how nervous you got when you spotted her at P. Diddy’s bash last month.’

‘Come on, you don’t understand,’ I explained myself, ‘Janet is perfection; I spent my whole life being in love with this woman.’

‘Hey watch out,’ she warned, light-heartedly of course, ‘this is your girlfriend you are speaking to here, honey.’

‘I don’t care,’ I laughed. ‘I love you, baby, but if the opportunity came with Janet, damn, I wouldn’t be able to say no.’

‘Well, you got my permission then,’ she intoned.

‘You are the best,’ I gushed, ‘I hope you really mean that.’

‘Of course I do,’ she laughed, ‘as long as you let me join in.’

‘Whoa,’ I gasped, my eyes vividly popping out, ‘you would?’

‘Hell yeah I would,’ she cried, ‘Janet is fucking hot.’

‘Damn, now I’m gonna have such a hard time getting that image out of my head,’ I moaned.

‘What is it with you guys and the whole lesbian thing anyway?’ she asked.

‘Baby, you know better than to be asking that question,’ I answered, ‘it’s just one of those things, you know, water is wet, the Pope is catholic, lesbians are hot.’

‘You’re crazy?’ she chuckled.

‘So have you ever been with a girl before?’ I asked her, not for the first time.

‘What does it matter?’ she countered. ‘I don’t ask for any details about who you’ve been with.’

‘Why do you keep evading this question whenever I ask you?’ I complained.

‘It’s unnecessary,’ she said, ‘and it doesn’t matter.’

‘The answer has to be yes, then,’ I concluded, ‘or if it were not, you’d have put me straight ages ago.’

‘Well, maybe it is,’ she said, a smirk in her eye.

‘Damn,’ I cried, ‘you have got to spill all the fucking details.’

‘Yeah, in your dreams,’ she laughed.

‘Come on, Rosie, you can’t do this to me,’ I pleaded, ‘you can’t just drop that kind of hint and expect to leave it at that.

‘OK, I had my experiences,’ she relented, ‘I was pretty wild when I got to Hollywood, and many times, I got drunk and fooled around with some girls. Too many times to mention, actually.’

‘Go on,’ I urged.

‘There’s not that much to tell,’ she said, ‘I don’t wanna name names.’

‘Anyway, more importantly,’ I went on, ‘when are we gonna have that ménage a trois that you’ve been putting off for so long?’

‘But I’m not sure that I want to share you with anyone,’ she said, moving closer to me as she took my earlobes in her mouth and began to gently nibble on them.

‘Oh yeah, that feels so good, go on,’ I urged her.

‘Your ears are so cute,’ she said as she went on, her hot breath in my ear making me feel all warm and tingly inside, ‘they are so large, unlike my tiny ones.’

‘Come on, your ears are really cute, as is the rest of you,’ I said, moving in for a kiss.

She returned it eagerly, and I immediately peeled off her robe, exposing her large and round breasts, which the world had just admired in all their glory. I took one in my hand, still kissing her feverishly. I shivered as her hand caressed my face, and then reached down for my crotch. Her lips left mine, and she moved down to my neck, kissing me as she furiously undid my zip. It was frantic and fast-paced, but still very relaxed and leisurely.

‘Is that your phone?’ she asked as we heard the beep of my cell go.

‘I’ll ignore it,’ I said, not wanting to lose this moment we were sharing.

‘But it might be important,’ she said, still kissing my neck as she undid the buttons of my shirt.

‘They can always leave a message,’ I said, leaning my head back and enjoying her lips on my body.

I put the phone to the back of my mind as her lips made a trail down, while the button to my pants came off. It seemed I was about to get an increasingly rare blow job from her, and I did not want to miss that. Her hands made their way into my pants, and as I was going commando, there was no barrier to her reaching my penis. She grabbed on to it, and then squeezed, as she was fond of doing. Her lips were on my chest now, her tongue gently flicking around, and she clasped my dick and started to jerk me off really slowly.

I held on to her head, slowly pushing it down, enjoying the moment. The phone had gladly stopped ringing, and I let my mind wander on who it could be. It was a bit irresponsible of me, with all my commitments and interests, to ignore my phone, as there could have been a lot of people who needed to reach me at that moment. But who could blame me for not wanting an extra special moment with my girl pass?

Just as Rosario’s head reached my crotch, her mouth battle-ready to take my stiff manhood in, the phone began to ring again. I hoped it would go without fanfare, but I knew right there and then that it was but a pipe dream. Even if Rosario would ignore it, something kept telling me that it was a call that I wanted to take.

‘You’re gonna get that?’ she asked me.

‘Right, sure,’ I said resignedly, as I reached for the phone, hoping Rosario might want to blow me even when I was on the phone.

‘Oh shit,’ I cried when I saw who it was, all thoughts of reception of fellatio off my head. It was Maria’s gynecologist, and I cursed myself for the fact that I had almost ignored it as I answered.

‘Hello, Dr. Leroy,’ I greeted her, observing the downcast look on Rosario’s face, even if she was trying to avoid it.

Rosario had been a bit edgy over the past few months where the birth of my baby was concerned. Of course, she was happy for me, and supportive, but the fact that, a lot of the time, the coming baby was at the top of my priority list was a bit hard for her to take. I’d spent a large amount of time with Maria over the past few months – accompanying her to Lamaze classes, trips to the hospital, house-hunting with her for a new place she and the baby would live, as Andre had put their old house on the market.

Most likely, I was going to spend even more time away as soon as the child was born, and I hoped Rosario would be fine with it. I was so excited about the coming child, and had been a little bit cross with her at times because she did not share my excitement. I knew she’d come around eventually, though as I listened to what Maria’s OB-GYN had to say, I knew I was going to have to disappoint Rosario, as it meant our little time together was over.

‘Is everything OK?’ she asked me as I hung up the phone.

‘I’ve got to leave now, I need to see Maria.’

‘Is it really urgent?’ Her disappointment was apparent.

‘The doctor didn’t say, but she made it clear I needed to be there, I’m sorry baby.’

‘It’s alright,’ she said, ‘do what you’ve gotta do.’

‘Thanks Shorty,’ I said, kissing her before adjusting my clothes and racing my way out of the house.

‘So, you’re really going to become a dad in the next few days?’ Rosario asked.

‘I know, it’s incredible, I don’t believe it myself,’ I answered, twitching in pain as she undid a stubborn knot in my hair.

We were back in the living room, Rosario unloosening my braided hair as we watched television. She had made me grow an afro for the past few months, and a few days earlier, talked me into letting her braid it for me. I was initially against the idea, but I decided it would do no harm and it could very well be fun.

‘I don’t believe you’re taking out your corn rows so soon,’ she complained.

‘I was looking at myself in the rear view mirror on my way back,’ I said, ‘and I suddenly realized that I really was going to be a dad, so I had to look grown-up.’

‘Come on, a lot of dads have braided hair,’ she joked.

‘Yeah, when they are rappers.’ I answered light-heartedly, ‘Or ball players. I actually almost got kicked out of the meeting I was having yesterday because some of the board members over at Antamount Studios didn’t believe I was who I said I was.’

‘That’s their problem,’ she laughed, ‘I still think it suits you.’

‘Sorry I’m taking them off baby,’ I apologized, ‘I know you worked so hard on them, but I didn’t think the baby was going to come so soon. Damn, I just hope everything goes alright.’

‘I hope it’s not too serious,’ she inquired.

‘Well, they say it isn’t, just that there are a few complications so they have to induce labor two weeks early. They say everything should be fine, and the baby should be healthy.’

‘Hey, I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier,’ she apologized.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked her.

‘Well, I got a bit jealous when you had to go meet Maria, and I shouldn’t,’ she said, ‘I’m sorry baby.’

‘That’s alright,’ I answered, ‘although I do know a way you can repay me.’

‘What’s that?’ she asked, a bit curious.

‘Lesbian sex with any girl of your choice,’ I declared.

‘You’ve gone nuts,’ she laughed.

‘What’s so funny? I’m a hundred percent serious. Let me know who you want, and we’ll find a way to set it up.’

‘You can’t just set up a lesbian encounter like that,’ she chuckled.

‘Hell yeah, I can,’ I responded, ‘I have my ways. Now tell me, who does it for you?’

‘I’ll think about it and let you know,’ she replied, though I could tell she was joking.

‘I hope you do,’ I answered, ‘because I really want to see this go down.’

‘Speaking of lesbians,’ she suddenly said in a panic, ‘I think the L Word marathon is on now. I don’t believe I’m missing it.’

‘Is it that dyke show on Showtime?’ I joked, ‘Hell yeah, why don’t we watch that?’

‘You just want to see lesbians make out,’ she accused me as she changed channels.

‘And what’s wrong with that?

‘Shhh, keep quiet,’ she urged me, ‘I’m trying to watch something.’

She continued to absent-mindedly loosen my hair as she kept her eyes on the TV, occasionally pulling too hard, causing me to cry out in pain. I wasn’t paying too much attention – as soon as I saw that it wasn’t a 100% lesbian fest, my attention quickly turned, my mind drifting off.

I did know that it had gained a reputation for being a good show, and I did represent Pam Grier and Jennifer Beals, as well as a few of the writers, so I knew what it was about. I just never got around to following it. I could tell from what I could see that it was indeed a quality show, with seemingly strong dialogue and real characters.

‘When are they going to show lesbian action?’ I joked.

‘Shut up,’ she said, ‘Jenny is about to go to Marina’s house.’

‘Like I’m supposed to know who those are,’ I said sarcastically.

I had a copy of Sports Illustrated in front of me, and just when my attention was about to totally turn to the magazine, I suddenly noticed the appearance of Mia Kirshner on screen. There was just something arresting about her, this glow which emanated off her. It was a powerful mixture of vulnerability and sexiness which her character possessed, and I was indeed drawn. I found myself watching, wanting to know what was going to happen next. I could hear Rosario’s heavy breathing above me, so I could tell she was as enthralled as I was.

‘Wow, that was incredible,’ I eventually said, after Mia’s character stormed off after a kiss with the equally hot Karina Lombard. ‘She’s an awesome actress.’

‘And she’s so hot,’ chimed Rosario.

I immediately turned round, ‘What was that?’

‘I said she’s pretty,’ smiled Rosario.

‘So would you do her?’ I asked, already drooling at the possibility.

‘You can’t just ask me that,’ she sniggered.

‘I just did,’ I retorted, ‘come on, you said you found her hot.’

‘I’ve actually had a thing for her for a while now?’ admitted Rosario.

‘Really?’ I asked, completely certain the bulge in my eyes was visible.

‘Yeah,’ she said, ‘I met her a few times, at parties and auditions and stuff. There’s just this vibe she gives off, and I think she openly flirted with me a few times.’

‘So did you respond?’ I asked.

‘A little bit,’ I said, ‘I think I let her know I would be into it, but we just never got around the opportunity.’

‘So, you think she’s bi?’ I asked, ‘She seems to always be in one lesbian role or the other.’

‘Come on, a girl doesn’t have to be bi to be attracted to another girl,’ she explained, ‘well, I don’t classify myself as bisexual, but I do find girls attractive from time to time.’

‘Wow,’ I said, ‘I wish you had told me this earlier. I’d have tapped into it so long ago.’

‘So yeah, if the chance came with Mia, I’d probably do her,’ she answered.

‘Whoa,’ I exclaimed, my mind picturing them two together.

‘But we probably won’t ever get the chance anyway,’ she said.

‘Now don’t be so sure,’ I answered, my mind already spinning possibilities on how I could pair Mia Kirshner with my girlfriend.

‘Who’s the man?’ I boasted to Rosario over the phone the next day, ‘Just tell me I’m the man.’

‘What is it this time, Damon?’ she asked.

‘You are totally going to flip out when I tell you,’ I gloated.

‘Can this wait?’ she complained, ‘My audition is in 5 minutes.’

‘What are you doing tonight?’ I asked her.

‘You know what I’m doing,’ she said, ‘I already told you I’m meeting with a few of my girlfriends for drinks.’

‘Well, no longer you’re not,’ I said.

‘And why is that?’ she asked.

‘Guess who’s coming to dinner,’ I challenged her.

‘I don’t know,’ she answered, ‘Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy? Who’s coming to dinner, Damon?’

‘Oh, you got jokes, huh?’ I retorted, ‘seriously, guess who is joining us for dinner?’

‘I’d say Mia Kirshner,’ she answered, ‘but even you aren’t that full of shit.’

‘Well, too bad,’ I responded, ‘because you’d be right.’

‘Damon Michael Brill, are you fucking shitting me?’

‘Hey, what’s with using my full name,’ I complained, ‘and no, I am not fucking around, I told her we would be honored to have her for dinner, and that my girl was an excellent book. So I suggest you stop by the bookstore on your way home and pick up a cookbook, and maybe a copy of the Kama Sutra.’

‘Damn, Damon,’ she seemed alarmed, ”I thought we were joking yesterday.’

‘So did I,’ I admitted, ‘but you won’t believe what happened today.’

I had been at the Warner Bros. Studios, where I had to deal with a high profile client who was having trouble on the series where he was making a guest appearance. He had refused to come out of his trailer for his big scene because the producers had refused to fire an extra who wouldn’t sleep with him. Everyone had tried to reason with him, and eventually, they had called on his agent as a last resort.

So I reluctantly left work to come to the rescue. After about twenty minutes or so of stoking his ego the way only we agents know how to, he’d managed to come around. Apparently, the director of the show was screwing that extra as well, which was how his hands were tied. It was actually a complicated story, which I won’t get into in order not to embarrass the persons involved.

After leaving the set, I decided to find my way to one of the cafes on site to get a quick meal before heading back for the office. There was one nearby, and when I stepped in, I located Matt Leblanc and Drea de Matteo, who were sitting on a table having lunch. They invited me to join them, and in no time, I was nursing a cup of coffee and a ridiculously lean and tasteless sandwich while listening to their banter. At least things were going well on the set of ‘Joey’ even if the seriously declining ratings were a source of worry.

‘Hey,’ Matt suddenly said, pointing to a figure across a room, ‘get a load of that, Damon, if I were still single, I would have been all over that.’

Taking a look, I was stunned to see the recent object of mine, and apparently, my girlfriend’s affections. My eyes surely had to be deceiving me; shit like this didn’t happen in real life, it didn’t even happen in movies whose screenwriters were worth their salt. In any case, I found myself standing up to my feet – I would have to be an idiot to let an opportunity like this pass – there had to be a reason why she was there.

‘Hey Damon,’ Drea teased, ‘are you about to go after her now that Matt’s balls have been clipped off.’

‘Something actually came up,’ I lied, looking for a reason to excuse myself, ‘nice bumping into you guys, and good luck with the show.’

‘Hey Damon, we should get together sometime,’ said Drea, her tone very suggestive, ‘you know, have a good time and all.’

‘Um, I have a girlfriend, Drea,’ I explained.

‘So what, I’m also attached, it doesn’t matter, eh Matt?’ she countered.

‘I’ll give you a call, OK,’ I winked, as I took off. As hot as I found her, she wasn’t really my type. Still, who knew what could come up on a rainy day.

Mia was already on her way outside the cafeteria, and I had to walk double time to catch up with her. I wasn’t even sure what my strategy was going to be – I couldn’t just approach her and be like, ‘Hey Mia, I’m Damon, do you mid lezzing it up with my girlfriend tonight?’ Still, I found myself following her, right until she reached the elevator. I immediately sprinted, and just as the doors were about to close, I let myself in.

She was wearing a floral top and a long skirt, and did look rather alluring, a bit more ordinary than she did on TV, but definitely much prettier. Her eyes seemed so captivating, and I was trying my best not to stare. It was just the two of us in the elevator – I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I let the opportunity slide by.

‘Hi,’ I greeted her, hoping to get her attention.

‘Hi,’ she said, smiling weakly, undoubtedly wondering why a strange man in the elevator was greeting her. I was starting to hyperventilate, and felt really sweaty around my collar area. It was like third grade again.

‘So, ground floor?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, ground floor,’ she answered, smiling a bit wider this time around.

‘Mia Kirshner, right?’ I asked as I hit the ‘G’ button.

‘Yeah, that’s me,’ she answered.

‘I thought so,’ I said, ‘I’m a bit of a fan.’

‘Thanks,’ she answered.

We went quiet as the elevator began its rapid descent downwards. I began to panic – we would reach the end of our journey in about thirty seconds, and I was no closer to making any progress. It was not like, at that precise moment, I was thinking about how to lure her into bed with me and Rosario. I just thought it was beyond weird for me to bump into Mia Kirshner for the first time in my life just the day after my girlfriend expressed an interest in bedding her, and I found myself wanting to exhaust the possibility.

The elevator all of a sudden came to a crashing halt somewhere around the 7th or 8th floor, and while my initial inclination was that it had stopped for a new entrant, the lights in the cabin all of a sudden went out, leaving us in complete darkness. I froze for a second, wondering what on earth could be happening.

‘What the hell is going on?’ cried a frightened Mia Kirshner.

‘I have no idea,’ I answered, trying to make my way to the emergency button in the darkness.

‘I think the elevator might be out,’ she suggested.

This was getting ludicrous, I thought to myself. Someone somewhere obviously wanted mine and Rosario’s dreams to come true, because there was no other reason for fate to deal such an amazing hand in one day. Still, I could not help being worried that I was stuck in a lift, and at that moment, safety was paramount among my concerns.

‘Is anybody in there?’ a male voice came booming into the elevator, as a dim light came shining through, replacing the pitch black darkness we had found ourselves in.

‘Yes, there’s two of us in here,’ I shouted back at the deep voice, ‘what the fuck is going on?’

‘We’re sorry,’ the voice said, ‘there seems to be some technical difficulty. What are your names?’

‘Um, Mia Kirshner and Damon Brill,’ I answered, hoping that one or both of those names would ring a bell and make us high priority.

‘Oh,’ answered the man, in a tone that showed that our names definitely meant nothing to him, ‘you’re gonna have to wait.’

‘How long are we gonna be stuck for?’ Mia yelled.

‘I’d say about twenty minutes or so, before we can sort it back out,’ answered the man.

‘Oh great,’ I muttered to myself, although thinking underneath what a great opportunity this could be.

‘You’re Damon Brill?’ she suddenly asked me, ‘why does that name sound familiar?’

‘I’m an agent at Shooting Star talent agency,’ I replied, trying to make myself seem as unimportant as possible.

‘Oh yeah, that’s it,’ she said, ‘everybody around seems to be with you nowadays. I actually submitted my resume a while ago, but you turned me down.’

‘That’s damn near impossible,’ I interjected, knowing there was no way I’d have rejected such a hot commodity.

‘That was when I first came down to Hollywood from Canada,’ she explained, ‘I think Dean Simonds was in charge then, the older one.’

‘Oh, I see,’ I said, ‘so you’re from Canada. I hear it’s really nice up there.’

‘Yeah it is,’ she said, ‘I do miss it sometimes, I try to go back as much as possible.’

‘So who do you have representing you at the moment?’ I asked her.

‘I’m actually without an agent at the moment,’ she said, her eyes twinkling in the semi-darkness, ‘maybe it’s good luck that this happened.’

‘Yeah, it’s a sign,’ I said cheerfully, ‘so you wanna hook up?’

‘Are you coming on to me, Mr. Brill?’ she asked cheerfully.

‘Call me Damon,’ I responded, ‘and to answer your question, maybe I am, it depends on if you want me to be.’

‘I thought we were talking business here,’ she said.

‘No one ever said you couldn’t mix business with pleasure,’ I countered.

‘Are you always this unprofessional?’ she asked.

‘Maybe,’ I smiled, ‘but it always seems to work.’

‘Well, it might be working here,’ she said, ‘its just the two of us in here, and I don’t know if it’s that heat, or maybe its you, but I suddenly feel the urge to take off as much clothes as possible.’

‘Well, go ahead, I’m not complaining,’ I said, realizing for the first time how stuffy it felt in the suit I was wearing, but too desperate to put on a cool façade to take off my jacket.

She unbuttoned her top, and in the dim light, I could see a black bra covering what seemed to be impressive-sized breasts. I’d actually seen them bare just the night before on Showtime, which had shown about 5 episodes of the show in succession. Still, the proximity of the real thing felt extra special. While it was a good thing that she did seem interested in me, it made it seem less likely she would be interested in Rosie.

‘So, aren’t you going to join me,’ she purred seductively as she moved into me, just that her bra-covered breasts touched me, and moved right back.

‘Do you always try to seduce strange men in stuck elevators?’ I joked.

‘Hey, you came on to me first,’ she accused.

‘Well, you’re right,’ I answered, feeling more and more uncomfortable right there.

She could have been joking, but I had a feeling she wasn’t, and that I could have had her right there and then. But I wanted to follow the rules – I wasn’t so keen to cheat on Rosario, and as much as I wanted to bed Mia, I wanted me and Rosie to do it together.

‘So, are you turning me down?’ she asked me.

‘Of course not,’ I said, ‘what do I look like, stupid? As flattered as I am, I think we should get to know each other better before we do this.’

‘What do you mean?’ she asked, puzzled.

‘As much as I like to mix business with pleasure,’ I said, ‘I think the business side should come first. I’m scared you might fuck me and then refuse to sign for my agency.’

‘You’re right, that was my intention,’ she laughed.

‘You see,’ I laughed back, ‘so before you get a piece of this, you need to sign away 20% of your income.’

‘20%, that’s exorbitant,’ she exclaimed.

‘It might be, but its worth it,’ I said,’ none of that retainer bullshit, and we help you work out your deal so that your take-home pay is tax free, but let’s not talk business here. How about dinner tonight?’

‘I’ve got a date,’ she explained.

‘Cancel it, this is more important,’ I said, adopting an arrogant swagger which I knew from my experience always worked with movie stars.

‘Ok, I will,’ she said, ‘I didn’t even like the guy anyway. So where do you want to take me?’

‘Why don’t you come over to my place and we’ll make dinner for you?’ I suggested as the thought randomly popped into my head, ‘I know my girlfriend would really love to have you. She’s a big fan of yours, in many ways.’

‘Oh,’ she said, without a doubt disappointed at the mention of a girlfriend, ‘I think I’ll pass then. I’m sure your girlfriend is a darling, but I don’t really feel like getting my ass kissed by a fan tonight. I know I’m supposed to be the new lesbian icon and all but…’

‘Hey, my girlfriend is not just a fan, OK?’ I explained, ‘she’s a big-time actress too. Well, at least she’s pretty popular, I think.’

‘Have I seen her in anything?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know,’ I answered, ‘have you seen “Josie and the Pussycats,” “Men in Black 2,” “The Rundown,” “Alexander?”‘

‘Holy shit,’ she exclaimed, sounding more excited than I’d heard her all afternoon, ‘your girlfriend is Rosario Dawson?’

‘That would be right,’ I boasted. Perhaps there was more to this celebrity girlfriend thing than I had previously imagined.

‘Oh my God, I totally love her,’ she gushed.

‘For real?’ I asked. This was turning out to be too good to be true.

‘She’s so beautiful and talented, and damn, you are so lucky,’ she said.

‘Thanks a lot,’ I answered, thankful she could not see me blush in the darkness. ‘So do you know her?’

‘We’ve met a few times,’ she said coyly, ‘I think there was a bit of chemistry between us and I…oops, sorry, you might not want to hear this.’

‘Oh, believe me, I do,’ I assured her. So Rosario hadn’t been lying about the flirting.

‘Well, we met on a few occasions,’ she informed me. ‘She was at the premiere for ‘New Best Friend,’ and sat next to me. I was so drunk that night, and I think she was too, and we got talking, and I got the hint she might be into me. I asked her to come with me to the ladies’ room; we got a bit more flirtatious, and just when I was about to make my move, some bitch came bursting in.’

‘Wow,’ I said, loosening my tie; it sure was getting hotter than hell in there.

‘And the other time was when I got invited to one of Tara Reid’s parties. Your girlfriend was there and we got talking again, and it seemed she hadn’t forgotten our night. We got a bit freaky on the dance floor, but then she suddenly disappeared, and I didn’t see her again that evening.’

‘Oh my God,’ I said, suddenly aware that I was probably sweating bullets in the sweltering heat, ‘that is some story. No wonder she seemed excited by you on TV yesterday.’

‘That’s good to hear,’ she sounded happy.

‘So, once again, would you like to have dinner with my girlfriend and I tonight?’

‘I’d love to,’ she answered, just as the lights in the elevator came back on and it jerked into motion.

Even Charlie Kaufman couldn’t have written a more enthralling screenplay.

‘Oh my God, I’m so fucking nervous, she’s gonna be here in about ten minutes.’

‘Would you fucking relax, Rosie,’ I chided her, ‘it’s gonna be alright.’

‘What if she’s not into me? What if I make a fool of myself?’

‘I talked to her, Shorty,’ I said, not glancing up from my magazine, ‘she is a sure thing.’

‘You are just saying that,’ she said.

Needless to say, Rosario and I were preparing for Mia’s visit. Rosario had been mortified I had invited her for dinner, and when I had explained the whole story to her, she had listened incredulously, and was completely certain I had made large parts of it up. Still, her curious side got the better of her, and she looked forward to the evening with an equal measure of trepidation and excitement.

I had tried to feign coolness, but in truth, I was almost as exited as Rosie was, if not more. I had seen several lesbian couplings in my day, but this was the first time a girlfriend was actually willingly welcoming a fellow female to join us in our bed, and I found the thought beyond sexy. I was pretending to read a two month old copy of Sports Illustrated, but every thought in my head was of Mia and Rosario’s naked bodies grinding together.

I’d managed to freshen myself up, finally shaving off my increasingly cumbersome afro, and back to my bald, deadly look. I was all decked in Gucci, a brand new white shirt and a pair of slacks, with cologne by the same designer liberally dabbed around me. Rosie looked even more stunning. She was in a white blouse and a very short white mini skirt, with boots riding up to her knees. I gazed at her for a minute in admiration, and decided to poke fun at her.

‘How come you’re all dressed up like you’re going for a rave?’ I teased her.

‘Shut the fuck up, Damon,’ she snapped.

‘Come on,’ I continued to joke, ‘you dress in a bathrobe when you want cock for me, and now that its time for pussy, you’re dressing like Tyra Banks.’

‘You’re right, I seem desperate, don’t I?’ she said, suddenly panicked, ‘I’m gonna change.’

I laughed as she ran off upstairs to the bedroom. So much for my efforts to loosen her up. I only hoped she wouldn’t let her nervousness show so much once Mia arrived. I suddenly heard the doorbell ring, and after an initial moment of panic where my heart almost bobbed out of my Adam’s apple, I composed myself and walked to the door, and there stood Mia with a smile.

She did look quite stunning, the slightly tired look that had been in her face earlier in the day completely vanished. She was dressed in all red, from the dress she was wearing to the scarlet lipstick on her mouth. She looked very much like a bewitching vamp, and I had to refrain myself from looking too sheepish.

‘You made it,’ I said as I enveloped her in a hug.

‘Just barely,’ she answered, ‘where’s that fine girlfriend of yours?’

‘Jeez, at least pretend I was part of the reason you came too,’ I said, pretending to be hurt.

‘Well, considering the fact I would have fucked you even before I found out who your girlfriend was, I guess I should be nice to you too.

I laughed, and hoped she would be as openly flirty and filthy when Rosario was around. It would be a hoot to see the way Rosario would react. Just as I began to wonder how she was carrying on, I heard her come down the stairs. If Mia wasn’t there, I would have burst out laughing. She was wearing an exact replica of the all-white outfit she had on earlier, except that it was black. After laughing my ass off though, I would have thrown her onto the nearest flat surface and ravished her – she did look stunning.

Mia seemed to think the same way, and I could see the look of appreciation in her face. She eyed Rosario hungrily as she descended the stairs, and the open look of lust in her face got me so turned on. Rosario seemed encouraged by that, and I could see the burst of confidence springing in her step as she continued her seemingly endless sojourn downstairs.

‘Hi, Mia,’ Rosario said coyly when she got down, giving the L word actress a hug.

‘Wow, I have to say, you do look stunning,’ Mia commented.

‘You too,’ Rosario said, ‘I really love this style, and this bag. Oh my God, you have to tell me where you got it.’

‘I actually got it for a song at a flea market,’ Mia answered.

‘No way,’ screamed Rosario, ‘you have got to take me shopping with you some day.’

‘You too,’ commented Mia, ‘I really like your style whenever I see you in magazines or on TV, its really retro.’

I was already bored out of my skull. I was half expecting it to devolve into a lesbian fuck-fest right away, and so couldn’t believe that they were talking about fashion and clothes, like any two old girlfriends. The sexual chemistry that had been so evident just moments ago seemed to have vanished into thin air. I stormed off to the kitchen in anger to fix myself a Jack Daniels. At least if the evening wasn’t going to pan out the way I’d anticipated, I could get drunk early and make it fun.

The next hour and a half or so went pretty normal, with Mia acting and being treated like any dinner guest. There was a tour of the house, and further gushing about the interior designs which Rosario had picked out. And then we went straight to dinner, which was exceptional. Rosario wasn’t much of a cook – she did dabble in the kitchen once in a while to indulge me, but on the large part, she had never made anything out of the extraordinary.

Well, my opinion of her culinary skills did change that evening, as it was really obvious that when she did make an effort, she was one hell of a cook. We enjoyed the tasty appetizers before moving on to dinner, a French dish which Rosario explained was Portobello Poulet Crêpe, which we washed down with generous amounts of Rosemount Shiraz.

‘Wow, that was incredible, Rosario,’ Mia commented as soon as we were done with the last of dessert.

‘Yeah it really was, babe,’ I added, ‘you should do this more often.’

‘I only did it because of Mia anyway,’ Rosario added, causing Mia to smile.

Although Rosario’s intent might have been different with that statement, she had made the first flirtatious comment of the night, and I knew from Mia’s response and genera attitude that the vamp that we had spotted briefly earlier in the night was about to make its return.

‘So you really went all out for me, huh?’ Mia asked her, a suggestive look on her table.

‘Yeah I guess I did,’ responded Rosario, equally suggestively, totally holding her own. Atta girl.

‘Well, I really appreciate that,’ said Mia, ‘and I guess I should look for a way to repay you for being such an awesome hostess.’

‘I could think of a few ways you could do that,’ answered Rosario as she sipped on a glass of wine, her eyes locked on Mia’s. Both girls held each others’ gaze for a few seconds, and it was totally electric. I was almost cumming in my pants.

‘So, I guess I should start clearing up,’ Rosario suddenly said.

‘Why don’t I do that?’ I said, jumping up, not wanting the mood to be abruptly ruined again by both of them admiring crockery or something similarly inane.

‘No, don’t worry baby,’ Rosario urged, ‘you and Mia stay here and talk business.’

‘Yeah sure, no problem,’ I said, looking at Mia who looked equally amazed. Surely, something was about to happen there. Why did Rosario suddenly ruin the moment again? We were to find out soon enough.

Rosario stood up, and as she walked to the kitchen, began to unbutton her blouse, swaying her hips in the way she usually did when she was trying to entice me. My eyes almost bulged out when she totally undid her buttons, exposing a sexy lacy brassiere. Mia and I stared as she walked into the kitchen, and then, opening up the pantry, brought out a white apron which she slowly strapped around herself. It was extremely tiny, and I had to gasp incredibly aloud. Where was all of this coming from?

And then, ignoring the looks of amazement on our faces, walked right back to the table and began to collect the dishes. I’d never wanted her more – I wanted to grab her right there and then and defile her in every way known to man. I cast a sideways glance at Mia, who was equally transfixed, and I knew that the night was truly about to begin.

Rosario grabbed a few things, and as she walked right back to the kitchen, Mia suddenly stood up. I stared at her, wondering what was going on.

‘Damon, if this is part of the deal,’ she said, ‘I’m definitely signing whatever you want me to do.’

Mia walked determinedly into the kitchen, and just as Rosario reached the sink, she crept up behind her and slipped her arm around her waist. I watched as she whispered something into Rosario’s ear, and then moved her mouth down and began to kiss her caramel neck. Rosie froze for a moment, and I watched her shut her eyes. I couldn’t tell from her look whether she was enjoying it or not, and I began to fear for the worst.

All of a sudden however, Rosario suddenly turned round and placed her lips on Mia’s. The two girls stood there and kissed, arms entangled around each other, caressing different body parts. It seemed so unreal to me, and I did not know how to react – the thought of going in to join did not even occur to me. So I sat there and watched as the two girls kissed each other over and over again, eliciting passion and lust.

Mia brought her hand round and undid Rosario’s apron strings, so that she was just in her bra and short skirt as they kept their tongues locked. She then brought her hand to her breasts, gently rubbing as the kiss went on. Rosario looked lost in the kiss, her eyes completely shut, and it was obvious from her demeanor how much she was enjoying herself. I wondered whether this was the way she looked whenever she kissed me.

Mia’s mouth finally came off Rosario’s, and she brought it down to Rosario’s neck again, kissing and sucking, while my girlfriend began to moan. Her back was against the sink now, and her head was leaned back in ecstasy, while Mia’s mouth descended. From behind, I watched Mia unclasp her bra, and toss it into the sink. Digging her head in, she took one breast of Rosario’s and began to suck on it.

‘Oh yes Mia, that is so good, oh you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you,’ she was whispering.

‘As long as I’ve wanted you?’ came Mia’s muffled response as she kept sucking away, switching from boob to boob.

Rosario looked right across at me, and gave a slight smile. It was a smile which seemed to show that while she was enjoying herself, she hadn’t completely lost herself in it because she was not sure how I felt. I smiled back and gave her a thumbs up, which seemed to please her to no end, as her smile became wider and she held on to Mia’s head and brought it closer to her breast.

‘Oh suck my tits Mia, your mouth feels so good on my breasts,’ she urged.

Wow, it actually did sound even sexier when I heard my girl talk dirty when she was with a girl. My dick was already throbbing in my pants, but I was not going to act like a teenager and start masturbating in full view of both of them…at least not yet. At the point where I could not hold it anymore, I’d go in and join one way or the other, but at that point, I wanted to see how long I could hold on.

Mia had left Rosario’s breast now and continued to descend. Her hands pushed Rosie’s skirt down, and then gently rolled down the black thong she had on. Rosario cooed gently as Mia’s soft hands made contact with her pussy, and Mia did not waste any time in diving right in, bringing her face to my girlfriend’s crotch.

‘Oh suck my pussy, Mia,’ she breathed.

‘Are you sure?’ Mia asked her. Oooh, Mia was into the freaky lesbian sex talk as well. This was getting better by the minute.

‘Oh I’m absolutely sure,’ cried Rosie, ‘suck me up.’

‘While your boyfriend watches?’ she asked, sticking her finger in, ‘you want my mouth to gobble up your nice cunt while your agent boyfriend watches two hot actresses get it on?’

‘Just fucking do it to me, Mia,’ Rosie begged, ‘I’m so hot for you.’

Without further ado, Mia brought her face down and began to suck away at Rosario’s pussy. She was on all fours, still completely dressed, while eating away at the pussy of my girlfriend, who was completely naked, save for her boots. I’d always found Rosario’s penchant for high rider boots really sexy, but had never had the imagination to have sex with her while she was clad in them and nothing else. It was sexy seeing this with herself and Mia.

My face was locked on the expression on Rosario’s face. It kept contorting and twitching in pleasure, and it was just so erotic seeing her on the receiving end of an obviously skilled woman’s tongue. I wasn’t close enough to observe all the minute details of Mia’s cunt munching technique, but I did know from Rosie’s wails that it was very effective.

‘Oh yes, make me come,’ Rosario was pleading, ‘oh yes, please sucking my pussy, Mia.’

Rosario suddenly grabbed on to Mia’s head and held it really close to her, and then leaned her head so far back that I couldn’t see anymore. I just had to figure out for myself from the wild spasms that her body was going through, as well as her screams, that she was having her orgasm.

‘Oh yes I’m coming, I’m about to come, oh yes, I’m coming,’ she wailed.

She crashed onto the floor and suddenly grabbed Mia and began to kiss her again, both girls kneeling on the floor this time around. Mia had begun to undress herself, her hands going to her back to unzip the dress she has on. It fell off her, and to my delight, she was completely naked underneath. She obviously was that sure of getting some that night that she didn’t even bother with unnecessary barriers.

‘Your body is so beautiful, Mia,’ Rosario commented, ‘I’ve loved it in all the movies I saw you in.’

‘Do you want to taste me?’ asked Mia.

‘I’d love to,’ she answered.

Mia adjusted her position so that she lay flat on the kitchen floor. Spreading her legs wide open, Rosario dove into them and brought her mouth to her pussy. Mia wriggled on the floor as Rosario expertly ate her out, her ass sticking out in the air. At this point, I decided it was high time I made my entry into this whole scene. I had been a spectator long enough.

I slipped my pants off and walked behind Rosario, instantly feeling her pussy up. It was warm and ready for me, and I made my way in. She moaned and wriggled her backside as I ensured my comfortable entry and position. She didn’t seem to miss a lick of Mia’s pussy, and as I could see all of the action, I felt extremely lucky.

There was Rosario’s warm and velvety cunt which enveloped my dick so nicely, and beyond me, I could see the look on Mia’s face as my girlfriend displayed all her tricks. Mia wasn’t talking or anything, but that was not to say she wasn’t having as much fun as Rosario did. Her eyes were shut, and she was moaning so loud, holding on to Rosario’s head and gently guiding it around her pussy area.

‘Oh yeah, make me come,’ whispered Mia, ‘come on Rosie, I want to come for you.’

‘Yeah Rosie,’ I said, deciding I could put in my own two cents, ‘let her come all over your mouth while I pour myself into you, all at the same time.

Rosario visibly intensified her actions, and her rear end began to jerk around more actively. It was like trying to play rodeo, holding on to her ass as I screwed away. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm approach, hopefully the first of several for the evening.

‘Damon, come for her,’ Mia spoke, ‘I’m about to come, and I want us to come at the same time.’

‘Oh yea,’ I answered, feeling a bit light headed as my climax readily approached.

‘Oh yes, I’m coming,’ screamed Mia, ‘oh yes Rosario, I’m gonna let my juices all over your mouth, and you’re gonna lick it and love it.’

‘Oh yes,’ I groaned as I let my load into her, ‘oh baby yes.’

‘I’m coming babe,’ cried Mia, as hers hit as well, and she raised her ass high up the ground and well into Rosario’s face.

I brought my dick out of Rosario and stood up, walking across to where Mia was. She saw me coming, and gave me an encouraging smile, beckoning me over.

‘I think you deserve a little treat,’ she said, as she crept to me on her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

It had gone a bit limp from my recent orgasm, but was still functional, and in the mood for more action. It could do with a wee bit of servicing, which Mia was obviously giving to me now.

‘Oh yes, that feels good,’ I moaned.

Rosario knelt behind Mia and grabbed her tits from the back, rubbing and caressing as the white actress sucked away at my dick. Mia’s tongue twirled and rubbed my cock as it grew in her mouth, and Rosario muttered instructions in her ear, telling her what to do.

‘Oh yeah, stroke his balls,’ she whispered, one of her hands still squeezing Mia’s tit while the other descended to her crotch, ‘he totally loves that.’

Mia complied as she brought her hand to my testicles and gently tickled it. Upon further instruction from my girlfriend, she removed my cock from her mouth and brought full oral attention to my balls themselves, taking them in her mouth and giving them a good twirling with her tongue. Rosario decided to join her, and in no time, both the Canadian girl and the Puerto Rican girl were both licking my cock, one paying attention to the shaft, while the other one took the head.

My cock was at full mast, standing at attention, and I pulled it away, deciding that I could do with some pussy. I grabbed Mia, and then pushing her against the cupboard, I spread her legs apart and pushed my way in.

It was looser and much wetter than Rosario’s and still very delightful, but in a different way. I felt Rosario pressed behind me, her large breasts squishing against my back. I reached back for her just to make sure she was there, and as a sign to let her know that I was thinking of her even though my cock was deep in someone else.

Mia was enjoying my cock, closing her eyes and crying out as I gently made strokes in and out. She held on to my butt and pressed me closer to her, willing me to go deeper. Rosario got off my back and seemed to wander off. I increased the intensity of my thrusts into Mia, wondering where my girlfriend had gone off too, and hoping she hadn’t gotten a jealousy fit or anything.

‘Oh fuck me, Damon,’ she willed me, ‘oh yes, Rosario’s a lucky girl, you have a nice big cock. I thought you were just a smooth talker, but you seem to fuck as well as you talk.’

‘And you can’t seem to stop talking while you fuck,’ I replied good-naturedly, still pounding.

‘Oh, you’re even still a smart ass during sex,’ she laughed.

‘Did you miss me?’ came Rosario’s high pitched voice from behind.

‘Hell yeah, babe,’ Mia answered, ‘bring your fine ass here and come and help your boyfriend get me off.’

‘I know just the thing,’ she said, as she opened up a cupboard and brought out whipped cream.

She came over and sprayed it over Mia’s breast, and began to gently lick it off her. It was one of the most erotic things I’d seen, bar none, and it helped intensify my oncoming climax. I quickly shot my load into Mia. Dismounting her, I got off, and noticing that there was still a healthy portion of cream on her body, I joined Rosario in devouring it. We winked at each other as we ate it off, glad that the night had gone on well, and we both seemed to have enjoyed it.

‘Wow, you guys are the greatest,’ Mia exclaimed as we ate the last of the cream off her. ‘Can I come over every night?’

‘Sure you can, sweetie,’ Rosario said, moving in for a kiss.

I smiled at her, and we could immediately tell from each other’s looks that Rosario’s answer wasn’t exactly fully truthful. While we had fully enjoyed Mia, and would look back upon this night fondly, this was something that we knew we would not make a habit of.

We were sexual and open minded enough to swing and have some fun, as the night had shown, but we were too in love with each other to make outsiders a permanent fixture in our bedroom. We really did have everything we needed in each other, and it was at that precise moment as I looked at Rosario, just before her lips met Mia’s that I knew that she was the woman I wanted to sleep with everyday and all the time.

‘So, you’re a father, Damon, how does it feel?’ Rosario asked as she drove down the freeway.

‘It’s incredible, it’s so fucking unreal,’ I replied.

‘Hey, watch the language, you don’t want to set an example for your little girl,’ she teased.

Yes, just about five hours earlier, Maria had given birth to the cutest, most adorable little girl. I’d been in the hospital for about 48 hours straight, a total wreck while Maria was being operated on, due to the labor complications she had. It had been so testing, and without Rosario’s support, it would have been so hard to take. Eventually, the doctor had emerged from the operating room to tell me that it was all a success and that I was the proud father of a baby daughter.

I had not been able to see her for a few hours, as they needed to run a few tests and procedures to ensure she was perfectly fine. Eventually, I’d been able to go in and see her. Maria lay on the bed, beautifully glowing as she held our new daughter. Tears came to my eyes as I looked down at her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

‘She looks like Mama,’ I commented.

‘Why don’t you hold her, Damon?’ Maria suggested.

It had been the most amazing, fulfilling feeling in the world to hold her in my arms and just stare in her eyes. I felt so full of love, and just knew that I was going to be the best father a man could possibly be. The manner in which she had been conceived did not make the occasion any more joyful for me, despite the fact that I had been scared that the baby would be a living reminder of my botched friendship with Andre.

6 pounds, 8 ounces. She had very light brown skin, a very rich combination of her black and Hispanic heritage. I could immediately see her as a beauty in the future, and found myself getting pangs of protectiveness. I already loved her so much.

‘So, have you thought up a name yet?’ I asked Maria.

‘I used to know a girl named Kacy,’ she suggested, ‘she was this British girl who spent a year at my college. I always said I was going to name my daughter that.’

‘Kacy it is then,’ I said, immediately liking the name, ‘Kacy Alexandra Brill.’

I gave Maria a long and meaningful look. I was irrevocably tied to her now – we were going to be raising a child together for the rest of our lives, and even though it would have been ideal for it to have been with someone I was in love with, if I had to choose a friend to do it with, I couldn’t have found someone more perfect.

‘Congratulations, Damon,’ Rosario said, bringing me out of my thoughts, ‘I’m so happy for you.’

It was about 4 am, and we were driving back home when the doctor had advised that Maria needed rest, and the baby needed to be taken away. Because of the precarious nature of the delivery, neither mother nor daughter could leave the hospital yet, so I had to reluctantly return home. I was already looking forward to my return to the hospital the next day. Meanwhile, there was something else on my mind as we drove on.

‘Marry me, Rosie,’ I suddenly said.

‘Oh my God,’ she screamed, the car screeching to a halt in the middle of the freeway. ‘What was that, Damon?’

‘I asked you to marry me, Rosario.’ I uttered.

‘You can’t be serious,’ she cried.

‘I’ve never been more serious in my entire life,’ I insisted, my voice going soft, ‘I love you and I want you to marry me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before in my life.’

‘Oh my God,’ she said, tears coming to her eyes.

‘Today, when I held Kacy in my arms,’ I enthused, holding on to her hands, which were shivering, ‘I felt so perfect, so alive. It was the best I had ever felt. I felt like I suddenly had everything I was looking for, that I could never feel anything more pleasurable. And then I suddenly realized that there was something missing. I realized that no matter how full and complete my life is, without you, there just is no perspective.

‘Rosario, these five months with you have been the most amazing period of my life, the most intense. I’ve felt feelings I never even knew existed. I’ve felt such passion. No one has never even come close to how I feel for you, and I want to be with you forever. I want you to be my wife; I want to have many children with you. I want to wake up next to you every morning for the rest of my life.

‘There’s this song that used to come on the radio every morning, it’s by one of them rock bands, the type you like. I’d never remember their name even if you paid me, but the words always made me think of you anytime they came up. It was about the time we had the incident with Halle Berry, and the drugs, and you going into the hospital. I’ve found a reason for me, to change who I used to be, I’ve found a reason for my existence, Rosario, and the reason is you.’

‘Oh my God, Damon,’ Rosario was weeping now, tears streaming down her eyes.

‘I’m so sorry this isn’t more romantic, you deserve to be swept away in the most romantic of proposals, hell I don’t even have a ring, but I just had to ask you now, because I would have died if I went one more minute without knowing if you would be my wife.

‘Damon, this is the most romantic ever,’ she cried, wiping her eye.

‘Let me make it even more romantic,’ I said, suddenly opening the door of the car and leaping out.

I went right to the center of the road, and knelt down. I took a look on my finger and spotted my fraternity ring – it would have to do for now.

‘Rosario Dawson,’ I said, falling to my knees. Tears were falling freely down my eyes now, and I didn’t care. ‘Will you please marry me?’

‘Oh yes, Damon,’ she answered, jumping out of the car, ‘yes of course I’ll marry you.’

‘I love you so much,’ I said, hugging her right in the middle of the street, ‘I love you more than it is possible to love somebody.’

‘I love you too, Damon, I’d love to be your wife,’ she whispered back to me.

‘This is the happiest day of my life,’ I declared.

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