JOA: Damon’s Chronicles – Chapter 5: Rose McGowan

This story series is a spin off of the successful and wildly popular
“Journal of an Agent” by Carnage Jackson. At the end of Carnage’s
story, the main character, Dean Simonds, faces a major dilemma,
where he has to choose between staying in Hollywood with Alyssa
Milano, or heading back east with Natalie Portman. Please note that
this might not necessarily have been the ending Carnage had in mind,
but is my own interpretation.

If you are under 18, please refrain from reading this. To the rest
of you, note that this story is completely fictional, and all
similarities to real life people and occurrences are strictly

coincidental. All feedback is welcome at


The next few weeks passed by in a blur. Honestly, I scarcely
remember doing anything other than sitting in the hospital room next
to Ashley as she lay on her bed, wallowing in guilt, and hoping she
woke up soon. Once her condition was stable enough, I had her
transferred to a much more lucrative hospital, St. Catherine’s.
Sarah Michelle Gellar, a client of mine, had received treatment
there several months ago after being attacked by some psycho in
Malibu, and I was sure the services rendered there were top-notch.
I was surprised as to how popular Ashley was among the clients. She
must have left such a good impression on them whenever they dropped
by the firm, as so many big-name actors and actresses dropped by as
soon as they heard of her predicament. Mandy Moore was in tears as
when she saw Ashley in her comatose state, and I had to be firm
almost to the point of rudeness before she would leave.

Ashley’s rather spacious hospital room appeared so cramped, due to
the myriad of balloons, flowers and other gifts that her
sympathizers and well-wishers had dropped, making it difficult for
me, as I was practically living there, and had to bring all my work
in. While all my friends were partying away on New Years’ Eve, I was
right there, next to Ashley, praying for her swift recuperation. The
idea of partying away with P. Diddy while my assistant was
unconscious in a hospital room made no sense to me. It was my fault
that she was in such a position, and I was going to stay with her
until she recovered.

Two weeks into the New Year, Ashley received surprising visits by
two different people within hours of each other. First, Dean dropped
by, sans Natalie, from the East Coast to check on Ashley. He had of
course been one of the first people I informed when Ashley got into
the accident. After all, he was the one who hired her in the first
place. Still, I had no idea he was going to take the time to come
down, and I had been shocked to see him walk into the room that

The East Coast must have been good to him, as he looked far more
relaxed and better than I had ever seen him. Of course, it probably
was impossible to be unhappy when you lived with Natalie Portman.
The thought of Natalie suddenly filled me with guilt as Dean
approached, all smiles, a bunch of flowers in his hands. If only he
knew that I had betrayed his friendship and trust by sleeping with
his girl, and even worse, I was so fixated on her, and could not
stop comparing any girl I met to her.

“Yo Damon, what’s cracking, bro.” Dean said loudly as we embraced

“Dude, I told you many time to chill with the black talk. It sounds
pathetic on you”, I joked

“It’s good to see you”, he said, as we released each other

“What a surprise”, I exclaimed, “I assume you came down to see

“Yeah it’s really unfortunate”, he replied sadly, glancing at her as
she lay on the bed, “I hope she’ll be fine”

“The doctors say she’ll be right as rain in to time”, I assured him,
sounding a lot more convinced than I felt, “she did not suffer any
long-term damage”

I briefly toyed with the idea of telling Dean the whole story, and
how I felt responsible for the entire accident, but for some reason,
I just couldn’t. I had kept it to myself all along, and I knew that
if anyone would understand, it would be him, but I couldn’t bring
myself to do it. I decided to change the topic.

“So how’s Natalie doing? Is she here too?” Great, I thought to
myself, of all possible subjects to bring up, I had to mention the
woman we both possibly loved.

“No she had some important papers to write”, he replied as I tried
to mask my disappointment, “She would have loved to be here”, he
continued, “but maybe next time”. I wondered if Natalie deliberately
made an excuse in order to avoid me. But I figured she didn’t care
so much about me as to want to avoid me. She was happy with Dean,
and he was equally happy, as I could see.

“So congratulations”, Dean said, patting me on the back, “I see the
firm is running smoothly, or at least I hope so”

“Thanks” I replied, “Things are going well. Profits are up 10% from
last year, and I guess our clients are doing well”

“By the way, Colin Farrell and Britney at that premiere. Was that
your idea?” I nodded coyly

“Genius”, he proclaimed, “Genius”

“I learned from the best”, I replied

“Even I couldn’t have managed that coup”, he replied with a wink.

“By the way, congratulations on the newest Hollywood Power rankings”

“What are you talking about?” I asked him

“Variety just published the list of Hollywood’s most powerful
people. I guess I am even more up-to-date than you are”

“You know I don’t really care about such things”, I replied

“How many times do I have to drum it into your big bald head?” he
scolded jokingly, “Any press is good press”

“I guess so”, I replied, “so I guess I shouldn’t have turned down
the front cover of Black Enterprise magazine”

“You turned it down? Why?” he asked

“Rule number two”, I recited, “I am supposed to stay in the
background, and not try and make myself into a bigger star than my

“Good boy”, Dean praised

“So, now that we are done with your lecture”, I joked, “What was
Shooting Star’s position on the Power thing?”

“You were number two”, he replied, “right behind those guys at
Antamount Studios”

“Oh great”, I said, “that’s the best piece of news I’ve heard in a

“Problems in your personal life?” Dean chided, “Anything you want to

“Nothing major”, I replied, “Why don’t we go out for lunch and catch
up, I want to hear all that has been going on with you”

“I’m sorry dude”, replied Dean, “but I have to leave now, I’m only
in town for a few hours. My plane leaves very soon”

“Well then”, I said, “why don’t I see you off to the airport?”

“I appreciate it”, he replied, “but I know you’re kind of busy and

“Alright then, I’ll see you next time you’re in town”, I replied

I spent the next few hours sorting out some papers that I had
someone from work bring in. I kept lamenting to myself that all I
ever seemed to do was paperwork, as one would think that being a
Hollywood agent would be all glamorous. I briefly went out for a
quick lunch at the McDonalds down the street, and as I walked back
into the room, loudly munching on a quarter-pounder, I was surprised
to see Beyoncé Knowles standing in the room.

Now, I’d had the biggest crush on Beyoncé for ages, ever since I met
her under embarrassing circumstances over a year ago. I never was
courageous enough to make a move though, besides, she always seemed
to be dating different people in the industry, and if the rumors
were true, she seemed to have a predilection for rappers. Currently,
she had been dating Jay-Z, and the relationship seemed serious, much
to my jealousy. In any case, I was surprised to see her standing
next to Ashley’s bed, looking as dazzling as ever. She was dressed
simply, in a white tank top and black pants, yet I couldn’t stop
obsessing over how beautiful she looked. She simply grinned as she saw me walk in, her white teeth forming a
smile, which made me desire her even more.

“What a surprise”, I said, as she walked closer. I quickly threw my
burger into a nearby trashcan and hoped my onion breath wouldn’t
turn her off.

“Hi Damon, nice to see you”, she said, as we embraced, our cheeks
making contact as she pressed her supple breasts into me.

“I guess you came by to see Ashley”, I said, “I didn’t know you two
knew each other”

“Well, I don’t really know her”, she replied, “but I heard that she
got into a serious accident, so I thought I’d drop by and see how
she was doing”

“That’s really nice of you, although I was actually flattered for a
second that it was me you came to see” I joked.

We both laughed, and made small talk for a few more minutes,
chatting about her career, the agency, and some industry gossip,
before she had to go. I silently cursed to myself, as I really was
not eager to let her go. I felt a bit guilty that I was feeling this
way when a young girl was lying unconscious in the room because of
me, but I brushed aside those feelings. I walked her to the
elevator, and as she was about to go in, I suddenly found myself
holding her back

“Beyoncé, I know you’re probably seeing someone right now”, I said,
knowing that she was definitely seeing someone, but deciding to take
my chances anyway, “but I was just wondering if, you know, maybe me
and you could do something sometime”

“Damon, are you asking me out?” she asked, smiling coyly

“Well, not exactly asking you out”, I retreated, “just wanted to see
if you wanted to grab a meal, you know, as in agent to client”

“Sure, why not”, she said, “why don’t you give me a call sometime
and we can fix something”

“Alright then”, I said, feeling a little deflated that I had
chickened out of asking her out directly, “I’ll see you later”

I began to walk away towards Ashley’s room, when she called me back
“Damon”, said, “Are you going to be at the party next week?”

“What party is that?” I asked

“Well, Shawn and I are having a party next week, and I made sure you
were sent an invitation. Didn’t you get it?”, she inquired

“Shawn?”, I asked, even though I already was able to guess who that

“Yeah, you know, Jay-Z. I hope you’re coming cos I am really looking
forward to seeing you there”, she smiled.

I actually had received an invitation to the party, but I had not
taken it seriously. Rapper’s parties were a dime a dozen, and were
always the same old crown wearing expensive clothes and getting
drunk on Cristal. I had not really reckoned on Beyoncé being there,
so I was going to pass as usual, but even though she was going to be
Jay-Z’s date, she seemed eager to see me there, and who was I to
refuse? Beyoncé was going to be there, that was all that mattered,
and I decided to make an exception and be there as well.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely stop by”, I said

“Cool, see you there, honey”, she said, as she pressed the floor
number, and waved as the doors of the elevator shut.

I was in good spirits as I walked back to Ashley’s room. I really
don’t know why I was – my secretary was still in a coma, Dean was
still with Natalie, and Beyoncé was still with Jay, but for some
reason, I still felt that things hadn’t been better in a long time.

Sometimes, being around stars 24 hours a day can be extremely
tiring, and because my job consists primarily of socializing with
actors and actresses and basically kissing their asses, it is
imperative for me to have friends outside of the Hollywood crop in
order to maintain my sanity. As such, the people I consider my
friends, or at least my close circle of friends, are normal people
such as you and me. So I might hang around P. Diddy and Ashton
Kutcher all day long, or go out for drinks with Colin Farrell and
Leonardo DiCaprio, but the highlight of my week is the weekly poker
night I have with my four best friends. I go through a lot of shit
all week, but it is the fact that come rain, come shine, I’m going
to be with my boys on Friday night for a night of fun that keeps me
going sometimes. I don’t think Andre, Danny, CJ or Mekhi realize how
much these poker nights mean to me. To them it’s just a night of
cards, chicken, and beer, but it’s more than that to me. Spending a
very normal night with four normal dudes is what keeps me grounded
and makes me remember who I am and where I came from. I might make a
lot of money and attend fancy parties and cavort with Brad Pitt and
Jennifer Aniston, but deep down, I’m just like any other dude.
Andre is the funniest motherfucker I’ve ever met in my life. He was
my roommate during freshman year of USC, and we have remained close
friends ever since. He’s half-Mexican, and currently works at a bank
as a manager or some executive position. He is a very hearty and
cheerful dude, and is the livewire of the bunch. He is also the only
one who is married, and he loves his wife more than anyone I have
seen. I was surprised that he tied the knot so early. He and Maria
had been dating since high school, and even though she was at UC
Irvine, which was over an hour away, they managed to maintain their
relationship through all four years, and immediately after
graduation, they got married. They recently found out that Maria
couldn’t have kids, and it was a tough time for their marriage, but
they got through it. I could tell it was tough on Andre, mostly
because I’ve known him for about ten years. His demeanor never
changed though, and he continued to be cheerful all the time.
Daniel is our resident nerd. He’s very soft-spoken and
mild-mannered, although he manages to let loose when he’s amongst
us. He’s also the youngest, he’s only 25 and still in medical
school. He lives across the hall from Andre and Maria’s apartment,
and that’s how we met. He’s a really good guy, and always the butt
of all our jokes. He’s Asian and really short, no more than 5’5, but
he probably has more brains than the rest of us put together.
Well, maybe not. CJ is another extremely intelligent dude. He’s a
computer whiz, and with the exception of Friday poker night, is
probably in front of the computer all week long. He works part time
at some computer company, where I worked briefly as a sales rep
before joining Shooting Star. He’s also a part time writer, a very
skilled one as well, and his first book is about to be published.
He’s also probably the world’s foremost pornographer, and has the
most extensive collection of tapes, magazines and pictures I have
seen. I could trust him with my life, cos he is probably the most
loyal person I know. He’s the only one I’ve told about my Natalie
incident, and he was of course jealous of me; he has the biggest
crush on her.

Well, Mekhi’s the last dude, and you all know him. I kinda lied when
I said all the members of my close circle of friends are
non-Hollywood types. Mekhi Phifer’s an actor, and he currently plays
Dr Gregory Pratt on the long running NBC series ER. He’s best known
for playing Eminem’s best friend Future in the hit movie “8 Mile”,
and has a host of movie credits, which I won’t bother to mention. We
befriended each other while I was still Dean’s assistant, and he’s a
really good guy, and a talented actor too. I see him ascending to
Denzel-like stardom in the coming years, but for now, he’s a modest,
unassuming dude and extremely nice guy.

Well, since Ashley got hospitalized, I’ve needed my friends more
than ever, and poker nights have become more fun than ever. So, on
Friday night, I was about to get into my car and drive to CJ’s place
when my phone rang. I was tempted not to answer it, I couldn’t
recognize the number on the caller-ID, and I did not want to be late
for poker. I decided to answer nonetheless, and couldn’t have been
more pleased at who was on the other end.

“Hey dude, get your fucking self over to this hotel right now and
say hello to your oldest fried”, came the deep, playful voice at the
other end as I answered

“Kenny boy, it can’t be, where the fuck are you”, I screamed back,
already in hysterics.

“I’m at Rose McGowan’s apartment, come and freaking get me out of
here” he yelled jokingly

“Wait a minute, Rose McGowan, as in the actress, what the hell are
you doing at her place”, I inquired, a little puzzled

“Just come over and I’ll explain…ouch, ouch, no baby stop that…sorry
about that buddy, just come and get me”, he said

“Yeah, I know where it is, I’ll be right there in an instant”, I
said, hanging up and going in the opposite direction I had initially
intended, all thoughts of poker far from my head.

Ken is my best friend in the world. He’s from New York, and we’ve
been friends since I was little. He was a white, Jewish kid and of
course grew up nowhere near my hood in Brooklyn, but we met when I
interned at the mayor’s office in junior year of high school and
became bosom buddies ever since. He ended up at NYU, and I moved to
the West Coast to attend close, but we remained close, and have been
ever since. I stay with him most of the time while I’m in New York.
He’s currently an editor of a magazine. I’ve been feeling guilty
because I haven’t been in touch with him as much as I should have
ever since I became a big time agent, but I’m sure he understands.
Anyways I was puzzled that he was in LA and I did not know, and even
more so that he said he was at Rose McGowan’s house. I did not even
know he knew her. Rose is a client of my firm, although I’ve only
met her a few times. I know people have this misconception about her
being this wild, demonic chick because she used to date Marilyn
Manson and all, but I know enough about her to know that she’s a
pretty normal person. Last I heard of her was that she was in some
trouble for assaulting some politician’s kid at some concert,
although I did not know too many of the details. I also know she was
among the hundreds of actresses Dean fucked at some time or the

Well, I got to Rose’s place and was glad to see Ken answer the door.
He did not seem to be in any mortal danger, though he looked worn
out, though still full of life

“What’s up dude?” I greeted him as I walked into Rose’s living room
“You owe me about 50,000 explanations”

“OK where do I start” he said, “I’ve been in LA for about a week

“A week”, I screamed, “why the heck didn’t you contact me earlier?”

“I wanted to, but I wasn’t able to, I wasn’t able to do anything,
being with Rose is a full time job”

“Wait a minute, rewind the tape”, I said, “how do you know Rose and
what are you doing at her place”

“Hello Damon”, I heard a voice coo from the doorway. I looked and
there was Rose, looking as sexy as hell.

“Whoa” was all I could say, “Hello Rose”

She was dressed in a transparent red house robe, and her shimmering
red hair was all over her face. Sex seemed to be written all over
her face, and if not for the fact that I had so many questions, all
I would have been able to think about would be how much I wanted to
jump her right there and then.

“Wait a minute, I’m kinda lost here. Could someone explain to me
what’s going on?”

“I met Rose in New York on New Years’ Eve at a party my magazine was
hosting. She was dating some writer at the magazine apparently”, Ken
explained, “Anyways, we fell for each other at first sight and
basically have been fucking like dogs ever since”

“Wait a minute Ken, you and Rose are together?” I asked, surprised

“Yeah Damon, why the hell didn’t you introduce us sooner, I didn’t
even know you knew each other, this is the only dude I’ve met that
is man enough for me” Rose replied

“Anyway Damon”, Ken said, “we’ve been here in LA for a week and I’ve
not been able to do anything cos Rose has had me busy all week. I’m
actually heading back to New York tomorrow, and I realized I hadn’t
gotten in contact with you all week, so rather than stay here and
let her fuck me to death as usual, I decided to spread my wings a
little and call you so we could do something together, maybe hit the

“I see”, I said, still a little nonplussed at all the information I
had just received, “I’m actually late for poker with some of my
buddies, I’m sure they won’t mind if you join us”

“Alright then” said Ken, “let me get dressed, and we’ll leave

“Come on honey”, said Rose, pouting “at least a quickie before you

“You know I can’t say no to that”, Ken replied, as he took her into
his arms and they started kissing furiously

“Alright, alright” I said as they fell on the couch, “I’ll go wait
in the car”

I was in the car for about 15 minutes and already getting impatient.
I was about to get out and risk catching them in the act in order to
tell Ken to hurry up, since I was running ridiculously late. I had
already called the guys and explained to them I was bringing company
over. Ken had already met each of them at one point or the other
anyway, so they all knew him. Just as I was about to start honking
furiously, I saw them both come out of the house. Rose was actually
dressed up in a flannel T-shirt and tight blue jeans, and I wondered
why. Maybe she just did not want to come outside dressed in her
bathrobe. I was therefore surprised when both Ken and Rose got into
the backseat of my jeep.

“Um, Rose”, I asked as politely as possible, “What are you doing

“I decided I wanted to come along”, she said matter-of-factly, “I
only have a few hours left with him before he leaves and I don’t
want him out of my sight for one moment”

“Hey it’s poker night, no girls allowed”, I protested

“That’s what I told her”, said Ken, releasing himself from Rose’s
embrace, “but she wouldn’t listen”

“Damn dawg”, I exclaimed, “this chick has totally emasculated you.
Well, maybe the guys won’t mind. It might be a nice surprise”

“Yeah I always wanted to do one of those guys poker night things”,
Rose joked, as she, much to my shock, took her hand to Ken’s crotch
and started to unzip his pants.

I immediately looked forward and started the trip to CJ’s house. It
was at least 30 minutes away if I was in a hurry, but with the
racket these two were sure to be making at the back, I needed to get
there as soon as possible. For some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes
away from the rearview mirror as Rose extracted Ken’s cock and began
to give him a hand job. Ken gasped with pleasure as Rose’s obviously
skilled hands worked his shaft. I took my eyes back to the road,
shaking my head in amusement at those two. Ken and Rose was a
coupling I would not have thought possible. Ken was always a very
serious dude who was into writing and politics and stuff, and I
would not have thought he would fall for someone like Rose, as he
appeared to have done. Well, maybe the attraction was purely sexual.
Nonetheless, I couldn’t help making comparisons to Arthur Miller and
Marilyn Monroe.

I thought my eyes would pop out of their sockets when, again through
the mirror, I saw Rose suddenly pull her pants down. Not
surprisingly, she was wearing nothing under. I tried my possible
best to ignore this and act oblivious, but it was hard to do so.
Even Ken looked apprehensive. He gently tapped her and pointed at
me, but she simply shrugged. She then rose up and lowered herself
onto Ken’s lap, so that his exposed dick went right into her pussy.

“Oh yes, baby”, she cried, “I love the way your hard cock feels
inside me”

“Don’t you guys have any fucking decency”, I cried, unable to take
it anymore.

They seemed to have ignored me. Ken’s eyes were shut, and his arms
were allover her smooth thighs, rubbing them as she moved up and
down, making rhythmic motions as she continued to enjoy his dick. Of
course, maybe they did not hear me, as Rose was yelling really loud.
She was unbuttoning her top and to my shock, she began to caress her
own lovely breasts. I was getting hugely turned on watching Rose. Of
course I had not had sex for almost a month, ever since the night
Ashley got hospitalized, and looking at a gorgeous actress fondle
her own breasts right in my backseat was not exactly helping. I
almost wished my car were a limo where I could block the view, but I
had no option but to ignore them.

“You like what you’re seeing, Damon”, Rose asked, taking a pause
from screaming

“You guys are fucking animals”, I complained, “can’t you at least
not fuck while I’m around”

“If you want to join, I’m sure I could handle it”, she said

“Oh yes”, Ken yelled for the first time, “I’m about to come baby”

“That’s my man”, replied Rose loudly, “alright, at the count of 3,

I was glad that was over, and hopefully, they would be able to keep
their hands off each other until we got to CJ’s. If they wanted to
fuck there, they could always go to his bathroom or something.
Rose’s clothes were back on now, so I was able to look back. Her
face was glistening though, partly because of sweat, and partly
because she had that look on her face of someone who had just had
sex and wanted more. I wondered if I was being disloyal to my old
buddy by getting turned on by looking at her. I thought to myself
that I really needed to find myself a regular source of pussy.

Considering the fact I was working in the entertainment world and
looking at the track record of my predecessors, I was getting laid
so remarkable few times. That had to change.

We spent the rest of the trip in conversation, mostly Ken and Rose
giving me the savory details of their unbelievable wild sex life.
From the looks of things, Rose was one of those chicks who was
always horny and wanted to fuck, and she seemed to have met her
match. Ken had always been a ladies man of sorts, but I never knew
he was such a sexaholic. He seemed to be completely worn out, but
from the looks of things, he was too powerless to stop her.

We got to our destination at about ten o’ clock. The guys must have
been playing for over an hour now, and I thought about all the money
that must have been lost and won. The stakes at our game were
usually very high, since we all made a lot of money. Even Danny, the
medial student, had rich parents, so it was not a problem for him.
Besides, if someone lost too much money, he was likely to win it
back the next week or the week after that.

As expected, the guys were initially annoyed that I had brought a
girl along. One of the golden rules of poker night was that no girl,
not even a girlfriend, a wife, or Britney Spears, was welcome.
Andre’s wife had of course been attempting to come for ages, but we
never let her. In fact, whenever we had our gathering at Andre’s
house, Maria had had to leave. However, out of not wanting to seem
rude, they did not complain too much.

They had already started playing, and so we joined in. Even Rose
protested that we not leave her out, so we reluctantly let her play
too. We chatted as usual as we played, making lewd jokes and
drinking beer. Rose was the loudest, making fun if everybody and
generally being very pleasant and delightful. Ken was rather silent,
I could tell that he was exhausted and needed sleep, something he
seemed to have done very little of since New Years’ Eve.

Rose seemed determined to act like one of the guys as all seven of
us sat on the round table.. It was kinda hard to believe that such a
gorgeous actress, who was on a popular WB show, had a wild
reputation, and was once engaged to one of the most outrageous
rockers in history, could be so normal. She got along well with
everybody, trading barbs with all six of us guys, and winning an
extraordinarily inordinate amount of money. We had gone through
several cases of beer, and of course, were getting drunk, so the
talk naturally became rather risqué and lewd. Whenever she won
(which was quite often), she’d make a joke about someone’s manhood,
and of course, the victim would retort.

“Mekhi”, she said to him once after he had spectacularly lost about
$500 in one fell swoop, “you better start saving your money, because
you might need it to stock up on Viagra, you pussy”

“How dare you call me a pussy?” Mekhi joked back, “I bet you’ve
never even been with a man as good as me”

I looked at Ken, expecting him to defend his honor, but his eyes
were shut, and he obviously was catching up on well-needed sleep.
Therefore, it was up to me to preserve his dignity

“I wouldn’t go that far dude, I hear Rose has been with some of the
best”, I said

“Like who”, said CJ, “Marilyn Manson?”

“I bet Marilyn’s little finger is bigger than your cock, CJ”, Rose
simply said, feigning annoyance

“Damn homie”, screamed Andre, “She got you man, you have to come
back with something harder”

“I can see Rose hasn’t been with a real guy before”, said Mekhi
again, “if she had, she would know not to mess with me”

“I’ve had experiences you couldn’t even dream of”, replied Rose,
“I’ve even been with chicks who have satisfied me more than you can”

“So how many guys can you take at once?”, asked Danny

“I could easily take all six of you and still have room for more”
she answered

“I really doubt that”, I said, smiling

“Try me”, she simply said, as much to my surprise, she climbed on to
me and started kissing me

“Wait a minute”, I said, reluctantly pulling away, “what the fuck is
going on?”

“I thought you pussies said you could all take me, come on, go
ahead”, she said, as she began to unbutton my top.

“Are you sure Ken won’t mind?”, asked Danny, who looked as though he
was very much up to screwing the actress

“Oh he definitely doesn’t, do you mind honey?”, she called out to
Ken, who was fast asleep

“Yeah whatever”, he muttered drowsily from his chair

I knew that Ken would be surprised when he woke up and saw what he
had agreed to, but somehow, I did not think he would be that mad. At
least I hoped not. Rose wiped any thoughts of doubt from my mind as
she succeeded in loosening all of my buttons and began to suck on my
chest. I thought this was rather weird, but it was a really cool
sensation, her warm tongue working wonders on me

“Come on you pussies, what are you waiting for?”, she beckoned to
the other dudes.

Danny was the only one who obeyed her clarion call. The others
looked a little hesitant, but not good old Danny, who immediately
came behind Rose and began to undo her jeans. He had a look of joy
on his face, and who could blame him. Rose’s jeans came down, and
she brought her legs out of it, her mouth still all over me, moving
slightly down from my chest towards my abdominal area. Her hands
reached for my crotch, and she began to unbutton my jeans. Danny on
the other hand was extracting his cock. For such a short dude, he
was rather well endowed. Of course I can’t give you details or
descriptions, but I know it was large enough to make Rose yell as he
abruptly slid it into her cunt from behind.

Rose got on all fours as Danny continued to thrust in an out of her,
his face contorted in a semi-painful, semi-joyous expression. Rose
had removed my penis from my bowers and grabbed it in her hand

“Oh yes Damon”, she moaned, I’m about to give you the best blowjob

“I really doubt that”, I replied, “but go ahead”

“Oooh”, she moaned, at Danny’s prick inside her as she clasped her
warm mouth around my manhood.

She took most of it into her throat, her tongue circling it and
causing me to moan in delight. She really was good at this. Danny
was still pounding her, getting more and more furious by the moment.
He grabbed onto her thighs as he continued to grind in and out, and
it seemed that the more vigorous his thrusts were, the more
determined Rose was to increase my pleasure.

I looked around at the other guys to see their reaction. Ken was
still asleep and oblivious to what was going on. Andre was looking a
bit embarrassed, and did not know whether to leave or not. He seemed
to be questioning his loyalty to Maria, and did not know whether
remaining in the room while this was going on constituted
unfaithfulness. CJ and Mekhi, however, were staring, mouths agape,
totally perplexed. They obviously liked what they were seeing, and
were perhaps too stunned to make a move and join in on the action.

“Oh yes”, Danny was moaning, “your pussy is so fucking warm and

Rose didn’t reply, of course because her mouth was doing something
else – giving me the most pleasure I’d had in a while. My cock was
throbbing in her mouth, and I was all excited, and my brain was
clear of all thoughts except how much pleasure I was having. I felt
my orgasm draw near, and decided to inform her.

“I’m about to come, Rose”, I warned

She signaled with her hand and mumbled something, which I understood
to mean that she was welcome for me to come in her mouth. I held on
to her face as I shut my eyes and shook, my body going through
sporadic sensations of bliss. I shot my load into her mouth, and
without as much as a blink, she removed her mouth and swallowed it,
her eyes locked on mine. There was some jizz left on her lips and
chin, and she swiftly ran her tongue across and licked it with

Danny seemed to be near orgasm too. He was sweaty and all puffed up,
and kept wincing and making dodgy faces. After a while, he pulled
out of her, and holding his dick, moved to the front of her. I guess
he was about to come, and wanted her to fellate him to orgasm. She
did so, bringing her mouth around him and sucking him just as she
did me. She seemingly had an insatiable appetite for cock. As Daniel
reached his orgasm, he instantly extracted his member from her
mouth, and holding on to it, he splashed a viscous vat of spunk all
over her face. Rose looked like a contented puppy as she happily
licked it away.

My erection, while having decreased, was beginning to grow again as
I looked at Rose in all of her naked glory. I decided I wanted to
fuck her, but I was too late as she stood up and approached CJ, who
looked both excited and petrified. She pulled him up and threw her
hands around him and began to kiss him. He immediately responded and
pushed her against the wall.

“Hey share the wealth”, protested Mekhi, as he stood up and
approached them. Danny and I also seemingly wanted more, and
approached them as well. It seemed that conflict was inevitable. Ken
miraculously remained asleep throughout the whole racket. Rose
really must have worn him out all week. Andre was the only one who
remained in his seat. I could tell that every bit of his moral fiber
was being tested here. Earlier on, I would have said that the
thought of Andre cheating on his wife was as ludicrous as a Dixie
Chicks concert at the White House, but when a naked Hollywood
actress as hot as Rose McGowan is naked in your apartment and being
pounded by your buddies, it’s hard to resist.

“No need to fight guys”, said Rose, “there’s enough for everybody, I
think I know what to do. Mekhi, take off your clothes and lie down
on your back”.

She suddenly sounded like a drill sergeant, and it was erotic as
hell. Mekhi of course obeyed, taking off his Lakers jersey and baggy
jeans and lying down. Rose immediately lowered herself onto him, her
pussy making its way over his cock. He gasped with delight
“Now someone enter my ass”, Rose commanded
CJ was about to do so when I slapped him away.

“Not you, white boy”, I said as I shoved him. He shoved me back and
we began to fight. I was totally shocked when Andre stood up and
began to undo his pants

“I think I’ll handle this one, guys”, he said, as he came over and
inserted his dick into her ass, which was sticking out, begging for
a visitor.

“What the hell?”, I asked, looking puzzled

Danny whispered to me that Andre had recently been confiding in him
that his marriage had been a little rough lately, and they had been
having fights about, among other things, Maria’s refusal to take it
in the ass. C and Danny then went over to Rose’s front, and standing
on either side of her, brought their cocks to her mouth. She began
taking turns sucking each of their penises, holding both with her
hand as she alternated. I surveyed the situation, trying to see if
it was possible for me to join in any way possible, but it seemed
she already had her hands full. Well, not just her hands, but also
her mouth, and both holes. Damn, this chick was really a triple

I was headed to the kitchen to get a drink, cos the stock of beer on
the poker table seemed to have run out, when I noticed a silhouette
from the doorway in the other direction. Rather curious, and
wondering who it could be, I fastened my belt and walked towards the
shadow, and walking into the lobby area, I was shocked to see
someone in the next room, trying to bolt out of the door as fast as
possible. The invader, who was female, saw that she had been caught
so decided to turn around and reveal her identity. To my shock, I
saw that it was Maria, Andre’s wife.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, fearing for the worst.
She had no doubt seen what happened.

“Andre and I had a fight before he came over and I was feeling bad
because it was my fault, and I wanted to come over to apologize”,
she said.

I could see tears on her face, and felt sorry for her. Maria was a
very attractive woman. She had long dark hair and sensuous Latina
features. Her most attractive feature were her full lips, which
looked pouty, and I could see that she was in pain. I began to
regret that such a fun evening was going to come to such a tragic

“How did you get in?” I asked, taking her in my arms and giving her
a hug

“The door was open, and I decided to walk in and surprise you guys,
and I heard some noise, and I looked and it was….”, she paused and
began to sob, her ample bosom heaving against my chest. I suddenly
started to become aroused and became aware of her immense beauty. I
had known Maria for years, and perhaps out of loyalty to Andre, I’d
never really considered looking at her sexually. Now, however, with
her clinging on to me and looking so vulnerable, and perhaps because
of all the sexual activity I had just witnessed, I began to feel
rather different.

“Damon, I want to confess something”, she said

“What is it?” I asked

“I got turned on by what I just saw”, she replied

“Really?”, I asked, “I thought you would be mad

“Well, I was at first, but this was always something I fantasized
about doing for a while.”

“I did not know that”, I said, earnestly surprised. I had always
seen Maria as a good girl, who would never be down for anything lie

“Andre and I always joked about joining a swingers club or taking
part in a threesome. He doesn’t know that I’ve actually really
wanted to do it, I just didn’t know how to tell him”, she said
“I’m sure they won’t mind if you decide to join. Besides it’s a
guilt-free way of getting back at Andre”, I replied, half-jokingly

“Really?”, she asked earnestly

“Why don’t we find out?”, I said, dragging her and pulling her into
the room.

By the time we walked in, things had changed a bit. Ken had finally
risen from his slumber and was now nailing Rose from behind, while
Andre and Mekhi were being sucked. The other two dudes were standing
over her and jacking off.

“Look who I found”, I said cheerfully

“Baby, I can explain”, said Andre as soon as he saw us walk in

“It’s OK”, replied Maria, “as long as I get some action too. Oh my
God, is that Rose McGowan?”, she asked, upon spotting the identity
of the woman who was now being a complete slut on the floor

“In person”, I said

“Oh my God, I’m such a big fan of yours”, she said

“Yeah whatever” replied Rose, “you’re really hot though, I think I
might want to eat out that pussy”

Maria began to help herself out of the dress she was wearing as she
walked over to CJ. By the time she reached him, she was completely
naked. She knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. I
was not exactly keeping count, but it seemed CJ had been getting the
short end of the stick all evening and this was the first earnest
action he was getting. He closed his eyes and began to moan as
Maria, who seemed to be an expert, continued to suck on his dick.
Ken seemed to have come, cos he backed off, and Rose immediately
reached for Maria and pulled her off CJ, who first of all looked
pissed, but cheered up when the two vixens began to kiss each other.
All six of us guys looked on in awe at this miraculous sight as the
two women continued to search each other’s mouths passionately with
their tongues, their hands roaming each others’ bodies. Rose brought
her hands to Maria’s crotch and began to finger her, causing the
Latina beauty to begin to moan out in pleasure.

“Oh yes, oh God yes, that feels good?”

“I know something which feels even better”, said Rose, as she
whispered something in Maria’s ear. Maria’s eyes widened, first with
shock, then pleasure, as she happily nodded her head and then pulled
away, lying down, her back touching the floor

Rose brought her mouth to Maria’s pussy and began to lick it, gently
at first, before taking generous laps at her pot of gold. Her hands
were on Maria’s huge breast as she continued to lick away, driving
the other woman into a frenzy.

“Are you guys going to quit staring like morons and join in or
what?”, asked Maria

CJ immediately rushed and knelt over Maria’s face, inserting his
cock into her mouth. Who could blame the poor guy? Ken walked over
inserted his cock right in between Maria’s supple breasts and began
to thrust it in and out, obviously enjoying it. Mekhi, not wanting
to be outdone, lay right underneath Rose’s pussy and began to suck,
while I thrust myself right into Rose’s ass. It felt really warm and
velvety inside, and I closed my eyes as I went in and out, enjoying
the goodness.

“Oh yes Rose”, I heard Maria cry, “I’m about to come, suck me, suck
my cunt you slut, suck me”

This was obviously a delight to hear, and Andre, who was currently
unoccupied, seemed to be getting extremely turned on hearing his
wife speak like this. Maria screamed in Spanish as she reached her
orgasm. I wasn’t even aware that she spoke Spanish, but on nights
like this, you learn more than you bargain for.

As soon as Rose finished helping herself to Maria’s juices, Danny
did not hesitate to walk over to Rose and bring his cock into her
mouth. She seemed happy to receive it too. Andrew walked over to his
wife, who was currently still being fucked in the breasts by Ken,
while CJ was jacking off over her face. He knelt and was about to
insert his cock into her pussy when she stopped him

“Wrong hole” she said

“No honey”, replied Andre, “I’m putting it in your pussy”

“I know, but that’s the wrong hole”, she said, smiling at him

“Oh” beamed Andre as he raised her leg up and thrust it into her
ass. Maria yelled loudly, and then, she obviously began to enjoy it
as her yells of pain eventually devolved to moans of pleasure.
Meanwhile, I was also being a beneficiary of anal sex, courtesy of
the lovely, and as I had seen tonight, very slutty Rose McGowan. My
second orgasm of the night was approaching, and I began to moan as I
thrust even harder.

“Oh yes Rose, I’m about to come, I’m coming”, I yelled

“Come in my ass”, she cried.

I did so, and just as the brief but powerful orgasm was reaching its
close, I heard my cell phone ring. I wondered who it could be.
Crashing onto a nearby chair, I answered it

“Hello, Mr. Brill”, came a female voice at the other end, “this is
Dr. McLachlan from St. Catherine’s Hospital”

“Oh my God, what is it?”, I asked, my heart sinking as I feared for
the worst.

“I just wanted you to know that Miss Ashley Richards has recovered
from her coma”, she said

“Thank you very much”, I replied, almost leaping for joy, “I’ll be
there in an instant”.

I immediately dressed up and left the rest of them still humping
each other like rabbits. It had been a fun night, and so much had
happened, and it had been topped off with the news that Ashley was
OK. I slipped out unnoticed, deciding that even though Rose and Ken
had come with me, they would find alternate means of getting home,
if at all they did.

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