Jack And Jamie

Jack and Jamie

Don’t read this if you’re 18 and don’t try this at home.
I’ve been wanting to do something with this woman ever since "The Whole
Nine Yards."
Adding in her co-star was just the icing on the cake. Hope you enjoy it.

The diner was small, out of the way and quiet at this time of the morning.
It was the period in between the massive breakfast crowd and the lunch
crowd, so Jamie
Pressley had little trouble getting a booth by herself near the corner,
somewhere where she could
have a quick bite to eat and go over the latest
script for "Jack and
Jill." The actress was dressed in a simple yellow
shirt and slacks, her blonde hair hanging to her shoulders, framing her
beautiful face. She lightly tapped a fork on the plate as she went over
the pages.
It had been an odd career for Jamie. She had done some body double work,
nothing major but enough to pay the bills. She had gotten her biggest
literally, in the movie "Poison Ivy: The New Seduction," a favorite among
horny film buffs. That was due in no small part to the various nude scenes
showcasing Jamie’s
fantastic body. Jamie had not been sure of her rights when she did the
film and didn’t know she could have refused the scenes. But with the film
a success on video and
her star rising, she wasn’t above doing a spread for "Playboy" to boost
her image a bit. Then came a few films and shows she’d rather forget about
before her next big
An actual acting job on the tv show "Jack and Jill."
Jamie was quite pleased with the show. Her character was more than eye
candy and she thought she was showing she could actually act, which would
open up
some roles where she could actually leave her clothes on. She’d been
pleasantly surprised when the show was renewed for another season, even if
they did have to
wait until mid-season to come back.
Still, it was better than nothing and the cast was great to work with.
Although they hadn’t been close at the beginning of the show, Jamie had
gotten to know Amanda Peet pretty well. Like Jamie, Amanda hadn’t really
been noticed until
she took her clothes off for her memorable scene in "The Whole Nine
Yards," and Jamie never got tired of teasing Amanda that her body was what
brought audiences
in. Although she would have enjoyed
getting some of the same press that Amanda got, Jamie had to admit it was
nice to have the spotlight a bit off her for a change.
Jamie’s musings on her career, prophetic as they were, were interrupted
when a man suddenly slid into the booth opposite her. She looked up,
startled and more
than a bit upset at the sudden interruption.
"Hey, buddy, out of here, this is my booth."
"Territorial, aren’t we, Jamie?" The man replied. He was good-looking and
in pretty good shape, smiling as he looked at the confused actress. "Nice
to see you
again, Jamie."
"Again? I don’t know you."
"Ah, but you do, Jamie. At least part of you does."
"Look buddy, I’m giving you three seconds to get out or I’ll call for
help. Three, two—-"
"See the pendant, Jamie." The moment Chuck’s words fell from his mouth,
Jamie stopped in mid-count and stared at him, her eyes glazing over. Chuck
was pleased
to see his trigger still worked. It had been a few weeks since he had
gotten a chance to have Jamie and he’d been a bit worried it might have
worn off. He didn’t know
much about his magic charm but was more than grateful for it. He had spent
several nights with Jamie, being worn out by her frantic love-making and
knew every inch
of her by heart. But now he had a different goal in mind, one that would
get him twice as much fun.
"Jamie, I want you to listen to me very carefully and do what I say….."

Amanda Peet threw up her feet and sighed inside her trailer. "Jack and
Jill" was harder work than people thought, the pressures of being the star
sometimes getting
to her. The media blitz didn’t help, the constant references to her as
"the next Julia Roberts" putting some new light on her projects. While
reviews of her performance
had been kind, "Whipped" was a big flop and that kind of dimmed her
prospects for the future. Amanda knew she couldn’t coast in on her "Whole
Nine Yards," fame
forever and wanted to branch out to some serious stuff, but her image as a
goofball was holding her back slightly. She was dressed casually, in a
pair of slacks and a
white shirt, slipping off her tennis shoes to relax from the shoot.
Thankfully, this ep was a little less Jack-centric this week, so she
didn’t have to spend as much time on
camera, but it was still a big deal. God, she
couldn’t wait to do another movie, they weren’t quite so intense about it
A knock on the door got Amanda’s attention and she stood up, hobbling a
bit on a partially-asleep foot and opened the door. Jamie was there with a
tall, good-looking
guy roughly her age.
"Hey, Amanda," Jamie said. Although she sounded okay, she appeared to be a
bit less animated than she usually was. "This is Chuck, he’s a friend of
mine and he
wanted to meet you."
"Oh, well, come on in," Amanda said, allowing the two to enter the
trailer. "Good to meet a fan," Amanda said, shaking Chuck’s hand as they
each took a seat,
Amanda on the couch with Jamie beside her, Chuck on the chair opposite.
"So, how’d you and Jamie meet?"
"Oh, at the radio station where I work," Chuck answered. "She was doing an
interview and I just started talking to her. She really enjoyed my charm."

"Charm, what charm?" Amanda asked.
"Oh, this one," Chuck said, holding up his special pendant attached to a
chain. He gave the chain a tug, allowing the pendant to spin gently in the
air. "Just look at
the pendant, Amanda, look deeply at the pendant. That’s right, Amanda,
just keep looking at the pendant, closely at the pendant, Amanda, look
very, very closely at
the pendant. Just relax and look at the pendant, Amanda, just relax and
look at the pendant. It’s so relaxing, Amanda, so relaxing to look at the
pendant, Amanda, just
to look at the pendant and feel yourself relaxing more and more, more and
more the more you look at the pendant, Amanda, so relaxed, Amanda, so very
relaxed, so
incredibly relaxed. You’re falling closer and close to total relaxation."
"Total…relaxation…" Amanda replied, her eyes glazing as she stared at
the magic pendant.
Chuck was impressed. Amanda apparently was a lot more susceptible to this
than he’d expected, her face already slack as she stared at the pendant
spinning before
her. Chuck spared a glance towards Jamie and saw her staring blankly at
the pendant, falling even deeper into her trance state. Chuck returned his
gaze towards
Amanda, continuing with his induction.
"More and more relaxed, Amanda, more and more relaxed, your mind and body
becoming much more relaxed and
open, Amanda, much more relaxed and open. So open and relaxed, Amanda, so
open and relaxed. Are you totally relaxed, Amanda?"
"Yes….totally….relaxed…." Amanda was slumped in her chair, her
half-open eyes still staring at the spinning pendant. Chuck glanced at his
watch. He didn’t have
much time before shooting started again, according to Jamie. But he did
have time to have a little taste.
"Amanda, you are totally relaxed and will obey me without question,
Still holding the pendant up, Chuck fumbled with his jeans and opened
them, allowing his hard cock to spring loose.
"Amanda, come here and suck my cock," he commanded.
Her eyes still fixed to the pendant, Amanda fell to her knees before Chuck
and took his cock in her hands. Slowly, those incredible lips slid along
his shaft, moving up
and down his rod as her tongue tickled at his penis. Chuck groaned,
keeping the pendant steady but moving himself slightly forward as he felt
Amanda suck him off, his
juices flowing as her lips took him
in. Amanda increased her movements, her lips moving a bit faster on the
rod, taking more of Chuck down her throat as her full lips sucked at him.
Just before he blew
his load down her throat, Chuck’s mind was filled with the ideas of what
was to come soon.

Chuck whistled as he headed towards Jamie’s apartment. The suck-off from
Amanda had been incredible, but a bit rushed. He had managed to give the
post-hypnotic suggestions to forget he had been there, but to remember a
few other things to do at the end of the day. He already had a key to
Jamie’s apartment, one
she didn’t know existed, and was using it to open the
door. As expected, it was dark and quiet, save for a light near the
bedroom. Framed within the light were Jamie and Amanda, both naked.
Chuck had seen Jamie naked before up close and was more than used to the
full breasts and pert ass. Amanda was a wonder, her breasts a bit smaller
than Jamie’s
but still quite nice, the brown patch between her legs beckoning for his
touch, her long legs leading to her firm ass. Seeing her naked on film was
one thing, in the flesh
was something totally different.
Both of them had blank but lustful expressions on their faces. Judging by
the sweat on their bodies and the traces of cum on both their pussies,
they had been following
Chuck’s commands to enjoy each other while they waited for him to arrive.
"I’m here, ladies," Chuck grinned. "Time for the real fun to begin."
A few minutes later, Chuck had the immense pleasure of lying on his bed
with two gorgeous women crawling over him, kissing at him and his body. He
Amanda deeply, feeling Jamie’s cum on her lips as she licked at him. Chuck
brought Amanda up onto him, kissing at her breasts, licking at her erect
nipples as she
shifted herself onto him, letting her pussy move
onto his hard cock. Amanda sat up onto his cock and began to rock herself
on it, her breasts bouncing slightly with each thrust forward. Jamie sat
on the edge of the
Chuck wanted Amanda all to himself here and Jamie was forced to pleasure
herself while he did. Chuck brought Amanda down to him, kissing her hard
again as they
embraced. He lifted her up slightly so he could again go at those
wonderful breasts, his cock continuing to thrust in and out of Amanda’s
pussy as he did, his hands
roving down her back and towards her ass as he continued to go at her.
He nearly bit down on a nipple as he came into her, her cry from their
orgasm blowing through his ears.
On Chuck’s command, the two women rearranged themselves, lying right on
top of one another, Amanda on the top, kissing each other with passion.
The hypnotic
spell had unleashed desire within the two co-stars, desire for each other
as much as Chuck and they were obeying that implicitly. Chuck took a
moment to admire
those two great asses, then moved in,
his cock sliding from one to the other, sliding around the edges of their
holes but not quite penetrating. The pleasure they felt increased the
feelings within Amanda and
Jamie, their kisses longer and with more feeling, their breasts rubbing
against one another as their bodies withered on the bed. Chuck gripped
Amanda’s ass with his
hands, squeezing her cheeks as he continued to let his cock drag along her
behind as well as Jamie’s. The two were so entrenched in their kisses,
they hardly noticed when Chuck came onto both of them, drips of semen
falling onto their bottoms.
As he moved onto his still kissing slaves, Chuck could only wonder at the
powers his pendant still had and what he could do with it in the future.
For the present, however, he was going to enjoy seeing how well Jack and

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