Jackie’s Initiation

Jackie’s Initiation
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, drugs, nc/cons, BDSM, sick, tort, mast
Celebs: Jacqueline Emerson, Rachel Weisz, Kat Dennings, Emma Watson
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Jackie Emerson was at some Hollywood party, a premiere for some movie she had nothing to do with, but she was specially invited by the movie’s star, Rachel Weisz, who she’d never even met before.  Still, though, gift horse.  At one point in the evening, she entered the powder room.  Inside, she found Kat Dennings and Emma Watson having a conversation about…something.  She didn’t know what, because they immediately stopped talking and looked in her direction when she entered.

“Um, hi?” She sensed awkwardness in the air.

“Oh, hi.” Kat said, sitting on the counter. “Uh, don’t worry, you’re not bothering us or anything.  I could read on your face that you were concerned.” she semi-whispered, pointing at her face.  Emma smirked.

“Come in, Jackie, hang out with us.  Loved you in Hunger Games.  Kind of bummed me out when you died.”

“Well, thanks.” Jackie smiled, a little bashfully.

“Having fun?” Kat asked.

“Um, yeah, kinda.”

“Oh, I know, the bartenders won’t serve you, because you’re underage.” Jackie hadn’t even tried to drink, but nodded anyway. “Well, don’t worry,” Kat reached into her ample cleavage, and pulled out a flask, “gotcha covered.”  Jackie hadn’t been trying to drink, but took a sip anyway.

She joined Kat and Emma in their conversation, and seemed to be hitting it off with them.  After about ten minutes or so, she started to feel…weird.  Like she’d had more than just a sip of whatever was in that bottle.  Suddenly, in the middle of a decidedly slurred sentence, she blacked out.

Some time later, she had no idea how long, Jackie woke up in what she slowly realized was a large hotel suite.  She also noticed she was naked, chained to the ceiling, hanging by her arms, and her feet were also shackled.

“Ah, finally awake, I see.” It was Rachel, standing there, completely naked, with Kat and Emma, also naked, sitting on either side of her.

“What the…”

“Yeah, sorry about having to drug you, there, but we wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Uh, wha…surprise?”

“Your initiation.”


“Into our club.”  Jackie suddenly noticed behind the three of them were about a dozen other actresses, who she’d also seen at the party, also all naked. (Note: Just picture whoever else you want there.)

“W-what are you gonna do to me?  Are you gonna torture me, or what?”

“Uh, not exactly.  Think of it more as an endurance trial.”

“Endurance?  What are you talking about?”

“Should I start?” Rachel said, glancing over to Kat.

“Yeah, let’s get this party started.” Kat smirked.

Rachel then knelt in front of Jackie, looking up at her.  As Jackie watched, Rachel leaned in, stuck out her tongue, and buried it in her snatch.  This was incredibly surreal.  Here she was, chained up, with Rachel Weisz eating out her pussy.  Jackie never considered herself even remotely bi, but this felt really fucking good.  As Rachel’s tongue probed deeper, Jackie moaned and bit her lip.  The other women there were all starting to masturbate, watching this take place.  Kat manhandled one of her huge tits, and furiously worked her clit, while Emma fingered herself, occasionally pulling her finger out, and licking her juices off it.

Eventually, Jackie let out a shrill cry, as the orgasm enveloped her.  As she caught her breath Rachel stood up.

“Alright, who wants to go next?”

“Me!” Kat stood up, then kneeled in front of her, and, just like Rachel, started to eat her out.  Jackie moaned even louder this time.  She’d never even masturbated twice in a row before, but now Kat Dennings was eating her out, right after she’d just came, and it slowly dawned on her what she was in for, with over a dozen more women after her.

After her second orgasm, Emma was next, and she really seemed to get into it, hands firmly clamped on Jackie’s buttocks.  Her heart was going a mile a minute, and she was starting to sweat profusely.

And so the whole club ate her out, one by one.  By the time the last actress started, Jackie was physically exhausted, and dripping sweat, but she figured she was almost done.  Another orgasm hit her, and she let out a small whine.  Then Rachel got down in front of her again.

“Wait,” she moaned weakly, “aren’t I done?”

“Oh, no,” Rachel said, “not by a long shot.”

Jackie started to understand what Rachel meant when she said this wasn’t exactly torture.  Her body was already starting to ache, and she wasn’t even close to done yet.

She had no idea how long she was hanging there, or how many times she’d been brought to climax.  It might have been an entire day.  All she knew was she felt like she was trapped in an endless cycle; she would cum, then someone else would start licking her by now raw pussy.  Her muscles ached unbearably, and her stomach was racked with hunger pains.  At least someone was feeding her water, keeping her hydrated, especially since she was literally drenched with sweat at this point.

She could barely get out a squeak by now, when she came once again.  She was fully expecting yet another tongue in her pussy, starting the cycle over again, when, on the brink of unconsciousness, she heard Rachel.

“Okay, let her down.” Someone unlocked her cuffs, and she collapsed in a sweaty, barely breathing heap on the floor.  Face to face with the hotel carpet, Jackie once again blacked out.

She woke up some time later, in a darkened room, in a hotel bed.  Kat and Emma were standing over her.

“Hey, you’re awake.” Kat said.

“Boy, color us impressed,” Emma followed, “nobody expected you to last as long as you did.  Even I didn’t last that long.”

“So, am I in the club now?” Jackie said, barely awake.

“Oh, totally.” Kat replied, “Like Emma said, we were surprised how long you lasted.”

“So, is this club worth it?”

“Oh, definitely,” Emma said.

“You have got to be hungry!” Kat interjected. “Can we get you anything?  It’s on the room.”

“I suddenly feel like fried chicken.”

“Coming up!” Kat said, then went to call room service.

When she was gone, Emma knelt beside the bed. “Listen, I know that was rough.  It was rough for all of us.  Don’t tell her I told you this, but Kat was practically in tears by the end, begging to be let down.”


“She’d kill me if she knew I told you.  I…didn’t respond much better, actually.  But you wanna know something weird?”


“As torturous as the experience was for me, now, I can’t think about it without feeling the desperate need to masturbate.  Neither can Kat.  Something tells me you won’t either.”

“Well, I think it’s gonna be a few weeks before I feel that urge.”

“Yeah.  Listen, you rest up.”  Emma leaned in and gave Jackie a small kiss on the lips, and then got up and left.  Jackie sighed, and dozed off again.

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