Jackie Kennedy’s Sexual Awakening Part 1

Jackie Kennedy’s Sexual Awakening Part 1

by John Adam Smith

The year was 1962, and Jackie Kennedy knew her marriage was in
trouble. Big trouble. She’d heard the rumors for years of JFK’s many
affairs, but always dismissed them, as being just that, rumors. But
the phone calls she’s been receiving from a certain Marilyn Monroe—a
very drunken Marilyn Monroe, graphically detailing her many trysts
with the President, made it very clear it was in fact true. Her
husband of 9 years had been betraying her and her trust. What’s
more, Marilyn also made it clear that she intended to marry JFK, and
occupy her
spot in the White House as First Lady. Jackie was
heartbroken when, after confronting her husband with the
allegations, he not only made no attempt to deny them, he said he
was infatuated with Marilyn and indeed did wish to seek a divorce
from Jackie.

Tensions were running high in the White House, with the President
and First Lady each separately occupying living quarters on opposite
ends of the upstairs floors. Since it was no secret either that JFK
was carrying on affairs with numerous female members of the White
House staff, after weeks of spending her time alone, without the
comfort and security of a man, she decided that she would “check out
the merchandise” herself, to see if there were any eligible bachelor
men whom she might find attractive. It wasn’t long until she spotted
Doug, a handsome, tanned, dark haired 21 year old college intern.
She knew it could never be, that it mustn’t be. After all, she was a
33 year old mother of two, and he was just a boy of 21. But there
was no denying the fact that in her mind, she found him to be the
epitome of her “knight in shining armor”.

She tried to conceal her interest in Doug, but could not help
catching herself smiling whenever he looked her way. Quickly
returning to her senses, she immediately felt embarrassed and
abruptly turned her head away, hoping Doug didn’t notice her
blushing. He did.

Soon she became infatuated with Doug. He was on her mind night and
day. Mostly nights.

Lying alone in her luxurious king sized bed, Jackie felt the embers
burning deep within her loins smolder until she was finally able to
make herself fall asleep. It had been at least 6 months since Jackie
had been sexually active, a fact she became painfully aware of with
each passing day. She was used to making love with Jack at least
once a week. Usually several times a week. It had become routine.
After having two children, it was clear that Jackie knew how to
“have” sex, but more and more, she slowly began to realize she
hadn’t learned how to “enjoy” it. Enough was enough. Jackie could
stand it no longer. Her daily fantasies about Doug began to
overpower her imagination, and she decided to take matters into her
own hands. The time had come to explore her own sexuality, and let
her imagination run wild.

Exploring the darkness inside her head, trying to latch onto
something safe and soothing. Jackie took a deep breath and slowly
slipped her soft white right hand underneath the covers. Sliding her
head gently across the soft fluffy pillow beside her, Jackie could
feel her warm hand graze up against the even hotter area between her
thighs. She was wearing a conservative white satin nightdress that
went down to her knees. It buttoned from her neck to her waist, and
underneath it, Jackie was completely nude. Slowly, from beneath the
covers, Jackie gently began to raise the bottom of her dress. Higher
and higher she eased the soft fabric up, lifting her torso until it
was bunched up just above her hips. She felt a cool draft on the
already moist mound of flesh between her legs, which caused her to
tremble ever so slightly.

With a deft curl of her wrist, Jackie slipped her first three
fingers down through her massive, unshaven pubic hair. Feeling the
heavy warmth flow from the center of the V-like arch between her
slightly splayed legs, Jackie gently dipped her three fingers inside
the tingling folds of her needy vagina. As her pale digits meandered
through the dark whisps of her dark pubic forest, Jackie gasped and
lustfuly drouled slightly against the pillow beside her, gyrating
her hips wantonly against the hand now buried between her legs.
Becoming flushed with waton fever, using her free hand, Jackie
quickly folded the covers off of her, leaving her able to spread her
legs further, and bend her shapely legs upward to gain better access
to the most intimate area of her anatomy. While gently and slowly
easing the three fingers in and out of her increasingly wet vagina,
Jackie began to unbutton her night dress with her free hand, in
order to expose her cleavage. She had never opened the buttons that
fast in her life! Once all 12 buttons were open, she carefully
folded back each section of fabric, leaving her rapidly hardening
nipples and breasts exposed. Once the cool air hit her buds, they
instantly sprang hard and firm. She began rolling each nipple
between her thumb and forefinger, rotating between the left breast
and the right breast, all the while sliding her three fingers in and
out a little further each time. She quietly licked her lips and bit
her tongue, trying to control her soft murmurs and moans of
pleasure, which were gradually increasing in volume.

Jackie had been aware of what masturbation was for most of her adult
life, but she always believed it was something “other’ people did.
Now for the longest stretch of time without a steady man in her
life, she had finally given in to the temptation to explore just
what she could bring sexually up on herself. Finally alone in bed
with just her jumbled thoughts and probing fingers, Jackie found
herself gently caressing her sex, trying to find some relief from
her pent up lust. She kept thinking of Doug, and how hard, firm, and
long his youthful cock must be. How she longed to have it inside her
right at that moment.

She quickly removed her free hand from her now beet red erect
nipples and reached down to further manually stimulate her clit to
full erection. Wanting more pleasure inside of her oozing pussy,
realizing that Doug’s cock must be enormous, she slipped a 4th
finger inside. The combination of rubbing her clit and four fingers
sliding in and out of her pussy walls was almost too much to
control. Jackie began to moan out in ecstasy “Yes, Oh My God, Yes,
Doug, I Want You So Bad!!”, when all of a sudden she heard the door
open. “Mommy?”, a voice cried out. It was young John-John. Lost in
her own world of pleasure, Jackie made no attempt to conceal what
she was doing. She cried out for John to come near the bed.
Dutifully, the boy shyly did as he was told. “Climb up on the bed by
mommy” cried Jackie. The boy again did as he was told. “Do you see
this tunnel mommy is sticking her finger in and out of?” The boy
nodded in amazement. “Mommy would like to have the tunnel cleaned.
Can you roll your tongue around inside the tunnel to wash it for

The boy again nodded. Jackie wanted so badly to experience oral
sex again, and now she was about to have her young son service her.
So desperate she was for intimacy. Jackie removed her fingers from
her dripping pussy and licked them off. Young John got down towards
the “tunnel” with his head and slowly slipped his tongue out and
inside the puckered opening. His mother helped position his head,
telling him where to lick as the boy swirled his tongue inside.
“Yes, oh yes, John, scrub the tunnel good for mommy. Mommy wants it
clean as a whistle”. Young John was lapping furiously…Jackie almost
smothered the poor kid, holding his head tight against her wet
pussy, thrusting her hips towards his tongue. Suddenly and
violently, Jackie began to climax. Multiple times. She came hard…
her body shuddering as stream after stream of her juice flowed
freely from her pussy all over young John’s face and hair. “Uh, UGH,
OH, Oh, YES, YESSS!!” cried Jackie, as the boy, frightened by the
unfamiliar shouts of his usually soft spoken mother , asked “mommy,
are you OK?” Jackie collapsed onto the pillow. Her face and chest
glistened with fresh perspiration. After she caught her breath, she
lit a cigarette and said “yes, John, Mommy feels just fine….you’re a
very good tunnel cleaner, John”, she said as she wiped the boys’
face with her now soaked satin nightdress. She said “now John, you
mustn’t tell anyone about the tunnel. It’s our own secret little
place, OK?” “No, I won’t tell anyone, Mommy”. “Good boy, John”, said
Jackie, as she buttoned up her nightdress and went to the bathroom
to dry off and compose herself before taking John back to his room
next door and tucking him in bed.

For the next week or two,
everytime she walked past or visited Doug’s White House office,
Jackie continued to give little signals to him that she was
interested, hoping against hope that he would make the first move.
Her signals were subtle at first, a warm smile, gazing deep into his
eyes as he told her important details of the days’ events, putting
her leather-gloved hand a top of his to illustrate something of
importance she was telling him. She’d remark how sharply he was
dressed, comment on a new haircut or a fresh tan. Little things she
thought would be harmless flirting. But Doug was no dummy. Nor was
anyone else at the White House. They all knew how bad things were
between JFK and Jackie, and they all felt sorry for her. Everyone
wanted to take her under their wing, to protect her, hug her…love
her. Doug was no exception, only it was clear to everyone that
Jackie was giving him special treatment. Doug himself was now seeing
it as well. He was getting the signals loud and clear: Jackie
Kennedy, the United States’ First Lady, found him attractive and was
trying to seduce him, but was too much of a lady to come right out
and ask him to go to bed with her. Doug made up his mind she
wouldn’t have to.

To Be Continued

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