Jane’s Big Secret

Jane’s Big Secret
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, cons, oral
Celebs: Jane Lynch, Lea Michele
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Lea walked up to Jane’s house.  She was coming over to discuss a project Jane was working on, that Lea had some interest in.  Inside, Jane was just getting out of the shower.  Lea was there a little earlier than expected, and found the front door unlocked.

“Hello?” she said, on entering.  Jane, at this point, was standing naked in front of her bedroom mirror, drying her hair off, and didn’t hear her.  Lea had never been to Jane’s house before, so she just checked whatever doors she encountered.  She finally opened the door to Jane’s room, and in the split second before Jane covered herself up, Lea saw something…shocking.

“Oh, Jesus, Lea!”

“Uh,” Lea said, looking right in the direction of the thing she saw, “I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked, I didn’t realize you’d be in here like that, and what the fuck did I just see?”

“I, uh, don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I only saw it for less than a second, but I’m pretty sure I saw—“

“Uh, Lea—” Jane sounded very nervous.

“You have a dick!”

Jane sighed resignedly, then dropped the towel. “Okay, now you know.” Lea could see clear as day now; Jane had a penis, and a rather large one at that, and testicles.

“You’re a…”

“Yeah…I realize you’re probably more than a little unnerved by this.”

“Actually…” Lea said, continuing to stare at Jane’s cock, “I’m kind of fascinated.  I can’t take my eyes off it.”


“It’s…big.  All the time I’ve known you, I don’t think I ever would’ve guessed you had…that…in your pants.”

To Jane’s surprise, Lea stepped forward and kneeled in front of her, to get a closer look.

“That’s so…Can I touch it?”


“Is it alright if I touch it?”

“Um, okay?”

Lea reached out and seemed to examine Jane’s cock, like some kind of doctor, running her fingers down the shaft, holding it up by her fingertips.  Predictably…

“Ooh, you’re getting hard!”

“Well, yeah, you’re playing with it,” Jane snarked.  This was surreal.  Jane would obviously never tell anyone, but she had thought about Lea while jerking off a few times.  And now…

Jane’s cock reached full hardness, and, after staring at it for several seconds, Lea wrapped her hand around the base, and started to suck it.

“Huh.” Jane breathed out sharply, as Lea sucked her off. “Oh, fuck.” Jane sighed, squeezing her tits.  Lea’s blowjob felt amazing.  Given her condition, it was rare to find any woman who accepted her as she was.  But now, Lea, this hot girl who she’d fantasized about repeatedly, was giving her the most luscious blowjob ever.  As Jane looked down, she saw Lea, while sucking her cock, unbuttoning her white blouse, than taking it off.  Lea then undid the black bra underneath, and took that off.  Jane felt the orgasm approaching, but didn’t want it to stop here. “Lea?”


“I want to eat your pussy.”

Without a word, Lea stood up, took off her shoes and socks, then her jeans, and her black panties.  She then laid out on the edge of the bed, and spread her legs.  Heart pounding, Jane kneeled in front of her, and immediately stuck her tongue in Lea’s dripping wet pussy. “Aah!” Jane could tell Lea was really enjoying this. “God, Jane, your tongue is incredible.” Jane’s incredible tongue probed deeper into Lea’s pussy, which was so hot and moist, it was practically steaming.  After a couple of minutes, Lea started to plead with her.

“Oh, God, Jane, I want your cock inside me!  Fuck me!”

Jane stood up, and pressed the head of her cock against Lea’s pussy, then pushed it in.  Lea’s pussy was even hotter and wetter inside, not to mention insanely tight, causing Jane to grimace.  Jane slowly fucked Lea, who clutched at herself. “Oh, God, Jane!  Just like that!”

“Ah!” Jane sighed vocally.  Lea’s pussy felt so good, especially the way it tightened when Lea came.  And the sight of Lea coming was just far sexier than she ever imagined.

Jane felt the orgasm coming. “Lea,” she groaned, “I’m going to cum.  Where do you want it?”

Lea scooted off the bed, and squatted in front of Jane, then started to alternately continue sucking Jane’s cock, and jerking it off, pointing it at her chest.

“Ah!  Oh, fuck!” Jane felt the orgasm envelop her cock, and her hot cum shoot through it, then saw it spray all over Lea’s chest and neck.  After she stopped, Lea sucked on her cock’s head, to get the rest of the jism out.

Finally Lea spoke. “You wanna hear something funny, Jane?  When we started working together, I felt this weird girl-crush on you, and I wrote about it in my secret diary.  I actually wrote down, “If only she had a cock.”

Both of them laughed at this.

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