Jay Vs Cynthia Rothrock [Parts 1-2]

Jay v.s. Cynthia Rothrock Part One
by Ironfist

Jay couldn’t wait to meet Cynthia Rothrock at the San Diego convention center.
It was July, and he had flown down to S.D. for a martial arts convention that
was being held there. After checking into his hotel, Jay made a beeline for the
convention center which was just across the street and up a block. The place was
packed. Martial arts practitioners, fans, movie and television celebs, fitness
enthusiasts; they were all there. Making his way through the crowd, Jay finally
spied the object of his desires – it was Cynthia Rothrock!
She was sitting at a
table, signing autographs for a long line of fans (mostly young men). Beside her
sat Richard Norton, an australian martial artist and film star, and on the other
side sat Billy Blanks, former actor, turned Tae Bo guru. Jay waited patiently in
line, until finally, some 15 minutes later he was face to face with Cynthia. Her
hair was cut and styled short, revealing her piercing crystal blue eyes. She was
wearing a black turtle neck shirt and denim skirt. She smiled up at Jay and said
"Hi!". Jay’s heart skipped a beat, she’s so gorgeous, he thought to himself. It
was time for him to put his plan into motion. "Hi Ms. Rothrock, I’m a really big
fan of yours! I loved you in China O’ Brien I and II, as well as Lady Dragon.
You’re really a terrific actress and martial artist!" Jay poured on the charm
thick, and Cynthia was biting. "Thank you, Jay. That’s very sweet! Do you
practice martial arts?" she asked, genuinely interested. "Sure do. I’ve been
doing it for a few years. I teach back where I’m from." Cynthia looked Jay over.
He was quite striking, tall, dark hair, in good shape (from what she could tell
under his shirt and jeans). With a light dark tan, brown eyes, and self assured
smile, Cynthia thought Jay was quite a handsome young man. "You know Ms.
Rothrock, I know you’re quite busy with the convention and all, but if you have
any free time later, I’d love to get together with you and maybe discuss martial
arts. Perhaps we could trade techniques? That is, if you would like to. My hotel
isn’t far from here. I’m staying at the Marriot. Maybe later tonight?" Cynthia
thought it over. Why not? She only had dinner plans for tonight, and then a late
flight home tomorrow. Besides, this guy is pretty cute! "Sure, why not? Meet me
back here in two hours, I should be done by then." Jay grinned. Hot damn! Two
hours! He couldn’t wait! "Great! I’ll see you then! Oh, before I forget, would
you sign my poster please?" Cynthia smiled, "Sure." After signing it, she shook
Jay’s hand, "I’ll see you in a bit." She then turned her attentions to the next
fan in line. As Jay walked away, poster in hand, he felt his dick twitch in the
tight confines of his jeans.
Two hours later, Jay and Cynthia got together, as promised. They both hung out
at the convention center for awhile, discussing martial arts and making polite
small talk. It was almost eight in the evening, and Jay decided it was time.
"Cynthia, would you like to come back to my hotel for a drink? Or perhaps
something to eat? I’m sure you must be starving. There’s a really nice place to
dine in my hotel." Cynthia looked into Jay’s eyes, and took note of his
sincerity. "Uhm, well… why not!" They both left the convention center arm in
After a great meal, they both ended up back in Jay’s suite. It was a large room,
with a four poster bed, big screen television, full bar, and all the other
amenities that make these rooms terribly over priced. As Jay fixed Cynthia a
drink, she sat down on the foot of the bed. Jay felt his dick twitch again.
"Nice room," Cynthia noted, sliding her feet out of her pumps. Jay smiled,
handing her the drink. "Thanks, it cost a bit, but I thought why not, you know?"
Cynthia nodded, smiling as she sipped her glass. She felt incredibly comfortable
around Jay, perhaps it was his polite, innocent demeanor, or the fact that he
was so attentive. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. She thought about her
husband, back home. It isn’t like he would know, she thought to herself. And
besides, in all the time she’s travelled, doing movies, tournaments, martial
arts seminars, not once has she ever been unfaithful. She was curious. She had
to do it at least once, just to know what it was like! She made up her mind and
look up at Jay with a grin. "Sooo, you wanna fool around?" she giggled like a
school girl. Jay giggled back, unsure as to whether Cynthia was joking or not.
"Hell yeah!" Jay retorted, giggling even more. Then suddenly, Cynthia reached
out, grabbed Jay by the hips and threw him down on the bed. She got on top and
straddled him, her long, lean, muscular legs on either side of his. "I’m so
horny!" Cynthia stated matter of factly, "and I need a real good fuck right now.
What do you say?" Jay couldn’t beleive his luck! In his wildest dreams, he never
imagined this could actually happen! He thought for sure there was no way
Cynthia Rothrock was going to have sex with him, drinks, maybe dinner yes, but
not sex! Jay grinned from ear to ear, reached up and began to grope Cynthia’s
breasts through her black turtleneck. "God Cynthia, I’ve wanted to make love to
you for so long! You have no idea!" Cynthia smiled sexily, and lifted off her
turtle neck. She had a white lace bra on, with a front enclosure that kept her
rather large breasts cupped together. Jay was in shock! He couldn’t believe how
big her tits were! They weren’t huge, but were indeed full and firm. More than a
mouthful in fact! Jay undid the front snap, and Cynthia’s breasts fell free from
their confines. They were luscious and full, with big light brown areola and
pointy erect nipples begging to be licked. Jay sat up and gently suckled her
nipples, rolling his tongue gently around them, taking little nibbles and bites
at her nips. He grasped both tits together, squeezing and kneeding them, burying
he head in between them, as his tongue continued to dance about their soft
yielding mass. Jay’s oral manipulations of her breasts were really beginning to
get Cynthia hot and bothered. She pushed Jay’s head away and stood up. "Get out
of those clothes – now!" she ordered. Jay complied, watching Cynthia slide out
of her denim skirt, and then her pantyhose, and finally her white lace panties.
"Geez, you don’t fool around do you?" Jay enquired, slipping of his boxers.
Cynthia didn’t answer, instead she threw Jay back down on the bed and once again
got on top of him. She smiled, seductively, her hands roaming all over Jay’s
firm, muscular chest and abs. "God, you are in really great shape," she
whispered, planting kisses in various areas of his chest. Jay just lay back and
shut his eyes, revelling in the tender, soft touches and kisses of Cynthia
Rothrock. As Cynthia continued kissing and licking Jays chest, she slowly worked
her way down to his crotch. Jay was half erect, and knew it wouldn’t be long
before all eight inches of his dick would be at attention. Cynthia eyed his half
hard dick, licking her lips. "You want me to suck your cock?" she moaned,
pumping Jay’s meat slowly. Jay opened his eyes and looked down at Cynthia. "Oh
God, yes, please Cynthia! Please suck my cock!" Cynthia smiled, closed her eyes,
and slowly deep throated Jay’s dick. She wrapped he lips tightly around the base
of his dick, and slowly began to pump her head up and down. Jay almost lost his
mind! He couldn’t believe Cynthia Rothrock was giving him a deep throat blowjob!
He placed both his hands on her blond head and helped to pump her head. Cynthia
could feel Jay’s dick throb in her mouth, and before she knew it, it was at full
attention, all eight inches of it! Cynthia could no longer deep throat him, as
the extra length was now making her gag, so she began to pump his shaft slowly,
while at the same time licking and suckling at the thick head. "God," Cynthia
groaned, nearly out of breath, "your cock tastes so good! It’s so fucking big!"
Hearing Cynthia talk dirty turned Jay into an uncontrollable focus of lust! He
reached out and pulled Cynthia forward, so his dick was nestled in between the
valley of her cleavage. Cynthia reached up and began playing with Jay’s nipples,
pinching and squeezing them, while at the same time Jay grabbed both her tits
and squeezed them around his dick. The saliva from Cynthia’s cock sucking made
for a nice slick, wet passage between her boobs. Jay reached back, placing
Cynthia’s hands on either side of her tits, and he leaned back on his elbows.
"Titty fuck me, Cynthia!" Jay ordered, "Fuck me with those big, beautiful
boobs!" Cynthia complied, squeezing her tits together in a tight vice around
Jay’s spear, and rapidly began pumping and sliding up and down. Cynthia stared
directly into Jay’s eyes, licking her lips. "Yeah, baby, yeah!" Cynthia grunted,
"Fuck my tits! Fuck ’em! Slide that rock hard rod between my melons baby! You
like that?" Jay was beside himself with ecstasy. The feeling of Cynthia
Rothrock’s firm, tight, muscular tits around his cock was an incomprehensible
feeling! He quickly began to pump his hips up and down, basking in the pure joy
of fucking ‘China O’Brien’ and the ‘Lady Dragon’s’ boobs! "Fuck yeah," Jay
moaned, almost out of breath from the pleasure his dick was experiencing, "Keep
it up Cynthia! Do it, baby! Do it! Fuck that dick!" Cynthia was sweating now, as
beads of lust and passion formed on her forehead. She continued to lock eyes
with Jay, matching him stroke for stroke, pump for pump. "Fuck’em! Fuck my
titties!" she cooed, "Com’on baby, gimmie what you got! Is that all you got
baby? Am I too much for you? Huh?" Jay growled, placing his hands over
Cynthia’s, as they both pumped her breasts in unison, "You fucking cunt! You hot
bitch! I’ll show you!" Jay challenged. He rocked his hips harder and harder,
squeezing his grip over Cynthia’s tighter and tighter, as he slammed his hot
beef injection between the soft, silky confines of Cynthia’s melons. "Come on,
Cyn, fuck my meat you tit fucking whore! Use those titties, baby! Yeah! Yeah! Oh
Shiiit!!!" Cynthia was gasping for breath now, as both of their rapid
undulations were beginning to take their toll. "Cum on Jay! Do it! You wanna cum
on my face, baby! Huh? You wanna shoot your hot, sticky cream all over my
fucking face?" Jay just growled, thrusting faster and faster, "Arrghh! You hot
cunt! You fucking bitch! Yeah! Yeah! I’m gonna cum all over your fucking face!
Ohhh Shiiittt!!!" Cynthia could feel Jay’s dick throb between her cleavage, and
looking down she saw the pre-cum ooze leaking out of the slit. She smiled, she
knew Jay was close. "Cum on baby! I can feel your close! Do it! Do it! Cum on my
face you tit fucker!" With a howl, Jay pulled his meat from the confines of her
boobs and quickly began beating his meat on Cynthia’s gorgeous face. "Arrgh!
Uhhhn, yeah! Oh shittt! Uh! Uhhhrrrmmm!" Jay grunted, as his meat exploded all
over her face, eyes, nose and mouth. His cream splattered everywhere, even on
her blond hair. She shut her eyes, and stuck her tongue out, lapping at the love
cream Jay had supplied to her facial features in mass abandance. "Oohh baby,"
Cynthia cooed between licks, "Look at all this hot sticky cream!" Jay was
covered in a sheen of sweat, his hand continuing to prime his pump until all of
its contents was laid bare on Cynthia Rothrock’s sexy tongue. She licked her
lips, rolling his cream around in her mouth before swallowing it in one gulp.
She smiled, thinking about her husband, "Hmmm, at least I’ve got something new
to try when I get back home tomorrow," she thought. Jay, meanwhile, was beside
himself. He had just titty fucked Cynthia Rockrock and she had swallowed his
cum. He fell back on the bed, gasping for breath. "Jesus," he gasped, "That was
unbelievable Cynthia!" Cynthia climbed back on top of Jay, running her hands
over his stern, handsome face. "Ready for round two?" she teased. Jay could feel
his dick twitch again…

Jay v.s. Cynthia Rothrock Part Two

"Lick it, Jay" Cynthia moaned, humping her cunt on Jay’s face, "Oh yeah, baby,
eat that pussy!"
Cynthia Rothrock was straddled on Jay’s face, both his hands on her tight, firm,
taut ass cheeks, as he licked and stabbed his tongue in and around Cynthia
Rothrock’s juicy cunt. Jay was in heaven! A few minutes ago he had just been
fucking Cynthia Rothrock’s tits, gotten a blow job and cum on her face, and now
here he was, eating out her gorgeous snatch!
"Ohhh, yesss! Ohhh baby, make me cum! Lick it, Jay! Lick my snatch!" Cynthia
moaned, grinding her mound across Jay’s lips. Cynthia leaned forward, eyeing
Jay’s dick. He had just shot a monster load of cream all over her face, and now
his eight inch monster was up and rarin’ to go for another round! Jay continued
to lick and slurp at Cynthia’s pussy, tongueing and nibbling at her engorged
"Oh Jesus! Oh fuck, yeah, baby! I’m gonna cum!" Cynthia groaned, breathing
heavy. Her hip gyrations increased in tempo, faster and faster as she rode Jay’s
face. Jay licked and sucked, moving in circular motions, stabbing with his
tongue, biting her clit.
"Ahhh fuck, yesssss!!!" Cynthia screamed, squeezing her theighs around Jay’s
head. She had strong legs, and Jay felt like his head was caught in a vice grip!
"Owww, Cynthia! I can’t breath!" he yelled, the words muffled by her crotch.
Cynthia laughed, releasing her grip on Jay’s head. "Sorry, baby. Didn’t mean to
hurt you. You o.k.?" Cynthia asked, stroking Jay’s fore head. Jay nodded,
grinning at Cynthia. Cynthia turned her attentions back to Jay’s big dick. It
stood fully erect, like a flagpole, it’s oversized mushroom like head straining
with the pressure of the blood flowing through it. "Jesus," Cynthia gasped,
"Your dick is rock hard! You have amazing stamina, Jay!"
Jay laughed, "It’s all my martial arts training baby! I knew it was good for
something other than fighting!"
"Well," Cynthia teased, sexily, " We should probably do something about it right
now!" She quickly shuffled forward, her back and ass still to Jay’s face, and
slowly raised herself up, squatting over his erection. She stroked it, pumping
it gently. Jay grimaced in pleasure from her firm, strong grip. He let out an
audible gasp.
"You want me to sit on your dick, baby?" Cynthia asked innocently.
"Fuck yeah!" Jay firmly answered, "Sit on my dick and ride it like a fuckin’
bronco, Cynthia! Show me what you got!"
Still smiling, Cynthia lowered herself down onto Jay’s cock, her pussy lipps
slowly enveloping the thick meat, squeezing and stroking the shaft as it pushed
it’s way into her tight, wet hole.
"Unnnhgg!" Cynthia groaned, "Fuck! It’s so fucking hard!" She slowly began to
ride up and down on his engorged shaft, squeezing and milking it with her
vaginal walls.
Jay reached over and pulled Cynthia back by her blond locks, his hands groping
and squeezing her firm, taut boobs. "Urrg, yeah, baby! Ride my cock! Slam my
meat you kung fu bitch!"
Cynthia complied, bucking her hips faster and faster, angling her body so Jay
could thrust his dick up and forward, deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her cunt
juices were flowing freely, running down Jay’s meat, staining the bed sheets.
"Oh God! Oh shit! Fuck me, baby! Fuck my tight cunt!" Cynthia yelled, placing
her hands over Jay’s, as they both grasped her tits and squeezed, "Oh yeah! You
fuck me so good, baby! Better than my husband!"
Jay smiled. He was in his glory. Here he was, pounding the hot pussy of Cynthia
Rothrock, and she had just yelled out that he was a better fuck than her own
husband! This urged Jay on, making him more bold and confident as he continued
to pump his meat harder and harder into Cynthia’s tight hole.
"Ohh shiiittt, Cyn!" Jay howled, "You’re soooo fucking tight and wet! Jesus!
Fuck it! Fuck it Rothrock!"
Cynthia pounded her pussy up and down, faster and faster as Jay continued his
upward thrusts, slamming into her without mercy! Cynthia was laying back on Jay
completely now, his arms wrapped around hers, as she pumped her hips up and down
on his rock hard shaft. Jay lowered his left hand and began to finger her clit.
This drove her wild!
"Oooohh God! Ooooohh God! I’m gonna cum Jay!" Cynthia screamed, bucking down
harder on his meat, "Oh sweet Jesus! I’m gonna cream sooo bad!!!"
Jay continued his onslaught, slamming up into Cynthia Rothrock’s tight snatch
for all he was worth, intent on making the gorgeous blond actress and action
star beg for mercy!
"Ahhhhh! Huhn! Huhn! Please – Oh shiiitt!!! Jesus…" Cynthia gasped, feeling
her orgasm reach its crescendo. She slammed down hard on Jay’s cock as she came,
screaming as she did.
Jay quickly pulled out of her.
"Wha…?" Cynthia questioned, taken completely by surprise. Jay didn’t answer,
instead he stood up, roughly turning Cynthia over on all fours, hiking her
plump, tight butt up in the air.
"I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, bitch!" Jay growled, mockingly. Cynthia
panicked! Anal sex? She had never done that before! The idea of the pain brought
doubt and worry across her face. Jay, oblivious to this, slid his twitching
sausage between Cynthia’s ass crack, revelling in the sensations of her bouncy
butt cheeks.
"Please Jay," she pleaded, "Don’t hurt me, o.k.?" a still worried look upon her
"Don’t worry, baby," Jay assured her, "You’ll like this, I promise!" With that,
Jay spit onto the palms on his hands, greasing up his dick good, and shoving a
lubricated finger up Cynthia Rothrock’s puckered asshole.
"Owwww!" she yelled painfully.
"Relax, baby, relax" Jay continued to assure her. Then, feeling her anus loosen
up a bit, he removed his finger and placed the tip of his dick to the entrance
of her bunghole. Here we go, Jay thought to himself, grinning wickedly. Then he
quickly shoved it in.
Cynthia screamed out in pain, Jay’s rock hard meat was tearing her asshole
apart! "Please Jay!" she implored, "It hurts! You’re hurting me!"
Jay ignored her pleas, and standing upright over her ass, continued to slam his
missile into her tight shitter. "Oh fuck! Oh baby! Your ass is so fuckin’ tight!
Just like I knew it would be!" Jay moaned in ecstasy.
Cynthia continued to wince at his ceaseless thrusts, but also began to get
turned on by the fact that she was being fucked like a dog! Her husband had
never done her like this before! Soon, the feeling of pain was over ridden by
the nasty pleasure that she was receiving from being ass fucked by this handsome
young stud!
"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck my ass, baby!" Cynthia groaned, her head on its side,
jerking forward and backward, "You’re cock feels so good in my ass!"
Jay grinned. He had broken her! At last, Cynthia Rothrock was now his! Gripping
her ass cheeks firmly, Jay pounded his dick in and out of her shitter, harder
and harder, faster and faster, his hips a blur of non stop bucking. Cynthia
pound her ass back to Jay’s forward thrusts, slamming her ass onto Jay’s meat.
"Oh fuck! Oh god yeahhh!" Cynthia screamed, " Fuck my ass, baby! Give it to me!
Slam my ass good you sick fuck!"
Jay was beside himself. He reached a hand over, pulling Cynthia’s hair back as
he continued to pummel her asshole.
"Oh fuck! You fuckin’ cunt!" Jay sneered, "Fuck my dick with your ass Rothrock!
Fuck it! Oh fuck you fuckin slut! You goddamn whore! Fuck it bitch!"
Cynthia squeezed her butt cheeks together, a tight vice grip entrapping Jay’s
cock. Jay felt the pressure, and the sensations were driving them both out of
their minds!
"Arrrghh! Arrghh! You bitch! You fuckin’ cunt!" Jay bellowed, " Fuck it! Fuck my
cock Cynthia!"
Cynthia whimpered in defeat, Jay was too much for her! She couldn’t take much
more! "Please cum, Jay! Shoot your wad in my ass! Please cum! Do it, baby!" she
Jay could feel his orgasm building, and knew it was almost time. He quickly
pulled out of her ass, his dick making a loud wet ‘plop’ as it was released from
the confines of her shitter. He quickly rolled Cynthia over on her back and
straddled her waist.
"Oh God, Jay, what now?" she pleadingly inquired, obviously exhausted from the
‘workout’ Jay was giving her. Jay merely smiled, his hard , firm body covered in
sweat, mingling with Cynthia’s sexy musk. He reached out and grasped Cynthia’s
breasts, squeezing them together, kneeding them like dough. His finger tips
twisted and pinched the erect nipples, eliciting a sigh from Cynthia.
"You wanna fuck my titties again, don’t you?" she mused, jiggling them for Jay.
"Oh yeah baby!" was all Jay could muster, before plunging his slick shaft
between Cynthia Rothrock’s boobs once again. Cynthia smiled, squeezing her tits
tightly around Jay’s meat, stroking them forward and back, side to side. She was
intent on making this young buck cum again and cum hard! She flicked her tongue
out at Jay’s cockhead as it appeared and disappeared from her mountainous
cleavage, every so often sucking on the mushrom head as Jay thrust his hips
forward, inching his meat closer and closer to Cynthia’s lusty red lips.
"Ohh baby!" Cynthia cooed between licks, "Yeah, fuck my tits! Fuck ’em! I know
you love it! Tell me you love it!"
Jay humped faster and faster, pumping his sausage in between the luscious folds
of her chest. "Christ, you hot bitch! I’m gonna cream your fuckin’ tits sooo
fuckin’ good!" he gasped, almost out of breath.
"Do it motherfucker! Cum on my fuckin tits! Shoot you’re load on my fuckin’
mouth!" Cynthia demanded.
‘Oh fuck! Here it cum’s, Cynthia!" Jay yelled, feeling his dick twitch and throb
from between her tits. Cynthia quickly opened her mouth and suckled on the head
of Jay’s dick, siphoning off his cum like a Hoover Deluxe!
"Ohhhh Fuckin Shiiittt!!!" Jay groaned in ecstasy, bucking his hips forward, his
dick shoved deep into Cynthia’s wanton lips! Cynthia could feel Jay’s cream fill
her mouth, splattering on the insides of her throat. She wanted to gag, but
focussed to hold it back. Jay flexed his arms in triumph, yelling out in a
victorious cry of joy.
He looked down at Cynthia, her pretty face covered in sweat and cum, as she
swallowed his monstrous load, smiling as some of it dribbled passed the sides of
her lips.
He collapsed on top of her, the both of them basking in the afterglow of one
hell of a sex marathon!
"You were wonderful," Jay whispered softly, caressing Cynthia’s brow.
"So were you," Cynthia replied, sighing, running her hands across Jay’s back and
"What now?" Cynthia asked quietly, catching her breath.
They both stared into each other’s eyes longingly for a moment, and both

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