Jay the Assistant Director : Chapter 1

Title: Jay the Assistant Director : Chapter 1

Author: TheGreenArrowDP2001

Celebs: Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, oral, cons, anal, fingering, handjob, creampie,

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It did NOT happen. This story is pure fantasy and fantasy is legal.



Jessica Alba loved her kids so much. She loved all 3 of them, and she loved everything about them. From getting pregnant, to giving birth, to buying the clothes and so on. In other words, she had baby fever, but her husband Cash didn’t want to have another child.

He had said that 3 was enough, and another would be chaos. He refused to have sex with her, just to make sure she wouldn’t get pregnant again. The baby fever had put a distance between Jessica and Cash, and they both felt it. Cash had his own way of getting over it, which was cheating on Jessica with the lovely Keira Knightley.

Jessica knew about Cash’s affair; Keira had told her, but she had never cheated on Cash. Cash drove Jessica to the set of El Camino Christmas a couple of weeks after she learned of Cash’s affair. She walked into her trailer, and she waited for filming to start. She was early, so she laid down and decided to take a nap, but she couldn’t fall asleep. She had too many things on her mind, specifically sex.

She opened her eyes and sat up, groaning as she felt herself get horny at the thought of Cash fucking her and filling her cunt with his warm jizz. Jessica moved her hand down her pants, she laid down on the couch again.

Jessica slowly touched her wet pussy and she started to rub her finger between her pussy lips. She started fucking herself with her fingers, penetrating deep inside of her. She always shaved her pussy, just in case Cash ever did change his mind, and yet he never did.

Jessica moaned loudly as she gave herself an orgasm minutes later. She tried to fall asleep, but her body needed more, as it had been deprived of anything related to sex for so long. She looked around for something to use, as her hand was getting tired, and she saw a hair brush with a long handle on her dresser.

Jessica grabbed it, pushed her pants and her panties down to her ankles, laid back down and she slowly and gently rubbed the handle between her nether lips, just as she had done with her fingers. Jessica then pushed the brush in and the long handle penetrated her wet cunt. She slowly pulled and pushed the brush in like it was a dick.

Jessica was lost in the moment, and she didn’t hear the door to her trailer open. Jay was an 18 year old male, who had freaked out when he graduated high school and got his first chance to work on a set of a movie. He freaked out even more when he learned the A-list actors and actresses who were going to be in this film, mainly Jessica Alba.

Jay had always had a crush on her, ever since he watched Fantastic Four and the sequel. He opened the door to tell Jessica that she would start filming in an hour and a half. He looked in as he watched his crush use a brush to fuck her amazing pussy.

Jay looked around to see if anyone was near him; Jessica’s trailer was in the back, and he watched on. Jay felt himself getting hard, and he groaned his hand was holding the door cracked while his other was full of papers and lines.

Jay just kept watching, and minutes later, he let out another groan as he felt his cock was going to tear a hole in his jeans if he didn’t let it out. The groan was loud enough for Jessica to stop and look around. Jay realized he was about to be caught and he moved to close the door, and Jessica stopped him as she saw the door move.

“Hey! Come here!” She said.

Jay groaned as he knew his future life as a director was screwed, he walked in and stood in front of his crush.

“I’m so so so sorry Mrs. Alba. I shouldn’t ha-” He said as Jessica cut him off.

“Don’t worry. How long were you watching me for?” She asked as she sat up and examined Jay.

“Not very long ma’am.” Jay replied.

“Call me Jessica. What’s your name?” She asked as she eyed the obvious boner in his pants.

“My name is Jay. And I know all about you Mrs. Alb… Jessica. I’ve been a huge fan.” Jay said as he felt embarrassed.

“It’s so nice to meet a fan. Come here and sit down, you seem a little tense.” She said as she patted the seat next to her. Jay sat down and he felt uncomfortable, why hadn’t she gone crazy on him and had him fired.

Jessica looked at him and saw how nervous Jay was and she laughed.

“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna tell on you. I do want to know what you needed to tell me though.” She said as she leaned against Jay.

Judging by how big the outline of his boner was, he was bigger than Cash in length and width.

“I was supposed to tell you that you’ll start filming in an hour and a half.” He said as he looked at her.

“Okay good to know. What was the first movie you saw with me in it?” She asked Jay.

“Fantastic Four. I loved you in it. You were so hot, and that’s when I got my first crush.” He said, rambling.

“Ooh. I was your first crush. That’s so sweet.” Jessica said, giggling and her hand brushed against Jay’s thigh.

“Can I ask you something?” Jessica said.

“Anything.” Jay replied.

“Did you get that from me?” Jessica asked as she pointed to Jay’s crotch.

“Ye… Yeah.” Jay said, embarrassed again.

“Well then… Since you saw me playing with myself. I think I should get to see you playing with yourself.” Jessica said as her hand gripped Jay’s cock.

“Wha… What?” Jay said.

“You heard me. Come on, like you haven’t fantasized about me watching you stroke that massive dick in your jeans.” She whispered in his ear.

“OK.” Jay said eagerly as he undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and boxer, revealing his magnificent 8 inch dick pointing straight up.

“Holy shit Jay. You’re huge… You should be very proud of yourself, you know that.” Jessica said as she examined the amazing cock. His balls were bigger and she knew that they held large amounts of cum.

Jay wrapped his hand right under his bulbous head and he pulled down and went back up. He kept going for a long time and Jessica took off her pants and panties and she removed her shirt, revealing her nearly naked body, except for her bra.

Jessica smiled as she watched Jay stroke his dick, and she moved her head above his dick and she dribbled some saliva onto the large phallus. Jay smiled and he sped up his jerking, slathering Jessica’s saliva around.

Jay’s head fall back on the couch and Jessica started kissing his neck, eliciting more moans from Jay.

“What do you want to do to me with that cock Jay?” She whispered into his ear.

“I want to fuck your mouth and your pussy and your ass. I want to feel my dick stretch you out as it goes deep inside of you. I wanna feel you gag on my dick, and I really really want to cum in your mouth so you can taste my jizz.” He said without hesitation. It was all true, it was what he fantasized.

“Wow. Well I’m not gonna lie, I want that thick dick of yours inside of me too. Oh, and I can’t wait to taste your cum, but here’s the deal. I love having children, and my husband won’t even fuck me because he doesn’t want another kid. Soooo… I want your cum to fill my pussy up, then you can cum wherever you want.” Jessica said to him, as her hand moved across his chest.

“Wait really. This isn’t some prank?” Jay asked.

“No I promise. You said that I have an hour and a half until I start shooting right? What can we do in an hour and a half?” She asked smiling at him.

“A lot of things.” Jay replied as he smiled back.

“One last thing, will you cum inside of me and make me have your baby?” Jessica asked as she moved on top of Jay.

“Hell to the fucking yes.” Jay said as his hands starting roaming the amazing Latina’s body.

“Good. I can’t wait to have this inside of me.” She said as she kissed him, her lips meeting with his.

“I think it’s time for me to feel those amazing lips of yours wrapped around my dick.” Jay said as he quickly took off her bra and threw it somewhere. Jessica slid down to her knees and she quickly kissed the round head of Jay’s cock.

Jay groaned as she teased him, and took off his shirt, revealing his 6 pack. Jessica grabbed the base of Jay’s cock and she started suckling on his balls. She put both of them in her mouths and her tongue brushed against them.

Her hand stroked the cock, going up and down over and over again. She continued suckling on the enormous balls for a couple minutes before moving her gorgeous lips to the tip of the 8 inch dick. She opened her mouth, winked at Jay, and engulfed half of his cock. She bobbed up and down and Jay’s moved the hair out of her face and he grabbed the back of her head.

“Open wide.” He said as he pushed her head down and forced the sexy Latina down on his cock. He felt the head of his cock ram against the back of Jessica’s throat. Jay pushed her head up and forced it back down, controlling Jessica’s head. He continued fucking Jessica’s mouth, and she was gagged and seized on his cock.

Jay then pulled her head up and let Jessica breathe before smiling at her, and then slamming his 8 inch cock deep into his cock. He stood up and started bobbed her head back and forth, and Jay sped up, enjoying every bit of this rough fucking.

He pulled her head off and let Jessica collect her breath again, he sat back down and looked at his slobbered cock. When Jessica caught her breath, she caught her breath and smiled before climbing onto his lap.

“That was so rough… It’s time for my next hole to be stretched with your cock. And I want it as rough as before.” She whispered in his ear.

Jay’s hands grabbed Jessica’s ass and he picked her up and aimed his cock right at her amazing, tight pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” He said before dropping her down on his cock. Jessica moaned so loud, that Jay was sure someone would’ve heard them if Jessica’s trailer wasn’t in the back. He grabbed her sexy Latina hips and he bounced her around on his cock, at the same time, he dived into her tits and kissed, licked and nibbled on her tits.

Jay was enjoying this so much, and judging by Jessica’s moans, so was she. She moved his hands to her tits, while she started riding his dick, her back arched as she took in all 8 inches deep inside.

She’d missed having sex, and now Jay was giving her just what she had needed. Jay thrusted his hips upwards and stood up and walked forwards towards her dresser, where he bent her over and Jessica gripped the ends of her dresser to support her as Jay immediately rammed into her pussy. Her ass cheeks jiggled around with each thrust and Jay grabbed by the shoulders and pulled her into him and Jay thrusted forward at the same time.

Jay kept fucking her like this for several long passionate minutes, to which Jessica had nearly 3 orgasms. Jay had felt his balls swell up and he told her he was close to cumming, and Jessica smiled. She needed another orgasm to make sure he could impregnate her, and Jay knew that too. His right hand slid down and started rubbing Jessica’s pussy rapidly, while his other hand kneaded her nipples.

Jay continued fucking Jessica’s pussy and her body started shuddering, and he knew she was close to another orgasm. He sped his thrusting up and within seconds she moaned and her orgasm rippled through her body, her pussy clenched around his large meat stick and he shot his load out into the sexy Latina.

He kept pumping his dick until his balls were empty, and her walls were coated with his cum. He pulled out and he turned Jessica around and kissed her lips intensely.

“So how was that?” He asked between kisses.

“Magical… I’m literally seeing stars.” Jessica said as they started french kissing.

“Stars huh? Well if you think you can handle it, there’s one last hole to stretch. And I think we have enough time.” Jay whispered as his hands traveled up Jessica’s body.

“I think I can manage it.” Jessica said as she stroked Jay’s still hard cock.

Jay smirked as he moved Jessica and bent her over against the door and he pressed the head of his cock into her ass. He pushed it in and Jessica moaned a little bit. Jay pushed in further, eliciting louder moans from Jessica and he pulled back out. Jay then slammed forward and he pushed all 8 inches deep inside Jessica’s ass.

Jessica gasped as he stretched her ass out and her body shook as he pumped his dick into her. Jay started playing with her pussy as he had done before and he continued fucking her at the same time. It wasn’t long before Jessica had another orgasm and Jay could feel his balls swell up with cum again.

He pushed in again when suddenly a knock came from Jessica’s door. They froze and Jessica opened the door and peeked her head around. Jay didn’t stop and he kept fucking her ass, and Jay heard Simon his boss asking where he was.

“Jay. Oh I asked him to run an errand for me. He’s such a good guy.” Jessica said, barely containing her moans.

“Ok. Well Mrs. Alba, filming starts in 15 minutes.” Simon said before walking off.

Jessica closed the door and looked back at Jay.

“You couldn’t have waited until he left, I nearly gave us away.” She said.

“Nope.” Jay simply said as he turned her around and picked her up. Jessica wrapped her legs around his back and Jay told her he was once again close to cumming.

“Why don’t we make sure you get pregnant.” He said as he picked her body up and aimed it once again for his cock.

Jessica was about to answer when she was dropped down on his cock. Moans replaced what she was about to say, and Jay picker her up and dropped her back down on his cock repeatedly. It wasn’t long until Jessica had another intense orgasm and Jay shot his load into Jessica, filling her cunt with his warm cum.

He kissed her, and gently let her down. They sat down and caught their breath, and they got their clothes back on. Jessica kissed Jay for the rest of the time until she needed to start filming and she walked out of her trailer, her desire for sex was finally satisfied.

Jay walked out of the trailer when the coast was clear, and the rest of the day passed in a blur.

Jessica called for him as filming was wrapping up at the end of the day and she jumped him when he walked in her trailer.

“I can’t wait to have your baby.” Jessica said.

“I can’t believe I just had sex with you, and that I just came inside of you.” Jay said.

“Well believe it. What’s your number so I can call you, and if I need someone to fuck me good, I’ll know who to call.” Jessica said as she kissed him.

Jay gave her his number and they made out for a bit longer until Cash was there, waiting to pick up Jessica. Jessica kissed Jay once more, before walking to the car and getting in.

Jay walked out subtly minutes later when the coast was clear and he drove home. He had stopped at red light when his phone buzzed and he read a text message from Jessica.

‘It’s Jessica. Since you did me a favor, I’ll do one for you. Do you have any other famous crushes, because I might be able to hook you up.’

Jay replied, ‘Yeah I got a couple.’

Jessica texted him back several minutes later, ‘Got a specific someone?

Jay smiled as he pulled into his driveway, ‘Can you get me on the set of Cloak and Dagger, I’ve got my eyes on Olivia Holt.’

Jessica texted him back pretty fast and her answer put a smile on Jay’s face.

‘You got it. I’ll hook it up. And I’ll make sure to put in a good word about you to the director and Olivia.’

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