Jenna 3

Title: Jenna 3

Author: Tori

Celebs: Jenna Ortega

Codes: fM, oral, anal, pedo

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

It had been a rough month for young Jenna Ortega.  First, she was raped by a loanshark and forced to have live sex on camera.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she had to have sex with her own Father.  After running away, she eventually found herself alone in Portland and that was when it got worse.  She was picked up by what she thought was a good Samaritan and his daughter with the hopes of having a hot meal and a roof over her head for a couple of nights but when she walked into the man’s house, she knew that her nightmare was only beginning.

The minute she walked into Doug’s house, he grabbed her from behind.  She saw Debbie reach into her purse, pull out a Taser and press it against Jenna’s side.  Within seconds, she fell unconscious on the floor.  When she finally woke up, she was lying naked on a small mattress in an otherwise empty room.  Jenna stared at the ceiling for what felt like hours.  When the door opened, Doug came in and said, “Now, let’s get a taste of that little pussy.”  Jenna didn’t say a word as the man took off his clothes and climbed on top of the tiny 14 year old.  When he slipped his cock inside of her, he leaned down and said, “Not a virgin?  I figured as much.”  He started to fuck her hard and deep and after only a few minutes, he pulled his cock out and shot his load on across her tiny teen breasts.  As soon as he left, Jenna closed her eyes and cried.

Several hours later, Doug came in again only this time he pulled Jenna up on her hands and knees and pushed his cock into her ass.  “Shit, that’s a tight little ass baby.”  Jenna started to grunt with each hard thrust.  She could feel his balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her ass hard and deep.  Doug held onto her slim hips as he slammed his cock deep inside of her, filling her gaping hole with his load.  When he finally pulled out, he said, “Get over here and clean my cock you slut.”  Jenna slowly turned around and licked her ass from his soft cock.  When she finished, she sat back and said, “What are you going to do with me?”  Doug stood over the tiny teen and said, “If you’re good, you’ll be joining the other girls at some parties I give.  You’ll earn your keep like all the others do.”  Jenna looked puzzled.  “What other girls?  How many of us do you have here?”  Doug smiled and said, “There’s ten of you. “  Jenna started to feel sick.  She fought back the urge to throw up and said, “Please, let me go.  I won’t tell anyone.”  Doug just smiled and said, “You won’t tell anyone if I keep you, will you?”  Jenna started to cry and said, “No, I guess not.”

Over the next few days, Doug used Jenna for sex.  When he was satisfied, he let her out of the room and she joined the other girls in the large bedroom they shared.  The other girls were all around her age.  Two were 16, three were 15, three were 14 and the youngest girl was 12.  They were all runaways and for what they told her, they were lured here by Doug and Debbie just as she was.  The girls were only given clothing when they were taken out to work.  Otherwise, they were kept naked and locked in the room.  Their food and water was brought to them by Doug and Debbie.  Debbie, it turned out, was not Doug’s real daughter but a girl he adopted when she was 10.  She was his first and it was obvious to everyone that she loved him deeply and would do anything for him.

The next day, Doug and Debbie took Jenna downstairs and dressed her up in various outfits.  Debbie did her makeup and then Doug took pictures of her in lingerie, a cheerleader outfit, schoolgirl uniform and numerous dresses.  When they were finished, she was taken back up to her room.  He handed Jenna a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers and told her to get dressed.  She and the other girls quickly got dressed and then went downstairs where she found Doug with two other men waiting.  The two men had pistols tucked in their belts and when they saw her, one of them smiled and walked over to her.  He squeezed her tit with his huge hand and said, “I might just have to sample this fine little piece of ass later.”  Doug slapped him on the back and said, “Sure, as long as you pay like everyone else.”  The other man laughed and then said, “Let’s go bitches, we’re burning daylight.”  The girls were led out to a large van with blacked out windows and climbed in.  Jenna had no idea where they were taking them but the ride only last a few minutes and when the doors opened, she found they were at a motel next to the highway.  One by one, the girls were led to different rooms.  When it was Jenna’s turn, Doug said, “Listen up.  These men are paying top dollar for you so you better make them happy.  Now, get naked and wait on the bed.”  Jenna just nodded and walked in.

Inside, Jenna waited.  When the first man walked in, she looked over at him and wanted to puke.  He was a fat, middle aged man and after he took off his clothes, he walked over to the bed, stroking his little six inch cock and said, “Get over her sweetie.  I need my cock sucked.”  Jenna crawled over and took his cock in her mouth.  As she started to bob up and down on him, he moaned and said, “You look familiar.  Where have I seen you before?”  Jenna pulled off his cock and said, “I used to do a webcast with my Poppa.”  The man looked down at her and said, “That’s it!  You’re Jenna, aren’t you?”  Jenna nodded as she sucked his cock and when he was good and hard, he laid down and pulled her on top of him.  He turned her around and spread her long, thin legs apart, lowering her down on his cock.  “Ride that cock baby” he said.  Jenna leaned back and planted her feet on either side of him and began to slam her pussy up and down on him.  She fucked him for several minutes and then she felt his fat finger in her ass.  He took hold her hips and pulled her off his cock and said, “I want some of this.”  Jenna grabbed his dick and pointed it at her ass and slowly sat down.  When he was inside of her, she began to fuck herself.  Soon, she was slamming her asshole up and down on his little dick, trying to make him cum as fast as she could.  After what seemed like an eternity, the fat man finally shot his load into her little ass.  His softening cock slipped out of her and he pushed her off of him.  He grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face down on his filthy cock and told her to lick him clean.  When she finished, she got off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean herself up.  When she came out, there was already another man waiting.

All told, Jenna had sex with six men that first time.  By the time she and the others were taken back to Doug’s house, it was dark.  When they got back, their clothes were taken and they were allowed to shower and then given something to eat.  Over the next several weeks, Jenna turned tricks for Doug every day.  They were taken to a different location every time and she knew there was no escape.  Eventually, she came to the realization that she was nothing but a whore.

Every week or so, one of the girls would disappear, only to be replaced by a new girl that went through the same initial isolation that Jenna did.  By the time they joined Jenna and the others, they had been repeatedly raped by Doug and turned into willing participants in his juvenile prostitution ring.  One night, Doug came in and woke Jenna up.  He tossed her some clothes and had her follow him out to the van.  He rode with her in the back, which was unusual and Jenna started to get scared.  She looked over at him and said, “You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?”  Doug took her hand and said, “What?  No, I’m not going to kill you.”  She breathed a little easier and then said, “Then where are you taking me?”  Doug smiled and said, “Don’t worry Jenna.  It’s going to alright.”  The ride lasted another thirty minutes and when the van stopped, Doug opened the door.  He helped the tiny Latina out of the van and Jenna looked over at the small plane.  Doug leaned down and kissed Jenna on the forehead and said, “Goodbye Jenna.  You belong to him now.”  Jenna saw a tall man with grey hair walking towards them.

When the man finally reached them, he handed Doug a briefcase and took Jenna’s hand.  “Come along little one.  We should be going.”  Doug stood and watched the man lead Jenna into the plane.  As soon as the door closed, the engines started and it slowly made its way to the runway.  Doug walked back to the van and got in just as the plane took off.  Inside the van, he opened the case and looked at the money.  The driver said, “Looks like another satisfied customer.”  Doug smiled and said, “More than satisfied.  Fifty grand for that little bitch.  I hope he gets his money’s worth.”  He closed the case and said, “Let’s go.  There’s more out there like her.”

Back in LA, the police were still trying to figure out what happened to Jenna Ortega.  Weeks earlier they had found her Father’s dead body in a dumpster with Jenna nowhere to be found.  They knew she had been seen on one of the many pedophile websites but had been unable to track down any of its members.  They would continue their investigation but like so many other young missing teens, they knew their search for Jenna would be fruitless.

The End

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