Jennifer Love Hewitt In Bondage – The whole Story

JLH in Bondage – The whole story

This is a complete work of fiction.

It had been a long hard day for Jennifer Love Hewitt. After being escorted
all the way home from the set of her latest film, it was a relief to wave
goodbye to her entourage and settle down for the night. Opening the door of
her apartment Jen reached in switched off the security alarm and switched on
the lights. She slipped off her denim jacket and kicked off her shoes with a
long sigh. She was so looking forward to her shower. Jen felt the air
conditioning blowing gently onto her long bare legs, making goose pimples
appear on her tanned skin
until her thighs disappeared into the short loose
skirt she had worn on the set today. Jen moved into the bathroom and switched
on the shower. Simply the sound of the water splashing down made her feel more
relaxed. She breathed a long, tired sigh as she began to unwind. Moving back
into her bedroom she unbuttoned her white blouse revealing ample cleavage
edged by the lacy, white bra she wore. Instinctively she reached down and
fingered her new belly button piercing which today proudly sported a diamond
with a small delicate one inch silver chain. It made her feel incredibly sexy
! Jen moved to her drawer unit and knelt down to open the bottom drawer. It
was then that it happened !

“Don’t move bitch, and don’t look round.” Jennifer
froze as she clearly felt the cold serrated edge of a long knife at her neck.
She felt a cloth bag slipped over her head and she was pulled up to her feet
by strong hands. The bag was loose and she felt the same strong hands move
under it and begin to slip it off. “Don’t turn around” she
was firmly reminded. Deft hands replaced the bag with a tight fitting black
blindfold. It molded over her eyes and the bridge of her nose and she could
see nothing. “That’s better, now we can see that pretty face of
yours “, Jen cringed as she felt rough, masculine hands at her neck.
She was petrified! The state of her relative undress filtered back into her
mind and she began to panic. ” P.p.please, please leave me alone. Take
anything you want, just leave me alone” she begged. ” Oh we will
take just what we want, but that, I’m afraid, does not involve leaving
you alone, ha, ha ha !” Jen groaned in despair. Suddenly they removed
their hands from her and Jen was left blindfold feeling afraid and exposed.
Then a pair of hands took her and spun her around. She stumbled feeling dizzy
and slipped to her knees. She was completely disoriented. She had no idea how
many people were with her. In fact there were three men and a single woman.
Jen screamed as she felt her long hair grabbed in a tight bunch and she was
dragged to her feet. She was pushed and pulled out of her bedroom, along the
hall and out into the cold air of her own private courtyard. There she was
forced to walk barefoot until she stumbled into some small steps, whereupon
she was bundled upwards into what she could sense was the inside of a large
van. Once inside she shuddered as she heard the door of the van close
noisily. Jen felt pressure on her shoulders as she was forced to kneel.
“Now we have you to ourselves Jennifer Love Hewitt!”

Jen had no idea where she was because of the blindfold. Her senses of touch
and hearing were now heightened incredibly and she flinched as she felt a hand
brush her arm. No one spoke. The gang just stood and watched, delighting in
Jennifer’s trembling nervousness. Jen’s superb breasts heaved in
terror. She swallowed hard as she felt the open blouse slipped off her
shoulders. She felt the cotton brush against her leg just before it fell with
a gentle rustle to the floor of the van. Suddenly her arms were taken and she
screamed as she felt the cold of metal wrist manacles fastened to her. If she
could have seen them she would have trembled at the long, thick chains
attached to each manacle, which were in turn fastened to a loop fixed to each
side of the van. Instead she just felt her arms pulled cruelly out to her
sides and stretched painfully taught. “No, no please,” Jennifer
begged. The gang ignored her pleas and simply proceeded to fasten her ankles
in a similar fashion leaving her standing very unsteadily, her legs about 3
feet apart. “So my beauty, we really have you now” a man mocked
her. “Please, please let me go,” Jen begged. This delighted them
all immensely. “Oh no my pretty one, not a chance !” was the
reply received. Jen swallowed hard as she felt a hand brush up against her
thigh and under the hem of her short skirt. “Shall we take off your
skirt or your bra next Jennifer ?” She was silent. “SLAP !!”
she felt a sting as she was hit across the cheek by a female hand and she was
shocked to hear a female voice. “Come on bitch, what’ll it be
?” Jen stuttered her response. “”, she
finally uttered in a voice of defeated resignation. She felt the hand again.
This time it continued the journey under the hem and up, up, up touching her,
brushing against her groin. Fingers loosened the buttons and the wrap around
skirt fell away. “Fuck me, look at those panties !” Jen remembered
she had worn black, silk, lacey high cut panties. Not a thong but very, very
sexy. She wished now that she hadn’t. Then silence. Silence, for
minute after long minute. Suddenly the chill of a sharp blade touched her
cheek. Jen panicked. “No please don’t cut me.” She felt the
blade move down across her cheek and down the length of her slender neck. She
hardly dare breathe. It continued its terrible trail across her bare
shoulders, down the middle of her back then round, round until it traced the
underside of her magnificent firm breasts. Once more she held her breath as
she felt the pressure of the blade increase, then the snap as her bra was
sliced in two. It sprung away leaving her exposed. “Wow, look at those
tits !” Two more strategic cuts and her bra fell away completely. The
cold air and the fear of her predicament had made her nipples firm and erect.
Jen looked stunning in her captivity. After five long minutes during which
not a sound was made Jen felt compelled to break the silence. “Where are
you, is anyone there, what’s going on ?” She began to panic. Then
the uncertainty of inaction was broken as Jen felt something very, very cold
on her cheek. She inhaled sharply. It was an ice cube. Jen felt it cold and
wet on her face. She felt it on the bridge of her perfect nose then tracing a
line down, down, followed by a long wet trail. Sensually it moved to her lips
over and around her full red mouth, leaving it wet and moist. Down it
continued onto her neck and chest and then Jen moaned openly as the ice cube
traveled onto her breasts. Then “Ooohhhhh” a second cube, one on
each breast now circling round and round, not touching her nipples just the
firm naked mounds. “Oooohhhhh, mmmm !” she groaned. Then a third
cube on her stomach skating over her tight flat muscles, moving down onto her
groin. Jen tried to strain her thighs together to meet the cubes insistent
approach, but the chains held her taught. Then her frustrations were answered
in part, as the ice closed in on her nipples. Just touching briefly, lightly,
the erect buds. She moaned anew as the cube at her groin moved under her
black panties. “F….U…C…K !!” she groaned
heavily, as the cube dampened her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She felt the
fingers holding the cube brush against her sex lips, and, again, she tried in
vain to push upwards to meet them. Then she bucked. “Aararrrgghh
!!” she uttered unintelligibly as the cube opened her slit and was
pushed into her. She felt a second cube quickly follow it, then a third and a
fourth. “Oh, my …..!” Fingers, unseen by Jen, twisted her
panties forcing the material, silky and damp, upwards trapping the cubes and
splitting her wet, pink labial lips. Jennifer felt the pressure heightened
then released. Once more heightened then released, and again. The friction
was making her high. “Do you want to come slut ?” Jen cringed at
the open, stark question, but couldn’t avoid answering “Y..y..yes
I do, oh yes I do !” through her dry again mouth. The ice continued to
tease her nipples relentlessly. Jen felt it melting inside her and the water
soaking her panties and making her pussy wet and pliant. The friction
continued. Jen groaned and strained her tight, bound body. Her tongue wet her
lips again as she threw back her head ready to come, to come, oh yes to come
gloriously !! Then it stopped. Jen hung twitching with desire, devastated, her
body heaving, frustrated and humiliated.

Panting, sweating, shaking and incredibly frustrated. That was how Jennifer
Love Hewitt felt as the friction stopped and she was left on the brink of a
most unwelcome but certainly not unwanted orgasm. “Oh no, please make me
come, don’t stop now” she begged, delighting her captors.
“SLAP !” shut it bitch, came the female voice taking the
opportunity to vent her feelings over the bound celebrity. Again silence.
Tears of fear and desire rolled down Jen’s cheeks. Then she felt it
again, the cold, sharp steel of the knife, this time on her thighs. “Oh
please don’t” she whispered, fearing the worst. Moving upwards
Jen felt the razor sharp edge against her skin. She froze, she dare not move.
Up it traveled into her groin. “Aaayyeeee !” she yelled as the
slightest of pressure was applied and the knife nicked the lovely smooth skin
of her groin. A small dot of red blood appeared giving way to a slim trickle
as the dot overspilled and ran down her thigh. Blindfold still, Jen was
completely disoriented. She felt the knife move to her panties and then
onwards underneath the thin strap of lacy fabric high cut to her waist. One
slit and her panties fell away to reveal half of her neatly trimmed pubic
bush, the other half still covered by the tenuously held black silk. The
knife moved and nicked again. Jen’s panties fell away completely, the
last remnants of material peeling themselves away from her still moist pussy.
She gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt the cold air of the van wash
over her entirely naked body. Jen’s breath was rapid now. Her gorgeous
breasts heaving covered in a glorious sheen of perspiration. Again no one
spoke, moved or touched her. In many ways the isolation afforded by the
blindfold was her greatest fear. Then she felt a slow, almost sharp, touch on
her back. It was certainly a female finger topped with a sharp fingernail as
it moved down her spine, lower and lower then still lower. Jennifer moaned
and tried to arch her back. It descended even further, dragging the sweat of
Jen’s back with it, moistening the finger until it reached the delicious
curve at the top of her buttocks. She froze. The finger then start its
descent into the lovely crack in Jen’s bottom, invading, delving. Jen
squeezed her buttocks together but the digit invaded deeper and deeper.
“Mmmmffggppp” Jen groaned as the finger found the hole for which
it had been searching and began to penetrate. She was very dry there and also
standing up, both factors which made penetration very difficult. However,
using only the moist dampness which had collected during the long tortuous
trail down Jen’s back the girl forced entry into Jen’s bottom.
“Aaarggghhh !!” Screamed Jennifer. “Go on bitch yell. That
really makes me hot!” Painfully the finger continued the assault until
it was buried up to the knuckle between Jen’s buttocks. She bucked and
squirmed, writhing against the chains which held her tight. “Ooooohhhh,
please take it out, pleeeeeeease” Jen nearly passed out as the girl
wriggled her finger creating small circles deep in Jen’s lovely bottom,
invading her even more. She sensed the girls face near to hers as she
whispered to Jen “I can feel your excitement whore, I can smell your
desire !” Jen was sickened by this lewdness but had to admit that
through the haze of her agony she could feel her natural juices being
stimulated as the girl began to frig in and out of Jen’s arse. She
groaned as the act being performed on her body caused much pain to her arms
and legs as they pulled and rubbed against the harsh chains. She was still
standing but her legs were very wide and she could feel the naked exposure of
her pussy for all to see. Then she felt it. Rough, hard, a finger brushing
over her pubic hair. “Owwww !” the fingers tugged a small bunch
providing an alternative source of pain to that caused by the invasion of her
bottom. Then it was on her pink, swollen labial lips, then it split her and
was stroking the inner walls of her vagina. She groaned very deeply now as
she was penetrated from the front and back. First the rough large male finger
frigged her exclusively, but soon it was joined by a second then a third,
moistening, deepening, bringing Jen to new highs despite her natural
reluctance to be turned on. The finger in her bottom wiggled even more. Jen
mewed, she was building up coming, coming, coming………..Ohhh
Yesssss !! Then quickly both invasions of her inner most regions were stopped.
She was once more left panting desperately for inner release. This time Jen
wasn’t left alone for long. She felt the hot breath of her captors
drinking in her feminine scent as a figure approached her and kissed her neck.
Another male. She bit her lip then froze as she felt the nudge of his hard
erect cock nuzzle her damp pussy. “OOOHHHH!” she exclaimed. This
was it she was going to be raped. Then a shove and he was in. Now Jen really
moaned as he fucked her hard. The lubrication of her body under previous
action had Jennifer gyrating with him almost immediately as the whole of his
long shaft disappeared inside of her. He could sense she was on edge. Her
body tensed. “Do you need to come ?” he panted in her ear.
“Y.y.y.y.y.esssss, please” she hissed “I DO!” she
yelled the second piece as she almost reached the point of no return. She
very badly needed to squeeze her thighs together and bring herself on. This
was sign he was waiting for. He pulled out of her immediately leaving Jennifer
yet again dripping with lust. “Oh, no please” she begged. Unseen
to Jen he took his hard throbbing cock and jerked off into an empty mug
leaving his thick deposit swimming around in the bottom. Then a second man
was in front of Jennifer. She grunted as his hard cock was thrust easily into
her now, for she was so wet. “Like that ?” he mocked. She turned
her head away. “Arrogant bitch” he spat. She swallowed hard as he
began to shag her in earnest. In, out, harder, faster. She moaned and groaned
as she was raped for a second time. He fucked her faster then more slowly. Jen
was so close once more to orgasm that she was quickly in the throes of coming
“Ah..ah..ah..oh..ah… yes I’m co….” At which point he
again pulled out. “F…U…C…K noooooo !” she
screamed in desperation. Again she was left hanging as her assailant jerked
off into the same mug as his predecessor. The third and final man approached
her panting sweat covered body, superb in its nakedness, abused and beautiful.
He cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipple. Even that made Jen groan now
causing tremors of desire to spasm though her bound, captive body.

Jen was so ready to come now, right now, that any touch, especially in a
sensitive area, would have brought her to the edge. A sharp intake of breath
and she felt it once more, cold, so ice cold, on her skin. Circling her
breasts, brushing lightly against her erect nipples. “Ohhhhhh”, she groaned as
the ice cube worked its way down, down, down over her flat stomach, stopping
only to pause at her newly pierced belly button. She almost cried out as the
cube brushed her groin and then lightly over her pussy. Slowly, very slowly,
she felt it trace the length of her vaginal lips, and then ease slightly
inside. “Oh, yesssss !!” she hissed, straining against the tight ropes which
held her captive. She felt the cube, and the fingers holding the cube, scrape
against her vaginal wall. Then it was outside of her again, retracing the damp
trail upwards along her perspiring body. Back over her stomach, up between
her gorgeous breasts, over her chest and neck until the wet cube, covered in
her own juices, moistened her red lips. Another cock, the third, positioned
itself between her thighs. A forceful shove and she was again impaled.
Jennifer grunted and the ice cube was slipped into her mouth. She sucked on
the melting ice tasting herself so clearly as once more she was fucked. Piston
like strokes pushed her on and on, and again she gasped for breath. The
melting ice cube filled her mouth causing water and juices to dribble down her
chin. She pulled against the ropes. The man could sense her coming and again,
as on each previous occasion, he withdrew, jerking himslef off into the come
filled cup. “Oh no, not again, please…..” Jennifer begged. Once more
complete silence. Long minutes of nothing heightened by the blindfold covering
Jen’s eyes. Gradually her body calmed down. The gang could sense her sexual
tension and frustration. “One more bitch !” Jennifer felt the sharp female
fingernail at her cunt. She breathed sharply as the nail traced the full
length of her labial lips. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Never
parting, never entering. Just up and down. This was driving the captive Jen
wild. “Do you want me to make you come ?” the girl asked mockingly. Jennifer
fought her, “No, no, no – oh yes, Y..E..S I DO PLEASE, PLEASE!!” The girl took
the cup and moved it nearer to Jennifer. She dipped her fingers into the
mixed sperm and smeared it onto them. Moving to Jen’s mouth she held it near.
“You’ve tasted yourself, now taste this slut !” She moved her fingers over
Jen’s lips. She turned her head away only to feel the knife at her back. She
moved to the come covered fingers once more. The girl’s other hand once again
brushed up and down her soaking wet pussy. Jennifer took the fingers of the
girl into her mouth and licked them dry. “Mmmmm, lovely” laughed the girl.
“Now drink whore !” Jennifer felt the cup at her mouth. Her hair was tugged
back tipping her head. Jen’s mouth opened and she gagged as something touched
her lips and she was forced to drink the cup of slimy sperm. It poured into
and over her mouth, running down her chin and onto her breasts. She gasped for
air. “Oh yes, fucking ace !” said a male voice as the cup was drained.

Jennifer felt totally used. She could taste the come smeared around her mouth,
and she could sense the thick globules sticking to her chin and settling in
her stomach. But yet she was still on absolute heat. “Great show
bitch” she heard the girl say. Once more the long fingernail scratched a
sensuous path up and down the length of Jen’s slit. “Ooooohhhh
please !” she begged. Jen felt the warm mouth of the girl on her
breasts, her tongue circling Jen’s nipple on her left tit, flicking the
hardened end into a tortured erect state. Then soft hands were massaging the
sperm into her skin. Jennifer was on fire! “You can come now
slut” said the girl as she slipped her finger into Jen’s soaking
pussy. It slipped in easily and the girl immediately felt Jen’s cunt
wrap around it. She was so wet that a second finger easily followed and then a
third. Jennifer almost screamed as the fingers created small circles inside
of her. Then she was over the edge. “You coming yet ?” mocked the
girl. Jen could not speak to reply. Her hands gripped the chains which held
her tight as she pushed her groin into the girls hand.

“F..F..F..F..FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” screamed Jennifer, and she

The girl moved closer to Jen and slipped her thigh between Jen’s spread
legs and she immediately rubbed against her. The men watched mesmerized as
Jen’s blidfold naked body came on wave after wave of pent up desire and

By and by her orgasm subsided. The girl removed her thigh and rubbed the patch
of soaking skin dry. Jennifer Love Hewitt hung limp in the chains. Gang raped
and abused she felt horrible and humiliated. Her breath was ragged and she
was almost ready to black out. “Why thank you Miss Hewitt” mocked
one of the men. “Oh it’s not over yet” said another,
“while we have her I want to whip her!”. Jen clicked into
consciousness, “no please don’t” she whimpered. The girl
spoke up. “I have a special barbed wire whip for your precious skin, ha,
ha, ha.” Jen gulped. “So slut say give me ten or twenty or even
fifty lashes, and ask nicely”. Jen was dumbstruck. “SLAP!”
again her response was encouraged. “How many bitch?” Jen opened
her month and whispered “Give me t.t.t.ten strokes”,
“SLAP!” “If what Jennifer?” Jen was sobbing now
“P.p.p.please” she continued. “Okay slut I will”
finished the girl. Jennifer felt a piece of barbed wire rub her shoulder. She
knew it must be real. “Ready my beauty?” came a mocking male
voice. Jennifer broke down in a desperate panic. “No, no, no please.
Fuck me again, rape me, I’ll drink your sperm but please don’t cut
me!” she cried begging for mercy. Jen heard all four laughing loudly.
“Only kidding Jen, we’ll save that until next time.”

Without having the blindfold removed Jen was unchained. She was too weak to
stand and she stumbled to a heap on the floor of the van. She heard the door
open and felt the cold of outdoors getting nearer as she was pushed out of the
van. Jen landed hard on the stony ground with a bump. “Here’s your
clothes, what’s left of them!” shouted the girl. That was the last
thing Jen heard before the van sped off leaving Jennifer to reflect on her
ordeal and the words “….until the next time !”

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