Jennifer Love Hewitt Meets The L.A. Lakers

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if
you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

It has Jennifer’s first Basketball game, Neve Campbell had
gotten her front row seats, she was stoked even though she
wasn’t a basketball fan and she really
didn’t like those

She made it through the third period of the game, there was
a really tall guy sitting next to her, people kept coming by
to say hello, not too many people
said anything to her, but everybody spoke to him, she quessed
his name was Rodman.

Dennis Rodman kept looking over at her, he finally
recognized her as an actress.
He told her he was going to be playing with the Lakers and he
could introduce her
to them. She wasn’t sure about it, but everybody around her
was begging to go, she
thought it must be a big deal.

The game ended and Dennis escorted her to the locker room,
There were eight huge men standing around naked, Jennifer knew
she shouldn’t be there and turned to leave. Dennis told her it
was cool and pushed her into the room.

Jennifer had always heard that those people were hung but she
didn’t believe it until
know. There were 8 guys standing there and all of them had at
least 12 inches. She decided that she wanted to stay.

In the room was Shaquille O neal, Robert Horry, Kobe Bryant,
Eddie Jones, Derek Fisher Sean Rooks, Del Harris, Travis
Knight, Mario Bennett plus Rodman.

They were happy to see Jennifer and Dennis, they asked if she
was a present for the
victory they had tonight, Del Harris left, he didn’t want to
know what was going to happen. Jennifer just laughed.

She tried to keep looking up but it was now use, Shaq caught
her looking at his member, he grabbed it and took a couple of
stokes, it stood straight out at 14 inches long. Jennifer
looked away, and then took another quick glance.

Shaq caught her again and Derek grabbed her by the cheek and
forced her to look at it. Shaq told her "I know you want it"
Jennifer denied it of course but Shaq kept telling her to say
"I want it." Jennifer kept telling him she didn’t but after
the fifth time she asked she told him "O k I want it"

Shaq laughed and came over she told her to suck it. Jennifer
dropped to her knees and tried to wrap her lips around it. It
was too big so she just licked up and down the sides. The
other Lakers and Dennis were all standing around her in a
circle, they all started chanting "gang bang."

Jennifer had never been with one of those people, but she
looked at those cocks and her mouth was watering, but there
were so many, and they were so big. She told them she couldn’t
do them all.

Shaq agreed and told her know bench warmers, so it was just
him, Kobe, Eddie, Derek, and Robert. Dennis told him he was in
on it too. The others were told to go sit in the corner, they
would be allowed to watch.

The Lakers stood side by side in front of her. Jennifer was on
her knees and slid sideways along the line taking a couple of
strokes on each cock. Dennis Rodman had an even bigger cock
than Shaq, now she knew why he had gotten to fuck so many

She got them all rock hard and she told them to lie down.
She squatted over Shaq and slid her pussy down on his cock.
She managed to get half way down on it, but that was as far as
she could go. He was just too big for her.

She got off of him and went to the next in line, it was Kobe.
She slapped her pussy down on his huge member and she was able
to take it all. She began to raise up and down. When she
reached the tip of his cock, Kobe held her and started to
thrust up into her. He was fucking up into her like a jack
hammer. She began to scream and then
climbed off. She went to the next player.

She went through all the Lakers, then she went back to Shaq,
she wanted to see if she had been stretched out enough by the
other guys before she gave herself to him and then Dennis.

She squatted over Shaq and just slammed her ass down on it.
Success, she took the whole thing. She sat on his chest with
his 14 inches buried in her snatch, she started to slide
forward and backward. She was scared to try to ride him.

The other Lakers stood around her and started to lift her up
and down on Shaq, she started to whisper "faster." They
complied lifting her up and slamming her back down as hard as
she could. She had a scream orgasm.

They finally pulled her off of Shaq, it was a struggle because
she was wedged pretty tight, they carried her other to Dennis

His cock was only maybe an inch longer than Shaq’s but it
was thicker, probably the width of her calf. She was scared.
She told them she didn’t want to do it but they sat her on his

She just sat there balanced on his monster member, she thought
there was no way it would fit. Kobe and Eddie each grabbed a
shoulder and pushed. They forced her down and she took the
whole thing. And people said they couldn’t work together.

Jennifer let out a scream. She was being split in two. She
just sat there for a couple of seconds, she couldn’t have
moved if she wanted too. Then they grabbed her by the legs and
started to move her up and down. Jennifer had lost all
thought. She didn’t know what she was doing or were she was.

Dennis rolled her over so she was laying face first. He reared
back his cock and rammed it into her without mercy. Jennifer
was snapped back into consciousness and screamed at the top of
her lungs. Robert shoved his 12 inched down her throat to shut
her up.

Dennis rammed his cock in and out of her until she was going
to pass out. She was begging him to stop, she had lost count
of her orgasms at 8. Dennis told her he wasn’t done yet, but
Shaq told him she had, had enough, he knew how she could
them all any way.

He told her to bend over, Eddie came up behind her and shoved
his cock in her ass. He slammed it in and out making her
squeal with every stroke. Shaq stood in front of her and
shoved his cock down her throat. He stroked it until he shot
his load
all over her face.

Dennis took Shaq’s place and she began to lick up and down
his shaft. There was no way she could get that monster in her
mouth, Eddie shot his load in her asshole. He was replaced by

She finished of the whole team that way, half of them cumming
in her face, the other half cumming in her ass hole. She was a
happy worn out slut by the end of the day. She knew that next
time she would bring Lacey.


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