This story is completely fictitious and is in no way related to or
endorsed by the person or persons who may be mentioned.

* * * * *

Boy, were they elated! All they had to do was to lace the 6 security
guards’ and her food with drugs. Once they fell asleep their plan

Morton and Jason drove the getaway car, while Igor and Adrian looked
out, as James and Ed carried the unconscious Ms McCarthy to their
car from the Hilton, Chicago, citing reasons that she had to visit
the doctor immediately.

The hotel staff quickly hushed them out so as not to attract any
attention. They
had already drawn lots the previous day, and Morton
would have his way with Ms McCarthy, then Jason, Igor, Adrian,
James, Ed, with one last gang fuck on Sunday before returning her to
the hotel. Their car’s license plate was false, anyway.

They took her back to Morton’s lush suburb house. Morton was quick
to undress, waking the unconscious Ms McCarthy.

“H-huh? Where am I? Who are you?” she groggily asked.

“You have been kidnapped by us and shall be our pleasure slave as
and when we like.” Morton laughed evilly.

“Help! Let me go!” she screamed.

“It’s no use. This house is completely soundproofed.” Morton
replied. With that, he gently carried her up to the bathroom even
though she protested, kicked and screamed. Strangely, her crotch was
starting to feel wet.

Morton was a gentleman. Laying Jenny onto the bathtub, he turned on
the water until it was just about the right temperature, unsnapping
her bra to reveal her 38D tits with perky, erect nipples and removed
her underwear to trace the sweet smell and the black, triangular
shaved bush of pussy hair.

He guided the showerhead to her most intimate areas. Her cunt was
dripping by then as he concentrated on her nipples, clit and

“My goodness, I’m cummmmingggg…” moaned Jenny as she saw a whirl
of color before exploding into Morton’s waiting mouth for him to
savour her juices.

“Stick it into my cunt you asshole,” was all she could muster up
strength to say. He pulled out his 8-inch long member and slid it
into her pussy. There was no resistance, she was on cloud 9. He
rammed his member in and out of her with her moaning in pleasure.

He pulled out and shot thick wads of cum, landing on her boobs and
pussy. He licked it all up and started to work on her nether region.

Reaching for a bar of soap, he soaped up her puckered little asshole
and stuffed his member in.

“Ungh! You’re tight!” he muttered as she felt a mixture of both
pleasure and pain. “Shit! I’ve gotta piss! But this moment is so
great, I’ll just piss in your asshole.”

No reply. She was still in the throes of orgasm. Fingering her clit,
giving her electric shocks, he pissed into her bowels. He had
difficulty removing his dick, which was coated with shit.

“Suck it!” he commanded her. She greedily deepthroated him, while
his mouth went down to her pussy in a 69 position. Finally, his cock
was licked clean, and she moved into a sitting position atop him,
and there, she orgasmed, releasing a stream of yellow piss into his

It was the best thing he had ever tasted. It tasted like nectar, and
he exploded, with Jenny trying to catch all the flying cum in her
mouth. It was also the best stuff she had tasted in a long, long,

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