Jenny Jones: Jenny’s Makeover


Jenny Jones hoped no one saw her as she parked her BMW in front of the

dingy warehouse in one of L.A.’s worst districts. She was dressed in a suit and

sunglasses, hoping not to be recognized. Jenny had arrived home that day to

find her husband and children gone. A ransom note had been pinned to the fridge,

telling her to come to this address, or she would never see her family again.

The panicked former talk-show hostess rushed immediately out of the house.

She had been instructed not to notify the police and she

Out of her mind with fear and worry, Jenny knocked timidly on the

warehouse door. Was this where they were keeping them? The door slowly slid open to

reveal a big burly, gorilla of a man. he grabbed Jenny brusquely by the sleeve

of her suit-jacket, ripping the seams as he roughly hauled her through the

door and slammed it shut.

“What are you doing? Where are my children? What have you done…?” Jenny

didn’t get to finish, due to the large man slapping her hard across the face,

knocking her sunglasses clear across the room. Jenny had never been slapped

in her life and she just stood there in shock.

“Shut up, talk show ho,” the man spat at her. “I’ll do the talking. I

didn’t kidnap your family, but the party I work for did. He wants revenge on you

because of a certain incident that happened on your show. I think you know

which one. If you don’t, he wanted to make sure I told you. He wanted you to


Jenny gasped. Could he be talking about her infamous ‘I’ve Got A Crush On

You’ show? The one where a gay man had confessed to a guest that he had a

crush on him? And the guest, Jonathan something, had later killed him? It had

been the worst nightmare of Jenny Jones’ life; she’d had to testify in court and

everything! Some felt it had led to the early cancellation of her talk show…

“I think I know, ” Jenny mumbled. “It was that ‘crush’ show where that

gay guy got killed.”

“Go to the head of the class, sweetcakes,” the man said, leering at Jenny.

“Now, your family hasn’t been hurt, they’re perfectly safe and not far away…”

“Just because I’m a celeb, doesn’t mean I’m rich,” Jenny broke in, now

shivering with fright. “How much do you want? I’ll give you anything I have, just

name your price!”

“The party I work for was very clear as to your form of payment,” the big man

continued. Jenny didn’t like the sound of this. He produced a shopping bag.

“You’re to put these clothes on, and I’ll instruct you from there.” Jenny took

the bag.

“Where do I change?” Jenny said, looking around the large one-room warehouse.

there didn’t seem to be any doors other than the big sliding one she came in


“Don’t be shy, honeybuns,” the man grinned, “you can change in front of me, I

don’t mind!” Jenny shrugged, resigned to her fate. She wasn’t that shy about

stripping in front of a stranger; she had a great bod and she knew it. Daily

Pilate workouts had kept her slim and toned and although her breasts were only

medium-sized since she had her implants removed, her ass was still the perfect

grabbable peach it always had been.

The former T.V. hostess stripped off her conservative suit and undies, and

stood naked and shivering before the burly man. He appraised her body coldly.

“Nice Ass, babe. It should look good in your new outfit.” he said. Jenny

looked inside the shopping bag. Inside there was a powder-blue wonderbra and a

powder-blue spandex mini-skirt. There was also a very small white thong, but that

was all the beleaguered Jenny Jones could find in the bag. She started to put

the clothes on, starting with the thong. It was a bit too small, immediately

riding up into her pussy and ass-crack. She could barely get the spandex skirt

on; it was too small too. When she finally got it on, wiggling her hips madly

to squeeze into it, Jenny discovered that if she didn’t stand perfectly

straight and still, she’d flash everyone her thong clad pussy or her bare butt.

The wonderbra was even smaller still, Jenny had to have the thuggish stranger

help her tug it closed, and it wasn’t easy or quick. When she finally got it

fastened, her boobs looked two cup sizes bigger and were spilling over the

light blue fabric. She looked like a complete slut, and a cheap one at that.

Jenny looked over at the man; he was holding out a pair of cowboy boots for her.

They were powder-blue to match her outfit, but unlike most cowboy boots they

had 3-inch stiletto heels! When Jenny got them on (thankfully THEY weren’t too

small), the high heels made her butt stick out so much that she couldn’t keep

the micro-miniskirt down.

Now the man held out some makeup and a mirror. “You’re to make your self up,

very heavily. Then I will give you your next instructions. Don’t worry, you’ll

be with your family soon.” Jenny had no choice but to believe him as she

began applying the garish colors. Looking in the mirror, she saw that these

bright gaudy colors made her look extremely whorish. What the hell did these

maniacs have in mind?

She looked over at the man for approval. He was holding a photo which he

showed her; it was her children, in some grubby room with this man! In the

picture, he was holding up today’s newspaper. Jenny’s heart sunk. This was for real.

“Just in case you thought this was a con, ” he said. “Now here are your

instructions. The ransom for your husband and children’s safe release is…$500.”

Jenny almost laughed with relief. $500? She could get that immediately. It

wouldn’t even dent the bankbook. But if all they wanted was (a piss-poor amount

of) money, why did they want her to dress like this? Something wasn’t right…

“That may seem cheap to you,” he continued, “but you can’t just pay it. You

have to EARN it!” Jenny began feeling distinctly nervous as realization sank

in. “You’ll have to sell your body, as a cheap hooker,” he said. “I’ll be with

you, as a sort of pimp, to make sure you do as you’re told. But I’ll also be

there to protect you, too. Some of these tricks can get rough, or try not to

pay. You can call me Mack.” He held out his hand, but Jenny just stared at it.

She was beginning to tremble all over. She couldn’t do this!

“You’ll have to make the $500 dollars through the tricks you turn. And

there’s no time limit; you’re family will be safe no matter how long it takes you to

make the money. There’ll only be trouble if you refuse or try to quit halfway

through.” Mack explained.

Jenny was resigned to her fate. Dressed as she was, and with Mack watching

her, it would be difficult to ask anyone for help, but if she saw an

opportunity, she’d take it! And if she had to have sex with strangers, well, she’d just

charge as much as possible. She’d make it to $500 quickly, if she could charge

a few men a LOT of money, but hadn’t Mack said she’d be a ‘cheap’ hooker? That

didn’t sound good.

“And it could take awhile, too” Mack continued. “Because you’ll be selling

your pussy for just a dollar! Blowjobs will be three bucks, and assfucks five.

My boss doesn’t want you using your pussy much; you might accidentally enjoy

yourself! He wants you using your ass the most. Just think of it; only a hundred

assfucks and you’ll have your $500! Of course, some Johns will insist on

something else, that’s just the way it is. You’ll have them pay me, you are not to

handle any money. I’ll make sure you’re not overcharging them. I mean, you

ARE over 40 and all…”

Jenny wanted to slap the smirk off of his face, but thought better of it. At

the rates described, it would take FOREVER to make $500! Jenny’s heart fell as

she contemplated her fate. She couldn’t think of a way out of this.

“Don’t I at least get a TOP?,” Jenny whined, indicated the overflowing

powder-blue wonderbra.

“Honey, that bra IS your top,” Mack laughed, “You’re sure to get more

attention this way. Besides, that’s all the clothes I have for you.” Still chuckling,

he withdrew his wallet from a back pocket. “Since you’ve gotten me pretty

excited in that outfit, I thought I’d be your first customer.” He fished around

in the wallet and withdrew three grimy ones. “On your knees, sweetcheeks,” Mack

ordered her, gesturing at the hard cold concrete floor. “I want to try out

that sexy mouth of yours.”

On one level, Jenny was horrified. Suck this stranger’s dick for three

dollars? On another level, Jenny realized that it was a practical way to get the

ball rolling; if she had to go through this, Mack was as good a place to start as

any. In fact, he might be nicer to her than the other Johns she was going to

encounter. Then, there was another level: Jenny Jones was starting to get

turned on! There was a very secret part of her personality that wanted to be

dominated and used like a total whore. That side was rising to the surface rapidly!

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Mack said. “You’ll want to wear these,” and he threw

Jenny a pair of powder-blue plastic kneepads. “This concrete is hard on the

knees. And you might want them for later, too.” Jenny slipped them on with

difficulty, considering the cowboy boots, and got them fixed around her knees.

Facing the inevitable, Jenny Jones knelt in front of Mack on the stone floor, the

brand-new kneepads making little squeaky sounds as her full weight rested on

her knees.

Mack stood there with his arms folded. “Take it out, sweetheart. You want me

to have to do everything?” Jenny took a deep breath, resigned to her fate. She

reached out with one small hand and began undoing Mack’s belt-buckle. “Hurry,

up. We’ve got to get you out on the street. The party I represent wants

pictures of you in action.” He indicated a little spy-cam, sitting on a table near

the door. Jenny quickly got Mack’s belt open and unzipped his pants. A huge,

monstrous dong sprung out and whapped Jenny in the face.

As Mack’s pants pooled around his ankles, Jenny confronted the massive shaft

bobbing in front of her. Her husband’s wasn’t this big. In fact, she’d never

had or even SEEN one this size! She almost went cross-eyed looking at it.

Without realizing it, Jenny licked her lips in anticipation. She slowly parted her

pink-lipsticked mouth and began licking at the tip. Closing her eyes, she let

the wide shaft part her lips wider and wider as she leisurely descended the

length of Mack’s cock.

Mack inhaled sharply. Jenny Jones had inhaled his whole dick on the first

stroke! No one had ever been able to suck more than two-thirds of it before, and

Mack was impressed. Jenny had obviously had a lot of experience. He placed

both hands on the back of her blonde head as she slowly rocked back and forth.

Actually, Jenny hadn’t had THAT much experience; it was just that despite

herself, she was getting extremely aroused. Her pussy was juicing around the tiny

thong, and her girl-juice was even trickling down one thigh. Sucking on such

a huge dick was a new and thrilling experience for her. Jenny had always

enjoyed giving head, but never this much! The fact that it completely filled her

mouth and throat to choking must have had something to do with it. Jenny hummed

with joy as she corkscrewed her face around the iron-hard cock stuck halfway

down her throat.

Mack grabbed Jenny’s hair, pulling it in time with her slurping movements up

and down his shaft. Jenny squealed in delight at the rough treatment and

started to gradually speed up her sucking strokes. She began bobbing her head

rhythmically, taking in his entire length with every circuit her tightly-stretched

mouth made along his cock. Jenny was sucking like a pro already, Mack thought.

Making $500 with a mouth like Jenny’s should be no problem!

Jenny Jones was fully turned on now, almost coming just from the act of

giving head. She slurped loudly as she serviced Mack’s cock. Drool was running down

her chin now as she started going very rapidly, jamming her face repeatedly

onto the thick prong that was choking her. She was having difficulty breathing

through her nose because the tight wonderbra was constricting her breathing,

but Jenny didn’t care! She was enjoying herself completely, sucking on the

rigid prick stuffed in her face like there was no tomorrow. Jenny just hope Mack

had stamina; she truly wanted to suck him all day if she could!

She opened her uptilted, cat-like eyes and locked them on Mack’s. She assumed

the sluttiest look possible and ground her mouth into his crotch. Still

keeping eye contact, she murmured around his cock as she withdrew her face.

Hollowing her cheeks, Jenny Jones sucked hard on Mack’s shaft, getting a grunt from

him. Whipping his cock furiously with her tongue, she drove her face up and

down, sucking wildly. She went down on him with a passion, torn between not

wanting this to ever end and her craving for a tummy full of spunk.

Mack decided for her. on one particularly deep down stroke of Jenny’s head,

Mack started blasting a huge load of cum straight down the startled blonde’s

throat. “mMMMM!” Jenny squealed around her mouthful, and began swallowing

quickly, trying to keep up with the immense outpouring of cum that Mack was

producing. Jenny gulped loudly, smacking her lips against the sides of his spewing

prick as Mack held her head tightly to his groin.

Eventually, his orgasm faded and she no longer felt as if she were drowning.

Now Jenny took the battle to him, sucking as hard as she dared, trying to get

every last drop of Mack’s cum. She pulled in her cheeks severely, trying

desperately to nurse out just a little bit more. Mack groaned loudly, pulling her

vacuuming maw off of his prick, Jenny fighting him all the way.

“Damn, you’re a hungry whore, aren’t you,” Mack snickered. “Save some of that

energy for later. If you suck your tricks as good as that, we’ll have that

$500 before you know it! Oh yeah, that reminds me,” he said, picking up a little

wallet labeled ‘Janina’. He stuck his three dollars in it. “This is for all

your ‘earnings’. Just make sure that anyone who wants a piece talks to me

first. You are NOT allowed to handle money, got it?”

Jenny just nodded demurely, still resting on her knee-pads on the floor. How

did they know her real name? This was all too weird! And why had she turned on

so hard simply sucking some stranger’s cock? Jenny’s head swirled in

confusion. All she really knew is that she craved more hard dick and required far more

semen to eat then the amount she’d just swallowed. She felt like a complete

nympho, but she didn’t care. Jenny could hardly wait to go get whoring!

* * *

Mack pulled Jenny’s BMW to a corner outside “Johnny’s 77 Disco Lounge” a very

seedy bar, known as a hangout for hookers. He opened the door and

unceremoniously shoved Jenny out of the car. She stood awkwardly in her high-heel cowboy

boots and she felt very exposed just wearing a micro-mini and a wonderbra.

“I’ll be in the bar, watching you through this spy-cam,” Mack said. “If you

try to get help, or get some guy to agree to pay you more, I’ll know. When a

John wants a piece of ass, send him in to me. If he wants you to get in the car,

call me out with this.” He handed Jenny a pager. It only had one button and

could only page Mack, a closed circuit deal. “Now get cracking. Remember, your

kids are waiting.” He spanked her once on her spandex-clad rump and went into

the bar.

Luckily, the sun was going down, and there were plenty of other hookers

plying their trade up and down the street in front of Johnny’s. This was also the

problem. Even dressed as she was, Jenny Jones was still quite a bit older than

the majority of the girls out here. Hopefully, word of her ‘bargain’ prices

would spread and even the playing field. Jenny now had no reluctance whatsoever

about whoring herself like some street slut. She was extremely turned on by

being a prostitute, even if only temporarily. The cheap prices she was required

to ask just made her feel more slutty and turned on. Besides, it was for her

children, right?

Right on cue, a man walking into the bar spotted Jenny. he shyly asked her

price, and when he heard it he didn’t believe it. Jenny had to almost talk him

into going with her. After going in the bar and conferring with Mack, he

reappeared, looking much more at ease. Jenny felt conflicted, she was glad the guy

wanted to pay the whole five bucks, but it meant she’d have to take it up the

ass, something Jenny had never even dreamed of doing.

Resigned to her fate, Jenny let the man lead her around to an alley beside

the bar where two cars were parked. When they reached the car furthest from the

street, the man stopped. Without warning, he wrenched Jenny’s arm behind her

back and roughly bent her over the hood of the car. Luckily, Jenny had lubed

her ass up in advance, because the man wasted no time in pulling her thong down

to her knees and immediately started lining up his cock with her cringing

butthole. Jenny squealed in shock as the man just started trying to shove it into

her ass, without using his fingers to open her up first or anything. He

must’ve thought Jenny was an experienced ass-slut!

Although he was obviously impatient, Jenny really hadn’t ever had it up the

ass before. It took several minutes of pushing at her resisting rectum before

it caved in and allowed the strange man’s cock to slide up her ass. He didn’t

hesitate to go all the way into the hilt in one smooth stroke. Jenny Jones

thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head! The man’s tool felt enormous!

Jenny felt like she was being split in two. Her vision clouded with pain and

she saw black spots hovering in front of her eyes. She felt like she was being


Jenny opened her mouth to cry out, but the man clapped his hand over her

mouth. he still held her arm behind her back with his other hand, and now he began

pumping Jenny’s ass for all she was worth, treating her like a

five-dollar-a-pop buttfucking whore (which was, let’s face it, what she was at this moment).

He slammed into Jenny’s upraised backside, pummeling her ass with hard

thrusts of his cock. He started pulling on her trapped arm in time with his hard

thrusts into her rear. Jenny moaned into his hand, her hands helplessly clenching

and unclenching as she took this brutal ass-fuck from a complete stranger.

He started pounding her anus even harder. Over and over again he pounded the

ex-talk show host / would-be hooker, pressing her firm boobs into the hard

surface of the car. Jenny felt like she couldn’t take another second of this

rough ass-reaming, but it just went on and on, forever it seemed to her. The man

started calling her names like bitch, cunt, and whore, and now he was spanking

her firm butt as he fucked her, freeing her mouth.

“Please,” Jenny pleaded, “no more, oh God, it hurts, ooh, you’re so deep,

please, aah!” This pleading just seemed to turn him on more. He began speeding up

his thrusts, making Jenny huff and puff with every thrust of his hard cock

into her clenching butt. Then, he slammed hard up against her and held still as

he began shooting his cum up her ass. “Ooohh…” Jenny sighed, “You’re cumming

in my ass, Oh God!” Almost against her will, Jenny began cumming too! The hot

spurts of cum shooting far up her backside had triggered an orgasm in Jenny’s

neglected puss. She almost passed out as the stranger finished cumming and

pulled out of her ass with a cork-popping noise.

“Nice butt-fuck, bitch,” he spat at her, and was gone before she could even

turn around and pull her thong back up…

* * *

And so it went throughout the night, Jenny being bent over cars and being ass

or pussy fucked, Jenny having to kneel on her powder-blue kneepads in the

alley behind the bar as she sucked some John off, or under the front seat of some

car, giving head to strange men as they drove around the block or parked in

the alley. She even gave a few blowjobs in the men’s room, kneeling in a stall

while some trick blew lunch down her throat. The money slowly, slowly built up

as the night wore on. Jenny found herself suggesting to tricks that wanted a

straight fuck that they might prefer her ass or mouth. She really wanted to

get more than one dollar at a time!

As it was, she’d been on her feet (and her knees) servicing the hard cocks of

many many men for over eight hours now, and she only had about $150. A lot of

potential tricks passed her by for the younger hookers down the street,

especially as the night went on and Jenny began to look more and more disheveled

and used. That didn’t help any, and Jenny was beginning to despair. How would

she ever make it to $500. It just didn’t seem possible.

Jenny’s ass was practically numb from the countless butt-reamings she’d

received through the day and night. Her jaws were so sore from constantly going

down on Johns that she could hardly talk. Her pussy was constantly leaking cum,

even though she’d been douching as often as she could. In the ‘Lounge’ ladies

room, she tried to fix her face and make herself look appealing, preparing to

hit the sidewalk yet again…

As she walked out through the bar, Mack grabbed her by the arm.

“I’ve been talking to ‘Our Mutual Friend’, and he’s decided to show you some


“I’m through?!,” Jenny almost shouted, “$150 is enough? I don’t have to do

any more?”

“Hold on, little filly,” Mack smiled. Jenny didn’t particularly like the look

on Mack’s face. It was too sly, and it seemed to portend bad things for her…

“The party I represent has determined that you only have to turn one more

trick, and your family will be freed tonight!” Mack said. “In fact, your final

trick is just outside, and all you’ll have to do is blow him. My ‘Boss’ also

wants me to tape the whole thing, to make sure you swallow every drop when he

cums.” He patted his spy-cam sitting on the bar.

“Oh, I’ll swallow every drop all right,” Jenny sighed, “What do you think

I’ve been doing for the last eight hours? I’ll probably never get the taste out

of my mouth. Everything tastes like cum.” This as she tried to drink from her

mouthwash bottle. “Where is this last trick? I really want to be done with this

and rid of you.” She gave Mack a surly look. As much as Jenny had been turned

on by the idea of whoring at first, now she was just tired. She felt as used

as a woman can feel.

Mack smirked, took Jenny by the arm and dragged her out the bar’s back door.

This was the bar’s dumpster area and it smelled to high heaven. Jenny had

actually been back here earlier to go down on a John when the alley had been busy.

She’d had to scrub her knee-pads afterwards to get the filth off. Jenny didn’

t see anyone back here, though. Did Mack want her to give him head again? This

would be too easy! Though why he wanted to do it out here, she couldn’t

figure out. Maybe to degrade her still further. That seemed pointless to Jenny; she

couldn’t feel any more degraded then she already felt.

“There’s your ‘date’ now!” Mack chuckled, pointing to a shadowy area behind

the dumpster. “Hey Wally! Get your butt out here!” Mack yelled. A huge pile of

rancid garbage shifted and moved, and one of the grimiest grungiest winos

Jenny had ever seen emerged from the trash mound.

“Hey, wash happnin’?” Wally asked Mack. Wally clothes were caked in grime and

he stank to high heaven. Jenny could smell him and she was standing two yards

away! Wally smelled as if he carried a different turd in every pocket of his

clothing. Not to mention the winey alcohol fumes that encased him like a

shroud. “Who’sh the pretty lady?” he asked Mack.

“Well, Wally,” Mack beamed at the ragged alley-rat, “Some of the guys chipped

in, and we bought you a ‘date’ for the evening! I know she’s a bit older than

you like, but what the hell, it’s free!” Jenny was in shock; she had to blow

this obviously homeless bum…and for free? Of course, it paid off her ‘debt’,

but still, as far as Wally knew, it was free! Jenny felt totally humiliated.

She couldn’t believe it had come to this, blowing some wino by a dumpster in a

back alley. She felt like she was going to cry.

She’d just have to pretend it was someone else. With the smell, it would be

very difficult. Wally started undoing his belt, really just a piece of rope, as

Jenny knelt on her knee-pads in front of him, trying to avoid any piles of

trash. Jenny’s kneepads were almost worn through now, she’d scraped them to

pieces with all the time she’d spent on her knees today. She could feel something

wet soaking through one of them.

Confronting Jenny now was a huge and incredibly filthy cock. Wally may have

been poor in money, but he wasn’t poor in the dick department. It looked like

there were five years worth of dirt stuck to his cock. Jenny fought down a wave

of nausea. She looked at Mack as if to say, Can’t I wash it first?, but he

just shook his head impassively. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath,

Jenny moved her head forward and parted her pink-lipsticked mouth.

Jenny decided to pretend it was her old rocker boyfriend Paul, who she’d

dated when she was a drummer in a all-girl band long ago. He’d always complemented

Jenny on her cocksucking skills, and she loved to do it for him, swallowing

his loads with glee and begging for more. Of course, he smelled a damn sight

better than Wally, but Jenny had a good imagination; hopefully it would help her


She got a tight lip-lock on Wally’s massive dong and slowly began lowering

her head. She gripped him with her lips, her hands pressed to his thighs, as she

slowly jammed more and more of his cock into her mouth. When the huge bloated

head hit the back of her mouth, Jenny tried to relax her throat so she could

deep-throat Wally. This cock had to have been the biggest she had dealt with

all night! Jenny was having a really hard time getting it into her throat.

She twisted her head right to left, blonde hair flying as she corkscrewed her

face onto the wino’s cock. In Jenny’s mind, she was sucking her former

beloved boyfriend, and she was getting kind of worked up. She hummed and moaned

around the thick length, really getting into giving head. Mack marveled at Jenny’s

enthusiasm; she really would have made a good hooker for real! She slurped

loudly, drooling down her front, staining her wonderbra as she jammed her face

up and down on the hard cock. Her throat was opening up more now, and Jenny was

able to get the entire length of Wally’s dick down her throat.

Jenny Jones squealed happily as she began to speed up, bobbing her head

steadily on the rigid shaft. She gnawed gently on the tight skin as she whipped her

tongue all around her mouthful of dick. Wally grabbed her head tightly with

both hands and began rocking into her face, skull-fucking her with glee. He

pounded her mouth like he wanted to drive his cock right out the back of her

head! Jenny kept right up with him, hungrily slurping on his dong like she was


Jenny’s expert oral technique had the inevitable result. Wally started coming

in torrents down the willing whore’s throat. Jenny hummed in joy as she began

swallowing the massive load, gulping loudly as the horny bum shot stream

after stream of cum into her waiting tummy. Jenny loved the feeling of Wally’s

cockhead spurting rhythmically against the back of her mouth, and she hollowed in

her cheeks, greedily trying to get every drop the homeless man could produce.

As Wally’s orgasm began to fade out, Jenny took over. She sucked as hard as

she could, desperate to nurse one last drop from him. Sadly for her, he had

nothing left and rudely pushed her off his cock. Her miniskirt flipped up and she

landed on her almost-bare butt in a pile of garbage.

“That was all right,” Wally said to Mack, completely ignoring the disheveled

whore at his feet. “You thank the guys for me. I haven’t had a whore that

hungry for my dick since ’83!” With that, he pulled his pants up and stumbled into

the bar; Mack had sported him the price of a drink. Mack roughly hauled Jenny

to her feet. She was very wobbly on her cowboy boots. Her mind was

overwhelmed and she couldn’t think straight.

“All right, whore,” Mack said, “Debt’s paid. I’ll take you back to the

warehouse. there’s a shower there and you can get cleaned up. See, I aint such a bad

guy after all!” He laughed. “Your family will be brought there as soon as

you’re ready.” Jenny almost collapsed against his strong chest in relief. It was

finally going to end. Her husband and children need never know what she had

gone through to save them. Jenny Jones could return to her normal life,


…which would have been fine, except: two weeks later a package arrived for

Jenny Jones’ husband. Inside was a videotape saying ‘Urgent’ on it, but

nothing else. Not even a return address. Puzzled, he popped it in a VCR and settled

down to watch. A title came up “Jenny Does L.A. (A Schmitz Production). The

name seemed vaguely familiar to him. The film was obviously home made. He

watched closely as the first scene started. Some woman in an outlandish hooker

outfit of bra, microskirt, and high-heel cowboy boots was being led into an alley

by a tall man. As he began to bend the hapless hooker over a car fender, he

thought he recognized who the woman was…


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