Jenny Vs Vanessa Williams

Jenny McCarthy vs Vanessa Williams

Jenny McCarthy entered the ring wearing an orange two-piece lingerie emsemble. Vanessa Williams approached in
form-fitted white dress. As soon as Vanessa entered the ring Jenny clobbered her with a left cross to the chin.
Jenny’s head popped back as Vanessa countered with a straight left hand of her own. As Vanessa leaned in Jenny
brought her knee up and bloodied Vanessa’s lip. But Vanessa was tough! She spun Jenny around and kicked her
butt across the ring. Jenny’s orange undies came loose as Vanessa tackled her. Vanessa tore away her own dress
revealing the filmy white teddy underneath.
Vanessa straddled Jenny and twisted her legs. Jenny’s exposed pussy
was displayed to the crowd as Vanessa lifted her up for a piledriver. Whack! Jenny’s head was driven into the
mat. Vanessa pulled Jenny up by her orange top to deliver more punishment. The top came loose as Vanessa
slapped the silly blonde back to the mat. Jenny tried to hit back at Vanessa’s midsection, but her punches had
become pathetically weak. Tears rolled down Jenny’s cheeks as the black woman lifted her high in the air and
tossed her across the ring. Jenny crashed into the ropes and hung there naked and defenseless. Vanessa leaped
across the ring and hit Jenny with a flying drop kick. The force of the attack caused the left shoulder strap on
Vanessa’s teddy to snap, revealing one beautiful brown breast. Vanessa hoisted Jenny up by her hair, throwing
the blonde across her shoulders, and began to stretch her back. Jenny’s eyes bulged and her tongue hung out as
she cried for the torment to end. It did. Vanessa dropped Jenny across her knee in a vicious backbreaker. Jenny’s
body lay broken over Vanessa’s knee, shocked into unconsciousness. Winner Vanessa Williams grabbed a tit in
each hand and lifted the battered and bruised Jenny from her knee and unceremoniously deposited the nude on
the mat like she was discarding so much trash.

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