Jessica’s Punishment

‘Jessica’s punishment’

Jessica Biel was a bad girl. She tried to get fired from 7th Heaven a
few years ago so she posed semi-nude in Gear. At age 17, a semi-nude
teen was pushing the envelope, but Jessica got a movie role from it and
even kept her job. The owner of 7th Heaven still wanted to get Jessica
back for the negative publicity…. so he paid a young man to do the
dirty work. Me!

I befriended Jessica, acting as a grip on the set, and hanging out with
Jessica and the cast for several weeks. Tonight, my plan unfoiled.

Jessica came back to my place to pick up a script I had told her about.
she sat on the couch and waited patiently for me to dig it out of my
room, I glanced back at her. She was looking very cute tonight, with her
new blonde hair, button shirt and gray dress with flip flops. I came out
and sat next to her on the couch.

“Thanks. I better get going,” she said, getting up as I handed her the

“Wait Jessie,” I grabbed her wrist.


“You have been a very bad girl. I heard what you did in Gear
magazine….saw it too!!”

She looked puzzled like she had forgotten. Then it came to her. Her
expression changed to sadness.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I have to go.”

“You regret it… don’t you Jess?” She tried to pull away, but I held
her wrist tight.

“DON’T YOU JESSIE? Don’t you regret. You feel dirty for it.”

She stopped struggling and stared at the floor.

“Jessica… that was bad. You made alot of guys get hard. That’s bad…
that’s naughty.”

She nodded yes.

“Did you ever get punished for that… for being … naughty?!”

She shook her blonde hair ‘no’.

“Do you think that you should be punished?”

I could hear her catch her breath.

“I, I guess so?” I lifted her head.

“You guess so? You guess so? Did anyone tell you that you could flaunt
your bod in Gear?”


I squeezed her wrist a little.

“Call me SIR”

“No Sir! No one told me I could…”

“Did anyone tell you that it was OK to act horny and sexy like that?

“No Sir!”

“Well Jess, your actions demand that I spank you. And make you behave
like I tell you to. Are you going to do what I tell you to do?”

She paused, but I knew I had her. Jess lowered her head and answered in
almost a whisper.

“Yes Sir!” I stood close to her. Her nips were poking thru her top.

“You like my control Jessica?” She bit her lip and looked nervous.

“I bet that if I touched your pussy it would be all wet? Am I right

My hand slid down and cupped one of her tits. She took in a big breath
of air, she nodded her head yes.

“Yes what Jess? What are you nodding yes to?”

Jess looked up into my face. Her eyes sparkling with undisguised lust.

“Yes Sir, my pussy is very wet. I can’t help it.”

I let my hands slide down her back and squeezed her soft ass. My mouth
was close to her ear. I could smell the fresh scent of soap on her hair.

“You know that if I spank you, it will be with your dress up and your
panties pulled down. I only spank naughty girls on their bare ass.”

I could feel Jessica tremble as my hand rubbed her ass.

“Is that the way you want to be spanked, Jess?”
Jessica looked into my face. She nodded her head.

“No Jessie! I want to hear you say it!” She took a deep breath.

“Yes, Sir.” Wow I as gonna get Jessica Biel!

“I’m not just going to spank you Jess. I’m going to play with your pussy
while you are over my lap. I’m going to let my long fingers slide in and
out of your cunt. You might even get hot enough to beg me to fuck you.
But I’ll only fuck you if you do everything I tell you to do. Is that
how you want it Jess?”

Jess stood with her titties moving up and down with her rapid breathing.

“Yes Sir!”

My hands stroked her shoulders and she shivered. I let her stand there
shaking as I went and sat back down on the bed. I could see by the look
on her face that all kinds of thoughts were running thru her mind. She
was as young as me, but her long hours of work meant she was sexually
inexperienced, unlike myself, who fucked a few different girls already.

“Have you ever fucked a man before?” I watched her swallow hard.

“No…. well one guy, two times.” her voice was a soft whisper. I
grinned. She would be TIGHT.

“Come here.”

She hesitated.

“Not gonna obey ? I’ll teach you.”

I reached out, drew her to me and laid her over my lap. When I started
lifting her dress, Jessie turned and looked at me.

“I’ll be good, I promise. I won’t do it any more.”

I pushed her skirt up past her thick round ass. I wasn’t surprised to
see that she had worn a pair of silk panties. When I placed my hand on
her ass, I heard a soft moan escape Jessie’s lips. I rubbed and massaged
her ass and Jessie wiggled on my lap.

“Jessie! This spanking is not only going to be me slapping my hand on
your bare ass. I know that the spanking will get you hot and your pussy
will get wet. In between spanks, I will rub your ass and also rub you
between your thighs.”

As I talked to her, I let my hands wander over her ass. Jessica Biel’s
ass looks good on tv, but BETTER in person. When I pushed my hands
between her thighs, Jessie opened them without hesitation. I could see
the dark patch of wet material at her cunt.

“Your pussy is wet, Jessie!” my fingers stroked her slit thru the
panties. Jessie moaned and lifted her ass in the air.

SMACK! SMACK! I delivered two sharp slaps to Jessica’s panty-clad

“Now I’m gonna deliver the spanking you came here to get.”

I eased the panty down until it dangled from her foot. Jessie closed her
legs tight.


“Keep your legs open Jessie. I want to see your pussy as I spank you.”

Jessie moaned as she opened her legs. I could see the trimmed hair that
surrounded her young pussy.

“You have a very nice ass, Jessie. And I’m gonna have a lot of fun
spanking you. Grab the pillow. I don’t want anyone to hear you crying

Jessie grabbed the pillow and buried her face in it. SMACK! SMACK!
SMACK! SMACK! I delivered two stinging slaps to each white cheek. I
watched as they began to redden. I could hear Jessie crying into the
pillow. Then I rubbed her stinging ass. I caressed it and massaged it.
Then I slipped my fingers between her thighs. When I caressed her pussy
lips, Jessie moaned. But I didn’t stop there. Like I told her I would
do, I began to rub her slit. Then I worked my finger inside her cunt.
Jessie lifted her ass off my lap and pushed back.

“Does this feel good Jess?” she moaned as I pushed my finger in deep.

“Oh yes Sir!” slowly I fingered her wet cunt.

“Does it feel better than when you did it?”

“Yes, Sir! Oh yes! It feels so good!” my finger found her clit and I
rubbed it.

“Oh Sir!” Jessie moaned.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I spanked her so quickly; she gasped
and let out a yelp before she buried her face back in the pillow.

“You wanted this spanking, Jessie. You needed this ever since you posed
in Gear. Ever since 7th Heaven’s debut. Every since you started acting.
But I’m gonna give you more than just a spanking. I’m gonna fuck you
too. Do you want me to fuck you, Jessie?”


I didn’t wait for her answer. I spanked her soft ass again and again.
Then I went back to rubbing and massaging her burning cheeks. This time
when my fingers slid into her pussy, she lifted her head up and looked
at me. Her eyes were shiny with lust. I pushed my fingers back in her
cunt and rubbed her clit. Jessie was breathing thru her mouth.

“Yes Sir!” she said thru gasps. “I want you to fuck me. Make me

I pushed two fingers in her cunt and she almost stood on her toes to get
more. I fingered her until her body began to shake. I pushed her back
down on my lap.


My dick was going to burst if I didn’t do something now. I let her stand

“Take your blouse and bra off.”

Her hands trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse. Her skin was pale as
her trembling hands slipped off the blouse and she undid the bra snaps.

“Come over here and kneel between my legs.”

I let her keep her skirt on for now. I watched her long legs walk
towards me. She held onto my knees as she lowered herself down to her

“Take my dick out and show me how good you suck.”

Jessica’s hands were shaking as she unzipped my pants. Then I felt her
warm hands as she reached in and grasped my hard dick. She gasped at the
size of it even before she had her first look. I throbbed in her hands
as she worked it free. Then with a look up into my face, she lowered her
head. Her lips parted as she opened her mouth. Then her pink tongue
slipped out and she licked all over the swollen head of my hard dick.
Slowly, very slowly, she licked around the fat head getting it nice and
wet. Her warm tongue only made me throb even more. Then she slipped the
head into her mouth. I moaned as her soft lips circled the head of my
dick and she began to suck softly. Soft whimpering sounds came from her
mouth as she lathered the head of my dick with her hot saliva. I stroked
her soft brown hair as she used her mouth to stroke my dick.

“I’m going to fuck each and every hole you have Jess. Have you ever been
assfucked Miss Biel?”

Jess lifted her head from my dick. A long string of pre-cum and saliva
stayed attached as she lifted her head up.

“N-n-no….” She went back to blowing me.

“You love sucking dick, don’t you” her mouth was smeared with pre-cum
and saliva. She licked her lips clean.

“Yes Sir!”

I pushed her head back down to my throbbing dick. I always had a fantasy
of Jessica Biel talking dirty to me in her sexy voice, so I acted on it.

“Lick the head, you slut. I’m gonna spank that ass till you can’t sit
down. Then I’m gonna take this big dick and stretch your tiny pussy.
You’re gonna beg me to fill every hole with it.”

Jessie was making sucking sounds as her mouth paid service to the head
of my dick.

“Talk nasty, you little whore. Let me hear you beg for my big dick.”
Jessica lifted her head up.

“Please Sir! I’ve never had a big man like this before. I love the way
your dick tastes. I want to feel it in my cunt. It’s so big. I want it
to hurt! Just like the spanking you gave me. Call me names! Spank my
ass! Make me suck you. Please! Oh please, fuck me!”

I wanted to feel my cum shoot in her mouth. But I wanted to feel her
tight pussy even more. I pulled her to her feet and tugged her skirt the
rest of the way off. She stood before me naked. I lay her down on the

“If I hear you scream, I’ll stop, so use the pillow again.”

Jessie garbed the pillow just as my tongue touched her cunt. Her sharp
cry was muffled in it. I tried to devour her tender cunt. All the time
thinking about how it would feel wrapped around my hard dick. I brought
Jessie to a screaming climax as my mouth sucked and tongue lashed her
clit. Then I was ready. I stood up and undressed. Then I pulled her to
the edge of the bed. I figured my dick would be too big for her so I
entered her easy. I looked down at the head of my dick pushed thru the
soft brown hair of her cunt. Jessie gasped as it pushed in her slit. As
I entered her, she grunted with each stroke. And the more dick I pushed
in, the louder she groaned and the wider her eyes grew. Jessie moaned
as my dick expanded in her cunt. I spread her legs wide and rammed her
little pussy non-stop.

I flipped her on her knees, ass up, and slipped it back in her tight
cunt. She gasped, having never done this position before. My balls were
rubbing on her soft feet and I heard her giggle and flex her toes every
few strokes in between moans. I pumped Jessica as hard as I could with
my big dick. Her bubble butt was all thick and muscular, easy to hold on
to as I rammed her.

“When I take my dick out, you’re gonna suck it clean. Do you want to do
that for me, Jessie?”

She groaned ‘yes’ and I continued the pussy slamming.

“Then I’m gonna spank you again. And this time when I finish, I’m gonna
put you on your hands and knees. You’re gonna take this cock up your
ass. Do you hear me Jessie?”

Her whole body tensed. Then she shook violently. Jessie was cumming. And
this was probably the biggest climax she had ever experienced. Her body
bucked up to get more. She came again and again. I could feel my balls
being covered with all the hot cum she oozed from her cunt. Her pussy
gripped my dick like a vise. Then her eyes rolled back and she fell
exhausted to the bed. I held her close and stayed that way till I heard
her soft moaning. I eased my dick from her pussy.

I got on my knees and gently licked her sensitive cunt, making her moan
loud again. I licked her swollen pussy lips, then slid my tongue in her
ass hole. I lubed it up nice and good, then put her back on her knees
and stuck it right up Jessica’s butt. She moaned and squirmed as I
worked it in, then I pumped away slowly. All the way in, then out a
little, then back in. I fucked her up the butt doggy style. I spanked
her as I yelled ‘gedyup’ like I was riding a horse. I fucked Jessica’s
butt nice and deep, grabbing her blonde hair and pulling it roughly as
her eyes teared up, but she continued to moan and beg for more. In and
out my dick shot up her tender ass like one could only imagine. Biel was

I fucked Jessica’s butt for a good 10 minutes, then shot my load all
over her face and tits. She giggled a little as I rubbed my cock on her
face a few more times.

“What is so funny Jessica?”

She looked up at me and smiled.

“Well, it’s weird because… this is how I got on 7th Heaven.”

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