Jillian And Dorothy At Loverboys

This is a fictional story, if you are under age or easily offended. STOP


Jillian And Dorothy At Loverboys

by Wonder Mike

Steve Edwards: Thank you all for watching this mess, we’ll be back tommorow

for more of the same on Good Day Live.

Dorothy Lucey: Only better.

Jillian Barberie: Better? I am sure you can catch Ex-treme Dating sometimes

tonight be sure to watch. Bye!

Dorothy: Thank the big guy upstairs, another week of Good Day is done.

Jillian: You mean Zeke?

Dorothy: You know who I mean.

Jillian: Don’t go off to fast
Dorothy, remember I told you I was taking

you out tonight.

Dorothy: I remember, we have been working together for 7 years, and I don’t

even know where you live, maybe it’s about time we bonded. Maybe I will be

able to get a word in on Monday’s show.

Jillian: Loverboys is a great place to bond.

Dorothy: I don’t know how I let you talk me into going to a strip club, I

have no interest in seeing women parade around naked.

Steve: Women paradeing around naked?

Jillian: This is a girls night out Steve, you can’t come, and you wouldn’t

like it anyway. And neither would you Zeke.

Dorothy: I heard you talk so much about 4 play, I must admit I have always

wondered how the other half lives.

Jillian: We aren’t going to 4 play tonight, there is a more exclusive club

we are going to. That’s why Steve can’t come.

The two girls left the set of Good Day Live. They changed clothes and had an

early dinner together, they then headed over to the new big club, Loverboys.

Dorothy changed into an even shorter black mini skirt, Jillian had changed

into a short jean skirt.

Dorothy: This is a nice looking place, and they have a bar, I might have to

get hammered to enjoy this place.

Jillian: You don’t have to be hammered to enjoy this club, they started in

England, and they have brought a European flavor to American strip clubs.

Mind you, they’re not as good as the ones in Canada, but this place is damn


Dorothy was slamming wine as soon as she sat down

Dorothy: Jill I just noticed that there are nothing but women here, is it

ladies night or something?

Jillian: I am called jiggles, or blondie here, there are men here, look, over

in the corner, it’s Janes Van deerbeek and John Wesley Shipp.

Dorothy: I am not calling you jiggles. It is nice to see Jame’s wife still

lets him go to strip clubs.

Jillian: I don’t think his “wife” really cares what he does.

Dorothy: What do you mean by that?

Jillian: Nothing.

The first stripper bounded out from the dressing room, Dale, the fireman.

Dorothy: Holy S-h-i-t it’s a guy, this is a male strip club.

Jillian: You don’t have to spell it out, did you really think I would take

you to see women strip, I know you wouldn’t enjoy that.

The two newswomen took their place at a table directly in front of the stage.

Jillian: This is my own reserved table.

Dale, the male Adonis spun across the stage, he was 6 foot tall with shoulder

lenght blonde hair.

Dorothy: Oh my G-O-D, look at the body on that guy, holy S.

Jillian: Not an ounce of body fat, wait until you see that body, it is real,

and it is spectacular.

Dale was dressed in a fireman’s jacket and helmet with long boots, he flashed

his jacket open right in front of Jillian, revealing his thong.

Dorothy: Oh my G-O-D, I can’t believe I am here.

Dale spun out of his jacket and danced in front of Dorothy, he headed over to

the next table, Jillian grabbed him by the briefs and pulled him back, she

stuffed a hundred dollar bill into the side of his thong.

Dale grabbed a can of whipped cream, he sprayed his chest with it, he leaned

over Jillian.

Jillian licked half his chest clean, he than leaned over to Dorothy, who had

covered her face with her hands.

Dale turned away, Dorothy looked up, he grabbed her by her long blonde hair

and rubbed her face across his chest.

Dorothy managed to slowly pull away, her face smeared with whipped cream,

Dale sprayed some on his finger, then ran his finger along Dorothy’s lips.

She opened her mouth Dale began to pump his finger slowly in and out of her

mouth, Dorothy closed her lips around his finger.

Dale spun to head to another table Dorothy grabbed him and stuffed a hundred

dollar bill down his thong.

He grabbed Dorothy by her calf and lifted her leg up, she tried to pull down

her skirt.

Dale: You aren’t wearing any underware.

Dorothy: I can’t with this skirt.

Dale lifted both her legs into the air, he began to slowly massage her legs

working his way down to her feet.

He began to caress her feet playing close attention to her toes, he ran his

fingers between his fingers. He then stuck her big toe into his mouth.

Dorothy: Oh my.

Dale licked all her toes, then shoved her big toe back into his mouth,

Dorothy covered her eyes with her hands.

Dale began to work his way back up her legs, he then quickly stuffed his head

up her skirt.

Dorothy tried to wiggle away, but her skirt was so tight she couldn’t move,

she turned bright red as Dale shook his head from side to side.

Dale took a quick lick of her pussy, Dorothy gasped and unconsciously spread

her legs apart. Dale shook his head no and pulled away.

He danced in front of Jillian and began to slowly lover his thong, he than

placed her hands along his waist band.

Jillian took no time ripping his thong off, he had a moose head cook cover

on, the 100 girls in the club stood in unison, Dale sat on Jillian’s lap, he

placed both her hands around his cock.

Dorothy reached over and ripped he covering off his rock hard fully erect

cock. The girls in the club screamed in unison.

Jillian began slowly stoking his cock with both hands, Dale reached over and

grabbed Dorothy’s hands and placed them around his cock, both girls where

stroking it.

Dale stood up in front of Jillian, he lifted her out of her chair and dropped

her to her knees, Jillian had his cock in her mouth before the crowd could

start the rythmic “SUCK IT” chant.

Dorothy: I can’t believe you are doing that with a guy your not married to.

Jillian: Can’t talk busy.

Jillian began to work the ten inch cock deep down her throat.

Dale began pumping his cock in and out of Jillian’s open mouth, she took him

balls deep.

Dale tried to pull away from the wild cat, but Jillian had her fingers dug

into his ass. He had to yank his cock away from her.

Jillian: I’m a bad girl, does daddy want to spank me?

The crowd roared in unison, “SPANK THAT ASS, SPANK THAT ASS”.

Dale sat on the table, laying Jillian across his lap, he whacked her across

the ass.

Dale: My what a tight little ass you have.

Jillian: The better to fuck you with.

Dale: What a wide little mouth you have.

Jillian: The better to suck you off with.

Jillian: Harder daddy, you know how I like it.

Dale whacked her again.

Jillian: That’s it baby.

Dale lifted her skirt up exposing her ass, she wasn’t wearing any underware,

he slapped her ass harder.

Jillian: Yes daddy, jiggles has been a bad girl, I need to be punished.

The bartender came over, he handed Dale a paddle, he began spanking her in


Jillian: Yes daddy, I’ve been very bad, harder, spank me harder.

Dale hammered her ass harder and harder Dorothy couldn’t take her eyes off

the spectacle, she also knew her pussy was dripping wet.

Dale stuffed the end of the paddle into Jillian’s exposed bald pussy, she

immediatly reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit.

Dale shoved the paddle into her box hard and deep, Jillian’s fingers where a

blur flicking her pussy. He began to slowly spin the paddle inside of her.

Jillian: That’s it punish me!

Dale spun the paddle faster and faster in her box, Jillian began to tremble.

Jillian: Fuck it.

She slid off the table and grabbed Dale by the cock, she stuffed it down her

throat until her chin was resting against his chest, she began bobbing her

head up and down on his cock like a machine.

Jillian sucked his cock hard and deep, she needed her daily mouthful of

spunk, Dale tried to pull away, it was way to early in the show to shoot his

load, but Jillian was a real pro.

He struggle harder and harder, his cock was stuck down Jillian’s throat, and

she wasn’t going to let it go.

Dale began to shoot his load into her mouth, Jillian didn’t stop sucking his

cock, when he finished depositing his load, Dale slunk his way backstage.

Jillian picked up Dorothy’s glass of wine, she spit the load of cum into it

and handed it back to Dorothy, she looked back at Dale and yelled


Dorothy took the glass of wine and cum and drank it down in one gulp.

Jillian: Let’s get the next boytoy out here.

Mike, the Marine came out next he was decked out in a full dress uniform,

Dale had told him Jiggles was in the audience tonight, he headed right for


Jillian stuffed a hundred dollar bill down his pants, and tore them right

off, Mike tossed his hat into the crowd.

Dorothy came over and gave him a hug, sliding her hands across his chest,

she slowly removed his jacket.

Jillian came up behind Mike and began humping against his ass, she ran her

fingers across his chest and ripped off his tear away shirt.

Mike danced with the two girls wearing nothing but his thong, Jillian shoved

her hands down the front of his thong and started stroking his cock, Dorothy

was massaging his ass.

Mike motioned for the girls to take off his thong, they each grabbed it and

began to pull, he shook his head no and pointed to their mouths.

The two girls each grabbed the thong by their teeth and pulled it off, Mike

danced naked for them.

He positioned them so they cheek to cheek with the feet pointing different

directions, the audience began to chant, he laid across Jillian poking her

in the face with his cock.

Jillian grabbed the cock and stuffed it down her throat, Mike began doing

push ups pumping his ten inch cock in and out of her mouth.

He pulled it all the way out, then slowly worked all ten inches back down her

throat. He did this five times, he then spun around and laid across Dorothy.

Dorothy shook her head no and covered her face with her hands, the crowd

chanted for her to suck it, Mike kept poking her in the lips with his thick


Dorothy finally opened her mouth, Mike shove six inches of cock down her

throat, Dorothy began to gag.

Jillian: Is that all you can take, that husband of yours must be a real


Dorothy grabbed Mike by the ass and pushed, the cock slid deeper and deeper

down her throat, he began doing the push ups faster. Shoving the cock deeper

down her throat with each stoke.

It didn’t take long before all ten inches vanished down her throat, Dorothy

held him tight, she loved the feeling of his balls resting against her chin.

Dorothy stood up and took a bow, the audience gave her a well deserved

standing ovation.

Jillian: Fuck this I need to be fucked.

She laid on her back and spread her legs, her skirt slid all the way up over

her waist.

Jillian: Come and get it big boy.

Mike: Not so fast, you have to earn a fucking from me.

Jillian reached into he purse and whipped out another hundred dollar bill,

she stuffed it into her pussy.

Jillian: Now come and get it, while it’s hot.

Mike: You don’t earn a fucking here that way, you know how you earn it,

you’ve benn here another times before.

Jillian pulled out the bill, and shoved her middle finger into her soaked

box. She slowly worked it in and out.

Mike: That’s a good start.

Jillian slipped a second finger deep into her cunt, she began to work them

deeper, she began to rub her clit with her left hand.

Mike: That’s a good girl.

Jillian: No, I am a bad little girl.

She shoved a third finger into her pussy, then a fourth, she began to pump

them wildly into her tight pussy.

Dale: Damn, that pussy is tight.

Jillian: I have the pussy of a ten year old

Her pussy was dripping wet now, her fingers slid easily in and out, both her

hands where blurs giving her the workout she needed.

Mike: There is one more thing you need to do before you get a good fucking.

Jillian: Oh my God I Think I am going to cuuuum.

Mike: Your friend here needs some loving to, get over here and eat her out.

Dorothy: That’s right you skanky bitch, get over her and eat my hot pussy.

Jillian crawled over to Dorothy, Dorothy pulled her skirt off, laid down and

spread her legs, her blonde hairy push was on full display.

Dorothy used two fingers to spread her pussy wide.

Jillian: Damn, what a cave cave cave cave.

Dorothy: Very funny bitch, now get over here and eat me, and don’t fuck her

unless she gives it to me good.

Jillian buried her tongue into Dorothy’s pussy, Dorothy wrapped her legs

around Jillian’s neck, Jillian shook her head from side to side to she wanted

to taste all of Dorothy’s giant box.

Dorothy grabbed her by the hair and yank. She twisted Jillian’s hair around

her wrist.

Dorothy: That’s it bitch eat it good.

Jillian: YES, yank my hair church lady, make it hurt.

Dorothy yanked her hair as hard as she could, Jillian shoved two fingers into

her pussy.

Dorothy: Yes finger fuck me whore, make me feel it.

Jillian shoved two more fingers into her wide open pussy, Dorothy yanked her

hair again.

Dorothy: BITCH.

Mike came up behind Jillian, he lifted her up by the waist so her ass was up

in the air, Jillian began swaying from side to side as she ate Dorothy.

Mike took aim and shoved his cock directly into Jillian’s tight ass.

Jillian: Fuck me, you know I love getting it in the ass.

Jillian slammed back against him, the entire ten inches easily vanished into

her willing ass.

Jillian rubbed her ass cheeks from side to side against Mike she than began

slamming back and fourth onto his cock.

Jillian: Fuck my ass hard.

Dorothy: Eat me you sexy bitch.

Jillian shoved her entire hand deep inside of Dorothy’s box, Dorothy grabbed

her by the wrist and began fucking herself with it.

Mike began to pump furiously into Jillian’s ass she matched his thrust by

pumping her fist into Dorothy.

The two blondes screamed in unison, “I’M CUUUUMMMING.

Mike began to slap Jillian’s ass.

Jillian: That’s it daddy, jiggles has been a very bad girl, now make my ass


Mike slammed his cock into her ass as hard as he could, Jillian slipped her

other hand into Dorothy.

Dorothy: Of my fucking God, you’ve got both hands inside of me, It feels so


Jillian slowly worked both hands in and out of her, Dorothy wrapped her legs

around her arms.

Dorothy grabbed Jillian by one of her wrist, she began to fuck herself with

Jillian’s wrist, Jillian slammed it deep.

Dorothy arched her back and rose off the ground so Jillian could get her arms

deeper inside of her.

Dorothy: FUCK, I love to get fisted.

Jillian: Damn, you do love to be fisted bitch.

Mike: Double fisted.

Jillian: I stand corrected, double fisted, me, not so much.

Mike grabbed Jillian by the hair and yanked her back onto his throbbing cock.

Mike: Fuck, I am going to cum in your ass.

Jillian: No your not.

She pulled away from his cock and spun around, she shoved it deep down her

throat just in time to catch the load. She gulped it down greedily.

Jillian: is that all you’ve got, I am just getting started, I am so

disappointed in this place tonight.

Dorothy: Get the next victim out here.

Wesley, the six foot tall Africa tribesman danced across the stage in his

full chieftan garb.

Jillian: That’s what I’m talking about I love my men the same way I love my

coffee. Black and with a big cup.

Wesley danced up to Jillian, she wrapped her arms around him grabbing him by

the ass, they began to grind. Ving the even larger tribesman did a backflip

across the stage.

Ving was behind Jillian now, the two men turned Jillian into an oreo cookie.

She jumped up and wrapped her legs around Wesley.

Dorothy came up behind Ving and hugged him from behind, she reached around

and yanked the grass skirt off of Wesley.

Dorothy: Oh my God, look at the size of that thing, it must be a foot long.

Wesley: Over a foot.

Dorothy pulled the skirt from around Ving, his cock was even bigger than


Jillian: I have got to be impaled on one of those.

She dropped down from between the two men, she grabbed Wesley by the cock and

began stroking it with both hands, it was like a steel rod.

Dorothy dropped to her knees and grabbed Ving by the cock, she began to

slowly feed it down her throat.

Ving’s cock was so thick, it barely fit down her throat, but Dorothy was a

determined little minx, she managed to stuff half of it into her mouth.

Jillian wasn’t haveing the same trouble with Wesley, his entire member slowly

vanished down her throat until her chin was resting against his balls, she

began slamming her face against his leg, taking his cock all the way down her

throat with each thrust.

Wesley ran his fingers through her hair as she deep throated him, the

hundreds in the audience watched in amazement, most of them had seen

Jillian’s act before though.

Wesley pulled his cock out of Jillian’s mouth, he spun her around and dropped

her to her hands and knees, he slammed his cock deep into her.

Jillian: FUCK, that feels good.

Ving positioned himself behind Dorothy, and mounted her from behind.

Dorothy: Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I can’t believe I am doing this.

Ving’s massive cock slowly vanished into Dorothy’s hairy soaking wet bush,

she rocked back until the entire missile was gone.

The two blondes where side by side rocking back and forth onto the cocks,

Wesley grabbed Jill by the hair, Ving than did the same to Dorothy.

Ving: Ride these cocks bitches.

Dorothy: Yes, master.

Jillian and Dorothy slammed back harder and harder on the cocks, Jill reached

between her legs and began to rub her clit, she slammed back harder.

Jillan was determined to fuck her brains out she rocked back as hard as she

could, she shoved a finger into her pussy.

Dorothy wouldn’t be outdone, she rocked back harder onto Ving, she shoved two

fingers into her hairy pussy.

Jillian looked over at her co anchor, she slowly managed to work three

fingers into her pussy, it was full. Wesley slapped her ass as he pummeled

her pussy.

Dorthy stuffed four fingers into her box, she worked her hand in and out

furiously as Ving pumped her as hard as she could.

Jillian: I need to give this cock a real ride.

She rocked back as hard as she could, Wesley fell over backward, Jillian was

on top of him, Jillian began to bounce up and down on his cock.

Dorothy: You won’t out do me bitch, I am a better newswoman than you, and a

better fuck.

Dorothy rocked back onto Ving, he lifted her into the air than laid back so

she was on top of him. Dorothy planted her feet on the ground and began her


Jillian: You are nothing but a gossip spewing bitch, and is in no way a

better fuck than me. And why don’t you shave that bush? It’s not 1970.

Dorothy: The hairy bush is in now, you look like you’re twelve years old.

Jillian: I know, that’s why I can get any man I want.

Jillian planted her feet onto Wesley’s legs and slammed up and down as hard

as she could.

Jillian: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, It feels so good.

Dorothy slammed down onto Ving, nobody could ride a cock like her.

Dorothy spun around on the cock, she was looking directly at Jillian now,

Wesley twirled around so that Jillian was looking at Dorothy.

The contest was on now, the two girls rode the cocks even harder. Loverboys

had never seen a show like this before.

A completey nude Dale ran back onto the stage, he was followed quickly by

Mike, Dale stood behind Jillian.

He climbed onto her back and shoved his cock into her ass, it slid in like a

hot knife through butter.

Jillian: FUCK, my favorite thing in the whole world is getting ravaged by two


Mike Climbed on top of Dorothy, he took aim at her pussy, and slowly began to

work his cock inside of her.

Dorothy: FUCK, it’s too much, too much.

Mike worked his cock inch by inch into her already stuffed pussy, he let his

weight force his cock all the way inside of her.

Dorothy: FUCK, I have never been so full.

Dale began to pump into Jillian’s ass as hard as she could, Wesley mighty

thrusts lifted Jill and Dale into the air.

Jillian was ride both cocks now, making sure they both went balls deep with

every stroke, she wrapped her arms around Wesley so she could pull him


Dorothy wrapped her legs around Mike, bringing her legs up so she could take

both cocks even deeper.

Ving: Ving is going to cum

Wesley: So am I.

Jillian: I need to taste it, PLEASE cum in my mouth.

Ving managed to slide from underneath Dorothy, she curled up so Mike could

fuck her harder, she then opened her mouth and placed her finger on her


Dorothy: RIGHT HERE.

Ving laid his cock on her tongue and began to shoot his load right down her


Wesley was standing over Jillian down, he had stuffed his cock all the way

down her throat and was fucking her face.

The crowd stood in unison, the $10 cover charge was well worth it tonight,

Jillian loved an audience. He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth for a

minute, when he pulled away his cock was limp.

Jillian: Look, all gone.

She had sucked him compley dry, Dale pulled his cock out of her ass and

shoved it down her throat.

Ving’s cum was dribbling out of the corners of Dorothy’s mouth, he had filled

it with his seed, it rolled down her chin onto her small breast.

Dorothy laid flat on the ground, Mike laid across her face pumping his cock

down her throat, she grabbed him by the ass and stuffed his cock balls deep.

Dale pumped his cock down Jillian’s throat until she was completely drained,

she didn’t miss a drop, she hopped up and pushed him off the stage.

Jillian: Done with you.

Mike’s cum came bubbling out of Dorothy’s mouth and nose, it rolled down her

chin and across her shoulder, Jillian ran over and lapped up the over flow

like a hungary dog.

Jillian: Sloppy seconds taste even better.

The two Good day Live stars jumped up and took a bow, they where given a well

deserved standing ovation.

Dorothy: Look at the time, I was supposed to have Nash in bed an hour ago.

Jillian: I guess that’s it for tonight folks, but I’ll be back tommorow.

Dorothy: Me too. I want ten men next time though.

Mike: I am sure it can be arranged.


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