Journal Of An Agent: Chap. 28 – Neve Campbell

Journal of an Agent: Chap. 28 – Neve Campbell

By Carnage Jackson

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This is Part 28 of an ongoing series. Yes I know the celebs don’t act like this in real life, but this is a fantasy after all.

(In the last chapter, having
realized the full scope of Jacob’s plan to blackmail him and take down Shooting Stars completely, not to mention ruin Dean, Dean enlisted the help of Kirsten Dunst to turn the tables on Jacob, setting him up for his own dose of blackmail. The plan falls apart, but Jacob is not done yet, breaking into Dean’s home for one final confrontation.)

Jacob bounded toward me, knife in hand, and I stepped out of the way quickly to avoid being struck. Jacob lost his balance, but only for a step, spinning back around for another pass. This time I was more ready for him, blocking his arm as it came down at my head in a stabbing motion. I landed a quick punch to Jacob’s stomach, but it didn’t seem to phase him. Although he was smaller than me, I knew that his party-hard lifestyle and peak physical shape demanded that he be able to take a punch.

Crashing into the wall, the knife Jacob held dug itself deep into the plaster of the hallway, tearing off shreds of wallpaper. Yelling savagely, he yanked the knife back out and moved towards me again. I was off step a little and couldn’t brace for the impact completely as his hand slid underneath my shoulder and the knife made contact with my skin, sinking inside deeply.

For a moment, there was no pain as I felt the blade slide into my insides. But then like an electric shock, a dull warmness and a throbbing ache began to fill up my whole side. Jacob yanked the knife out without hesitation and I saw that it was a deep crimson red, matching the color of my shirt. A large red stain had started to spread down beneath my arm and chest, soaking into the material that I wore. My body felt like it was on fire now as I stumbled against the wall while Jacob positioned himself to go at me again.

Panting hard, I put my hand over my wounded side and felt the sticky blood coat my fingers, almost hot as it leaked out of me. I couldn’t tell how deep it had gone but I knew it was not going to be pretty.

Satisfied with his initial hit, Jacob moved towards me again, but this time I was ready. Waiting until the last possible moment till he was right atop of me, I landed an uppercut to his jaw using the hand that had been holding my side. It was just like in the movies, his whole body flew backwards down the hall, knocking him off his feet. The knife that he had been holding clattered innocently against the side of the wall, the blade leaving a slight crimson streak on the tan wallpaper. I reached for it, but Jacob was too quick, back on his feet and his mouth full of blood. He kicked me hard in the side, right in the spot where he had stabbed me and I saw stars, feeling like I was going to black out any second. I collapsed to the floor as Jacob towered over me, the blood from his mouth and swollen lips falling to the carpet like some kind of rabid beast. He grinned wildly again and grabbed the knife from the floor, panting hard as he stood over my sprawled body.

Bending down to one knee, he traced the blade against my chest playfully, trying to decide I suppose, where to stab me next and finish me off. Grabbing the handle tightly in his hand, he lifted the knife in the air like a killer from a horror movie and plunged down towards my chest quickly.

Time seemed to slow as my head spun from dizziness and the coldness that was slowly moving through out my body. I felt for sure that I was done for, but with one last effort (and some perfect timing), I threw one final punch directly for his face, hoping to knock him down once more.

I missed his face, but managed to hit him directly in the neck, right by his Adam’s apple. As time crawled, the expression on his face changed from one of sheer rage to a look of panicked confusion. His arm came down on me, but the knife fell limply from his hand as he put both hands to his throat, struggling to breath.

I had managed to hit him somehow in a pressure point directly at the base of his neck, cutting off the supply of air to his throat. Jacob collapsed to his knees in front of me as his eyes went wide, trying to get any bit of precious air he could into his body. I watched him land on his legs but not for long – I managed to stagger to my feet, my body hunched over at the waist and stood up just enough to land a kick directly to his face. I heard his head snap back on his neck as he collapsed on the floor, unconscious or dead, I didn’t really care.

Still on my feet but very woozy, I stumbled down the hall towards one of the guest rooms. Grabbing the phone off the side of the bed stand, I yanked it down to the floor with me. I pushed 911 and gasped loudly into the phone.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Stabbing…assault…he tried to kill me…4173 Oceanside Drive…help” I gasped into the phone. The operator’s voice faded away from me as I drifted into unconsciousness, the phone falling from my hand like a heavy weight that I was no longer able to hold.

I awoke painfully sore in a hospital bed. The rush of morning traffic slowly drifted into my ears as I re-entered the waking world and took in my surroundings. It hurt to breath, much less move but I realized then that I was thankfully still alive. I lay in bed for what must have been a few minutes, remembering in as best I could what happened. Moving my hand slowly down to the side where I had been stabbed, it felt painful and swollen to the touch. I could feel stitches holding my skin together tightly, but they throbbed as I ran my fingers over them.

A nurse walked in, diverting my attention. She was frumpy and a little overweight, her eyes conveying all the pain and sorrow she had seen. To my surprise, she was followed by a uniformed police officer, LAPD’s finest, who had taken his hat off when he walked in. He showed no signs of any emotion at all as the nurse picked up a chart at the foot of my bed.

“Mr. Simonds, how are you feeling?” she said, all business as she scanned the clipboard.

“Like shit, thanks. What day is it?” I asked, my mouth dry and raspy as my tongue slurred the words together.

“It’s Thursday. You came out of post-op about 12 hours ago. You are a very lucky man Mr. Simonds, that you’re assailant didn’t hit any major arteries or organs,” the nurse replied.

“Assailant…Jacob. What…where is he?” I asked. My head was groggy, probably from the pain killers they had me on, and I now noticed that I was handcuffed to the bed on my left side.

“The other Mr. Simonds? I’m afraid he didn’t make it. Head trauma,” the nurse said non-chalantly. I felt a wave of emotion run over me, as I was torn between feeling sorrow or pleasure over the fact that Jacob, the half-brother who had made my life hell for the past week, was dead.

“Why am I handcuffed?” I asked.

“Talk to officer O’Reilly about that. He needs to ask you a few questions anyways,” the nurse said, setting the chart back and leaving the room. The officer moved to the foot of the bed and adjusted his belt, putting his hands on his hips.

“Mr. Simonds, can you tell me what happened up to the time you called 911?” he asked gruffly.

“I had just woken up from a nap with a lady friend of mine and as I was walking her out, I heard a crash upstairs. Because it was raining at the time, I thought it was a tree branch through a window or something. I went upstairs only to find Jacob, my half-brother, waiting there for me with a knife. He had broken into the house through a window and was obviously there to try and kill me. We scuffled a little bit, during which he stabbed me in the side. I managed right before he tried to put the final blow on me to hit him in the throat. That stunned him, at which point I got up and managed to kick him in the head before dialing 911 and passing out,” I said, panting for air as I recollected the event. “I didn’t know I killed him,”

The cop didn’t even look up from his paperwork. “Uh-huh. You snapped his neck I’m afraid, but if your story checks out, it was a case of self-defense and you won’t be charged,” he said, writing something down on his clipboard and slipping his pen into his pocket.

“So then you will take these handcuffs off, right?” I asked.

“When you are ready to check out, I’ll leave the key with the stationed officer. I don’t believe you to be a flight risk Mr. Simonds, but procedure says we have to hold you while we still can. Chances are you’ll be free to go by tomorrow when you leave,” the cop said. The nurse had re-entered the room.

“Officer, Mr. Simonds needs his rest after surgery. Are you almost done?” the nurse asked.

“I am done,” he said, walking past her. “Thank you for your time Mr. Simonds,”

I laid my head back on the soft pillow as the nurse moved next to me by the bed.

“Do you need anything else Mr. Simonds?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you,” I said. She smiled and turned off the light by my bed, walking out into the busy office corridor. I laid there trying to contemplate everything that had lead up to my second trip to the hospital in less than a week, but the meds I was on were too much and I felt my thoughts drift away and my mind slip into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning feeling sore and stiff, but much better than when I had first opened my eyes. The day was bright and promised to be hot, I knew. Glancing down at my arm, the cuffs were gone, as promised. Using my good arm, I managed to prop myself up with some effort. I felt a little dizzy as the blood rushed to my head, but I was able to very carefully plant my feet on the cool linoleum floor and stand up.

Just as I did, another nurse came in. This one was much younger than the first one I had seen last night, which now felt like some sort of surreal dream thanks to the waning effects of the painkillers.

“Are you ready to check out Mr. Simonds? We can have a wheel-chair brought around for you to take you to a taxi,” the nurse asked. She was vibrant and perky for so early in the morning, but I couldn’t help but smile at her youthfulness and her beauty. She wasn’t gorgeous by any means, simply an ordinary girl who was sure to be able to find an ordinary husband someday (if she didn’t already have one) and lead a nice normal life, taking care of people who got themselves mixed up in all sorts of things, like me.

I filled out the required paperwork and waited out front of the hospital in a very stiff wheel chair for the cab the hospital had called to arrive. The morning was still a little damp with the morning dew, but everywhere the sound of birds mingled with the far off interstate and it’s rush hour traffic. I was startled back to reality from this serene setting by the grumbling engine of the cab, driven by a cabby who looked like he could care less about me or the stiff pain that I was in.

Arriving home, I noticed the police tape around the entrance to my house, bringing back eerie similarities to when Julie, my former assistant, had stalked and tried to kill me. Shaking it from my head, I paid the driver and walked very slowly and very rigidly into the house.

Making my way up the stairs was a chore, causing my forehead to sweat and my skin to feel sticky as I passed more police tape inside, blocking off an entire corner of the hallway. I was surprised that they hadn’t cleaned it up yet, but a note on the hallway said that they would arrive later in the day for the mess. The blood looked far less horrifying in the light of the day now, a maroon stain in bizarre shapes dotting the walls and in a big dry puddle by the floor. I half expected a chalk outline of where Jacob’s body had been to be traced into the carpet, but there wasn’t one. Only in the movies I thought to myself, only in the movies.

Collapsing onto a guest bed, I simply kicked my shoes off and lay on my good side, exhausted from the car ride home and the entire week, the overdrive my body had been on finally easing back into a more manageable state.

The phone rang many hours later and I sat up in bed, struggling to sit up and grab it from it’s night stand. I felt much better now, still sore but definitely on my way to recovery.


“Hello Mr. Simonds. I’m calling from BT&T long distance and I was wondering if you are happy with your current calling plan…” the voice on the other end said. I hung up the phone and yanked the cord from the wall, the base of the phone getting one final ring in as it clattered to the floor.

Getting up, I walked around and stretched. Before I left the hospital, they had given me a sheet of minor stretches to do and a prescription for mild painkillers in case the pain got a little too intense for over the counter medicine. Following the sheets instructions, I worked the muscles in my side for a few minutes and by the time I was done, felt much better and definitely ready to return to normal.

Showering, I went downstairs and devoured some leftovers I had in the fridge. It was Monday evening now, I knew everyone at the office would be gone. Popping a pain killer just in case that my muscles started to ache too much from the exercise, I sat down on the couch and watched TV for a bit.

After about 30 minutes of this or so, I grew restless. The painkillers were supposed to make me feel drowsy but instead seemed to make me want to go out and do something. I felt alert and awake, my body running on all it’s cylinders again. I decided that what I needed was a good, stiff drink. Checking the liquor cabinet only to find it just about dry, I went to the garage and got into my car, heading out onto the freeway.

I headed towards downtown, but thought better of it, feeling awake and alert and yet still not ready to deal with clients or a crowded bar after the hell that I had been through. Pulling off an overpass, I pulled onto what was essentially a one street town just outside of LA, the sign with the city name passing so fast I missed it when I blinked. I drove down the main street of the city looking for somewhere to stop. I found it at the only place that seemed open besides the gas stations (it was approaching 10 now, I guess the residents of sticks-ville or wherever I was went to sleep pretty early), in a place called the Rowdy RoadHog.

Despite the name, the place was actually pretty tame once I got inside. It was mostly a couples bar – meaning, it was a place where couples went to be alone, or desperate men went to find women, or anyone willing to take them home for that matter. It was smoky and smelled like stale beer, the jukebox in the corner warbling some warped country record as I took a seat at the bar. This was just the place I wanted, even though I was overdressed in my jeans and sports coat.

Ordering just a beer, rather than my usual scotch, I downed it fairly quickly and promptly ordered another. I saw some of the other people seated at the bar glance me over as I drank, but they didn’t seem to give me a second thought. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be left alone, to relax and think about things by myself.

I don’t know how long passed, maybe half an hour. I was on my third beer by then and with the combination of the pain pills was feeling pretty buzzed. Normally I’m not the type of person who likes to lose control of their actions, but for once it felt nice to feel uninhibited and just let go. Which is probably why I was a little bleary-eyed when I finally noticed a brunette sitting in the seat next to me.

She was very attractive, although dressed in a way that wasn’t very becoming; overdone makeup and a trashy looking outfit made her seem garish even against all the other trailer trash in the place. She caught me looking and I turned away, finding myself suddenly interested in the health warnings on the back of the bottle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her scoot her seat down next to me.

“Hey there handsome, I couldn’t help but notice you looking,” she said. I looked up and our eyes met, suddenly bringing about a moment of shock and revelation to both of us.

It was Neve Campbell, the star of the now classic horror series “Scream” and one of the main characters from “Party of Five”. Her normally pale skin was looking even more pale in the light of the bar but there was no doubting it was her. I had talked with her some at various parties and get togethers and we seemed to get along ok, but the relationship had stayed as friends-of-friends and nothing more.

“Neve!” I said a little loudly.

“Dean! Shit, I,” she said, her face turning red even under the heavy eyeliner and lipstick she wore.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Shh…not so loud,” she replied, bringing her head closer to the bar. I did the same.

“What? What’s the matter?” I said. My words felt a little slurred but I was still sharp enough to be puzzled by what she was doing in a dump like this.

“I…well, here’s the thing. This guy I’m dating, Matt, he well, likes seeing me pick up other guys and then…you know…”

“No, I don’t. What?”

“Have sex with them back at a motel,” she blurted, her voice almost a whisper now.

“So you came to try and pick me up?”

“No! We came here because it was so far away from the rest of Hollywood and I thought that it would be a good place to blend in and not get noticed by anyone who knew me,”

“Funny, that’s the same reason I came here,” I said, sipping my beer. The whole story seemed really funny to me and I laughed to myself, but Neve was obviously very nervous.

“Go ahead, laugh it up. You have no idea how shocked I am to even find you here,” she said, not appreciating the humor of the situation.

“I’ve had a rough few days,” I said quietly.

“Well, I’m sorry. But this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and without pissing Matt off I’m not sure how to handle things. Oh shit! Here he comes!” Neve said, turning back around to the bar.

I heard footsteps behind me and looked up to see a massive guy towering over me. He was dressed in raggedy clothes and his face was unshaven. His bleached blond hair looked out of place on his disheveled frame, like he spent more time on his hair than on anything else.

“Hey baby,” he said, squeezing in between us and giving Neve a kiss. “So, I see you’ve found a new friend. Would he be interested in what we have planned?”

“Honey, the thing is, his name is,” Neve started to say but I cut her off.

“My name is Jacob. And yes, from what your lady tells me I think I might be interested,” I said, the alcohol taking over in my rational thinking. Normally I wouldn’t get involved in something like this – past experience in my college days told me that they only ended badly. But I was pretty sloshed and I was starting to feel a bit horny, so I decided to roll with it. Neve shot me an evil glance that only I picked up on.

“Great! Well then, shall we go?” Matt said, giving me a slap on the back. I almost chipped my tooth on the bottle, as he caught me in mid-sip, but I played it off pretty coolly and stood from the bar. Neve looked apprehensive as she too stood up and we started making our way out of the bar to the lot outside.

Once we were out of the noisy din of the place, Matt reached into his pocket and handed me a key.

“This is for room #8 in the Cactus Snooze Inn about 4 miles down the road. If you are still interested in our little rendezvous, meet us there in 20 minutes,” Matt said, leading Neve to his Eclipse at the end of the lot. I felt a little woozy but thought I could make it four miles.

“Ok, I’ll see you there!” I called after them. Neve gave me a look that was hard to describe – it was mixture of disgust, of anger but also of puzzlement as to why I was doing this. The truth was, I didn’t know. But with all my problems solved for the time being, it seemed like a semi-sane thing to do.

Arriving at the hotel right behind them, I took a spot away from the row of rooms. The place was about as sleazy as you could imagine – the sign out front didn’t work, half the rooms looked run down and the manager’s office had bullet holes, probably from past robberies. Even in my intoxicated state I knew that this wasn’t the best motel to be at, but nevertheless I followed them inside.

“Give me just a minute before you two get started, I want to take a quick shower,” Matt said, walking right into the bathroom and closing the door. I closed the door to the room and watched Neve pace around nervously in front of me.

“Thanks a fucking lot Dean,” she said angrily. “I probably could have gotten out of this thing without having to do this but then you had to go and agree!”

“Hey, woah. You knew what you were getting into with this just by being at the bar. And if I hadn’t shown up, you’d be in this same spot with a total stranger,” I replied, slipping off my shoes and getting more comfortable.

“Well, I can’t argue there. But I still don’t like being in this position,” Neve said.

I walked over to her and placed my hands on her arms. She was trembling slightly.

“Look, let’s just go along with it. I think you are a very beautiful, sexy woman and obviously you wouldn’t have chosen me if you didn’t feel at least somewhat the same way about me,” I said.

Neve giggled. “What, that you are a beautiful sexy woman?” she said with a smile.

“Hardy har. You know what I mean. Am I right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I suppose so. But look, we can’t let on that we know each other, alright? And please, for God’s sake, wear a condom,” she said.

“Of course,” I replied, kissing her lightly on the forehead. “This will be over before you know it and hey, you might have fun,”

Neve nodded and then turned away from me. With a heavy sigh, she reached down to her waist and lifted up her shirt, revealing her smooth back to me. Reaching her hands around, she unclasped her bra and slid it off her shoulders, tossing it onto the ground. Next, she pulled down her skirt and then proceeded to turn around, giving me a view of her standing there in only a pair of light blue panties and a set of fishnet stockings. Neve’s nipples were hardening in the air of the room but she still looked like she felt awkward doing this whole thing, as she wasn’t sure exactly where to place her hands. I sat down on one of the two double beds and took off my pants and shirt, leaving me sitting there in only boxers.

Neve finally calmed down a bit and came to sit next to me, albeit not too close. I slowly moved my hand out and placed it on her thigh. She flinched for just a second but didn’t try to push it away or move. I knew that if she were a little bit aroused when we started this thing, it would go smoother.

“You know that he is going to just sit there and watch us while he jacks off,” Neve said, turning her head away from me as my hand fingered it’s way through the netting of her stockings.

“I know. But just pretend that he isn’t here. I’ll be as gentle as you want, regardless of what he wants, ok?” I said.

Neve nodded again and we both heard the water in the shower turn off. A minute or so later, Matt walked out of the bathroom, stark naked, as he toweled off his hair.

“Hey! Now that’s what I like to see, you two are just horny as hell aren’t you?” Matt said, moving a chair away from the table in the room and pulling it near the bed. He took a seat. “Well Betsy, you ready to get started?”

It took a moment for Neve to recognize that she was going by “Betsy”, but she quickly shook her head yes.

“Good. Jacob my man, you may begin,” Matt said, waving his hand toward us. I noticed that he had the beginnings of a hard on and though he was adequately equipped, probably about 6 inches when hard, I wondered in the back of my mind what he would think when I achieved full length. I didn’t dwell on it long and instead turned towards “Betsy” and moved my hand from her leg to her shoulder. My fingers trailed down her arm and onto her chest, touching first the top of her breast and then moving one finger at a time slowly down her nipple, making sure my thumbnail brushed against it.

Neve had gone rigid the moment that Matt had walked out, but now that things were starting she seemed at least a little bit more at ease. She continued to sit very still but allowed me to continue stroking her breast with one hand, then the other as I felt the heat from her skin becoming more and more intense. I slowly moved my mouth to her breast and took it in between my lips, feeling her hard nipple brush against my front teeth. Sucking lightly, I took a large part of her hefty C-cup breast into my mouth. Her skin tasted salty and sweet, the smoothness of it creating a great contrast against my rough tongue and lips.

Moving her hand over to my boxer-clad crotch, Neve placed her hand on my growing cock. Moving very slowly over the material, she grasped my shaft lightly and began to jerk me off slightly, her motions slow and methodical. I lifted my mouth from her breast and looked in her eyes. The uneasiness seemed to be mostly gone, as I got lost in her deep brown eyes. They were glazed over now with a sexual desire that let me know that she was willing, but nothing too fast. I moved my mouth to her lips and we kissed, first gently then her tongue slipping into my mouth to explore. I returned the kiss and pulled her closer as Neve reached into the fly on my boxers and pulled out my cock. She ran the palm of her hand over the head, oscillating it back and forth under her small, delicate hand. The tips of her fingers touched me lightly as she gripped the base of my now hard nine inch cock and began to tug more forcefully. We continued to kiss and I saw out of the corner of my eye Matt quite content to jerk himself off.

Neve broke the kiss and stood up from the bed, not saying a word. She reached down to the front of her panties and slipped a finger behind the flimsy material, testing herself to see how wet she was. Obviously content with her own arousal, she pulled the panties aside and moved towards me, straddling herself on top of my legs. Her cunt was shaven with just a slight patch of hair, extending in a narrow line above her entrance and the base of her pussy was flushed with arousal. Moving up my thighs, I felt her hot sex touch my balls, causing them to tighten slightly from her moisture and heat. Neve again locked eyes with me and mouthed “Ready?”

I nodded as she slid further up my legs, lifting herself slightly off my thighs so that her entrance was open and ready for my hard cock. Reaching over on the bed to a small traveling-bag, she took out a condom and sexily rolled it over my shaft, making sure that it fit nice and firmly. It was one of those “skin tight” condoms, so the feel of it against me as I prepared to enter her was like having nothing at all. I entered her completely within a moment as I felt her legs come to rest on my own. Neve sighed in contentment and leaned into me, her breasts pressing against my chest and her head on my shoulder. I felt her long brown hair slide over my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer. I began to lift my hips off of the bed slowly, pushing and pulling myself in and out of her, my balls brushing against her firm, tender ass cheeks. Neve kept her head on my shoulders but I could tell by the slight squeezing of my prick by her inner walls that she was enjoying herself.

“Hey, move where I can see!” Matt said loudly. Neve and I couldn’t help but laugh as I scooted sideways on the bed, giving Matt a full on view of our bodies. Neve was matching my strokes now, the lips of her pussy stretching and sliding up and down on my rock hard shaft. We achieved a great pace, one I had rarely ever gotten to with any of the other women I had made love to, and it felt like bliss for both of us, if the trickle of sexual juices on my legs were any indication.

Neve pulled away from my chest now and lifted her arms behind her head, folding them so that just the bottom part of her body was moving on me, her firm tummy flexing in and out as we fucked. Rocking back and forth like she was riding a horse, Neve’s body moved hypnotically – she was an expert lover, that was for sure. It made me wonder why someone like Matt would want to share her with other men.

I placed my hands on Neve’s legs and held her steady as she continued to buck against me. Her body had a slight sheen of sweat now, a few accumulated drops sliding down between her breasts. The rest of her body was flushed from the excitement and she seemed 100% committed to the act in which we were doing.

“Now talk dirty to her man,” Matt said, but I barely listened. Neve and I were lost in a world of complete sexual nirvana, her eyes closed tightly as she rode me and my entire body focused on making sure that I wouldn’t be the only one to cum from this encounter. Heeding Matt’s request though, I whispered hoarsely. “Yeah Betsy, that’s it, ride my cock!”

“Betsy” opened her eyes to a squint and shot me a devilish grin. Then she began to moan as she moved her hands from behind her head to rub them on my chest.

“Ohhhhh Jacob, yeah that’s it! Fuck my tight pussy with that big cock!” she half-giggled, half-moaned. I sped up the pace and we began bouncing so hard on the bed that it made the mattress squeak. I could hear Matt’s own ministrations speeding up too, the entire room now filled with gasps, moans and the sound of skin moving against skin. Abruptly though, Neve slid off of my cock and onto the floor, getting on her hands and knees just a few feet from Matt. Her ass was thrust in the air and I needed no further instruction as to what to do.

Moving behind her, I placed the tip of my now glistening prick against her pussy, sliding in with the same ease of when I first entered her body. It too didn’t take very long for me to bury myself completely inside of her once again, dropping to my knees to make sure that I could stabilize myself. Neve was on all fours, her breasts swaying seductively beneath her as she gasped with my re-entrance to her body. I rested my head on her back and closed my eyes, facing the wall now as I began to hump her doggy-style on the floor of this sleazy, pay-by-the-hour motel.

Neve’s ass pressed against my stomach as I rested part of my weight on her back, holding her tightly as I sawed in and out of her pussy. She began to grunt as my speed began to increase, my balls tight as they slapped against her pert little ass. Whatever motivation Matt had given her was gone now, Neve was in her own world.

“Unnggghhhh….ahhh…yeahh….don’t stop!! oooooo” she said as I fucked her, feeling my balls begin to tighten more as my orgasm approached.

I opened my eyes to see Matt’s hand moving at a lightning rate, his ass bucking off the chair in which he sat as he squirmed around, tossing himself off. Glancing down at Neve’s face, I saw that she was now staring straight at Matt, her eyes locked on his. This was the slut that he had wanted, and it was evident that this was the slut he had gotten. In watching her intense stare at him, I felt something animal inside me, something primordial. This was more than just sex, this was raw animal lust, put on for the display of an audience by two willing participants.

Bucking back against me, Neve shook her ass slightly and I felt her orgasm hit her, causing little goose pimples to form on her back while the wave of sexual pleasure washed over her.

This torrent of sexual energy by her caused my own load to arrive, and I shot deep and hard into the condom as I buried myself inside of her. I felt my dick get coated with my own jism as I held myself inside of Neve’s body, not wanting to withdraw from her. As I felt myself soften a bit, I carefully lifted my prick out of her deep snatch and rolled the condom off, holding it up so that no semen escaped. I was about to throw it away when Matt stopped me.

“NO! Don’t throw it yet, I’m close!” he said, extending a hand to take it from me. I gave it to him as he stood up, holding his prick open at the base of the condom. Sticking the head in slightly, his own orgasm erupted and he filled the condom to it’s brim with the mixture of his and my own juices. Shuddering, he pinched off the last little drop of cum and handed the condom to Neve.

“Drink it Betsy, slurp it up!” he said to her. Neve took it in her hand and looked at it for a moment. I thought for sure that she wasn’t going to do it, but the sexual hunger in her was still raging and she held the latex to her lips, allowing the slimy fluids to slide into her mouth and down her throat. A little bit escaped from her lips and ran down the corner of her mouth sexily as she drank the entire contents of the condom, not hesitating one bit to swallow it’s contents. Tossing it aside, she laid down on her back, her chest heaving and her mouth sticky with cum. I sat down on the bed and pulled my pants back up, watching her lost in her own sexual bliss.

“Dean, that was amazing,” Neve said softly. I froze.

“Dean? I thought you said you’re name was Jacob?” Matt said, a bit of anger rising in his voice.

“It’s Dean, and I knew him from a long time ago. You were just too dumb to see it when we were at the bar,” Neve said, still in a bit of a dreamy state.

“What? God damn it Neve, you set me up!” Matt screamed. I knew that I had to get out of there quickly so I pulled my clothes to the other side of the bed and dressed hurriedly. Neve had sat up now and was clutching her knees with her arms, her freshly fucked pussy soaking the carpet beneath her slightly.

Putting on my shoes and shirt, I moved along the wall towards the door. Matt’s body was heaving with anger now and I knew that he could go off any second. For her part though, Neve seemed to be enjoying this.

I opened the door and stepped out into the night air as Matt finally noticed me and bolted from his chair towards the door, still naked. I darted out towards my car, grabbing my keys from my pocket and inserting them into the driver’s door in one fluid motion as Matt ran out into the harsh light of the motel parking lot, naked. I paused for a moment when I saw Neve standing in the doorway – part of me screamed that she might be in trouble, but from the powerless look on Matt’s face I felt that she would probably be pretty safe. Matt stood, shivering a bit in the air as he turned from watching me to watching Neve.

“Thanks again Dean, that was much better than I thought it would be,” Neve called to me. I smiled, but still watched Matt hesitantly.

“So, how’s it feel to be made a cuckold Matt?” Neve laughed, her naked body framed by the fluorescent light behind her in the room. Matt just stood there, shaking his head. Finally, Neve had had enough. “Oh baby, I’m just teasing you. So what if Dean was a better fuck than you’ll ever be? You can have me anytime you want. Now get your ass in here and make love to me!”

Matt gave me one final look and then trudged back into the hotel room, slamming the door. I got into my car and headed home, laughing to myself that Neve, who had seemed so docile through out the whole encounter, had more spunk (no pun intended) in her than I imagined.

Getting home, the house was still dark and the memories of what had happened came flooding back. The effects of the alcohol had worn off early on during my encounter with Neve and now it was back to reality. As I walked in and set my keys on the counter, the phone rang. I was going to ignore it, but something inside me told me to pick it up.


“Dean? Are you ok?” the other voice said. I recognized it immediately – it was Natalie Portman, my girlfriend. Just hearing her voice brought back memories of what Jacob had said, about her turning on me. It was time to find out the truth.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, I’ve been calling your house all night, I was afraid something might have happened to you,” Natalie said.

“Something did happen. Something has been happening this past week. But I’m sure you know nothing about that, right?”

“What are you talking about?” Natalie said, confusion in her voice.

“Don’t play games with me Natalie, you are a terrible liar. Just confess to what happened with Jacob and maybe we can still be friends,” I said bitingly to her. The moment of truth had arrived. There was a long silence on the other end.

“You…you don’t understand Dean. You haven’t been in this business long enough to know when things are going sour. I…I know that it may seem like I betrayed you but it was all about,” she said but I cut her off.

“It was all about business?” I replied coldly.

“Ye…yes. I never meant to hurt you. In fact, I fell in love with you! But when Jacob came to me and told me what you had done and had been doing, it was just too much to ignore,” she said, her voice shaking now. I felt a lump in my throat as I finally realized just how much of a poison my half-brother had been on my life.

“So you signed with him, turned your back on me and were probably fucking him whenever you got a chance, is that it?” I said angrily, hoping my fierceness covered over the heart break I was going through with each agonizing second.

“No, I never slept with him. It was strictly business,” she said, her own voice leveling off a little.

“Strictly business huh,” I said wistfully. “Well, here’s some strictly business for you. You’re fired from my firm and consider yourself dumped,”

The words hurt to say, but after everything that I had been through, and how the thought of Natalie staying true to me had kept me going through all the pain and confusion, to hear her say that it was a business thing, nothing more, crushed me to the core.

“Dean, don’t do this! I love you!” Natalie blurted out.

“It’s too late for that Natalie. See you around,” I said, hanging up the phone on her.

A moment later she called back, but I just let it ring and ring and ring. She continued to try for another half an hour as I sat on the couch, watching the phone ring. Finally she gave up and I was left in the silence of my massive, lonely mansion once again.

I showered and trudged into bed. Laying awake, I tossed and turned for a few hours. I was incredibly hurt – I felt more pain physically, emotionally and mentally than I could ever think possible. But, as had always been the case when a long relationship ended in my life, I began to feel a ray of hope. Tomorrow was a new day, and I was now officially unencumbered by anything and anyone to try and stop me. I would miss Natalie, that I knew. But time would make things easier, time would allow us to be first civil then to be friends with one another. And in the meantime, as the healing continued, there was a whole world out there waiting for me to conquer, waiting for the Dean Simonds of my early days here in Hollywood to return. I would be alright.

Chapter 29: Cameron Diaz

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