Journal Of An Agent Interlude

Journal of an Agent Interlude: Sweet Revenge

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A bit of explanation. This
story uses characters created by Carnage Jackson for his Journal of an Agent series. In case you
haven’t read them, the stories center on a young man who inherits his father’s talent agency and
has intimate encounters with his clients. In the fourth story, he began an intense relationship with
Alyssa Milano. However, in the fifth story, he was manipulated into a moment of weakness with a
slutty Christina Aguilera and, coming clean to Alyssa, broke
up the relationship. So I thought it
was unfair that the guy was hit like this and decided to do a little payback. Thanks to Jackson for
giving me permission to do it and hope he likes the final product. Enjoy.

It was a slow day at the agency, which gave me time to wallow a bit in my sorrows. I
couldn’t blame Alyssa for dumping me like that, it was just what I deserved but that didn’t take
away the pain I had caused both of us. At least I had come clean about it up front. I know that if I
had tried to keep it quiet, it would have just caused more pain and more ugliness. Still, it hurt a lot
and, as much as I realized I was to blame for it, I still blamed Christina Aguilera and that bastard
Rick Dugan for setting me up like that.
A buzzing sound got my attention and I flicked on my intercom. "What is it, Julie?"
"Victor Nording is here to see you," my secretary told me. "Here for the meeting?"
"Show him in," I sighed and sat up, adjusting my tie. The door opened and Victor
Nording stepped in, smiling. "Nice to meet you, kiddo," he said, shaking my hand and taking a
seat before me. "I think you know about my past relations with your father?"
"Yeah, I’ve gone over the files," I said. "Kind of surprised my father leant out so many
stars to you."
"Your father wanted the best for his clients," Victor explained. "He knew I could get
special deals for them. Trust me, I’m not raiding your batch, I just want to make sure we have the
same quid pro quo relationship your father and I did, is all."
"Well, I don’t see why we can’t," I said, my mind on other things. "All we have to do is
meet every now and then and—-"
"Actually, there’s something I wanted to bring up," Victor interrupted. "See, I had lunch
with Rick Dugan the other day."
"Oh, god," I moaned.
"Yeah, yeah, I know," he said. "Even by L.A. standards, the guy’s a prick. To make it
worse, he likes to brag about stuff. So, yeah, I know about what happened between you and
Christina and I think I know why you and Alyssa split up."
"Wonderful," I sighed. "Like I didn’t feel bad already."
"Well, I think I can help you out with that," Victor said, leaning forward. "I knew your
father. Pretty well, actually. So I knew about his shall we say

clients." I had to let out a smile with that. "Anyway, I understand a moment of weakness and all,
especially given who Christina was. Resistance only goes so far. And I have to tell you, for what
it’s worth, I think you did the right thing telling Alyssa right off. Believe me, it may have hurt now
but it would have hurt a hell of a lot more if you’d kept it quiet and it had come up and trust me it
would have come up. That takes guts and I was impressed by it. So impressed that I want to
make you an offer."
I looked at him, confused. "What kind of offer?"
Victor sat back, putting his hands behind his head. "I have…..methods, shall we say, of
getting the most out of my clients, methods your father enjoyed seeing a lot. In the interests of
laying the groundwork for another succesful relationship between our two agencies, I propose
that I can make Christina feel just what it’s like to be humiliated and used the way you were."
"I’d prefer that to remain secret for now," Victor said. "But I can do it, trust me. Your
father’s notes say you can do that."
I had to admit, Dad did think highly of this guy who proved himself pretty damn reliable
over the years. I wrestled with my conscience for a moment, thinking of whether it was right to
humiliate Christina. Then I remembered the mocking tone in her eyes as she bragged over how
she’d fucked me, how she’d not at all cared about my feelings for Alyssa or anything else. And I
remembered the pain and the anger in Alyssa’s face when I told her what happened, feelings I
knew still lay with her. "Okay. Do it. I don’t want to know details, not just yet. But if you can do
it, do it."
Victor smiled and shook my hand. "Trust me, kiddo. You’re going to love it."

Two days later, Christina Aguilera showed up right on time for her meeting with Victor
Nording. She was dressed a little more conservatively than usual, not that conservative meant the
same thing to her. She had on tight slacks and a loose shirt with jacket, her long blond hair
flowing behind her. She hadn’t been crazy about this meeting, especially since the phone call for it
came in the middle of a great fucking session with Rick. But Rick was enthusiastic about the guy,
who seemed to have a script tailor-made for Christina. She was anxious to break into movies, so
Rick told her to at least check it out.
As Victor shook hands with her, Christina smiled, knowing her was checking out her
body. She loved the attention she got, the way every man wanted to fuck her the minute they saw
her and she knew it, pushing her chest out a little more as she sat down. "So, this script was
written with you in mind a while ago," Victor was explaining. "It goes more for your good-girl
image but I think we can spice it up a bit if need be."
"I think we can bet on that," Christina said, smiling her famous smile.
"Indeed," Victor said. He’d met women before, a lot of them, nearly all of them sexy as
hell but none anywhere near as stuck-up as Christina was. This girl obviously thought she could
have any man she wanted and get away with it, an attitude Victor couldn’t wait to change. His
hands moved towards one of the devices on his desk. It appeared to be a small bottle but as he
flicked the switch, a tiny strobe light began to flash within it, lighting up the blue surface. At the
same time, a tiny wisp of smoke came out from the top, floating over the flashing bottle.
"Wow, neat," Christina said in one of the most obviously insincere comments Victor had
ever heard.
"Just a little something to brighten things up," Victor said. "If you look at it closely, you
can see a pattern of sorts. Just look at it. The smoke rises up, up, up past the flashing light, past
the flashing light, just look at it, look at the smoke drifting past the light, look at the way the
smoke drifts, look at how it drifts past the flashing light, it drifts past the flashing light, it’s so nice
to watch it drift past the flashing light, isn’t it, Christina, it’s so relaxing to watch the smoke drift
past the light, past the flashing light, so relaxing, Christina, so very, very relaxing. Just watch the
smoke drift, Christina, watch the smoke drift and you can feel yourself drifting, Christina, as you
watch the smoke drift, you can feel yourself drifting, drifting, Christina, you can feel yourself
drifting along, Christina, drifting along, drifting away, Christina, you can feel yourself drifting
away, Christina, drifting away. All your thoughts are drifting away, Christina, all your thoughts
are drifting away now, all drifting away, all drifting away, Christina, all drifting away, you’re
drifting away, Christina, you’re drifting away……"
Within minutes, Christina was slumped in the chair, eyes closed, head fallen to one side,
deep in a trance as Victor switched off the bottle. "Christina, listen to me carefully. You love
having sex with men, don’t you, Christina?"
"Yeah…." she said softly, a small smile on her face.
"Yes, you enjoy having sex a lot. In fact, you’re a slut, aren’t you, Christina. You’re just a
little slut."
"A slut…." she said, nodding slightly.
"Yes. A slut who wants sex with me. You want to fuck me right now, don’t you,
"Then take off all your clothes and we can get started." Victor never got tired of watching
an entrance woman disrobe before him, unaware of what she was doing. Christina was young but
hot as hell, her ripe breasts and blond pussy beckoning for his touch. Victor got his belt opened,
freeing his cock as he brought Christina down upon it. Immediately, he could see that Rick’s
bragging hadn’t been without merit. Christina instantly began impaling herself on his rod, working
back and forth with incredible fervor, her breasts bouncing with every move forward, letting all of
Victor’s cock slide into her, clenching her pussy muscles around it so to enhance the lovemaking,
her thighs bouncing back and forth, clenching around his rod. Victor licked at Christina’s tight
breasts, kissing the nipples as he kept working at her with fury, loving how the little minx would
shove herself on him with passion, her breasts thrusting forward with every move. Victor finally
let loose inside her, causing her to throw herself back, crying out with passion.
"Suck me, Christina," Victor said as soon as he could speak. Instantly, Christina slid
herself off of Victor and fell to her knees, taking his cock in her hands and placing it in her mouth,
licking at the penis as she throated the cock in her mouth, pinching at the balls with her fingers as
she did. Victor moaned as she sucked him off with obvious skill, a lot of experience in such a
small package. He looked down at her, at the way her ass stuck in the air as she moved herself
forward and back, his meat running over her face. As he started to erupt his semen onto her,
Victor began to speak to her, telling her things, things she would have to remember but would
never remember remembering…..

The limo came to a stop before the lavish hotel, giving Victor a chance to look over at
Christina. She sat on the seat, staring forward with a blank look on her face. "Listen to me
carefully, Christina. You will get out of the car and you’ll go to your hotel room. Stumble a bit
while you’re in the lobby, by the way. Now, when you get to your room, you’ll go to bed and fall
asleep instantly. When you wake up, you won’t remember anything that’s happened between us.
Nothing at all. Just a brief meeting and that’s it. Now, go."
Victor watched as Christina stepped out of the limo and headed towards the hotel,
stumbling a bit just as he had told her to. He smiled, just imaging how the paparazzi camped out
in the lobby would feel like they’d hit the lottery when Christina Aguilera stumbled through, cum
on her face and completely topless. "Home, Harold," he called out, smiling as he sat back in his
seat and waited for the fun to start.

The ringing of the phone awoke Christina. Moaning, she picked up the phone and
muttered a sleepy "yeah?"
"What the fuck did you do?" Rick Dugan’s voice screamed into her ear.
"Rick? What’s up?"
"What’s up? What’s up? You, girl, you’re the one who’s up. Do you remember what you
did last night?"
"Um, not really," Christina said. "Must have been drinking."
"Oh, you’ve done a lot more than that!" Rick said. "Turn on the TV. ‘Inside Edition’ will
do nicely."
Fumbling for the remote, Christina clicked on the TV and tuned to a local channel. Her
eyes widened in shock as she saw a picture of her on screen, taken in the lobby, a blurring effect
on her chest telling her all she needed to know. "Oh, god," she whispered. "How far has it
"The tabloids all have it," Rick answered. "And congratulations, you’ve frozen up the
Internet with every adult celeb site showing the unedited pictures off. Get ready for the fallout,
honey. You’re going to be the big joke for every comic tonight and the good girl image is gone."
"Oh, god, what are we going to do?"
"We? Christina, here’s the thing. You are now dumped. We do not need this going right
now. Your teen girl fan base isn’t going to touch you now and the parents aren’t going to want
your albums on the shelves. And trust me, I can’t afford to be linked with you. So, thanks for the
great fucks but this is it. Good luck."
"But Rick……" The dial tone let Christina know that Rick considered the discussion closed
as of now, leaving her alone to think of her options. What few there were.

"Oh, God, this is priceless," I said over the phone, staring at the tabloid showing a blurred
photo of Christina under the headline "What a BOY wants." "I don’t know how you did it, but
thanks. Just what the little bitch deserves."
"A pleasure," Victor replied. "I hope this means our business is more open now?"
"Buddy, after this you can do anything you want with my clients."
"Careful how you phrase that, son, I may take you up on it," Victor said. "A pleasure." He
hung up the phone, leaving me to sit there in satisfaction over Christina getting a taste of her own
medicine. "Julie, contact a framing company? I’ve got something I want to remember always."

In his own office, Victor hung up the phone and perused the paper. Obviously, Christina
needed new representation and he just couldn’t think of anyone better than him to do it. Maybe
her good girl image was gone, but that was no reason she couldn’t become more of an adult

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