Julia Robert’s Gorilla Rape

Julia Robert’s Gorilla Rape
By Mkarl
(FGorilla, rape, oral, torture, beast)

Disclamer: Any similarities between real people and characters in
this work of fiction is purely intentional. No animals were harmed
to write this story.

Prolouge: A friend of mine was watching an episode of the Oprah
Windfrey show with the lovely Julia Roberts as the guest. She told
me how Julia discussed going to Africa to film a wildlife
documentary. She said Julia was telling one incident where a large
male animal grabbed her hard and sat her on her lap. Julia was
scared even though the story is that the animal did not mean her any
harm. My friend suggested that she thought the beast wanted to fuck
Julia Roberts. I got so turned on my the image of Julia Roberts in
the middle of a Gorilla gang-rape that I just had to see if I could
write a scene that does justice to my vision.

I am not planning on striving for any sense of realism in the
descriptions of what is about to occur. I am no expert on gorilla
mating habits or even the animals themselves for that matter. I
intend to make the beasts huge for the purpose of this story. I also
intend to explore the idea of inter species breeding so if you are
so hung up that you can’t get turned on by the imagery of Julia
Roberts beaten into submission, stripped naked and then savagely
brutalized and bred by a group of savage animals, read no further.
For everyone else, please enjoy Julia Robert’s Gorilla Rape.

The scene as I see it. In the jungles of Africa, Julia Roberts
and her brave little film crew are trying to capture mating footage
of the great gorilla’s they are studying. There are about
thirty-three animals in the pack including a dozen adult males who
are “in the mood.” As is customary, the strongest gorilla is doing
the honors on the female in heat while the lesser males stand back
frustrated, waiting for any opportunity.

Our heroine, Julia Robert’s, is fascinated by the brutality of
the fucking she is witness to. The lucky male doing the honors is
almost merciless in his desire for it’s own satisfaction.
Fortunately for the female in heat, she is sturdy enough to
withstand the assault and even take satisfaction for herself to have
such a powerful lover to father her cubs.

Julia Robert’s feels herself blush as she quickly steels
glances at her film crew to assure herself that no one was observing
her interest in the proceedings. Julia is hugely impressed with the
sheer animal passion of the mating. She certainly had never
experienced such passion herself with Lyle or her other lovers.
Julia did not want to admit even to herself, but the fact was that
she was getting wet in her panties.

Julia continued to watch as the all gorilla “rape-breeding”
continued and did not even notice her “visitor” until he was almost
on her. The grunt of the beast brought Julia’s attention immediately
back to her blind which suddenly had a huge male just a few feet
from her.

If Julia had time to worry about the animal’s intentions, she
certainly did not have time to do anything but give out an excited
little call to her crew before the animal had a grip around her
slender waist. The gorilla was so fucking strong that Julia Roberts
was basically a rag doll in the apes paw as he took several sniffs
of her with his gorilla nose.

Julia Roberts might have laughed if she wasn’t so shocked and
frightened. Somehow the beast “smelled” her and even though she was
a world famous movie star, the gorilla now thought soft her as
nothing more then a bitch-in-heat needing breeding. It was so
ridiculous to the celebrity. She was a human being. Roger and Jake
from the crew were rushing over to encourage the animal to release
Julia. No one could have anticipated what happened next.

The gorilla was so fast that Roger could not have pulled the
trigger on his rifle if he wanted to. The gorilla almost decapitated
the guide, as the blow from his powerful paw sent Roger through the
air almost fifteen feet. Roger did not move as he hit the ground.
Jake barely had time to cry out before he was in the paws of the
gorilla and sent against a tree so hard it broke him open and blood
started soaking his face. The gorilla looked down at the gun and
seamed to realize the danger as he finished up his attack by
snapping it like a toothpick before turning back on a suddenly, very
horrified, Julia Roberts. The last two, unarmed, members of the film
crew would be nothing more then helpless voyeurs for the gorilla
rape of Julia Roberts.

The beast looked at the beautiful movie star, shocked into
silence, and seamed to give pause as though wondering what to do
with “this” type of bitch. Julia managed a step backwards, so the
animal reached out and enveloped her head in his mighty black paw.
Julia screamed as her world went black. The animal squeezed as
though startled by Julia’s scream and the actress almost felt her
head crushed.

It was a nightmare. It had to be just her worst dream ever.
Julia could never survive an attack from a gorilla. She was a human.
The beast did not really want to fuck her? Human’s don’t really go
in heat? It was so unfair. Julia Roberts only wanted to save the
gorilla’s and now she was going to be hurt by one. It was a
delicious irony that might finally teach all the do-gooders of the
world to mind their own place.

The gorilla knew that Julia was not a typical bitch but she
still had the smell, so if she worked like female apes then he had
to figure out how to find her hole. The gorilla had Julia by the
head and she seamed to have a hole there so he pushed down and put
her in place.

Julia could not believe as the powerful animal maneuvered her
head towards his weapon. Gorilla’s did not do oral sex. She had no
idea how the beast knew to put her mouth down there. Fortunately,
for Julia, the beast was as of yet unaware of the pleasure possible
from Julia’s pouty red lips and deep, wet mouth. The gorilla did not
even get Julia face up against his slimy black cock but actually
ended up humping the right side of her head. The only hole that was
fillible was her ear, but although it got fucked a couple of times
the gorilla was unable to drive his huge dick through the movie
star’s head in the time he had before the second beast was on the

Julia’s two remaining crew members could not believe what they
were seeing. Julia Roberts had somehow got the attention of the
other gorilla’s desiring breeding privileges and after already
watching Roger and Jake pay for the Hollywood bitch’s cock-teasing,
Billy and Tony were going to stay back a safe distance. It was
almost obscene to believe that Julia Robert’s, the all-American
sweetheart was about to become the ultimate porn star but Billy knew
an opportunity to make millions when he saw it and quickly told Tony
to get the camera’s on the action. It was not the breeding film that
PBS was expecting, but in the world of the Internet, it was a film
that would buy an awful lot of good times for both Billy and Tony.

The initial gorilla who had started the fun with Julia Roberts
seamed to have a low spot on the pecking order of the tribe. Now he
was being challenged for his prize. A second gorilla took a grip of
one of Julia’s gorgeous, long, slender legs and gave a yank. Julia
almost felt herself rip in two as the first gorilla did not let go
of her head. It was a gorilla tug of war and Julia’s sexy body was
the rope.

Normally the first gorilla would have backed off rather then
risked a beating from his larger opponent but something told his
animal instincts that Julia Roberts was a piece of ass worth
fighting for. The animal realized his grip on Julia’s head just
before he was about to rip it off and jumped the new beast. The war
was on, but Julia had been suffocating while she was being held by
the head, and she did not have the strength to take advantage and
crawl away as the two males fought over who would rape her.

Then a third gorilla entered the picture. He was the groups
number two male. Any question of who would have Julia’s cunt were
now settled, providing the animals could get into her panties. As a
now very excited Billy filmed, he wanted to shout out at the stupid
ape to rip the actresses pants off but he knew Gorillas did not
understand English. Billy hated to admit it but he actually had a
hardon. He wondered if Tony was “up” for the scene too. The film
would make him millions but the stupid animals had to get the
Hollywood bitch striped for the real money shots to begin..

Then the god of perversion smiled on Billy. The dominant
gorilla reached down to where Julia was sprawled helplessly on the
ground and managed to slide his big fingers into the back of her
pants while trying to lift her. Julia was in some baggy khaki shorts
and as the gorilla shook her a couple of times like playing a yo-yo,
the shorts gave out. Julia Roberts went falling back face first to
the ground below and all the actress had left for protection was her
simple, white, cotton panties. They did not stay on for long.

The dominant gorilla snapped of Julia Robert’s panties and
then grabbed the bitch by a leg. He hefted the actress up and held
her upside down. Julia screamed but there was no one to save her as
the gorilla positioned her head at his erect cock. The beast somehow
understood that Julia could pleasure him with her mouth and this
time Julia was facing the right direction.

The gorilla cock was not overly long in comparison to a huge
man cock but still was at least eight inches longer then Julia’s
ex-husband’s. The real size was in the thickness and Julia’s lips
were actually stretched going around the head of the gorilla’s
erection. The gorilla gripped Julia’s head as easy as a coconut as
he just held her in place and took his animalistic satisfaction. As
the gorilla forced his massive ape dick deep into Julia Robert’s
cock-sucking mouth, Billy could not help but worry that the beast
would snap the actresses slender neck with his desire to use her.

Julia Roberts may not have been as sturdy as the savage
beast’s normal mate but that was not going to spare her even the
slightest of animal fury as she was to be gorilla raped.

Billy was especially pleased as he zoomed in for a close-up of
Julia Roberts’ stuffed mouth and caught the unmistakable little
trail of some escaping gorilla cum from the corner of the actresses’
cock-sucking lips dribbling down her chin. There could be no denying
that every time the choking bitch managed to actually swallow, that
she was drinking another gulp of actual gorilla sperm. Tony must
have been zooming in for a close-up for the mouth shot too as he
suddenly got sick. Screw him, Billy thought. Maybe watching Julia
Robert’s, the famous Hollywood actress, suck off a gorilla was not
Tony’s cup of tea but Billy knew lots of Internet sites that would
take millions of hits once he had the video posted. Even if the
Hollywood slut did not survive her little adventure with the
gorilla’s, nothing would stop Billy’s tape from being the most
famous porn ever filmed.

Billy wanted some more action. Julia was still choking as she
got mouth raped which was a good sign that she had not drowned in
the gorilla’s load or had her slender neck snapped yet. Billy was
actually at the point of hoping that Julia did get fucked to death
as it would make a lot less hassles for him publishing the video,
but first he wanted her kicking and screaming as she got cunt
fucked. Billy was just a film guy and no expert on gorilla mating
habits. If stupid Jake had not got his head cracked open then Billy
could have asked when the first gorilla would be finished in Julia
Roberts’ mouth. As it was, all Billy could do was keep the camera in
focus as the beast had his cum down the star’s throat.

Tony finished being sick and took up his camera again, “Fuck,
Billy. I ain’t never seen shit like this.”

“Yeah, well keep that camera going and we are both going to be

“There is no fucking way she will survive it.”

“So we film a snuff movie. Some fuckers get off on that too. I
mean maybe she will survive. It is not like we can fucking do
anything. Roger was suppose to be the god damn hero and you saw what
happened to him and Jake too. The way I figure it the bitch must
have got herself all horny otherwise the gorilla’s would have not
known to breed her. This is all her fault and she should be the one
to pay.”

“I don’t even fucking know. I guess we would be idiots not to
make our money but I hope Julia survives. I always wanted to see
Pretty Woman II.”

“Yeah while if she gets hit in that face of hers many more
times, I don’t think anyone will be calling her pretty woman again.”

If the film crews disgusting comments carried across to Julia
Robert’s ears, the actress could not do anything about their total
lack of respect. She was in a light state of shock, which was
probably the only thing keeping her from being driven insane. She
seamed to realize that she was still fixating on how unfair it was
for some a good and caring girl as herself to be hurt by the very
creatures she had been trying to help. She wanted to curse her lord
for delivering onto her such a perversion as to be mouth-fucked by
an animal, but she could not focus enough even to make that much
effort. She felt the hot, wet splurts soaking the back of her
throat, and the sliminess and pungent taste as she managed to choke
the occasional swallow. The actress did not know just how many
inches of gorilla cock she had fucked between her wide stretched
lips and invading her abused mouth and throat, but from her initial
understanding of gorilla autonomy coupled with the fact that her
nose was scru against the fur of the beast’s belly, she had no
choice but to understand for herself that she was truly
deep-throating the ape’s fuck stick.

Then suddenly Julia could breath.

Billy almost wet himself in anticipation. King had finished
with his gorilla-bitch and was now making the scene to see just what
all the excitement was over this new little fuck-toy. Even at number
two on the pecking order, the ape raping Julia’s mouth knew better
then to resist King. Julia fell to her face on the jungle floor as
King made his advance. It was almost like a scene out of a X-rated
version of Mighty Joe Young as the big black gorilla gripped a paw
full of Julia Robert’s long red hair and just lifted the naked
actress up off the ground.

Julia Robert’s screamed as she was hung by the hair and the
shrill noise upset the beast causing him to lash out with a powerful
paw across the helpless star’s face. Julia’s head snapped back
despite the fact that she was being suspended by the hair and a
little trickle of blood seamed to be proof to the camera that the
bitch had her nose broken. As strong as the gorilla’s were, Julia
was probably lucky that the blow did not decapitate her but the
formally pretty woman felt anything but lucky as the big ape
suddenly tossed the movie star down onto the ground again; this time
for purpose.

“Fan around Tony. See if you can work behind the beast and see
if you can get some film of the bitch getting it in her cunt.”

“Fuck you. Look at all the animals. I ain’t getting any closer
or they might attack me next. The little perverts on the net are
going to have to satisfy themselves with what they get.”

“Yeah, well, the way the animal is going to pound the bitch,
she will probably end up getting spun around and flipped a few times
anyhow. I mean if they jump all over each other when they fuck just
way to he starts jumping up and down on that slut as he breeds her.”

Both crew men had hard-ons as they watched the savage beast
mount and penetrate the idol of millions. Julia Roberts was still
alert enough to fill the air with an awesomely sexy scream of
anguish and shock as she took the most obscene of violations. The
big ape was hesitant for an instant or two as he seamed a little
confused by the difference in movie star cunt from gorilla cunt. He
was experience as a breeder and began to use his super muscled
monkey ass to power his massive cock into the Hollywood slut’s wet
cunt. It was extremely fortunate for the famous bitch that she had
become aroused earlier because the lubrication was the only thing
stopping the gorilla’s huge weapon from doing irreparable damage.

It was a totally typical gorilla fucking except that the bitch
getting bred was a world famous human Hollywood movie star by the
name of Julia Roberts. The gorilla was a magnificent lover for what
it is worth with amazing stamina. The beast almost seamed to take
some sort of secret perverse pleasure in using as many positions as
imaginable. Julia was buried under the beast’s huge body as he just
fucked her senseless.

Billy allowed himself a giggle as the beast managed to
actually step all over Julia Roberts while keeping her penetrated.
He wished that the chicken shit, Tony would move in for some
close-ups of Julia but he was glad that he had been correct in his
belief that the rape would be animated enough to give multiple
angles for the camera from a stationary position. Billy was able to
shoot from the top giving a glance of Julia Roberts’ mouth watering
tits getting squished by the massive chest of the Gorilla as he
pressed into her and Billy was able to shoot from underneath, giving
a nice zoom in on the gorilla’s massive dick filling Julia’s love
tunnel, stretching her cunt to full capacity.

“Hey, Billy. Do you think she will get bred?”


“You know. I mean everyone says that we are almost like those
fuckers. What if she gets all knocked-up with some kind of fucking
monkey boy.”

“Shit, wouldn’t that be such a laugh. Can you imagine the
headlines in the National Enquirer? I bet the slut will breed with
the fucking animals. I mean the slut has not even screamed since the
bitch smacked her head. I don’t think the slut is even trying to get
away anymore. I would not be surprised if that Hollywood whore comes
all over that filthy monkey cock in her cunt and copulates.”

“You know I might be sick but I think it would be funny.”

“Yeah, while the gorilla’s are probably going to fuck her to
death but if the cunt survives then she can be stuck with a monkey
boy. She will probably be unconscious at least after the gorilla’s
are done. We will get a local native to keep her until it is too
late for any bullshit abortions. Fuck. We can even fill the
delivery. There are guys who would pay good money to get film of
Julia Robert’s all naked with a huge belly all full of some freaking
money boy taking all the pain of childbirth as she fucking delivers
out here in the fucking jungle.”

“Man, what are we talking about. We can’t get away with this.
We are going to get trouble for not saving the bitch.”

“No way. Jake and Roger ain’t speaking. As far as anyone knows
we tried. We weren’t able to do anything. We publish the movie in
another country where no one gives a fuck. We are going to get away
with everything. The bitch better survive.”

“Hey, King looks like he is finished. Maybe we will get a
chance to grab her.”

“No chance. They may only be stupid animals but look at those
fuckers. They all want to have themselves a good time and the little
Hollywood slut is in no position to refuse.”

As the minuets slowly ticked by turning into hours that seamed
to last forever, the two men steadied their cameras on the action as
one gorilla after another used and abused naked Julia Roberts. The
final film was shot and still the apes were taking the use of
Julia’s cunt for their pleasure. The sun was sinking lower into the
sky and neither Tony nor Billy relished the thought of being in the
jungle after nightfall but if there was any chance to somehow
recover the thoroughly fucked movie star to fulfill their hopes that
she had been successfully bred, then they were prepared to take the
risk. It was getting frustrating that the apes just kept taking turn
after turn. Billy thought the apes were a little too greedy going
back for their third and forth goes at Julias’ cunt. He did have to
laugh that at least the bitch would never be able to know who the
father was as the poor little slut’s cunt was so filled with gorilla
sperm that she could be knocked up with triplets.

A concern was that Julia had not moved or made a sound in over
an hour but her body was still nice and flexible as the animals
slammed her around and raped her. Finally the last ape lost his
interest in the totally fucked Hollywood bitch.

Tony pressed his ear down to Julia Roberts’ naked cum-covered
right tit. “She is still breathing.”

“Fuck look at that puddle of cum under her ass.” Billy added
shining the flashlight down on the unconscious slut.

“We better carry her back to the jeep before any Lions find us.”

“Elevate her legs. We don’t want all the ape cum to run out
before it finished breeding her tummy full.”

“Hey Billy. Do you mind if I take a turn with Julia Roberts
after we get her cleaned up again. I mean first we will make sure
she is pregnant with the monkey boy but then I just have to have a
piece of her famous ass.”

“Hell yes. I am going to have me a few turns with the bitch
too. We will blindfold the cunt so she can’t finger us. We will just
tell everyone that the gorilla’s dragged her off into the jungle to
explain our innocence. Of course, we will have to let Umtombo put
his big black cock to Julia’s creamy white body too. We will hold
that off until after we are done with her. Julia thinks they all
look alike anyhow it will teach her right to get herself black
educated. I am sure that all of Umtombo’s village will have their
fun. Julia Roberts might get herself so fucked over that she will
turn to the world of porn full time when she gets back to America.”

Epilogue: And so the naked Julia Roberts was trucked back to the
village of Umtombo. She was unconscious for three days before
awakening to find herself in chains. Men she could not see through
her blindfold ignored all her pleas for release. She knew when she
was being tested for pregnancy and the movie star spent the next
week crying herself to sleep night after night until the proverbial
rabbit died. The man had evil in his voice as he sneered the news to
the new mommy. Then two men who did not speak took their turns with
the bound cutie. Julia Roberts too her first double penetration of
her life. Julia Roberts would never know it was her own surviving
film crew members who sandwiched her. The blindfold would come off
as Umtombo had the white movie star service his desires. Native
after native educated Julia Roberts to the exotic magnificence of
black cock. She became living proof of once you go black, you never
go back. It was obvious Julia Roberts was a broken bitch as she came
to full term and made her delivery. She had months to accept the
abomination and she was able to accept it with the full love of a
mother. The gossip rags ran wild when Julia’s delivery footage went
on the net and in the end it was the great Oprah Windfrey, in an
attempt to do battel with Jerry Springer, that had the new mommy and
her little boy on the show to meet the world. A new ratings record
was set as the nursing Julia Roberts faced the camera once more and
announced for the world that she was expecting another package as a
last result of her trip to Africa.

Did Julia fall victim to a second gorilla gang-rape? Was it
her jungle-bunny captors that filled her white tummy with their
black offering? Did Billy do the job or maybe it was some fucking
elephant or Lion that bred the Hollywood star. Maybe I will give you
the answer in my next post but until then use your own imagination

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