Juliet Huddy’s Cabin Adventure

It was a typical day for Juliet. She scoured the internet looking for stories for Fox and Friends.

She went to bed the night before at around 8:30. She woke up the next morning at 4 a.m.

Part of being a co-host of Fox and Friends meant not only hosting the show, but actually looking for stories to use on the show. The producers felt this would familiarize the hosts with the stories they were talking about.

Juliet realized that when the three hosts met before the show to compare stories that the other two never really offered up much of anything. Julian would offer up a story or two. Mike would offer up
a funny story, and then follow that up with a joke. Mike really liked Juliet and would offer up sexual jokes about her looks, etc. Mike was one horny bastard.

What do these people do all day? Juliet thought to herself.

Mike would sit in his office and read through tons of e-mail. The fans would ask all sorts of questions. Most of the time Mike would respond back directly. Some e-mailers would correspond with Mike directly. Every other day or so he would e-mail back and forth.

One e-mailer named Bob e-mailed Mike quite often about how hot he thought Juliet was. Mike e-mailed back saying that he agreed. Bob would e-mail in asking Mike to move things around, or to arrange things so Juliet would look sexier on TV.

Mike would actually do subtle things. Bob would e-mail back thanking Mike. This is a little game that they would play. Mike got the table removed from Fox and Friends so that Juliet’s legs could be seen in full length. Bob became obsessed with power.

The e-mailer became more enthralled with Juliet as time went on. Mike enjoyed this game as well. Pretty soon everything Juliet did would be affected. Where she sat, how she sat, what she wore, what segments she did. Bob loved this. He became more obsessed with Juliet every day.

Bob e-mailed Mike letting him know that he lived in the Manhattan area and that he’d like to meet Juliet. Hoping that Mike would help arrange it. Mike responded saying that Bob should come down and wait for an outside segment. Bob didn’t have all his marbles.

Mike e-mailed Bob back telling him the exact time of the outside segments for each day of the next week. Bob responded by saying that he might make it down sometime during the next week. Mike didn’t know what Bob looked like, but he neglected to ask. On Tuesday of the next week Bob was in the crowd outside the Fox and Friends studio.

It was freezing outside. Everyone was wearing multiple layers of clothing. Including Juliet. Juliet was wearing her leather pants and a tight blue shirt. When they went outside they all wore coats over their other clothes.

Bob got there about ten minutes before the show began. He watched as the crew set up the props for the outside segment. They were going to be showing cars off. There were three cars. Each one had its own personality, and each one was representative of each host.

The plan was for each host to get into his or her car and drive off. Once the crew got each car into position they all went back inside. Bob began looking over each car. He had heard them announce that they would be picking a personality for each car.

There were three cars, but Bob now needed to decide which one would be picked by the car expert guest for Juliet. First there was the 2001 Black Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder with an average RPM of 6233. Second there was the 2003 Jaguar Convertible XKR with an average RPM of 6191.

Third there was a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette with an average RPM of 8940. Bob looked over each car. He had no real plan in mind. He was just attempting to guess which car Juliet would be picked for. He looked over the Spyder. That one couldn’t be for Juliet. Looks more like Julians personality. He looked over at the second car. The Jaguar Convertible looked like it was suited morea middle aged man who was having a mid-life crisis. That one must be for Mike, thought Bob.

Bob then glanced at the third car. A red 2005 Chevrolet Corvette. This car was new, sexy, and perfect for Juliet. Bob was almost 100 percent sure that this car would be picked for Juliet. Bob watched the rest of Fox and Friends from the TV monitors outside.

The hosts announced that the host that was able to pick the right car for their personality would be able to keep the car. Bob began to fantasize different about sexual situations with Juliet. Bob loved the power. He loved holding the power. He was a very controlling individual.

Different ideas began to creep into Bob’s mind like a foreign invader. He rationalized different things he might do if given the chance. The crowd outside the Foxnews studios were all peeking inside the windows watching the show. This gave Bob his chance about 15 minutes before the show ended.

Bob quickly grabbed the keys to the Corvette. He pressed the automatic trunk button which opened the trunk. He put the keys back on the table and climbed inside the trunk, closing it. Bob hoped that this would work. The plan had so many possible bad outcomes for Bob, but he neglected to realized the possible consequences of being caught.

If one of the other hosts were to guess their car before Juliet, it would be bad for Bob.

Bob was far too smitten with Juliet to ever have cared about any consequences. 5 minutes before the show ended Bob could hear the three hosts standing outside each car talking with the car expert.

Mike guessed first. Mike immediately looked at the Convertible, but changed his mind. The convertible looked too much like it would belong to a middle aged man.

I bet this one is for Julian, thought Mike. Mike picked the Black Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Wrong! Said the car expert. Now it was Julians time to pick. Julian had three cars to pick from. Had the car expert chosen the Mitsubishi, Julian thought? Surely not. I’m a convertible type of guy. Julian thought to himself.

But instead of picking what he thought the car expert would pick for his personality, Julian picked the car that he liked the best. I pick the Jaguar Convertible said Julian. The car expert then said that she would reveal whether Julian was right, once Juliet picked her car. Then the winner would be annouced.

Juliet studied each car. Since each host had not picked the right car, that meant Juliet’s could be any of the three, she thought to herself. She looked over the Jaguar Convertible and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. She then turned her attention to the Red Corvette.

It was red. Which was naturally a feminine color. It was long and sleek. It must be the Corvette! Juliet ou are correct! Bob could hear what was going on outside and was now sporting wood inside the trunk of the Corvette. He had lucked out!

The car expert began to explain why she had chosen the Corvette as Juliets car. They began to explore the car. They showed the interior which had plenty of room. Lets look inside the trunk! Mike exclaimed!

Sorry Mike, said Julian. We don’t have enough time. If we want to show Juliet driving away in this one.

Juliet quickly climbed behind the drivers seat and started the Corvette up! Bob couldn’t believe his luck!

He felt the car begin to drive away. Fox and Friends ended their show. A minute or two after the show ended Juliet was on the highway.

Julian and Mike called Juliet on her cell phone to tell her to have a good weekend with her new car. Thanks! Exclaimed Juliet! I’ve got a full tank of guess and I’m headed for vacation!

Little did Juliet know that Bob was in the trunk of her new car. Bob hadn’t planned to harm Juliet, he had only planned to see where she lived. He was curious and his luck hadn’t flatlined yet. Juliet figured she would enjoy her vaction in the mountains.

About 30 minutes into the trip Bob began to struggle for air. He knew that there was an emergency trunk release. He waited as long as he could, but he knew that he might pass out if he didn’t pull it soon.

Bob pulled the emergency latch about 45 minutes into the trip. He held the trunk down so that it didn’t open entirely, but the trunk did open. Once the latch was released the emergency kill switch on the car was triggered.

The Corvette slowed to a stop. Juliet hadn’t read up on the car, and had no idea what was going on. Juliet was a good hour away from any civilization. She was only about 10 minutes from her cabin in the mountains. Juliet grabbed her cell phone and dialed the nearest tow truck service.

That familiar operator voice came on the phone. “You are out of minutes.” “You must pay for new minutes.” “This number is not listed.”

“Damn it!” said Juliet. Juliet got out of the Corvette and began to gather her purse and cell phone. It was freezing outside, but she estimated a 10 minute walk to her cabin. She could use the phone there to call a two truck. I’ll have to walk to my cabin, Bob heard Juliet say.

Bob was aware of what had happened by now, and was debating different ways of captalizing on the situation. Bob gave Juliet a 2 minute head start to the cabin. Bob them climbed out of the trunk and hopped into the front seat of the car.

Juliet had left the keys in the car! Bob thought about following Juliet, but then realized that he wouldn’t have to. This car was GPS guided. This meant that he would program in Juliets name and it was give him 5 different routes to her cabin.

Bob programmed in the quickest way to her cabin. Bob made sure that he took a different route than the one Juliet was headed to. A ten minute drive that Juliet estimated turned into a 45 minute walk. Bob got to the cabin within 10 minutes.

The keychain Juliet left behind in the car also had an extra set of house keys on it. Bob went inside the cabin and looked around. This will be perfect he thought to himself. He had around 35 minutes to explore and work.

He ventured into the Master Bedroom which had a huge Brass Bed 76″ wide x 80″ long. Approx. width per person: 38.” The entire cabin was huge. Three stories including a basement and a three car garage. Bob parked the Corvette inside one of the garages so Juliet wouldn’t see it.

First thing Bob did was cut the phone lines. He wanted to make sure that no silent alarms would be triggered. He also wanted to make sure that all outside communication would be cut. Bob then went through the medicine cabinet. He mixed two or three different pills. This could knock out an elephant he thought to himself.

He then went and poured the mixture into everything in the refrigerator. The orange juice, the milk, the pop, the coffee mix. The cocoa mix. Everything was literally doused with Rophynol. Bob then went into the garage and got some more tools together.

When he felt like he had the entire place ready, he then waited underneath the huge brass bed. He heard Juliet come in. Juliet was extremely tired from her walk and decided to make herself some hot cocoa. She got the mix out and poured the milk in. She drank it down. She then took her coat off and walked into the Master Bedroom. Wearing her leather pants and tight blue shirt she began to feel dizzy.

She laid down on the big brass bed and fell asleep. Bob waited about 5 minutes and then came out from underneath the bed. This was the moment he had been waiting for forever. He gazed upon Juliet. Completely helpless. He knew he had to act quickly if he wanted to own her. He wanted more than just sex with the beautiful blonde. He wanted ownership. He wanted to spend some time with her….

Bob quickly grabbed two belts from the closet. He pinned each of Juliets wrists to the headboard and fastened the belt to each wrist. This should keep her here just in case she wakes up. Bob left Juliet there at the cabin.

He took the Corvette and went to his mobile home. He then brought the Mobile Home aka the Motor Home to the Cabin. Luckily for Bob Juliet was still asleep. Still fastened to the bed when. Still looking hot. Her legs were so long. He ass so supple. He breasts so perfectly huge.

He then brought in a box from outside. He unfastened the belts from her wrists and put shiny new silver handcuffs on each wrists. This caused Juliet to stir a little, but that was ok with Bob. He wanted her to be mostly awake for this. Her tits looked so hot. Especially when she laid on her back.

He then took some smelling sauce and woke Juliet up. Wakey Wakey my sweet.

Whaa..Whaaats..going on…Juliet quickly began to realize the situation she was in. Oh…man…who are you…ohhhh. Her long legs were ready to be spread.

Shut up! Bob reached over and pulled a ball gag out of the box. This should keep you quiet for a while. He shoved the gag into her mouth. It was a red ball gag. Her lips wrapped around the gag very tightly.

Juliet quickly realized that she couldn’t move her arms. Bob straddled Juliet with a leg on either side of her. Bob jumped off of Juliet and took all his clothes off. Juliet’s eyes quickly widened when she saw the 12 inch cock. It didn’t look real she thought to herself. It looked more like a mutation. Bob would use it as a weapon though.

Bob jumped back on Juliet straddling her again. The sound of the zipper of her leather pants unzipping was horrifying to Juliet. Ziiiiiip. Then Bob peeled off her leather pants slowly. Each inch revealed more of her perfect thighs. It was literally like peeling the skin off an apple. Those pants were extremely tight on Juliet. It made a disrobing noise which caused Juliet to breathe harder.

Bob then took his 12 inch cock and rammed it into her pussy, disregarding her panties that were still on her. It was quite a bad feeling Juliet thought to herself. Bob loved the feeling on her panties on his cock. He began to hurt her. Then Bob sat up and grabbed a handful of her pink panties, cupping her pussy in the process.

Rip! Riiip! RIIIIP!!! He pulled the panties right off Juliet! It wasn’t easy! The panties first wedged into Juliets tight ass. Bob knew this and enjoyed every minute. Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Juliet whined and cryed! Her eyes begged for mercy, but she hadn’t seen anything yet!

He then grabbed the panties with all his might and RIPPED them so hard that they flew through the air and hit the blinds behind them. He glanced down at Juliets pussy. Just by looking at it he could tell it would be a tight fit.

He jumped in her pussy with all his might. He intended to plunge inside, but her pussy was so tight that he couldn’t get his 12 inch dick inside. He began to ram it like a squat team would ram a door. Ram! Bam! Pull back and RAM! Ugggh! Juliet groaned through the ball gag!

Bob took both hands and placed them on her ass. They both rocked back and forth. In out and In and out! In and out! Out and In! Juliet felt each stroke. With each stroke Bob rammed another inch inside her! Mmmph! Juliet cried HELP through the ball gag but it did no good.

Her body shook in the chains. The more she struggled, the more the handcuffs pinched her wrists. Her body finally betrayed herself! He forced her to orgasm! But once she was done she noticed that he kept going! He was using her pussy! He controlled her and was fucking her like a rag doll!

15 minutes of hell finally came to an end when Bob spewed his load into her pussy! It felt like a clamp on his dick! Damn that felt good! Juliet was now intimidated by Bob. He removed the ball gag and ordered her to suck him off. To clean him off.

Say Yes Master!!! “Yes Master” Juliet submitted. He sat on her shoulders and she deepthroated him. Sucking.….sucking…sucking…up and down…up and down.

He grabbed the back of her blonde hair using it as a handle. It was the most violent blow job he’d seen. Juliet was gagging, but her lips wrapped around his cock tightly. That’s it my bitch…you do what I say. I own you now.

Good God! He spewed another load into her mouth! Both their bodies shook violently. She went to move her head, but he firmly forced her to keep her mouth right where it was. He forced her to swallow each drop. Uggh! Gulp! Mmmph! Ahhh!

He then unfastened the handcuffs and turned Juliet over onto her stomach. He refastened the cuffs. He grabbed Juliets hips and rammed his dick into her virgin asshole! In and out! Out and In! In and Out! This was heaven for Bob! Juliet let out a scream! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Bob contemplated putting the ball gag back into Juliets mouth, but then decided he liked hearing her scream every time he penetrated her ass. Bob then went for a double whammy. As he ass raped her, he began to finger rape her clit at the same time. This caused Juliet to buck like crazy!

Ahhh! Please! Stop! She screamed as loud as she could! But she could not stop Bob’s fingers from doing their magic inside her clit! His dick worked in conjuction with his fingers! He knew she was feeling this! Ahhhhh! He was now in a rhythm! Bouncing in and out of Juliets tight ass!!!

He spewed his load into her ass! He collasped onto Juliets back! He then took his dick and outlined Juliets ass crack for more intimidation.

He refastened the cuffs and turned her back over onto her back. He then grabbed her legs and pulled them apart as hard as he could. He bent down and stuck his tongue up inside her clit! Owahhhh!! Ahhhh! Juliet screamed! Oohhwhwhhwa!!! Please Stop! The words please stop were screams of fear!

Bob began to bite on her clit! Sucking like a plunger! He then ripped her shirt off and began to focus on her tits. He unwrapped the rest of his package. He cut her white bra off. Her tits were absolutely huge. He took the left nipple into his mouth which caused more panic from Juliet! He played with her tits at will. Grabbing them and having his way with her. Sucking…Licking….Pinching..Tweaking.

He took as much of her tits into his mouth as he could. He then straddled her tits and began to tit fuck her! His dick bounced up and down on her tits! Ohhh it felt so good to Bob, but Juliet felt very violated. Bob then slid his dick from her breasts to her clit again…all the way down!

Once he was at her pussy hole her began pumping her again! But then he had second thoughts. He pulled out of Juliet and went into the kitchen. He pulled out a frozen vibrator he had stuck in the freezer earlier. He went back to Juliet…still helpless on her back!

He grabbed her legs at the thighs and pulled apart! He slowly rubbed the vibrator over the top of her clit! What was that…thought Juliet! It felt terrible!!! Bob knew the effect it was having on Juliet.

He slowly plunged the frozen vibrator into her pussy! In and out again! The cold forced the walls of her pussy to tighten, but the vibrator forced them open. Bob loved this! He then stuck the vibrator about 5 inches in her pussy and left it there. Juliet bucked helplessly.

He pulled three aligator clips from the box. He placed one on her right nipple which caused her to rock with pain! OWWWWWWW! Ahhhhhhh! She winced and screamed like a bancie! He did the same with the left nipple! Bob loved to let Juliet know he was in control. Bob pulled the frozen vibrator out. It had tightened her pussy.

The pain was bad, but it was no where near what she was about to encounter. He then took then third aligator clip and placed it on her pussy! OWWWWWW! Juliet bucked viciously! AHHHHH! Please No!! Her voice was almost hoarse from screaming. Bob just stood back and watched as she bucked!!

He then took the clamp off her pussy and raped her clit with his dick one more time. In out and Out and In. In and out! He groped her entire body with his hands! Each hand went up and down her legs…and on her ass cheeks. Her forced her ass cheeks apart while his 12 inch dick violated her clit again!

Juliets body shook violently. But Bob wasn’t done. He kept on for another 10 minutes. He savaged her clit! Once he was done he spewed his load into her! He collasped on top of her! He then got up and refastened Juliets wrists behind her back! Time for a shower! Bob exclaimed!

Bob picked Juliet up in his arms and carried her out to his Motor Home. They showered together and Bob then handcuffed Juliet to the bed in his motor home. He drove away and they lived happily ever after.

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The End.

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