Just One Take

Just One Take
by Victor Field <victorfield@yahoo.com>

"Are you looking forward to tomorrow?" Holly asked you
as you slowly kissed your way down her trim, nubile
body. You mumbled "Oh God yes," as you counted your
blessings. You had gotten a leading role in that
rarest of things, a British film that looked set to be
a success; you were almost certain to never have to go
back to your old soap opera roles again; and you’d

been cast alongside Jennifer Aniston to boot. Tomorrow
was the day you’d be filming your big love scene, but
neither she nor anyone else on the production knew
that her fellow American actress in the film, fellow
TV refugee Holly Marie Combs, was busy having an
affair with you. At least, you hoped no one else knew.

As far as you were concerned, this was the best gig of
your life. As you rolled your tongue in Holly’s navel
before licking a trail to her shaven little pussy, you
realised just why you loved "Charmed" so much. "I
don’t know why she agreed to do this film," the young
actress panted, sighing with pleasure as you squeezed
her tender thighs and kissed her tight box – you never
rush anyway, but you’re especially careful (she told
you a few minutes ago that she was a virgin, something
you just know wouldn’t have been the case if it had
been Shannen or Alyssa).

Holly was a lovely little thing and one of the better
actresses to serve under Aaron Spelling, but as her
lovely little body writhed with all the pleasure you
gave it, as you started to send your tongue into her
previously unexplored privates, in your mind’s eye
Holly’s pussy hairs turned from black to blonde and
spread out. The pert buttocks you were fondling became
rounder and fuller, and her face changed mentally. In
your mind, you were once again fucking Jennifer
Aniston, and as sweet as Holly’s cunt was, part of you
wished it was Holly in your mind and Jenny there. Or
perhaps both at once…

"That’s a wrap!" the director panted after the scene
had been shot. "Terrific work, everybody! I need a
shower…" Those essential crew members on the closed
set could also have used one; Jennifer and you had
really been enthusiastic about pretending to fuck all
over the set. As she got to her feet and padded off to
get her gown, she called over her shoulder "Join you
for a drink when I’ve changed!" You were looking
forward to it, and you grinned as her tanned, naked
body disappeared into her gown. Then you headed to
your dressing room.

When you got there, you found that Jennifer had
managed to make her way through the labyrinth that was
the studio and get there before you. She waved her
empty glass back and forth, chuckling. "Great
performance," she complimented. "Good run-through for
the main event. Oh come on," she added as you opened
your mouth, "don’t try and tell me you weren’t
thinking about doing it without the patch," and she
opened her gown, letting me see her gorgeous body
again. Moviegoers were in for a treat – Jennifer’s
firm breasts with rock-hard nipples, incredibly sexy
legs, and the black patch covering her box. "You know
us Hollywood types," she joked, "always getting
underlings to do the dirty stuff – take off the

You knelt down, remembering the Channel 4 station ID
she did once – "Let’s make your heart beat faster,"
she’d said. She was succeeding as you pulled the patch
off. "MY GOD!" you yelled, unable to help yourself at
the sight of the garden between Jennifer’s legs: plump
lips, a large clit and surrounded by the silkiest
blonde pussy hairs on Earth. And so much of them…
you’d heard of everything being bigger in America, but
this was ridiculous. Pausing only to hope Brad Pitt
knew how lucky he was, you dived right into Jennifer
Aniston’s tangy muff. Your tongue slurped around in
there going over every single bit, your lips kissed it
rapidly, you teased her clit, loving Jennifer’s gasps
as she pushed your head further against her cunt. Your
hands ran up her hot thighs, and started to fondle the
globes that millions of American (and British) men
dreamed of getting their hands on each Thursday (or
Friday) night. God, her ass was so firm and good; you
slipped your fingers into her cleft, and slid the
middle fingers up her snug little back door. As you
finger-fucked Jennifer you felt a weight on your back.
She had bent over and was rubbing your back with her
breasts, and your backside with her fingers.

Suddenly, you felt something soft and wet close around
your stiff cock. You wondered at first if Jennifer was
even more pliable than you thought, but then you felt
her tongue flicking around your butt. You peered
around, and saw a third form sticking out below. Nice
slim legs, and a cute little ass. You remembered that
ass…it belonged to Holly. The little minx was
sucking you off without so much as a hello!

"Jen…" you started, but Jennifer was ahead of you.
She climbed over you and went behind you. Now you were
getting it from both ends, and you couldn’t decide
which was better: Holly’s lips and tongue working on
your rod or Jennifer’s tongue up your behind. They
were also both eagerly caressing you. You’ve never
been butt-fucked like this before, and you like it;
you’re glad, because you don’t like to do things to
women that you wouldn’t like them to do to you.
"Switch!" you said, and the ladies swapped places…
you silently deemed Holly better at ass-eating, but
Jennifer was ahead on cock-sucking. (Perhaps she was
eager to lavish her mouth on a bigger one than Brad’s
– you’d seen the paparazzi shots.)

Dripping with saliva, your cock was dying to explode,
but not yet – you and Jennifer licked Holly’s tender
young breasts as she fondled the two of you. "I hope
you don’t expect us to eat out each other," Jennifer
told you. "I’m not that fond of women." You didn’t
mind (you weren’t about to suck cocks any day either),
and as Holly and Jennifer spread their fingers into
each other’s pussies, you went for Jennifer’s famed
ass, sinking your teeth into the meat just deep enough
to get a feel, but not deep enough to draw blood. You
dabbed away at her asshole, noting with pleasure that
it was nice and tight and clean. Holly’s nipples got
sucked by Jennifer as you spread the latter’s legs and
ass, getting ready to finish the scene. You gasped as
your cock entered her box – you managed to control
yourself long enough as you thrust. Holly scampered
over to clutch and kiss you, giving you more
motivation as you pumped Jennifer, ramming against her
peach-like ass.

"Not…Up…THERE!" yelled Jennifer. "No babies YET!"
You had no intention of coming inside her snatch – you
were sufficiently oiled from the blowjobs and her
vagina to go for her anus. You pulled out and,
reaching around to the front to fondle her full
breasts and gently pull on her nipples, you pushed
your stiff organ into her tunnel. "Ohhhhh YESSS!!!"
she screamed. "Come ON DAMMIT!!! Get IN there!!!!"
Holly’s fingers on your balls and the pressure of
Jennifer’s asshole kept on at you as you slid further
and furtner up her butt, hitting it harder each time
you thrust. Jennifer wiggled her cheeks to and fro,
clearly enjoying her penetration. The three of you
screamed and panted harder and louder, and you had
worked most of your inches into her hole, practically
splitting her in two, when your cock finally gave in
and an ocean of come flooded her opening.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGODDDDDD!" Jennifer cried in ecstasy
as you drained yourself into her.

The actress collapsed onto the floor as you popped
out, covered in a sheen of sweat and trying to catch
her breath. Holly kissed your neck, her arms around
you. "How about me now?" she asked. You obviously
can’t take Holly up her ass right now… you needed to
wait around ten minutes. And studying Jennifer

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