Kate Lawler’s Sex Education – Part 3 – getting A Grip

Kate was now past her 11th birthday and was trying to open a bottle of juice one day but it was one of those bottles that had the top on extra tight so she asked me to open it for her which i did very easily and immediatly thought it was time for her to learn a new trick.

Kate honey when you,ve finished your drink i,ll show you how to build up your grip so you won,t need any help opening anything again.So 20 minutes later she came to see me and i asked her a question have you seen girls and women asking men to open things before?Yes she replied.And the men always open those
things easily don,t they? Yes why is that?Gotcha i thought as i started to explain the reason.Well you know when we get a bath together and at the top of my legs there is a part on all men called a cock?Oh the thing that always sticks up and tickles my back in the bath?Yes Kate well it usually does,nt stick up and all men from when they are teenage boys get hold of this er let me show you i said dropping my trousers and boxer shorts as Kate looked on eager to learn something new.

I now had them both round my ankles and said Kate don,t be afraid put your hand around it,her small hand reached out and encircled my cock now grip it just a little bit firmer thats a good girl and i covered her tiny hand with mine and told her that the way to build up her grip was to move her hand up and down like this and slowly started to masturbate myself after a few tugs i told her that i was going to remove my hand but she should continue by herself.

Like this Dave?Yes Kate honey just like that as she slowly wanked my 9 inches,look Dave its starting to get bigger and stick out and i can,t get my hand around it.God what a beautiful sight having a young unknowingly wanking you i thought telling her don,t worry about the skin peeling back at the top as my purple mushroom appeared Kate just keep a good grip and move your hand up and down a bit quicker.After 5 minutes i knew i just had to shoot my load so i told Kate now it was nearly time to finish the exercise for today but to she had to move her hand as quick as she could.Like this she said smiling up at me,yes sweetheart just like that as i felt my balls tense whatever you do don,t stop ok,ok she replied and within seconds my sperm erupted forth all over the front of her yellow summer dress and Kate said eugh as the white tide continued sending globs of hot seed onto her clothing and still she pumped away milking me but asked what did i do wrong?Nothing Kate it just means that its the end of the exercise and she can stop now.

Whats that white stuff ?Thats just the bodys way of saying it needs a rest Kate now be a good girl and take that dress off so i can put it in the washing and after she removed it i used it to wipe my cock dry pulled my boxers and trousers back up and told her it was bathtime but she,d be needing to build her grip up regularly probably on a friday night she would,nt need to get another dress dirty as her school uniform has to be washed anyway.

I,d always wanted to wank over a dirty schoolgirl i thought to myself smiling and i,ll have to find a way soon to fire sperm over that innocent face of hers.

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